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Event Comment: Benefit for Perry and Holtom. Charges #64 14s. [Perry paid 2@3 the charges and received against that #2 3s. of the ready money. His deficit was #5 11s. 4d. Holtom paid 1!3 the charges and was credited with 1!3 the ready money. His deficit was #2 15s. 8d. The deficits were covered by income from tickets: Perry #93 9s. (Box 24; Pit 333; Gallery 375); Holtom #33 14s. (Box 11; Pit 159; Gallery 71).] (Account Book). Receipts: #56 7s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Lear

Performance Comment: As17670119, but Bastard-Perry; Gentleman Usher-Holtom; Cornwall-Gardner; Cordelia-Mrs Bellamy.
Role: Bastard Actor: Perry
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Holtom
Role: Cornwall Actor: Gardner
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Bellamy.
Role: Burgundy Actor: Bennet
Role: Lear Actor: Ross
Role: Edgar Actor: Smith
Role: Gloster Actor: Gibson
Role: Kent Actor: Walker
Role: Albany Actor: Davis
Role: Goneril Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Public Advertiser assigns Kent Actor: Morris.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Role: Taylor Actor: Weller.
Role: Petruchio Actor: Woodward
Role: Grumio Actor: Shuter
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: I: A Hornpipe-by Desire, Mas. Harris; IV: The Female Archer, as17661215; End: Double Hornpipe, as17670427

Ballet: End: The Wapping Landlady. As17670427

Event Comment: Benefit for Perry and Gardner. Tickets deliver'd for Venice Preserv'd for this night will be taken. Mainpiece: By Particular Desire. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to Perry and Gardner #7 10s. 6d. apiece, covered by income from tickets: Perry #58 1s. (Box 21; Pit 184; Gallery 252); Gardner #58 14s. (Box 102; Pit 130; Gallery 137) (Account Book). Receipts: #49 4s


Mainpiece Title: George Barnwell

Performance Comment: As17690925, but George-Perry, first time; Truman-Lewes; Uncle-Gardner.
Role: George Actor: Perry, first time
Role: Truman Actor: Lewes
Role: Uncle Actor: Gardner.
Role: Trueman Actor: Perry
Role: Thorogood Actor: Gibson
Role: Blunt Actor: Cushing
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Millwood Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Singing Actor: DuBellamy.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: Flash-Perry, first time; Fribble (with Song)-Shuter; Loveit-Lewes; Puff-Dunstall; Tag-Mrs Green; Biddy-Mrs Gardner , first time.
Role: Flash Actor: Perry, first time
Role: Fribble Actor: Shuter
Role: Loveit Actor: Lewes
Role: Puff Actor: Dunstall
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Gardner , first time.

Entertainment: End: Hippisley's Drunken Man with additions and Alterations-Shuter

Dance: TThe Tambourine, as17700501

Event Comment: Benefit for Holtom, Perry, Buck, Weller. No Building on Stage. Receipts: #41 in cash. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to each #5 10s., covered by tickets: @Tickets Holtom Box 9@Pit 109@Gallery 92@Value #27 16s.@Tickets Buck Box 17@Pit 56@Gallery 97@Value #22 7s.@Tickets Perry Box 10@Pit 119@Gallery 191@Value #39 9s.@Tickets Weller Box 13@Pit 87@Gallery 131@Value #29 8s. Total income #160.


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Merchant

Performance Comment: As17600412 but Merchant-Perry; Boor-Collins; Sanp-Buck; Sailor-Holtom.
Role: Merchant Actor: Perry
Role: Boor Actor: Collins
Role: Sanp Actor: Buck
Role: Sailor Actor: Holtom.
Role: Jaqueline Actor: Mrs Dyer.
Role: Florenz Actor: Ross, 1st time
Role: Clause Actor: Ridout
Role: Woolfort Actor: Sparks
Role: Hubert Actor: Clarke
Role: Hemskirk Actor: Gibson
Role: Orator Higgen Actor: Dunstall
Role: Vandunck Actor: Marten
Role: Prince Prigg Actor: Shuter
Role: Bertha Actor: Mrs Lee.

Afterpiece Title: The Siege of Quebec; or, Harlequin Engineer

Entertainment: M+Monologue. An Epilogue in Imitation of Shakespeare's Stage of Human Life=-Cresswickas17600508

Dance: II: The Drunken Peasant-Miles; Clown-Bennet; IV: The Fingalian Dance, as17591102

Event Comment: Benefit for Holtom, Davis, Buck, Perry. No Building on Stage. Receipts: #41 15s. 6d. plus income from tickets: Holtom #27 9s. (Box 10; Pit 89; Gallery 116); Davis #75 2s. (Box 70; Pit 300; Gallery 126); Buck #32 13s. (Box 28; Pit 115; Gallery 84); Perry #57 19s. (Box 17; Pit 202; Gallery 234). [The beneficiaries in this joint operation delivered 1,391 tickets (Account Book).] Charges: #64 6s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17610330 but Richmond-Davis; Tressel-Perry; Norfolk-Buck; Stanley-Anderson; Lieut-R. Smith; Ratcliff-Bennet; Lord@Mayor-Marten; Catesby-Holtom; Oxford-Weller.
Role: Richmond Actor: Davis
Role: Tressel Actor: Perry
Role: Norfolk Actor: Buck
Role: Stanley Actor: Anderson
Role: Lieut Actor: R. Smith
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Bennet
Role: Lord@Mayor Actor: Marten
Role: Catesby Actor: Holtom
Role: Oxford Actor: Weller.
Role: Richard Actor: Smith, 1st time
Role: King Henry Actor: Gibson
Role: Buckingham Actor: Sparks
Role: Prince Edward Actor: A Young Gentleman, 1st appearance any stage
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Role: Friendly Actor: Mattocks
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Collins
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Young
Role: Hob Actor: Dunstall.

Dance: A Comic Dance-Granier, Mrs Granier. *ucg Lady Pentweazle Scene. Lady Pentweazle-Hartry, 1st appearance on the stage; Carmine-Davis

Entertainment: EEpilogue to the Minor-Davis

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis and Perry. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to actors #25 7s. 6d. covered by income from tickets: Davis #77 7s. (Box 80; Pit 291; Gallery 137); Perry #53 19s. (Box 27; Pit 158; Gallery 235) (Account Book). Receipts: #38 17s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: As17690405 but Gloster-Clarke; Shore-Perry; Catesby-Fox; Belmour-Davis; Ratcliffe-R. Smith; Derby-Wignell.
Role: Gloster Actor: Clarke
Role: Shore Actor: Perry
Role: Catesby Actor: Fox
Role: Belmour Actor: Davis
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: R. Smith
Role: Derby Actor: Wignell.
Role: Hastings Actor: Powell
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Davis
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: Flash-Davis; Fribble-a Gentleman (who never appeared on this stage); Rhodophil-Perry; Jasper-Holtom; Puff-Dunstall; Tag-Mrs Green; Miss Biddy-Miss Ogilvie.
Role: Flash Actor: Davis
Role: Fribble Actor: a Gentleman
Role: Rhodophil Actor: Perry
Role: Jasper Actor: Holtom
Role: Puff Actor: Dunstall
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Ogilvie.

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17680920

Role: The Merry Sailors Actor: Aldridge.
Event Comment: Benefit for Perry and Morris. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to each beneficiary #7 6s. 6d., cover'd by income from tickets: Perry #68 4s. (Box 33; Pit 231; Gallery 253); Morris #61 5s. (Box 39; Pit 158; Gallery 278) (Account Book). Receipts: #49 12s


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: As17721214, but Catesby-Fox; Belmour-Owenson; Gloster-Hull; Shore-Perry.
Role: Catesby Actor: Fox
Role: Belmour Actor: Owenson
Role: Gloster Actor: Hull
Role: Shore Actor: Perry.
Role: Bellmour Actor: Perry
Role: Hastings Actor: Smith
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Davis
Role: Derby Actor: Wignell
Role: Alicia Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Hartley, first appearance this stage.

Afterpiece Title: Man and Wife

Dance: End: The Irish Lilt, as17721028; End II of Comedy: A Double Hornpipe-Blurton, Miss Besford

Event Comment: Benefit Christopher Perry. Mainpiece: By Particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Written by Shakespear. Tickets delivered for 18 Nov. will be taken on this day (Theatrical Clippings, Folger Library)


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello (By Desire)-Perry, who never appeared on any Stage; Iago-Ryan; Desdemona-Mrs Pritchard; Cassio-Hale; Brabantio-Roberts; Roderigo-Woodman; Lodovico-Gibson; Montano-Cashell; Duke-Harrington; Gratiano-Lascells; Emilia-Mrs Mullart.
Role: Othello Actor: Perry, who never appeared on any Stage
Role: Iago Actor: Ryan
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Cassio Actor: Hale
Role: Brabantio Actor: Roberts
Role: Roderigo Actor: Woodman
Role: Lodovico Actor: Gibson
Role: Montano Actor: Cashell
Role: Duke Actor: Harrington
Role: Gratiano Actor: Lascells
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Mullart.

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller of Mansfield

Role: King Actor: Gibson
Role: Miller Actor: Mullart
Role: Dick Actor: Hale
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Kate Actor: Miss Dodson.

Dance: II: A new Comic Dance-Dubuisson, Villeneuve, Sga Bonneval; III: Scots Dance-Mathews; IV: Hornpipe-Taylor; V: Matelot-Master Matthews

Event Comment: At the desire of several persons of quality for the Benefit of Mr Perry. With restorations from Shakespear


Mainpiece Title: King Lear And His Three Daughters

Performance Comment: Lear (by particular Desire)-Perry; Edgar-Ryan; Gloster-Bridgwater; Bastard-Hale; Kent-Rosco; Albany-Gibson; Cornwall-Cashell; Gentleman Usher-Woodward; Burgundy-Bencraft; Goneril-Mrs James; Regan-Mrs Mullart; Cordelia-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Lear Actor: Perry
Role: Edgar Actor: Ryan
Role: Gloster Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Bastard Actor: Hale
Role: Kent Actor: Rosco
Role: Albany Actor: Gibson
Role: Cornwall Actor: Cashell
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Woodward
Role: Burgundy Actor: Bencraft
Role: Goneril Actor: Mrs James
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Dance: As17441117

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis, Perry, and Mad Jansolin. No Building on stage


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Performance Comment: As17611222, but Hamlet-Ross; King-Anderson; Rosencraus-Bennet; Guildenstern-Wignel; Marcellus-Gardner; Bernardo-Weller; Ostrick-Perry; Lucianus-Weller; Francisco-Holtom; Pl. King-Redman; Pl. Queen-Mrs Ferguson.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Ross
Role: King Actor: Anderson
Role: Rosencraus Actor: Bennet
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Wignel
Role: Marcellus Actor: Gardner
Role: Bernardo Actor: Weller
Role: Ostrick Actor: Perry
Role: Lucianus Actor: Weller
Role: Francisco Actor: Holtom
Role: King Actor: Redman
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Ferguson.
Role: Laertes Actor: Davis.
Role: Horatio Actor: Hull
Role: Polonius Actor: Collins
Role: Gravediggers Actor: Shuter, Costollo
Role: Ghost Actor: Gibson
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Damon Actor: Mattocks
Role: Corydon Actor: Bennet
Role: Mopsus Actor: Dunstall
Role: Cymon Actor: Collins
Role: Arcas Actor: Anderson
Role: Phillida Actor: Miss Miller, first time.

Dance: II: A Serious Dance-Miss Capdeville (8 years of age, first time of performing on any stage); III: The Taylors, as17620107; End: Hornpipe-Mlle Capdeville; Likewise an Epilogue-a Young Gentlewoman who never appeared on any stage

Event Comment: Benefit for Perry, Dibdin. Mainpiece: Acted but once these two years. Afterpiece: Perform'd but twice. None admitted behind Scenes. Books of the Afterpiece to be sold at Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Performance Comment: As17650114, but Cassio-Perry.
Role: Cassio Actor: Perry.
Role: Othello Actor: Ross
Role: Iago Actor: Smith, 1st time
Role: Brabantio Actor: Gibson
Role: Roderigo Actor: Dyer
Role: Lodovico Actor: Tindal
Role: Montano Actor: Davis
Role: Duke Actor: Anderson
Role: Gratiano Actor: Redman
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Bellamy.

Afterpiece Title: The Shepherd's Artifice

Role: Principal Characters Actor: Mattocks, Dibdin, Mrs Mattocks
Role: Dibdin Actor: .

Dance: II: A Medley Hornpipe, as17650430 End: Rural Love, as17641212

Event Comment: Benefit for Perry and Stoppelaer (playbill). Benefit for Moody, Hurst and Mrs Dorman (Public Advertiser)


Mainpiece Title: Virtue Betrayed

Performance Comment: As17660401 but Rochford-Perry; Lieut. of Tower-Holtom.
Role: Rochford Actor: Perry
Role: of Tower Actor: Holtom.
Role: Henry VIII Actor: Clarke
Role: Piercy Actor: Smith
Role: Wolsey Actor: Gibson
Role: Northumberland Actor: Walker
Role: Lady Diana Talbot Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Lady Elizabeth Blunt Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Princess Elizabeth Actor: Miss Besford
Role: Anna Bullen Actor: Mrs Bellamy.

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Beaufort Actor: Perry.
Role: Citizen Actor: Woodward
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Dunstall
Role: Young Wilding Actor: Dyer
Role: Corinna Actor: Miss Cokayne

Dance: II: A Hornpipe-Miss Daw; End: The Village Romps, as17651019

Event Comment: Benefit for Morris and Perry


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17701231, but Norfolk-Wignell; Richard-Perry, first time; King Henry-Younger; Queen-Mrs DuBellamy.
Role: Norfolk Actor: Wignell
Role: Richard Actor: Perry, first time
Role: King Henry Actor: Younger
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs DuBellamy.
Role: Lady Ann Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Tressel Actor: Wroughton
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Cockayne
Role: Richmond Actor: Clarke
Role: Buckingham Actor: Hull
Role: Catesby Actor: Fox
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Lewes
Role: Stanley Actor: Gardner
Role: Lieutenant Actor: R. Smith
Role: Tyrrel Actor: Bates
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Mas. Harris
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Vincent

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Role: Harlequin Actor: Lewes
Role: Infernal Spirit Actor: Legg
Role: Shade of Helen Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Furies Actor: Hamoir
Role: Sir Epicure Actor: Wignell
Role: Miller Actor: Morris
Role: Gambler Actor: Quick
Role: Faustus's Man Actor: Banks
Role: Miller's Wife Actor: Miss Twist
Role: French Cook Actor: Holtom
Role: Lady Relish Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: The Dances Actor: Hamoir, Miss Valois.

Entertainment: End: The Cries of London, last time this season-Shuter

Event Comment: Benefit Perry. A Concert, etc. [repeated in all notices of this theatre.] Prices 3s., 2s., 1s. 6 p.m


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Performance Comment: Epilogue in honor of the Duke of Cumberland-Master Perry.

Afterpiece Title: The King and the Miller of Mansfield

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Yates. Mainpiece: A Tragedy (Written by Voltaire) and translated by [Dr Thomas Francklin] the Author of The Earl of Warwick. Pit and Boxes will be laid together. Ladies are desired to send their servants by 4 o'clock. Mrs Yates will be particularly oblig'd to those Ladies, and Gentlemen, who have seats in the Pit, if they will be co kind as to come as early as possible to prevent confusion in getting their places. [Genest V, 242, conjectures the following assignment of parts: Orestes-Smith; Aegisthus-Bensley; Pammenes-Clarke; Pylades-Perry; Electra-Mrs Yates; Clytemnestra-Mrs Ward; Iphisa-Mrs Bulkley.] Charges #65 7s. 6d. Balance to Mrs Yates #39 1s. plus #180 10s. from 722 Box tickets (Account Book). Total House value #284 18s. 6d. Receipts: #104 8s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Orestes

Performance Comment: Characters-Smith, Bensley, Clarke, Perry, Mrs Ward, Mrs Bulkley, Mrs Yates; With a New Epilogue-Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Role: Petruchio Actor: Woodward
Role: Grumio Actor: Yates
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: End: The Garland, as17681028

Event Comment: Benefit for Morris and Perry. Charges #68 10s. 6d. Deficit to Perry and Morris #5 4s. 6d. each, cover'd by income from tickets: Perry, #34 3s. (Box 32; Pit 109; Gallery 98); Morris, #62 16s. (Box 44; Pit 178; Gallery 251). Receipts: #58 1s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Role: Imogen Actor: Mrs Bulkley.
Role: Arviragus Actor: Perry
Role: Posthumus Actor: Bensley
Role: Iachimo Actor: Smith
Role: Bellarius Actor: Clarke
Role: Cloten Actor: Yates
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Morris
Role: Pisanio Actor: Hull
Role: Guiderius Actor: Wroughton
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Singing Actor: Mrs Baker.

Dance: III: Comic Dance (with Allemande), as17711031

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis and Perry. Charges #66 5s. 6d. Balance due the actors #9 4s. Davis in addition received #97 3s. from tickets (Box 81; Pit 390; Gallery 184) and Perry receiv'd #93 16s. from tickets (Box 50; Pit 302; Gallery 360). Receipts: #57 1s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Mahomet

Role: Alcanor Actor: Powell
Role: Mahomet Actor: Bensley
Role: Pharon Actor: Hull
Role: Zaphna Actor: Smith, 1st time
Role: Mirvan Actor: Perry
Role: Ali Actor: Davis
Role: Palmira Actor: Mrs Yates, 1st time.

Afterpiece Title: The Country Wife

Role: Pinchwife Actor: Hull, 1st time
Role: Country Wife Actor: Miss Ogilvie, 1st time.
Role: Sparkish Actor: Dyer
Role: Dorilant Actor: Davis
Role: Harcourt Actor: Casey
Role: Alithea Actor: Mrs DuBellamy

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17671009


Mainpiece Title: Medea

Performance Comment: Parts by: Smith, Wroughton, Bensley, Clarke, Perry, Gardner, Mrs Ward, Mrs Yates. In Act III, the Song of Azure God-Mrs Baker; Epilogue-Mrs Yates; Jason-Smith; Creon-Wroughton; Medea-Mrs Yates; Theano-Mrs Ward; Aeson-Bensley; 1st Colchian-Clarke; Lycander-Perry; Hecate-Gardner (Genest, V, 246).
Role: the Song of Azure God Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Jason Actor: Smith
Role: Creon Actor: Wroughton
Role: Medea Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Theano Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Aeson Actor: Bensley
Role: 1st Colchian Actor: Clarke
Role: Lycander Actor: Perry
Role: Hecate Actor: Gardner

Afterpiece Title: The Knights

Role: Hartop Actor: Shuter
Role: Jenkins Actor: Davis
Role: Sir Gregory Actor: Lewis
Role: Robin Actor: Holtom
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Gardner
Role: Tim Actor: Yates.

Dance: End: The Tartars, as17681004


Mainpiece Title: Man And Wife; Or, The Shakespeare Jubilee

Performance Comment: Parts-Woodward, Shuter, Morris, Lewes, R. Smith, Davis, Dunstall, Perry, Quick, Wignell, Fox, Herbert, Mrs Green, Mrs Gardner, A Young Gentlewoman, who never appeared on any stage, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Bulkley. With a Prelude-; Marcourt-Woodward; Cross-Shuter; Landlord-Morris; Luke-Lewes; Fleece-R. Smith; Buck-Davis; Kitchen-Dunstall; Col. Frankly-Perry; Ostler-Quick; Snarl-Wignell; Passengers-Fox, Herbert; Mrs Cross-Mrs Green; Landlady-Mrs Gardner; Sally-A Young Gentlewoman who never appeared on any stage; Miss Mary Linley, afterwards Mrs Tickell (Winston MS 10); Lettice-Mrs Mattocks; Charlotte-Mrs Bulkley; Passengers-Miss Pearce, Mrs Copin; With a Prelude, Dapperwit-Dyer; Jenkins-Hull; Townly-Wroughton (Edition of 1770).

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Damon Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Mopsus Actor: Dunstall
Role: Cymon Actor: Hamilton
Role: Corydon Actor: Wignell
Role: Arcas Actor: Davis
Role: Phillida Actor: Mrs Baker.

Entertainment: End II: Pageant exhibiting the characters of Shakespeare-; End III: Representation of the Amphitheatre at Stratford Upon Avon-; with a Masquerade-


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Performance Comment: Parts by Woodward, Smith, Yates, Clarke, Dyer, Bensley, Hull, Dunstall, Perry, Quick, Fox, Wignell, Bates, Holtom, Mrs Bulkley, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Green, Miss Ward, Miss Valois, Mrs Yates. With Prologue and Epilogue. Captain Ironsides-Woodward; Belfield Jun-Smith; Sir Benjamin Dove-Yates; Belfield Sen-Clarke; Paterson-Dyer; Philip-Bensley; Old Goodwin-Hull; Jonathan-Dunstall; Francis-Perry; Skiff-Quick; Lady Dove-Mrs Green; Violetta-Mrs Bulkley; Lucy Waters-Mrs Mattocks; Fanny Goodwin-Miss Ward; Kitty-Miss Valois; Sophia-Mrs Yates (playbill matched with Edition of 1770); Playbill also lists Fox, Wignell, Bates, Holtom (presumably as sailors.); With Prologue-Smith; Epilogue-Mrs Yates (playbill and 1770 Edn.). See Bill for 25 Jan. 1770.
Role: Captain Ironsides Actor: Woodward
Role: Belfield Jun Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Benjamin Dove Actor: Yates
Role: Belfield Sen Actor: Clarke
Role: Paterson Actor: Dyer
Role: Philip Actor: Bensley
Role: Old Goodwin Actor: Hull
Role: Jonathan Actor: Dunstall
Role: Francis Actor: Perry
Role: Skiff Actor: Quick
Role: Lady Dove Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Violetta Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Lucy Waters Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Fanny Goodwin Actor: Miss Ward
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Sophia Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: With Prologue Actor: Smith
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates

Afterpiece Title: The Contrivances

Role: Rovewell Actor: Mattocks
Role: Argus Actor: Cushing
Role: Robin Actor: Dunstall
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Arethusa Actor: Mrs Baker.


Mainpiece Title: Alzuma

Performance Comment: Smith, Bensley, Hull, Gardiner, Perry, Miss Pearce, Mrs Willems, Miss Miller, Mrs Hartley Alzuma-Smith; Don Carlos-Bensley; Pizarro-Hull; Gonzalez-Gardner; Ozmar-Perry; Orazia-Miss Miller; Orellana-Mrs Hartley; Virgins of the Sun-Miss Pearce, Mrs Willems; In Act II, a Procession of the Virgins of the Sun-; principal vocal parts-Miss Wewitzer, Miss Brown (Edition of 1773, which also lists Ezmont-$Thompson, whose name does not appear on the bills).

Afterpiece Title: The Commissary

Role: Simon Actor: Perry
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Dyer.
Role: Fungus Actor: Morris
Role: Gruel Actor: Thompson.
Role: Commissary Actor: Quick
Role: Young Loveit Actor: Davis
Role: Mrs Loveit Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Pearce
Role: Mrs Macklin Actor: Mrs Gardner.


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Mossop; Duncan-Berry; Macduff-Havard; Ross-Davies; Malcolm-Austin; Banquo-Palmer; Hecate-Champness; Angus-Perry; Lenox-Scrase; Donalbaine-Master Simson; Witches-Burton, Yates, Blakes; Lady Macduff-Mrs Glen; Lady Macbeth-Mrs Pritchard; Seyward-Bransby; Hecate-Champness; The Vocal Part-Beard, Champnes, Mrs Vernon.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Mossop
Role: Duncan Actor: Berry
Role: Macduff Actor: Havard
Role: Ross Actor: Davies
Role: Malcolm Actor: Austin
Role: Banquo Actor: Palmer
Role: Hecate Actor: Champness
Role: Angus Actor: Perry
Role: Lenox Actor: Scrase
Role: Donalbaine Actor: Master Simson
Role: Witches Actor: Burton, Yates, Blakes
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Mrs Glen
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Seyward Actor: Bransby
Role: Hecate Actor: Champness
Role: The Vocal Part Actor: Beard, Champnes, Mrs Vernon.

Afterpiece Title: The Diversions of the Morning


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: Romeo-Ross; Capulet-Sparks; Montagu-Redman; Escalus-Anderson; Benvolio-Gibson; Paris-Perry; Lady Capulet-Mrs Barrington; Friar Lawrence-Ridout; Tibalt-Cushing; Gregory-Bennet; Sampson-Collins; Abram-Dunstall; Balthazar-R. Smith; Mercutio-Dyer; Nurse-Mrs Pitt; Juliet-Mrs Bellamy; With a Minuet Dance-Leppie, Miss Hilliard; a Masquerade Dance-proper to the play; An Additional Scene will be introduc'd, representing the Funeral Procession of Juliet-; accompanied by a Solemn Dirge-; vocal parts-Lowe, Howard, Mattocks, Legg, Baker, Roberts, Mrs Lampe, Miss Young.
Role: Romeo Actor: Ross
Role: Capulet Actor: Sparks
Role: Montagu Actor: Redman
Role: Escalus Actor: Anderson
Role: Benvolio Actor: Gibson
Role: Paris Actor: Perry
Role: Lady Capulet Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Friar Lawrence Actor: Ridout
Role: Tibalt Actor: Cushing
Role: Gregory Actor: Bennet
Role: Sampson Actor: Collins
Role: Abram Actor: Dunstall
Role: Balthazar Actor: R. Smith
Role: Mercutio Actor: Dyer
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Juliet Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: With a Minuet Dance Actor: Leppie, Miss Hilliard
Role: a Masquerade Dance Actor: proper to the play
Role: representing the Funeral Procession of Juliet Actor:
Role: accompanied by a Solemn Dirge Actor:
Role: vocal parts Actor: Lowe, Howard, Mattocks, Legg, Baker, Roberts, Mrs Lampe, Miss Young.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Role: Old Man Actor: Shuter
Role: Lord Chalkstone Actor: Shuter
Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: Creswick
Role: Fine Lady Actor: Mrs Green.


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Queens; Or, The Death Of Alexander The Great

Performance Comment: Alexander-Ross; Lysimachus-Smith; Hephestion-Dyer; Polyperchon-Gibson; Thessalus-Anderson; Perdiccas-Davis; Aristander-Perry; Cassander-Ridout; Clytus-Sparks; Sysigambis-Mrs Vincent; Parisatis-Mrs Baker; Eumenes-Bennet; Slave-Wignel; Roxana-Mrs Hamilton; Statira-Mrs Bellamy; In which will be introduc'd the Triumphal Entry of Alexander into Babylon-.
Role: Alexander Actor: Ross
Role: Lysimachus Actor: Smith
Role: Hephestion Actor: Dyer
Role: Polyperchon Actor: Gibson
Role: Thessalus Actor: Anderson
Role: Perdiccas Actor: Davis
Role: Aristander Actor: Perry
Role: Cassander Actor: Ridout
Role: Clytus Actor: Sparks
Role: Sysigambis Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Parisatis Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Eumenes Actor: Bennet
Role: Slave Actor: Wignel
Role: Roxana Actor: Mrs Hamilton
Role: Statira Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: In which will be introduc'd the Triumphal Entry Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: The Lottery

Role: Lovemore Actor: Lowe
Role: Stocks Actor: Dunstall
Role: Jack Sticks Actor: Dyer
Role: Chloe Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: With Scene of the Drawing in Guild Hall Actor: .

Dance: As17581111


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Role: Guiderius] Actor: Smith
Role: Leonatus Actor: Ross
Role: Philario Actor: Ridout
Role: Bellarius Actor: Sparks
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Ryan
Role: Arviragus] Actor: Lowe
Role: Cloten Actor: Clarke
Role: Pisanio Actor: Dyer
Role: Imogen Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Lucius Actor: Gibson.

Afterpiece Title: A Duke and no Duke

Performance Comment: As17581009, but Lavinio-Perry.
Role: Lavinio Actor: Perry.
Role: Trappolin Actor: Shuter

Dance: As17581016


Mainpiece Title: Much Ado About Nothing

Role: Leonato Actor: Davies
Role: Dogberry Actor: Yates.
Role: Benedick Actor: Garrick
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Havard
Role: Claudio Actor: Palmer
Role: Don John Actor: Bransby
Role: Fryar Actor: Burton
Role: Verges Actor: Philips
Role: Borachio Actor: Blakes
Role: Balthazar Actor: Beard
Role: Hero Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Beatrice Actor: Miss Pritchard
Role: in which will be introduced a Minuet Actor: Noverre, Miss Pritchard
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: the characters of the play.

Afterpiece Title: Crononhotonthologos

Performance Comment: Aldiborontiphoscophornio-Perry; Rigdumfunnidos-Blakes; Venus, Cupid-Miss Young, Miss E. Young; Crononhotonthologos-Philips; Bombardinian-Burton; King of Antipodes-Walker; Fidler-Atkins; Captain-Brownsmith; Cook-Johnston; Queen-Miss Hippisley; Tatlanthe-Miss Mills.
Role: Aldiborontiphoscophornio Actor: Perry
Role: Rigdumfunnidos Actor: Blakes
Role: Cupid Actor: Miss Young, Miss E. Young
Role: Crononhotonthologos Actor: Philips
Role: Bombardinian Actor: Burton
Role: King of Antipodes Actor: Walker
Role: Fidler Actor: Atkins
Role: Captain Actor: Brownsmith
Role: Cook Actor: Johnston
Role: Queen Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Tatlanthe Actor: Miss Mills.