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Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo, Mrs Pitt, Stede. Tickets deliver'd by Mrs Stephens will be taken. Mainpiece: Not Acted these 2 Years. [See 9 May 1759.] Afterpiece: Not acted these 6 years. [See 7 May 1756.] Receipts: #54 19s. 6d. plus income from tickets: Stede #36 10s. (Box 20; Pit 120; Gallery 135); Costollo #80 11s. (Box 77; Pit 340; Gallery 103); Mrs Pitt #52 18s. (Box 6; Pit 178; Gallery 247); Mrs Stephens #11 10s. (Box 17; Pit 23; Gallery 38). Total from tickets #181 9s. (Box 120; Pit 661; Gallery 523). [The charges were borne by Stede, Costollo and Mrs Pitt. Mrs Stephens receipts were clear. Of the charges Costollo bore half, and Stede and Mrs Pitt each bore one quarter.] Charges: #63 (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Cleone

Role: Sifroy Actor: Ross
Role: Glanville Actor: Sparks
Role: Beaufort Actor: Gibson
Role: Beaufort Jun Actor: Dyer
Role: Paulet Actor: Clarke
Role: Ragozin Actor: Anderson
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Cleone Actor: Mrs Ward, 1st time.

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman in Paris

Performance Comment: Buck (this night only)-Foote, in which he will speak a Prologue; Subtle-Costollo; Sir John-Gibson; Mrs Subtle-Mrs Pitt; Classic-Anderson; Lucinda-Miss Macklin; Song on the Guitar-Miss Macklin; Minuet-Miss Macklin, Leppie.
Role: Buck Actor: Foote, in which he will speak a Prologue
Role: Subtle Actor: Costollo
Role: Sir John Actor: Gibson
Role: Mrs Subtle Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Classic Actor: Anderson
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Song on the Guitar Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Minuet Actor: Miss Macklin, Leppie.

Dance: III: A Comic Dance-a young Gentleman, a young Gentlewoman (Scholars of Leppie); End: The last new Comic Dance-Maranesi, Mlle Capdeville

Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo and Miss Minors. Tickets of Costollo at his lodgings at Mr Waiter's, Chymist, the Golden Cross, in Russel St., Covent Garden; of Miss Minors, at Mr Nichols's a Baker, in Catherine St., near Russel Court, and at the Stage Door. We are assured that Sg Giardini's Performance on the Violin, at Sga Cuzzoni's Benefit, at the New Theatre in Haymarket, on Saturday Night last, gave the highest pleasure to several of the best judges of that instrument. Receipts: #90 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Palmer; Lady Grace-Mrs Willoughby for the first time; Manly-Berry; Basset-Blakes; Squire Richard-Costollo; Lady Wronghead-Mrs James; Miss Jenny-Miss Minors; Sir Francis Wronghead-Yates; Moody-Winstone; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cross; Trusty-Mrs Yates; Lady Townly-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Palmer
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Willoughby for the first time
Role: Manly Actor: Berry
Role: Basset Actor: Blakes
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Costollo
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs James
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Sir Francis Wronghead Actor: Yates
Role: Moody Actor: Winstone
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Role: Aesop Actor: Bridges
Role: Old Man Actor: Shuter.
Role: Poet Actor: Lee.
Role: Mercury Actor: Wilder
Role: Charon Actor: Layfield
Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: Woodward
Role: Frenchman Actor: Blakes
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Yates
Role: Tattoo Actor: Marr
Role: Mrs Tattoo Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Fine Lady Actor: Mrs Clive.

Song: Master Mattocks

Dance: Mathews, Mad Camargo, McNeil

Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo and Mrs Green. Tickets sold at the Doors will not be admitted. Receipts: #56 0s. 6d. Charges: #63. Deficiency of #3 9s. 9d. each covered by income from tickets: Costollo, #92 17s. (boxes 72; pit 367; gallery 198); Mrs Green, #37 7s. (boxes 55; pit 106; gallery 77). Paid Robertson for working the Ostridge in [Harlequin] Sorcerer 6 nights at 2s. 6d. per night, 15s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Performance Comment: As17571215, but Occasional Prologue-_; Young Bevil-Barry; Cimberton-Costollo; (A song in Character for Tom;) Phillis-Mrs Green; Indiana-Mrs Bellamy; Singing-Mrs Chambers.
Role: Young Bevil Actor: Barry
Role: Cimberton Actor: Costollo
Role: Phillis Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Indiana Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Singing Actor: Mrs Chambers.
Role: Myrtle Actor: Smith
Role: Sir John Actor: Gibson
Role: Sealand Actor: Sparks
Role: Tom Actor: Dyer
Role: Humphrey Actor: Anderson
Role: Daniel Actor: Collins
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Mrs Sealand Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: with Singing Actor: Lowe.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue

Performance Comment: As17580421 but Farmer-Costollo.
Role: Farmer Actor: Costollo.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Pierrot Actor: Lalauze.

Dance: A Tambourine-Miss Vallois

Event Comment: Benefit for Hull and Costollo. No Building on Stage. Receipts: #39 19s. Charges #64 5s. Deficit to each #11 10s. 6d., covered by income from tickets: Costollo #93 6s. (Boxes 102; Pit 288; Gallery 246); Hull #47 (Boxes 73; Pit 162; Gallery 47). Total income #180 5s


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: As17600225, but Manly-Hull, 1st time; Sir Francis-Costollo; Moody-_; Poundage-_; Mrs Motherly-_; Trusty-_; Myrtilla-_.
Role: Manly Actor: Hull, 1st time
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Costollo
Role: Poundage Actor: Stoppelaer.
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Ferguson.
Role: Townly Actor: Ross
Role: Richard Actor: Collins
Role: Moody Actor: Dunstall
Role: Basset Actor: Dyer
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Copin
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Miss Young
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Statue

Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: concluding with a Country Dance Actor: .
Role: Concluding with Country Dance Actor:
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Miss Dawson.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Farmer Actor: Buck
Role: Pierrot Actor: Lalauze
Role: Concluding with a Country Dance Actor:
Role: a Hornpipe Actor: Miss Dawson.

Dance: II: Fingalian Dance-Miss Hilliard; IV: The Lamp Lighters, as17600318

Music: III: A Lesson on the Harp-Mr Rice

Event Comment: Benefit for Scrase, Costollo, and Wilder. Tickets and places to be had at the Stage Door of the theatre. Receipts: #160 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Performance Comment: Touchstone-Woodward; Duke Senior-Blakes; Duke Frederick-Simson; Jaques-Berry; Orlando-Palmer; Oliver-Scrase; Corin-Taswell; Amiens (with proper songs)-Wilder; Adam-Havard; William-Costollo; Celia-Mrs Clive; Audrey-Mrs James; Rosalind-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Touchstone Actor: Woodward
Role: Duke Senior Actor: Blakes
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Simson
Role: Jaques Actor: Berry
Role: Orlando Actor: Palmer
Role: Oliver Actor: Scrase
Role: Corin Actor: Taswell
Role: Amiens Actor: Wilder
Role: Adam Actor: Havard
Role: William Actor: Costollo
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Audrey Actor: Mrs James
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: Don Quixote in England

Performance Comment: As17520410 but Don Quixote-Scrase; Costollo asSancho will speak an Epilogue riding on an Ass-.
Role: Don Quixote Actor: Scrase
Role: Costollo asSancho will speak an Epilogue ri Actor: .
Role: Squire Badger Actor: Shuter
Role: Sancho Actor: Costollo
Role: Jezebel Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Guzzle Actor: Taswell
Role: Fairlove Actor: Ackman
Role: Loveland Actor: Simpson
Role: Dorothea Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Dance: III: A Hornpipe-the Little Swiss

Song: I: Master Vernon

Entertainment: S+SpecialtyAfter: An Elogium-Mr Ross;wrote by Dryden, concluding with Milton's Epitaph to the Memory of Shakespear-Mr Ross. representing the shade of Shakespear as figured on his monument in Westminster Abbey. By Particular Desire.

Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo, Bennet, Stevens. [Advance bill had listed Barnaby-R. Smith but he was omitted on 12 May bill.


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Performance Comment: As17541014, but Fondlewife-Shuter first time; Sir Joseph-Costollo; Setter-Bennet; Bluff-Stevens.
Role: Fondlewife Actor: Shuter first time
Role: Sir Joseph Actor: Costollo
Role: Setter Actor: Bennet
Role: Bluff Actor: Stevens.
Role: Sharper Actor: Ridout
Role: Heartwell Actor: Sparks
Role: Bellmour Actor: Ryan
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Vainlove Actor: Gibson
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Barnaby Actor: Paddick
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Allen
Role: Laetitia Actor: Mrs Bellamy.

Afterpiece Title: The Cheats of Scapin

Role: only Scapin Actor: Shuter listed.
Role: Scapin Actor: Shuter, first time
Role: Thrifty Actor: Bennet
Role: Gripe Actor: Costollo
Role: Leander Actor: Gibson
Role: Octavian Actor: Anderson
Role: Shift Actor: Dunstall
Role: Sly Actor: R. Smith
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Baker.

Song: II: Rule Britannia-Lowe

Dance: As17550430

Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo and Ballard (Treasurer). Last time of performing the Mainpiece this season. Tickets sold at the doors will not be taken. [See T. Wilkinson Memoirs, I, 117-19 on Mrs Woffington's illness and inability to play Gertrude.


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Performance Comment: As17570322 but Hamlet-Barry; Bernardo-R. Smith; Polonius-Costollo.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Barry
Role: Bernardo Actor: R. Smith
Role: Polonius Actor: Costollo.
Role: King Actor: Sparks
Role: Horatio Actor: Ridout
Role: Rosencraus Actor: Bennet
Role: Guildenstern Actor: White
Role: Marcellus Actor: Anderson
Role: Laertes Actor: Dyer
Role: Ostrick Actor: Cushing
Role: Lucianus Actor: Collins
Role: Francisco Actor: Holtham
Role: Player King Actor: Redman
Role: Player Queen Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Gravediggers Actor: Shuter, Stoppelaer
Role: Ghost Actor: Ryan
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Chambers
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Knights

Performance Comment: Hartop-Shuter; Sir Gregory-Bennet; Jenkins-White; Robin-Holtom; Jenny-Mrs Baker; Sukey-Miss Mullart; Penelope-Mrs Pitt; Tim-Costollo; To conclude with the Drunken Peasant-Phillips.
Role: Hartop Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Gregory Actor: Bennet
Role: Jenkins Actor: White
Role: Robin Actor: Holtom
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Sukey Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Penelope Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Tim Actor: Costollo
Role: To conclude with the Drunken Peasant Actor: Phillips.

Dance: IV: A Hornpipe-Poitier; V: The Lamplighters, as17570429

Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo, Mrs Pitt, Stede. Mainpiece: By Particular Desire. No Building on Stage. Tickets sold at the door will not be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Minor

Performance Comment: As17620122, but[probably the full length play of 10 Nov. 1761] The Minor-Dyer; Richard Wealthy-Hull; Sir William Wealthy-Costollo; Smart-Wignell; Canker-R. Smith, rest as17611110.
Role: The Minor Actor: Dyer
Role: Richard Wealthy Actor: Hull
Role: Sir William Wealthy Actor: Costollo
Role: Smart Actor: Wignell
Role: Canker Actor: R. Smith, rest as17611110.
Role: Old Wilding Actor: Gibson
Role: Parts Actor: _Sparks.
Role: Young Wilding Actor: Foote
Role: Papillion Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir James Elliot Actor: Mattocks
Role: Miss Grantham Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Miss Godfrey Actor: Mrs Burden
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Abegg

Afterpiece Title: Marplot in Lisbon

Dance: II: New Comic Dance, The Woodcutters-Leppie, a young gentlewoman his scholar; IV: The Taylors, as17620107

Entertainment: After: Hippisley's Drunken Man-Shuter (This Night only)

Event Comment: Benefit for Costollo, Miss Pitt, Stede. No Building on Stage. N.B. The Farce oblig'd to be alter'd on account of the Indisposition of Woodward. [The Citizen had been advertised.] Afterpiece: Not acted this Season


Mainpiece Title: The Jovial Crew

Performance Comment: As17630411 Catherine and Petruchio. Petruchio-Shuter; Grumio-Costollo; Catherine-Mrs Green.
Role: Petruchio Actor: Shuter
Role: Grumio Actor: Costollo
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Green.
Role: Old Rents Actor: Sparks.
Role: Rachel Actor: Miss Brent
Role: Old@Rents Actor: Sparks
Role: Hearty Actor: Beard
Role: Springlove Actor: Clarke
Role: Justice Clack Actor: Shuter
Role: Randal Actor: Dunstall
Role: Oliver Actor: Dyer
Role: Hilliard Actor: Baker
Role: Vincent Actor: Mattocks
Role: Amie Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Meriel Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: other Dances Actor: Incident to the Opera.

Dance: II: Comic Dance-Granier, Miss Pitt

Event Comment: Benefit for Davis and Costollo


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: As17650927, but Carlos-Davis; Sancho-Costollo; Honoria-Mrs Stephens; Clodio- announced as alias Don Dismallo Thickscullo de Halfwitto; Don Lewis announced as alias-Don Choleric Snapshorto de Testy.

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Role: Dick Actor: Davis
Role: for first time and with the Original Prologue Actor: Davis
Role: Spouters Actor: Perry, R. Smith, Murden, Morgan
Role: Wingate Actor: Dunstall.
Role: Apprentice Actor: Woodward
Role: Gargle Actor: Anderson
Role: Scotchman Actor: Bennet
Role: Irishman Actor: Barrington
Role: Catchpole Actor: Buck
Role: Simon Actor: Cushing
Role: Watchman Actor: Weller
Role: Porter Actor: Gardner
Role: President Actor: Perry
Role: Three members Actor: Holtom, Murden, Mas. Morgan
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Evans.

Dance: I: A Hornpipe-Miss Twist; III: The Venetian Gardeners, as17650925; End: The Village Romps, as17651019

Event Comment: Benefit for Miss Bellamy. Afterpiece: A farce in two acts never acted there, and being the last time of performing it this season. [N.B. Its run this season had been at Drury Lane, and both Foote and Costollo were with the Drury Lane company this season.


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Role: Jane Actor: Miss Bellamy.
Role: Gloster Actor: Sparks
Role: Dumont Actor: Ryan
Role: Hastings Actor: Barry
Role: Belmour Actor: Ridout
Role: Catesby Actor: Anderson
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Usher
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Gregory, 1st time.

Afterpiece Title: The Knights

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Foote, Costollo, Shuter; with a Prologue-Foote.

Dance: LLes Taileurs, as17531210; Les Charboniers, as17540307


Mainpiece Title: No One's Enemy But His Own

Performance Comment: Principals by: Woodward, Shuter, Smith, Ross, Clarke, Cushing, Costollo, Holtom, Mrs Ward, Miss Elliott Careless-Woodward; Sir Philip Figurein-Shuter; Belfield-Smith; Wisely-Ross; Brazen-Cushing; Bdunt-Clarke; Lucinda-Miss Elliot; Hortensia-Mrs Ward (Genest, V, 54); Cribb-Costollo; La Jeunesse-Holtom (Winston MS 9).
Role: Miss Elliott Careless Actor: Woodward
Role: Sir Philip Figurein Actor: Shuter
Role: Belfield Actor: Smith
Role: Wisely Actor: Ross
Role: Brazen Actor: Cushing
Role: Bdunt Actor: Clarke
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Elliot
Role: Hortensia Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Cribb Actor: Costollo
Role: La Jeunesse Actor: Holtom

Afterpiece Title: What We Must all Come To

Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Drugget Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Charles Rackett Actor: Dyer
Role: Lovelace Actor: Cushing
Role: Woodley Actor: White
Role: Lady Rackett Actor: Miss Elliot
Role: Mrs Drugget Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Dimity Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Nancy Actor: Miss Hallam
Role: Two Songs in character When first the dear yout Actor: Miss Hallam
Role: to Flaunt it about Actor: Miss Hallam


Mainpiece Title: The Commissary

Performance Comment: Parts by: Foote, Shuter, Davis, Costollo, Parsons, Preston, Tindal, Gardner, Keen, Johnson, Mrs Granger, Miss Reynolds, Miss Cheney. Zachary Fungus-Foote; Isaac Fungus-Costollo; Gruel-Shuter; Dr Catgut-Parsons; Simon-Preston; Young Loveit-Davis; Bridoun-Gardner; Paduasoy-Keen; Hackney Coachman-Parsons; Mrs Mechlin-Miss Cheney; Mrs Loveit-Shuter; Dolly-Miss Reynolds; Jenny-Mrs Granger; Harpy-Tindal; La Fleur-Johnson (Edition of 1765).
Role: Zachary Fungus Actor: Foote
Role: Isaac Fungus Actor: Costollo
Role: Gruel Actor: Shuter
Role: Dr Catgut Actor: Parsons
Role: Simon Actor: Preston
Role: Young Loveit Actor: Davis
Role: Bridoun Actor: Gardner
Role: Paduasoy Actor: Keen
Role: Hackney Coachman Actor: Parsons
Role: Mrs Mechlin Actor: Miss Cheney
Role: Mrs Loveit Actor: Shuter
Role: Dolly Actor: Miss Reynolds
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Granger
Role: Harpy Actor: Tindal
Role: La Fleur Actor: Johnson

Afterpiece Title: The Knights

Performance Comment: Hartop-Foote; Tim-Costollo; Jenkins-Davis; Sir Gregory-Shuter.
Role: Hartop Actor: Foote
Role: Tim Actor: Costollo
Role: Jenkins Actor: Davis
Role: Sir Gregory Actor: Shuter.

Dance: I: A New Hornpipe-Miss Snow; End: A Comic Dance-Master Clinton, Miss Street


Mainpiece Title: The Summer's Tale

Performance Comment: Parts by: Beard, Shuter, Mattocks, Dyer, Morris, Dunstall, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Mattocks, Miss Brent, Costollo; Parts-Barrington, Baker, Squibb, Lewis, Buck, Murden, Mrs Lampe, Mrs Jones; Bellafont-Beard; Sir Anthony Withers-Shuter; Frederick-Mattocks; Henry-Dyer; Shifter-Dunstall; Ferdinand-Morris; Peter-Costollo; Maria-Miss Brent; Amelia-Mrs Mattocks; Olivia-Mrs Vincent (Edition of 1765).
Role: Parts Actor: Barrington, Baker, Squibb, Lewis, Buck, Murden, Mrs Lampe, Mrs Jones
Role: Bellafont Actor: Beard
Role: Sir Anthony Withers Actor: Shuter
Role: Frederick Actor: Mattocks
Role: Henry Actor: Dyer
Role: Shifter Actor: Dunstall
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Morris
Role: Peter Actor: Costollo
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Brent
Role: Amelia Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Vincent

Dance: I: The Garland, as17651003; II: A New Grand Ballet, call'd The Gallant Shepherds-Fichar, Sga Manesiere, Miss Wilford


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Performance Comment: As17461218; but Sir John-Paget; Humphrey-Costollo; Indiana-Miss Budgell.
Role: Sir John Actor: Paget
Role: Humphrey Actor: Costollo
Role: Indiana Actor: Miss Budgell.
Role: Bevil Jun Actor: Wignell
Role: Sealand Actor: Furnival
Role: Cimberton Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Tom Actor: Cushing
Role: Daniel Actor: Shuter
Role: Myrtle Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Mrs Sealand Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Wignell
Role: Phyllis Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Beckham


Mainpiece Title: The Funeral; Or, Grief A La Mode

Performance Comment: Camply-Cushing; Hardy-Goodfellow; Brumpton-Wignell; Trusty-Furnival; Trim-L. Hallam; Sable-Costollo; Cabinet-Lee; Kate Matchlock-W. Hallam; Mrs Farthingale-Shuter; Charlotte-Mrs Hallam; Harriet-Mrs Cushing; Lady Brumpton-Miss Budgell.
Role: Camply Actor: Cushing
Role: Hardy Actor: Goodfellow
Role: Brumpton Actor: Wignell
Role: Trusty Actor: Furnival
Role: Trim Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Sable Actor: Costollo
Role: Cabinet Actor: Lee
Role: Kate Matchlock Actor: W. Hallam
Role: Mrs Farthingale Actor: Shuter
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Lady Brumpton Actor: Miss Budgell.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: As17461124


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: As17470105, but Macbeth-Cushing; Duncan-Cross [Hogan, Shakespeare in the Theatre, p. 297]; 3rd Witch-W. Hallam; Lennox-Costollo; Seyward-_; Doctor-_; Lady-_.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Cushing
Role: Duncan Actor: Cross
Role: 3rd Witch Actor: W. Hallam
Role: Lennox Actor: Costollo
Role: Lenox Actor: Cushing
Role: Hecate Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Fleance Actor: Master Morgan
Role: Macduff Actor: Furnival
Role: Banquo Actor: Paget
Role: Witches Actor: Hallam Sen, Shuter, Banks
Role: Malcolm Actor: Lee
Role: Donalbain Actor: Mrs Moreau
Role: Seyward Actor: Hart
Role: Seyton Actor: Wignell
Role: Doctor Actor: Miles
Role: first Murderer Actor: Dove
Role: 2nd Murderer Actor: Baker
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Miss Budgell.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: 7470312 but Fribble Actor: Cushing.


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Performance Comment: Plume-Cushing; Ballance-Furnival; Worthy-Massey; Brazen-Singleton; Kite-L. Hallam; Bullock-Costollo; Melinda-Mrs Bambridge; Rose-Miss Smith; Lucy-Mrs Beckham; Sylvia-Mrs Hallam.
Role: Plume Actor: Cushing
Role: Ballance Actor: Furnival
Role: Worthy Actor: Massey
Role: Brazen Actor: Singleton
Role: Kite Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Bullock Actor: Costollo
Role: Melinda Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Rose Actor: Miss Smith
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Hallam.

Dance: I: Hornpipe-John Granier; II: Country Wake-Mr Miles, Mrs Miles; III: Dutch Dance-Jo. Granier, Miss Granier; IV: Farmer's Dance-Jo. Granier, Miss Granier; End: The Temple of Jupiter with the loves of Adonis and Venus-


Mainpiece Title: The Consequences Of Industry And Idleness

Performance Comment: Francis Goodchild the Prentice-Peterson; the Master-Pinner; Thomasthe Idle Prentice-Costollo; Owen Gallows-Lowder; Ben Board'em-Miller; Bransby Bustle-Taswell; Solomon Slender-Singleton; 'Squire Allnight-Casey; Scrawl-Brown; Taylor-Dogget; Jailor-Peters; Miss West-Miss Jones; Mrs Idle-Mrs Graham; Dorothy Slut-Miss Hippisley; Patrick MacMurder an Irish Haymaker-Yates.

Song: Signora Agnetta being the first Time of her Performing since her Arrival. An extraordinary Band of Musick


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: Careless-Furnival; Blunt-Pinner; Day-Malone; Obadiah-Costollo; Bookseller-Banks; Abel-Singleton; Story-Craven; Committeeman-Waters; Teague-L. Hallam; Arabella-Mrs Cushing; Mrs Day-Mrs Gilbert; Mrs Chat-Mrs King; Ruth-Mrs Hallam.
Role: Careless Actor: Furnival
Role: Blunt Actor: Pinner
Role: Day Actor: Malone
Role: Obadiah Actor: Costollo
Role: Bookseller Actor: Banks
Role: Abel Actor: Singleton
Role: Story Actor: Craven
Role: Committeeman Actor: Waters
Role: Teague Actor: L. Hallam
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Gilbert
Role: Mrs Chat Actor: Mrs King
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Hallam.

Afterpiece Title: Flora; or, Hob in the Well

Role: Friendly Actor: Rooker
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Agnetta
Role: Hob Actor: L. Hallam.


Mainpiece Title: The Knights

Performance Comment: Sir Gregory Gazette-Shuter; Tim-Costollo; Hartop-Foote (Daily Advertiser).
Role: Sir Gregory Gazette Actor: Shuter
Role: Tim Actor: Costollo
Role: Hartop Actor: Foote


Mainpiece Title: The Life And Death Of King John

Role: King John Actor: Redman
Role: Hubert Actor: Simpson
Role: Bastard Actor: Pinner
Role: Chatillion Actor: Walker
Role: Pembroke Actor: Johnson
Role: Pandulph Actor: White
Role: Prince Arthur Actor: Miss Yates
Role: Constance Actor: Mrs Cushing.

Afterpiece Title: The Adventures of Sir Lubberly Lackbrains and His Man Blunderbuss

Performance Comment: Sir Thomas Rash-Malone; Ramble-Singleton; Merry-Jenkins; Tom Rash-Beckham; Jeffery Holdfast-Middleton; Moll-Mrs Beckham; Blunderbuss-Costollo; Sir Luberrly-Cushing (from the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden); Christina-Mrs Peters; Pert-Mrs Simon.
Role: Sir Thomas Rash Actor: Malone
Role: Ramble Actor: Singleton
Role: Merry Actor: Jenkins
Role: Tom Rash Actor: Beckham
Role: Jeffery Holdfast Actor: Middleton
Role: Moll Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Blunderbuss Actor: Costollo
Role: Sir Luberrly Actor: Cushing
Role: Christina Actor: Mrs Peters
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Simon.


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: The Little French Lawyer

Performance Comment: [The Larpent MS 80 gives the cast plus the "lengths" for each part: 8 Clerimont-Palmer; 3 1!2 Durand-Blakes; 9 1!2 La Writ-Woodward; 2 1!2 Sampson-Winstone; 1!2 1st Gentleman-Shuter; 1!2 2nd Gentleman-King; 1!2 Old Gentleman-Taswell; 1 Servant-James; 1 1!2 Bully-Costollo; 1!2 2nd Bully-Usher; 1 1st Client-Simpson; 1 2nd Client-Marr; 2 1!2 Mrs La Writ-Mrs Bennet. A Length was 42 lines to be memorized.]
Role: 8 Clerimont Actor: Palmer
Role: 2 Durand Actor: Blakes
Role: 2 La Writ Actor: Woodward
Role: 2 Sampson Actor: Winstone
Role: 2 1st Gentleman Actor: Shuter
Role: 2 2nd Gentleman Actor: King
Role: 2 Old Gentleman Actor: Taswell
Role: 1 Servant Actor: James
Role: 2 Bully Actor: Costollo
Role: 2 2nd Bully Actor: Usher
Role: 1 1st Client Actor: Simpson
Role: 1 2nd Client Actor: Marr
Role: 2 Mrs La Writ Actor: Mrs Bennet. A Length was 42 lines to be memorized.


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Garrick; Aimwell-Havard; Sullen-Winstone; Scrub-Woodward; Gibbet-Neale; Boniface-Berry; Foigard-Costollo; Sir Charles-Blakes; Dorinda-Mrs Elmy; Cherry-Mrs Green; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Cross; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Archer Actor: Garrick
Role: Aimwell Actor: Havard
Role: Sullen Actor: Winstone
Role: Scrub Actor: Woodward
Role: Gibbet Actor: Neale
Role: Boniface Actor: Berry
Role: Foigard Actor: Costollo
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Blakes
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Drunken Colonel Actor: Woodward.

Dance: II: Comic Dance-Matthews, McNeil, Mrs Addison; Shawford, Pelling, Mrs Shawford, Mrs L'Font

Song: IV: Master Mattocks


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple; Or, A Trip To The Jubilee

Performance Comment: Sir Harry Wildair-Woodward for the first time; Standard-Havard; Beau Clincher-Yates; Clincher Jr-Shuter; Smuggler-Taswell; Tom Errand-Costollo; Lady Lurewell-Mrs Ward; Parley-Mrs Green; Angelica-Miss Cole; Lady Darling-Miss Pitt; Vizard-Blakes; Dicky-Ray; Constable-Winstone.
Role: Sir Harry Wildair Actor: Woodward for the first time
Role: Standard Actor: Havard
Role: Beau Clincher Actor: Yates
Role: Clincher Jr Actor: Shuter
Role: Smuggler Actor: Taswell
Role: Tom Errand Actor: Costollo
Role: Lady Lurewell Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Parley Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Lady Darling Actor: Miss Pitt
Role: Vizard Actor: Blakes
Role: Dicky Actor: Ray
Role: Constable Actor: Winstone.