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Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Yates. Farce in 2 acts written by Murphy for Mrs Yates (Genest, V, 67)


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: As17641023, but Monimia-Mrs Yates; Acasto-Bransby; Florella-Mrs Hippisley.
Role: Monimia Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Acasto Actor: Bransby
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Hippisley.
Role: Castalio Actor: Powell
Role: Chamont Actor: Holland
Role: Polydore Actor: Jackson
Role: Chaplain Actor: Love
Role: Ernesto Actor: Parsons
Role: Page Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Serina Actor: Miss Plym

Afterpiece Title: The Choice

Performance Comment: Parts-Yates, Packer, Havard, Mrs Lee, Mrs Yates, with Epilogue Sir Wm Loveworth-Yates; Young Loveworth-Havard; Woodvil-Packer; Clarissa-Mrs Yates; Mrs Woodvil-Mrs Lee; Watchit-Mrs Bradshaw; Epilogue-Mrs Yates (Genest, V, 67).

Dance: I: The Medley, as17641120; End: The Irish Lilt, as17641011

Event Comment: Mainpiece: A New Comedy [by Richard Cumberland] never performed. [Genest, V, 282, reports that Garrick was in the House this night and was agreeably surprised at the complimentary reference to him in the Epilogue: Who but has seen the celebrated strife Where Reynolds calls the Canvass into life: And, 'twixt the Tragic, and the Comic Muse, Courted of both, and dubious where to chuse, Th'immortal Actor stands?' A long retelling of the plot appeared in the Freeholder's Magazine for Dec., concluding: This comedy was received with great applause by the Audience. It is said to be written by Mr Cumberland, who has already oblig'd the Public with a musical piece, called the Summer's Tale. The Performers, particularly Mr Smith, Mr Woodward, Mr Yates, Mrs Green, Mrs Bulkley, and Mrs Yates, did great justice to their characters. The Prologue was spoken by Mr Smith, and the Epilogue, which alluded to the celebrated picture of Sir Joshua Reynolds, where Comedy and Tragedy are contending for Mr Garrick, by Mrs Yates." Receipts: #215 18s


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Performance Comment: Parts by Woodward, Smith, Yates, Clarke, Dyer, Bensley, Hull, Dunstall, Perry, Quick, Fox, Wignell, Bates, Holtom, Mrs Bulkley, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Green, Miss Ward, Miss Valois, Mrs Yates. With Prologue and Epilogue. Captain Ironsides-Woodward; Belfield Jun-Smith; Sir Benjamin Dove-Yates; Belfield Sen-Clarke; Paterson-Dyer; Philip-Bensley; Old Goodwin-Hull; Jonathan-Dunstall; Francis-Perry; Skiff-Quick; Lady Dove-Mrs Green; Violetta-Mrs Bulkley; Lucy Waters-Mrs Mattocks; Fanny Goodwin-Miss Ward; Kitty-Miss Valois; Sophia-Mrs Yates (playbill matched with Edition of 1770); Playbill also lists Fox, Wignell, Bates, Holtom (presumably as sailors.); With Prologue-Smith; Epilogue-Mrs Yates (playbill and 1770 Edn.). See Bill for 25 Jan. 1770.
Role: Captain Ironsides Actor: Woodward
Role: Belfield Jun Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Benjamin Dove Actor: Yates
Role: Belfield Sen Actor: Clarke
Role: Paterson Actor: Dyer
Role: Philip Actor: Bensley
Role: Old Goodwin Actor: Hull
Role: Jonathan Actor: Dunstall
Role: Francis Actor: Perry
Role: Skiff Actor: Quick
Role: Lady Dove Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Violetta Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Lucy Waters Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Fanny Goodwin Actor: Miss Ward
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Sophia Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: With Prologue Actor: Smith
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates

Afterpiece Title: The Contrivances

Role: Rovewell Actor: Mattocks
Role: Argus Actor: Cushing
Role: Robin Actor: Dunstall
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Arethusa Actor: Mrs Baker.
Event Comment: TTurbutt (from the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane) and Yates (from the Theatre in Goodman's-Fields). At Turbutt's and Yate's Great Theatrical Booth, Opposite the King's Head and Greyhound Inn, West Smithfield. [The Fair runs from 22 through 26 Aug.


Mainpiece Title: Thamas Kouli Kan, The Persian Hero; Or, The Distress'd Princess: With The Descent Of Harlequin From The Sun, And His Adventures On Earth

Performance Comment: Kouli Kan-Crofts; Albufazar-Marten; Firebrass-Harrington; Fribble-Julian; Vizier Mirza-Marr; Solyman-Taylor; Sydrophal-Master Nanfan; Zaida-Miss Bennet; Karanza-Mrs Dunstall; Harlequin-Yates; Jocula-Turbutt; Corporal Bounce-Dunstall; Mons Gasconnade-Blakes; Forge-Vaughan; Bog-Adams; Taffy-Lowder; Chant-Mackenzie; Snip-Arthur; Mrs Snip-Mrs Yates; A Drunken Epilogue in the Character of an English Sailor-Yates.
Role: Kouli Kan Actor: Crofts
Role: Albufazar Actor: Marten
Role: Firebrass Actor: Harrington
Role: Fribble Actor: Julian
Role: Vizier Mirza Actor: Marr
Role: Solyman Actor: Taylor
Role: Sydrophal Actor: Master Nanfan
Role: Zaida Actor: Miss Bennet
Role: Karanza Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Harlequin Actor: Yates
Role: Jocula Actor: Turbutt
Role: Corporal Bounce Actor: Dunstall
Role: Mons Gasconnade Actor: Blakes
Role: Forge Actor: Vaughan
Role: Bog Actor: Adams
Role: Taffy Actor: Lowder
Role: Chant Actor: Mackenzie
Role: Snip Actor: Arthur
Role: Mrs Snip Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: A Drunken Epilogue in the Character of an Engli Actor: Yates.

Entertainment: Singing, Dancing-Chettle, Mrs Dunstall; And the surprizing Performances of the famous little Prussian Posture Boy, lately arrived from Berlin

Event Comment: IImogen for the first time by Mrs Yates. This Farce was the Comedy of Gilblas. Cut into Two Acts (Hopkins). Benefit for Mr Yates. No building on Stage. Receipts: #217 (MacMillan); charges: #64 4s. [Profit: #152 16s.


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: As17631201, but Imogen-Mrs Yates (first time, and for this night only); Masque-Tassoni, _Grimaldi.
Role: Imogen Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Masque Actor: Tassoni, _Grimaldi.
Role: Posthumus Actor: Powell, first time
Role: Guiderius Actor: Jackson
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Love
Role: Iachimo Actor: Holland
Role: Cloten Actor: King
Role: Arviragus Actor: Palmer
Role: Philario Actor: Parsons
Role: Bellarius Actor: Havard
Role: Pissanio Actor: Packer
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: introduc'd a Masque Actor: Grimaldi, Aldridge, Lauchery, Miss Baker
Role: singing Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: The Counterfeits

Performance Comment: Parts-Yates, Palmer, Packer, Ackman, Baddeley, Miss Plym, Mrs Lee, Mrs Bennet, Mrs Bradshaw. Taken from Gil Blas, not printed, characters were perhaps Gil Blas-Yates; Don Lewis-Palmer; Melchoir-Baddeley; Aurora-Miss Plym; Laura-Mrs Lee; Bernarda-Mrs Bradshaw; Isabella-Mrs Bennet (Genest, V, 46); Parts-Packer, Ackman.

Dance: III: The Provancalle, as17631014; End I Farce: The Irish Lilt, as17630922

Event Comment: MMr Powell played very well (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). Ld Chalkstone for 1st time by Mr Yates (very bad) (Hopkins). Benefit for Mrs Yates. Receipts: #259 8s. 6d. (MacMillan); charges: #65 9s. [Profit to Mrs Yates: #193 19s.


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan Of China

Performance Comment: Zamti-Holland; Etan-Powell; Hamet-Jackson; Timurkan-Havard; Mirvan-Love; Octar-Bransby; Morat-Burton; Zimventi-Fox; Orasmin-Ackman; Mandane-Mrs Yates; Original Epilogue-Mrs Yates.
Role: Zamti Actor: Holland
Role: Etan Actor: Powell
Role: Hamet Actor: Jackson
Role: Timurkan Actor: Havard
Role: Mirvan Actor: Love
Role: Octar Actor: Bransby
Role: Morat Actor: Burton
Role: Zimventi Actor: Fox
Role: Orasmin Actor: Ackman
Role: Mandane Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Original Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Performance Comment: Lord Chalkstone-Yates, first time; Fine Gentleman-Obrien; Fine Lady (With Song in Character)-Mrs Clive; Old Man-Parsons; Frenchman-King; Mercury-Vernon; Drunken Man-Yates.
Role: Lord Chalkstone Actor: Yates, first time
Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: Obrien
Role: Fine Lady Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Old Man Actor: Parsons
Role: Frenchman Actor: King
Role: Mercury Actor: Vernon
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Yates.

Dance: End: The Faggot Binders, as17640224

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Yates. Parts of Pit laid into Boxes. Afterpiece: By Particular Desire


Mainpiece Title: Heroic Love; Or, The Cruel Separation

Performance Comment: Principal characters-Powell, Holland, Bensley, Love, Havard, Mrs Yates, Mrs Hopkins, Bransby, Burton, Strange.

Afterpiece Title: The Choice

Performance Comment: Parts-Love, Havard, Packer, Mrs Love, Mrs Yates; Epilogue-; Sir Wm. Loveworth?-Yates; Young Loveworth?-Havard; Woodvil?-Packer; Clarissa?-Mrs Yates; Mrs Woodvil?-Mrs Love; Epilogue-Mrs Yates. See17650323.
Role: Parts Actor: Love, Havard, Packer, Mrs Love, Mrs Yates
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Loveworth? Actor: Yates
Role: Young Loveworth? Actor: Havard
Role: Woodvil? Actor: Packer
Role: Clarissa? Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Woodvil? Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates. See17650323.
Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Part of Pit laid into Boxes (playbill). Charges #64 5s. Profit to Yates #82 3s. 6d., plus #102 11s. from tickets: (Box 367; Pit 72). Paid half year's Poor's rate for the theatre due Ladyday last #20 8s. 4d.; and for House in Bow Passage 14s. 7d. (Account Book). Receipts: #146 8s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Isabella; Or, The Fatal Marriage

Performance Comment: Biron-Smith; Villeroy-Bensley; Carlos-Gardner; Baldwin-Clarke; Belford-Perry; Sampson-Dunstall; Child-Miss Doe; Nurse-Mrs Pitt; Isabella-Mrs Yates, 1st time; With the Epithalamium-Mattocks, Mrs Baker.
Role: Biron Actor: Smith
Role: Villeroy Actor: Bensley
Role: Carlos Actor: Gardner
Role: Baldwin Actor: Clarke
Role: Belford Actor: Perry
Role: Sampson Actor: Dunstall
Role: Child Actor: Miss Doe
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Yates, 1st time
Role: With the Epithalamium Actor: Mattocks, Mrs Baker.

Afterpiece Title: The Choice; or Merit before Mnney

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Yates, Mattocks, Wroughton, Mrs Mattocks, Mrs Yates.

Dance: End: The Lilt, as17720326

Event Comment: Alexander the Great? [announced on playbill of 4 Nov.] is obliged to be deferred. [The playbill lists Mrs Yates as Lady Townly, but see following note. Miss Younge's name appears in all subsequent playbills, except on 19 Dec.] Alexander was advertised for this Night, but Lacy being hoarse, who was to have played Alexander, it was obliged to be deferred, and this Play substituted. It was between eleven and twelve o'clock at (Night) before we got it settled. Mr. Sheridan ordered me not to send to Mrs. Yates about (it) till the Morning. About eight o'clock I sent her Notice that the Provoked Husband was to be performed at Night. A little after nine, she sent Word by her Niece that she was never so ill treated in her life, that she was never before asked to play on the fifth of November [which day was traditionally set aside for the acting of Tamerlane], that she would not play Lady Townly that Night, nor would she play any more; and if she had an Inclination to play, she had no Cloaths ready to play it in; and sent back the Part of Semiramis in a new Tragedy that was preparing [see 16 Nov., 14 Dec.]. I got Miss Younge to do Lady Townly, and an Apology was made by Packer that Mrs Yates having refused this Morning to do Lady Townly, Miss Younge at a Minutes' Notice undertook to do it. Miss Younge was much applauded and Yates had a few hisses (Hopkins Diary). Receipts: #179 11s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Smith; Sir Francis Wronghead-Yates; Manly-Packer; John Moody-Moody; Squire Richard-Burton; Count Basset-Dodd; Lady Grace-Miss Sherry; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Hopkins; Miss Jenny-Mrs Davies; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cross; Trusty-Mrs Johnston; Myrtilla-Miss Platt; Lady Townly-Miss Younge.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Francis Wronghead Actor: Yates
Role: Manly Actor: Packer
Role: John Moody Actor: Moody
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Burton
Role: Count Basset Actor: Dodd
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Miss Younge.
Event Comment: Benefit Yates. The Stage will be form'd into an Amphitheatre, where Servants will be allow'd to keep Places. Tickets 4s., 2s. 6d., 1s. 6d. Mr Yates humbly hopes those Ladies, who are not yet provided with Tickets, will to prevent Mistakes, be pleas'd to send their Servants for them to the Theatre, where Attendance will be given; and also to send their Servants to keep their Places by Four o'Clock


Mainpiece Title: The Inconstant

Performance Comment: Duretete-Garrick; Y Mirabel-Giffard; Bisarre-Mrs Giffard; Oriana-Mrs Yates; Old Mirabel-Yates.
Role: Duretete Actor: Garrick
Role: Y Mirabel Actor: Giffard
Role: Bisarre Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Oriana Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Old Mirabel Actor: Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Dance: David and Winifred apShenkin

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Performance Comment: Leontes-Powell, 1st time; Polixenes-Havard; Florizel-Holland; Camillo-Lee; Autolicus-Yates; Clown-King; Hermione-Mrs Pritchard; Perdita-Mrs Yates , 1st time; Old Shepherd-Burton; Paulina-Mrs Bennet; Original Prologue-Yates; the Vocal Parts-Vernon, Mrs Vincent, Miss Young; In Act II, a Dance incident to the piece,-Giorgi, Berardi, Miss Wilkinson.
Role: Leontes Actor: Powell, 1st time
Role: Polixenes Actor: Havard
Role: Florizel Actor: Holland
Role: Camillo Actor: Lee
Role: Autolicus Actor: Yates
Role: Clown Actor: King
Role: Hermione Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Perdita Actor: Mrs Yates , 1st time
Role: Old Shepherd Actor: Burton
Role: Paulina Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Original Prologue Actor: Yates
Role: the Vocal Parts Actor: Vernon, Mrs Vincent, Miss Young
Role: a Dance incident to the piece, Actor: Giorgi, Berardi, Miss Wilkinson.

Afterpiece Title: The Choice

Dance: End: The Medley, as17641120

Event Comment: At 5 went into the Pit at Covent Garden to see Mrs Yates do Lady Townly. Yates is an excellent Sir Francis, but Powell does not shine in Lord Townly....The Entertainment was the new comedy in two acts called the Oxonian in Town, with a prologue by Woodward in the character of a student....It being suspected that a number of sharpers whose characters and practices are laid open in this piece, would attempt to damn it tonight (the 3rd of its being Performed) under pretence of its casting odium on the Irish, bills were dispersed in the House during the play vindicating it from any such intention. Woodward was allowed to speak the prologue, but as soon as the curtain drew up catcalls began. When the performers retired, Powell spoke several times, but was not heard. I was told that the author (Mr Colman) desires to know whom he has offended. The Pros were a very great majority, and at last after a contest of better than 1!2 an hour, the victory was over and the piece was performed. I think it contains many good sentiments, and excellent instruction to young men and is not unworthy of Mr Colman. If vice must not be exposed to hatred and contempt, the usefulness of our theatres is at an end. Only I think the Covent Garden pleasures are represented in too favourable a light. When all was over Powell came on the stage and thanked the audience for their generous protection (Neville MS Diary). Receipts: #212 12s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Powell; Manly-Clarke; Richard-Dibdin; Moody-Dunstall; Basset-Dyer; Sir Francis-Yates; Poundage-Bates; Servant-Holtom; Constable-Wignell; James-R. Smith; Lady Grace-Mrs Dyer; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Pitt; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Ferguson; Myrtilla-Miss Pearce; Trusty-Miss Mills; Miss Jenny-Mrs Mattocks, 1st time; Lady Townly-Mrs Yates.
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Powell
Role: Manly Actor: Clarke
Role: Richard Actor: Dibdin
Role: Moody Actor: Dunstall
Role: Basset Actor: Dyer
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Yates
Role: Poundage Actor: Bates
Role: Servant Actor: Holtom
Role: Constable Actor: Wignell
Role: James Actor: R. Smith
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Miss Pearce
Role: Trusty Actor: Miss Mills
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Mattocks, 1st time
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Oxonian in Town

Dance: II: New Comic Dance, as17671106; End: The Merry Sailors, as17671009

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Part of Pit laid into Boxes. Last time of performing till Easter Holidays. Afterpiece: Never Performed There (playbill). Charges #64 5s. Balance to Mrs Yates #90 7s. 6d. plus #112 15s. in tickets (Box 406; Pit 75). Paid John Doe for sticking Black Bills #4 10s. (Account Book). Receipts: #154 12s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Role: Hastings Actor: Powell,1st time
Role: Shore Actor: Bensley,1st time
Role: Catesby Actor: Perry
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Davis
Role: Gloster Actor: Clarke
Role: Belmour Actor: Gibson
Role: Derby Actor: R. Smith
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Yates, 1st time on that stage.

Afterpiece Title: Edgar and Emmeline

Performance Comment: Edgar-A Gentleman; Florimond-Yates; Elfina-Miss Ford; Grotilla-Miss Besford; Emmeline-Mrs Yates; With Dances-incident to the piece.
Role: Edgar Actor: A Gentleman
Role: Florimond Actor: Yates
Role: Elfina Actor: Miss Ford
Role: Grotilla Actor: Miss Besford
Role: Emmeline Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: With Dances Actor: incident to the piece.

Dance: End: The Irish Lilt, as17670921

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Tragedy written by R. Glover. Part of Pit will be laid into Boxes. Send servants by 4 o'clock. Charges #64 19s. Balance to Yates #52 19s. plus #151 3s. from tickets (Box 589; Pit 26) (Account Book). Neville MS Diary: Having places in the Pit at Covent Garden went to see Mrs Yates do Medea in which she is inimitably great. My strong desire to see her in this character was one reason of continuing to town so long. Read her part before the play began. Her husband is truly comic in Tim in the Knights. Receipts; #117 18s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Medea

Performance Comment: Parts by: Smith, Wroughton, Bensley, Clarke, Perry, Gardner, Mrs Ward, Mrs Yates. In Act III, the Song of Azure God-Mrs Baker; Epilogue-Mrs Yates; Jason-Smith; Creon-Wroughton; Medea-Mrs Yates; Theano-Mrs Ward; Aeson-Bensley; 1st Colchian-Clarke; Lycander-Perry; Hecate-Gardner (Genest, V, 246).
Role: the Song of Azure God Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Jason Actor: Smith
Role: Creon Actor: Wroughton
Role: Medea Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Theano Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Aeson Actor: Bensley
Role: 1st Colchian Actor: Clarke
Role: Lycander Actor: Perry
Role: Hecate Actor: Gardner

Afterpiece Title: The Knights

Performance Comment: Hartop-Shuter; Jenkins-Davis; Sir Gregory-Lewis; Robin-Holtom; Jenny-Mrs Gardner; Tim-Yates.
Role: Hartop Actor: Shuter
Role: Jenkins Actor: Davis
Role: Sir Gregory Actor: Lewis
Role: Robin Actor: Holtom
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Gardner
Role: Tim Actor: Yates.

Dance: End: The Tartars, as17681004

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Yates. Pit and Boxes laid together where servants will be allowed to keep places. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who have taken places in the Pit, are humbly desired to come as early as posible, for their own conveniency, and to prevent trouble in getting to their seats. Charges #66 5s. Balance to Mrs Yates #39 18s., plus income from 713 Box & Pit seats (laid together for price purposes) #178 5s. Paid Miss Atkinson and Miss Pope for walking 12 nights in Man & Wife; 26 Nights in Harlequin's Jubilee; 12 Nights in Timanthes #6 5s. each. Paid Mrs Warwell for walking 12 nights in Man & Wife #1 10s.; Paid Miss Lawrence and Mrs Bates 5s. each for walking 2 nights in Harlequin's Jubilee (Account Book). Receipts: #106 3s


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Warwick

Performance Comment: Warwick-Smith; King Edward-Bensley; Pembroke-Perry; Suffolk-Gardner; Buckingham-Wignell; Lady Elizabeth Grey-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Clifford-Miss Pearce; Margaret of Anjou-Mrs Yates.
Role: Warwick Actor: Smith
Role: King Edward Actor: Bensley
Role: Pembroke Actor: Perry
Role: Suffolk Actor: Gardner
Role: Buckingham Actor: Wignell
Role: Lady Elizabeth Grey Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Lady Clifford Actor: Miss Pearce
Role: Margaret of Anjou Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: Edgar and Emmeline

Performance Comment: Edgar-Lewes, first time; Florimond-Yates; Elfina-Miss Besford; Grotilla-Miss Cockayne; Emmeline-Mrs Yates (playbill).
Role: Edgar Actor: Lewes, first time
Role: Florimond Actor: Yates
Role: Elfina Actor: Miss Besford
Role: Grotilla Actor: Miss Cockayne
Role: Emmeline Actor: Mrs Yates

Dance: End: The Tartars, as17691207

Entertainment: End: By Particular Desire, The Epilogue[Spoken Last Year;-Mrs Yates [as17690313, the New Epilogue for Mrs Yates's Benefit, after Orestes]

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Part of Pit will be laid into the Boxes. Charges #64 18s. Balance to Yates #46 12s., plus #96 3s. from tickets (Box 351; Pit 56) (Account Book). Receipts: #111 2s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Merchant Of Venice

Performance Comment: Shylock-Yates; Antonio-Clarke; Bassanio-Bensley; Duke-Morris; Gratiano-Dyer; Lorenzo (with songs)-Mattocks; Launcelot-Shuter; Jessica (with a song)-Mrs Baker; Nerissa-Mrs Vincent; Portia (that Night only)-Mrs Yates, first time.
Role: Shylock Actor: Yates
Role: Antonio Actor: Clarke
Role: Bassanio Actor: Bensley
Role: Duke Actor: Morris
Role: Gratiano Actor: Dyer
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Mattocks
Role: Launcelot Actor: Shuter
Role: Jessica Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Nerissa Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Yates, first time.

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Role: Termagant Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Valois.
Role: Razor Actor: Woodward
Role: Pamphlet Actor: Shuter
Role: Quidnunc Actor: Dunstall

Dance: IV: The Whim, as17691123

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Receipts: #148 11s. Charges: #67 3s. Profits to Mrs Yates: #81 8s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Way To Keep Him

Performance Comment: Lovemore-Smith; Sir Bashful Constant-Yates; Sir Brilliant Fashion-Dodd; William-Baddeley; Sideboard-Burton; Migionette-Mrs Bradshaw; Mrs Lovemore-Mrs Yates; Muslin-Mrs Hopkins; Lady Constant-Mrs Greville; Widow Bellmour (with a song)-Mrs Abington.
Role: Lovemore Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Bashful Constant Actor: Yates
Role: Sir Brilliant Fashion Actor: Dodd
Role: William Actor: Baddeley
Role: Sideboard Actor: Burton
Role: Migionette Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Lovemore Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Muslin Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Lady Constant Actor: Mrs Greville
Role: Widow Bellmour Actor: Mrs Abington.

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Candidates

Role: Gardners Actor: _Garland, Kear.
Role: Spy Actor: Baddeley
Role: Mercury Actor: Vernon
Role: Harlequin Actor: Dodd
Role: Tragedy Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Comedy Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Role: King Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Miller Actor: Moody.
Role: Byron Actor: Vernon
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Dodd
Role: Worry Actor: Parsons
Role: First Gardner Actor: Bannister
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Narcissa Actor: Mrs Smith, first time.

Dance: End: The Grand Garland Dance, as17760311

Event Comment: Benefit Mr and Mrs Yates


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Performance Comment: Miser-Yates, to be attempted after the manner of the late Mr Griffin; Frederick-W. Giffard; Clerimont-Blakes; Ramilie-Peterson; James-Dunstall; List-Marr; Upholsterer-Vaughan; Lawyer-Crofts; Harriet-Miss Hippisley; Lappet-Mrs Yates; Mrs Wisely-Mr Giffard.
Role: Miser Actor: Yates, to be attempted after the manner of the late Mr Griffin
Role: Frederick Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Clerimont Actor: Blakes
Role: Ramilie Actor: Peterson
Role: James Actor: Dunstall
Role: List Actor: Marr
Role: Upholsterer Actor: Vaughan
Role: Lawyer Actor: Crofts
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Lappet Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Wisely Actor: Mr Giffard.

Afterpiece Title: The Contrivances

Song: Miss Medina, Mrs Jones

Dance: HHornpipe-Yates

Event Comment: At the Great Theatrical Booth, Bowling Green. By Permission. Benefit Laguerre and Boaman. By a Company from the Theatres-Royal, for their Diversion, a, etc. Boxes 3s. 6d. First Gallery 1s. 6d. Upper Gallery 1s. 6 p.m. Daily Advertiser lists Miss Hippisley for Miss Prue in mainpiece and for Kitty in afterpiece, and Mrs Yates for Melissa. In the London Daily Post and General Advertiser bill Mrs Dunstall doubles two roles


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Sir Sampson-Marten; Valentine-Gibson; Scandal-Ridout; Tattle-Woodward; Ben-Yates, with hornpipe; Foresight-Arthur; Jereny-Vaughan; Trapland-Laguerre; Buckram-Bencraft; Angelica-Mrs Mullart; Mrs Foresight-Mrs Dunstall; Mrs Frail-Mrs Yates; Miss Prue-Miss Bradshaw.
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Marten
Role: Valentine Actor: Gibson
Role: Scandal Actor: Ridout
Role: Tattle Actor: Woodward
Role: Ben Actor: Yates, with hornpipe
Role: Foresight Actor: Arthur
Role: Jereny Actor: Vaughan
Role: Trapland Actor: Laguerre
Role: Buckram Actor: Bencraft
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Miss Prue Actor: Miss Bradshaw.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Performance Comment: Sharp-Yates; Kitty-Mrs Yates; Gayless-Blakes; Melissa-Mrs Dunstall; Justice-Dunstall; Trippet-Peterson; Dick-Vaughan; Mrs Gadabout-Mrs Dunstall; Mrs Trippet-Miss Davis; Priscilla-Miss Jones.
Role: Sharp Actor: Yates
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Gayless Actor: Blakes
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Justice Actor: Dunstall
Role: Trippet Actor: Peterson
Role: Dick Actor: Vaughan
Role: Mrs Gadabout Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Mrs Trippet Actor: Miss Davis
Role: Priscilla Actor: Miss Jones.
Event Comment: [W$William Hint, in a Letter on Managers (Daily Gazetteer, 26 Oct., suggests the managers blundered by casting Yates as Gomez. He felt Yates unsuited to the role.


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar; Or, The Double Discovery

Performance Comment: Dominic-Bridges; Gomez-Yates; Torrismond-Delane; Lorenzo-Giffard; Bertran-Havard; Queen-Mrs Giffard; Elvira-Mrs Woffington; Raymond-Winstone; Alphonso-Turbutt; Pedro-Blakes; Teresa-Mrs Bennet.
Role: Dominic Actor: Bridges
Role: Gomez Actor: Yates
Role: Torrismond Actor: Delane
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Giffard
Role: Bertran Actor: Havard
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Raymond Actor: Winstone
Role: Alphonso Actor: Turbutt
Role: Pedro Actor: Blakes
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: M le Medicin Actor: Blakes
Role: Crispin Actor: Yates
Role: Old Gerald Actor: Collins
Role: Young Gerald Actor: Green
Role: Simon Actor: Turbutt
Role: Martin Actor: Leigh
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Wife Actor: Mrs Bridges
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Cole.

Dance: IV: Grand Sailor's Dance, as17441011

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Stage form'd into Front and Side Boxes. Tickets to be had of Yates next door to Mr Walsh's in Catherine St., Strand. Last time of acting the mainpiece this season. Jack Laguerre dy'd (Cross). Receipts #160 (Cross); house charges, #60 (Powel); cash, #72 19s.; tickets, #66 19s. (Clay MS)


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: As17480125, but Scrub-Yates.
Role: Scrub Actor: Yates.
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Macklin.
Role: Archer Actor: Garrick
Role: Aimwell Actor: Delane
Role: Sullen Actor: Winstone
Role: Gibbet Actor: Neale
Role: Bonniface Actor: Berry
Role: Foigard Actor: Barrington
Role: Sir Charles Freeman Actor: Blakes
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: to conclude with a Country Dance Actor: the characters.

Afterpiece Title: A Will and No Will

Song: II: Mrs Mozeen

Dance: III: Savoyards, as17471215; IV: Dance-Cooke, Janeton Auretti

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Afterpiece: By Desire. Tickets and places to be had of Yates next Door to Mr Walsh's Music Shop in Catherine St. in the Strand. Receipts: #230 (Cross); house charges, #60 (Powel)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Role: Gloster Actor: Bridges
Role: Hastings Actor: Garrick
Role: Bellmour Actor: Lee
Role: Catesby Actor: Winstone
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Blakes
Role: Gentleman Actor: Usher
Role: Lady Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Shore Actor: Barry
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Cibber.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Performance Comment: As17481021, but Fribble-Yates; Puff-James; Capt. Loveit-Havard.
Role: Fribble Actor: Yates
Role: Puff Actor: James
Role: Loveit Actor: Havard.
Role: Flash Actor: Woodward
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Mrs Green.
Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Tickets of Yates next door to Mr Walsh's Music Shop, Catherine St., Strand and at stage door. Rec'd Cash #51 8s. 6d., plus #79 16s. from tickets. Total #131 4s. 6d. Paid Leviez by order Lacy #6 6s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #140 (Cross); charges, #60 (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Foundling

Performance Comment: Young Belmont-Garrick; Sir Charles Raymond-Barry; Faddle-Woodward; Col. Raymond-Havard; Sir Roger Belmont-Yates; Villiard-Winstone; Fidelia-Mrs Ward; Rosetta-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Young Belmont Actor: Garrick
Role: Sir Charles Raymond Actor: Barry
Role: Faddle Actor: Woodward
Role: Raymond Actor: Havard
Role: Sir Roger Belmont Actor: Yates
Role: Villiard Actor: Winstone
Role: Fidelia Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Rosetta Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Puff Actor: James
Role: Fribble Actor: Yates
Role: Loveit Actor: Palmer
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Cole.
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs James
Role: Flash Actor: Woodward
Role: Capt Loveit Actor: Havard
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Green.

Dance: CComic Dance, as17500221; L'Entree de Flore-Mlle Auretti

Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. Tickets and places to be had of Yates, next door to Mr Walsh's Music Shop, in Catherine St. in the Strand, and of Hobson at the Stage Door. Tickets deliver'd for the 25th of March will be taken. Receipts: #200 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Performance Comment: As17501016, but Frankly-Palmer; Strictland-Yates.
Role: Frankly Actor: Palmer
Role: Strictland Actor: Yates.
Role: Ranger Actor: Garrick
Role: Bellamy Actor: Blakes
Role: Meggot Actor: Woodward
Role: Tester Actor: Vaughan
Role: Buckle Actor: Mozeen
Role: Valet Actor: Shuter
Role: Simon Actor: Marr
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Jacintha Actor: Mrs Willoughby
Role: Milliner Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Mrs Strictland Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: To conclude witha Country Dance Actor: the characters of the play

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Role: Old Man Actor: Shuter.
Role: Aesop Actor: Bridges.
Role: Mercury Actor: Wilder
Role: Charon Actor: Layfield
Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: Woodward
Role: Frenchman Actor: Blakes
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Yates
Role: Tattoo Actor: Marr
Role: Mrs Tattoo Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Fine Lady Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: Devisse, Mad Auretti, Mathews, the Little Swiss

Event Comment: HHarlequin Ranger oblig'd to be deferr'd. A new Dramatic Entertainment call'd Taste written by Mr Foote. The House was full as soon as open--before the first Music, several Speeches were made in ye Pit, moving the Farce might be acted before the Play, wch was insisted on by some, & oppos'd by others Cross, Cross, Prompter &c. was often call'd--The Curtain went up, & ye Clamour encreas'd, ye farce &c. Mr Mossop (who did Zanga ) came off--I went on, & spoke--Gentlemen, I perceive the farce has been desir'd before ye Play, wch cannot be comply'd with, for ye performers in ye Farce, having nothing to do in the Play, are not come--a great applause follow'd--Mr Mossop went on again--but ye noise renew'd, & he retir'd again, & wanted to undress wch I prevented; Mr Lacy (Manager) then went on, # spoke to ye same effect I had done--The play was then call'd for, & it went on with Applause--Tho' I believe Audience wish'd it over--The play done--Mr Garrick spoke ye Prologue in the Character of an Auctioneer , with surprising Applause--when he had done, he made this Apology--Gents--a performer being taken ill, the Author, Mr Foote, is here & will if you please, perform his part, this he spoke in a Hesitating manner, & was greatly applauded--the first Act went off well, & Mr Worsdale, a painter (to whom Mr Foote had given the profits of the farce) play'd a Woman's part, & was greatly received--When Mr Foote came on--he made this Speech--Gent: I have left the Stage some time, nor have I any hopes of Profit from this Piece, but as a performer is taken ill, I had rather appear my self, than have so many people, whom Curiosity has drawn together, b disappointed--Great Applause--In ye Second Act, the people grew Dull, & towards ye End, hiss'd greatly, wch I believe wou'd not have been, had not Mr Foote, bid Blakes pull off his Wig at ye Discovery of Mr Puff --vide Farce--it ended with ye usual Noise, when given out, of No more--Encore &c. &c. Sunday we had great debates about it, & at last it ended it shou'd be play'd no more 'till Mr Worsdale's benefit & an advertisement was put in the paper to signifie that as ye Farce was not so well receiv'd as was expected, the Author had withdrawn it to Alter &c. &c. we put up--We were told on Monday it wou'd be call'd for by the Audience; but no such thing happen'd. The fact concerning the performer's being taken ill is this--At ye practise, the Night before, Mr Foote seem'd dissatisfied with Mr Yates in the part of Puff, so got Mr Garrick next Day, to prevail with Mr Yates to let 'em say he was sick, that Mr Foote might have occasion to do the part (Cross). Mr Goodfellow begs leave to acquaint his friends that through the Indisposition of two of his principal performers, he is compelled to postpone his Benefit to a farther Day; Timely notice of which shall be given in this paper; Tickets deliver'd out for Monday the 13th Instant will then be admitted.--As the sole intent of this Benefit is to satisfy his creditors, who are to share the profits arising from it, he humbly hopes to meet with encouragement, and assures those ladies and Gentlemen who honour him, that the whole performance shall be carried on with the utmost decorum, and will be free from all danger of interruption (General Advertiser). Receipts: #200 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Revenge

Afterpiece Title: Taste

Performance Comment: Carmine-Palmer; Puff-Yates; Lord Dupe-Shuter; Alderman Pentweazel-Taswell; Caleb-Costollo; Brush-Cross; Novice-Blakes; Lady Pentweazel-Worsdale; Boy-Master Cross; Prologue-Garrick as Auctioneer.
Role: Carmine Actor: Palmer
Role: Puff Actor: Yates
Role: Lord Dupe Actor: Shuter
Role: Alderman Pentweazel Actor: Taswell
Role: Caleb Actor: Costollo
Role: Brush Actor: Cross
Role: Novice Actor: Blakes
Role: Lady Pentweazel Actor: Worsdale
Role: Boy Actor: Master Cross
Role: Prologue Actor: Garrick as Auctioneer.
Event Comment: Benefit for Yates. The Farce of The Knights intended and advertis'd to be acted is oblig'd to be laid aside on account of Mr Phillip's dangerous indisposition, who was to have perform'd the character of Sir Gregory Gazette. Tickets of Yates at Mr Walsh's Music shop in Catherine St. in the Strand, and at the stage door (playbill, 29 March). Receipts: #260 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Much Ado About Nothing

Performance Comment: As17540112, but Don John-Bransby; Verges-Vernon; Dogberry-Yates (playbill). [Don John-$Davies (Public Advertiser).]
Role: Don John Actor: Bransby
Role: Verges Actor: Vernon
Role: Dogberry Actor: Yates
Role: Don John Actor: Davies
Role: Benedick Actor: Garrick
Role: Friar Actor: Burton
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Havard
Role: Hero Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Havard
Role: Balthasar Actor: Beard
Role: Leonato Actor: Mozeen
Role: Borachio Actor: Blakes
Role: Ursula Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: the characters of the Play.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Role: Old Man Actor: Blakes
Role: Aesop Actor: Burton.
Role: Frenchman Actor: Blakes.
Role: Fine Gentleman Actor: Woodward
Role: Drunken Man Actor: Yates
Role: Mercury Actor: Wilder
Role: Tatoo Actor: Marr
Role: Charon Actor: W. Vaughan
Role: Mrs Tatoo Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Fine Lady Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: II: Masquerade Dance-; Devisse, Mad Auretti