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Mainpiece Title: The Grecian Daughter

Afterpiece Title: The Druids

Performance Comment: See17750417 With two additional scenes-; for the first time a Fiera in Mascherata-; Scenes painted by Dahl, Richards, Carver. Scenes painted by Dahl, Richards, Carver.
Event Comment: Benefit for Woodward. With two New Scenes in the Afterpiece painted by Richards and Dahl. Mr Woodward, at the particular request of several persons of Quality has changed from the Fair Quaker to The Busy Body. Tickets deliver'd for Fair Quaker will be admitted. House charges with candles and extras #65 15s. Balance to Woodward #102 7s. plus #58 5s. for 233 Box tickets (Account Book). [Public Advertiser, 12 Dec. 1767: "Speedily will be published the Battle of the Wigs, an additional canto to Dr Garth's poem The Dispensary. Occasioned by the Disputes between the Fellows and licentiates of the College of Physicians in London. By B. T. and M. B."] Receipts: #168 2s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Dr Faustus (With a New Additional Scene)

Event Comment: The Afterpiece a New Pantomime [by Henry Woodward, satirizing Garrick's Jubilee] with New Music by Fisher. New Scenes painted by Messrs Dahl and Richards. Nothing under Full Prices will be taken. [Full Prices notice throughout the run of the pantomime this season. Town and Country Magazine (from Theatre No XIII) comments: "In the Pageant scene several of the characters that walk at Drury Lane are highly ridiculed, particularly Mark Antony and Cleopatra, who dance off with their black retinue to the playing of casquets." The scene closes with the descent of the statue of the late Mr Rich under the name of Lun, and the Harlequins all pay him honour.] Receipts: #250 6s


Mainpiece Title: The Refusal

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Jubilee

Event Comment: Mainpiece: In three acts altered from Shakespeare. Afterpiece, a New Pastoral Masque and Pantomime interspersed. The Music composed by Fisher. The scenes painted by Messrs Dahl, Richards and Carver. Nothing under Full Prices will be taken. Books of Songs, &c. sold in Theatre. The words of the Masque taken chiefly from Ben Johnson (playbill). [DNB s.v. "Jonson," suggests The Haddington Masque, 1608, with the "Hue and Cry after Cupid" material as the source. The reviewer for the Westminster Magazine commented on the performance of 25 November, after outlining the story: "Such are the outlines of The Druids, whick is a hetereogeneous jumble of monstrous absurdities; and if considered merely as a vehicle for music, dances, and decorations, is, in our opinion, far inferior to the dramatic monstrum horrendum of the other House [The Maid of the Oaks]. Both pieces, however, are equally an insult on the understanding and judgments of the Public, and exhibit striking proofs of the miserably depraved state of the English theatre, whose entertainments are at present conducted by Managers either destitute of taste and abilities or actuated by no other than the paltry, despicable motives of vanity, prejudice, and avarice,"]


Mainpiece Title: The Winter's Tale

Afterpiece Title: The Druids Masque

Event Comment: Afterpiece: A New Pantomime Entertainment, never performed. With New Music, Scenes, Dresses, and Machinery. The Overture composed by Fisher. The scenes painted by Messrs Dahl and Richards. Nothing under FULL PRICE will be taken. The Words of the songs to be given at the Doors. [This information included in all subsequent bills for the pantomime this season, until 25 March when the half-price practice is announced. Full account of the content of the afterpiece is given in The Westminster Magazine for Dec. The reviewer was delighted with the adherence to the classical myth in the first and last scenes, and with the variety of action and excellence of the machinery and painting in the interventing comic portion.


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Ii

Afterpiece Title: Prometheus

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time in London; DR. POEM 5, by William Mason, 1st acted at Crow Street Theatre, Dublin, 30 Mar. 1764]: Written on the Model of the ancient Greek Tragedy. The Overture and all the Music composed New by Dr Arne. With a New Scene designed and executed by Dahl [recte Dall]. The Dresses, Decorations, &c. all entirely New. Books of the Lyrical Part of the Drama to be had at the Theatre. 'But I had rather talk of Caractacus; I agree that he will not suffer by not being sputtered by Barry, who has lost all his teeth. Covent Garden is rather above Drury Lane in actors, but both sets are exceedingly bad, so bad-that I almost wish Caractacus was not to appear. Very seldom do I go to the play, for there is no bearing such strollers" (Walpole [to the author, 8 Oct. 1776], IX, 419-20). "I attended Caractacus last winter, and was greatly interested, both from my friendship for Mr Mason and from the excellence of the poetry. I was out of all patience; for though a young Lewis played a subordinate part very well, and Mrs Hartley looked her part charmingly, the Druids were so massacred, and Caractacus so much worse, that I never saw a more barbarous exhibition" (Walpole [13 July 1777], X, 81-82). Public Advertiser, 7 Dec. 1776: This Day is published the Lyrical Part of Caractacus (6d.). [The publisher, J. Wilkie, states that he also has the "whole Drama, as altered by the Author, 18d." Ibid., 9 Dec., contains an advertisement from Mason stating that this version is unauthorized.] Ibid., 12 Dec.: This Day is published [by A. Ward of York] a new Edition of Caractacus, now altered for Representation at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #163 10s. (163.6; 0.4)


Mainpiece Title: Caractacus

Afterpiece Title: Polly Honeycombe