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Event Comment: Benefit for Miles and Stede. Charges #65 10s. [Profit to each beneficiary: #5 17s. 9d. plus income from tickets: Stede #42 11s. (Box 34; Pit 131; Gallery 144); Miles #106 16s. (Box 176; Pit 328; Gallery 136).] Paid Wilford for 29 nights renter's money #290 to 1 May inclusive (Account Book). Receipts: #77 5s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Role: Ranger Actor: Dyer
Role: Strickland Actor: Ross
Role: Frankly Actor: Mattocks
Role: Bellamy Actor: Clarke
Role: Jack Meggot Actor: Lewes
Role: Tester Actor: Morgan
Role: Mrs Strictland Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Jacintha Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Clarinda Actor: Miss Wilford
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: the characters in the play.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Performance Comment: As17670101, but Harlequin-Miles.

Dance: II: A Hornpipe-Master Harris, 1st time (scholar to Miles); III: The Drunken Peasant-Miles (Peasant), Bennet (Clown)

Event Comment: Benefit for Miles, Mrs Green, and Miss Miller. No Building on Stage


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Role: Isabinda Actor: Miss Miller, 1st time
Role: Patch Actor: Mrs Green.
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Macklin.
Role: Marplot Actor: Woodward
Role: Sir George Airy Actor: Smith
Role: Charles Actor: Clarke
Role: Sir Francis Gripe Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Jealous Traffick Actor: Marten
Role: Whisper Actor: Costollo
Role: Scentwell Actor: Mrs Ferguson

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue; or, The Jealous Farmer Outwitted

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Miles; Farmer-Buck; Clown-Weller; Country Girl (with a Song in character)-Miss Miller; Colombine-Mrs Dyer; To conclude with a Country Dance-.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Farmer Actor: Buck
Role: Clown Actor: Weller
Role: Country Girl Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: .

Dance: II: The Drunken Peasant-Miles, Bennet (Peasant-Miles; +Clown-Bennet); IV: A New +Comic Dance, as17630224

Event Comment: Benefit for Miles, Mrs Green and Mrs Dyer


Mainpiece Title: Sir Courtly Nice

Role: Sir Courtly Actor: Woodward
Role: Lord Belguard Actor: Walker
Role: Farewell Actor: Clarke
Role: Hothead Actor: Dunstall
Role: Testimonly Actor: Gibson
Role: Crack Actor: Shuter
Role: Surly Actor: Sparks
Role: Violante Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Aunt Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Role: Maid Actor: Miss Cockayne.
Role: Termagant Actor: Mrs Green.
Role: Barber Actor: Woodward
Role: Feeble Actor: Hayes
Role: Rovewel Actor: Davis
Role: Belmour Actor: White
Role: Watchman Actor: Weller
Role: Quidnunc Actor: Dunstall
Role: Pamphlet Actor: Shuter
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Miller

Dance: IV: A Hornpipe-Miss Pitt; End: The Knife Grinders, as17631012

Entertainment: CCries of London-Shuter, by desire

Ballet: III: The Drunken Peasant. Peasant-Miles; Clown-Bennet

Performance Comment: Peasant-Miles; Clown-Bennet.
Role: Peasant Actor: Miles
Role: Clown Actor: Bennet.
Event Comment: Benefit for Miles, Mrs Green and Mrs Baker. None admitted behind Scenes


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: As17650325 but Nurse-Mrs Green(, 1st time); Minuet-Mas. King (scholar to Mr Miles, his 1st appearance on any stage), Miss Valois; Solemn Dirge-Miss _Poitier. [Masquerade Dance and Funeral Procession same.]Masquerade Dance and Funeral Procession same.]

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Role: Sally Actor: Mrs Baker, 1st time
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Green.
Role: Sailor Actor: Beard
Role: Squire Actor: Mattocks
Role: Dancing Actor: Miss Twist, Miss Pitt, Miss Daw.

Dance: III: A Scotch Dance-Mas. King, Miss Pitt; IV: The Drunken Peasant-Miles, Clown-Bennet; End: A Hornpipe-Mas. King

Performance Comment: King, Miss Pitt; IV: The Drunken Peasant-Miles, Clown-Bennet; End: A Hornpipe-Mas. King.
Role: The Drunken Peasant Actor: Miles, Clown-Bennet
Role: Clown Actor: Bennet
Role: A Hornpipe Actor: Mas. King.
Event Comment: Benefit for Aldridge and Miles. The Clandestine Marriage cannot be perform'd on account of Indisposition of Woodward. Charges #64 15s. 6d. Balance to Aldridge and Miles #12 12s. 6d. Paid Aldridge #6 6s. 3d. who also had from Tickets #39 13s. (Box 55; Pit 138; Gallery 52). Paid Miles #6 6s. 3d. who also had from Tickets #92 15s. (Box 140; Pit 253; Gallery 173) (Account Book). [Miles was much senior to Aldridge in serivce at cg. See note on Mrs Bulkley, 17 Nov. 1767, who had been ready in this part five months before.] Receipts: #77 8s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Gibbet Actor: Gardner
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Bulkley, 1st time.
Role: Archer Actor: Smith
Role: Aimwell Actor: Bensley
Role: Bonniface Actor: Dunstall
Role: Forigard Actor: Barrington
Role: Sullen Actor: Gibson
Role: Scrub Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Charles Freeman Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Ward

Afterpiece Title: Orpheus and Eurydice

Role: Drudge Actor: Cushing
Role: Orpheus Actor: DuBellamy.
Role: Squire Gawky Actor: Morris
Role: Drawer Actor: Holtom
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Thompson
Role: 1st Nymph Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Banks
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Copin
Role: Goody Gurton Actor: Wignell
Role: Clown Actor: Morris
Role: Cook Actor: Baker
Role: Porter Actor: Quick
Role: Dwarf Actor: Miss Ford
Role: Rural Swain Actor: Arnauld
Role: 2nd Nymph Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Eurydice Actor: Mrs Baker.

Dance: II: The Highland Reel, as17680307 IV: The Merry Sailors, as17671009

Event Comment: Benefit for Miles, Mrs Baker, Miss Young. Receipts: #47 0s. 6d. Charges: #63. Deficiency of #5 6s. 6d. apiece covered by income from tickets: Miles #51 3s. (boxes 79; pit 161; gallery 71); Mrs Baker, #36 16s. (boxes 60; pit 99; gallery 62); Miss Younger, #28 19s. (boxes 17; pit 112; gallery 79). Rec'd #16 8s. 3d. being overcharge for Taxes, &c. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Funeral

Role: Kate Matchlock Actor: Wignel
Role: Fardingale Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Tattleaid Actor: Mrs Baker.
Role: Hardy Actor: Ridout
Role: Brumpton Actor: Anderson
Role: Campley Actor: Dyer
Role: Puzzle Actor: Marten
Role: Tom Actor: Collins
Role: Cabinet Actor: White
Role: Trusty Actor: Gibson
Role: Sable Actor: Arthur
Role: Trim Actor: Shuter, in which
Role: Swagger Actor: Barrington
Role: Tatter Actor: Bencraft
Role: Rag Actor: Bennet
Role: Matchlock Actor: Redman
Role: Bumpkin Actor: R. Smith
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Lady Brumpton Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue

Role: Farmer Actor: Arthur.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Pierrot Actor: Lalauze.

Dance: II: Hornpipe-Miles; IV: Drunken Peasant with Peasant-Miles; Clown-Bennet

Song: III: A new song composed by Arne, Miss Young

Event Comment: Benefit for Miles, Mrs Baker, Miss Young. Tickets delivered out by Miss Ferguson will be taken. Receipts: #7 15s. 4d. covered by income from tickets. @Tickets Miles Box 15@Pit 178@Gallery 62@Value #36 13s.@Tickets Mrs Baker Box 86@Pit 124@Gallery 67@Value #46 16s.@Tickets Miss Young Box 18@Pit 75@Gallery 80@Value #23 15s.@Tickets Miss Ferguson Box 9@Pit 57@Gallery 39@Value #14 14s.@Total Box 128@Pit 434@Gallery 248@Value #121 12s.@ Paid Rich on account #21. Paid Meares 3s. [The house is now running a deficit of #371.


Mainpiece Title: Wit Without Money

Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Young
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Baker.
Role: Valentine Actor: Smith
Role: Francisco Actor: Ridout
Role: Hairbrain Actor: Wignel
Role: Fountain Actor: Anderson
Role: Belmour Actor: Davis
Role: Lovegood Actor: Gibson
Role: Lanc Actor: Dunstall
Role: Shorthose Actor: Shuter
Role: Merchant Actor: Marten
Role: Ralph Actor: Bennet
Role: Humphrey Actor: Holtom
Role: Roger Actor: Costollo
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue

Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Farmer Actor: Buck
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Pierrot Actor: Lalauze
Role: Concluding with a Country Dance Actor:
Role: a Hornpipe Actor: Miss Dawson.

Song: II, IV: A Song-Miss Brent

Dance: III: The Drunken Peasant-Miles, with Clown - Bennet


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Role: Altamont Actor: a Young Gentleman, 1st appearance any stage.
Role: Sciolto Actor: Powell
Role: Horatio Actor: Bensley
Role: Rossano Actor: Gardner
Role: Lothario Actor: Smith
Role: Lavinia Actor: Mrs Lessingham, 1st time
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs DuBellamy
Role: Calista Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Performance Comment: As17671204, but Harlequin-Miles; Others-Morgan, _Weller, _Miles.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Others Actor: Morgan, _Weller, _Miles.
Role: Dances Actor: LaRiviere, Arnauld, Miss Valois, Fishar.
Event Comment: Benefit for Miles. Charges #65 14s. Balance to Miles #4 4s. plus #112 5s. from tickets (Box 206; Pit 323; Gallery 123). Receipts: #69 19s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The English Merchant

Role: La France Actor: Quick
Role: Molly Actor: Mrs Bulkley, 1st time
Role: Amelia Actor: Miss Ward.
Role: Freeport Actor: Yates
Role: Falbridge Actor: Bensley
Role: Spatter Actor: Woodward
Role: Sir William Actor: Hull
Role: Owen Actor: Gibson
Role: Lady Alton Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Mrs Goodman Actor: Mrs Ward

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Role: Miller Actor: Morris.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Infernal Spirit Actor: Legg
Role: Shade of Helen Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Furies Actor: Arnauld
Role: Epicure Actor: Wignell
Role: Gambler Actor: Quick
Role: Faustus's Man Actor: Morgan
Role: Miller's Wife Actor: Miss Twist
Role: French Cook Actor: Holtom
Role: Lady Relish Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: With Dances Actor: Arnauld, Miss Valois.

Dance: III: The Wapping Landlady, Double Hornpipe, as17690408

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; CO 3, by Miles Peter Andrews and William Augustus Miles; Larpent MS 485; not published; Synopsis of plot in London Magazine, July 1779, pp. 306-7]: The Airs partly selected from Dibdin, Giordani, Dr Arne, &c. The Overture and New Music composed by Dr Arnold. With New Dresses and Decorations. The Scenes painted by Rooker. Songs of the Opera to be had at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Summer Amusement; Or, An Adventure At Margate

Role: Surat Actor: Bannister
Role: Sir James Juniper Actor: Parsons
Role: Etiquette Actor: Edwin
Role: Melville Actor: Wood
Role: Spruce Actor: Lamash
Role: Crab Actor: Jackson
Role: Sir Dilberry Actor: Painter
Role: Cathartic Actor: Baddeley
Role: Shuffle Actor: Palmer
Role: Lady Juniper Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Fidget Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Amelia Actor: Miss Harper
Related Works
Related Work: Summer Amusement; or, An Adventure at Margate Author(s): Miles Peter AndrewsWilliam Augustus Miles

Afterpiece Title: Piety in Pattens

Role: Butler Actor: Edwin
Role: The Squire Actor: Lamash
Role: Mrs Candy Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Polly Pattens Actor: Mrs Jewell.

Dance: Mainpiece: With Two New Dances-(see17790705

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Miles Peter Andrews and Frederick Reynolds; based on Le Dissipateur; ou, L'Honnete Friponne, by Philippe Nericault, dit Destouches. Prologue by the Duke of Leeds; Epilogue by Miles Peter Andrews (see text)]: With new Scenes, Dresses and Decorations. The Scenery designed and executed by Greenwood. Gazetteer, 18 Nov.: At the rehearsal of the new comedy on Tuesday the Duke of Leeds, Major Scott, Mr Angerstein [the banker] and Mr Boswell were in the boxes. Mr Boswell said an epigrammatic thought had struck him...and he brought the following Impromptu into life: Andrews, your play is safe enough; For noble Leeds endures it; Boswell and Scott are pledged to puff, And Angerstein ensures it. World, 13 Dec. 1790: To-morrow will be published Better Late than Never (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #240 14s. (206.7; 32.6; 2.1)


Mainpiece Title: Better Late Than Never

Role: Saville Actor: Kemble
Role: Flurry Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Charles Chouse Actor: Palmer
Role: Grump Actor: Baddeley
Role: Litigamus Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Pallet Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Lawyer's Clerk Actor: Maddocks
Role: Servant to Saville Actor: Lyons
Role: Servant to Flurry Actor: Webb
Role: Augusta Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Mrs Flurry Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Diary Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Prologue Actor: Bannister Jun
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Jordan.
Related Works
Related Work: Better Late than Never Author(s): Miles Peter Andrews

Afterpiece Title: Don Juan

Role: Don Antonio Actor: Williames
Role: Don Ferdinand Actor: Dignum
Role: Don Juan Actor: Palmer
Role: Don Guzman Actor: Benson
Role: Carlos Actor: Haymes
Role: Perez Actor: Bland
Role: Pedrillo Actor: Banks
Role: Lopez Actor: Lyons
Role: Gomez Actor: Alfred
Role: Vasquez Actor: Fawcett
Role: Host Actor: Chapman
Role: Masaniello Actor: Fairbrother
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Dubois
Role: Alguaziles Actor: Burton, Jones, Webb
Role: Boatswain Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Sailors Actor: Phillimore, Danby, Maddocks
Role: Donna Anna Actor: Miss Collins
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Heard
Role: Inis Actor: Miss Palmer
Role: Katharina Actor: Mrs Edwards
Role: Viletta Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Dignum, Sedgwick, Mrs Bland, Mrs Edwards, Miss Hagley
Role: Waiter Actor: Fairbrother
Role: 4th Sailor Actor: Reynoldson.

Dance: As17901026

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; MD 3, by Miles Peter Andrews and Frederick Reynolds. Prologue by Edward Topham; Epilogue by Miles Peter Andrews (Crouch, II, 229)]: With new Scenes, Dresses and Decorations. The new Music composed, and the rest selected by Shield. Morning Chronicle, 25 Feb. 1795: This Day is published The Mysteries of the Castle (2s.). [Mrs Cornelys was from the Crow Street Theatre Dublin.] Receipts: #243 12s. (241.19; 1.13)


Mainpiece Title: The Mysteries Of The Castle

Related Works
Related Work: The Mysteries of the Castle Author(s): Miles Peter Andrews

Afterpiece Title: Two Strings to Your Bow

Role: Donna Clara Actor: Mrs Cornelys
Role: Wildfire Actor: Quick
Role: Magnet Actor: Incledon
Role: Captain Pendant Actor: Johnstone
Role: Piccaroon Actor: Munden
Role: Ferret Actor: Fawcett
Role: Captain Tropic Actor: Bowden
Role: Major Drummond Actor: Townsend
Role: Landlord Actor: Davenport
Role: Ensign Somers Actor: Claremont
Role: Mat Actor: Rock
Role: Waiter Actor: Burton
Role: Sea Officer Actor: Linton
Role: Fanny Pendant Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Mrs Ferret Actor: Mrs Henley
Role: Louisa Bowers Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Lazarillo Actor: Munden
Role: Borachio Actor: Bernard
Role: Octavio Actor: Davies
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Macready
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Powel
Role: Don Sancho Actor: Thompson
Role: Drunken Porter Actor: Farley
Role: Waiters Actor: Cross, Ledger
Role: Leonora Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Leserve


Mainpiece Title: The True And Ancient History Of Fair Rosamond, Representing Her Amours With King Henry, And Her Being Poisoned By Queen Eleanor In Woodstock Bower

Role: King Henry Actor: Roberts
Role: Fair Rosamond Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Queen Eleanor Actor: Mrs Steel
Role: Cardinal Aquinas Actor: Wallis
Role: Cardinal Columbus Actor: Bambridge
Role: Sir Trusty Actor: Beckham
Role: Cleora Actor: Miss Davis.

Afterpiece Title: The Modern Pimp; or, The Doctor Deceiv'd

Role: Crack Actor: James
Role: Sir Gregory Grey Goose Actor: Mullart
Role: Sir Nehemiah Nestlecock Actor: Smith
Role: Lady Grey Goose Actor: Mrs Hill
Role: Miss Grey Goose Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Bellamy Actor: Jones
Role: Captain Strut Actor: Lacy
Role: Servant Actor: Davis
Role: Page Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs James.

Dance: TThe Miller and his Wife, The Jealous Savoyard-two Masters Granier, Miss Granier

Ballet: TThe Triumph of Britannia Over the Four Parts of the World. Britannia-Mlle Duval; Europe-Granier; Asia-Pelling; Africa-Miles; America-Olbeldiston; Women-Mrs Vallois, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Love, Mlle Glasson

Performance Comment: Britannia-Mlle Duval; Europe-Granier; Asia-Pelling; Africa-Miles; America-Olbeldiston; Women-Mrs Vallois, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Love, Mlle Glasson.
Role: Britannia Actor: Mlle Duval
Role: Europe Actor: Granier
Role: Asia Actor: Pelling
Role: Africa Actor: Miles
Role: America Actor: Olbeldiston
Role: Women Actor: Mrs Vallois, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Love, Mlle Glasson.


Afterpiece Title: The Amorous Goddess

Performance Comment: As17441017, but Pierot-Leviez; Fantastic Spirit-Desse; Shepherdesses-Mrs Pritchard; Shepherds-+Miles; Attendants on Hecate-_; Swiss Servant-_.
Role: Pierot Actor: Leviez
Role: Fantastic Spirit Actor: Desse
Role: Shepherdesses Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Shepherds Actor:
Role: Harlequin Actor: Yates
Role: Swiss Actor: Blakes
Role: Harlico Actor: Collins
Role: Swiss Servant Actor: Leviez
Role: Harlequin's Wife Actor: Mrs Mann
Role: Harlequin's Child Actor: Miss Yates
Role: the Goddess Hecate Actor: Mrs Avolio
Role: Attendants on Hecate Actor: Bennet, Morgan


Mainpiece Title: 1 Henry Iv; With The Humours Of Sir John Falstaff

Performance Comment: Hotspur-Lee; Henry IV-Furnival; Prince-Cushing; Worcester-Pinner; Northumberland-G. Hallam; Vernon-Lynham; Blunt-Edwards; Poins-Baker; Bardolph-Miles; Gadshill-Orpin; Peto-Simms (Daily Advertiser), Simons (Hogan, Shakespeare in the Theatre, p. 185); Lady Percy-Mrs Hallam; Hostess-Mrs Beckham; Carriers-Dove, Beckham; Francis-L. Hallam; Falstaff-Paget.
Role: Hotspur Actor: Lee
Role: Henry IV Actor: Furnival
Role: Prince Actor: Cushing
Role: Worcester Actor: Pinner
Role: Northumberland Actor: G. Hallam
Role: Vernon Actor: Lynham
Role: Blunt Actor: Edwards
Role: Poins Actor: Baker
Role: Bardolph Actor: Miles
Role: Gadshill Actor: Orpin
Role: Peto Actor: Simms
Role: Lady Percy Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Carriers Actor: Dove, Beckham
Role: Francis Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Falstaff Actor: Paget.

Dance: 1 As17461027


Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Performance Comment: Elder Wou'd/be-Furnival; Young Wou'd/be-Cushing; Richmore-Lee; Trueman-Wignell; Fairbank-Dove; Subtleman-Cartwright; Clearaccount-Shuter; Comick-G. Hallam; Constable-Baker; Jack-Miles; Teague-L. Hallam; Aurelia-Mrs Bambridge; Mrs Clearaccount-Mrs Cushing; Mrs Midnight-Paget; Constance-Mrs Hallam.
Role: Elder Wou'dbe Actor: Furnival
Role: Young Wou'dbe Actor: Cushing
Role: Richmore Actor: Lee
Role: Trueman Actor: Wignell
Role: Fairbank Actor: Dove
Role: Subtleman Actor: Cartwright
Role: Clearaccount Actor: Shuter
Role: Comick Actor: G. Hallam
Role: Constable Actor: Baker
Role: Jack Actor: Miles
Role: Teague Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Mrs Clearaccount Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Mrs Midnight Actor: Paget
Role: Constance Actor: Mrs Hallam.

Afterpiece Title: The Stage Coach

Role: Squire Actor: Cushing
Role: Bazil Actor: Cartwright
Role: Fetch Actor: Wignell
Role: Jolt Actor: Dove
Role: Micher Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Macahone Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Dove.

Dance: As17461113


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Macheath-Cushing; Peachum-Paget; Lockit-Dove; Filch-Shuter; Ned-Baker; Harry-Miles; Jack-Hallam Sen; Jenny Diver-Miss Moreau; Mrs Slammekin-Mrs Dove; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Beckham; Lucy-Mrs Cushing; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Bambridge; Trapes-Mrs Wignell; Polly-Mrs White, her first on this stage.
Role: Macheath Actor: Cushing
Role: Peachum Actor: Paget
Role: Lockit Actor: Dove
Role: Filch Actor: Shuter
Role: Ned Actor: Baker
Role: Harry Actor: Miles
Role: Jack Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Moreau
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Mrs Dove
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Trapes Actor: Mrs Wignell
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs White, her first on this stage.

Dance: III: Hornpipe-Miles


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: As17461205; but Polly-Miss Budgell; Jemmy Twitcher-Hallam Sen; Jack-Wignell; Ben-L. Hallam; Robin of Bagshot-Lee; Mat-Brett; Dolly-Mrs Wignell; Sukey-Mrs Miles; Mrs Slammekin-Mrs Hart; Diana Trapes-Mrs Brown; Molly Brazen-Mrs Dove; Hornpipe-Williams.
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Budgell
Role: Jemmy Twitcher Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Jack Actor: Wignell
Role: Ben Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Robin of Bagshot Actor: Lee
Role: Mat Actor: Brett
Role: Dolly Actor: Mrs Wignell
Role: Sukey Actor: Mrs Miles
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Mrs Hart
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Brown
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Mrs Dove
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Williams.
Role: Macheath Actor: Cushing
Role: Peachum Actor: Paget
Role: Lockit Actor: Dove
Role: Filch Actor: Shuter
Role: Ned Actor: Baker
Role: Harry Actor: Miles
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Moreau
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Trapes Actor: Mrs Wignell

Dance: As17461124


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Goodfellow; Lenox-Cushing; Hecate-L. Hallam; Fleance-Master Morgan; Macduff-Furnival; Banquo-Paget; Duncan-Holmes; Witches-Hallam Sen, Shuter, Banks; Malcolm-Lee; Donalbain-Mrs Moreau; Seyward-Hart; Seyton-Wignell; Doctor-Miles; first Murderer-Dove; 2nd Murderer-Baker; Lady-Mrs Beckham; Lady Macduff-Mrs Bambridge; Lady Macbeth-Miss Budgell.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Lenox Actor: Cushing
Role: Hecate Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Fleance Actor: Master Morgan
Role: Macduff Actor: Furnival
Role: Banquo Actor: Paget
Role: Duncan Actor: Holmes
Role: Witches Actor: Hallam Sen, Shuter, Banks
Role: Malcolm Actor: Lee
Role: Donalbain Actor: Mrs Moreau
Role: Seyward Actor: Hart
Role: Seyton Actor: Wignell
Role: Doctor Actor: Miles
Role: first Murderer Actor: Dove
Role: 2nd Murderer Actor: Baker
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Miss Budgell.

Song: Brett, Mrs Cushing, Miss Tench

Dance: As17461124


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Performance Comment: Ford-Furnival; Page-Wignell; Shallow-Dove; Slender-Cushing; Falstaff-Paget; Host-W. Hallam; Fenton-Lee; Evans-L. Hallam; Pistol-Brett; Robin-Master Morgan; Simple-Miles; Rugby-Baker; Ann Page-Mrs Moreau; Mrs Quickly-Mrs Bambridge; Dr Caius-Shuter; Mrs Page-Mrs Hallam; Bardolph-Hallam Sen (Daily Advertiser: G. Hallam); Mrs Ford-Mrs Cushing.
Role: Ford Actor: Furnival
Role: Page Actor: Wignell
Role: Shallow Actor: Dove
Role: Slender Actor: Cushing
Role: Falstaff Actor: Paget
Role: Host Actor: W. Hallam
Role: Fenton Actor: Lee
Role: Evans Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Pistol Actor: Brett
Role: Robin Actor: Master Morgan
Role: Simple Actor: Miles
Role: Rugby Actor: Baker
Role: Ann Page Actor: Mrs Moreau
Role: Mrs Quickly Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Dr Caius Actor: Shuter
Role: Mrs Page Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Bardolph Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Mrs Ford Actor: Mrs Cushing.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Sharp Actor: Cushing.


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest; Or, The Enchanted Island

Performance Comment: Prospero-Furnival; Sycorax-Hallam Sen; Ferdinand-Goodfellow; Alonzo-Wignell; Antonio-Dove; Gonsalo-Lee; Hippolito-Mrs Hallam; Stephano-Hallam; Mustacho-Shuter; Trinclo-L. Hallam; Ventoso-Cushing; Miranda-Mrs Wignell; Dorinda-Miss Budgell; Ariel-Miss Moreau; Caliban-Paget; Dances-Williams, Baker, Janno, Scott; Setebos-Miles; Pluto-Brett; Demons-Williams, Janno, Baker, Tool, Fulwell; Neptune-Brett; Amphytrite-Mrs Cushing.
Role: Prospero Actor: Furnival
Role: Sycorax Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Alonzo Actor: Wignell
Role: Antonio Actor: Dove
Role: Gonsalo Actor: Lee
Role: Hippolito Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Stephano Actor: Hallam
Role: Mustacho Actor: Shuter
Role: Trinclo Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Ventoso Actor: Cushing
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Wignell
Role: Dorinda Actor: Miss Budgell
Role: Ariel Actor: Miss Moreau
Role: Caliban Actor: Paget
Role: Dances Actor: Williams, Baker, Janno, Scott
Role: Setebos Actor: Miles
Role: Pluto Actor: Brett
Role: Demons Actor: Williams, Janno, Baker, Tool, Fulwell
Role: Neptune Actor: Brett
Role: Amphytrite Actor: Mrs Cushing.


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserved; Or, A Plot Discovered

Performance Comment: Pierre-Goodfellow; Priuli-Furnival; Jaffeir-Cushing; Renault-Paget; Bedamar-Lee; Antonio-L. Hallam; Duke-Hallam; Elliot-Dove; Spinosa-Shuter; Theodore-Miles; Captain-Wignell; Belvidera-Miss Budgell.
Role: Pierre Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Priuli Actor: Furnival
Role: Jaffeir Actor: Cushing
Role: Renault Actor: Paget
Role: Bedamar Actor: Lee
Role: Antonio Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Duke Actor: Hallam
Role: Elliot Actor: Dove
Role: Spinosa Actor: Shuter
Role: Theodore Actor: Miles
Role: Captain Actor: Wignell
Role: Belvidera Actor: Miss Budgell.

Afterpiece Title: Flora; or, Hob in the Well

Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Friendly Actor: Brett.
Role: Hob Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Moreau.

Dance: As17461124


Mainpiece Title: The Tragical History Of King Lear

Performance Comment: Lear-Goodfellow; Edgar-Cushing; Gloucester-Furnival; Bastard-Lee; Kent-Paget; Usher-L. Hallam; Burgundy-Miles; Cornwall-Shuter; Albany-Wignell; Old Man-Hallam Sen; Captain-W. Hallam; Aranthe-Mrs Dove; Goneril-Mrs Bainbridge; Regan-Mrs Cushing; Cordelia-Miss Budgell.
Role: Lear Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Edgar Actor: Cushing
Role: Gloucester Actor: Furnival
Role: Bastard Actor: Lee
Role: Kent Actor: Paget
Role: Usher Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Burgundy Actor: Miles
Role: Cornwall Actor: Shuter
Role: Albany Actor: Wignell
Role: Old Man Actor: Hallam Sen
Role: Captain Actor: W. Hallam
Role: Aranthe Actor: Mrs Dove
Role: Goneril Actor: Mrs Bainbridge
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Cordelia Actor: Miss Budgell.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Song: Brett

Dance: As17461124


Mainpiece Title: The London Cuckolds

Role: Ramble Actor: Ryan
Role: Townly Actor: Gibson
Role: Wiseacre Actor: Collins
Role: Dashwell Actor: Arthur
Role: Engine Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Jane Actor: Miss Dunstall
Role: Roger Actor: Cushing
Role: Aunt Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Loveday Actor: Anderson
Role: Eugenia Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Peggy Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Lady No Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Perseus and Andromeda; or, The Cheats of Harlequin

Performance Comment: Perseus-Lowe; Cepheus-Waltz; Aethiopian-Baker; Cassiope-Mrs Wright; Mercury-Vincent; Andromeda-Miss Falkner; Amazons-Miss Young, Miss Allen, Miss Ferguson, Miss Hippisley, Miss Morrison; Cyclops-Roberts, Smith, Holtham, Bennet, Davis; Infernals-Villeneuve, Desse, Froment, Delagarde, Dupre, Dumont; Harlequin-Miles; Hussar-Bencraft; Colombine-Miss Haughton; Hussar's Servant-Arthur; Valet de Chambre-Atkins; Petit Maitre-Lalauze; Concluding with the Original Grand Dance-.


Mainpiece Title: She Wou'd If She Cou'd

Role: Sir Oliver Cockwood Actor: Macklin
Role: Courtal Actor: Ryan
Role: Freeman Actor: Ridout
Role: Sir Joceline Jolly Actor: Dunstall
Role: Rakehell Actor: Dyer
Role: Gatty Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Ariana Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Sentry Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Mrs Gazette Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Lady Cockwood Actor: Mrs Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: Merlin's Cave

Performance Comment: As17501220, but cast first listed here: Chasseur Royale-Lowe; Merlin-Leveridge; Diana-Miss Young; Aerial Spirits-Cooke, Villeneuve, Desse, Froment, Gardener, Mrs Delagarde, Mad Contrie, Mrs Villeneuve, Mad Gondou; Jupiter(Harlequin)-Miles; Mercury-Vincent; Pluto(Punch)-Froment; Neptune(Pantaloon)-Gardener; Pan(Scaramouche)-Desse; Hercules(Brighella)-Christian; Apollo(Mezzetin)-Villeneuve; Mars(Leander)-Jardin; Doctor-Bencraft; Colombine-Miss Haughton; Pierrot-LaLauze.
Role: Chasseur Royale Actor: Lowe
Role: Merlin Actor: Leveridge
Role: Diana Actor: Miss Young
Role: Aerial Spirits Actor: Cooke, Villeneuve, Desse, Froment, Gardener, Mrs Delagarde, Mad Contrie, Mrs Villeneuve, Mad Gondou
Role: Jupiter Actor: Miles
Role: Mercury Actor: Vincent
Role: Pluto Actor: Froment
Role: Neptune Actor: Gardener
Role: Pan Actor: Desse
Role: Hercules Actor: Christian
Role: Apollo Actor: Villeneuve
Role: Mars Actor: Jardin
Role: Doctor Actor: Bencraft
Role: Colombine Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Pierrot Actor: LaLauze.