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Event Comment: [Benefit for Berry and Mrs Green. Stage form'd into Front and Side Boxes. Tickets of Hobson at stage door; or Berry at his lodgings in Little Bridges St., Covent Garden; and Mrs Green at her Lodgings at the Green Canister in Great Shier Lane, Carey St., Lincolns Inn. [This day one B. B. (presumably Macklin) inserted a letter to the author of the General Advertiser in that paper framing the historical background for the Lover's Melancholy, to be performed as benefit for his wife on 22 April. It gave a short account of the author (John Ford), his works in general, and of that dramatic piece in particular, and sought to align Ford as an intimate and profess'd admirer of Shakespeare. See comment for 23 April]. Receipts: #207 (Cross); house charges, #63 N.B.: Mr Berry paid, but at the rate o 60 pounds for his benefit, therefore I must make a draw back of #1 10s. for his half (Powel); cash, #88 9s. tickets, #118 12s. (Clay MS)


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Performance Comment: As17480312 but Epilogue-_; Strictland-Berry; Valet-Leigh; Country Dance-.
Role: Strictland Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: [The Virgin Unmask'd

Dance: [II: Savoyards, as17471215; V: Gondoliers-Cooke

Event Comment: Benefit Hallam, Berry, Miss Vaughan. Afterpiece: a new Farcical Opera of one Act. [Author unknown. Apparently not published.


Mainpiece Title: The Indian Emperor

Performance Comment: As17310127, but Odmar-Roberts; Guyomar-A. Hallam; Orbellan-Berry; Pizarro-R. Wetherilt.
Role: Orbellan Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Sailor's Opera

Performance Comment: Feeble-Griffin; Landlord-Harper; Sir Jolly Heartfree-Paget; Squire Tawdry-Oates; Young Heartfree-Berry; 1st Sailor-Wetherilt; Susan-Miss Vaughan; Pert-Mrs Roberts.
Role: Young Heartfree Actor: Berry

Song: Original Song set to Musick by Henry Purcell, perform'd in the Character of Kalid-Miss Raftor

Dance: In I: Tambour Dance of Moors-; In IV: A Grand Spanish Entry-; In afterpiece: A new Sailor's Dance-Rainton

Event Comment: Benefit Berry, Roberts, Miss Brett


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: The Country Wedding

Performance Comment: Margery-Miss Raftor; Peartree-Stoppelaer; Rake-Charke; Ply-Berry; Margery's Mother-Mrs Shireburn; A new Epilogue-Miss Brett.
Role: Ply Actor: Berry



Event Comment: Benefit Berry. Mainpiece: Written by Ben. Johnson


Mainpiece Title: The Alchymist

Afterpiece Title: The Lottery

Performance Comment: Jack Stocks-Este; Chloe-Mrs Clive; Lovemore-Stoppelaer; Mr Stocks-Berry, but see LIF, 1 April .
Role: Mr Stocks Actor: Berry, but see LIF, 1 April

Dance: English Maggot by S. Lally and Mrs Walter. La Follett s'cest Ravisee by Nivelon and Miss Mann. Le Bagatelle by Essex and Miss Latour. Revellers by Essex, Miss Latour, &c. La Badinage Champetre by Lally, Mrs Walter

Event Comment: Benefit Berry, Mrs Pelling, Mrs Pritchard


Mainpiece Title: Volpone

Performance Comment: As17350313 but Corvino-Berry; Lady Wou'dbe-Mrs Pritchard .
Role: Corvino Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Dance: I: Pierrots, proper to the Play, by Lalauze and Nivelon. III: By Desire, The Black Joak by Mr and Mrs Pelling. IV: Dutchman and his Frow by Le Brun and Miss Brett. V: Myrtillo by Denoyer, Mrs Pelling, Pelling, Mrs Walter, Villeneuve, Miss Brett

Song: II: A Mock Italian Air by Roberts

Event Comment: Benefit Berry and Boman. Tickets for Leigh taken


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: As17360415 but Manly-Berry; Richard-Leigh; Myrtilla-Mrs Villeneuve .
Role: Manly Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: I: English Maggot by Villeneuve and Mrs Walter. III: Dutchman and his Frow by Phillips and Miss Brett. V: Revellers by Essex, Mrs Walter, &c

Event Comment: Benefit Berry. Tickets at Berry's, Theatre Coffee House, Bridges Street


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Performance Comment: Almeria-Mrs Giffard; Osmyn-Milward; King-Berry; Gonsales-Havard; Garcia-Wright; Heli-Cashell; Selim-Green; Perez-Woodburn; Alonzo-Turbutt; Leonora-Mrs Bennet; Zara-Mrs Butler.
Role: King Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Miller of Mansfield

Performance Comment: King-Winstone; Miller-Berry; Lurewell-Green; Richard-Havard; Joe-Raftor.
Role: Miller Actor: Berry

Dance: I: Muilment; II: La Provencale-Mlle Chateauneuf; III: Pierots-Lalauze, Livier; IV: Tambourine-Mlle Chateauneuf; V: Drunken Peasant-Master Ferg

Event Comment: Benefit Berry. Mainpiece: Containing the Death of the Duke of Buckingham; The Fall of Cardinal Wolsey; The Divorce and Death of Queen Katherine; The Coronation of Anna Bullen, with the Military Ceremony of The Champion in Westminster Hallv; the Christening of Queen Elizabeth, and many other Historical Passages. Tickets to be had at Mr Berry's, the Corner of Crown-Court in Russel St., Covent Garden, and of Mr Bradshaw. Tickets deliver'd out by Woodburn, Mrs Roberts, and Speer will be taken. Receipts: #130


Mainpiece Title: Henry Viii

Performance Comment: Henry-Berry; Wolsey-Mills; Buckingham-Winstone; Gardiner-Johnson; Cranmer-Turbutt; Norfolk-Havard; Suffolk-Ridout; Lord Chamberlain-Woodburn; Campeius-Shepard; Abergavenny-Raftor; Cromwell-Cross; Lord Sands-Neale; Surveyor-Taswell; Lovel-Ray; Old Lady-Mrs Egerton; Anna Bullen-Mrs Ridout; Queen Katherine-Mrs Roberts.
Role: Henry Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmasked

Dance: I: A Concerto, as17420105; II: The Drunken Peasant, as17411029; III: Le Boufon, as17420325

Song: IV: A Ballad-Lowe; V: Bumper Squire Jones-Beard

Event Comment: Benefit Berry. Tickets deliver'd by Woodburn will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Marriage

Performance Comment: As17440410 but Baldwin-Berry.
Role: Baldwin Actor: Berry.

Afterpiece Title: The Amorous Goddess

Event Comment: Benefit Berry and Havard. Afterpiece: By Desire. The Anatomist appeared in the advance notice as afterpiece for this day


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: AS 2 Feb., but Serina-Mrs Ridout; Ernesto-Simpson; Chamont-Mills; Acasto-Berry.
Role: Acasto Actor: Berry.

Afterpiece Title: Tragedy of Tragedies

Dance: I: Sga Bettini; III: Muilment

Song: II, IV: Lowe

Event Comment: By particular Desire. Mainpiece written by Shakespear. Benefit Havard and Berry. Not acted in six years [see 12 April 1738]


Mainpiece Title: Measure For Measure

Performance Comment: Duke-Berry; Lucio-Macklin; Clown-Barrington; Isabella-Mrs Woffington; Angelo-Havard; Escalus-Winstone; Claudio-Mills; Father Peter-Bridges; Father Thomas-Simpson; Provost-Blakes; Abhorson-Collins; Elbow-I. Sparks; Barnardine-Ray; Mariana-Mrs Bennet; Juliet-Miss Pitt; Midnight-Mrs Bridges; Nun-Miss Cole.
Role: Duke Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment

Song: III: Lowe; IV: Scotch Dialogue, as17460310

Dance: II: Muilment; V: Italian Peasants, as17460206

Event Comment: Receipts: #40 (Cross). [The Epilogue Occasioned by the Two Occasional Prologues published in the General Advertiser. Fifty-one lines ending: @"No more shall either rack his brains to teaze ye@But let the Contest be who most shall please ye." [In the form of a story, mocking Garrick and Berry]: "Once on a time two boys were throwing dirt@A gentle youth was one, and one was somewhat pert.@Each to his Master with his tale retreated,@Who gravely heard their different parts repeated,@How Tom was rude, and Jack poor lad ill treated."


Mainpiece Title: The Funeral; Or, Grief A-la-mode

Performance Comment: Lady Brumpton-Mrs Pritchard; Hardy-Sowdon; Lord Brumpton-Winstone; Campley-Woodward; Trusty-Berry; Trim-Yates; Sable-Shuter; Cabinet-Simson; Puzzle-Bridges; Kate Matchlock-W. Vaughan; Tom-Vaughan; Tatter-Paddick; Swagger-Costollo; Tattleaid-Mrs James; Mademoiselle-Mrs Cross; Fardingale-Mrs Green; Lady Sharlot-Mrs Ward; Lady Harriet-Mrs Clive.
Role: Trusty Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Dance: III: New Running Footmen's Dance, as17501020; IV: Hornpipe-Mathews, the Little Swiss

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Berry. Afterpiece: Written by the late Samuel Foote, Esq. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30. Tickets to be had at Mrs Richman's@Masquerade@Warehouse, Oxford-street; of Berry, at the George in the Haymarket; and of Rice at the Theatre, where Places for the Boxes may be taken. No Money to be returned


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserv'd

Afterpiece Title: Taste; or, Diversion in the Morning

Performance Comment: Carmine-Martin (1st appearance on any stage [see above]); Brush-A Gentleman (from the Theatre Royal, Richmond [unidentified]); Novice-Scott; Lord Dupe-Holiday; Alderman Pentweazel-Well; Caleb-Johnson; Boy-Sharp; Puff-Wilkinson; Lady Pentweazel-Mr Berry (2nd appearance on any stage).
Role: Lady Pentweazel Actor: Mr Berry

Dance: I afterpiece: Mock Minuet-Alderman, Lady Pentweazel

Song: End: The Tobacco Box-Johnson, Miss Chatterley

Entertainment: Monologues After Singing: British Loyalty[; or, A Squeeze to St. Paul's-Wilkinson; End II afterpiece: Bucks have at Ye All-a Gentleman (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified])

Music: Between Acts: several pieces of Martial Music-his Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester's Band(, in full uniform, by Permission)


Mainpiece Title: The Country Wife

Afterpiece Title: The Lover's Opera

Performance Comment: Parts-Oates, Miller, Harper, Griffin, Berry, Ray, Mrs Thurmond, Mrs Cibber, Miss Raftor; but edition of 1729 lists: Justice Dalton-Harper; Edgar-Oates; Moody-Ray; Varole-Miller; Aminadab Prim-Griffin; Squire Clodpole-Berry; Clara-Mrs Cibber; Flora-Miss Raftor; Lucy-Mrs Thurmond; Prologue-Cibber Jr.

Dance: FFrench Peasant-a Gentleman just arrived from Paris; Polonese-Rainton, Miss Robinson; Village Dance-Thurmond, Essex, Houghton, Rainton, Mrs Mills, Miss Robinson, Mrs Walter, Mrs Houghton


Mainpiece Title: The Contrivances; Or, More Ways Than One

Performance Comment: Argus-Norris; Hearty-Roberts; Rovewell-Bridgwater; Robin-Cibber Jr; Arethusa-Mrs Butler; Betty-Mrs Shireburn; Mob-Berry, Fielding, Wright, Burnet, Miss Robinson Jr; but edition of 1729 lists: Rovewell-Clarke; Mob-Berry, Burnet, Wetherilt Jr, Wright, Miss Robinson; Arethusa-Miss Raftor; Prologue-Cibber Jr.

Afterpiece Title: The Walking Statue; or, The Devil in the Wine Cellar

Afterpiece Title: Phebe; or, The Beggar's Wedding

Role: Grig Actor: Berry

Dance: HHarlequin-Master Lally, Miss Brett; Sultana-Miss Robinson Jr


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: Cephalus and Procris; With The Mistakes

Performance Comment: Neptune-Fielding; Cephalus-Mrs Roberts; Aurora-Mrs Heron; Procris-Miss Raftor; Deities of Pleasure-Essex, Mrs Booth; Their Followers-Mrs Walter, Mrs Delorme, Miss Mears, Miss Williams; Foresters-Berry, Tenoe, Excell, Rainton Sr; Amphitrite-Mrs Booth; Sea Gods-Essex, Lally, Thurmond, Rainton Jr, Haughton, Evans; Syrens-Mrs Walter, Mrs Delorme, Miss Mears, Miss Williams; Tritons-Berry, Tenoe, Excell, Rainton Sr; Winds-R. Wetherilt, Surel, Peploe, Leigh; Father-Norris; Squire-Cibber Jr; Pierot-Roger; Harlequin-Rainton Jr; Colombine-Mrs Cibber; Gardeners and Wives-Tench, Lally Jr, Miss Robinson, Miss Brett.


Mainpiece Title: Theodosius; Or, The Force Of Love

Afterpiece Title: The Livery Rake; or, The Intriguing Servants

Performance Comment: Phillis (Country Girl)-Miss Raftor; Tom (Footman)-Berry; Toby (Innkeeper)-Jones; Harry-Ridout; Lucy-Mrs Shireburn; Dorcas-Mrs Herle; Phillis (Chambermaid)-Mrs Mullart; but edition of 1733 lists as the cast: Tom-Berry; Toby-Harper; Harry-Ridout; James-E. Roberts; Dorcas-Mrs Sireburn; 1st Phillis-Mrs Pritchard; 2d-Miss Oates; Lucy-Miss Mann (possibly the cast for a later revival); Epilgoue-Miss Norris, Granddaughter of the late Mr Norris, commonly called Jubilee Dicky.
Role: Tom Actor: Berry
Role: Tom Actor: Berry

Dance: I: Drunken Peasant-LeBrun; II: Saraband, Minuet-Lally Jr, Miss Mears; IV: English Maggot-Haughton, Mrs Walter; V: The Watteau-Miss Robinson; End of Afterpiece: Bartholomew Fair-F. Tench, Mrs Delorme


Mainpiece Title: Junius Brutus

Performance Comment: By Mills, Milward, Cibber, W. Mills, Berry, Mrt Heron; but edition of 1735 lists: Junius Brutus-Mills; Valerius Publicola-Berry; Titus-Milward; Caelius-W. Mills; Messala-Theo. Cibber; Silvius-Winstone; Rufus-Turbutt; Proculus-Woodbourne; Albinus-Hewit; Lucia-Mrs Heron; Hortensia-Mrs Pritchard. Prologue spoken by Milward. Epilogue spoken by Mrs Heron .
Role: Valerius Publicola Actor: Berry


Mainpiece Title: The Christian Hero

Performance Comment: Parts by Quin, Milward, Mills, Cibber, W. Mills, Berry, Winstone, Hewit, Este, Mrs Thurmond, Mrs Butler, Mrs Pritchard; but edition of 1735 lists: Amurath-Quin; Mahomet-W. Mills; Hellena-Mrs Thurmond; Osmyn-Berry; Kister Aga-Hewit; Cleora-Mrs Pritchard; Scanderbeg-Milward; Aranthes-Mills; Althea-Mrs Butler; Amasie-Cibber; Paulinus-Winstone. Prologue spoken by Cibber. Epilogue spoken by Mrs Clive .
Role: Osmyn Actor: Berry


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Retirement

Performance Comment: Parts-Milward, Mill, Wright, Berry, Ridout, Mrs Giffard, Mrs Butler, Mrs Mills; but edition of 1739 lists (As it was Intended to have been Acted): Artamon-Mills; Lanertes-Milward; Ceron-Berry; Pravamor-Wright; Arcano-Ridout; Semandra-Mrs Giffard; Leonora-Mrs Mills; Sabia-Mrs Butler; Prologue-Wright; Epilogue-Mrs Clive.


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar

Performance Comment: As17410224, but Caska-Berry; Trebonius-Winstone; Citizens-Johnson; Macklin, Chapman, Vaughan, Marten, Woodward. Macklin, Chapman, Vaughan, Marten, Woodward.
Role: Caska Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green

Performance Comment: Parts-Lowe, Berry, Taswell, Cashell, Ridout, Mrs Clive; but edition of 1741 lists: Blind Beggar-Berry; Bessy-Mrs Clive; Sir William Morley-Cashell; Welford-Lowe; Lord Ranby-Ridout; John Sly-Taswel.
Role: Parts Actor: Lowe, Berry, Taswell, Cashell, Ridout, Mrs Clive
Role: Blind Beggar Actor: Berry
Event Comment: Benefit for Berry. Tickets to be had of Berry at Mr Pope's, Peruke Maker in Russel St., Covent Garden and of Hobson at the Stage Door. [From the Gentleman's Magazine Register of Books for this month: An Account of the Life of that Celebrated Tragedian, Mr Thomas Betterton, containing a distinct relation of his excellencies in his profession and character in private life, and interspersed with an account of the English theatre during his time. Printed for J. Robinson.] Receipts: #160 (Cross); house charges, #60 (Powel)


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Role: Capulet Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Dance: In I: a Dutch Dance, as17481203; Savoyards, as17480920


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Performance Comment: Parts-Garrick, Mossop, Berry, Winstone, Burton, Blakes, Mozeen, Simson, Miss Hippisley, Miss Bellamy. [Demetrius-Garrick; Perseus-Mossop; Philip-Berry; Antigonus-Burton; Dymas-Simson; Posthumius-Winstone; Curtius-Mozeen; Erixine-Miss Bellamy; Pericles-Blakes; Attendant-Miss Hippisley; Prologue-Havard; Epilogue-Mrs Clive (Edition of 1753).]
Event Comment: Benfit for Berry. Afterpiece: By Desire. Tickets at stage door, and of Berry at Mr Pope's, a Peruke Maker in Russel St., Covent Garden. Berry's figure was well adapted to Sciolto, Acasto and characters of that cast; No man had more feeling than he, and it generally had its proper effect, but by being too fond of aiming at tenderness, he grated upon the ear of an auditor (Genest, IV, p. 363, from State of the Stage). Receipts: #220 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Merope

Role: Narbas Actor: Berry

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment


Mainpiece Title: Creusa, Queen Of Athens

Performance Comment: Parts-Garrick, Mossop, Berry, Miss Haughton, Mrs Cowper, Miss Macklin, Mrs Pritchard. Aletes-Garrick; Ilyssus-Miss Macklin; Phorbas-Mossop; Xuthus-Berry; Creusa-Mrs Pritchard; Pythia-Miss Haughton; Lycea-Mrs Cowper (Genest, IV, 388); Prologue-Ross; Epilogue-Miss Haughton (Winston MS 8).