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Event Comment: [T+Theatrical Monitor, No VI appeared this day with a blast, in the form of an occasional Epilogue, at the morals, language and plan of the Oxonian in Town. This was the first performance of Macklin's afterpiece in London. It had been played in Dublin. "Its curious idiom, half-brogue, and half Cockney, puzzled the audience, as did its highly topical Irish allusions. With his usual candor, Macklin observed: 'I believe the audience are right. (The play was withdrawn after this single performance.) There's a geography in humor as well as in morals, which I had not previously considered--'" Cooke, Macklin, p. 270. According to Kirkman, in his curtain speech Macklin "courageously admitted: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very sensible tha there are several passages in this play which deserve to be probated and I assure you that they shall never offend your ears again!' As soon as Mr Macklin had finished this address, the audience testified their approbation of his determination, by loud and reiterated plaudits" (Kirkman, Memoirs of the Life of Macklin, II, 3). See Also Charles Macklin: An Actor's Life by William W. Appleton (Cambridge, Mass., 1960), p. 141.


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Role: Hastings Actor: Powell,1st time
Role: Shore Actor: Bensley,1st time
Role: Catesby Actor: Perry
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Davis
Role: Gloster Actor: Clarke
Role: Belmour Actor: Gibson
Role: Derby Actor: R. Smith
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Yates, 1st time on that stage.

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Fine Lady

Performance Comment: Parts by Macklin, Dyer, Woodward, Dunstall, Morris, Cushing, Barrington, Quick, Wignell, Mrs Green, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Evans, Miss Helm, Miss Macklin. Prologue-Macklin; Murrough O'Dogherty-Macklin; Count Mushroom-Woodward; Hamilton-Dyer; Fitzmongrel-Dunstall; Major-Morris; Mrs O'Dogherty-Miss Macklin; Catty Farrel-Mrs Pitt; Lady Kinnegad-Mrs Green; Lady Bab Frightful-Mrs Evans; Mrs Gazette-Miss Helm; Mrs Jolly-Mrs White Genest, V, 188, and Kirkman, Memoirs of Macklin (1799 ed.) II, pp. 1-2. The Larpent MS lists three newsmen in addition, and shows the original title The Trueborn Irishman.

Dance: End: The Dutch Milkmaid, as17671114

Event Comment: fterpiece same as Flora. See 16 Oct.] Paid Mr Lampe by (his letter of attorney). Paid to Kirkman #30. Receipts: #69 10s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar, With The Deaths Of Brutus And Cassius

Role: Brutus Actor: Quin
Role: Cassius Actor: Ryan
Role: Caesar Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Caska Actor: Sparks
Role: Trebonius Actor: Anderson
Role: Metellus Actor: Bransby
Role: Decius Brutus Actor: Ridout
Role: Lepidus Actor: Bencraft
Role: Anthony Actor: Delane
Role: Octavius Actor: Gibson
Role: Legarius Actor: Holtham
Role: Cinna Actor: Redman
Role: Pindarus Actor: Oates
Role: Plebeians Actor: Collins, Dunstall, Stoppelaer, Arthur
Role: Calphurnia Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Hob; or, The Country Wake

Role: Friendly Actor: Lowe
Role: Hob Actor: Dunstall
Role: Sir ThomasTesty Actor: Arthur
Role: Dick Actor: Anderson
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Young.
Event Comment: Paid Mr Lampe on acct by Mr Kirkman #20. Receipts: #85 7s


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Role: Ballance Actor: Quin
Role: Plume Actor: Ryan
Role: Worthy Actor: Ridout
Role: Kite Actor: Marten
Role: Scruple Actor: Oates
Role: Scale Actor: Redman
Role: Brazen Actor: Dyer
Role: Bullock Actor: Dunstall
Role: Welch Collier Actor: Hacket
Role: Rose Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Recruits Actor: Bencraft, Cushing
Role: Melinda Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Perseus and Andromeda

Event Comment: Benefit for Sparks, Charges #60. Deficit to Sparks #11 2s. 5d., covered by #104 11s. from tickets. Paid Redman a bill for writing parts 10s. 4d.; Paid Lampe on acct by Mr Kirkman #12.Receipts: #48 18s


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Role: Ford Actor: Sparks.
Role: Host Actor: Dunstall
Role: Bardolph Actor: Marten
Role: Pistol Actor: Cushing
Role: Nym Actor: Holtham.
Role: Shallow Actor: Collins
Role: Slender Actor: Bennet.
Role: Falstaff Actor: Quin
Role: Page Actor: Ridout
Role: Fenton Actor: Gibson
Role: Caius Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Simple Actor: Bencraft
Role: Sir Hugh Actor: Arthur
Role: Mrs Page Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Ann Page Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Mrs Quickly Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Robin Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Mrs Ford Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Flash Actor: Dyer.
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Biddy Actor: Miss Minors.
Role: Fribble Actor: Cushing
Event Comment: Comedy Never Acted before. All the Characters New Dress'd. No money return'd after the Curtain is up. [By Macklin. Not printed. Plot account in Kirkman, Life of Macklin. It persisted for nine nights against continual opposition (Genest, IV, 625).] Boxes #95 17s. Macklin's fifth above house charges: #31 15s. 9d. (Account Book). [See note, 2 Feb.] Receipts: #221 19s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Married Libertine

Role: Prologue Actor: Macklin
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Lord Belville Actor: Macklin
Role: Townly Actor: Davis
Role: Serjeant Actor: Buck
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Lady Belville Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Harriet Wingfield Actor: Mrs Abegg
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Parts Actor: R. Smith, Perry, Weller.
Event Comment: Benefit for Wignell and Barnshaw. As the Indisposition of the vocal performers renders it impossible to perform the Jovial Crew, Messrs Wignell and Barnshaw, hope their Friends will honour them with their company to the above Comedy, to which, tickets delivered for the Jovial Crew, will be taken. Charges #64 10s. Deficit to actors #25 2s. covered by income form tickets: Wignell #85 (Box 69; Pit 347; Gallery 157); Barnshaw #96 1s. (Box 88; Pit 381; Gallery 169) (Account Book). Mrs Paddick paid up her 1!2 value of tickets for the 6th Inst. Paid Kirkman for a new Harpsichord and tuning the old one #62 3s. (Account Book). Receipts: #39 8s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Role: Downright Actor: Gardner
Role: Clement Actor: Morris.
Role: Welbred Actor: Lewes
Role: Bridget Actor: Miss Ward.
Role: Cash Actor: Perry
Role: Cob Actor: Barrington
Role: Cob's Wife Actor: Mrs Pitt.
Role: Dame Kitely Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Kitely Actor: Smith
Role: Old Knowel Actor: Gibson
Role: Young Knowel Actor: Dyer
Role: Wellbred Actor: Mattocks
Role: Bobadil Actor: Woodward
Role: Stephen Actor: Shuter
Role: Brainworm Actor: Dunstall
Role: Matthew Actor: Cushing

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17680920

Role: The Merry Sailors Actor: Aldridge.
Event Comment: Account Book: @Receiv'd of Vincent for Music Forfeits this season #21 11s. 10d.@Rece'v'd for stage forfeits this season #14 4s. 2d.@Receiv'd of Mrs Carne for ends of Candles & Oyl #70 6s. 7d.@Receiv'd of Proprietors of Public Advertiser #50@Receiv'd of Proprietors of Daily Gazetteer #50@Paid Vincent for Music Books #4 5s. 2d.@9 June@Rec'd Assurance on 50 Renter's Old Shares at 4s. 10d. each #12 1s. 8d.@Rec'd Assurance on 50 Renter's New Shares at 2s. 6d. each #6 5s.@15 July@Rec'd of His Majesty by Mr Mathias #40@Rec'd of Madam Schellenbergen by Ditto #9@Total Income 1768-69: #30,759 16s. 2 1!2d.@Total Expense 1768-69: #24,035 8s. 3d.@31 May: Paid Arnold Composer #50 13s.@2 June: Paid Kirkman for tuning #20@


Mainpiece Title: None

Event Comment: Post Season Accounts. Receiv'd from Vincent for Music Forfeits #24 8s. 4d. Expended: To Fisher for Music for Harlequin's Jubilee #26 5s. 30 May: Paid to Foulis for writing out Music #34 9s. 2 June: Paid to Shove for paper for Music #7 1s. Paid to Arnold for composing #61 19s. 15 June: Paid Kirkman for tuning Harpsichord #19 12s. Paid Simpson (hautboy) for special performances #67 4s


Mainpiece Title: None

Event Comment: Last time of company's performing this season. Benefit for Bowers and Widow Veal. Tickets deliver'd by Berrisford, Hodges, and Burroughs will be taken. Thus Ends the Season-63 different plays-36 different Farces-186 Nights in all (Hopkins Diary). Paid Watch, Rector, Cleansing, &c., cg to Lady Day last #5 18s. 4d. (Treasurer's Book). After Season Receipts: 11 June: Box Office Keeper's cash #25; Condill's 3rd and last payment for Fruit Office #20. 16 June: Candles, Oyl and Lampmen of Theatrical Fund Night 2nd inst. #3 18s. 6d. 23 June: Mr Johnston for Candle ends sold to sundry #11 7s. 6d.; Ditto for Lace burnt form the Wardrobe #205 8s. 26 June: Harrison's rent 1 yr to Lady Day last #46 but with #12 5s. in taxes deducted amount rec'd #33 15s.; Williams rent ditto (#48 with #8 6s. 8d. taxes deducted) #39 13s. 4d.; From Public Advertiser this season #50; From Daily Gazetteer #50. 3 July: Remainder of Sinking Fund #160 2s. 6d. 6 July. Mr Rowland 1 yrs rent to Lady Day last with #3 8s. in taxes deducted, #139 12s.; Mr Pope 1 yrs rent to ditto with #3 11s. 2d. taxes deducted #26 8s. 10d. 10 July: Benefit deficiencies cleared and Cash taken up by Evans as per acct. #89 7s. (Treasurer's Book). After Season expenditures: 11 June: Hopkins, Prompters Bill #8 15s.; Miss Hopkins 18 Nights full #2 5s. 13 June: 2 days salary list at #72 6s. 5d. per diem #144 12s. 10d.; S. French 6 days #1 10s. 16 June: Davies on note #7 6s.; Printer's 2 bills #11 14s.; Mas. Thomson 3 nights in full 15s.; Mrs Mann on note #2 2s.; Tallow chandler's 9th bill (#30 14s. 4d. with a discount of #26 15s. 6d. on all bills for season) #3 18s. 10d. 19 June: Miss Berkley on note #5 5s. 3 July: J. Stevens 2 weeks as usual #1 16s; Sandys & Co. for Colours #10 4s. Dorman for Coals #20 10s. and for attending practices of dances, as usual #10 10s.; Cole (turner) #14 3s.; Bibb (sword cutler) #3 12s.; Barret (wax chandler) #20 6s. 6d.; Blakes, (hatter), #5 12s.; Lowe and Co (glaziers) #16 6d.; Cropley, (linen draper) #14 7s. 6d.; Chamberlain & Co. (ironmongers), #25; Carter (scowerer) #14 12s.; Jennings (glover and furrier) #18 6d.; Scott (copper laceman), #51 19s.; Carpue, (silk dyer) #9 1s. 6d.; Mrs Chitty (coals) #28; Carver's bill #2 1s.; Chettell (timber) #14 9s.; Cubitt (Tinman) #18 2s. 6d.; Waller (hosier) #24 19s. 6d.; Barrow & Co. (only) #118; Vaughan (haberdasher) #3 6s.; Hatsell (mercer) #28 2s.; Thomson (smith) #10 15s. 6 July: B. Lyon, Wardrobe & Carp Bills #10 10s. 6d.; Stephens (manson) #6 4s.; Pope (peruke maker) #29 6s. and #3 16s. for 38 extra nights dressing &c.; Mrs Slaughter's Bill #9 2s. 6d.; Roberts (shoemaker) #3 12s. 6d.; D. Richards, 30 weeks 5 days extra salary in full for this season #30 16s. 8d.; Hewetson (laceman) #17 6s.; Mr Page in full of #25 this season #1 17s. 6d. 8 July: J. Johnston's Music Bill #37 13s. 6d.; Powney & Co., (stationers) #3 14s.; Landall for Mrs Cape's Funeral per order #4 7s. 6d.; Kirkman, (harpsichord maker) #18 14s.; John French, painter's bill #5 3s. 10 July: Palmer for Spermacetti Candles #255 8s.; Miss Collett's schooling #2 8s. 10d.; Stafford (glassman) #4 19s.; A. Johnston's bill for feathers &c. #15 6s. 6d.; Ditto four Housekeeping Bills #10 1s. 4d.; Chapman (Jubilee horsekeeping) #3 13s. 6d.; Victor 2 weeks salary as usual #5; Victor gratuity as usual #30; Evans 2 weeks salary as usual #3 and #42 in lieu of a Benefit. Books Closed 10 July. Total income #32,538 6s. 1d. Total outgo #26,410 8s. 8d. Profit #6,127 17s. 5d. paid To Managers #5,040 To Clutterbuck #1,087 17s. 5d


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Role: O'Cutter Actor: Moody
Role: Lady Freelove Actor: Mrs Reddish
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Oakly Actor: Reddish
Role: Major Oakly Actor: Love
Role: Charles Actor: Cautherley
Role: Lord Trinket Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Harry Beagle Actor: Palmer
Role: Russet Actor: Bransby
Role: Tom Actor: Ackman
Role: Paris Actor: Baddeley
Role: William Actor: Wheeler
Role: Mrs Oakly Actor: Mrs Abington.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Loveit Actor: Fawcett.
Role: Fribble Actor: Dodd
Role: Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Jasper Actor: Ackman
Role: Puff Actor: Moody
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Biddy Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: End: Hornpipe-Walker

Event Comment: Benefit for Robinson, Berrisford, Carlton Jr and Kaygill. Saw the Beggar's Opera at Drury Lane. Pit and Gallery so full no place Went into front Box ou much mob--low sort of people had tickets given them--side boxes almost empty. Extremely pleased with Mrs Smith (the Polly whom I never heard before), Mrs Wrighten (Lucy) and Vernon (Macheath) who all performed incomparably well (Baker Diary, p. 259). So Ends the Season 63 different Plays 36 different Farces 188 Nights in all (Hopkins Diary). Receipts: #201 15s. 6d. Charges: #84. Profits to Berrisford, Robinson, Carlton, and Kaygille: #117 15s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). AFTER SEASON RECEIPTS (Treasurer's Book). 5 June: Rec'd Box Officer keeper's cash (deficit #6 5s.) #18 15s.; Benefit deficiencies #142 13s. 6d.; Remainder of Mr S. Barry's Bag #40 3s. 8d. 15 June: Rec'd in benefit deficiencies #223 18s.; Mr Griffith in full of #12 lent him #2 5s.; Mr Davies on acct #20; J. Aickin ditto #16 11s. 6d. 18 June: Public Advertiser and Gazetteer acct this season #100. 19 June: Sundry salaries taken up by Mr Evans #227 4s.; Remainder of Sinking Fund #70. 23 June: Rowland one yrs rent to Lady Day (#43 with #2 2s. tax decuted) #40 18s.; Mr Pope one yrs rent ditto (#30 with #1 13s. King's tax deducted) #28 7s.; Harrison one yrs rent ditto (#46 with #7 King's tax deducted) #39; Balance from Clutterbuck #159 16s.; Discount on #344 18s. 6d., the amount of tallow chandler's Bills this season #27 11s. 9d.; From the Managers per Mr D. G. #534 11s. 8d. 1 July: J. Johnston in part of Music forfeits #29 10s. 6d. 2 July: From A. Johnston for oil and sperm. Candle ends sold to sundry #6 12s. 6d. 3 July: Their Majesties Acct 3 nights #30; Her Majesty's Ladies Acct ditto #9; Williams one yrs rent to Lady Day last (#48 with #4 King's tax deducted) #44. EXPENDITURES 15 June: Paid J. French on acct #20; Wegg half yrs rent to Lady Day last #57. 19 June: Paid Miss Berkley on note #5 5s.; Loutherbourg (in full of #300) #70; D. Garrick (in full of #800) #254 11s. 8d.; King's extra salary at #3 Per week) #93 10s.; Parsons in lieu of a benefit night #80; J. Stevens 2 weeks as usual #1 16s. 23 June: Paid Black Lyon Wardrobe and Carpenter's Dinner bills #16 10s. 8d.; Pope's bill for wigs #21 4s., and for 54 nights extra dressing &c. #5 8s.; Tallow chandler's 10th and last bill #23 11s. 9d. 24 June: Paid Bibb, sword cutler, #14 16s. 6d.; Dorman, Coals, #27 15s., and for attending practices of Dances, as usual #10 10s.; Jennings, Glover & Furrier #21 9s.; Cropley (linen draper) #35 12s.; Cole (turner) #7 3s.; Hatsell (mercer) #35 9s.; Marshall & Co. (plumbers) #15; Thomson (smith) #15 15s. 6d.; Barber, for men's cloaths #6 6s.; Barret (wax chandler) #18 14s.; Ireland (upholder) #27 6s. 6d.; Blakes (hatter) #16 19s.; Hopkins & Co. (ironmongers) #42 2s.; Carpue (silk dyer) #9 10s.; Carter (scowerer); Jones (worsted lace man) #3 17s.; Hinchcliff (mercer) #36 11s. 6d.; Cubit (tinman) #12 7s.; Lowe & Co. (glasiers) #1 16s.; J. French on Acct #10. 25 June: Waller & Co. (hosiers) #20 19s.; Scott (copper laceman) #47 7s. 6d.; Kirkman, Harpsicord tuning #18 16s.; Mrs Chitty, Coals, #28 5s. A. Johnston a bill for gilt leather &c. #51 15s.; J. Aickin's Law bill to Mr Stephens #54 7s. 9d.; Mrs Garwood for work for the Wardrobe, &c. #17 16s. 6d.; Barrow & Co., for oil, #170; half yrs rent to Duke of Bedford to Lady Day Last, #165 17s. 7d.; Mrs Vaughan (haberdasher) #3 3s.; Mr Page in full of #25 for this season, #1 10s. 1 July: Paid Daigville's 5 Children Dancing &c. in full #5 5s.; Johnston Music bill to Xmas last, #29 10s. 6d.; Chettel (timber) #46 3s.; D. Richards of M: Band 31 weeks and 1 day, extra salary at #1 per week for this season, #31 3s. 4d.; Victor's gratuity as usual, #30; Evans in lieu of a Benefit #42; Hopkins, prompter's bill, #4 12s. 6d.; Jenkins, extra Trumpet 17 nights in full #8 18s. 6d.; Miss P. Hopkins, 8 Nights in full #2; C. Roberts (shoemaker) #6 9s. 6d.; One yrs Watch & Paving for Covent Garden Parish to Lady Day last #4 8s.; Victor & Evans 2 weeks salary as usual #8. BOOKS CLOSED 1 July 1773: Total income #32,639 15s. 5d. Total outgo #27,705 7s. 3d. Profit #4,934 8s. 2d. distributed as follows: To Managers #3,760; To Clutterbuck #1000, To Clutterbuck #174 8s. 2d


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Role: Macheath Actor: Vernon
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Burton
Role: Mat@o@Mint Actor: Wright.
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wrighten, first time.
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Atkins.
Role: Peachum Actor: Moody
Role: Lockit Actor: Bransby
Role: Filch Actor: Parsons
Role: Mat@O@Mint Actor: Kear
Role: Beggar Actor: Waldron
Role: Player Actor: Wheeler
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: a Hornpipe Actor: Walker
Role: To Conclude with a Country Dance Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: A Trip to Scotland

Dance: II: A Dance, as17730506

Event Comment: This being the Last time of Mr G. performing he generously gave the Profits of the Night to the Theatrical Fund, he spoke the Usual prologue & after the play he went forward & address'd the Audience in so pathetic a Manner as draw Tears from the Audience & himself & took his leave of them forever (Hopkins Diary). [Accounts of the farewell address in the Morning Post and in Davies; Life of Garrick.] So Ends the Season 67 different Play 32 different Farce 189 Nights in all (Hopkins Diary). N.B. The profits of this night appropriated to the benefit of the Theatrical Fund: Cash #309 2s.; After Money #2 10s. 6d. Received #311 12s. 6d. Paid #36 5s. 9d. viz: @Renters #8@Supernumeraries & Kettle Drum #2 11s.@Soldiers 14s.@Extra Constables #1 10s. 6d.@Candles, Oyl & Lampmen #3 18s. 6d.@Carpenters Extras #2 1s.@Music Band #7 18s. 9d.@Messrs. Legg, Lauchery, Larivere, Garland & Langlois Salary #1 13s. 4d.@Sundry Doorkeepers & Servants #7 18s. 8d. @#36 5s. 9d.@Rec'd #311 12s. 6d.@Paid #36 5s. 9d.@Remains #275 6s. 9d.@Brought Fd #62 3s. 7d. from 10th May@Total #337 10s. 4d.@ N.B. The above sum of the two Nights for Theatrical Fund-order'd by Mr Garrick this 25th day of June 1776 to be paid into the hands of Mr Hatsell (Treasurer's Book). AFTER SEASON RECEIPTS (Treasurer's Book): 11 June: Rec'd Box office keeper's cash #25; Candles, Oil &c. the 2nd Fund night #7 17s.; From Mr Dodd in Full #21. 24 June: From Sinking Fund (3rd) in full #963 10s.; From Grimaldi on acct #70; From Mrs Smith (singer) in full #31 10s. 2 July: From Public Advertiser for this season #50; Gazetteer ditto #50. 4 July: Their Majesties Acct this season #76; from Mr Harrison one yrs. rent Land tax deducted #37 5s. 5 July: From Mr Parsonage 1 yr. & one quarter rent to Midsummer (tax deducted) #53 15s. 15 July: From Mr Pope 1 yr. & one quarter rent to Mids. Last (taxes deducted) #35 12s. 6d.; Mr Heath 1 yr. and 1!2 Rent to Mids last #15. 19 July: From Mrs Johnston 1 yr. & one quarter rent to Mids. last #7 10s.; Mrs Groath 1!2 year to ditto #1 10s. Mr Percy three quarters Rent to ditto #7 10s.; Mr Waterer five quarters rent to ditto (land tax deducted) #51 7s. 25 July: Sundry forfeits taken up by Evans #38 5s. AFTER SEASON EXPENDITURES (Treasurer's Book): 11 June: Five days salary to sundries at #88 2s. 10d. per diem #440 14s. 2d.; George Garrick in full of #400 #5 13s. 4d.; Slingsby in full of #350 #1 3s. 4d.; Everard on note #10 10s.; Davis on note #21; Mr King to make up #500 in full #32 10s.; Lauchery on note #15 15s.; Mr Page in full of #25 #1 12s. 6d. 28 June: To Lord Walpole for one year's acting season #315; Mr Highly in Full of his building acct #85 19s.; Ditto for 3 yrs. ground rent to the 24th inst. #42. [For explanation of Walpole payment, see Boaden, Garrick Correspondence, II, 155 an involved agreement re an annuity dating from October 1761, now being collected because of new taxes on Carriages, and because Lady Walpole was footsore and would walk nowhere.] 20 June: Adelphi Tavern Bill & Waiters #20 10s. 6d.; Mr Park, chorus 4 nights in full #1 10s.; Mr R. Johnston's property Bills in full #33 1s. 6d. 24 June: Mr D. Garrick in full of #1,300 #235 13s. 2d.; Mr R. Harwood's gratuity #5 5s. 2 July: One yrs. subscription for St George's Hospital for both the managers #10 10s. 5 July: Three quarter's rent pd for Miss Abrahams at Gardners #37 10s. 9 July: Blakes (hatter) #11 15s.; Mrs Chitty (coals) #94 17s.; Hadley & Co., Engine, #12 12s.; Thomson (smith) #6 15s.; Barrow & Co., Oil, #108 13s. 6d.; Ireland (upholsterer) #17 2s. 6d.; Stevens (mason) #42 7s. 6d.; Hewetson (laceman) #9 2s.; Racket (taylor) #16 9s.; Barret (wax chandler) #14 5s.; Waller (hosier) #11 5s. 11 July: Machin, Chorus singer, #6, Bibb (sword cutler) #2 5s.; Gardner (shoemaker) #3 2s.; Marshall (plumber) #4 13s.; Stacey (colourman) #4 17s. 15 July: Daley (sadler) #5 5s.; Scott (copperlace) #25 14s. 6d.; Norfolk (glazier) #3 7s.; Carpue (silk Dyer) #18 13s.; Mrs Carter (scowerer) #1 14s. 6d.; Chettle (timber) #4 6s. 7d.; Pope, for Wiggs, #12 12s.; ditto for 81 extra nights dressing #8 2s.; Mr Preston 69 nights dressing Mr Garrick #5 3s. 6d.; Hatsell (mercer) #47 3s. 16 July: Powney (stationer) #2 10s.; Jennings (glover) #25 17s. 6d.; Prior (turner) #9 5s. 6d; Hopkin's Prompter's bill #13 18s.; Palmer for Sperma. Candles #7 14s.; Kirkman (harpsicord maker) #13 17s. 6d.; Hele (surveyor) #26 10s. 19 July: Mrs Garwood (laundress) #2 12s. 8d.; a Green coat for Mr Garrick #3 3s.; Mr Woods, chorus, 63 nights in full, #15 15s.; Mr French's bills in full #235 3s. 6d. 22 July: Mr Waterer, Black Lyon dinner Bills #56 8s. 6d. 25 July: Mrs Vaughan (haberdasher) #3 18s. 6d.; Cubit (tinman) #2 15s.; Kirk (housekeeper) three quarter's salary to Midummer #30; Victor's gratuity and two weeks salary #35; Evans in lieu of Benefit #42 and 2 weeks salary #3; Mr Westley 2 weeks salary #1 10s. AFTER SEASON COMPUTATION: DRURY LANE 1775-1776: Books closed 25 July 1776. @Total income #37,917 3s. 10d.@Total Expense #33,453 18s. 4d.@Profit #4,463 5s. 6d. divided as follows:@Mr Clutterbuck #1,000@Managers #3,240@ In Victor's hands #223 5s. 6d. [presumably for summer expenses and opening the next season. The Treasurer's Book also mentions a sum of #575 18s. 8d. at Mr Clutterbucks, without indication of its source or contemplated use.


Mainpiece Title: The Wonder

Role: Don Felix Actor: Garrick
Role: Briton Actor: Smith
Role: Gibby Actor: Moody first time
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Wrighten, first time
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Parsons
Role: Don Lopez Actor: Baddeley
Role: Lissardo Actor: King
Role: Isabella Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: Violante Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Frederick Actor: Packer
Role: Inis Actor: Mrs Bradshaw.

Afterpiece Title: The Waterman

Dance: I: The Grand Garland Dance as17760410 but-Slingsby, Sga Crespi, Mrs Sutton