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Event Comment: Receipts: #190 (Cross); #182 6d. (Powel). [N. B. Doubling in parts by Blakes and Bransby.


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: Richard-Garrick; King Henry-Delane; Buckingham-I. L? Sparks; Richmond-Havard; Stanley-Winstone; Tressel-Blakes; Catesby-Usher; Lieut.-Ray; King Edward V-Miss Cole; Duke of York-Miss Yates; Ratcliff-Simson; Tyrell-Bransby; Blunt-Burton; Lord Mayor-Taswell; Oxford-Bransby; Norfolk-Blakes; Queen Elizabeth-Mrs Elmy; Duchess of York-Mrs Bennet; Lady Anne-Mrs Woffington.
Role: Richard Actor: Garrick
Role: King Henry Actor: Delane
Role: Buckingham Actor: I. L? Sparks
Role: Richmond Actor: Havard
Role: Stanley Actor: Winstone
Role: Tressel Actor: Blakes
Role: Catesby Actor: Usher
Role: Lieut. Actor: Ray
Role: King Edward V Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Yates
Role: Ratcliff Actor: Simson
Role: Tyrell Actor: Bransby
Role: Blunt Actor: Burton
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Taswell
Role: Oxford Actor: Bransby
Role: Norfolk Actor: Blakes
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive.
Event Comment: Benefit for Bransby & Burton. Public Advertiser, 19 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Bransby, No. 10, New Pye-street, Westminster; of Burton, Duke's-court, Bow-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #196 1s. 6d. (61.11.0; 24.17.6; 0.0.0; tickets: 109.13.0) (charge: #64 9s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Performance Comment: As17770128, but Sir Harry Beagle-Burton; Russet-Bransby; Tom-Holcroft.
Role: Sir Harry Beagle Actor: Burton
Role: Russet Actor: Bransby
Role: Tom Actor: Holcroft.
Role: Oakly Actor: Smith
Role: Lord Trinket Actor: Dodd
Role: Charles Actor: Farren
Role: Captain O'Cutter Actor: Moody
Role: Paris Actor: Waldron
Role: William Actor: Griffiths
Role: John Actor: Everard
Role: Robert Actor: Norris
Role: Major Oakly Actor: Yates
Role: Lady Freelove Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Toilet Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Mrs Oakly Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Bon Ton

Role: Colonel Tivy Actor: Davies.
Role: Touchstone Actor: King
Role: Orlando Actor: Reddish
Role: Jaques Actor: Jefferson
Role: Duke Senior Actor: Hurst
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Bransby
Role: Oliver Actor: Packer
Role: Amiens Actor: Vernon
Role: Corin Actor: Waldron
Role: LeBeau Actor: Everard
Role: Silvius Actor: R. Palmer
Role: William Actor: Messink
Role: Adam Actor: Moody
Role: Caelia Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Cuckoo Song Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Phoebe Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Audrey Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Rosalind Actor: Miss Younge.
Role: Sir John Trotley Actor: King
Role: Davy Actor: Parsons
Role: Jessamy Actor: Lamash
Role: Mignon Actor: Burton
Role: Lord Minikin Actor: Dodd
Role: Miss Tittup Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Lady Minikin Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: End I afterpiece: the Louvre Minuet, Allemande-the Miss Stageldoirs

Event Comment: Tickets deliver'd out by Mr Davis will be taken. [Bransby doubled in Oxford and Tyrrel. The General Advertiser quoted a long Epilogue on the Birthday of his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland Written by the Farmer (who had taken over the role of Swift's Drapier) and spoken by Garrick in Dublin. It also quoted the following long puff for Ray's Benefit to come]: Sir, As long acquaintance best entitles us to friendly good natured offices, and as no more proper time can be found to confer them than when the person is in the Decline of life, give me leave to recommend (thro' your means) Mr Ray of Drury Lane Theatre, the oldest actor now belonging to that House, to the Favour of the Town, at his ensuing Benefit next Saturday. A person who once agreeably entertained the Public, should always feel the warmth of their Indulgence, tho' the Infirmities of Old age may have render'd him less pleasing than formerly. This Application is therefore meant to those friends of his, whom Distance of time, and change of Situation may have made it impossible any other way to acquaint them, that The Merchant of Venice is to be acted for his Benefit on Saturday next; therefore 'tis hoped they will be so kind as to send for his Tickets to Mr Hobson, in the Playhouse Passage, or to Mr Ray's lodgings, the second Door in Queen's Court, Great Queen St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, and the Favour will ever be greatly acknowledged by him


Mainpiece Title: Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17460422 but Richard III-Thomas? Lacy; King Henry-Davies; Tyrrel-Bransby.
Role: Richard III Actor: Thomas? Lacy
Role: King Henry Actor: Davies
Role: Tyrrel Actor: Bransby.
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Simpson
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Miss Budgell
Role: Buckingham Actor: L. Sparks
Role: Richmond Actor: Havard
Role: Edward V Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Stanley Actor: Winstone
Role: Tressel Actor: Blakes
Role: Catesby Actor: Marr
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Ray
Role: Blunt Actor: Usher
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Taswell
Role: Oxford Actor: Bransby
Role: Norfolk Actor: Mozeen
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: Beatrice Actor: Miss Royer.
Role: Martin Actor: Bransby.
Role: Le Medicin Actor: Blakes
Role: Crispin Actor: Yates
Role: Old Gerald Actor: Collins
Role: Young Gerald Actor: Usher
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Crispin Actor: Mrs Bridges
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Cole.
Event Comment: Benefit for Taswell, Bransby, and 7 more Tickets [for Jefferson, Vernon, Miss Young, Hayes, Petit, Miss Rousselet, Mrs Valcour]. Tickets deliver'd for The Inconstant will be taken. Afterpiece: By Desire. Receipts: #220 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Performance Comment: As17571126, but Indiana-Mrs Davies, 1st time; Sir John-Bransby; Daniel-Jefferson; Singing in Act II-Vernon.
Role: Indiana Actor: Mrs Davies, 1st time
Role: Sir John Actor: Bransby
Role: Daniel Actor: Jefferson
Role: Singing in Act II Actor: Vernon.
Role: Young Bevil Actor: Mossop, 1st time.
Role: Cimberton Actor: Taswell
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Myrtle Actor: Palmer
Role: Tom Actor: Woodward
Role: Phyllis Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Mrs Sealand Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Sealand Actor: Berry
Role: Humphrey Actor: Blakes
Role: Singing Actor: Beard.

Afterpiece Title: The Chaplet

Role: Palamon Actor: Rooker
Role: Damon Actor: Vernon, 1st time.
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Vernon
Role: Pastora Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Palemon Actor: Rooker
Role: To conclude with a Rural Dance Actor: .

Dance: A Masquerade Polish Dance-Delatre, Miss Rousellet; Minuet-Noverre, Miss Valcour

Song: III: Miss Young

Event Comment: Not performed for two years [see 18 April 1757]. Fleetwood, Bransby, OBrien played their parts for the first time. Receipts: #110 (Cross); #155 8s. 6d. (Winston MS 8)


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan; Or, The Unhappy Marriage

Performance Comment: Castalio-Fleetwood; Polydore-Obrien; Acasto-Bransby; Chamont-Holland; Chaplain-Packer; Page-Miss Simson; Serina-Miss Hippisley; Florella-Mrs Bennet; Monimia-Miss Pritchard.
Role: Castalio Actor: Fleetwood
Role: Polydore Actor: Obrien
Role: Acasto Actor: Bransby
Role: Chamont Actor: Holland
Role: Chaplain Actor: Packer
Role: Page Actor: Miss Simson
Role: Serina Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Monimia Actor: Miss Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Drunken Colonel Actor: Yates
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: SSpanish Dance, as17581014

Event Comment: Benefit for Bransby and Champness. Tickets deliver'd by Mrs Bradshaw, Miss Hippisley, Mrs Smith, and Mrs Rowe will be taken. Tickets sold at the Doors will not be taken. Receipts: #170 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Peachum-Bransby; Lockit-Champness; Filch-Raftor; Macheath-Beard; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Cross; Lucy-Mrs Clive; Polly-Miss Macklin; Mat@o@Mint-Blakes; Beggar-Burton; Player-Mozeen; Diana Trapes-Mrs Bradshaw; In Act III, a Hornpipe-Mathews; to conclude with a Country Dance-the characters of the opera.
Role: Peachum Actor: Bransby
Role: Lockit Actor: Champness
Role: Filch Actor: Raftor
Role: Macheath Actor: Beard
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Mat@o@Mint Actor: Blakes
Role: Beggar Actor: Burton
Role: Player Actor: Mozeen
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: a Hornpipe Actor: Mathews
Role: to conclude with a Country Dance Actor: the characters of the opera.

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Role: Dick Actor: Palmer
Role: Wingate Actor: Yates
Role: Gargle Actor: Burton
Role: Scotsman Actor: Blakes
Role: Simon Actor: Vaughan
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Barton.
Event Comment: Benefit for Bransby and Miss Young. British Chronicle, 16 April 1760: Died the celebrated Charlotte Charke in the Haymarket, daughter of Colley Cibber, Esq, poet laureate-a gentlewoman remarkable for her adventures and misfortunes


Mainpiece Title: The Mistake

Role: Sancho Actor: King
Role: Don Carlos Actor: Garrick
Role: Lopez Actor: Yates
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Palmer
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Jacintha Actor: Mrs Clive, with Mrs Davies and Bransby in the bill also.

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman in Paris

Performance Comment: As17591002, but Sir John-Bransby; Lucinda with a song and Minuet in character-.
Role: Sir John Actor: Bransby
Role: Lucinda with a song and Minuet in character Actor: .
Role: Buck Actor: Palmer
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Macklin.

Song: I: By Particular Desire, My Fond Shepherds-Miss Young; III: The Ode to Echo (Dr Hayes)-Miss Young

Event Comment: Benefit for Philips and Bransby. Mainpiece: By Particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Tickets deliver'd for This Night will be taken


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: As17601121, but Richard-Sheridan; Buckingham-Bransby; Lord Mayor-Philips.
Role: Richard Actor: Sheridan
Role: Buckingham Actor: Bransby
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Philips.
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: King Richard Actor: Garrick.
Role: King Henry Actor: Havard
Role: Richmond Actor: Palmer
Role: Tressel Actor: Austin
Role: King Edward Actor: Master Cautherly
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Rogers
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Role: Lovel Actor: O'Brien
Role: Freeman Actor: Packer
Role: Duke's Servant Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Harry's Servt Actor: King
Role: Philip Actor: Yates
Role: Lady Charlotte's Maid Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Bab's Maid Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: T+The May Day Morning Fingalian Dance, as17610416

Song: By Particular Desire, the Mimic Comic Opera Song-Mrs Clive

Event Comment: Benefit for Bransby and Philips. No Building on Stage, &c


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: As17621027, but Masquerade Dance-Vincent, Sga Giorgi; Benvolio-Ackman; Escalus-Bransby (playbill).
Role: Masquerade Dance Actor: Vincent, Sga Giorgi
Role: Benvolio Actor: Ackman
Role: Escalus Actor: Bransby
Role: Masquerade Dance Actor: Sga Fiorentina.
Role: Romeo Actor: Holland
Role: Mercutio Actor: Palmer
Role: Paris Actor: Lee
Role: Tibalt Actor: Blakes
Role: Capulet Actor: Burton
Role: Fryar Lawrence Actor: Havard
Role: Lady Capulet Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Juliet Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: The Vocal Parts Actor: Lowe, Champnes, Mrs Vincent, Miss Young, Others
Role: a Masquerade Danceproper to the Play, Actor: Vincent, Sga Giorgi.

Afterpiece Title: The Beggar's Wedding

Role: Dance Actor: Sga _Fiorentini.
Role: Chaunter Actor: Love
Role: Hunter Actor: Vernon
Role: Justice Quorum Actor: Bransby
Role: Grigg Actor: Parsons
Role: Gage Actor: Moody
Role: Phoebe Actor: Miss Young
Role: Tippet Actor: Mrs Dorman
Role: Tib Tatter Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Cant Actor: Vaughan
Role: Scrip Actor: Ackman
Role: Swab Actor: Clough
Role: Mump Actor: Fox
Role: Dance incident to the farce Actor: Del'Agata, Aldrige, Vincent, Sga Giorgi, Lockery, Sga Fiorentini, Miss Baker, Miss Dawson.
Event Comment: Benefit for Packer and Bransby. Afterpiece: By Particular Desire


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Performance Comment: As17650307 but Sciolto-Bransby.
Role: Sciolto Actor: Bransby.
Role: Calista Actor: Mrs Yates.
Role: Lothario Actor: Powell, 1st time
Role: Horatio Actor: Holland
Role: Altamont Actor: Packer
Role: Lavinia Actor: Miss Plym
Role: Rossano Actor: Ackman
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Hippisley

Afterpiece Title: The Deuce Is in Him

Role: Tamper Actor: Palmer, 1st time
Role: Prattle Actor: King
Role: Belford Actor: Packer
Role: Mlle Florival Actor: Miss Plym
Role: Bell Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: II: Double Hornpipe-Walker, Miss Tetley; End: The Medley, as17641120

Event Comment: Paid 3 days Salary List at #86 15s. 6d. per diem #260 6s. 6d.; Mr Bransby on note #20; Sg Como, Sga Crespi, and Sg Demaria 3 days each not on list, #4 3s. 3d.; Mr J. French on Act #20; 2 pair dancer's shoes 14s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #267 18s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Performance Comment: Kitely-Garrick; Young Knowell-J. Aickin; Wellbred-Jefferson; Cash-Brereton, first time; Bridget-Mrs Davies; Bobadil-King; Justice Clement-Hartry; Cob-Moody; Mrs Kitely-Miss Younge; Brainworm-Baddeley; Downright-Bransby; Tib-Mrs Bradshaw; Mr Stephen-Weston; Mr Matthew-W. Palmer; Old Knowell-Hurst.
Role: Kitely Actor: Garrick
Role: Young Knowell Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Wellbred Actor: Jefferson
Role: Cash Actor: Brereton, first time
Role: Bridget Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Bobadil Actor: King
Role: Justice Clement Actor: Hartry
Role: Cob Actor: Moody
Role: Mrs Kitely Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Brainworm Actor: Baddeley
Role: Downright Actor: Bransby
Role: Tib Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Mr Stephen Actor: Weston
Role: Mr Matthew Actor: W. Palmer
Role: Old Knowell Actor: Hurst.

Afterpiece Title: Polly Honeycomb

Performance Comment: Mr Honeycomb-Parsons; Scribble-Dodd; Ledger-Bransby; Mrs Honeycomb-Mrs Johnston; Polly-Miss Pope; Nurse-Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Mr Honeycomb Actor: Parsons
Role: Scribble Actor: Dodd
Role: Ledger Actor: Bransby
Role: Mrs Honeycomb Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Bradshaw.

Dance: End: The Mountaineers, as17730930 Como, Sga Crespi (2nd appearance)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Polly-Mrs Mozeen; Macheath-Lowe; Peachum-Macklin; Lockit-Berry; Filch-Raftor; Mat-Blakes; Player-Bransby; Beggar-Winstone; Ben Budge-Simpson; Bagshot-Leigh; Crookfinger Jack-Usher; Nimming Ned-Wright; Dreary-Bransby; Drawer-Gray; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Macklin; Mrs Slammekin-Miss Minors; Jenny Diver-Miss Royer; Sukey Tawdry-Mrs Yates; Mrs Vixen-Miss Cole; Dolly Trull-Miss Pitt; Molly Brazen-Miss Copin; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Horsington; Diana Trapes-Mrs Macklin; Lucy-Mrs Clive; In Act III, Hornpipe-Yates.
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Mozeen
Role: Macheath Actor: Lowe
Role: Peachum Actor: Macklin
Role: Lockit Actor: Berry
Role: Filch Actor: Raftor
Role: Mat Actor: Blakes
Role: Player Actor: Bransby
Role: Beggar Actor: Winstone
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Simpson
Role: Bagshot Actor: Leigh
Role: Crookfinger Jack Actor: Usher
Role: Nimming Ned Actor: Wright
Role: Dreary Actor: Bransby
Role: Drawer Actor: Gray
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Royer
Role: Sukey Tawdry Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Dolly Trull Actor: Miss Pitt
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Miss Copin
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Horsington
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Tragedy of Tragedies; or, The Life and Death of Tom Thumb the Great

Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: King Actor: Blakes
Role: Grizzle Actor: Yates
Role: Queen Dollalolla Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Huncamunca Actor: Taswell
Role: Glumdalca Actor: I. Sparks.


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Barry, Smith, Sparks, Bransby, Usher, Mrs Bland, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Cibber. [Essex-Barry; Southampton-Smith; Burleigh-Sparks; Raleigh-Usher; Lieutenant-Bransby; Queen Elizabeth-Mrs Bland; Rutland-Mrs Cibber; Nottingham-Mrs Vincent; Prologue-Barry; Epilogue-Mrs Cibber (Edition of 1753).]
Role: Principal parts Actor: Barry, Smith, Sparks, Bransby, Usher, Mrs Bland, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Cibber.
Role: Essex Actor: Barry
Role: Southampton Actor: Smith
Role: Burleigh Actor: Sparks
Role: Raleigh Actor: Usher
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Bransby
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Rutland Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Nottingham Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Prologue Actor: Barry
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Cibber


Mainpiece Title: Boadicia

Performance Comment: Parts-Garrick, Mossop, Havard, Burton, Bransby, Davies, Mozeen, Jefferson, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Cibber. Dumnorix-Garrick; Aenobarbus-Mossop; Flaminius-Havard; Tenantius-Burton; Ebrancus-Mozeen; Roman Ambassador Icenians and Trinobanitans-Bransby, Davies, Jefferson; Boadicia-Mrs Pritchard; Venusia-Mrs Cibber; [With new pieces of music- [between the acts, adapted to the play; Prologue-Mossop; Epilogue-Havard [(Edition of 1753).].(Edition of 1753).].

Music: With new pieces of Between the Acts: Music , adapted to the play, and by Dr Boyce-


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Role: Lucius Actor: Burton
Role: Mutineer Actor: Walker.
Role: Cato Actor: Mossop
Role: Juba Actor: Ross
Role: Syphax Actor: Berry
Role: Sempronius Actor: Havard
Role: Portius Actor: Davies
Role: Marcus Actor: Holland
Role: Decius Actor: Bransby
Role: Marcia Actor: Miss Pritchard
Role: Lucisa Actor: Mrs Davies.

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Performance Comment: Parts-Foote, Ross, Yates, Bransby, Simson, Vaughan, Usher, Walker, Miss Barton, Mrs Clive. Cadwallader-Foote; Young Cape-Ross; Vamp-Yates; Sprightly-Usher; Governor Cape-Bransby; Mrs Cadwallader-Mrs Clive; Arabella-Miss Barton; Robin-Simson; Printer's Devil-Vaughan; Poet-Walker (Genest, IV, 480).
Role: Parts Actor: Foote, Ross, Yates, Bransby, Simson, Vaughan, Usher, Walker, Miss Barton, Mrs Clive. Cadwallader-Foote
Role: Cadwallader Actor: Foote
Role: Young Cape Actor: Ross
Role: Vamp Actor: Yates
Role: Sprightly Actor: Usher
Role: Governor Cape Actor: Bransby
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Barton
Role: Robin Actor: Simson
Role: Printer's Devil Actor: Vaughan
Role: Poet Actor: Walker


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan Of China

Performance Comment: Parts by Garrick, Mossop, Havard, Holland, Davies, Bransby, Burton, Packer, Austin, Mrs Yates. Genest, IV, 549, lists: Zamti-Garrick; Etan-Mossop; Hamet-Holland; Timurkan-Havard; Octar-Bransby; Mirvan-Davies; Mandane-Mrs Yates[; MacMillan adds: Morat-$Burton; Orasmin-$Packer; Zimventi-$Austin.]..
Role: Zamti Actor: Garrick
Role: Etan Actor: Mossop
Role: Hamet Actor: Holland
Role: Timurkan Actor: Havard
Role: Octar Actor: Bransby
Role: Mirvan Actor: Davies
Role: Mandane Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Morat Actor: Burton
Role: Orasmin Actor: Packer
Role: Zimventi Actor: Austin.


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: As17591105, but Arpasia-a Lady, 1st appearance on any stage [Mrs Wiers, according to O. Smith (Winston MS 8)]; Packer_; Bransby_; Scrase_; Burton_.Mrs Wiers, according to O. Smith (Winston MS 8)]; Packer_; Bransby_; Scrase_; Burton_.
Role: Arpasia Actor: a Lady, 1st appearance on any stage
Role: Tamerlane Actor: Havard
Role: Moneses Actor: Holland
Role: Axalla Actor: Austin
Role: Prince of Tanais Actor: Packer
Role: Dervise Actor: Bransby
Role: Omar Actor: Burton
Role: Heli Actor: Scrase
Role: Bajazet Actor: Wilkinson1st time
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: In Act IV the Original Song O Gentle Sleep Actor: Miss Young.

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disappointment


Mainpiece Title: Merope

Role: Polyphontes Actor: Havard
Role: Narbas Actor: Packer
Role: Dorilas Actor: Holland
Role: Euricles Actor: Blakes
Role: Erox Actor: Burton
Role: High Priest Actor: Bransby
Role: Merope Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Ismene Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: With a Procession and Sacrifice Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: Polly Honeycomb

Performance Comment: Actors only:-Yates, King, Bransby, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Bradshaw, Miss Pope; Prologue-; Epilogue-; Honeycombe-Yates; Scribble-King; Ledger-Bransby; Polly-Miss Pope; Mrs Honeycombe-Mrs Kennedy; Nurse-Mrs Bradshaw (Genest, IV, 603).
Role: Actors only: Actor: Yates, King, Bransby, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Bradshaw, Miss Pope
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Honeycombe Actor: Yates
Role: Scribble Actor: King
Role: Ledger Actor: Bransby
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Honeycombe Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Bradshaw


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-O'Brien; Scrub (by Desire)-Garrick; Sullen-Burton; Aimwell-Palmer; Foigard-Moody; Dorinda-Mrs Davies; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Palmer; Bonniface-Philips; Gibbet-Bransby; Sir Charles-Packer; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Cross; Cherry-Miss Pope; Gipsey-Mrs Simson.
Role: Archer Actor: O'Brien
Role: Scrub Actor: Garrick
Role: Sullen Actor: Burton
Role: Aimwell Actor: Palmer
Role: Foigard Actor: Moody
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Bonniface Actor: Philips
Role: Gibbet Actor: Bransby
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Packer
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Cherry Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Gipsey Actor: Mrs Simson.

Afterpiece Title: Polly Honeycombe

Performance Comment: Actors only: Yates, King, Bransby, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Bradshaw, Miss Pope. See17601205, but Honeycombe-Yates; Scribble-King; Ledger-Bransby; Polly-Miss Pope; Mrs Honeycombe-Mrs Kennedy; Nurse-Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Honeycombe Actor: Yates
Role: Scribble Actor: King
Role: Ledger Actor: Bransby
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Mrs Honeycombe Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Bradshaw.

Dance: IV: A New Comic Dance-Sg and Sga Giorgi, Miss Baker


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: Actors only, Garrick, Holland, Davies, King, Palmer, O'Brien, Havard, Packer, Burton, Scrase, Fox, Bransby, Kennedy, Ackman, Castle, Mrs Bennet, Miss Hippisley, and Miss Bride. In Act II a Masque-Grimaldi, Vincent, Giorgi, Lochery, Miss Dawson, Sga Giorgi; Singing-Mrs Vincent; Posthumus-Garrick; Jachimo-Holland; Belarius-Burton; Pisanio-Packer; Guiderius-O'Brien; Arviragus-Palmer; Cymbeline-Davies; Cloten-King; Imogen-Miss Bride ($Genest, IV, 635) Gentlemen-Fox, Ackman; Lucius-Bransby; Philario-Kennedy; Officer-Castle; Helen-Miss Hippisley; Queen-Mrs Bennet (Winston MS 9); MacMillan suggests Belarius-Havard; Cornelius-Burton; Imogen-Miss Bride; Frenchman-Scrase.
Role: In Act II a Masque Actor: Grimaldi, Vincent, Giorgi, Lochery, Miss Dawson, Sga Giorgi
Role: Singing Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Posthumus Actor: Garrick
Role: Jachimo Actor: Holland
Role: Belarius Actor: Burton
Role: Pisanio Actor: Packer
Role: Guiderius Actor: O'Brien
Role: Arviragus Actor: Palmer
Role: Cymbeline Actor: Davies
Role: Cloten Actor: King
Role: Imogen Actor: Miss Bride
Role: Gentlemen Actor: Fox, Ackman
Role: Lucius Actor: Bransby
Role: Philario Actor: Kennedy
Role: Officer Actor: Castle
Role: Helen Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: suggests Belarius Actor: Havard
Role: Cornelius Actor: Burton
Role: Imogen Actor: Miss Bride
Role: Frenchman Actor: Scrase.

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Colonel Actor: Yates.


Mainpiece Title: Philaster

Performance Comment: Philaster-a young Gentleman, first appearance on any stage; others-Bransby, Lee, Burton, Ackman, Baddeley, Castle, Parsons, Fox, Marr, Watkins, Strange, Miss Bride, Mrs Lee, Mrs Hippisley, Miss Mills, Mrs Yates; Prologue-. Philaster-Powell, first appearance on any stage; Pharamond-Lee; King-Bransby; Dion-Burton; Old Captain-Baddeley; Countryman-Parsons; Euphrasia-Mrs Yates; Arethusa-Miss Bride; Megra-Mrs Lee; Thrasaline-Ackman; Claremont-Castle; Galatea-Miss Mills; Messengers-Fox, Marr; Woodmen-Watkins, Strange; Lady-Mrs Hippisley; Prologue- (Genest, V, 36; MacMillan). MacMillan).

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Role: Old Philpot Actor: Baddeley
Role: the Citizen Actor: King
Role: Jasper Actor: Burton
Role: Wilding Actor: Lee
Role: Dapper Actor: Parsons
Role: Beaufort Actor: Packer
Role: Quildrive Actor: Castle
Role: Corinna Actor: Mrs Hippisley
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Pope.


Mainpiece Title: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Performance Comment: Characters-Vernon, Bransby, W. Palmer, Burton, Parsons, Hopkins, Yates, Love, Baddeley, Ackman, Clough, Mrs Vincent, Miss Young. Fairies-Miss Rogers, Miss Ford, Miss Wright, Mas. Cape, Mas. Raworth. Theseus-Bransby; Egeus-Burton; Lysander-Vernon; Demetrius-W. Palmer; Quince-Love; Bottom-Yates; Flute-Baddeley; Starveling-Parsons; Hippolita-Mrs Hopkins; Hermia-Miss Young; Helena-Mrs Vincent; Snout-Ackman; Snug-Clough; Oberon-Miss Rogers; Titania-Miss Ford; Puck-Mas. Cape; Fairies-Miss Wright, Mas. Raworth; (Edition of 1763) Characters-Hopkins; In Act V, a Fairy Dance-Mas. Clinton, Miss Street, Miss Rogers, Miss Ford, others; Overture, Airs- by the most eminent English Masters.


Mainpiece Title: The Earl Of Essex

Role: Southampton Actor: Jackson
Role: Countess of Nottingham Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Burleigh Actor: Burton
Role: Raleigh Actor: Lee
Role: Essex Actor: Holland
Role: Rutland Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Ackman.

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Performance Comment: Parts by Foote, Baddeley, Weston, Bransby, Moody, Clough, Vaughan, Fox, Mrs Lee, Mrs Clive. Major Sturgeon-Foote; Jerry Sneak-Weston; Sir Jacob Jollup-Baddeley; Bruin-Moody; Mug-Foote; Mrs Sneak-Mrs Clive; Roger-Clough; Snuffle-Vaughan; Heeltap-Bransby; Lint-Castle; Mrs Bruin-Mrs Lee; Mob-Fox, Marr, Watkins, Strange (Edition of 1764).
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Foote
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Weston
Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Baddeley
Role: Bruin Actor: Moody
Role: Mug Actor: Foote
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Roger Actor: Clough
Role: Snuffle Actor: Vaughan
Role: Heeltap Actor: Bransby
Role: Lint Actor: Castle
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Mob Actor: Fox, Marr, Watkins, Strange

Dance: IV: The Provancalle, as17631014

Event Comment: Benefit for Bransby and Mr Packer. No building on the Stage. Bellario-Miss Plym ($Hopkins). Receipts: #43 5s. (MacMillan); #64 4s. [Deficit to Bransby and Packer: #21.


Mainpiece Title: Philaster

Afterpiece Title: The Musical Lady

Role: Old Mask Actor: Yates
Role: Mask Actor: King
Role: Sophy Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Freeman Actor: Packer
Role: Lady Scrape Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Laundress Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: To conclude with a Country Dance Actor: .

Dance: II: The Provancalle, as17631014; End: Dutch Dance-Aldridge


Mainpiece Title: Mahomet

Performance Comment: Parts by: Powell, Bensley, Cautherly, Lee, Bransby, Strange, Mrs Palmer. Alcanor-Powell; Zaphna-Cautherly; Mahomet-Bensley; Pharon-Lee; Palmira-Mrs Palmer (Genest. V, 88); the 1765 edn. adds Ali-Strange; Mirvan-Bransby; Ammon-Raftor; Hercides-Keen.
Role: Alcanor Actor: Powell
Role: Zaphna Actor: Cautherly
Role: Mahomet Actor: Bensley
Role: Pharon Actor: Lee
Role: Palmira Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: adds Ali Actor: Strange
Role: Mirvan Actor: Bransby
Role: Ammon Actor: Raftor
Role: Hercides Actor: Keen.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Sir John Loverule Actor: Vernon
Role: Jobson Actor: Love
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: End: Dutch Dance, as17651120