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Mainpiece Title: The Cares Of Love; Or, A Night's Adventure

Performance Comment: Edition of 1705 lists: Florencio-Booth; Beltran-Powell; Don Pedro-Cory; Corillo-Weller; Antonio-Mynns; Host-Knapp; Julio-Miller; Alguazils-Freeman, Bright; Lucinda-Mrs Allison; Lucretia-Mrs Baker; Lisena-Mrs Bradshaw; Prologue by Booth-Booth; Epilogue-.
Role: Florencio Actor: Booth
Role: Booth Actor: Booth
Event Comment: Written Originally by Shakespear. [By Lewis Theobald.] Theophilus Cibber: [Booth's] Illness...returned soon after his playing King Henry VIII. He was then studying the Part of Julio in the Double Falsehood; he rehearsed it several times,-when the Play begin ready for acting, he was prevented appearing in it, by a Relapse into his former Indisposition.-The Part was supplied a few Nights by Mr Charles Williams (a promising Player, who died young) to whom Mr Booth had given the Part to study, as doubting the Certainty of his being able to appear in it himself: But, at Mr Theobald's Entreaty (backed by many Gentlemen and Ladies) he good-naturedly (but fatally) disregarded his Indisposition, which was then an intermitting Fever, and acted that Part from the fifth to the twelfth Night; which was alas! the last time of his Appearance on tle Stage.-Lives and Characters, pp. 82-83


Mainpiece Title: Double Falshood; Or, The Distrest Lovers

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Wilks, Mills, Williams, Corey, Harper, Griffin, Norris, Mrs Porter, Mrs Booth; but edition of 1728 lists: Duke Angelo-Corey; Roderick-Mills; Henriquez-Wilks; Don Bernard-Harper; Camillo-Griffin; Julio-Booth; Citizen-Oates; Master of Flocks-Bridgwater; 1st Shepherd-Norris; 2d Shepherd-Ray; Leonora-Mrs Porter; Violante-Mrs Booth; Prologue by Phillip Frowde-Wilks; Epilogue-Mrs Oldfield.
Event Comment: [For performances at booths during September 1723, see Season of 1722-23.


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Performance Comment: Bevil-Mills; Bevil Jr-Booth; Myrtle-Wilks; Sealand-Williams; Cimberton-Griffin; Humphrey-Shepard; Tom-Cibber; Daniel-Th. Cibber; Indiana-Mrs Oldfield; Isabella-Mrs Thurmond; Lucinda-Mrs Booth; Mrs Sealand-Mrs Moore; Phillis-Mrs Younger.
Role: Bevil Jr Actor: Booth
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Booth
Event Comment: Benefit for Quick. Afterpiece 1st time; F 2, by Ursula Agnes Booth, based on the same, by John Fletcher and Philip Massinger. The playbill lists Death in place of Lee Lewes, but he 'Was not to be found...Hull begged permission for Lee Lewes to read Death's part in his own undress, which [was] granted" (London Chronicle, 28 Apr.).]. Books of the Entertainment to be had at the Theatre. Public Advertiser, 30 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Quick, No. 15, Drury-lane. Receipts: #262 2s. (157.2; tickets: 105.0) (charge: #64 10s.)


Mainpiece Title: Tancred And Sigismunda

Afterpiece Title: The Little French Lawyer

Performance Comment: Characters by Quick, Whitfield, Thompson, Booth, Lee Lewes, L'Estrange, Fearon, Wewitzer, Mrs Poussin, Mrs Willems, Mrs Lessingham. [Cast from text (J. Bell, 1778): Le Writ-Quick; Dupre-Whitfield; Verdone-Thompson; Beaupre-Booth; Mellefont-[read byLee Lewes [in text: Death]; Vertaign-L'Estrange; Champernel-Fearon; Sampson-Wewitzer [in text: Wilson]; Agnes-Mrs Poussin; Viletta-Mrs Willems; Lamira-Mrs Lessingham.
Role: Beaupre Actor: Booth
Related Works
Related Work: The Little French Lawyer Author(s): Ursula Agnes Booth

Dance: End monologue: The Poney Races, as17780421

Entertainment: Monologue. End: Cunning Isaac will relate his Escape from the Duenna [with a new song]-Quick

Event Comment: Benefit for Booth, Egan & Fearon. Morning Chronicle, 9 May: Tickets to be had of Booth, No. 35, Brownlow-street, Long-Acre [others not listed]. 1st piece [1st time; PREL I, author unknown. Larpent MS 521; not published]. [For Henderson as Shylock see dl, 14 Oct. 1777.] Tickets sold at the Doors will not be admitted. Receipts: #177 3s. (61.1; tickets: 116.2) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Female Orators; Or, Ladies' Debating Society

Performance Comment: Principal Female Speakers-Mrs Pitt, Mrs Poussin, Mrs Willems, Miss Stewart, Miss Green, Mrs Webb; The other Characters-Booth, Brunsdon, Egan.

Afterpiece Title: The Merchant of Venice

Afterpiece Title: The Deaf Lover

Song: End III 2nd piece: a Scotch ballad (the music by Dr Arne)-Mrs Kennedy

Ballet: End IV 2nd piece: The Humours of New-Market. As17800508

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; T 4, but published in 5, by Richard Bentley. The assignments of Fearon, Booth, Mahon (who are not listed in the text) are my own conjecture. Prologue and Epilogue by Richard Bentley Jun. (Public Advertiser, 18 Dec.)]: New Dresses, &c. Words of the Epithalamium will be given at the Box Doors. Public Advertiser, 11 Jan. 1783: This Day is published Philodamus (1s. 6d.). Afterpiece: Never performed at this Theatre. Receipts: #203 2s. (198/16/6; 4/5/6)


Mainpiece Title: Philodamus

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Henderson, Lewis, Whitfield, Hull, Davies, Fearon, Booth, Mahon; Miss Satchell, Miss Younge. [Cast from text (J. Dodsley [1783]): Philodamus-Henderson; Philippus-Lewis; Epicrates-Whitfield; Dolabella-Hull; Verres-Davies; Earinus-Fearon; Rubrius-Booth; Sestius-Mahon; Erato-Miss Satchell; Euphemia-Miss Younge.] New Prologue [spoken by Hull]. New Epilogue [spoken by Miss Younge (see text)] . New Prologue [spoken by Hull]. New Epilogue [spoken by Miss Younge (see text)] .
Role: Rubrius Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Dance: End of mainpiece Diversion a-la-Mode, as17821211 in which The Devonshire Minuet, as17821129

Song: In Act III of mainpiece an Epithalamium by Mrs Kennedy and Mrs Martyr

Event Comment: [In mainpiece the playbill assigns Peachum to Wilson, and Lockit to Booth, but on the Kemble playbill MS annotations substitute Booth and Thompson.] Receipts: #140 6s. (139/2; 1/4)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Capt. Macheath-Johnstone; Peachum-Booth; Lockit-Thompson; Mat o' the Mint-Mahon; Ben Budge-Ledger; Jemmy Twitcher-Painter; Crook finger'd Jack-Bates; Wat Dreary-Jones; Harry Paddington-Darley; Jailor-Stevens; Drawer-Helme; Filch-Doyle; Lucy-Mrs Kennedy; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Webb; Jenny Diver-Mrs Morton; Mrs Slammekin-Miss Platt; Mrs Vixen-Mrs Lewis; Dolly Trull-Mrs Chalmers; Sukey Tawdry-Mrs Inchbald; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Whitfield; Molly Brazen-Miss Stuart; Betty Doxey-Miss Brangin; Polly-Mrs Bannister. hathi.
Role: Peachum Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: (End of Act I) The Rival Knights

Afterpiece Title: Three Weeks after Marriage

Dance: In Act III of mainpiece Hornpipe by Miss Besford

Event Comment: Benefit for Booth. 1st piece: In Act II the Grand Triumphal Entry of Alexander into Babylon. 3rd piece: Never performed there. Morning Chronicle, 2 May: Tickets to be had of Booth, No. 18, Broad Court, Long Acre. Receipts: #105 12s. 6d. (99/8/6; 6/4/0; tickets: none listed) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great

Afterpiece Title: Annette and Lubin

Performance Comment: As17860509, but added: Lord-Helme; Bailiff-Booth .
Role: Bailiff Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: Piety in Pattens

Dance: As17860426

Event Comment: Benefit Booth


Mainpiece Title: The Mourning Bride

Performance Comment: King-Powell; Gonsalez-Keene; Osmyn-Booth; Zara-Mrs Barry; Almeria-Mrs Bradshaw; Leonora-Mrs Porter.
Role: Osmyn Actor: Booth
Event Comment: Benefit Booth. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: Oroonoko-Booth; Aboan-Powell; Governor-Keene; Blandford-Bickerstaff; Driver-Johnson; Daniel-Pinkethman; Imoinda-Mrs Rogers; Lackit-Mrs Knight; Charlot-Mrs Bradshaw; Lucy-Mrs Bicknell.
Role: Oroonoko Actor: Booth
Event Comment: Benefit Booth. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-Booth; Cassio-Powell; Iago-Keene; Desdemona-Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Othello Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Walking Statue

Dance: As17100117

Event Comment: Benefit Booth and Keene. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: The Gamester

Performance Comment: Gamester-Booth; Old Valere-Norris; Lovewell-Elrington; Hector-Pack; Cogdie-Bickerstaff; Widow-Mrs Knight; Angelica-Mrs Bradshaw; Mrs Security-Mrs Hunt; With a new Prologue-Keene; new Epilogue-Pack in a Riding Habit, upon a Pad Nagg representing a Town-Miss Traveling to Tunbridge.
Role: Gamester Actor: Booth

Dance: Italian Night Scene-; Scaramouch-Layfield; Miller's Dance-Prince, Leigh

Event Comment: Benefit Booth. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality


Mainpiece Title: The Unhappy Favourite

Performance Comment: As17121101, but Essex-Booth.
Role: Essex Actor: Booth.
Event Comment: Thurmond Jr, Boval, Mrs Bicknell, Mrs Booth. Benefit Corey and Mrs Wetherilt. Written by the late Mr Wycherley


Mainpiece Title: The Plain Dealer

Performance Comment: Manly-Booth; Jerry-Penkethman; Widow-Mrs Wetherell [Wetherilt].Wetherilt].
Role: Manly Actor: Booth
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Booth. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Written by Mr Congreve


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: As17261217, but Fainall-Booth; Petulant-_; Foible-_.
Role: Fainall Actor: Booth

Dance: CCoquet Shepherdess-Lally, Mrs Booth; Harlequin-Mrs Booth

Event Comment: EEgerton 2320: The last time Mr Booth Plaid


Mainpiece Title: Double Falshood

Performance Comment: See17271219, but Julio-Booth; With the Coronation Scene-.
Role: Julio Actor: Booth
Event Comment: Benefit for W. Palmer, Booth and Kear. Tickets deliver'd by Jacobs and Costin will be taken


Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife And Have A Wife

Performance Comment: As17700301 but Leon-Reddish, first time; Old Woman-Booth; Maid-W. Palmer.
Role: Old Woman Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Song: End: A Hunting Song-Kear

Ballet: IV: The May Day Garland. As17700517

Event Comment: Benefit for Kear, Booth, Jacobs. Tickets deliver'd by Watkins, Costin, Miss Berkeley, and Mrs Hayward will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Performance Comment: Ford-Davies, first time; Simple-Jacobs; Pistol-Booth; Bardolph-Kear; Nym-Watkins; Mistress Page-Mrs Jeffries; Anne Page-Mrs Hayward; Falstaff-Love; Sir Hugh-Parsons; Justice Shallow-Hartry; Doctor Caius-Baddeley; Robin-Mrs Collett; Fenton-Wheeler; Mistress Ford-Mrs Abington; Page-Packer; Host-Bransby; Slender-Cautherly; Mrs Quickly-Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Pistol Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: A Trip to Scotland

Role: Chamberlain Actor: Booth.
Role: Chamberlin Actor: Booth

Dance: II: The Allemande-Miss Ross, Miss Armstrong

Song: End of Play: A Song-Kear

Event Comment: Benefit for Branson and Booth. Tickets deliver'd for Thursday the 18th will be admitted. Doors open at half past 5. To begin at half past 6 o'clock. [The Public Advertiser assigns Doctor-$Fox.


Mainpiece Title: Cymbeline

Performance Comment: Posthumus-Lewis; Jachimo-Bensley, first time; Cloten-Booth; Cymbeline-L'Estrange, first time; Pisanio-Wroughton; Bellarius-Clarke; Guiderius-DuBellamy; Arviragus-Whitefield; Lucius-Fearon; French Gent.-Davis; Philario-Chaplin; Doctor-Thompson; Queen-Mrs Hull; Imogen-Mrs Lessingham; In Act II a Masquerade Scene-; with dancing and Singing-Mrs Baker (playbill).
Role: Cloten Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Dance: III: The Enchantress, as17750201

Event Comment: Benefit for Booth, Fearon & L'Estrange. Mainpiece: Never perform'd here.[Afterpiece in place of The Englishman in Paris, announced on playbill of 14 May.] Receipts: !173 16s. 6d. (60.14.6; tickets: 113.2.0) [charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: Edward The Black Prince; Or, The Battle Of Poictiers

Performance Comment: Edward-Wroughton; Arnold-Whitfield; Lord Audley-Hull; Earl of Salisbury-Mahon; Cardinal Perigort-Fearon; King John-L'Estrange; Dauphin-Robson; Duke of Athens-Booth; Charney-Thompson; Ribemont-Aickin; Mariana-Mrs Jackson.
Role: Duke of Athens Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: Mother Shipton

Ballet: End: The Sailors' Revels at Portsmouth. As17780511

Song: As17780511

Event Comment: Benefit for Booth, Egan, Stevens & Branson. Afterpiece: Never performed here. Receipts: #259 3s. (72/13; tickets: 186/10) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: The Chapter Of Accidents

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Performance Comment: Diggery-Edwin; Charles Stanley-Whitfield; Harry Stukeley-Davies; Sir Gilbert Pumpkin-Booth; Cymon-Stevens; Wat-Painter; Waiter-J. Wilson; Hostler-Bates; Kitty Sprightly-Mrs Wilson; Miss Bridget Pumpkin-Mrs Webb .
Role: Sir Gilbert Pumpkin Actor: Booth

Dance: End of mainpiece a new pantomimical Dance, Anticipation; or, Harlequin's Visit to Greenwich on Whit-Monday, in which will be introduced two favorite Scenes from Harlequin Skeleton. The Pantomime Parts by W. Bates, Baker, Jones, Stevens; Miss Matthews; the Dance by Aldridge, Langrish, Miss Matthews, Miss Besford

Song: End of Act IV of mainpiece, as17820423; End of Dance Rule Britannia by Darley

Event Comment: Benefit for Curteen, Condell, and Colborne, box-keepers. [In mainpiece Booth doubled Rosencraus and the 1st Gravedigger.] Receipts: #227 14s. 6d. (72/7/6; tickets: 155/7/0) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Performance Comment: As17821209, but Polonius-Quick; 1st Gravedigger-Booth; omitted: Francisco, Bernardo . omitted: Francisco, Bernardo .
Role: 1st Gravedigger Actor: Booth
Role: Rosencraus Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Golden Pippin

Dance: As17830530

Song: End of Act II of mainpiece Tally ho.', as17830516

Event Comment: [In 1st piece the playbill assigns Father Paul to Mahon, but on the Kemble playbill a MS annotation substitutes Booth.] Receipts: #174 15s. (171/11; 3/4)


Mainpiece Title: The Duenna

Performance Comment: Ferdinand-Mattocks; Isaac-Quick; Jerome-Wilson; Lopez-Wewitzer; Father Paul-Booth; Carlos-Brett; Antonio-Reinhold; The Duenna-Mrs Webb; Louisa-Mrs Martyr; Clara-Mrs Bannister. [Songs (J. Wilkie and T. Evans, 1783) adds: Lay-Brother-Besford.] hathi. hathi.
Role: Father Paul Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Knights

Afterpiece Title: Tristram Shandy

Event Comment: Benefit for Booth, Guard & Stevens. 3rd piece: Not acted these 12 years [not acted since 25 Apr. 1770]. Receipts: #233 1s. (73/10; tickets: 159/11) (charge: #105)


Mainpiece Title: A Jubilee In Commemoration Of Handel

Afterpiece Title: The Funeral; or, Grief a-la-Mode

Performance Comment: Camply-Lewis; Sable-Quick; Trusty-Hull; Lord Brumpton-Clarke; Puzzle-Booth; Tom-Stevens; Trim-Bonnor; Nathan Matchlock-Ledger; Darby-Tattoo-Helme; Hugh Clump-Thompson; Jeffery Tatter-Besford; Lord Hardy-Wroughton; Lady Brumpton-Mrs Bates; Lady Charlotte-Mrs Kemble; Fardingale-Mrs Poussin; Mademoiselle-Mrs Whitfield; Tattleaid-Mrs Pitt; Lady Harriet-Mrs Mattocks .
Role: Puzzle Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: Hob in the Well

Performance Comment: Hob-Edwin (1st appearance in that character); Sir ThomasTesty-Thompson; Dick-Stevens; Old Hob-Booth; Puzzlepate-Bates; John-Helme; Roger-Darley; Countryman-Painter; Friendly-Davies; Betty-Mrs Chalmers; Hob's Mother-Mrs Pitt; Flora-Mrs Martyr .
Role: Old Hob Actor: Booth

Dance: End of mainpiece The Charms of a Camp (performers not listed, but see17840521)

Event Comment: [The playbill lists Wilson as Justice Shallow in mainpiece, and as Father Luke in afterpiece. On the Kemble playbill his name is deleted, but the substitute name has been cut by the binder. "It is necessary to inform those who may have read a long criticism on Wilson's performance of Justice Shallow, on Tuesday evening [in Public Advertiser, 2 Nov.], that Wilson did not perform that or any other character, as he is laid up, or rather down, with a violent fit of the gout" (General Advertiser, 3 Nov.). For Fearon as Justice Shallow see 30 Apr. 1785, 29 Nov. 1786; for Booth as Father Luke see 25 Nov. 1785.] Receipts: #139 6s. (134/5; 5/1)


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Performance Comment: Mr Ford-Wroughton; Sir Hugh Evans-Edwin; Justice Shallow-probably Fearon; Mr Page-Hull; Slender-Quick; Doctor Caius-Wewitzer; Host of the Garter-Booth; Fenton-Cubitt; Pistol-Thompson; Bardolph-Bates; Simple-Kennedy; Rugby-Stevens; Falstaff-Henderson; Mrs Page-Mrs Wilson; Ann Page-Mrs Lewis; Mrs Quickly-Mrs Pitt; Mrs Ford-Mrs Bates .
Role: Host of the Garter Actor: Booth

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Soldier

Performance Comment: As17851020, but Father Luke-probably Booth .
Role: Father Luke Actor: probably Booth