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Event Comment: The date of this amateur performance is not known, but the date generally accepted is December 1689. See Alfred Loewenberg, The Annals of Opera, Second Edition, Columns 85-86; and R. E. Moore, Henry Purcell and the Restoration Theatre (Cambridge, Mass., 1961), pp. 38-69. The Epilogue is in New Poems (1690)


Mainpiece Title: Dido And Aeneas

Event Comment: [Librettist unknown. Premiere. For the identification of this opera, see Loewenberg, pp. 58-59. Downes (p. 48) says that the opera lasted five days; Cibber (I, 325) states that it was given only three days, and those not crowded. This day marked the opening of the Queen's Theater in the Haymarket, the first new theatrical construction of the century. For a discussion of it, see Cibber, I, 319-22.


Mainpiece Title: The Loves Of Ergasto

Event Comment: A new Opera. [Music by Galuppi, text P. Rolli. See Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, I, 198.


Mainpiece Title: Penelope

Event Comment: A New Opera [a pasticcio, Metastasio text altered by Rolli, form Pergolesi's Olimpiade, 1735 (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, I, 183)]. Music by Pergolesi, Scarlatti, Lampugnani. L. Leo, F. Leo [libretto in L. C.]. Two of the principal Performers being greatly indispos'd, the Dancers are oblig'd to be deferr'd. Thomas Gray to John Chute, 24 May: Our fifth Opera was the Olimpiade, in which they retain'd most of Pergolesi's Songs & yet 'tis gone already, as if it had been a poor thing of Galuppi's. Two nights did I enjoy it all alone, snugg in a Nook in the Gallery, but found no one in those regions had ever heard of Pergolesi, nay, I heard several affirm it was a Composition of Pescetti's.-Gray, Correspondence, I, 203


Mainpiece Title: Meraspe O L'olimpiade

Event Comment: Today, will be reviv'd an Opera. The Musick compos'd by Mr Handel. With Dances and other Decorations entirely new. Pit and Boxes to be put together; and no Person to be admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd this Day at the Office in the Haymarket, at Half a Guinea each. Gallery 5s. 6 p.m. Note. The Subscribers to the Opera are desir'd to send for their Silver Tickets to the Opera-Office in the Hay-Market. [This customary notice will not be included further. According to Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, I, 102, this is the new opera Rossane, Lampugnani's first composition, at the house for which he was the new resident composer. Musicologists have not arrived at the identity of this piece, Burney and Loewenburg attributing it to Lampugnani, Schoelcher and Deutsch to Handel. See Deutsch, Handel, p. 572, where he reviews the evidence.


Mainpiece Title: Roxana; Or, Alexander In India

Event Comment: A New Opera [a pasticcio by Gluck, chiefly from Tigrane, Sofonisbe, and Ipermestra; libretto revised by F. Vanneschi from B. Vitturi (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 104); see also W. B Squire, Musical Quarterly, I (1915).


Mainpiece Title: Artamene

Event Comment: A Comic Opera. Tickets at half a Guinea. [Latilla's comic opera; but music for this production by Pietro Auletta. See Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, Cols. 187-88.] Books will be delivered this morning at Mrs Sylvester's (Daily Advertiser)


Mainpiece Title: Orazio

Dance: Between the Acts: Music-

Event Comment: A new Comic Opera. [Leo's Amor Vuol Sofferenza. See Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, I, 195.] By His Majesty's Command no Person whatsoever to be admitted behind the Scenes


Mainpiece Title: La Finta Frascatana

Dance: Between Acts: Dancing-

Event Comment: A New Opera Composed by Hasse. [Revived with Alterations (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera).


Mainpiece Title: Artaserse

Event Comment: A New Opera. First performance in England. The Musick composed by Jomelli; text-Metastasio (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 112)


Mainpiece Title: Attilio Regolo

Event Comment: Play a New Italian Burletta. The first performance in England. Libertto by Goldoni; Music by Galuppi (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 107). Books of the Opera will be sold at the theatre. Ladies send servants by half past three. Nothing but full prices will be taken during the performance


Mainpiece Title: L'arcadia In Brenta

Event Comment: [Possibly a pasticchio, as Galuppi's name is not mentioned. (See Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 101).


Mainpiece Title: Penelope

Event Comment: [Music-Galuppi; first performance in England. Text from Metastasio but altered by F. Vanneschi; additional airs by F. Giardini (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 106.


Mainpiece Title: L'olimpiade

Event Comment: First performance in England. A new comic Opera. Music-Bertoni, author of the favourite song Ah se un Cuor Barbaro, in Demetrio. [Libretto by Goldoni (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 110.)


Mainpiece Title: La Pescatrici

Event Comment: The last night of the Subscription. A new comic Opera; Music-Fischietti [and V. Pallavicino; text by Goldoni (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, p. 116), first performance in England.


Mainpiece Title: Lo Speziale

Event Comment: A new Serenata, the Music by Dibdin. Admittance 2s. 6d. each person, coffee and tea included. The house will continue to be opened on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until further notice. N.B. There will be an armed guard on horseback to patrol the roads. [The serenata was added to "the usual entertainment." Words by Bickerstaff, this was an Englished La Serva Padrona (Loewenberg, Annals of Opera, Vol. 1, Col. 175. Rev. Ed., 1955).


Mainpiece Title: The Maid The Mistress

Event Comment: A new Comic Opera (never performed [in London; 1st performed at Florence, 1778]); the Music by Gazzaniga [with additions by Storace, Posi, Trachi (World, 11 May)], under the direction of Mazzinghi. At the London production of La Vendemmia, the duet (Count-Susanna) Crudel perche finora from Mozart's Le Nozze di Figaro was sung by Benucci and Anna Storace; probably the first piece of any Mozart opera which was heard on the London stage" (Loewenberg, 364). [In June 1789 it was published by Birchall and Andrews, as "A favorite duett...sung in...La Sg Benucci and Sga Storace". See Illustration


Mainpiece Title: La Vendemmia

Dance: As17890404

Event Comment: A new Comic Opera; the music by Bianchi [with additions by Mozart [K. 479, 480 (see Loewenberg, 407)], Martin y Soler, Paisiello]. Under the direction of Federici


Mainpiece Title: La Villanella Rapita

Dance: End I: La Bergere des Alpes, as17900107; End Opera: Les Mariages Flamands, as17900213, but Mlle Dorival

Event Comment: 1st piece: A Comic Opera in 1 Act [and see 1 Apr.); the music by Cimarosa. 2nd piece: A new Grand Tragi-Comic Opera; the music by Gazzaniga, [with additions by) Federici, Sarti, Guglielmi; under the direction of Federici. In the course of the Opera a Grand Funeral Procession, according to the ancient customs of Spain, consisting of upwards of 100 persons. The music of both dances by Miller. With entire new Dresses, Scenery, and Decorations. [And see 4 Mar.) Loewenberg, 442: Leporello's "Catalogue Song" from Mozart's Don Giovanni was included in this version of the


Mainpiece Title: Il Capriccio Drammatico

Afterpiece Title: DON GIOVANNI

Dance: End of 1st piece a new Ballet, composed by Noverre, L' Union des Bergeres [performers not listed, but see17940304 In 2nd piece Dances connected with the opera, composed by Noverre, by Aumer, Lahante, Gentili, Favre Guiardele, Mlle Hilligsberg, Mme Del Caro, Mlle Guiardele, Mme Hilligsberg

Opera: [It was sung by Pasquariello.]

Event Comment: Benefit for Viganoni. Tickets to be had of Viganoni, No. 131, Pall-mall. [Opera with a new translation by Lorenzo DaPonte of Marmontel's original libretto (Loewenberg, p. 322).


Mainpiece Title: Zemira E Azor

Dance: With Dances incidental to the Opera-Didelot, Mlle Parisot, Mme Hilligsberg, Mme Rose; End Opera: Little Peggy's Love, as17960716 Pas de Trois-