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Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Afterpiece: A new Ballad Opera. [By Charles Johnson. Apparently not published.] The Rehearsals of The Ephesian Matron having obliged Mr Bridgwater to a close Attendance, he humbly hopes his Friends will excuse his not being able personally to wait on them


Mainpiece Title: Henry Iv, Part I

Performance Comment: King-Mills; Prince-Wilks; Glendower-Cibber; Hotspur-Bridgwater; Falstaff-Harper; Northumberland-Bowman; Worcester-Corey; Douglas-W. Mills; Vernon-A. Hallam; Poins-Watson; Mortimer-Paget; Blunt-Oates; Francis-R. Wetherilt; Hostess-Mrs Willis; Kate-Mrs Booth; Carriers-Johnson, Cibber Jr.
Role: King Actor: Mills
Role: Prince Actor: Wilks
Role: Glendower Actor: Cibber
Role: Hotspur Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Falstaff Actor: Harper
Role: Northumberland Actor: Bowman
Role: Worcester Actor: Corey
Role: Douglas Actor: W. Mills
Role: Vernon Actor: A. Hallam
Role: Poins Actor: Watson
Role: Mortimer Actor: Paget
Role: Blunt Actor: Oates
Role: Francis Actor: R. Wetherilt
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Carriers Actor: Johnson, Cibber Jr.

Afterpiece Title: The Ephesian Matron

Performance Comment: Bridgwater, Stoppelaer, Miss Raftor, Berry, Mrs Grace.

Dance: HHighland Lass-Miss Robinson

Ballet: TThe Masques. Harlequin Petit Maitre-Essex; Mademoiselle-Mrs Walter; Punches-Thurmond, F. Tench; French Peasant-Houghton; French Peasant Woman-Mrs Delorme

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Mainpiece: Written by Sir John Vanbrugh. With his Additional Scene. [Tickets at Bridgwater's Lodgings, No. 16, Craven Buildings.]


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Wife

Role: Heartfree Actor: Hale
Role: Sir John Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Constant Actor: Walker
Role: Heartiree Actor: Ryan
Role: Razor Actor: Chapman
Role: Lady Brute Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Miss Norsa
Role: Lady Fanciful Actor: Mrs Horton

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Performance Comment: As17341119, but Hob-Bridgwater .
Role: Hob Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Hippisley
Role: Friendly Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Dick Actor: Wignell
Role: Old Hob Actor: Mullart
Role: Hob's Mother Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Norsa

Dance: Scot's Dance, as17350315 Pigmalion by Mlle Salle and Lally

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater (who has been ill). Tickets at Bridgwater's. over-against the Red-Lion in Brownlow Street. Tickets for Mr and Mrs Cross taken


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Wife

Performance Comment: Sir John-Bridgwater; Constant-Hale; Heartfree-Ryan; Rake-Gibson; Bully-Rosco; Razor-James; Justice-Roberts; Lady Fanciful-Mrs Vincent; Belinda-Mrs Bellamy; Cornet-Miss Horsington; Loveit-Miss Brunette; Mademoiselle-Mrs Cross; Lady Brute-Mrs Horton.
Role: Sir John Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Constant Actor: Hale
Role: Heartfree Actor: Ryan
Role: Rake Actor: Gibson
Role: Bully Actor: Rosco
Role: Razor Actor: James
Role: Justice Actor: Roberts
Role: Lady Fanciful Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Cornet Actor: Miss Horsington
Role: Loveit Actor: Miss Brunette
Role: Mademoiselle Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lady Brute Actor: Mrs Horton.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: Harry Actor: Anderson
Role: James Actor: Mullart.
Role: Doctor Actor: Cibber
Role: Jasper Actor: Arthur
Role: Leander Actor: Salway
Role: Welsh Davy Actor: Hippisley
Role: Hellebore Actor: Roberts
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Brunette
Role: Dorcas Actor: Miss Burgess.

Dance: I: Comic Ballet-Villeneuve, Miss Oates; III: Grand Ballet-Desse, Miss Oates; V: Grand Ballet-Glover, Mlle Roland

Event Comment: At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Benefit Bridgwater. As Written by Shakespear. Receipts: money #23 17s.; seals #64 19s. (Account Book); #100 (Rylands MS.). [Bridgwater was charged #50 for his benefit.


Mainpiece Title: King John

Performance Comment: King John-Delane; Arthur-Mrs Vincent; Bastard Faulconbridge-Hale; Hubert-Bridgwater; Phillip, King of France-Ryan; Dauphin-Hallam; Pandulph-Roberts; Constance-Mrs Mullart; Blanche-Mrs Stevens; With a New Epilogue, in the Person of Shakespear (ushered in by Solemn Musick) on Occasion of the Monument erected by the Publick to his Memory.-Mr Theobald; With an exact Representation of the said Monument-.

Dance: LLes Matelots-Mechel, Mlle Mechel; Comic Dance-Villeneuve, Mrs Delagarde; French Peasants-Mechel, Mlle Mechel

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. All will be over at Nine at Night. Tickets delivered by Messing will be taken. Tickets of Page at the stage door and of Bridgwater at his house, the lower end of Water Lane in Fleet St.


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Ben-Bridgwater; Valentine-Hale; Tattle-Chapman; Foresight-Hippisley; Sir Sampson-Marten; Scandal-Cashell; Jeremy-Woodward; Trapland-James; Buckram-Harrington; Angelica-Mrs Horton; Mrs Frail-Mrs Pritchard; Mrs Foresight-Mrs Woodward; Nurse-Mrs Martin; Jenny-Mrs Bland; Miss Prue-Miss Georgiana Bellamy, who never appeared on any stage before.
Role: Ben Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Valentine Actor: Hale
Role: Tattle Actor: Chapman
Role: Foresight Actor: Hippisley
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Marten
Role: Scandal Actor: Cashell
Role: Jeremy Actor: Woodward
Role: Trapland Actor: James
Role: Buckram Actor: Harrington
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Woodward
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Miss Prue Actor: Miss Georgiana Bellamy, who never appeared on any stage before.

Dance: TThe Peasants, as17420210; Chacone, as17411230; Rigadone Provencale, as17420226; Hornpipe proper to the play-Vaughan

Event Comment: Benefit Raymond and Bridgwater. Mainpiece: As it was alter'd by the late Duke of Buckingham


Mainpiece Title: The Chances

Performance Comment: As17231030, but Duke-Bridgwater.
Role: Duke Actor: Bridgwater.
Role: John Actor: Wilks
Role: Frederick Actor: Mills
Role: Antonio Actor: Penkethman
Role: Petruchio Actor: Wm. Mills
Role: Peter Actor: Norris
Role: Antony Actor: Cross
Role: 1st Constantia Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: 2d Constantia Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Willis.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy; or, The Comical Rivals

Music: Concerto on Little Flute-Baston

Song: A Song on the Death of a Stag , Words by Shakespear, Musick by Henry Carey-Ray; accompany'd with French Horns-

Dance: Foresters-Shaw, Thurmond, Topham, Boval, Topham Jr; Passacaile-Shaw, Mrs Younger; Scotch Dance-Mrs Bullock; Comick Dance-Miss Tenoe

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater and Mrs Brett


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: As17241104, but Axalla-Bridgwater.
Role: Axalla Actor: Bridgwater.
Role: Tamerlane Actor: Booth
Role: Bajazet Actor: Mills
Role: Moneses Actor: Wilks
Role: Arpasia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Booth

Dance: Thurmond, Boval, Mrs Brett, Miss Tenoe

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: As17251018, but Aimwell-Bridgwater; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Baker; Dorinda-Mrs Porter.
Role: Aimwell Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Porter.
Role: Archer Actor: Wilks
Role: Sullen Actor: Thurmond
Role: Foigard Actor: Miller
Role: Gibbet Actor: Cibber
Role: Bonniface Actor: Shepard
Role: Scrub Actor: Norris
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Tenoe.

Afterpiece Title: The Stage Coach

Dance: Thurmond, Boval, Lally, Duplessis, Haughton, Mrs Brett, Young Rainton, Miss Robinson; Scaramouch-Young Sandham

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: The History And Fall Of Caius Marius

Performance Comment: Marius Jr-Booth; Caius Marius-Mills; Sylla-Thurmond; Granius-Wm. Mills; Metellus-Boman; Cinna-Williams; Sulpitius-Bridgwater; Starv'd Apothecary-Griffin; First Ruffian-Miller; Nurse-Norris; Lavinia-Mrs Porter.
Role: Marius Jr Actor: Booth
Role: Caius Marius Actor: Mills
Role: Sylla Actor: Thurmond
Role: Granius Actor: Wm. Mills
Role: Metellus Actor: Boman
Role: Cinna Actor: Williams
Role: Sulpitius Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Starv'd Apothecary Actor: Griffin
Role: First Ruffian Actor: Miller
Role: Nurse Actor: Norris
Role: Lavinia Actor: Mrs Porter.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Performance Comment: Young Rakish-Bridgwater; With a new Epilogue-.
Role: Young Rakish Actor: Bridgwater
Role: With a new Epilogue Actor: .

Dance: Lally, Essex, Boval, Haughton, Miss Tenoe, Mrs Brett, Mrs Walter

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater and Mrs Walter


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: As17280411 but Basset-Bridgwater; Epilogue-_.

Afterpiece Title: The Strolers

Dance: Thurmond, Boval, Essex, Burney, Mrs Walter, Miss Young, Miss Lindar

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater and Corey.At the Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Theodosius; Or, The Force Of Love

Performance Comment: Theodosius-Williams; Varanes-Bridgwater; Marcian-Mills; Leontine-Corey; Atticus-Boman; Athenais-Mrs Porter; Pulcheria-Mrs Horton.
Role: Theodosius Actor: Williams
Role: Varanes Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Marcian Actor: Mills
Role: Leontine Actor: Corey
Role: Atticus Actor: Boman
Role: Athenais Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Pulcheria Actor: Mrs Horton.

Afterpiece Title: Phebe; or, The Beggar's Wedding

Dance: Essex, Lally, Thurmond, Haughton, Rainton, Mrs Walter, Mlle Delorme

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Eurydice

Performance Comment: As17310322(in edition). A new Prologue proper to the Play and the Occasion-Bridgwater; and the Original Epilogue-Miss Robinson.

Afterpiece Title: The Lovers Opera

Role: Dalton Actor: Harper
Role: Edgar Actor: Charke
Role: Moody Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Amin Prim Actor: Griffin
Role: Varole Actor: Oates
Role: Clodpole Actor: Berry
Role: Clara Actor: Miss P. Vaughan
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Raftor.
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Thurmond.

Song: Signora Meriggi's Favourite Song in Porus-Miss Raftor

Dance: TTambourin Dance-Miss Robinson; English Maggot-Rainton, Mrs Walter

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater


Mainpiece Title: The Rover

Performance Comment: (Daily Post missing), but Genest, III, 371, lists: Wilmore-Bridgwater; Blunt-Johnson; Hellena-Mrs Booth; Angelica-Mrs Horton.
Role: Wilmore Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Blunt Actor: Johnson
Role: Hellena Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Horton.

Afterpiece Title: The Imaginary Cuckolds

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Performance Comment: Sir Charles-Bridgwater; Morelove-Hewitt; Foppington-Mecklin; Lady Betty-Mrs Horton; Lady Easy-Miss Holliday; Lady Graveairs-Mrs Mullart; Edging-Mrs Clive, but see17340318.
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Morelove Actor: Hewitt
Role: Foppington Actor: Mecklin
Role: Lady Betty Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Lady Easy Actor: Miss Holliday
Role: Lady Graveairs Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Edging Actor: Mrs Clive, but see17340318

Afterpiece Title: Cephalus and Procris

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Tickets deliver'd out by Rawlins, and for Rule a Wife will be taken at this play


Mainpiece Title: Theodosius; Or, The Force Of Love

Performance Comment: Theodosius Ryan; Varanes-Hale; Marcian-Bridgwater; Leontine-Rosco; Atticus-Marten; Pulcheria-Mrs Woodward; Athenais-Mrs Horton.
Role: Varanes Actor: Hale
Role: Marcian Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Leontine Actor: Rosco
Role: Atticus Actor: Marten
Role: Pulcheria Actor: Mrs Woodward
Role: Athenais Actor: Mrs Horton.

Dance: II: Les Matelots, as17430324 III: New Grand Comic Ballet, as17430407 IV: French Peasant, as17430324 V: a New Ball Dance by Kellom Tomlinson (by Desire)-Villeneuve, Mrs Delagarde

Music: Between the Acts: Select pieces-


Mainpiece Title: Timon In Love; Or, The Innocent Theft

Performance Comment: Parts by Bridgwater, Roberts, Hewitt, Mrs Horton, Mrs Clive; but edition of 1733 lists: Timon-Roberts; Pierrot-Bridgwater; Socrates-Hewit; Mercury or Aspasia-Mrs Clive; Plums-Norris; Iphicrates-Topham; Caricles-Jones; Singing Master-Turbutt; Fencing Master-Hewson; Dancing Master-Davenport; Eucharis-Mrs Horton. Prologue spoken by Bridgwater; Epilogue spoken by Mrs Clive . Epilogue spoken by Mrs Clive .
Role: : Timon Actor: Roberts
Role: Pierrot Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Socrates Actor: Hewit
Role: Mercury or Aspasia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Plums Actor: Norris
Role: Iphicrates Actor: Topham
Role: Caricles Actor: Jones
Role: Singing Master Actor: Turbutt
Role: Fencing Master Actor: Hewson
Role: Dancing Master Actor: Davenport
Role: Eucharis Actor: Mrs Horton. Prologue spoken by Bridgwater

Afterpiece Title: The Country Revels: With Harlequin Restor'd


Mainpiece Title: Love In Several Masques

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Wilks, Mills, Cibber, Bridgwater, Griffin, Harper, Miller, Mrs Oldfield, Mrs Porter, Mrs Moor, Mrs Mills; but edition of 1728 lists: Wisemore-Mills; Mertial-Wilks; Malvil-Bridgwater; Lord Formal-Griffin; Rattle-Cibber; Sir Postive Trap-Harper; Sir Apish Simple-Miller; Lady Matchless-Mrs Oldfield; Vermilia-Mrs Porter; Helena-Mrs Booth; Lady Trap-Mrs Moor; Catchit-Mrs Mills; Prologue Occasioned by its Succeeding The Provoked Husband,-Mills; Epilogue-Miss Robinson Jr.


Mainpiece Title: The Humours Of Oxford

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Wilks, Mills, Cibber, Bridgwater, Harper, Griffin, Roberts, Norris, Mrs Oldfield, Mrs Porter, Mrs Booth, Miss Raftor; but edition of 1730 lists: Colonel Truemore-Mills; Gainlove-Wilks; Shamwell-Bridgwater; Haughty-Harper; Conundrum-Griffin; Apeall-Cibber; Vicechancellor-W. Mills; Old Apeall-Roberts; Timothy-Norris; Dash-Oates; Lady Science-Mrs Porter; Victoria-Mrs Booth; Clarinda-Mrs Oldfield; Kitty-Miss Raftor; Wife to Haughty-Mrs Grace; Prologue-Wilks; Epilogue-Miss Robinson.
Role: Principal parts Actor: Wilks, Mills, Cibber, Bridgwater, Harper, Griffin, Roberts, Norris, Mrs Oldfield, Mrs Porter, Mrs Booth, Miss Raftor
Role: Colonel Truemore Actor: Mills
Role: Gainlove Actor: Wilks
Role: Shamwell Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Haughty Actor: Harper
Role: Conundrum Actor: Griffin
Role: Apeall Actor: Cibber
Role: Vicechancellor Actor: W. Mills
Role: Old Apeall Actor: Roberts
Role: Timothy Actor: Norris
Role: Dash Actor: Oates
Role: Lady Science Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Victoria Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Kitty Actor: Miss Raftor
Role: Wife to Haughty Actor: Mrs Grace
Role: Prologue Actor: Wilks
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Robinson.


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Performance Comment: Edition of 1733 lists: Lovegold-Griffin; Frederick-Bridgwater; Harriet-Mrs Butler; Clerimont-Mills Jr; Mrs Wisely-Mrs Grace; Mariana-Mrs Horton; Ramilie-Cibber Jr; Lappet-Mrs Raftor; Wheedle-Mrs Mullart; Decoy-Oates; Furnish-Fielding; Sparkle-Berry; Sattin-Grey; List-Oates; Cha. Bubbleboy-Mullart; Lawyer-Mullart; Prologue-Bridgwater; Epilogue by Colley Cibber-Mrs Raftor.
Role: Lovegold Actor: Griffin
Role: Frederick Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Clerimont Actor: Mills Jr
Role: Mrs Wisely Actor: Mrs Grace
Role: Mariana Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Ramilie Actor: Cibber Jr
Role: Lappet Actor: Mrs Raftor
Role: Wheedle Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Decoy Actor: Oates
Role: Furnish Actor: Fielding
Role: Sparkle Actor: Berry
Role: Sattin Actor: Grey
Role: List Actor: Oates
Role: Bubbleboy Actor: Mullart
Role: Lawyer Actor: Mullart
Role: Prologue Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Colley Cibber Actor: Mrs Raftor.


Mainpiece Title: Fatal Falshood

Performance Comment: Cast not listed, but edition of 1734 lists: Belladine-Bridgwater; Rainford-Marshall; Manlove-Paget; Wilraot-Turbut; Maria-Mrs Horton; Louisa-Miss Holliday; Amanthe-Mrs F.lmy. Prologue written by John Stacie and spoken by Bridgwater. Epilogue written by Aaron Hill and spoken by Mrs Clive .

Afterpiece Title: Cupid and Psyche

Role: Gargantua Actor: Mynheer Cajanus
Role: Pistolet Actor: Young Carney
Role: Pierrot Actor: Poitier, the first time of his appearing on this stage
Role: Neptune Actor: Turbutt
Role: Mars Actor: Hewson
Role: Pluto Actor: Jones Jr
Role: Vulcan Actor: Rainton
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Cooper
Role: Pallas Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Diana Actor: Miss Palms
Role: Ceres Actor: Mrs Herle
Role: Jupiter Actor: Nichols
Role: Apollo Actor: Snider
Role: Mercury Actor: Mountier
Role: Bacchus Actor: Waltz
Role: Cupid Actor: Master Kilbourn
Role: Venus Actor: Mrs Mason
Role: Vertumnus Actor: Lally Sr
Role: Pomona Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Psyche Actor: Miss Young
Role: Ganimede Actor: Miss Norris
Role: Swain Actor: Poitier
Role: Nymph Actor: Mlle Grognet
Role: Pan Actor: Le Brun
Role: Sylvans Actor: S. Lally, Davenport, Topham
Role: Nymphs Actor: Miss Delorme, Mrs Davenport, Mrs Anderson
Role: Satyrs Actor: Warwell, Leigh, Olbeldiston, Hicks, Burnet, Bethun
Role: Pan Actor: Le Brun
Role: Spaniard Actor: Stopelar
Role: Harlequin Actor: Le Brun
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Atherton
Role: Mynheer Bassoon Actor: Waltz
Role: Sig Treblini Actor: Mountier
Role: Mons Quadrille Actor: Giles
Role: Plumb Actor: Topham
Role: Coblers Actor: Hicks, Leigh, Olbeldiston, Burnet
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mullart


Mainpiece Title: The Drummer

Role: Sir George Actor: Ryan
Role: Tinsel Actor: Chapman
Role: Fantom Actor: Walker
Role: Lady Trueman Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Abigail Actor: Mrs Mullart
Role: Vellum Actor: Hippisley
Role: Butler Actor: Morgan
Role: Coachman Actor: Neale
Role: Gardener Actor: James

Afterpiece Title: The Toy-Shop

Performance Comment: Parts by Chapman, Bridgwater, A. Hallam, Hippisley, Wignel, Hale, James, Neale, Mrs Bullock, Miss Norsa, Miss Binks; but edition of 1735 lists: Master of the Shop-Chapman; Gentlemen-Bridgwater, Wignell, Hallam, Hale; Beau-Neale; Old Man-James; 2d-Hippisley; Ladies-Mrs Bullock, Miss Norsa, Mrs Mullart, Miss Bincks. Epilogue .

Dance: Scot's Dance by Glover, Miss Rogers, Le Sac, Miss Baston, De la Garde, Mrs De l'Orme. Tambourine by Miss Rogers. The Medley by S. Lally, de la Garde, Miss Baston


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Widows; Or, The Fair Libertine

Performance Comment: Parts by Hippisley, Bridgwater, Ryan, Chapman, Mrs Horton, Mrs Hallam, Mrs Stevens; but edition of 1735 lists: Sir William Freelove-Hippisley; Modern-Bridgwater; Freelove-Ryan; Young Modern-Chapman; Lady Bellair-Mrs Horton; Lady Lurcher-Mrs Hallam; Double-Mrs Stephens .
Role: : Sir William Freelove Actor: Hippisley
Role: Modern Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Freelove Actor: Ryan
Role: Young Modern Actor: Chapman
Role: Lady Bellair Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Lady Lurcher Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Double Actor: Mrs Stephens

Dance: The Faithful Shepherd (composed by Glover) by Glover, Le Sac, Duke, Dupre, Delagarde, Mrs Ogden, Miss Rogers, Miss Baston, Mlle de l'Orme, Mlle Villepierre

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. Tickets at Bridgwater's Lodgings in Brownlow-street, dl


Mainpiece Title: All For Love

Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs Hallam.
Role: Antony Actor: Delane
Role: Ventidius Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Dolabella Actor: Walker
Role: Alexas Actor: A. Hallam
Role: Cleopatra Actor: Mrs Horton

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Damon Actor: Roberts.

Song: I: The Lady's Lamentation for the Loss of Senesino-Roberts; III: A new English Song-Roberts; IV: Caelia has a Thousand Charms (music by Purcell)-Beard

Dance: II: Comic Dance-Nivelon, Lalauze, Mrs Laguerre, Mrs LeBrun; V: Grecian Sailors-Glover

Event Comment: Benefit Bridgwater. Tickets at Bridgwater's Lodgings, Brownlow Street in dl


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Role: Lady Darling Actor: Mrs James.
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Ryan
Role: Standard Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Lady Lurewell Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Beau Clincher Actor: Chapman
Role: Smugler Actor: Hippisley
Role: Vizard Actor: Hale
Role: Clincher Jr Actor: Neale
Role: Dicky Actor: James
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Parly Actor: Mrs Kilby.

Afterpiece Title: The Cheats of Scapin

Role: Scapzn Actor: Hippisley.

Dance: Master Cooke, Miss Scot; Comic Dance-Villeneuve, Miss Oates; Scots Dance-Glover, Mlle Roland

Event Comment: Benefit for Bridgwater. Tickets and places to be had of Page at the stage door, and of Bridgwater at his wharf near Whitefriars. [His notice of hopeful acknowledgement (3 Feb.) repeated.


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Role: Jacyntha Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Dunstall.
Role: Ranger Actor: Giffard
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Strickland Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Frankly Actor: Ryan
Role: Bellamy Actor: Gibson
Role: Jack Meggot Actor: Cibber
Role: Simon Actor: James
Role: Tester Actor: Collins
Role: Buckle Actor: Anderson
Role: Mrs Strickland Actor: Mrs Hale

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Jasper Actor: James.
Role: Fribble Actor: Cushing
Role: Flash Actor: Cibber
Role: Biddy Actor: Miss Mattocks her 1st appearance on any stage
Role: Sir Simon Actor: Collins
Role: Capt Loveit Actor: Anderson
Role: Puff Actor: Dunstall
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Bland.