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Event Comment: The last Night of the Company's performing this Season. Receipts: #180 12s. (after-money not listed). Account-Book, 18 June: Paid Harris for his trouble in superintending the Business of the Theatre #500; Garton in full for salary this season #230; Hull for salary as acting manager #150; Mrs Yates in lieu of cloathes this season #200; Cooper, printer, #347 9s.; Carver, painter, #245 18s.; Hodgins, painter, #141 15s.; Received of Their Majesties this season #100; of the Prince of Wales #65. 27 June: Paid Hull in lieu of a benefit #100, Mrs Lessingham #70, Mrs Morton #21. 17 July: Paid one year's Land Tax #122 10s.; Macklin in full for season #217 10s.; Received Stage Forfeits #35 4s. 6d. 23 July: Paid Hawkes, coal merchant, #173 5s. 28 Aug.: Paid Hawkes, tallow chandler, #331 10s. 4 Sept.: Paid Barrett, wax chandler, #426 9s


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of The World

Role: Sir Pertinax Macsycophant Actor: Macklin
Role: Egerton Actor: Lewis
Role: Lord Lumbercourt Actor: Wilson
Role: Sidney Actor: Aickin
Role: Melville Actor: Clarke
Role: Counsellor Plausible Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Serjeant Eitherside Actor: Booth
Role: Tomlins Actor: L'Estrange
Role: John Actor: Thompson
Role: Sam Actor: J. Wilson
Role: Lady Macsycophant Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Constantia Actor: Miss Satchell
Role: Betty Hint Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Nanny Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Lady Rodolpha Lumbercourt Actor: Miss Younge

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Free-Mason

Role: Hiram Abbif Actor:
Role: Master Mason Actor:
Role: Bacchanal Actor:
Role: Skaters Actor:
Role: Masons Actor:
Role: Lawyers Actor:
Role: Harlequin Actor:
Role: Jew Actor:
Role: Colombine Actor:
Role: Fish Women Actor:
Role: Virgins Actor:
Role: assigns Dutch Lover Actor: Wewitzer
Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 2 years. "The violent and the impassioned are [Miss Brunton's] strongholds. The gentle--the modes oflevel speaking--and tenderness never add to her credit, nor receive addition from her form and countenance" (Public Advertiser, 10 Mar.). Paid Hawkes, tallow chandler, on acct. last Season #111. Receipts: #170 7s. (168/5/6; 2/1/6)


Mainpiece Title: King Lear

Role: Lear Actor: Farren
Role: Gloster Actor: Hull
Role: Kent Actor: Aickin
Role: Bastard Actor: Palmer
Role: Albany Actor: Davies
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Cornwall Actor: Thompson
Role: Burgundy Actor: Cubitt
Role: Edgar Actor: Holman
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs Inchbald
Role: Goneril Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Arante Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Cordelia Actor: Miss Brunton

Afterpiece Title: Love in a Camp

Role: : Captain Patrick Actor: Johnstone
Role: Quiz Actor: Quick
Role: Darby Actor: Edwin
Role: Marshal Fehrbellin Actor: Davies
Role: Father Luke Actor: Booth
Role: Rupert Actor: Palmer
Role: Olmutz Actor: Cubitt
Role: Adjutant Actor: Gardner
Role: Greenbergh Actor: Thompson
Role: Drummers Actor: Swords, Newton
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Mabel Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Norah Actor: Mrs Bannister.