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Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece: In 3 Acts. Not acted these 4 years. 3rd piece: Never acted at this Theatre. Public Advertiser, 22 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, in Bow-street. Receipts: #346 0s. 6d. (254.19.6; 3.8.0; tickets: 87.13.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: Marplot-Lewis; with an Address in character-Lewis; Sir George Airy (1st time)-Holman; Sir Jealous Traffic-Thompson; Charles Gripe-Davies; Whisper-Farley; Footman-Ledger; Sir Francis Gripe-Quick; Isabinda-Mrs Lewis; Patch-Miss Stuart; Scentwell-Mrs Platt; Miranda-Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Marplot Actor: Lewis
Role: with an Address in character Actor: Lewis
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Rosina

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Performance Comment: Glib (for that night only)-Lewis; Sir Toby Fuz-Powel; Sir Macaroni Virtu-Bernard; Patent-Thompson; Wilson-Macready; Mervin-Evatt; Prompter-Farley; Carpenter-Rock; Miss Fuz-Mrs Lewis; Sweepers-Mrs Powell, Mrs Davenett; Lady Fuz-Mrs Webb; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Davies; Shepherds-Darley, Reeve, Blurton, Lee, Cubitt; Old Shepherd-Blanchard; Rhodope-Mrs Martyr.
Role: Glib Actor: Lewis
Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Mrs Lewis
Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Morning Chronicle, 15 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis at his house, Broad-Court. Mainpiece: Not acted these 20 years [not acted since 2 May 1758]. 2nd piece [1st time in London; INT I: ascribed to John Philip Kemble, 1st acted at York, 27 Mar. 1779]. Receipts: #230 5s. (192.9; tickets: 37.16) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant; Or, The Sick Lady Cured

Performance Comment: Atall-Lewis; Careless-Wroughton; Clerimont-Whitfield; Finder-Wewitzer; Captain Strutt-Brunsdon; Sir Harry Atall-Thompson; Mr Wilful-Fearon; Bolus-Booth; Rhubarb-Jones; Supple-W. Bates; Sir Solomon Sadlife-Quick; Lady Dainty-Mrs Mattocks; Clarinda-Miss Ambrose; Sylvia-Mrs Lewis; Wishwell-Mrs Wilson; Situp-Mrs Poussin; Lady Sadlife-Miss Younge.
Role: Atall Actor: Lewis
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The School For Scandal Scandaliz'd

Afterpiece Title: The Flitch of Bacon

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece: With a Representation of the Trial at Westminster Hall. Public Advertiser, 22 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Broad-court, Bow-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #205 19s. (183.13; tickets: 22.6) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: King Charles The First

Performance Comment: King Charles-Wroughton; Oliver Cromwell-Aickin; Bishop Juxon-Hull; Duke of Richmond-Davies; Ireton-Peile; Bradshaw-L'Estrange; Lindsay-Thompson; Tomlinson-J. Wilson; Fairfax-Lewis; Lady Fairfax-Mrs Lewis; Queen-Mrs Inchbald.
Role: Fairfax Actor: Lewis
Role: Lady Fairfax Actor: Mrs Lewis

Afterpiece Title: True Blue

Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Lewis
Role: Lady Percy Actor: Mrs Lewis.

Afterpiece Title: Midas

Dance: 2nd piece: a Dance of Sailors Sailor's Dance-Aldridge

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mrs Billington's severe Illness rendering it impossible to perform Fontainbleau [advertised on playbill of 13 Mar.], Lewis hopes the above Comedy will prove acceptable to those Ladies and Gentlemen who have Places, and to the Public in general. Public Advertiser, 11 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street, Covent-garden. Receipts: #242 16s. 6d. (156.12.6; 5.10.0; tickets: 80.14.0)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Performance Comment: Belville-Lewis; General Savage-Ryder; Conolly-Aickin; Torrington-Quick; Leeson-Farren; Captain Savage-Davies; Leech-Fearon; Ghastly-Wewitzer; Spruce-Brown; Crow-Thompson; Miss Walsingham-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Rachel Mildew-Mrs Webb; Mrs Tempest-Mrs Morton; Miss Leeson-Mrs Brown; Mrs Belville-Mrs Pope.
Role: Belville Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Midnight Hour

Dance: End: The Irish Lilt-[see17880328

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by John O'Keeffe. Prologue by John Taylor. Epilogue by George Colman, ynger (see text)]. "No piece in the remembrance of this writer was ever better acted. No piece was ever better cast...The palm of acting, however, must be given to Blanchard. One short scene of rustic generoisity, in which he gives his purse to Farmer Banks, displayed finer efforts than we ever saw before" (Oracle, 18 Apr.). Public Advertiser, 15 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street. Receipts: #315 (225.6.6; 3.15.6; tickets: 85.18.0)


Mainpiece Title: Wild Oats; Or, The Strolling Gentlemen

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Lewis, Quick, Holman, Blanchard, Wilson, Munden, Hull, Cubitt, Macready, Thompson, Powel, Rock, Evatt, Reeve, C. Powell, Cross, Farley, Ledger, Milburne, Master Simmons, Mrs Wells, Miss Chapman, Mrs Pope.[Cast from O'Keeffe's Dramatic Works, Vol. II (T. Woodfall, 1798), and text (Dublin: For the Booksellers, 1791): Rover-Lewis; Sir George Thunder-Quick; Harry-Holman; Sim-Blanchard; John Dory-Wilson; Ephraim Smooth-Munden; Banks-Hull; Gammon-Cubitt; Muz [in subsequent seasons: Midge]-Macready; Sailors-Thompson, Farley, Milburne; Landlord-Powel; Twitch-Rock; Trap-Evatt; Zachariah-Reeve [in text: Rees (see17911012)]; Lamp-C. Powell; Sheriff's Officers-Cross, Ledger; Waiter-Master Simmons; Jane-Mrs Wells; Amelia-Miss Chapman; Lady Amaranth-Mrs Pope; Prologue-Harley; Epilogue-Mrs Pope. [These were spoken, as here assigned, at the 1st 10 performances only (see17910530).]These were spoken, as here assigned, at the 1st 10 performances only (see17910530).]
Role: Rover Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Highland Reel

Role: Emily Actor: Mrs Lewis

Dance: As17901204

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece: In 3 Acts [i.e. abridged from the original 5]. Morning Herald, 19 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street. Receipts: #347 5s. 6d. (234.1.0; 4.14.6; tickets: 108.10.0) (charge: #105). Pencilled in the Account-Book. 234.1.0-money [taken at the doors] 4.14.6-after money [taken at the doors] 238.15.6 105-charge 133.15.6-owing Lewis [on 18 Apr. he was paid 133.14.0] [The amount of his tickets, 108.10.0, he retained; hence his profit on this night was #242 4s.


Mainpiece Title: Fashionable Levities

Performance Comment: Welford-Lewis; Mr Ordeal-Aickin; Captain Douglas-Farren; Nicholas-Munden; Cheaterly-Macready; Colonel Staff-Evatt; Sir Buzzard Savage-Quick; Clara (with a song in character)-Mrs Esten; Constance-Miss Chapman; Widow Volatile-Miss Stuart; Grace-Mrs Harlowe; Mrs Muslin-Mrs Platt; Lady Flippant Savage-Mrs Pope.
Role: Welford Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, The New Rehearsal

Performance Comment: Glib (the Author)-Lewis; Sir Toby Fuz-Wilson; Sir Macaroni Virtu-Fawcett; Wilson-Macready; Patent-Powel; Mervin-Evatt; Prompter-Farley; Carpenter-Rock; Lady Fuz-Mrs Webb; Sweepers-Mrs Powell, Mrs Davenett; Miss Fuz-Mrs Davis; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Davies; Shepherds-Powel, Follett, Linton, Cross, Rees, Noble, Letteney, Rowson, Blurton, Milburne, Simmons, Coombes; Old Shepherd-Munden; Rhodope-Mrs Martyr.
Role: Glib Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Robin Hood

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece [1st time: C 3, by John O'Keeffe, altered by him from his The Toy]. [2nd piece in place of The Irish Mimick, advertised on playbill of 17 Mar.] Oracle, 15 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, No. 6, Bow-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #384 18s. (272.4; 12.8; tickets: 100.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Lie Of The Day; Or, A Party At Hampton Court

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Lewis, Quick, Fawcett, Harley, Middleton, Knight, Miss Chapman, Mrs Davenport, Miss Wallis. [Cast from text (T. N. Longman, 1800), and Genest, VII, 268: Aircourt-Lewis; +Alibi-Quick; +Metheglin-Fawcett; +Sir Carrol O'Donovan-Harley; +Young O'Donovan-Middleton; +Larry Kavanagh-Knight; +Povot-Simmons; +Footman-Blurton; +Lady Arable-Miss Chapman; +Katty Kavanagh-Mrs Davenport; +Sophia-Miss Wallis; +Fib-Mrs Watts.]

Afterpiece Title: Catharine and Petruchio

Performance Comment: Petruchio-Lewis; Baptista-Thompson; Taylor-Simmons; Biondello-Townsend; Grumio-Quick; Catharine-Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Petruchio Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Treasure 0

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Treasure 1

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Treasure 2

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece [1st time; C 3, by Thomas John Dibdin. Prologue and Epilogue by the author (London Chronicle, 18 Mar.)]. Morning Chronicle, 12 Apr. 1799: This Day is published Five Thousand a Year (price not listed). Ibid, 8 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street. Receipts: #542 0s. 6d. (383.9.0; 2.19.0; tickets: 155.12.6)


Mainpiece Title: Five Thousand A Year

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Lewis, Pope, Munden, H. Johnston, Murray, Farley, Waddy, Simmons, Rees, Abbot, Miss Betterton, Mrs Pope, Miss Murray (1st appearance this season]), Mrs Mattocks. [Cast from text (G. G. and J. Robinson [1799]: George Fervid-Lewis; Frederick Fervid-Pope; Sir Matthew Maxim-Munden; Henry Hastings-H. Johnston; Mr Goulding-Murray; Paragraph-Farley; Truepenny-Waddy; Dick-Simmons; Officer-Rees; Servants to Sir Matthew-Abbot, Wilde; Servant to Frederick-Curties; Boy-Master Webb; Maria-Miss Betterton; Lady Julia-Mrs Pope; Aurelia-Miss Murray [in text: Mrs H. Johnston (see17990325; Lady Maxim-Mrs Mattocks; Prologue (partly Musical)-Munden; Epilogue-Mrs Mattocks.
Role: George Fervid Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: A Divertisement

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Performance Comment: Petruchio-Lewis; Baptista-Thompson; Hortensio-Claremont; Biondello-Farley; Taylor-Simmons; Music@Master-Rees; Grumio-Munden; Bianca-Miss Leserve; Curtis-Mrs Platt; Catherine-Mrs Mattocks.
Role: Petruchio Actor: Lewis

Dance: In 2nd piece: Ballet-Blurton, Mrs Watts

Song: End 1st piece: Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. The doors to be opened at half past 5. To begin at half past 6 o'clock. [For Gentleman who played Othello, See bill for 25 May.] Charges #73 8s. Profit to Lewis #57 15s., plus #24 10s. from tickets (Box 61; Pit 43; Gallery 28) Receipts: #131 3s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Queens

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Performance Comment: As17731127, but Petruchio-Lewis, first time; Grumio (that night only)-Shuter; Taylor-_; Baptista-_.
Role: Petruchio Actor: Lewis, first time

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17731007

Entertainment: After dance: Ode on the Passions-the Gentleman who performed Lysimachus

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Last Night of performing before the Holidays. [See first version of this afterpiece under title What We Must All Come To, 9 Jan. 1764. It was damned then but now met with success. A Comedy by Arthur Murphy. The reviewer for the Westminster Magazine for April stamped the afterpiece with his approval.


Mainpiece Title: The Suspicious Husband

Performance Comment: As17750920, but Ranger-Lewis, first time; Bellamy-Young; Frankly-Wroughton, first time.
Role: Ranger Actor: Lewis, first time

Afterpiece Title: Three Weeks After Marriage

Performance Comment: Parts by Lewis, Lee Lewes, Young, Quick, Mrs Green, Mrs Pitt, Miss Dayes, and Mrs Mattocks. Sir Charles Rackett-Lewis; Woodley-Young; Drugger-Quick; Lovelace-Lee Lewes; Lady Rackett-Mrs Mattocks; Dimity-Mrs Green; Mrs Drugget-Mrs Pitt; Nancy-Miss Dayes (Edition of 1776) the Edition lists Lovelace-$Booth, who took over the part on 11 April.
Role: Sir Charles Rackett Actor: Lewis

Entertainment: End: (By Particular Desire) Bucks Have At Ye All, with alterations, spoken-Lewis

Dance: Before Farce: The Merry Sailors, as17760314

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis, Dancer & J. Smith. Tickets to be had of Lewis at the Europa; of Smith at the Ship, Seven Houses


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Performance Comment: Captain Plume-Comerford; Worthy-Johnson; Captain Brazen-Russell; Justice Ballance-Lewis; Bullock-Newton; ThomasAppletree-Kenny; Costar Pearmain-Dancer; Serjeant Kite-Smith; Sylvia-Miss Reynolds; Melinda-Mrs West; Lucy-Miss Taylor; Rose-A Young Lady of Rotherhithe (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]).unidentified]).
Role: Justice Ballance Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great

Dance: End: The Wapping Landlady; or, Jack in Distress-; [with a Hornpipe [in character,-a Lady from London [unidentified]

Song: As17760925

Entertainment: Imitations. As17760930 Monologue. Teague's Ramble to London. Captain O'Blunder-Broderick

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time in London; DR. POEM 5, by William Mason, 1st acted at Crow Street Theatre, Dublin, 30 Mar. 1764]: Written on the Model of the ancient Greek Tragedy. The Overture and all the Music composed New by Dr Arne. With a New Scene designed and executed by Dahl [recte Dall]. The Dresses, Decorations, &c. all entirely New. Books of the Lyrical Part of the Drama to be had at the Theatre. 'But I had rather talk of Caractacus; I agree that he will not suffer by not being sputtered by Barry, who has lost all his teeth. Covent Garden is rather above Drury Lane in actors, but both sets are exceedingly bad, so bad-that I almost wish Caractacus was not to appear. Very seldom do I go to the play, for there is no bearing such strollers" (Walpole [to the author, 8 Oct. 1776], IX, 419-20). "I attended Caractacus last winter, and was greatly interested, both from my friendship for Mr Mason and from the excellence of the poetry. I was out of all patience; for though a young Lewis played a subordinate part very well, and Mrs Hartley looked her part charmingly, the Druids were so massacred, and Caractacus so much worse, that I never saw a more barbarous exhibition" (Walpole [13 July 1777], X, 81-82). Public Advertiser, 7 Dec. 1776: This Day is published the Lyrical Part of Caractacus (6d.). [The publisher, J. Wilkie, states that he also has the "whole Drama, as altered by the Author, 18d." Ibid., 9 Dec., contains an advertisement from Mason stating that this version is unauthorized.] Ibid., 12 Dec.: This Day is published [by A. Ward of York] a new Edition of Caractacus, now altered for Representation at the Theatre-Royal in Covent Garden (1s. 6d.). Receipts: #163 10s. (163.6; 0.4)


Mainpiece Title: Caractacus

Performance Comment: Characters by Clarke, Lewis, Wroughton, Ward, Whitefield, Mrs Hartley. Druids and Bards-Aickin, Hull, L'Estrange, Fearon, others; Principal Vocal Parts-Leoni, Reinhold, Mrs Farrell; [Cast from text (York: A. Ward, 1777 [i.e. 1776]): Caractacus-Clarke; Arviragus-Lewis; Elidurus-Wroughton; Vellinus-Ward; Aulus Didius-Whitefield; Evelina-Mrs Hartley; Modred-Aickin; Mador-Hull.
Role: Arviragus Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Polly Honeycombe

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mainpiece: Not acted these 7 years. 3rd piece [1st time; F 3, author unknown. Not in Larpent MS; not published]: Taken from Dryden's Spanish Fryar. Public Advertiser, 20 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #246 18s. (164.3; tickets: 82.15) (charge: #66 10s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Countess Of Salisbury

Performance Comment: Alwin-Lewis (1st appearance in that character); Raymond-Wroughton; Grey-Clarke; Laroche-Whitefield; Morton-L'Estrange; Sir Ardolph-Fearon; Peasant-Booth; Knight-Robson; Eleanor-Miss Dayes; Countess of Salisbury-Mrs Barry.
Role: Alwin Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: True-Blue

Afterpiece Title: The Jealous Husband

Dance: As17761223

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mainpiece: Not acted these 6 years. Public Advertiser, 17 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis at his house in Broad court, Bow-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #194 16s. (143.9; tickets: 51.7) (charge: #66 13s.


Mainpiece Title: Isabella; Or, The Fatal Marriage

Performance Comment: Biron (1st time)-Lewis; Count Baldwin-Clarke; Carlos-Whitfield; Belford-L'Estrange; Sampson-Dunstall; Friend-Smith; Pedro-Bates; Child-Miss Francis; Villeroy (1st time)-Wroughton; Nurse-Mrs Poussin; Isabella-Mrs Barry (1st appearance in that character at this theatre).
Role: Biron Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: True-Blue

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Role: The Apprentice Actor: Lewis

Dance: 2nd piece: Aldridge. [This was danced, as here assigned, in all subsequent performances.

Song: III: Epithalamium-; the vocal parts-Robson, Miss Dayes

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mainpiece: Not acted these 2 years [not acted since 19 Apr. 1773]. Public Advertiser, 17 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis at his house, Broad-court


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Warwick

Performance Comment: Warwick-Lewis (1st appearance in that character); Suffolk-Hull; Pembroke-Whitfield; Officer-Robson; Buckingham-Stevens; King Edward-Wroughton (1st appearance in that character); Lady Eliz. Grey-Miss Leeson; Lady Clifford-Mrs Poussin; Margaret of Anjou (for this night only)-Mrs Yates; With the original Epilogue, written by Garrick,-Mrs Yates.
Role: Warwick Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: True-Blue

Afterpiece Title: The Liverpool Prize

Role: Marplot Actor: Lewis

Dance: In 2nd piece: Aldridge

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; T 5, by Robert Jephson. Prologue by the author (Gentleman's Magazine, Jan, 1782, p. 36). Another Prologue, by the Right Hon. Luke Gardiner, "not arriving in London time enough for the first exhibition of the Count of Narbonne, was not spoken" (ibid.). Epilogue by Richard Josceline Goodenough, but beginning with 20 Nov. it was superseded by a new Epilogue written by Edmond Malone (see text)]: With new Scenery and Dresses. Public Advertiser, 1 Nov.: The Management of The Count of Narbonne is . . . under very good Care: Mr Horace Walpole, with a Fondness nothing less than fatherly, directs that part of the Affair which respects the Scenes and Dresses, while Henderson takes Charge of the Rehearsals and the casting of inferior Parts... [Henderson] is to wear a Dress which is lent him from among the Antiquities at Strawberry Hill. "I have been at the theatre, and compromised the affair of the epilogues: one is to be spoken to-morrow, the friend's on the author's night. I have been tumbling into trap-doors, seeing dresses tried on in the green-room, and directing armour in the painting-room" (Walpole [16 Nov. 1781], XII, 95). "I never saw a more unprejudiced audience, nor more attention. There was not the slightest symptom of disapprobation to any part ... It is impossible to say how much justice Miss Younge did to your writing. She has shown herself a great mistress of her profession, mistress of dignity, passion, and of all the sentiments you have put into her hands. The applause given to her description of Raymond's death lasted some minutes, and recommenced; and her scene in the fourth act, after the Count's ill-usage, was played in the highest perfection. Mr Henderson was far better than I excepted from his weakness, and from his rehearsal yesterday, with which he was much discontented himself. Mr Wroughton was very animated, and played the part of the Count much better than any man now on the stage would have done. I wish I could say Mr Lewis satisfied me; and that poor child Miss Satchell was very inferior to what she appeared at the rehearsals, where the total silence and our nearness deceived us. Her voice has no strength, nor is she yet at all mistress of the stage. I have begged Miss Younge to try what she can do with her by Monday. However, there is no danger to your play: it is fully established" (Walpole [to the author, 18 Nov. 1781], XII, 95-96). Public Advertiser, 28 Nov. 1781: This Day is published The Count of Narbonne (price not listed). Receipts: #164 10s. 6d. (163/0/6; 1/10/0)


Mainpiece Title: The Count Of Narbonne

Performance Comment: The Characters by Henderson, Wroughton, Lewis, Thompson, Fearon, J. Bates; Miss Satchell, Mrs Morton, Miss Younge. [Cast from text (T. Cadell, 1781), and London Chronicle, 19 Nov.: Austin-Henderson; Raymond-Wroughton; Theodore-Lewis; Fabian-Thompson; Officers of the Count-Fearon, J. Bates, Painter, &c.; Adelaide-Miss Satchell; Jacqueline-Mrs Morton; Hortensia-Miss Younge.] With a new Prologue [spoken by Wroughtton] and Epilogue [spoken by Miss Younge (see text). These were spoken, as here assigned, at the first 13 performances only (see17811215)] . With a new Prologue [spoken by Wroughtton] and Epilogue [spoken by Miss Younge (see text). These were spoken, as here assigned, at the first 13 performances only (see17811215)] .
Role: Theodore Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Deaf Lover

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Public Advertiser, 25 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis at his house in Broad-court, Bow-street. Afterpiece [1st time in London; co 2. MS: Larpent 620; not published]: Written by the Author of The Castle of Andalusia, The Agreeable Surprise, Son-in-Law, &c &c. [John O'KeefFe, 1st acted at the Crow Street Theatre, Dublin, 15 Apr. 1777, and altered in the CG season of 1783-84 as The Poor Soldier]. The Airs Select [ed by the author from] Irish [airs]. With a New Overture and Accompaniments by Shield, who composed the music of Rosina. The Words of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Receipts: #256 9s. (201/10; tickets: 54/19) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Chapter Of Accidents

Performance Comment: Woodville-Lewis; Lord Glenmore-Aickin; Grey-Hull; Vane-W. Bates; Gov. Harcourt-Wilson; Capt. Harcourt-Whitfield; Jacob-Edwin; Cecilia-Miss Satchell; Miss Mortimer-Miss Morris; Warner-Mrs Davenett; Bridget-Mrs Wilson .
Role: Woodville Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Shamrock; or, The Anniversary of St

Dance: As17830221

Event Comment: Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Brandon at the Theatre. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [see 13 Nov.]. [Macready was from the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin. In mainpiece the playbill assigns Miss Ogle to Mrs T. Kennedy, but on the Kemble playbill her name is deleted, and a MS annotation substitutes Mrs Lewis's.] "The dress worn by Lewis, with small buttons innumerable, that gave it the air of a Hussar's jacket lengthened, was lately a coat won by the Prince of Wales" (Morning Chronicle, 20 Sept.). Receipts: #242 5s. 6d. (239.19.6; 2.6.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Performance Comment: Doricourt-Lewis; Sir George Touchwood (1st time)-Farren; Saville-Aickin; Flutter-Macready (1st appearance on this stage); Villers-Hull; Courtall-Davies; French Valet-Wewitzer; Porter-Fearon; Hardy-Quick; Mrs Racket-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Touchwood (1st time)-Mrs Wells; Miss Ogle-Mrs Lewis; Kitty Willis-Miss Stuart; Letitia Hardy-Mrs Pope.
Role: Doricourt Actor: Lewis
Role: Miss Ogle Actor: Mrs Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Love in a Camp; or, Patrick in Prussia

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 2nd piece [1st time; M. INT 1, arranged by Thomas Goodwin. Monologue by Miles Peter Andrews (Yale, Folio Pamphlets No. 10, p. 157)]. Morning Herald, 19 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street. Receipts: #466 5s


Mainpiece Title: The Road To Ruin

Role: Characters Actor: Johnstone, Macready, Lewis.

Afterpiece Title: The Relief of Williamstadt; or, The Return from Victory

Afterpiece Title: Hartford Bridge

Dance: In 2nd piece: Byrn, Holland, Mrs Watts, Mme Rossi

Entertainment: Monologue. A new Occasional Address in the character of Goldfinch ,-Lewis

Performance Comment: A new Occasional Address in the character of Goldfinch ,-Lewis.
Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece: As altered by Garrick. Not acted these 10 years [acted I June 1791]. 2nd piece: In one Act. Morning Herald, 11 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street. Receipts: #469 13s. (294/3/6; 26/2/6; tickets: 149/7/0)


Mainpiece Title: The Chances

Performance Comment: Don John-Lewis (1st appearance in that character); Frederick-Farren; The Duke-Middleton; Petruchio-Macready; Peter-Blanchard; Anthony-Cubitt; Surgeon-Powel; Antonio-Quick//[First] Constantia-Miss Chapman; Mother-in-Law-Mrs Chambers; Landlady-Mrs Leicester; Second Constantia-Mrs Pope .
Role: Don John Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: TRISTRAM SHANDY

Afterpiece Title: A DIVERTISEMENT

Dance: In 3rd piece a Ballet by Byrn, Mlle St. Amand, Mme Rossi

Song: In Act II of 1st piece a song by Mrs Mountain

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mainpiece: In Act II the admired Procession from the Grand Spectacle of Hercules and Omphale, with the entire Decorations, Music, Dance, Dresses, &c. adapted and introduced in the Triumphal Entry of Alexander into Babylon. 3rd piece: Never acted at this theatre. Morning Chronicle, 26 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, No. 6, Bow-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #392 6s. 6d. (273.4.0; 13.4.0 ; tickets: 105.18.6)


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great

Performance Comment: Alexander (for that night only)-Lewis; Lysimachus-Farren; Polyperchon-Macready; Hephestion-Davies; Cassander-Richardson; Clytus-Harley; Statira-Miss Morris; Parisatis-Miss Chapman; Sysigambis-Mrs Platt; Rozana-Mrs Pope.
Role: Alexander Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The British Recruit

Role: Petruchio Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Absent Man

Performance Comment: Shatterbrain-Lewis; Welldone-Macready; Doctor Gruel-Powel; Capt. Slang-Farley; Coxcomb-Claremont; Robin-Burton; Frank-Munden; Landlady-Mrs Davenport; Flavia-Miss Hill; Miss Frolick-Miss Cornelys; Mrs Junket-Miss Chapman.
Role: Shatterbrain Actor: Lewis

Song: As17950316

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece: In 3 Acts. 2nd piece: Not acted these 12 years [acted 13 Dec. 1788]. 3rd piece: With all original Scenery, Machinery, Dresses and Decorations. New Music composed, and ancient Scots Music selected and adapted, by Shield. The Overture by Reeve. With Harp Accompaniment by Weippert. True Briton, 27 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street. Receipts: #519 1s. 6d. (386.10.0; 6.0.0; tickets: 126.11.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant; Or, A Sick Lady's Cure

Performance Comment: Atall-Lewis; Careless-Holman; Clerimont-Macready; Finder-Farley; Sir Harry Atall-Thompson; Dr Bolus-Davenport; Rhubarb-Wilde; Mr Wilful-Powel; Supple-Simmons; Sir Solomon Sadlife-Quick; Wishwell-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Dainty-Mrs Knight; Clarinda-Miss Chapman; Sylvia-Miss Mansel; Lady Sadlife-Miss Wallis.
Role: Atall Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Duke and No Duke; or, Trapolin's Vagaries

Performance Comment: Trapolin (for that night only)-Lewis (1st appearance in that character); Duke of Tuscany-Macready; Alberto-Thompson; Barbarino-Powel; Brunetto-Claremont; Mago-Davenport; Puritan-Simmons; Three Young Devils-Masters Standen, Goodwin, Griffiths; Flametta-Miss Logan; Prudentia-Mrs Watts; Rogera-Mrs Platt; Algera-Miss Leserve; Duchess of Tuscany-Mrs Follett.
Role: Trapolin Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: Oscar and Malvina

Event Comment: "In point of voice, there are few women so highly favoured as Mrs Litchfield [whose 1st appearance at cg was on 27 May 1796]; through every gradation of tone it is perfect, combining strength and melody, it is equal to any task which the theatre (large and extensive as it is) can impose. It is suited to the firmness of declamation, the tenderness of pathos, and the burst of indignant passion" (Monthly Mirror, Oct. 1797, p. 226). The Epilogue is not listed on the playbill, but "The audience would not be satisfied without the original Epilogue [by Miles Peter Andrews], which Lewis came forward and spoke" (True Briton, 21 Sept.). [Afterpiece in place of The Poor Soldier, advertised on playbill of 18 Sept.] Receipts: #225 0s. 6d. (195.14.0; 29.6.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Dramatist

Performance Comment: Vapid-Lewis; Ennui-Fawcett; Neville-Toms; Floriville-Farley; Willoughby-Claremont; Peter-Thompson; Lord Scratch-Munden; Marianne-Mrs Litchfield (1st appearance in that character, and 4th on this stage); Lady Waitfor't-Mrs Davenport; Letty-Mrs Platt; Miss Courtney-Miss Chapman; Original Epilogue-Lewis.
Role: Vapid Actor: Lewis
Role: Original Epilogue Actor: Lewis.

Afterpiece Title: Netley Abbey

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 1st piece: By Permission of the Author and positively for that Night only [see 27 Apr.]. 2nd piece [1st time; M. INT 1, by John Cartwright Cross]: The Music composed by Reeve. The Scenery and Machinery by Phillips, Lupino, &c. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre, & of Mr Barker, Vinegar-Yard. Morning Herald, 3 May 1798: This day is published The Raft (1s.). Times, 22 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, No. 6, Bow-street. Receipts: #412 6s. 6d. (273.16.0; 2.17.0; tickets: 135.13.6)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Performance Comment: Sir Peter Teazle-Munden; Sir Oliver Surface-Murray; Sir Benjamin Backbite-Knight; Joseph Surface-Pope; Charles Surface-Lewis; Crabtree-Quick; Careless-Clarke; Rowley-Davenport; Moses-Fawcett; Trip-Farley; Snake-Powel; Mrs Candour-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Sneerwell-Miss Chapman; Maria-Miss Mansel; Lady Teazle-Mrs Abington.
Role: Charles Surface Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: The Raft; or, Both Sides of the Water

Afterpiece Title: Lovers' Quarrels

Song: In III 1st piece: a song-Incledon

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. 3rd piece [1st time; M. INT 1, by Thomas John Dibdin. Larpent MS 1288; not published]: Founded on a late Glorious Naval Achievement [the recapture by Capt. Edward Hamilton, on 25 Oct. 1799, of the British frigate Hermione, from the Spaniards]. The Music selected and composed by Attwood. Morning Chronicle, 1 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, No. 52, Great Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields. Receipts: #361 17s. (263.2.0; 33.5.6; tickets: 65.9.6)


Mainpiece Title: How To Grow Rich

Performance Comment: Pave-Lewis; Warford-Pope; Sir ThomasRoundhead-Munden; Latitat-Fawcett; Smalltrade-Emery; Sir Charles Dazzle-Betterton; Hippy-Townsend; Nab-Farley; Plainly-Claremont; Servants-Curties, Blurton, Platt, Wilde, Rees; Robert-Simmons; Formal-Thompson; Miss Dazzle-Miss Chapman; Rosa-Miss Murray; Betty-Miss Leserve; Visitors-Ms Watts, Ms Follett, Ms Norton, Ms Gilbert; Lady Henrietta-the Late Miss Betterton [i.e. now Mrs Glover].i.e. now Mrs Glover].
Role: Pave Actor: Lewis

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, An Opera Rehearsal

Performance Comment: Glib, the Author-Lewis; Manager-Davenport; Sir Toby Fuz-Gardner; Sir Macaroni Virtu-Farley; Wilson-Claremont; Mervin-Klanert; Prompter-Abbot; Carpenter-Rees; Scenemen-Wilde, Whitmore; Miss Fuz-Mrs Mills; Sweepers of the Stage-Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Norton; Lady Fuz-Mrs Davenport; Characters in the Burletta: Orpheus-Hill; Shepherds-Linton, Denman, Whitmore, Platt, Curties, Street, Bologna, Lee, Hawtin, Blurton, Coombs, Thomas, Noble, Lewiss; The Old Shepherd-Simmons; Rhodope-Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: The Hermione; or, Valour's Triumph