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Event Comment: As alter'd from Shakespear by the Lord Lansdown. Receipts: #14 8s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Jew Of Venice

Role: Shylock Actor: Boheme
Role: Antonio Actor: Ryan
Role: Bassanio Actor: Walker
Role: Gratiano Actor: C. Bullock
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Diggs
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Nerissa Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Jessica Actor: Mrs Parlour.
Related Works
Related Work: The Jew of Venice Author(s): George Granville, Lord Lansdowne

Dance: Lally, Pelling, Lally Jr, Mrs Rogeir, Mrs Bullock, Miss Hutton; Myrtillo-

Event Comment: Benefit Macklin. Mainpiece written by the late Lord Lansdown. With the Original Songs, new set by Mr Arne, and to be sung by Mr Lowe and Mrs Clive. Never acted there before. Afterpiece wirtten by the late Mr Pope, Mr Gay, and Dr Arbuthnot. Servants will be allowed to keep places on the stage; and those ladies who have taken places are humbly desired to send for tickets to prevent mistakes. Tickets to be had of Macklin at his house in Bow St., and of Hobson at the stage door


Mainpiece Title: The She Gallant; Or, Once A Lover And Always A Lover

Role: Sir John Airy Actor: Macklin
Role: Sir Toby Tickle Actor: Yates
Role: Vaunter Actor: Neale
Role: Monsieur Actor: Blakes
Role: Lady Dorimen Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: in men's Clothes Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Miranda Actor: Miss Edwards
Role: Bellamour Actor: Havard
Role: Philabel Actor: Mills
Role: Frederick Actor: Winstone
Role: Courtall Actor: Usher
Role: Frisure Actor: Blakes
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Diana Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Melissa Actor: Miss Pitt
Role: Dorinda Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Placket Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Japan Actor: Mrs King
Role: Mrs Lawn Actor: Miss Royer.
Related Works
Related Work: The She-Gallants Author(s): George Granville, Lord Lansdowne

Afterpiece Title: Three Hours after Marriage

Dance: Muilment, the Mechels

Event Comment: Taken from a Midsummer Night's Dream written by Shakespear. The Songs from Shakespear, Milton, Waller, Dryden, Lansdown, Hammond. Music-Smith. [First edition Text by John Christopher Smith; see Garrick to James Murphey French, Dec. 1756; H. Walpole to R. Bentley 23 Feb. 1755.] Besides our own Singers, we had Sg Guadagni, Sga Passerini, Miss Potier [i.e., Mrs Vernon], and Savage's Boys. Very great Applause; Sabatini danced after it and fell down, not hurt (Cross). [See A Midsummer Night's Dream in the Hands of Garrick and Colman, G. W. Stone Jr, PMLA (June 1939).] Receipts: #200 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Fairies

Role: Theseus Actor: Beard
Role: Egeus Actor: Chamnys
Role: Lysander Actor: Curioni but Guadagni listed by Cross, MacMillan, and first edition
Role: Demetrius Actor: Atkins
Role: Hermia Actor: Sga Passeroni
Role: Helena Actor: Mrs Vernon
Role: Hippolita Actor: Mrs Jefferson
Role: Oberon Actor: Mas. Reinhold
Role: Titania Actor: Miss Young
Role: Puck Actor: Mas. Moore
Role: Fairy Actor: Mas. Evans
Role: written and Actor: Garrick

Dance: CComic Dance-Sabatini, Sga Sabatini, Sabatini jun, his first time