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Event Comment: Benefit Ray, Fielding, and Widow Leigh


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Role: Torrismond Actor: Booth
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Wilks
Role: Gomez Actor: Norris
Role: Dominic Actor: Shepard
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Thurmond.

Dance: II: Harlequin-Young Rainton; V: Muzette-Young Rainton, Miss Johnson

Song: III: Hunting Song-Ray; IV: Song in The Fair Penitent , Words by Mr Congreve, Musick by Mr J. Eccles to be sung-Ray

Performance Comment: Eccles= to be sung-Ray.
Role: to be sung Actor: Ray.
Event Comment: Benefit Ray. At the Desire of several Gentlemen and Ladies. At Reynold's Booth in the Half-Moon-Inn, near the Bowling Green. At 7 P.M. Boxes 2s. 6d. Pit 1s. 6d. Gallery 1s


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Performance Comment: Plume-Ray; Ballance-Giffard; Worthy-Robert Williams; Brazen-Gilbert; Bullock-Pinkethman; Kite-W. Williams; Melinda-Miss Mann; Silvia-Mrs Thomas; Rose-Mrs Ward; Lucy-Mrs Nokes.
Role: Plume Actor: Ray
Role: Ballance Actor: Giffard
Role: Worthy Actor: Robert Williams
Role: Brazen Actor: Gilbert
Role: Bullock Actor: Pinkethman
Role: Kite Actor: W. Williams
Role: Melinda Actor: Miss Mann
Role: Silvia Actor: Mrs Thomas
Role: Rose Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Nokes.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Performance Comment: Hob-Ray.
Role: Hob Actor: Ray.
Event Comment: Benefit Ray and Mrs Kilby. Afterpiece: By Desire. Receipts: money #21 18s.; tickets #92 13s


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Performance Comment: Fair Quaker-Mrs Younger; Arabella-Mrs Bullock; Flip-Hulett; Mizen-Ray; Worthy-Ryan; Rovewell-Milward; Sir Charles-Walker; Cribbidge-Ogden; Scruple-Hippisley; Sailors-Bullock, Hall, Morgan, H. Bullock, Wilcocks; Belinda-Mrs Kilby; Jenny-Mrs Egleton; Jiltup-Mrs Martin.
Role: Fair Quaker Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Flip Actor: Hulett
Role: Mizen Actor: Ray
Role: Worthy Actor: Ryan
Role: Rovewell Actor: Milward
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Walker
Role: Cribbidge Actor: Ogden
Role: Scruple Actor: Hippisley
Role: Sailors Actor: Bullock, Hall, Morgan, H. Bullock, Wilcocks
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Jiltup Actor: Mrs Martin.

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Performance Comment: Damon-Ray; Phillida-Mrs Cantrell.
Role: Damon Actor: Ray
Role: Phillida Actor: Mrs Cantrell.

Dance: FFingalian-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden; French Peasant-Poitier; A new Sailor's Dance- proper to the Play

Song: A Gentlewoman, in the Character of a Sailor, who never appeared on any Stage before

Event Comment: Benefit Ray, alias Little John. At Lee-Harper Great Booth, on the Bowling-Green, Southwark. At 6:30 p.m


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Chapman; Aimwell-Pitt; Bonniface-Wilcocks; Sir Charles-Macklin; Gibbet-Ayres; Foigard-Eaton; Scrub-Ray; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Miller; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Elsam; Dorinda-Mrs Talbot (in Daily Journal, 23 Sept.), a Gentlewoman for her Diversion (Daily Journal, 24 Sept.); Cherry-Mrs Careless.
Role: Archer Actor: Chapman
Role: Aimwell Actor: Pitt
Role: Bonniface Actor: Wilcocks
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Macklin
Role: Gibbet Actor: Ayres
Role: Foigard Actor: Eaton
Role: Scrub Actor: Ray
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Miller
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Elsam
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Talbot
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Careless.

Song: TThe Bath Teazer (that celebrated Ballad) by Leveridge-Ray

Dance: End II: The White Joke-Eaton; III: A new Dance-Hind, Eaton, Mrs Hill

Event Comment: Benefit Ray, Newhouse, Thompson. Receipts: money #17 7s. 6d.; tickets #123 1s


Mainpiece Title: The Rover

Performance Comment: As17321215, but Phillipo-Ray; Lucetta-Mrs Kilby.
Role: Phillipo Actor: Ray
Role: Lucetta Actor: Mrs Kilby.
Role: Rover Actor: Ryan
Role: Helena Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Belville Actor: Quin
Role: Frederick Actor: Walker
Role: Antonio Actor: Milward
Role: Pedro Actor: Paget
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Florinda Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Valeria Actor: Mrs Stevens
Role: Moretta Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Blunt Actor: Hall.

Dance: I: Tambourine-Miss Rogers; II: La Folette s'est ravisee-Nivelon, Mrs Laguerre; III: Musette-LeSac, Miss LaTour; IV: Scottish Dance, as17330507

Ballet: V: The Cobler; or, The Merry Wife Constant (new). Cobler (Punch)-Newhouse; Petir Maitre (Harlequin)-LeSac; Doctor (Scaramouch)-Dupre Jr; Merry Wive-Miss Baston

Role: Cobler Actor: Newhouse
Role: Petir Maitre Actor: LeSac
Role: Doctor Actor: Dupre Jr
Role: Merry Wive Actor: Miss Baston.

Song: III: Chancon a Boire-Leveridge, Laguerre

Event Comment: Benefit Winstone and Ray. Tickets for Fenn, Assistant Stage Doorkeeper, also taken


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Role: Blunt Actor: Winstone.
Role: Bookseller Actor: Leigh.
Role: Teague Actor: Macklin
Role: Careless Actor: Milward
Role: Day Actor: Griffin
Role: Obadiah Actor: Johnson
Role: Abel Actor: Woodward
Role: Story Actor: Havard
Role: Committeeman Actor: Turbutt
Role: Ruth Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Arbella Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Mrs Day Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Chat Actor: Mrs Marshall.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Performance Comment: Flora-Mrs Roberts; Sir Thomas-Turbutt; Friendly-Beard; Old Hob-Reed; Hob's Mother-Mrs Marshall; Betty-Mrs Cross; Dick-Winstone; Hob-Ray.
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Turbutt
Role: Friendly Actor: Beard
Role: Old Hob Actor: Reed
Role: Hob's Mother Actor: Mrs Marshall
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Dick Actor: Winstone
Role: Hob Actor: Ray.

Dance: II: Tambourine-Mlle Roland; III: Turkish Dance-Muilment; IV: Flanderkins-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; V: Two Pierots-Leviez, Pelling

Event Comment: Benefit Ray, F. Shepard, Rogers, Green, Master Brooks, Miss Morrison. Tickets for the Misses Scott also taken


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: As17390403 but Ben-Ray.
Role: Ben Actor: Ray.
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Shepard
Role: Tattle Actor: Cross.
Role: Valentine Actor: Milward
Role: Foresight Actor: Johnson
Role: Scandal Actor: Mills
Role: Trapland Actor: Griffin
Role: Jeremy Actor: Woodward
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Prue Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Marshall.

Afterpiece Title: The King and the Miller of Mansfield

Role: 7390426 but King Actor: Winstone
Role: Miller Actor: Shepard
Role: Lurewell Actor: Raftor
Role: Richard Actor: Havard
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Hamilton
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Joe Actor: Beard
Role: Kate Actor: Miss Chetwood.

Dance: I: Pierots-Master Ferg, Miss Morrison; II: Saraband-Miss Morrison; III: Comic Dance-Miss Scott Ynger; IV: Tambourine-the Elder Miss Scott; V: Scaramouches-Master Brooks, Miss Morrison

Event Comment: Benefit Ray, Cole, Vaughan


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Role: Polonius Actor: Taswell.
Role: Hamlet Actor: Milward
Role: King Actor: Mills
Role: Ghost Actor: Quin
Role: Laertes Actor: Wright
Role: Ostrick Actor: Macklin
Role: Horatio Actor: Havard
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Ophelia Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Gravediggers Actor: Johnson, Ray.

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Performance Comment: See17400414 but Doctor-Macklin; Leander-Ray; Hellebore-Yates; Dorcas-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: 7400414 but Doctor Actor: Macklin
Role: Leander Actor: Ray
Role: Hellebore Actor: Yates
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Pritchard.

Dance: II: Le Tambourine-Mlle Chateauneuf; III: Wooden Shoe-Master Ferg

Event Comment: Benefit Ray, Gree, Beckham, Rogers, Mrs Penkethman, and a Widow under Misfortunes


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Performance Comment: As17401128, but Ventoso-Ray; Mustachio-Woodward; Hippolito-Green; Infernal Spirit-_; Neptune-_; Amphitrite-_; with Dear Pretty Youth-Mrs Clive; Vocals-Savage, Rainton, Mrs Clive.
Role: Ventoso Actor: Ray
Role: Mustachio Actor: Woodward
Role: Hippolito Actor: Green
Role: with Dear Pretty Youth Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Vocals Actor: Savage, Rainton, Mrs Clive.
Role: Prospero Actor: Berry
Role: Caliban Actor: Johnson
Role: Trincalo Actor: Macklin
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Ridout
Role: Stephano Actor: Shepard
Role: Alonzo Actor: Winstone
Role: Antonio Actor: Turbutt
Role: Gonzalo Actor: Woodburn
Role: Sycorax Actor: Taswell
Role: Ariel Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Infernal Spirit Actor: Savage
Role: Neptune Actor: Savage
Role: Milcha Actor: Mrs Arne
Role: Amphitrite Actor: Mrs Arne

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Role: 7410427 but Mock Doctor Actor: Macklin
Role: Leander Actor: Lowe
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Woodman.

Dance: TTambourine-Mlle Chateauneuf; Ballet-Maltere, Mlle Maltere

Song: IV: Was Ever Nymph Like Rosamond-Lowe

Event Comment: Benefit Cross (Prompter), Demaimbray (Machinist), and Ray. Tickets deliver'd out by Green, Miss Thomson, and Miss Minors will be taken. Tickets for the Double Gallant will be taken. Rylands MS.: I had tickets. Receipts: #105


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: As17420203, but Gibbet-Ray; Gipsey-Miss Minors; Sir Charles-Hill.
Role: Gibbet Actor: Ray
Role: Gipsey Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Hill.
Role: Aimwell Actor: Delane
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Ridout.
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Woffington
Role: Archer Actor: Mills
Role: Scrub Actor: Macklin
Role: Bonniface Actor: Shepard
Role: Foigard Actor: Taswell
Role: Sullen Actor: Winstone
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Egerton

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller of Mansfield

Dance: II: Running Footman's Dance, as17420428 V: a Hornpipe-Phillips

Song: IV: Let me Wander not unseen-Beard

Event Comment: Benefit Ray, Green, Barclay, Mrs George. Afterpiece: By Desire. Not acted these 7 years [see 14 May 1739]


Mainpiece Title: The London Merchant

Role: George Barnwell Actor: Green
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs George
Role: In Act I Singing Actor: Morland.
Role: Blunt Actor: Blakes.
Role: Millwood Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Thorowgood Actor: Winstone
Role: Trueman Actor: Cross
Role: Uncle Actor: Bridges
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Ridout

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Performance Comment: Flora-Miss Budgell; Betty-Miss Cole; Sir Thomas-Collins; Dick-Cross; Friendly-Blakes; Old Hob-Dunstall; Hob's Mother-Mrs Dunstall; Hob-Ray.
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Budgell
Role: Betty Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Collins
Role: Dick Actor: Cross
Role: Friendly Actor: Blakes
Role: Old Hob Actor: Dunstall
Role: Hob's Mother Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Hob Actor: Ray.

Dance: III: Mlle Auguste

Event Comment: Benefit for Ray, Leigh, and Dickenson a Door Keeper (Cross). [The General Advertiser lists Dickenson as Gallery Office Keeper.] Receipts: #219 (Cross); house charges, #63 (Powel); cash, #37 18s. 6d.; tickets, #181 6s. (Clay MS)


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Role: Tom Actor: Macklin
Role: Daniel Actor: Leigh
Role: With song Actor: Lowe.
Role: Song Actor: _Lowe.
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Mrs Sealand Actor: Mrs Macklin.
Role: Myrtle Actor: Lee,1st time
Role: Young Bevil Actor: Barry
Role: Cimberton Actor: Taswell
Role: Sealand Actor: Berry
Role: Indiana Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Phillis Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Sir John Bevil Actor: Winstone
Role: Humphrey Actor: Blakes
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Bennet

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Performance Comment: As17480210, but Cimon-Ray; Mopsus-Barrington; Corydon-Taswell; Arcas-Winstone.
Role: Cimon Actor: Ray
Role: Mopsus Actor: Barrington
Role: Corydon Actor: Taswell
Role: Arcas Actor: Winstone.
Role: Damon Actor: Lowe
Role: Phillida Actor: Mrs Clive.

Dance: V: Savoyards, as17471215

Event Comment: Benefit for Ray, Marr, Shawford, Gray. Receipts: #196 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: As17491227, but Macheath-Blakes; Lockit-Berry; Filch-Marr; Mat@o@Mint-Ray; Ben Budge-Simson; Harry Paddington-Gray; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Cross; Mrs Slammekin-Mrs Bennet; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Shawford.
Role: Macheath Actor: Blakes
Role: Lockit Actor: Berry
Role: Filch Actor: Marr
Role: Mat@o@Mint Actor: Ray
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Simson
Role: Harry Paddington Actor: Gray
Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Mrs Shawford.
Role: Peachum Actor: Yates
Role: Mat@O@Mint Actor: Blakes
Role: Beggar Actor: Winstone
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Havard
Role: Sukey Tawdry Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Royer
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Betty Doxy Actor: Miss Murgetroyd
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: In III a Hornpipe Actor: Matthews
Role: The whole concluding with a Country Dance Actor: the Characters of the Opera.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Role: Fribble Actor: Master King.
Role: Puff Actor: James.
Role: Flash Actor: Shuter
Role: Biddy Actor: Miss Cole.
Role: Loveit Actor: Palmer
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Cole.
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs James
Role: Capt Loveit Actor: Havard

Dance: II: Comic Dance-Master Shawford, Miss Shawford; III: Minuet-Mr Shawford, Miss Shawford

Event Comment: Benefit Ray and Ford. Written by Shakespeare. Receipts: money #27 11s.; tickets #140 15s


Mainpiece Title: Henry Iv, Part I

Performance Comment: As17310929, but Carriers-Bullock, Ray.
Role: Carriers Actor: Bullock, Ray.
Role: Falstaff Actor: Quin
Role: King Actor: Milward
Role: Prince Actor: Ryan
Role: Hotspur Actor: Walker
Role: Worcester Actor: Hulett
Role: Poyns Actor: Chapman
Role: Westmoreland Actor: Ogden
Role: Francis Actor: Hippisley
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Egleton.

Dance: I: Sicilian-Glover, Mrs Pelling; III: Scots Dance-Mrs Bullock; IV: Two Pierrots-Poitier, Pelling; V: Hornpipe-Jones, Mrs Ogden; The Medley, as17320504

Song: II: No Kissing At All-Leveridge, Salway

Event Comment: Tickets deliver'd out by Mr Davis will be taken. [Bransby doubled in Oxford and Tyrrel. The General Advertiser quoted a long Epilogue on the Birthday of his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberland Written by the Farmer (who had taken over the role of Swift's Drapier) and spoken by Garrick in Dublin. It also quoted the following long puff for Ray's Benefit to come]: Sir, As long acquaintance best entitles us to friendly good natured offices, and as no more proper time can be found to confer them than when the person is in the Decline of life, give me leave to recommend (thro' your means) Mr Ray of Drury Lane Theatre, the oldest actor now belonging to that House, to the Favour of the Town, at his ensuing Benefit next Saturday. A person who once agreeably entertained the Public, should always feel the warmth of their Indulgence, tho' the Infirmities of Old age may have render'd him less pleasing than formerly. This Application is therefore meant to those friends of his, whom Distance of time, and change of Situation may have made it impossible any other way to acquaint them, that The Merchant of Venice is to be acted for his Benefit on Saturday next; therefore 'tis hoped they will be so kind as to send for his Tickets to Mr Hobson, in the Playhouse Passage, or to Mr Ray's lodgings, the second Door in Queen's Court, Great Queen St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, and the Favour will ever be greatly acknowledged by him


Mainpiece Title: Richard Iii

Role: Richard III Actor: Thomas? Lacy
Role: King Henry Actor: Davies
Role: Tyrrel Actor: Bransby.
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Simpson
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Miss Budgell
Role: Buckingham Actor: L. Sparks
Role: Richmond Actor: Havard
Role: Edward V Actor: Miss Cole
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Stanley Actor: Winstone
Role: Tressel Actor: Blakes
Role: Catesby Actor: Marr
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Ray
Role: Blunt Actor: Usher
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Taswell
Role: Oxford Actor: Bransby
Role: Norfolk Actor: Mozeen
Role: Queen Elizabeth Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: Beatrice Actor: Miss Royer.
Role: Martin Actor: Bransby.
Role: Le Medicin Actor: Blakes
Role: Crispin Actor: Yates
Role: Old Gerald Actor: Collins
Role: Young Gerald Actor: Usher
Role: Angelica Actor: Miss Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Crispin Actor: Mrs Bridges
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Cole.
Event Comment: Benefit Ray and Mrs Moore. On this day a warrant for establishing an Academy of Music was issued. See Lord Chamberlain's Office, 7@3 and 5@157, p. 228


Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife And Have A Wife

Song: Ray

Dance: Shaw, Mrs Santlow, Wade, Mrs Bicknell, Topham, Miss Tenoe, Miss Lindar

Music: A new Piece for the Ecchoe Flute-Paisible


Mainpiece Title: The Country Wife

Role: Horner Actor: Wilks
Role: Harcourt Actor: Mills
Role: Sparkish Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Jasper Actor: Norris
Role: Dorilant Actor: Watson
Role: Pinchwife Actor: Harper
Role: Mrs Pinchwife Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Lady Fidget Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Alithea Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Shireburn
Role: Mrs Fidget Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Mrs Squeamish Actor: Mrs Grace.

Afterpiece Title: The Lover's Opera

Performance Comment: Parts-Oates, Miller, Harper, Griffin, Berry, Ray, Mrs Thurmond, Mrs Cibber, Miss Raftor; but edition of 1729 lists: Justice Dalton-Harper; Edgar-Oates; Moody-Ray; Varole-Miller; Aminadab Prim-Griffin; Squire Clodpole-Berry; Clara-Mrs Cibber; Flora-Miss Raftor; Lucy-Mrs Thurmond; Prologue-Cibber Jr.
Role: Parts Actor: Oates, Miller, Harper, Griffin, Berry, Ray, Mrs Thurmond, Mrs Cibber, Miss Raftor
Role: Justice Dalton Actor: Harper
Role: Edgar Actor: Oates
Role: Moody Actor: Ray
Role: Varole Actor: Miller
Role: Aminadab Prim Actor: Griffin
Role: Squire Clodpole Actor: Berry
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Flora Actor: Miss Raftor
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Prologue Actor: Cibber Jr.

Dance: FFrench Peasant-a Gentleman just arrived from Paris; Polonese-Rainton, Miss Robinson; Village Dance-Thurmond, Essex, Houghton, Rainton, Mrs Mills, Miss Robinson, Mrs Walter, Mrs Houghton


Mainpiece Title: Sylvia; Or, The Country Burial

Performance Comment: Parts-Walker, Hulett, Laguerre, Hippisley, Hall, Salway, Ray, Mrs Cantrell, Mrs Kilby, Mrs Vincent, Mrs Egleton, Mrs Martin; but edition of 1730 lists: Sir John Freeman-Walker; Welford-Hulett; Timothy Stitch-Laguerre; Gaffer Gabble-Hall; Ploughshare-Salway; Jonathan-Hippisley; Sexton-Ray; Silvia-Mrs Cantrel; Dorothy Stitch-Mrs Kilby; Lettice-Mrs Vincent; Goody Busy-Mrs Martin; Goody Gabble-Mrs Rice; Goody Costive-Mrs Forrester; Betty-Mrs Egleton.


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Quin; Macduff-Milward; Lady Macbeth-Mrs Butler; Lady Macduff-Mrs Pritchard; Banquo-Mills; Lenox-Wright; Duncan-Winstone; Malcolm-Cashell; Seyward-Ridout; Seyton-Berry; Hecate-Johnson; Witches-Macklin, Shepard, Ray; Murderers-Turbutt, Taswell; with Vocals-Ray, Mrs Clive.
Role: Macbeth Actor: Quin
Role: Macduff Actor: Milward
Role: Lady Macbeth Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Lady Macduff Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Banquo Actor: Mills
Role: Lenox Actor: Wright
Role: Duncan Actor: Winstone
Role: Malcolm Actor: Cashell
Role: Seyward Actor: Ridout
Role: Seyton Actor: Berry
Role: Hecate Actor: Johnson
Role: Witches Actor: Macklin, Shepard, Ray
Role: Murderers Actor: Turbutt, Taswell
Role: with Vocals Actor: Ray, Mrs Clive.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Shipwreck'd

Dance: I: La Provencale-Mlle Chateauneuf


Mainpiece Title: The Lucky Chance; Or, An Alderman's Bargain

Performance Comment: Sir Feeble Fainwould-Bullock Sr; Sir Cautious Fulbank-Knapp; Gayman-J. Leigh; Belmour-Ogden; Captain Noisy-Spiller; Bearjest-H. Bullock; Ray-Rogers; Lady Fulbank-Mrs Spiller; Diana-Mrs Finch; Pert-Mrs Elsam; Phillis-Mrs Robertson; Gammer Grime-Hall.
Role: Sir Feeble Fainwould Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Sir Cautious Fulbank Actor: Knapp
Role: Gayman Actor: J. Leigh
Role: Belmour Actor: Ogden
Role: Captain Noisy Actor: Spiller
Role: Bearjest Actor: H. Bullock
Role: Ray Actor: Rogers
Role: Lady Fulbank Actor: Mrs Spiller
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Elsam
Role: Phillis Actor: Mrs Robertson
Role: Gammer Grime Actor: Hall.

Dance: As17180627


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar

Performance Comment: As17181113, but Cassius-Elrington; Edition of 1719 adds: Octavius-Walker; Casca-Bickerstaff; Flavius-Boman; Decius-Shepard; Metellus-W. Wilks; Messala-W. Mills; Cinna-Wilson; Pindarus-Oates; Soothsayer-Williams; Trebonius-Bowman Jr; Antony's Servant-Ray; 1st Citizen-Johnson; 2d Citizen-Miller; 3d Citizen-Norris; 4th Citizen-Cross; Lucius-Norris Jr.
Role: Cassius Actor: Elrington
Role: Octavius Actor: Walker
Role: Casca Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Flavius Actor: Boman
Role: Decius Actor: Shepard
Role: Metellus Actor: W. Wilks
Role: Messala Actor: W. Mills
Role: Cinna Actor: Wilson
Role: Pindarus Actor: Oates
Role: Soothsayer Actor: Williams
Role: Trebonius Actor: Bowman Jr
Role: Antony's Servant Actor: Ray
Role: 1st Citizen Actor: Johnson
Role: 2d Citizen Actor: Miller
Role: 3d Citizen Actor: Norris
Role: 4th Citizen Actor: Cross
Role: Lucius Actor: Norris Jr.
Role: Caesar Actor: Mills
Role: Brutus Actor: Booth
Role: Antony Actor: Wilks
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Calphurnia Actor: Mrs Horton.


Mainpiece Title: The Second Part Of The History Of King Henry The Fourth; With The Humours Of Sir John Falstaffe Henry Iv, Part Ii

Performance Comment: With a new Prologue-; Epilogue-; Prince John-Walker; Gloster-Oates; Clarence-Th. Cibber; Westmoreland-Williams; Lord Chief Justice-Boman; Archbishop of Canterbury-Cory; Bishop of Ely-Rogers; Archbishop of York-Thurmond; Norfolk-W. Mills; Hasting-Watson; Poins-W. Wilks; Falstaff-Mills; Shallow-Cibber; Silence-Miller; Bardolph-Shepard; Pistol -Norris; Davy-Wright; Feeble-Penkethman; Shadow-Ray; Wart-Cole; Mouldy- Wilson; Bullcalf-Wetherilt; Falstaff's Boy-Miss Lindar; Hostess-Mrs Willis; Doll Tearsheet-Miss Willis.
Role: With a new Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Prince John Actor: Walker
Role: Gloster Actor: Oates
Role: Clarence Actor: Th. Cibber
Role: Westmoreland Actor: Williams
Role: Lord Chief Justice Actor: Boman
Role: Archbishop of Canterbury Actor: Cory
Role: Bishop of Ely Actor: Rogers
Role: Archbishop of York Actor: Thurmond
Role: Norfolk Actor: W. Mills
Role: Hasting Actor: Watson
Role: Poins Actor: W. Wilks
Role: Falstaff Actor: Mills
Role: Shallow Actor: Cibber
Role: Silence Actor: Miller
Role: Bardolph Actor: Shepard
Role: Pistol Actor: Norris
Role: Davy Actor: Wright
Role: Feeble Actor: Penkethman
Role: Shadow Actor: Ray
Role: Wart Actor: Cole
Role: Mouldy Actor: Wilson
Role: Bullcalf Actor: Wetherilt
Role: Falstaff's Boy Actor: Miss Lindar
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Doll Tearsheet Actor: Miss Willis.


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Forest

Performance Comment: Edition of 1723 lists: Duke Frederick-Williams; Alberto-Booth; Jaques-Cibber; Amiens-Corey; Oliver-Thurmond; Orlando-Wilks; Roberto-Roberts; Adam-Mills; Le Beau-Th. Cibber; Charles-W. Mills; Rosalind-Mrs Booth; Celia-Mrs Thurmond; Hymen-Miss Lindar; Pyramqs-Penkethman; Wall-Norris; Lion-Wilson; Moonshine-Ray; Thisbe-Miller; Prologue-Wilks; Epilogue-Mrs Thurmond.
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Williams
Role: Alberto Actor: Booth
Role: Jaques Actor: Cibber
Role: Amiens Actor: Corey
Role: Oliver Actor: Thurmond
Role: Orlando Actor: Wilks
Role: Roberto Actor: Roberts
Role: Adam Actor: Mills
Role: Le Beau Actor: Th. Cibber
Role: Charles Actor: W. Mills
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Hymen Actor: Miss Lindar
Role: Pyramqs Actor: Penkethman
Role: Wall Actor: Norris
Role: Lion Actor: Wilson
Role: Moonshine Actor: Ray
Role: Thisbe Actor: Miller
Role: Prologue Actor: Wilks
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Thurmond.


Mainpiece Title: The Distrest Mother

Afterpiece Title: Apollo and Daphne; or, Harlequin Mercury

Performance Comment: Apollo-Thurmond; Daphne-Mrs Booth; Night-Mrs Heron; Aurora-Mrs Boman; Cupid-Young Leigh; Daphne's Followers-Miss Tenoe, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Hatton; Priest of Apollo-Ferrers; Countrymen-Boval, Topham; Countrywomen-Miss Lindar, Mrs Brett; Shepherds-Essex, Lally; Shepherdesses-Miss Tenoe, Mrs Hatton; Sylvan-Thurmond; Nymph-Mrs Booth; Harlequin Mercury-Cibber Jr; Doctor-Griffin; Pierrot-Miller; Punch-Norris; Marketwoman-Harper; Scaramouch-Ray; Seven Satyrs-Comedians.
Role: Apollo Actor: Thurmond
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Night Actor: Mrs Heron
Role: Aurora Actor: Mrs Boman
Role: Cupid Actor: Young Leigh
Role: Daphne's Followers Actor: Miss Tenoe, Mrs Anderson, Mrs Hatton
Role: Priest of Apollo Actor: Ferrers
Role: Countrymen Actor: Boval, Topham
Role: Countrywomen Actor: Miss Lindar, Mrs Brett
Role: Shepherds Actor: Essex, Lally
Role: Shepherdesses Actor: Miss Tenoe, Mrs Hatton
Role: Sylvan Actor: Thurmond
Role: Nymph Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Harlequin Mercury Actor: Cibber Jr
Role: Doctor Actor: Griffin
Role: Pierrot Actor: Miller
Role: Punch Actor: Norris
Role: Marketwoman Actor: Harper
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Ray
Role: Seven Satyrs Actor: Comedians.


Mainpiece Title: Love For Money; Or, The Boarding School

Performance Comment: Jack Amorous-Mills; Sir Rowland-Johnson; Nincompoop-Norris; L'Prate-Miller; Old Meriton-Boman; Young Meriton-Williams; Old Bragg-Shepard; Young Bragg-Bridgwater; Dancing Master-Oates; Singing Master-Ray; Jiltall-Mrs Horton; Myrtilla-Mrs Heron; Jenny-Mrs Tenoe; Molly-Miss Lindar; Lady Straddle-Mrs Willis; Lady Addleplot-Harper.
Role: Jack Amorous Actor: Mills
Role: Sir Rowland Actor: Johnson
Role: Nincompoop Actor: Norris
Role: L'Prate Actor: Miller
Role: Old Meriton Actor: Boman
Role: Young Meriton Actor: Williams
Role: Old Bragg Actor: Shepard
Role: Young Bragg Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Dancing Master Actor: Oates
Role: Singing Master Actor: Ray
Role: Jiltall Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Heron
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Tenoe
Role: Molly Actor: Miss Lindar
Role: Lady Straddle Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Lady Addleplot Actor: Harper.

Dance: Thurmond, Topham, Essex, Mrs Tenoe, Mrs Anderson, Miss Robinson, Young Rainton