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Event Comment: Benefit of Nicholson and Mrs Daniel. A Concert, etc


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: LLouvre, Minuet-Miss Mondozie, Nicholson

Event Comment: The King's Company. There is no indication as to whether this is the first performance of the play. Pepys, Diary: I took my wife out, for I do find that I am not able to conquer myself as to going to plays till I come to some new vowe concerning it, and that I am now come, that is to say, that I will not see above one in a month at any of the publique theatres till the sum of 50s. be spent, and then none before New Year's day next, unless that I do become worth #1,000 sooner than then, and then am free fo come to some other terms.... to the King's house, and there met Mr Nicholson, my old colleague, and saw The Usurper, which is no good play, though better than what I saw yesterday. However, we rose unsatisfied


Mainpiece Title: The Usurper

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By the Particular of Several Persons of Quality for the Benefit of Mr Nicholson


Mainpiece Title: The Siege Of Damascus

Afterpiece Title: The Schoolboy

Dance: GGondalier-Cooke; Scotch Dance, as17441012

Event Comment: Benefit Dance and Nicholson. Tom's Coffee House, Cornhill, Wednesday four o'Clock. Mr Bayes: By the unanimous Desire of a number of your Friends here assenbled, who intend to sit in judgment upon you on Friday, I take upon me to advise you in some Particulars, as to your present Undertaking. Let not any Success you might meet with at one End of the Town where the Audience must be composed of a different Class of People from what you may expect at Covent Garden, tempt you to think of mimicking an Actress whom the Town doats upon; and particularly avoid Puffing; a Scheme long ago worn threadbare, but lately quite demolish'd by an enterprizing Genius. Not even an Epilogue from the Gods would be of any Service now; and therefore if you have anything that's new, any fiery Flights of Fancy, and all that, let them lie dormant till the Time of Action, and then endeavour to elevate and surprize. Value these Hints.--Daily Advertiser


Mainpiece Title: The Rehearsal

Afterpiece Title: The Schoolboy

Dance: LLes Allemandes, as17460421 The Peasants, as17460405

Event Comment: Benefit Nicholson, Dancing Master. 6:30 p.m. A Concert, etc


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Event Comment: At The Chapel of the Foundling Hospital. [Deutsch, Handel, pp. 799-801, notes the performance and lists the "Orchestra Bill," for this performance: twelve violins-Brown, Collet, Freeks, Frowd, Claudio, Wood, Wood Jr, Denner, Abbington, Grosman, Jackson, Nicholson, the first three at 15s. and the rest at 10s. each; three "tenners" [violas]-Rash, Warner, Stockton at 8s. each: four hautbois-Eyferd, Teede, Vincent, Weichsel, the first three at 10s. 6d. and the fourth at 8s.; four bassoons-Miller, Baumgarden, Goodman, Owen, the first two at 10s. 6d. and the rest at 8s. each; three violoncellos-Gillier, Haron, Hebden at 10s. 6d. each; two double basses-Dietrich at 15s. and Sworms at 10s.; horns and drums by Adcock and Willis at 10s. 6d. each; trumpets and kettle drums-Trowa, Miller, and Fr Smith at 10s. 6d. for a total of #17 15s. He also lists the bill for the singers: Sga Frasi, #6 6s.; Miss Frederick, #4 4s.; Miss Young, #3 3s.; Beard with services gratis; Champness, #1, 11s. 6d.; Waas, Bailden, and Barrow at #1 1s. each; six boys, totalling #4 14s. 6d.; a second Champness, Ladd, Cox, Munck, Reinhold, Walz, Courtney, and Kurz, at 10s. 6d. each, for a total of #27 16s. 6d. Servants and music porters added #4 14s. 6d. What with #5 5s. 6d. for Smith brought the total bill to #55 11s. 6d. The Constable in addition cost #3 3s.


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Thomas Holcroft; in 1796 altered by the author and acted as The Mask'd Friend. Prologue by William Nicholson (see text). Epilogue attributed to Frederick Pilon (Public Advertiser, 15 Oct.)]: With New Dresses, Scenery, &c. Public Advertiser, 12 Nov. 1781: This Day will lie published Duplicity (price not listed). Paid Music #8 4s. 8d.; Chorus Singers #3 15s. Receipts: #204 16s. (202/7/6; 2/8/6)


Mainpiece Title: Duplicity

Afterpiece Title: The Flitch of Bacon

Event Comment: Places for the Boxes to be taken of Fosbrook, at the Theatre. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [see 14 Nov.]. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. In drinking health to the King at the supper table in the farce, Baddeley introduced very appositely an allusion to his Majesty's late fortunate escape [on 2 Aug., when Margaret Nicholson attempted to assassinate him], which was received with three plaudits" (London Chronicle, 19 Sept.). Receipts: #260 13s. (224.2; 36.6; 0.5)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Song: III: Song-Williames [This was sung, as here assigned,in all subsequent performances, except on 19 Jan. 1787, q.v.]