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Event Comment: Benefit for Garton (treasurer). Charges #66 15s. 6d. Deficit to Garton #9 11s. 6d. but covered by #107 19s. from tickets (Box 225; Pit 274; Gallery 106). Receipts: #57 4s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Afterpiece Title: Amelia

Dance: III: The Provenzales, as17680301

Event Comment: Benefit for Garton (treasurer) Died this night at Kensington Gravel Pits where she went for the recovery of her health, Miss Morris, the young lady who appeared this season with so much applause at Covent Garden (Public Advertiser). Charges #67 15s. Balance to Garton #20 11s. plus #98 from tickets (Box 186; Pit 258; Gallery 128) (Account Book). Receipts: #88 6s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Lear

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus

Entertainment: IV: THE CRIES OF LONDON-Shuter; End: Post Haste OBSERVATIONS on a Journey to Paris-Shuter

Event Comment: Benefit for Garton (treasurer). Charges #69 15s. Balance to Garton #35 13s. plus #116 10s. from tickets (Box 222; Pit 312; Gallery 142) (Account Book). Receipts: #105 8s


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko; Or, The Royal Slave

Afterpiece Title: The Rape of Proserpine

Dance: IV: The Whim, as17691123

Event Comment: Benefit for Garton (Treasurer). Afterpiece: Not acted these 12 years. [See 11 May 1762.


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Afterpiece Title: True Blue

Afterpiece Title: The Merry Counterfeit; or, Viscount a-la-Mode

Event Comment: The Doors to be opened at Five o'clock. To Begin exactly at Six o'clock. [Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. First Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s.] Vivant Rex et Regina. [Customary footnote for each succeeding Bill. Only significant variations will be noted further. Criticism: For contemporary comment on performances and plays this season see John Potter's Theatrical Review, or New Companion to the Playhouse. 2 vols. London, 1772, a day by day account of Plays and actors at Drury Lane and Covent Garden theatres for the season 1771-72. He is rather severe in his comments on most of the actors at cg. The four relatively constant expenditures set up for each night this season include music: averaging #7 5s.; wardrobe charges of from 1 to #3; properties 7s. to #1; and renters, paid to Garton, the treasurer, #10. Extras, when they occur, which is almost nightly, for such things as kettle drum, side drum, bagpipes, chorus singers, supernumeraries, together with all repair bills paid advances to actors, &c. are duly recorded. I include only what appear to be significant ones which illustrate the theatre as a show business.] Receipts: #186 4s. 6d. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Afterpiece Title: The Commissary

Dance: End of Play: The Dutch Milkmaid-Mas. Blurton, Miss Besford. [See17700924.

Event Comment: Rec'd from Thomas and Arnold for use of the Organ this season #21, and for coals burnt at the Oratorios #2 2s. Rec'd #54 14s. 8d. in payment of deficiencies for last season's benefit performances from Dumay, Curtat, Merryfield and Wignell. Paid Garton (treasurer) 11 Oratorio nights for renters #110. Paid Phillips in full for his performance this season #21 (Account Book). Receipts: #117 5s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: George Barnwell

Afterpiece Title: Mother Shipton

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 2 years. [See 11 April 1771.] Paid Mrs Rich the balance of the Benefit for the Dispensary #36 11s. 6d., and paid Garton the balance due the Theatrical Fund #143 3s. (Account Book). [The Westminster Magazine this month comments upon the revival of the pantomime and the new scene of the Pantheonv: "This thought evidently was borrowed from the ludicrous situations of the Macaroni in the pantomime of the Pigmy Revels at the other theatre; but no one in the world borrows with less ceremony than Mr Colman, especially from Mr Garrick."] Receipts: #126 2s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: King Henry V

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Sorcerer

Event Comment: Sixth Night. For the Author. Charges #64 5s. Profit to author #171 17s. Rec'd for the use of Organ this season in Oratorios #21 and for Coals burnt in Oratorios #2 2s. Paid Garton 11 Oratorio Nights for the Renters #110. Paid Dr Arne for Music for Alzuma #15 15s. (Account Book). Receipts: #236 2s


Mainpiece Title: She Stoops To Conquor

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Particular Desire. The tragedy of King Henry II cannot be performed, on account of the indisposition of Miss Miller. Paid Mr Nix the balance for London Lying In Hospital #23 6s.; Paid Garton balance for Theatrical Fund, #89 4s. 6d.; Paid Mr Helme the balance for the Discharge of persons imprison'd for small debts #4 5s. Receipts: #129 12s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Afterpiece Title: The Golden Pippin

Event Comment: The last Night of the Company's performing this Season. Receipts: #180 12s. (after-money not listed). Account-Book, 18 June: Paid Harris for his trouble in superintending the Business of the Theatre #500; Garton in full for salary this season #230; Hull for salary as acting manager #150; Mrs Yates in lieu of cloathes this season #200; Cooper, printer, #347 9s.; Carver, painter, #245 18s.; Hodgins, painter, #141 15s.; Received of Their Majesties this season #100; of the Prince of Wales #65. 27 June: Paid Hull in lieu of a benefit #100, Mrs Lessingham #70, Mrs Morton #21. 17 July: Paid one year's Land Tax #122 10s.; Macklin in full for season #217 10s.; Received Stage Forfeits #35 4s. 6d. 23 July: Paid Hawkes, coal merchant, #173 5s. 28 Aug.: Paid Hawkes, tallow chandler, #331 10s. 4 Sept.: Paid Barrett, wax chandler, #426 9s


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of The World

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Free-Mason

Event Comment: The last Time of the Company's performing this Season. [On this night Wewitzer acted both at CG and the HAY.] Receipts: #135 3s. 6d. (132/14/6; 2/9/0). Account-Book, 7 June: Paid Harris for One Year's Superintendence #500, Garton [treasurer] in full of his Salary #238, Miss Younge in lieu of Cloaths this Season #200; 30 June: Paid Lewis in full for Salary as Acting Manager #200. Between 7 and 30 June various sums, a few of which are here specified, were entered in the Account-Book as being paid to the following tradesmen and others: perukemaker, fireworks maker, blacksmith [#277 6s.], basketmaker, scalemaker, haberdasher, sadler, bill-sticker, turner, harpsichord-tuner, silk-dyer, printer, sawyer, plumber, linen-draper, woollen-draper, brazier, coal merchant [#189 8s.], timber merchant [#500 8s.], stonemason, hosier, music copier, shoemaker, painter, tinman, oil merchant [#452 2s.], gunsmith, worsted laceman, book-binder, glazier, copper laceman [#127 15s.], silk mercer, tallow chandler, stationer, engine-maker, gold-beater, furrier, watch-maker, bookseller, victualler, rope-maker, embroiderer, bricklayer [#226 14s.], wax chandler [#501 2s.], upholsterer [#729]. Many of these disbursements had to do with the extensive rebuilding of the theatre


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of The World

Afterpiece Title: Rosina