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Event Comment: Betterton's Company. The date of the first production is not known, but the Prologue refers to "this Winter," suggesting a date before March 1700. A song, Ah Belinda I am pressed, in this play, appeared in Orpheus Britannica, 1698, the music by Henry Purcell, who had died some years before its appearance in this collection. A Comparison Between the Two Stages (1702), pp. 26-27, referring to the rivalry between lif and dl in reviving Shakespeare and Jonson: The Battel continued a long time doubtful, and Victory hovering over both Camps, Batterton Sollicts for some Auxiliaries from the same Author, and then he flanks his Enemy with Measure for Measure


Mainpiece Title: Measure For Measure; Or, Beauty The Best Advocate

Performance Comment: Edition of 1700: Prologue by Mr Oldmixon-Mr Betterton; Epilogue-; Shakespear's Ghost-Mr Verbruggen; Duke of Savoy-Arnold; Angelo-Betterton; Escalus-Berry; Claudio-Verbrugen; Lucio-Baile; Balthazar-Pack; Provost-Freeman; Isabella-Mrs Bracegirdle; Julietta-Mrs Bowman; Mariana-Mrs Prince.
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Related Work: Measure for Measure Author(s): William Shakespeare
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Event Comment: HHussey's Booth, George Inn Yard, Smithfield. A concert etc. 2s. 6d., 1s., 6d. Noon to 10 p.m. Note, the Booth is very large and Commodious [repeated in each bill. According to a note in the news of the Daily Advertiser, 25 Aug., the piece was performed and]: Shakespear followed justly. [Notice repeated 25, 26, 27 Aug.


Mainpiece Title: An Historical Piece Written By shakespear

Afterpiece Title: The Schemes of Harlequin; or, Mons Le Saxe's Disappointment

Song: Chorus in praise of the valiant hero the Duke of Cumberland-


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Afterpiece Title: Don Quixote in England

Dance: III: A Hornpipe-the Little Swiss

Song: I: Master Vernon

Entertainment: S+SpecialtyAfter: An Elogium-Mr Ross;wrote by Dryden, concluding with Milton's Epitaph to the Memory of Shakespear-Mr Ross. representing the shade of Shakespear as figured on his monument in Westminster Abbey. By Particular Desire.

Performance Comment: representing the shade of Shakespear as figured on his monument in Westminster Abbey. By Particular Desire..


Mainpiece Title: Troilus And Cressida; Or, Truth Found Too Late

Performance Comment: Edition of 1679: The Prologue-Mr Betterton Representing the Ghost of Shakespear; Hector-Smith; Troilus-Betterton; Priam-Percivall; Aeneas-Joseph Williams; Pandarus-Leigh; Calchas-Percivall; Agamemnon-Gillo; Ulysses-Harris; Achilles-David Williams; Ajax-Bright; Nestor-Norris; Diomedes-Crosby; Patroclus-Bowman; Anthenor-Richards; Thersites-Underhill; Cressida-Mrs Mary Lee; Andromache-Mrs Betterton; The Epilogue-Thersites.
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Related Work: Troilus and Cressida; or, Truth Found Too Late Author(s): William Shakespeare
Related Work: Troilus and Cressida Author(s): William Shakespeare


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar: With The Death Of Brutus And Cassius

Performance Comment: Caesar-Mills; Calphurnia-Mrs Butler; Brutus-Quin; Cassius-Milward; Anthony-Wright; Octavius Caesar-Havard; Caska-Winstone; Trebonius-Ridout; Artemidorous-Shepard; Portia-Mrs Roberts; Citizens-Johnson, Griffin, Macklin, Woodward, Yates, Reed.*a1739 10 10 dl Robin Goodfellow. Robin Goodfellow-Miss Cole; Oberon-Master Ferg; Titania-Miss Wright; Puck-Master Matthews; Cobweb-Master Burgess; Moth-Master Donavan; Mab-Miss Morrison; Mustardseed-Miss Ferg; Peas Blossom-Miss Saunders; Harlequin-Woodward; 1st Colombine-Mrs Walter; 2d Colombine-Mrs Chetwood; Peasants-Davenport, Carney, Rector; Women Peasants-Mrs Vallois, Miss Woodman, Mrs Davenport; Dr Tackem-Taswell; Maid-Mrs Woodward; Old Woman-Ray; Bridemen-Carney, Leigh, Gray; Bridemaids-Mrs Vallois, Mrs Chetwood, Miss Thynne; Father to Colombine-Pelling; Freehold-Yates; Slouch-Penkethman; with a new Grand Ballet-Muilment.*c1739 10 10 dl By particular Desire. Mainpiece: Written by Shakespear.
Event Comment: By Desire. Mainpiece: Written by Shakespear


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar

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Related Work: Julius Caesar Author(s): William Shakespeare

Afterpiece Title: The Harlot's Progress


Mainpiece Title: Lecture

Performance Comment: A New Dissertation on Various Theatrical Subjects-; in which will be Shakespear's Charge to Momus-; an Examen of the two Lears-; with the prefatory address to the Anti@Gallicans and the trading of the Nation-.


Mainpiece Title: George Barnwell; Or, The London Merchant

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor; or, Dumb Lady Cured

Afterpiece Title: Linco's Travels

Entertainment: Monologue.End: Comic Paraphrase on Shakespear's Seven Ages of Man-Farrel

Performance Comment: End: Comic Paraphrase on Shakespear's Seven Ages of Man-Farrel.
Event Comment: Benefit the Author of the Farce, and Miss Burgess. Mainpiece: As originally written by Shakespear. Supervised, Read over, Revised, and Unalter'd. [For a puff (signed by W. Shakespear), see Daily Advertiser, 4 March.


Mainpiece Title: The Life And Death Of King John

Performance Comment: Prince Arthur-Miss Burgess; With a New Prologue- in the Characters of Shakespear's Ghost, the Squire, Mr Student, and Mr Bays; concluding with an Address to the Ladies- of the Shakespear's Club.

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Milliners

Event Comment: At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Benefit Bridgwater. As Written by Shakespear. Receipts: money #23 17s.; seals #64 19s. (Account Book); #100 (Rylands MS.). [Bridgwater was charged #50 for his benefit.


Mainpiece Title: King John

Performance Comment: King John-Delane; Arthur-Mrs Vincent; Bastard Faulconbridge-Hale; Hubert-Bridgwater; Phillip, King of France-Ryan; Dauphin-Hallam; Pandulph-Roberts; Constance-Mrs Mullart; Blanche-Mrs Stevens; With a New Epilogue, in the Person of Shakespear (ushered in by Solemn Musick) on Occasion of the Monument erected by the Publick to his Memory.-Mr Theobald; With an exact Representation of the said Monument-.
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Related Work: King John Author(s): William Shakespeare

Dance: LLes Matelots-Mechel, Mlle Mechel; Comic Dance-Villeneuve, Mrs Delagarde; French Peasants-Mechel, Mlle Mechel


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

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Related Work: Othello Author(s): William Shakespeare

Song: As17191003*c1719 10 10 dl Written by Shakespear


Mainpiece Title: The Chances

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy; or, The Comical Rivals

Music: Concerto on Little Flute-Baston

Song: A Song on the Death of a Stag , Words by Shakespear, Musick by Henry Carey-Ray; accompany'd with French Horns-

Dance: Foresters-Shaw, Thurmond, Topham, Boval, Topham Jr; Passacaile-Shaw, Mrs Younger; Scotch Dance-Mrs Bullock; Comick Dance-Miss Tenoe


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Musical Lady