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Event Comment: Benefit for furnishing the new Wards in the Middlesex Hospital. Paid Charlotte Lane for altering a cloth coat, and green corded silk waistcoat lac'd with silver for Mr Wm. Smith, 5s. 6d.; shalloos back & bod lining to coat & stiffening, 3s. (MS list in Davies, Life of Garrick II, 332). [The Occasional Prologue, written by Mr Boyce was publish'd in the Public Advertiser 19 Dec. 1755]: @And, Britons, Godlike charity is yours...@'Tis yours to silence Misry's plaintive moan@And make the grief of others all your own...@Give balm to Nature's accidental woes,@And sooth th'impovrish'd matron's pregnant throes...@ [The Epilogue, written by C. Smart, and spoken by Shuter in the character of a Man-midwife, was published in the same paper: Shuter enters with a child]: @Whoe'er begot thee has no cause to blush:@Thou'rt a brave chopping boy (child cries) nay, hush, hush, hush.@.......................@Nay if you once begin to puke and cough@Go to the nurse. Within, here, take him off.@Well Heav'n be prais'd, it is a peopling age,@Thanks to the Bar, the Army, and the Stage...


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Afterpiece Title: The Cheats of Scapin

Dance: Mrs Roland; and "By Desire" the Fingalian Dance, as17551126

Song: Lowe

Event Comment: Receipts: #115 1s. 6d. Sent Mrs Ward by order of Rich #10; Paid for a Pompadour Cloath Coat & Breeches, Waistcoat button holes & binding gold #10 10s.; for a suit embroider'd with silver #8 8s.; for a Blue coat for Hull #1 3s.; for a Coat and waistcoat loop'd and bound with gold #7 7s. Advanc'd to Beard #60


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Dance: As17591017

Event Comment: Receipts: #151 15s. 6d. Sent Mrs Ward by order of Rich #10. Paid Messrs Powell & Co for Miss White #3 12s


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: As17591023

Event Comment: Receipts: #97 2s. Paid Mrs Ward on acct of her salary, enter'd 3rd inst. inclusive, #16. Paid Richard Stone (frame maker), #7 13s


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Dance: As17591113

Event Comment: Benefit for Shuter. Mainpiece: Not acted in 10 years. Receipts: #194 10s. in cash, plus #147 18s. from tickets (Boxes 378; Pit 356). Charges #64 5s. Advanced to Mrs Ward #30. [Shuter called for imaginative participation of his audience in his Medley Skit (see Larpent MS 171): @"Suppose my dress alter'd with each exhibition....@If I speak like a Dutchman, or Brogue it like Paddy,@Or mimic Monsieur, or lisp like a Lady"@ Parts for The English Sailors in America (by G. A. Steevens) are listed in Larpent MS 172: Indian King , English Captain , Irishman , Sailor Ned and Sailor Ben , a Black Messenger , Guards , White Savage Lady , Black Woman , Image .


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Merchant; Or, The Beggar's Bush

Dance: TThe Dutch Skipper-Poitier

Entertainment: E+Extravaganza. Shuter will entertain the audience in an Oratorical, Poetical, Operatical Method (never befoer attempted) with a Comic Extravaganza call'd A Day of Taste; or, London Raree Show-Shuter being a Ranelagh Breakfast, a Coffee House Conversation, An Auction at Noon, and the Choice Spirits at Night; conclude with: The Cries of London-. *ucg To which will (By Desire) be added (for this Night only) Mr Shuter's Droll that was perform'd at Bartholomew Fair, call'd The English Sailors in America. Mackfinnen (the Irish Volunteer)-Shuter; Princess-Miss Dawson, her first Time of speaking on the stage

Event Comment: Receipts: #224 18s. 6d. Advanc'd to Mrs Ward #20. Paid Sarjant on acct of salary #5; Paid Ridout one third of the surplus of this night's receipt being #144 18s. 6d. than the #80 allow'd for the charge: #48 2s. 6d. This morning I was at Mr Shadwell's for his Orders [for free theatre tickets] & took all my sisters to Covent Garden Gallery to see the Jovial Crew & Rape of Proserpine, which was full of noisy holiday people (Hailey, Brietzcke Diary, Vol. 197, p. 544)


Mainpiece Title: The Jovial Crew

Related Works
Related Work: The Jovial Crew Author(s): Edward Roome

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Event Comment: A List of the Company Performers etc.@Actors Messrs Ross #1 6s. 6d.@Sparks #250 #1 8s.@Dyer #180 #1@Smith #1 8s.@Shuter #1 6s. 8d.@Ridout #180 #1@Clarke 16s. 8d.@Collins 13s. 4d.@Dunstall 13s. 4d.@Bencraft #100 12s.@Barrington #100 12s.@Gibson 10s.@Marten 6s. 8d.@Costollo 6s. 8d.@Anderson 6s. 8d.@Hull 6s. 8d.@Wignell 5s.@Bennet 5s.@Redman 4s. 2d.@Holtom 5s.@Buck 4s. 2d.@Perry 4s. 2d.@Stoppelaer 3s. 4d.@R. Smith 3s. 4d.@Giffard 3s. 4d.@Creswick 3s. 4d.@Gibbs 3s. 4d.@Weller 3s. 4d.@C. Smith 2s. 6d.@Blakey 2s. 6d.@Davis 5s.@Actresses Misses Ms Macklin #300 #1 13s. 4d.@Ms Ward #1 6s. 8d.@Ms Hamilton #1 10s.@Ms Elmy 13s. 4d.@Ms Vincent 13s. 4d.@Ms Green 11s.@Ms Pitt 10s.@Ms Dyer #70 7s. 8d.@Ms Barrington 6s. 8d.@Ms Baker 6s. 8d.@Ms Morrison 5s.@Ms Ferguson 5s@Ms Stephens 5s.@Ms Helm 4s. 2d.@Ms Mullart 3s. 4d.@Ms Sledge 3s. 4d.@Ms Copen 3s. 4d.@Ms Burden 3s. 4d.@Ms Davis 3s. 4d.@Ms Cokayne 3s. 4d.@Ms Allen 2s. 6d.@#9 19s. 4d. Actors #15 10s. 10d.@#25 10s. 2d.@Singers Men Messrs Beard #210 #1 3s. 4d.@Mattocks 10s.@Baker 6s. 8d.@Legg 5s.@#2 5s.@Singers Women Mrs Ms Lampe 13s. 4d.@Ms Brent 13s. 4d.@Ms Young 10s.@Ms Abegg 5s.@#2 1s. 8d.@Men Singers #2 5s.@#4 6s. 8d.@. Dancers Men Messrs Poitier Sr #80 8s. 10d.@Maranesi #150 16s. Sd.@Poitier Jr #150 16s. 8d.@LaLauze #100 12s.@Miles 10s.@Granier 10s.@Desse 6s. 8d.@Rochford #50 5s.@Dumay 5s.@Gosly 5s.@Baltazer 5s.@Dufour 5s.@Lassy #35 3s. 8d.@#5 9s. 6d.@Dancers Women Mrs Capdeville #150 16s. 8d.@Ms Maranesi #120 13s. 4d.@Ms Vernon 10s.@Ms Granier 6s. 8d.@Ms Jansolien 6s. 8d.@Ms Mariane #50 5s.@Ms Welch #35 3s. 8d.@Ms Craford #35 3s. 8d.@Ms White 3s. 4d.@Ms Dause 3s. 4d.@Ms Vallois 2s. 6d.@#4 4s. 10d. Men Dancers #5 9s. 6d.@#9 14s. 4d.@Mrs P. R. 10s.@Ms S. B. 6s. 8d.@Ms Bambridge 1s. 8d.@10s. 4d.@Prompters etc. Mr Stede 10s.@Young 5s.@Robertson 1s. 6d.@16s. 6d.@Painters Messrs Lambert #100 12s.@Dall #100 12s.@Austin 2s.@#1 6s.@ Servants numberers Stables 5s.@Housekeeper Sarjant #40 4s. 6d.@Wardrobe Whitefield #30 3s. 4d.@Officekeeper Ballard 3s. 4d.@Pearson 2s. 6d.@Box office Carne 2s. 6d.@Davis 2s. 6d.@Assistants Baker 2s. 6d.@Etherington 2s.@Lobby Door Goode 2s.@Ruby 2s.@Evans 2s.@Condell 2s.@Box Keepers Ansell 2s.@Letsam 2s.@Vaughan 2s.@Green 2s.@Potter 2s.@Pit Office Henning 2s.@Wilford 1s. 8d.@Toten 1s. 8d.@Pit Door Keepers Ross 1s. 8d.@Clingo 1s. 8d.@Ass. Office Clarke 1s. 8d.@1 Gal. Office Slater 2s.@Doorkeeper Rawlinson 1s. 8d.@2 Gal. Office Derby 2s.@Doorkeeper Seymour 2s.@Constable Barnes 2s.@Featherman Scott 1s. 8d.@Porter Besford 2s.@#3 9s. 10d.@Women Dressers #1 2s. 8d.@Charwomen 12s. 10d.@#5 5s. 4d.@Women Dressers Mrs Goold Wardrobe Keeper 3s. 4d.@Asst. Do Ms Wignell 2s. 6d.@Do Ms Paddick 1s. 8d.@Ms C. White 1s. 6d.@Ms Hales 1s. 6d.@Ms Martin 1s. 6d.@Ms Potts 1s. 6d.@Ms Wallis 1". 6d.@Ms Broad 1s. 6d.@Ms Gwynn 1s. 6d.@Ms Whitfield 1s. 6d.@Ms Buck 1s. 6d.@#1 2s. 8d.@Charwomen Mrs Brooks 1s. 2d.@Ms Hanmore 1s.@Ms Warwick 1s.@Ms Byrn 1s.@Ms Niblett 1s.@Ms Hollingsworth 1s.@Ms Barron 1s.@Ms Rumsey 1s.@8s. 2d.@Lampman Smith, Jo. 1s. 8d.@Sweeper Cawder, Jo. 1s. 6d.@Candleman Carter 1s. 6d.@12s. 10d.@Performers Sallerys #25 10s. 2d.@Singers Do #4 6s. 8d.@Dancers Do #9 14s. 4d. 18s. 4d.@Prompters Do 16s. 6d.@Painters Do #1 6s.@Servants Do #5 5s. 4d.@#47 17s. 4d.@Nightly Charges as per estimate #36 1s.@#83 18s. 4d.@--British Museum Egerton MS 2271.


Mainpiece Title: Comment Continued

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted for 7 years. [See 5 Dec. 1758.] Afterpiece: Not acted these two years. [See 1 Feb. 1765.] Paid salary list #435 5s.; Mr Ward 2 weeks additional salary 10s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #111 14s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Siege Of Damascus

Afterpiece Title: The Old Maid


Mainpiece Title: The Roman Father

Afterpiece Title: The Oxonian in Town

Performance Comment: As17671107, but _Barrington; _Quick; _Wignell; Miss _Ogilvie; Miss _Pierce; Miss _Mills; Mrs Ward.
Event Comment: Don Quixote deferr'd on account of the indisposition of Mrs Ward


Mainpiece Title: La Serva Padrona

Event Comment: [In mainpiece the playbill retains Mrs Ward as Lady Sneerwell, but on the Kemble playbill a MS annotation substitutes Mrs Inchbald.] Receipts: #209 11s. 6d. (176/14/0; 32/16/0; 0/1/6)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee

Related Works
Related Work: Harlequin's Jubilee Author(s): Henry Woodward

Song: In Act III of mainpiece song by Chapman

Event Comment: Mainpiece: With Alterations [by John Philip Kemble. In his version, as published in 1793, Lewis is assigned to Barrymore, Helena to Mrs Siddons, the Countess to Mrs Ward, Diana to Mrs Powell. Genest lists the present cast; it appears to be reliable. He omits Phillimore, who is assigned in the text, and Miss Tidswell]. A new Edition of All's Well that Ends Well to be had in the Theatre. Afterpiece: With a Sea Fightv. Powell: Drummer rehearsed at 10; Critic at 11:30; Cherokee at 1. Receipts: #282 1s. (178.19; 99.16; 3.6)


Mainpiece Title: All's Well That Ends Well

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Bensley, Kemble, Aickin, Bannister Jun., Whitfield, C. Kemble, Benson, Caulfield, Bland, Packer, King, R. Palmer, Phillimore, Mrs Powell, Mrs Jordan, Mrs Booth, Miss Miller, Miss Tidswell. Cast from text (J. Debrett, 1793 [sic]) conflated With Genest, VII, 183: King-Bensley; Bertram-Kemble; Lafeu-Aickin; Clown-Bannister Jun.; Dumain-Whitfield; Lewis [i.e. 2nd Lord ]-C. Kemble; Biron [i.e. 1st Gentleman ]-Benson; Jaquez [i.e. 2nd Gentleman ]-Caulfield; Tourville [i.e. Astringer ]-Bland; Steward-Packer; Parolles-King; Soldier (Interpreter)-R. Palmer; Soldier-Phillimore; Countess-Mrs Powell; Helena-Mrs Jordan; Widow-Mrs Booth; Diana-Miss Miller; Mariana-Miss Tidswell.
Role: Steward Actor: Packer

Afterpiece Title: The Critic; or, A Tragedy Rehearsed


Mainpiece Title: Laugh When You Can

Afterpiece Title: Albert and Adelaide; or, The Victim of Constancy

Dance: In afterpiece: Procession and Dance of Swabian Peasants-Blurton, Dyke, Wilde, L. Bologna, T. Cranfield, Platt, Masters, Slape, Ramage, Goodwin, Little, Ms Watts, Ms Iliff, Ms Norton, Ms Castelle, Ms Leserve, Miss Gray, Ms Bologna, Ms Masters, Ms Burnett, Ms Gilbert, Ms Lloyd, Ms Blurton, Ms Ward

Performance Comment: Bologna, T. Cranfield, Platt, Masters, Slape, Ramage, Goodwin, Little, Ms Watts, Ms Iliff, Ms Norton, Ms Castelle, Ms Leserve, Miss Gray, Ms Bologna, Ms Masters, Ms Burnett, Ms Gilbert, Ms Lloyd, Ms Blurton, Ms Ward.


Mainpiece Title: Lover's Vows

Afterpiece Title: The Magic Oak; or, Harlequin Woodcutter

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Bologna Jun., Bologna, Simpson, Simmons, Whitmore, Hawtin, Dyke, Wilde, Blurton, Claremont, Klanert, the Master Blackmores, Platt, Abbot, T. Cranfield, Powers, Lewiss, Davies, L. Bologna, Letteney, Lee, Delahoy, Wilkins, Farley, Miss Lupino, Miss Cranfield, Miss Denny, Mrs Watts, Mrs Bologna, Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Gilbert, Miss Gray, Miss Leserve, Mrs Norton, Mrs Masters, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Burnett, Miss Walcup, Mrs Blurton, Miss Bologna, Miss Cox, Mrs Crow, Miss Davenett recte Dibdin], Mrs Ward, Miss Coombes, Miss Standen, Mrs Wybrow. Vocal Characters-Townsend, Hill, Emery, Street, Gray, Linton, Thomas, Russel, Curties, J. Linton, Oddwell, Little, Tett, Master Ramage, Master Goodwin, Mrs Chapman; [Cast from Songs (J. Barker, 1799): Harlequin Woodcutter-Bologna Jun.; Lout-Bologna; Tasner-Simpson; Phisgig-Simmons; Pantaloon-Whitmore; Landlord-Hawtin; Haymakers-Wilde, Blurton, Platt, T. Cranfield, Powers, Lewiss, L. Bologna; Dutch Lover-Klanert; Beadle-Abbot; Dutch Servant-Davies; Man Milliner-Lee; Brisk-Farley; Sailor-Townsend; Officer of Volunteers-Hill; Recruits-Street, Gray, Linton, Thomas, Russel, Curties; Haymakers-Mrs Watts, Mrs Bologna, Miss Burnett, Miss Bologna, Miss Cox, Mrs Crow; Harlequin's Mother-Mrs Whitmore; Landlady-Mrs Gilbert; Market Women-Miss Leserve, Mrs Norton, Mrs Blurton; Old Maid-Mrs Lloyd; Columbine-Mrs Wybrow; unassigned-Dyke, Claremont, the Master Blackmores, Letteney, Delahoy, Wilkins, Emery, J. Linton, Master Goodwin, Miss Lupino, Miss Cranfield, Miss Denny, Miss Gray, Mrs Masters, Miss Walcup, Miss Dibdin, Miss Standen, Mrs Chapman.

Music: End I afterpiece: A Medley Overture on the Union Pipes and Pedal Harp-Murphy, Weippert


Mainpiece Title: A Divertisement

Afterpiece Title: Five Thousand a Year

Afterpiece Title: The Magic Oak

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-King (1st appearance), Bologna, Duke, Simmons, Whitmore, Hawtin, Wilde, Blurton, Claremont, Klanert, Master Blackmore, Platt, Abbot, T. Cranfield, Powers, Lewiss, Davies, L. Bologna, Letteney, Farley, Mrs Bologna, Mrs Whitmore, Ms Gilbert, Ms Leserve, Ms Norton, Ms Masters, Ms Lloyd, Ms Burnett, Ms Walcup, Ms Blurton, Ms Bologna, Ms Cox, Ms Crow, Ms Dibdin, Ms Ward, Ms Coombes, Ms Standen, Mrs Watts; Vocal Characters-Townsend, Hill, Street, Linton, Thomas, Russel, Master Ramage, Master Goodwin, Mrs Chapman. [And see17990129] .And see17990129] .
Event Comment: [Account-Book: Tickets delivered by Wells, Thompson (stage door keeper), Thomas, Clarke, Robson (pit door keeper), Ansell, Little, Bagley, Noble, Bonsor, Walls (constable), Townsend, Linton, Morris, Klanert, Ward, Coombs will be admitted.] Receipts: #329 16s. (18.3.0; 2.13.6; tickets: 308.19.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Votary Of Wealth

Afterpiece Title: A Divertisement

Dance: Afterpiece: Minuet de la Cour and Gavot-Klanert, Mrs Watts