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Event Comment: At The Chapel of the Foundling Hospital. [Deutsch, Handel, pp. 799-801, notes the performance and lists the "Orchestra Bill," for this performance: twelve violins-Brown, Collet, Freeks, Frowd, Claudio, Wood, Wood Jr, Denner, Abbington, Grosman, Jackson, Nicholson, the first three at 15s. and the rest at 10s. each; three "tenners" [violas]-Rash, Warner, Stockton at 8s. each: four hautbois-Eyferd, Teede, Vincent, Weichsel, the first three at 10s. 6d. and the fourth at 8s.; four bassoons-Miller, Baumgarden, Goodman, Owen, the first two at 10s. 6d. and the rest at 8s. each; three violoncellos-Gillier, Haron, Hebden at 10s. 6d. each; two double basses-Dietrich at 15s. and Sworms at 10s.; horns and drums by Adcock and Willis at 10s. 6d. each; trumpets and kettle drums-Trowa, Miller, and Fr Smith at 10s. 6d. for a total of #17 15s. He also lists the bill for the singers: Sga Frasi, #6 6s.; Miss Frederick, #4 4s.; Miss Young, #3 3s.; Beard with services gratis; Champness, #1, 11s. 6d.; Waas, Bailden, and Barrow at #1 1s. each; six boys, totalling #4 14s. 6d.; a second Champness, Ladd, Cox, Munck, Reinhold, Walz, Courtney, and Kurz, at 10s. 6d. each, for a total of #27 16s. 6d. Servants and music porters added #4 14s. 6d. What with #5 5s. 6d. for Smith brought the total bill to #55 11s. 6d. The Constable in addition cost #3 3s.


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah