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Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Entertainment: A Variety of Imitations-a Young Gentleman [Stokes]


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: Richard-Young Gentleman, 1st time [Stokes (Morning Chronicle, 19 Sept.)]; Buckingham-Fearon; King Henry-Gardner; Richmond-Davis; Stanley-Lloyd; Tressel-Dancer; Lord Mayor-Francis; Catesby-Farrel; Lieutenant-Vowell; Blunt-Walters; Prince Edward-Miss Lings; Duke of York-Miss Francis; Ratcliff-Smith; Tyrrel-Adams; Lady Anne-Miss Platt; Duchess of York-Mrs White; Queen-Mrs Parsons.

Afterpiece Title: Madrigal and Trulletta

Entertainment: IV: Imitations Rhetorical and Vocal-Bannister; Scrub's Trip to the Jubilee-Weston

Event Comment: Tickets delivered for this Evening [Account-Book: by Alfred, Appleby, Benson, Banks, Cooke, Jones, Maddocks, Stokes, Whitmell, Gregson, Pilsbury, Mrs Edwin, Mrs Bramwell, Miss Redhead, Miss Menage] will be admitted. Receipts: #466 18s. (82.15.6; 16.18.0; 4.11.6; tickets: 362.13.0)


Mainpiece Title: At King's The Haunted Tower

Afterpiece Title: The Deaf Lover

Dance: End: Le Pas Russe-Master and Miss Menage; End I afterpiece: Dance-Whitmell

Event Comment: Tickets delivered for this Evening [Account-Book: by Stokes, Massingham, Massingham Jun., Gray, Cole, Hough, Tice, Calkin, Ross, Thompson, Fosbrook, Faux, Gillis, Waters, Perry, Chumbley, Powell, Appleby, Chatterley, Roffey, Henderson, Phillips, Master Gregson, Mrs Scott] will be admitted. Receipts: #623 14s. 6d. (64.11.6; 26.2.0; 9.19.6; tickets: 523.1.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Jew

Afterpiece Title: The Adopted Child

Event Comment: Benefit for Phillimore, Denman, Cooke, Stokes, Miss Tidswell, Miss Heard, Mrs Benson. Morning Herald, 9 June: Tickets to be had of Miss Heard at Mrs Fletcher's, No. 239, Piccadilly; True Briton, 5 June: of Mrs Benson, No. 31, Hart-street, Bloomsbury [no others listed]. Receipts: #78 10s. (35.0.6; 41.2.6; 2.7.0; tickets: none listed) (charge: #224 15s. 3d.)


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Afterpiece Title: The Spoil'd Child

Song: End I: When on board our trim Vessel-Cooke (composed by Carter); End IV: Chelsea Quarters (composed by Schroeder)-Cooke

Entertainment: Imitations. End: a Variety of Imitations-Caulfield

Ballet: Following Imitations: The Scotch Ghost. As17961221

Event Comment: Account-Book: Tickets delivered by Dale Sen., Palmer Jun., Stokes, Chippendale, Wentworth, Gibbon, Miss Tidswell. Mrs Phillimore will be admitted. 4th piece: To conclude as 11 May. Receipts: #441 13s. (21.1; 35.8; 0.12; tickets: 384.12)


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Afterpiece Title: Sylvester Daggerwood

Afterpiece Title: The Eleventh of June

Afterpiece Title: Don Juan

Event Comment: [Account-Book: Tickets delivered by Stokes, Archer, Sparks, Fisher, Chatterley, Chippendale, Miss Heard, Miss Tidswell, Mrs Benson will be admitted.] Receipts: #613 0s. 6d. (125.18.0; 43.11.6; 0.4.0; odd money: 18.18.0; tickets: 424.9.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Castle-spectre

Afterpiece Title: The Deserter

Entertainment: Monologues End: Collins's Ode on the Passions (1st time)-Miss Heard; Epilogue in the Character of Cupid-Master Chatterley