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Event Comment: Paid Three days Salary at #80 12s. 3d. per diem--#241 16s. 9d. Paid Mrs W. Barry (half salary) 17s. 6d. [Mr Carver (presumably Robert Carver the scene painter) received, according to the treasurer's book, one pound daily throughout the season. This payment is listed separately each Saturday, and will not be mentioned hereafter.] Paid Lampmen #2; Bill-stickers #3 12s.; Handbills 8s.; Candlemen #1 8s.; Carpenters #7 5s. 2d.; Taylors #16 11s. 10d.; Mantua Maker #3 12s.; Stevens (Porter) 18s.; Supers & Kettle Drum #3 4s. (Treasurer's Book). [As these were constant weekly items in the Treasurer's Book their averages and season totals will be given in the following table, after which no further itemization will be made.] Receipts: #197 9s. (Treasurer's Book). Item Weekly Average Season Total@Lampmen #3 4s. #115 4s.@Bill Stickers #2 14s. #97 4s.@Handbills 12s. #21 12s.@ Candlemen #8 #288@ Carpenters #5 #180@ Tailor #6 #216@Mantua Maker #2 #72@ Stevens (porter) 18s. #32 8s.


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion

Event Comment: Two Young Lady's made their first Appearance in the Characters of Polly & Lucy Pupils of Dr Arne--Miss Wellers figure is very well for Polly but she wants Spirit & is apt to Sing out of Tune. Mrs Bradley is Tall & a good figure for Lucy and acquitted herself very well in that character they both met with Applause (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Kemble differs slightly: Two young Gentlewomen appeared in the characters of Polly and Lucy,--brought out by Dr Arne,--Miss Weller and Mrs Bradley.--Miss Weller's figure was very well for Polly; but she is a piece of still life, sings out of tune and will never make an actress.--Mrs Bradley,--very tall, and appears to have blackguard requisites enough for Lucy, but will not do for anything else--Hopkins Diary No 7. Mrs Bradley is since married to Mr Prior the Builder.--J. P. Kemble."] Paid Renters #8 [this payment occurs each playing night of the season, 188 times in all, and will not be further noted]; Mr Carver, six days, #6 [a weekly payment outside the pay list throughout the season. Presumably to scene painter. No further noted]; Mr S. French, 6 days, #1 10s. Renters total for season #1592. Carver total for season #088 (Treasurer's Book). [see account of Miss Weller and Miss Bradley in Town and Country Magazine (Theatre XXXVIII): The first performed the part of Polly, and the latter that of Lucy. Their figures are both genteel, and their countenances expressive. Miss weller was much confused upon her first entrance; but from the melody of her voice, tho she did not raise it sufficiently in many parts, there is reason to believe, when she was got the better of her terrors of facing an audience, that she will be an acquisition to the stage, at least as a vocal performer. Miss Bradley's performance of Lucy with great spirit, vivacity and Propriety' and her singing being so well suited to the character, she so much eclipsed Polly, that the audience formed a more indifferent opinion of her abilities than she deserved."] Receipts: #220 11s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: II: A Comic Dance-Daigville, Sga Vidini


Mainpiece Title: The Grecian Daughter

Afterpiece Title: The Druids

Performance Comment: See17750417 With two additional scenes-; for the first time a Fiera in Mascherata-; Scenes painted by Dahl, Richards, Carver. Scenes painted by Dahl, Richards, Carver.
Event Comment: The Lord Mayor's Show. By John Tatham. The author mentions as his assistants: Andrew Dakers and William Lightfoot, painters; Thomas Whiting, joyner; and Richard Clear, carver


Mainpiece Title: London's Tryumph

Event Comment: Edition of 1660: The Royal Oake, with Other various and delightfull Scenes presented on the Water and the Land, Celebrated in Honour of the deservedly Honoured Sir Richard Brown, Bar. Lord Mayor of the City of London, The 29th day of October...and performed at the Costs and Charges of the Right Worshipfull Company of Merchant-Taylors. [Tatham refers to Dyamond, a Lightfoot, Paynter; Thomas Whitein, Joyner; and Richard Cleere, Carver.] Pepys, Diary: And the Key in Cheapside; where there was a company of fine ladies, and we were very civilly treated, and had a very good place to see the pageants, which were many, and I believe good, for such kind of things, but in themselves but poor and absurd. Evelyn, Diary: My Lord Majors shew stop'd me in cheape-side: one of the Pageants represented a greate Wood, with the royal Oake, & historie of his Majesties miraculous escape at Bosco-bell &c


Mainpiece Title: The Royal Oake

Event Comment: Edition of 1662: Being a True Relation of the Honourable the City of Londons Entertaining Their Sacred Majesties Upon the River of Thames, and Welcoming them from Hampton-Court to White-Hall. Expressed and set forth in several Shews and Pageants, the 23 day of August 1662. According to the printed version, the management of the pageant was under the care of Peter Mills, Surveyor; Malin, Water Bayliff; Thomas Whiting, Joyner; Richard Cleere, Carver. The songs were set by John Gamble, one of His Majesty's Servants. Evelyn, Diary: I this day was spectator of the most magnificent Triumph that certainly ever floted on the thames, considering the innumerable number of boates & Vessels, dressed and adorned with all imaginable Pomp: but above all, the Thrones, Arches, Pageants, & other representations, stately barges of the Lord Major, & Companies, with various Inventions, musique, & Peales of Ordnance both from the vessels & shore, going to meete & Conduct the new Queene from Hampton Court to White-hall, at the first time of her Coming to Towne.... his Majestie & the Queene, came in an antique-shaped open Vessell, convered with a State or Canopy of Cloth of Gold, made in forme of a Cupola, supported with high Corinthian Pillars, wreathd with flowers, festoones & Gyrlands: Pepys, Diary: We got into White Hall garden, and so to the Bowling-green, and up to the top of the new Banqueting House there, over the thames, which was a most pleasant place as any I could have got; and all the show consisted chiefly in the number of boats and barges; and two pageants, one of a King, and another of a Queen, with her Maydes of Honour sitting at her feet very prettily; and they tell me the Queen is Sir Richard Ford's daughter. Anon come the King and Queen in a barge under a canopy with 10,000 barges and boats, I think, for we could see no water for them, nor discern the King nor Queen. And so they landed at White Hall Bridge, and the great guns on the other side went off


Mainpiece Title: Aqua Triumphalis

Event Comment: Paid John Sutherland for playing the bagpipes in Midas 3 nights 15s. Paid Samuel Norman, carver, for 4 Grand state chairs #63 (Account Book). Receipts: #194 11s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Dance: End: The Village Romps, as17661008

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted in 7 years. [See 18 Jan. 1765.] Paid Mr Asbridge for exchanging Kettle Drum Banners #4 4s.; Mr Wallis on note #2; Messrs Carver & Messink's Windsor Bill #3 11s. 4d.; Mr Thos French, 7 days-#2 16s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #189 9s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Afterpiece Title: The Institution of the Garter

Event Comment: Last time of company's performing this season. Benefit for Bowers and Widow Veal. Tickets deliver'd by Berrisford, Hodges, and Burroughs will be taken. Thus Ends the Season-63 different plays-36 different Farces-186 Nights in all (Hopkins Diary). Paid Watch, Rector, Cleansing, &c., cg to Lady Day last #5 18s. 4d. (Treasurer's Book). After Season Receipts: 11 June: Box Office Keeper's cash #25; Condill's 3rd and last payment for Fruit Office #20. 16 June: Candles, Oyl and Lampmen of Theatrical Fund Night 2nd inst. #3 18s. 6d. 23 June: Mr Johnston for Candle ends sold to sundry #11 7s. 6d.; Ditto for Lace burnt form the Wardrobe #205 8s. 26 June: Harrison's rent 1 yr to Lady Day last #46 but with #12 5s. in taxes deducted amount rec'd #33 15s.; Williams rent ditto (#48 with #8 6s. 8d. taxes deducted) #39 13s. 4d.; From Public Advertiser this season #50; From Daily Gazetteer #50. 3 July: Remainder of Sinking Fund #160 2s. 6d. 6 July. Mr Rowland 1 yrs rent to Lady Day last with #3 8s. in taxes deducted, #139 12s.; Mr Pope 1 yrs rent to ditto with #3 11s. 2d. taxes deducted #26 8s. 10d. 10 July: Benefit deficiencies cleared and Cash taken up by Evans as per acct. #89 7s. (Treasurer's Book). After Season expenditures: 11 June: Hopkins, Prompters Bill #8 15s.; Miss Hopkins 18 Nights full #2 5s. 13 June: 2 days salary list at #72 6s. 5d. per diem #144 12s. 10d.; S. French 6 days #1 10s. 16 June: Davies on note #7 6s.; Printer's 2 bills #11 14s.; Mas. Thomson 3 nights in full 15s.; Mrs Mann on note #2 2s.; Tallow chandler's 9th bill (#30 14s. 4d. with a discount of #26 15s. 6d. on all bills for season) #3 18s. 10d. 19 June: Miss Berkley on note #5 5s. 3 July: J. Stevens 2 weeks as usual #1 16s; Sandys & Co. for Colours #10 4s. Dorman for Coals #20 10s. and for attending practices of dances, as usual #10 10s.; Cole (turner) #14 3s.; Bibb (sword cutler) #3 12s.; Barret (wax chandler) #20 6s. 6d.; Blakes, (hatter), #5 12s.; Lowe and Co (glaziers) #16 6d.; Cropley, (linen draper) #14 7s. 6d.; Chamberlain & Co. (ironmongers), #25; Carter (scowerer) #14 12s.; Jennings (glover and furrier) #18 6d.; Scott (copper laceman), #51 19s.; Carpue, (silk dyer) #9 1s. 6d.; Mrs Chitty (coals) #28; Carver's bill #2 1s.; Chettell (timber) #14 9s.; Cubitt (Tinman) #18 2s. 6d.; Waller (hosier) #24 19s. 6d.; Barrow & Co. (only) #118; Vaughan (haberdasher) #3 6s.; Hatsell (mercer) #28 2s.; Thomson (smith) #10 15s. 6 July: B. Lyon, Wardrobe & Carp Bills #10 10s. 6d.; Stephens (manson) #6 4s.; Pope (peruke maker) #29 6s. and #3 16s. for 38 extra nights dressing &c.; Mrs Slaughter's Bill #9 2s. 6d.; Roberts (shoemaker) #3 12s. 6d.; D. Richards, 30 weeks 5 days extra salary in full for this season #30 16s. 8d.; Hewetson (laceman) #17 6s.; Mr Page in full of #25 this season #1 17s. 6d. 8 July: J. Johnston's Music Bill #37 13s. 6d.; Powney & Co., (stationers) #3 14s.; Landall for Mrs Cape's Funeral per order #4 7s. 6d.; Kirkman, (harpsichord maker) #18 14s.; John French, painter's bill #5 3s. 10 July: Palmer for Spermacetti Candles #255 8s.; Miss Collett's schooling #2 8s. 10d.; Stafford (glassman) #4 19s.; A. Johnston's bill for feathers &c. #15 6s. 6d.; Ditto four Housekeeping Bills #10 1s. 4d.; Chapman (Jubilee horsekeeping) #3 13s. 6d.; Victor 2 weeks salary as usual #5; Victor gratuity as usual #30; Evans 2 weeks salary as usual #3 and #42 in lieu of a Benefit. Books Closed 10 July. Total income #32,538 6s. 1d. Total outgo #26,410 8s. 8d. Profit #6,127 17s. 5d. paid To Managers #5,040 To Clutterbuck #1,087 17s. 5d


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: End: Hornpipe-Walker

Event Comment: Receipts: #138 10s. 6d. Paid three days salary at #85 1s. 11d. per diem, #255 5s. 9d. [Paid the following items which occur regularly each Saturday pay day during the 37 weeks of the 1773-74 season: Lampmen #2 12s.; Billstickers #3 12s.; Handbills 8s.; Candlemen #3 18s.; Carpenter's Bills #8 14s. 6d.; Taylor's Bill #8 11s. 8d.; Mantua Maker's Bill #5 6s.; J. Stevens 18s; Mrs Abington's Cloaths #1; Mr Carver 11 days #11; Mr Royer 2 weeks #9; Mr J. French on act #8 8s.; Supernumeraries and Kettle Drummers #3 14s. (Treasurer's Book). N.B. This pay day was based on a three-day acting week. The average paid out for each of these items over the season, and the total for each computed on this average was as follows. [No further mention will be made of these items this season.] @ Average per week Total for season@Lampmen #3 2s. #113 14s.@Billstickers #2 14s. #99 18s.@Handbills 12s. #22 4s.@Carpenter's #5 10s. #203 10s.@Taylor's #10 2s. #373 14s.@Mantua Maker's #2 10s. #92 10s.@J. Stevens 18s. #33 6s.@Mrs Abington Cloaths #1 12s. 4d. #60@Carver at 1 per diem #189@Royer #4 10s. #166 10s.@Sups and Kettle Drum at #3 10s. per diem #661@Candlemen #7 14s. #277 4s.


Mainpiece Title: The Gamesters

Afterpiece Title: The Pigmy Revels

Event Comment: Paid 3 day's salary list at #76 14s. 1s. per diem, #230 2d. 3d.; Mrs Greville on note #21; Tallow chandler's 1st bill #24 8s. 5d.; Lampmen #2; Bill stickers #3 12s.; Handbills 8s.; Carpenter's Bill #13 3s. 10d.; Taylor's Bill #6 13s. 6d.; Mantua maker's Bill #4 6s. 2d.; J. Stevens 18s.; Mr King's extra salary #1 10s.; Mrs Abington's Cloaths #1; Painters salaries #14 2s.; Mr J. French on Acct #15 5s.; Hire of Violin &c. 7s.; candlemen #1 13s. (Treasurer's Book). [The following items of those listed among the above Saturday expenditures were constant. The averages and total payments for them will be given in the following table, and no further itemization of them will be made]: @Item: Weekly Average Total Season Payment@Lampmen #4 8s. #162 16s.@Billstickersers #2 14s. #99 18s.@Handbills 12s. #22 4s.@Carpenters #9 10s. #351 10s.@Taylors #9 5s. #342 10s.@Mantua Makers #3 #111@J. Stevens 18s. #33 6s.@Mr King (extra as a deputy Manager?) #3 #111@Mrs Abingtons Clothes #1 12s. 4d. #60@Painter's Bills #10 10s. #388 10s.@Candlemen & extras #8 14s. #313 4s.@ Neither Carver or Royee is listed this season, but the amount customarily paid them for the two preceding seasons is made this season as a constant outlay, but "To Painters." DeLoutherbourg receives his first payment 14 Oct.


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Afterpiece Title: The Meeting of the Company

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Event Comment: Mainpiece: In three acts altered from Shakespeare. Afterpiece, a New Pastoral Masque and Pantomime interspersed. The Music composed by Fisher. The scenes painted by Messrs Dahl, Richards and Carver. Nothing under Full Prices will be taken. Books of Songs, &c. sold in Theatre. The words of the Masque taken chiefly from Ben Johnson (playbill). [DNB s.v. "Jonson," suggests The Haddington Masque, 1608, with the "Hue and Cry after Cupid" material as the source. The reviewer for the Westminster Magazine commented on the performance of 25 November, after outlining the story: "Such are the outlines of The Druids, whick is a hetereogeneous jumble of monstrous absurdities; and if considered merely as a vehicle for music, dances, and decorations, is, in our opinion, far inferior to the dramatic monstrum horrendum of the other House [The Maid of the Oaks]. Both pieces, however, are equally an insult on the understanding and judgments of the Public, and exhibit striking proofs of the miserably depraved state of the English theatre, whose entertainments are at present conducted by Managers either destitute of taste and abilities or actuated by no other than the paltry, despicable motives of vanity, prejudice, and avarice,"]


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Afterpiece Title: The Druids Masque

Event Comment: Afterpiece: A New Masque [by Capt. Edward Thompson] never perform'd. With New Music, Dresses, Scenery, and Decorations. The Music composed by Fisher. The Scenes painted by Dall and Carver. Books of the songs to be had at the Theatre. [The Westminster Magazine for March also lists Boreas -Reinhold; Carlos -DuBellamy; Traverse -Mahon; Druid -L'Estrange, and tells the story of the play. The reviewer did not approve of the piece, since for him it lacked unbounded fire of fancy, originality of idea, language, and character. He approved of Fisher's music.


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Afterpiece Title: The Syrens

Event Comment: Mainpiece: With a New Scene and New Dresses. Afterpiece [1st time; CO 2, by Charles Dibdin and Edward Thompson. Thompson's name does not appear on the title-page of the text; it has been added by J. P. Kemble on the half-title of his copy now in the Huntington Library]: The Music chiefly composed by Dibdin [Public Advertiser, 15 Nov.: Three of the airs and the finale were composed by Samuel Arnold; one air by John Abraham Fisher]. With New Scenes [ibid: by Dall, Richards, and Carver], Dresses and Decorations. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Account-Book, 7 Feb. 1777: Paid Dibdin in full for copyright of the Seraglio #20; ibid, 2 June 1777: Received of Cooper for Songs & Books sold of The Seraglio #19 10s. 9d. [Mrs Ward was from the Birmingham theatre]. Receipts: #221 11s. 6d. (219.7.0; 2.4.6)


Mainpiece Title: Ethelinda; Or, The Royal Convert

Afterpiece Title: The Seraglio

Music: V: the Original Music for the Sacrifice by Purcell-

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; P 2(?), by James Messink and Carlo Antonio Delpini. Not in Larpent MS; synopsis of action in London Chronicle, 26 Nov.]: The Scenery, Machinery, &c. painted new by Carver, Greenwood and Garvey. The Overture and the rest of the Music composed new by Fisher. Nothing under Full Price will be taken. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Account-Book, 3 Feb. 1778: Paid Fisher for composing songs, &c. in The Tempest [see 27 Dec. 1776], and other pieces, as per bill, #131 11s. Receipts: #190 16s. (182.18; 7.18)


Mainpiece Title: Sir Thomas Overbury

Afterpiece Title: The Norwood Gypsies

Dance: Afterpiece: Dancing-Aldridge, Dagueville, Miss Besford, Miss Valois

Event Comment: [Mainpiece in place of The Recruiting Officer, announced on playbill of 12 Oct.] Afterpiece [1st time; P 2(?), by James Messink. Not in Larpent MS; synopsis of action in London Chronicle, 15 Oct.]: The Scenes partly new and partly compiled from Rich's Pantomimes [i.e. The Rape of Proserpine, Perseus and Andromeda, Apollo and Daphne, all three written by Lewis Theobald (Morning Chronicle, 15 Oct.)]. The new Music by Dibdin. The new Scenes painted by Carver


Mainpiece Title: Know Your Own Mind

Afterpiece Title: The Medley; or, Harlequin At-All

Dance: Afterpiece: The dances-Aldridge, Dagueville, Miss Valois. [These were danced, as here assigned, in all subsequent Performances.

Event Comment: Afterpiece: The Scenery, Machinery, &c. painted by Carver, Greenwood and Garvey. The Overture and the rest of the Music composed by Fisher. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Caractacus

Afterpiece Title: The Norwood Gypsies

Dance: In afterpiece: Dagueville, Langrish, Miss Lings, Miss Valois. [These were the same in all subsequent performances.

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; P 3 (and see 18 Jan.), by Charles Dibdin, with one scene by Hannah Cowley. Synopsis of action in Public Advertiser, 5 Jan.]: A Speaking Pantomime, in 3 parts. With new overture, airs, duets, chorus, &c. With new Dresses, Scenes [by Richards, Carver, Garvey and Hodgins (Public Advertiser, 2 Jan.)], Machinery and Decorations. The Music entirely new, composed by Dibdin. Nothing under Full Price will be taken. Public Advertiser, 4 Jan. 1779: This Afternoon at Four will be published the Songs in The Touchstone (6d.)


Mainpiece Title: George Barnwell

Afterpiece Title: The Touchstone; or, Harlequin Traveller

Dance: In afterpiece: Dagueville, Miss Valois. [The dancing, as here assigned, was included in all subsequent performances, except on 4 Feb., 7 Apr., 10 May.

Song: In I: song-Leoni

Event Comment: Mainpiece: With a New Scene painted by Richards. Afterpiece: With a New Scene painted by Carver


Mainpiece Title: Elfrida

Afterpiece Title: The Liverpool Prize

Event Comment: Prelude [1st time;PREL I, probably by Richard Cumberland. Larpent MS 472; not published]. Mainpiece [1st time; M 3, by Richard Cumberland, based on Calypso and Telemachus, by John Hughes]: The Overture and all the Music entirely new, and composed by Butler. With new Scenery painted by Richards and Carver, and new Dresses. Books of the Masque to be had at the Theatre. Public Advertiser, 27 Mar. 1779: This Day is published Calypso (1s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: A New Prelude And Prologue

Afterpiece Title: Calypso

Afterpiece Title: Cross Purposes

Dance: In: Incidental Dances-Dagueville, Miss Besford, Miss Valois


Mainpiece Title: The Duenna

Afterpiece Title: Cross Purposes

Dance: End: new dance, The Dockyard-Dagueville, Langrish, Holland, Miss Matthews, Miss Valois. With a new scene painted by Carver

Performance Comment: With a new scene painted by Carver.
Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; P 2, by Charles Dibdin. After being altered and enlarged this was billed as Harlequin Every-where (see 27 Dec.)]: With entire new Music; new Scenes, Dresses and Decorations. The Music composed by Dibdin; the Scenes designed and executed by Richards, Carver, Hodgins, Cipriani. Nothing under Full Price will be taken. The Orphan [announced on playbill of 29 Nov.] is deferred on account of Mrs Hartley's Indisposition. Account-Book, 13 Nov.: Paid Hodgins, painter, 14 weeks salary #36 15s. Public Advertiser, 1 Dec. 1779: This Afternoon is bublishpublished The Mirror (1s.). Receipts: #180 18s. (168.1; 12.17)


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: The Mirror; or, Harlequin Every-where

Event Comment: [Mainpiece in place of Fatal Falshood, announced on playbill of 24 Apr.,] Afterpiece [1st time; MF 2, by Frederick Pilon]: The new Songs and Overture composed by Shield. The new Scenes by Richards and Carver. With a view of the English and Spanish Fleets entering the Bay. [This notice is included in all subsequent playbills.] Public Advertiser, 25 Apr. 1780: This afternon is published the Songs in The Siege Of Gibraltar (6d.). Ibid, 3 May 1780: This morning is published The Siege Of Gibraltar (1s.). Receipts: #168 5s. (166.4; 2.1)


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Afterpiece Title: The Siege Of Gibraltar

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; P 2 (?), by Charles Dibdin and James Messink; synopsis of plot in London Chronicle, 30 Dec.]: To conclude with a Procession of the principal Grand Masters, from the Creation to the present Century, dressed in the Habits of their respective Ages and Countries. With new Music [by Charles Dibdin], Scenes, Dresses, Pageants, and Decorations. The paintings executed by Richards, Carver, Hodgins, and assistants. Books of the Songs, with an Explanation of the Pageants, to be had at the Theatre. Nothing under full Price will be taken. "To give magnificence a meaning, and unite antiquarian knowledge with polite entertainment, was a task hitherto unattempted by the contrivers of our Pantomime exhibitions. Such praise, however, the acting manager of Covent Garden theatre may justly claim, on the score of Harlequin Free-Mason, which is now representing before greater crowds than perhaps were ever attracted by Perseus and Andromeda [in 1730], the Rape of Proserpine [in 1727], or the celebrated Sorcerer [i.e. The Magician, in 1721]. The beauty of the first scene, in which a setting sun is admirably contrived, the Dutch winter piece, with numberless skate[r]s moving in the most natural attitudes, and, above all, the imperfect building, finished in a moment at the command of Harlequin, can be exceeded only by the pomp of the historic procession which closes the whole, and offers the richest and most intelligent spectacle that ever yet appeared on an English stage" (Gentleman's Magazine, Feb. 1781, pp. 58-59, which also prints a detailed description of the pageant). Account-Book, 1 Feb.: Paid Dibdin for music of Harlequin Free-Mason #70. Receipts: #236 2s. (230.3; 5.19)


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Free-Mason


Mainpiece Title: The Farmer's Return From London

Afterpiece Title: All for Love

Afterpiece Title: Phusimimesis; or, Resemblances of Nature

Performance Comment: SCENE I. Morning, a Landscape. The Rising of the Sun. Hunters preparing for the Chace. When Phoebus the tops of the hills, as17810425; SCENE II. A View of the Rock of Gibraltar, with the Fleet sailing to its Relief; The Storm-Reinhold; [SCENE III. Thunderstorm, Tempest and Shipwreck. Stand to your guns my hearts of oak-Bannister [of dl]; [SCENE IV. A Town Besieged (Painted by Carver; taken from Harlequin Every-where). The Enemies' Attack; the Destruction of the Fort; and an Engagement of the Troops, represented by Moving Figures. O what a charming thing's a battle-Cubitt; [After which a Grand Transparency, representing the famous Battle of Cressy, with the taking of the Bohemian standard by Edward the Black Prince, painted by Cipriani. To conclude with a trio-Davies, Mrs Morton, Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace; or, Harlequin Skeleton

Song: End II 2nd piece: The Huntsman's Sweet Halloo, as17810226; 4th piece: The Early Horn-Cubitt; Scene I: When Phoebus the tops of the hills, as17810425