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Event Comment: Benefit Milward. Tickets at Milward's in Brownlow-Street. [Henry Brooke has a note in the Daily Post, 17 March, stating that on 24 Feb. he gave to Chetwin, Deputy-Licencer of plays, a copy of Gustavus Vasa but has received neither a licence nor a statement of exceptions to it.


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Glocester-Quin; Hastings-Milward; Dumont-Mills; Belmour-Wright; Catesby-Ridout; Ratcliff-Winstone; Alicia-Mrs Roberts; Jane Shore-Mrs Butler.
Role: Glocester Actor: Quin
Role: Hastings Actor: Milward
Role: Dumont Actor: Mills
Role: Belmour Actor: Wright
Role: Catesby Actor: Ridout
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Winstone
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Butler.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Jobson Actor: Turbutt
Role: Butler Actor: Raftor.
Role: Sir John Actor: Beard
Role: with The Eearly Horn Actor: Beard
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: II: Pierots-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; IV: Grand Ballet, as17390313 V: Aethiopian Dance-Muilment

Event Comment: Benefit Milward. Mainpiece: Alter'd from Shakespear. [Stage enclosed, at 17 March. Tickets at Milward's House, No. 15, Craven Buildings, lower end of Drury Lane.


Mainpiece Title: Timon Of Athens

Performance Comment: Timon-Milward; Apemantus-Quin; Alcibiades-Mills; Poet-Woodward; Melissa-Mrs Pritchard; Evandra-Mrs Butler; Aelius-Johnson; Nicias-Shepard; Isander-Winstone; Isidore-Taswell; Cleon-Ray; Phaeax-Marten; Thrasillas-Reed; Demetrius-Turbutt; Page-Miss Cole; Chloe-Miss Bennet.
Role: Timon Actor: Milward
Role: Apemantus Actor: Quin
Role: Alcibiades Actor: Mills
Role: Poet Actor: Woodward
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Evandra Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Aelius Actor: Johnson
Role: Nicias Actor: Shepard
Role: Isander Actor: Winstone
Role: Isidore Actor: Taswell
Role: Cleon Actor: Ray
Role: Phaeax Actor: Marten
Role: Thrasillas Actor: Reed
Role: Demetrius Actor: Turbutt
Role: Page Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Chloe Actor: Miss Bennet.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock-Lawyer

Role: Lawyer Actor: Chapman.

Dance: I: Le Tambourine-Mlle Chateauneuf; III: Muilment; V: Ballet-Desnoyer, Mlle Chateauneuf

Song: The last new Song-Mrs Clive by Handel (17 March)

Event Comment: Benefit Milward. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Oedipus, King Of Thebes

Performance Comment: Oedipus-Milward.
Role: Oedipus Actor: Milward.
Event Comment: Benefit Milward, Mrs Moffett, and Mrs Smithies. Receipts: money #7 9s. 6d.; tickets #98 3s


Mainpiece Title: The True And Ancient History Of King Lear And His Three Daughters

Performance Comment: As17250924, but Cornwall-Milward; Usher-Morgan; Cordelia-Mrs Younger.
Role: Cornwall Actor: Milward
Role: Usher Actor: Morgan
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Younger.
Role: Lear Actor: Boheme
Role: Gloucester Actor: Quin
Role: Edgar Actor: Ryan
Role: Edmund Actor: Walker
Role: Kent Actor: Ogden
Role: Albany Actor: Diggs
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Spiller.

Song: TThe Play of Love-Leveridge

Dance: FFrench Sailor and Wife-Salle, Mlle Salle; French Peasant-Nivelon, Mrs Legare

Event Comment: Benefit Hall and Milward. Receipts: money #8 0s. 6d.; tickets #115 14s. Probable attendance: boxes, 5 by money and 102 by tickets; pit, 18 by money and 426 by tickets; first gallery, 13 by money and 263 by tickets; second gallery, 17 by money


Mainpiece Title: Tunbridge Walks; Or, The Yeoman Of Kent

Performance Comment: Reynard-Milward; Loveworth-Walker; Woodcock-Hall; Squib-Spiller; Maiden-W. Bullock; Hillaria-Mrs Morgan; Belinda-Mrs Vincent; Mrs Goodfellow-Mrs Cook; Penelope-Mrs Rice; Lucy-Miss Fenton.
Role: Reynard Actor: Milward
Role: Loveworth Actor: Walker
Role: Woodcock Actor: Hall
Role: Squib Actor: Spiller
Role: Maiden Actor: W. Bullock
Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Morgan
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Mrs Goodfellow Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Penelope Actor: Mrs Rice
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Fenton.

Song: DDe mi Cara-Mrs Warren

Dance: WWooden Shoe Dance-Nivelon; Fingalian-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden; Scottish Dance-Mrs Bullock; Shepherd and Shepherdess-Salle, Mlle Salle

Event Comment: At Miller-Hall-Milward Great Theatrical Booth, at Hosier Lane End


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore: Containing The Death Of King Edward Iv, The Penance Of Jane Shore, And Her Miserable Fall Under Richard The Protector

Performance Comment: King Edward-Cory; Richard the Protector-Smith; Shore-Milward; Sir Robert Brackenbury-Oates; Jane Shore-Mrs Mottett; Flora-Miss Sherburn.
Role: King Edward Actor: Cory
Role: Richard the Protector Actor: Smith
Role: Shore Actor: Milward
Role: Sir Robert Brackenbury Actor: Oates
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Mottett
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Sherburn.

Afterpiece Title: With The Comical Humours of Anthony Noodle, His Man Weazle, and Captain Blunderbuss

Role: Squire Noodle Actor: Miller
Role: Weazel Actor: Ray
Role: Captain Blunderbuss Actor: Hall.

Afterpiece Title: The Wheel of Life; or, Harlequin's Death

Event Comment: Benefit Milward and Mrs Berriman. Not Acted these Ten Years. At the particular Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Receipts: money #34 9s.; tickets #163 19s. Probable attendance: boxes, 26 by money and 290 by tickets; stage, 11 by money; pit, 32 by money and 429 by tickets; slips, 3 by money; first gallery, 73 by money and 271 by tickets; second gallery, 145 by money


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Performance Comment: Colonel Feignwell-Milward; Obadiah Prim-Hippisley; Perriwinkle-Spiller; Tradelove-Bullock; Sir Philip-Chapman; Freeman-Ogden; Sackbut-Hall; Simon Pure-Morgan; Mrs Prim-Mrs Cook; Betty-Miss Fenton; Anne Lovely-Mrs Younger.
Role: Colonel Feignwell Actor: Milward
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Hippisley
Role: Perriwinkle Actor: Spiller
Role: Tradelove Actor: Bullock
Role: Sir Philip Actor: Chapman
Role: Freeman Actor: Ogden
Role: Sackbut Actor: Hall
Role: Simon Pure Actor: Morgan
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Fenton
Role: Anne Lovely Actor: Mrs Younger.

Dance: End II: Two Pierrots-Nivelon, Poitier; IV: Scottish Dance-Mrs Bullock

Song: I: Hey Ho Who's Above?-Salway, Miss Warren; III: Si Caro Cara Si, In the Pleasant Month of May-Miss Warren; V: The Merry Cobler's Tragical End at Last-Leveridge

Event Comment: Benefit Milward. Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Addison. Afterpiece: At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Written by Mr Essex Hawker. Receipts: money #42 2s. 6d.; tickets #97 15s


Mainpiece Title: Ato

Performance Comment: Cato-Boheme; Juba-Walker; Syphax-Quin; Sempronius-Hulett; Lucius-Ogden; Portius-Ryan; Marcus-Milward; Decius-Chapman; Marcia-Mrs Bullock; Lucia-Mrs Younger.
Role: Cato Actor: Boheme
Role: Juba Actor: Walker
Role: Syphax Actor: Quin
Role: Sempronius Actor: Hulett
Role: Lucius Actor: Ogden
Role: Portius Actor: Ryan
Role: Marcus Actor: Milward
Role: Decius Actor: Chapman
Role: Marcia Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Younger.

Afterpiece Title: The Wedding

Role: Peartree Actor: Salway
Role: Rako Actor: Ray
Role: Ply] Actor: Hulett
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Cantrel
Role: Goody Weeder Actor: Mrs Egleton.
Event Comment: Benefit Milward. Written by Dryden and Lee. Receipts: money #39; tickets #98 2s


Mainpiece Title: Oedipus, King Of Thebes

Performance Comment: As17301005, but Oedipus-Milward; Haemon-Chapman; Ghost of Laius-_; Citizens-_Ray.
Role: Oedipus Actor: Milward
Role: Haemon Actor: Chapman
Role: Citizens Actor: _Ray.
Role: Adrastus Actor: Walker
Role: Creon Actor: Quin
Role: Tiresias Actor: Ogden
Role: Phorbas Actor: Ryan
Role: Aegeon Actor: Hulett
Role: Ghost of Laius Actor: Chapman
Role: Jocasta Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Eurydice Actor: Mrs Bullock

Dance: I: Two Pierrots-Nivelon, Poitier; III: Pastoral-Salle, Mlle Salle

Music: t the Request of the Free and Accepted Masons a Piece of Vocal and Instrumental Musick (never perform'd in publick), Words by Charles De la Faye, Esq; and set to Musick by Mr Francisco-; Vocal Parts-Leveridge, Laguerre, Salway, Hall, Papillion, Thompson

Event Comment: Benefit Milward. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Otway. Receipts: money #48 14s.; tickets #114 3s


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserv'd

Performance Comment: See lif 27 Dec. 1732, but Jaffier-Milward; Pierre-Quin; Duke-Paget; Bedamar-Walker; Priuli-Chapman; Renault-Aston; Spinosa-Houghton; Elliot-Hale; Antonio-Hippisley; Belvidera-Mrs Hallam.
Role: Jaffier Actor: Milward
Role: Pierre Actor: Quin
Role: Duke Actor: Paget
Role: Bedamar Actor: Walker
Role: Priuli Actor: Chapman
Role: Renault Actor: Aston
Role: Spinosa Actor: Houghton
Role: Elliot Actor: Hale
Role: Antonio Actor: Hippisley
Role: Belvidera Actor: Mrs Hallam.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Role: Flora Actor: Miss Norsa.
Role: Hob's Mother Actor: Mrs Egleton.
Role: Hob Actor: Laguerre
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Hippisley
Role: Friendly Actor: Salway
Role: Old Hob Actor: Hall
Role: Roger Actor: Clarke
Role: Dick Actor: H. Bullock
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Kilby

Dance: II: Tambourine-Miss Rogers; IV: Mock Minuet-Nivelon, Mrs Laguerre, introduced by Pelling, Mrs Pelling, Newhouse, Miss LaTour, Delagarde, Mrs Ogden, Lesac, Miss Baston; End I of Afterpiece: Scottish Dance-Glover, Mrs Laguerre, Dupre, Mrs Pelling, Delagarde, Mrs Ogden

Event Comment: Benefit Milward. Not Acted these Seven Years. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: All For Love; Or, The World Well Lost

Performance Comment: Marc Antony-Milward; Cleopatra-Mrs Heron; Ventidius-Mills; Octavia-Mrs Butler; Dolabella-A. Hallam; Alexas-W. Mills. With a Prologue written by the late Sir Richard Steele, upon the Revival of the Play in the Year 1716, to be spoke by Mr Cibber .

Dance: The Polonese, as17340401 Grand Dance in Momus: Sailor-Nivelon; Lively Lass-Miss Man; Les Plaisirs-Essex, Miss Robinson; Nymphs-Miss Latour, Mrs D'Lorme, Mrs Davenport

Song: Per le Porte del Tormento by Miss Arne and Master Arne

Event Comment: Benefit Milward. Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Hughes. Part of the Stage formed into Side Boxes


Mainpiece Title: The Siege Of Damascus

Performance Comment: Eumenes-Mills; Caled-Quin; Phocyas-Milward; Abudah-W. Mills; Daran-Cibber; Herbis-Berry; Artamon-Turbutt; Eudocia-Mrs Heron. With a New Prologue to his [Hughes'] Memory .Hughes'] Memory .
Role: Eumenes Actor: Mills
Role: Caled Actor: Quin
Role: Phocyas Actor: Milward
Role: Abudah Actor: W. Mills
Role: Daran Actor: Cibber
Role: Herbis Actor: Berry
Role: Artamon Actor: Turbutt
Role: Eudocia Actor: Mrs Heron. With a New Prologue to his

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Valentine Actor: Salway
Role: Buff Actor: Macklin
Role: Rakeit Actor: Oates
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Charlot Actor: Mrs Cantrel

Dance: Amorous Swain and Rival Nymphs, as17350310 Minuet (in Modern Habits) by Denoyer and Mrs Walter

Event Comment: Benefit Milward


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: Castalio-Milward; Orphan-Mrs Cibber; Acasto-Berry; Chamont-Quin; Polydore-Mills; Chaplain-Turbutt; Ernesto-Winstone; Serena-Miss Holiday; Florella-Mrs Grace; Page-Miss Cole.
Role: Castalio Actor: Milward
Role: Orphan Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Acasto Actor: Berry
Role: Chamont Actor: Quin
Role: Polydore Actor: Mills
Role: Chaplain Actor: Turbutt
Role: Ernesto Actor: Winstone
Role: Serena Actor: Miss Holiday
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Grace
Role: Page Actor: Miss Cole.

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: EEnglish Maggot-Villeneuve, Mrs Walter; Russian Sailor-Denoyer

Song: As17370312

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Congreve. Egerton 2320: Berry, Oats & Shepard discharg'd much noise in ye Pit for ye restoring of Oats. Griffin at Rotterdam, Jack Ray did his part. Milward's [?] a good one--the first night of Beard's playing--his success great. Receipts: #115. [For performances at the Fairs, see season of 1736-1737.] Daily Advertiser, 22 Aug.: The House [dl] is neatly decorated, and a very large Lobby prepar'd for the Servants that keep Places, with two Fire Places, Seats, near the Boxes, where a Person is to attend to call them, whe wanted by their Masters or Ladies. There is also a new Passage to the Pit, which will make it much more convenient for the Audience


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Valentine-Milward; Ben-Miller; Foresight-Johnson; Tattle-Cibber; Sir Sampson-Harper; Scandal-Mills; Trapland-Griffin; Jeremy-Macklin; Angelica-Miss Holliday; Mrs Foresight-Mrs Pritchard; Mrs Frail-Mrs Butler; Nurse-Mrs Willis; Prue-Mrs Clive.
Role: Valentine Actor: Milward
Role: Ben Actor: Miller
Role: Foresight Actor: Johnson
Role: Tattle Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Harper
Role: Scandal Actor: Mills
Role: Trapland Actor: Griffin
Role: Jeremy Actor: Macklin
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Holliday
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Prue Actor: Mrs Clive.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Event Comment: At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Benefit Milward


Mainpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: See17410131, but Comus-Quin; Elder Brother-Milward; 1st Spirit-Mills; 2d Spirit-Ridout; Lady-Mrs Mills; Euphrosine-Mrs Clive; Bacchanal-Lowe; Spirit-Savage; Sabrina-Mrs Arne; with the music by Arne-; in every Act of the Masque dancing-Muilment, Mlle Chateauneuf, Nivelon, Livier, Carney, La Pierre, Mrs Walter, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Wright, Mrs Moudet; at the end a dance-Maltere, Mlle Maltere.
Event Comment: Benefit the Widow Milward and her 4 children. Receipts: #230


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Performance Comment: As17420116, but Duke Sen.-Ridout; Frederick-Winstone; Orlando-Mills; LeBeau-Woodburn; Charles-Raftor; William-Ray; Epilogue to the Memory of Milward-Cibber.
Role: Duke Sen. Actor: Ridout
Role: Frederick Actor: Winstone
Role: Orlando Actor: Mills
Role: LeBeau Actor: Woodburn
Role: Charles Actor: Raftor
Role: William Actor: Ray
Role: Milward Actor: Cibber.
Role: Duke Senior Actor: Mills
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Ward
Role: Jaques Actor: Cibber
Role: Amiens Actor: Lowe
Role: Touchstone Actor: Macklin
Role: Oliver Actor: Havard
Role: Adam Actor: Berry
Role: Silvius Actor: Green
Role: Phebe Actor: Miss Bennet
Role: Le Beau Actor: Ridout
Role: Jaques de Bois Actor: Turbutt
Role: Corin Actor: Taswell
Role: Audrey Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Arne Actor:
Role: as originally, Actor: Lowe, Mrs Clive.

Dance: I: A Concerto, as17420105; III: The Swiss, as17410926; V: Le Boufon, as17411030

Song: II: See from the Silent Groves-Beard; IV: Happy Pair-Beard


Mainpiece Title: Merope

Performance Comment: Parts-Quin, Ryan, Walker, Chapman, Milward, Hulett, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Templer, Mrs Buchanan, but edition of 1731 lists: Glycon-Quin; Nicanor-Chapman; Adrastus-Walker; Phalantus-Haughton; Egistus-Ryan; Polydorus-Milward; Arbantes-Ogden; Argaleon-Hulet; Euryalus-Salway; Merope-Mrs Berryman; Timoclea-Mrs Templer; Ismene-Mrs Buchanan; Prologue by Aaron Hill-Milward; Epilogue-Mrs Buchanan.
Role: Parts Actor: Quin, Ryan, Walker, Chapman, Milward, Hulett, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Templer, Mrs Buchanan, but edition of 1731 lists: Glycon-Quin
Role: Glycon Actor: Quin
Role: Nicanor Actor: Chapman
Role: Adrastus Actor: Walker
Role: Phalantus Actor: Haughton
Role: Egistus Actor: Ryan
Role: Polydorus Actor: Milward
Role: Arbantes Actor: Ogden
Role: Argaleon Actor: Hulet
Role: Euryalus Actor: Salway
Role: Merope Actor: Mrs Berryman
Role: Timoclea Actor: Mrs Templer
Role: Ismene Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Prologue by Aaron Hill Actor: Milward
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Buchanan.


Mainpiece Title: Junius Brutus

Performance Comment: By Mills, Milward, Cibber, W. Mills, Berry, Mrt Heron; but edition of 1735 lists: Junius Brutus-Mills; Valerius Publicola-Berry; Titus-Milward; Caelius-W. Mills; Messala-Theo. Cibber; Silvius-Winstone; Rufus-Turbutt; Proculus-Woodbourne; Albinus-Hewit; Lucia-Mrs Heron; Hortensia-Mrs Pritchard. Prologue spoken by Milward. Epilogue spoken by Mrs Heron .


Mainpiece Title: Mustapha

Performance Comment: Parts-Quin, Milward, Mills, Wright, Havard, Winstone, Mrs Butler, Mrs Giffard; but edition of 1739 lists: Solyman-Quin; Mustapha-Milward; Zanger-Wright; Rustan-Mills; Mufti-Winstone; Achmet-Havard; Osman-Woodburn; Roxolana-Mrs Butler; Emira-Mrs Giffard; Prologue by James Thomson-Milward; Epilogue-Quin.
Role: Parts Actor: Quin, Milward, Mills, Wright, Havard, Winstone, Mrs Butler, Mrs Giffard
Role: Solyman Actor: Quin
Role: Mustapha Actor: Milward
Role: Zanger Actor: Wright
Role: Rustan Actor: Mills
Role: Mufti Actor: Winstone
Role: Achmet Actor: Havard
Role: Osman Actor: Woodburn
Role: Roxolana Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Emira Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Prologue by James Thomson Actor: Milward
Role: Epilogue Actor: Quin.


Mainpiece Title: Elmerick

Performance Comment: Parts-Quin, Milward, Mills, Wright, Winstone, Mrs Butler, Mrs Mills, Miss Bennet; but edition of 1740 lists: Andrew II-Mills; Conrade-Milward; Elmerick-Quin; Bathori-Wright; Belus-Winstone; Matilda-Mrs Butler; Ismena-Mrs Mills; Zenomira-Miss Bennet; Prologue-Quin; Epilogue-Milward.
Role: Parts Actor: Quin, Milward, Mills, Wright, Winstone, Mrs Butler, Mrs Mills, Miss Bennet
Role: Andrew II Actor: Mills
Role: Conrade Actor: Milward
Role: Elmerick Actor: Quin
Role: Bathori Actor: Wright
Role: Belus Actor: Winstone
Role: Matilda Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Ismena Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Zenomira Actor: Miss Bennet
Role: Prologue Actor: Quin
Role: Epilogue Actor: Milward.


Mainpiece Title: The Female Fop; Or, The False One Fitted

Performance Comment: Persons who never yet appear'd in Public. Edition of 1724 lists: Sir Zealwou'd Fainall-Alleyn; Sir Obstinate Lecture-Thomas; Manworth-Hawker; Trueman-Milward; Timothy-Williams; 1st Companion-Dyas; 2d Companion-Richards; Eudmia-Mrs Thomas; Clarinda-Mrs Howey; Manilia-Mrs Herold; Isabella Wealthy-Mrs Marlow; Hearty-Mrs Wadderburn; Prologue-Milward.
Role: Sir Zealwou'd Fainall Actor: Alleyn
Role: Sir Obstinate Lecture Actor: Thomas
Role: Manworth Actor: Hawker
Role: Trueman Actor: Milward
Role: Timothy Actor: Williams
Role: 1st Companion Actor: Dyas
Role: 2d Companion Actor: Richards
Role: Eudmia Actor: Mrs Thomas
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Howey
Role: Manilia Actor: Mrs Herold
Role: Isabella Wealthy Actor: Mrs Marlow
Role: Hearty Actor: Mrs Wadderburn
Role: Prologue Actor: Milward.

Song: Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Hill


Mainpiece Title: The Fall Of Saguntum

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Boheme, Ryan, Walker, Quin, Hulett, Diggs, Milward, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Bullock, but edition of 1727 lists: Sicoris-Boheme; Murrus-Walker; Eurydamas-Quin; Theron-Hulett; Lycormas-Diggs; Fabius-Ryan; Curtius-Milward; First Saguntine-Ogden; Candace-Mrs Berriman; Timandra-Mrs Bullock; Prologue by Theobald-Quin; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
Role: Principal Parts Actor: Boheme, Ryan, Walker, Quin, Hulett, Diggs, Milward, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Bullock, but edition of 1727 lists: Sicoris-Boheme
Role: Sicoris Actor: Boheme
Role: Murrus Actor: Walker
Role: Eurydamas Actor: Quin
Role: Theron Actor: Hulett
Role: Lycormas Actor: Diggs
Role: Fabius Actor: Ryan
Role: Curtius Actor: Milward
Role: First Saguntine Actor: Ogden
Role: Candace Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Timandra Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Theobald Actor: Quin
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: Philip Of Macedon

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Hulett, Walker, Ryan, Milward, Quin, Ogden, Mrs Younger, Mrs Berriman, but edition of 1727 lists: Perses-Walker; Philip-Hulett; Demetrius-Ryan; Antigonus-Milward; Lysimachus-Ogden; Onomastus-Horton; Didas-Quin; Herodorus-Lacy; Philocles-Berriman; Xychus-Morgan; Olympias-Mrs Younger; Isteria-Mrs Berriman; Prologue-Ryan; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
Role: Principal Parts Actor: Hulett, Walker, Ryan, Milward, Quin, Ogden, Mrs Younger, Mrs Berriman, but edition of 1727 lists: Perses-Walker
Role: Perses Actor: Walker
Role: Philip Actor: Hulett
Role: Demetrius Actor: Ryan
Role: Antigonus Actor: Milward
Role: Lysimachus Actor: Ogden
Role: Onomastus Actor: Horton
Role: Didas Actor: Quin
Role: Herodorus Actor: Lacy
Role: Philocles Actor: Berriman
Role: Xychus Actor: Morgan
Role: Olympias Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Isteria Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Prologue Actor: Ryan
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: The Virgin Queen; Or, The Captive Princess

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Quin, Boheme, Walker, Milward, Ogden, Chapman, Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Templer, Mrs Younger; but edition of 1729 lists: Pallantus-Ryan; Axartes-Quin; Eumenes-Milward; Phraortes-Boheme; Mirza-Chapman; Arsamnes-Walker; Olympia-Mrs Buchanan; Artesia-Mrs Younger; Euryone-Mrs Templer; Prologue-Walker; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
Role: Principal parts Actor: Quin, Boheme, Walker, Milward, Ogden, Chapman, Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Templer, Mrs Younger
Role: Pallantus Actor: Ryan
Role: Axartes Actor: Quin
Role: Eumenes Actor: Milward
Role: Phraortes Actor: Boheme
Role: Mirza Actor: Chapman
Role: Arsamnes Actor: Walker
Role: Olympia Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Artesia Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Euryone Actor: Mrs Templer
Role: Prologue Actor: Walker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: Themistocles, The Lover Of His Country

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Walker, Quin, Ryan, Milward, Chapman, ggden, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Buchanan; but edition of 1729 lists: Xerxes-Walker; Artaban-Chapman; Mardonius-Milward; Themistocles-Quin; Aristides-Ryan; Demaratus-Ogden; Artemisia-Mrs Berryman; Nesiptolema-Mrs Buchanan; Prologue-Quin; Epilogue-Mrs Egleton.
Role: Principal Parts Actor: Walker, Quin, Ryan, Milward, Chapman, ggden, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Buchanan
Role: Xerxes Actor: Walker
Role: Artaban Actor: Chapman
Role: Mardonius Actor: Milward
Role: Themistocles Actor: Quin
Role: Aristides Actor: Ryan
Role: Demaratus Actor: Ogden
Role: Artemisia Actor: Mrs Berryman
Role: Nesiptolema Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Prologue Actor: Quin
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Egleton.