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Event Comment: The King's Company. The date of the premiere is not known, but this play belongs to a group which have been considered as "Lenten plays," ones in which the young actors of a company comprise a large portion of the cast. On this basis, as Easter fell on 30 March 1673, this play has been assigned to March 1673. See Philip B. Gray Jr, Lenten Casts and the Nursery: Evidence for the Dating of Certain Restoration Plays, PMLA, LIII (1938), 781-94; for this play particularly, pp. 791-92. A song, Down with this love, set for this play by Alphonso Marsh, is in Choice Ayres and Songs, 1676


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Rogue

Role: Don Fenise Actor: Harris
Role: Don Alonzo Actor: Lyddal
Role: Don Manuel Actor: Watson
Role: Larasco Actor: Powell
Role: Mingo Actor: Cash
Role: Sanchez Actor: Griffin
Role: Alcinda Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Rosella Actor: Mrs Uphill
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Corye
Role: Leonella Actor: Mrs Kneppe
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Kneppe.
Event Comment: Taken from a Midsummer Night's Dream written by Shakespear. The Songs from Shakespear, Milton, Waller, Dryden, Lansdown, Hammond. Music-Smith. [First edition Text by John Christopher Smith; see Garrick to James Murphey French, Dec. 1756; H. Walpole to R. Bentley 23 Feb. 1755.] Besides our own Singers, we had Sg Guadagni, Sga Passerini, Miss Potier [i.e., Mrs Vernon], and Savage's Boys. Very great Applause; Sabatini danced after it and fell down, not hurt (Cross). [See A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Hands of Garrick and Colman, G. W. Stone Jr, PMLA (June 1939).] Receipts: #200 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Fairies

Role: Theseus Actor: Beard
Role: Egeus Actor: Chamnys
Role: Lysander Actor: Curioni but Guadagni listed by Cross, MacMillan, and first edition
Role: Demetrius Actor: Atkins
Role: Hermia Actor: Sga Passeroni
Role: Helena Actor: Mrs Vernon
Role: Hippolita Actor: Mrs Jefferson
Role: Oberon Actor: Mas. Reinhold
Role: Titania Actor: Miss Young
Role: Puck Actor: Mas. Moore
Role: Fairy Actor: Mas. Evans
Role: written and Actor: Garrick

Dance: CComic Dance-Sabatini, Sga Sabatini, Sabatini jun, his first time

Event Comment: This piece was greatly Cut & Alter'd. the 5th Act Entirely left out & many Airs interspers'd all through; got up with a vast deal of trouble to everbody concern'd in it but particularly to Mr Coleman, who attended every Rehearsal & had alterations innumberable to make. Upon the Whole, never was anything so murder'd in the Speaking. Mr W. Palmer & Mrs Vincent were beyond Description bad; & had it not been for the Children's Excellent performance, (& particularly Miss Wright who Sung delightfully) the Audience would not have Suffer'd'em to have gone half thro' it. The Sleeping Scene particularly displeas'd. Next day it was reported, The Performers first Sung the Audience to S leep, & then went to Sleep themselves (Hopkins). Fairies pleas'd--Serious parts displeas'd--Comic between both (Cross Diary). This piece of Shakespear's was greatly cut and altered,--the fifth act entirely left out,--and many airs introduced--got up with a vast deal of trouble to all concerned, but particularly to Mr Colman, who attended every rehearsal, and had alterations innumerable to make. Upon the whole, I believe, never was piece so murdered as this was by the singing speakers, in which Mrs Vincent and Mr W. Palmer were beyond description bad; and had it not been for the children's excellent performance (particularly Miss Wright, who ran away with all the applause and very deservedly) the audience would not have suffered them to have gone half thro' it.--The sleeping particularly displeased. The next day it was reported, the performers sung the audience to sleep, and then went to sleep themselves (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). Overture and airs composed by the most eminent English masters. Book of the play sold at the theatre, 1s. [See "A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Hands of Garrick and Colman," PMLA, June 1939.] Receipts: #98 7s. (MacMillan)
Event Comment: This Farce is taken From the Midsummer Night's Dream, by Coleman, & is a very pleasing Farce, & well receiv'd by the Audience (Hopkins). Songs of the Entertainment to be given at theatre. Mdsr Night's Dream Cut. Serious parts quite out. Went off well (Cross Diary). This Farce is taken from The Midsummer Night.-Mr Colman thought it was a pity so much pains and expense as was bestowed on the Midsummer Night's Dream should be thrown away,-he luckily thought of turning it into a farce, which alteration he made in one night,-and now I think as pleasing a farce as most that are done.-Miss Wright? is vastly great in her songs (Hopkins Diary-MacMillan). [See "A Midsummer Night's Dream in the hands of Garrick and Colman," PMLA, June 1939.


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Role: Oakly Actor: Holland, first time
Role: Sir Harry Actor: King
Role: Lord Trinket Actor: Obrien
Role: Paris Actor: Baddeley
Role: Major Oakly Actor: Yates
Role: Charles Actor: Palmer
Role: Tom Actor: Clough
Role: Russet Actor: Burton
Role: O'Cutter Actor: Moody
Role: Lady Freelove Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Mrs Oakly Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Fairy Tale

Dance: TThe Italian Gardiners, as17631119

Event Comment: For the Authors. [See "David Garrick and the Clandestine Marriage," by Frederick L. Bergmann, PMLA (March, 1952), pp. 148-62, a study of Garrick's contribution on basis of the Folger Library MS.


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: King
Role: Sterling Actor: Yates
Role: Lovewell Actor: Powell
Role: Sir John Melvil Actor: Holland
Role: Canton Actor: Baddeley
Role: Brush Actor: Palmer
Role: Serjeant Flower Actor: Love
Role: Traverse Actor: Lee
Role: Trueman Actor: Aikin
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Miss Plym
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Trusty Actor: Miss Mills
Event Comment: The Tragedy of Hamlet having been greatly Altered by D. G. was perform'd for the first time Mr Garrick playd divinely & Merited the great Applause he receivd It is Alterd much for the better in regard to the part of Hamlet & I think the alterations very fine & proper (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Kemble considerably briefer. See "Garrick's Long Lost Alteration of Hamlet," PMLA, Sept. 1934.] Paid Mr George Garrick on account #100; Mr Bulkley for Mr Weston, #2 8s. (Treasurer's Book). [Reviewer for Town and Country Magazine comments unfavorably on the Hamlet alteration: "How far the critics will approve these mutations we will not at present determine; but the admirers of Shakespeare must certainly be displeas'd, whenever they see his immortal works mutilated."] Receipts: #284 5s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Role: Hamlet Actor: Garrick
Role: King Actor: Jefferson
Role: Ghost Actor: Bransby
Role: Horatio Actor: Packer
Role: Polonius Actor: Baddeley
Role: Laertes Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Rosencraus Actor: Davies
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Fawcett
Role: Marcellus Actor: Ackman
Role: Player King Actor: Keen
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Player Queen Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Smith, first time
Role: Bernardo Actor: Wrighten
Role: Francisco Actor: Griffith-Hogan, from Bell edition 1773.
Role: Griffith Actor: Hogan, from Bell edition 1773.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Loveit Actor: Davies
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: a young Gentlewoman
Role: Fribble Actor: Dodd
Role: Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Puff Actor: Moody
Role: Jasper Actor: Ackman
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Love.