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Mainpiece Title: The Mountaineers

Role: Captain Berry Actor: Palmer Jun.

Afterpiece Title: The Village Lawyer

Song: As17930911


Mainpiece Title: The London Merchant

Afterpiece Title: The Jovial Crew

Performance Comment: See17310513, but Rachel-Miss Raftor; Meriel-Mrs Cibber; Hearty-Harper; Oliver-W. Mills; Clack-Cibber Jr; Randal-Bridgwater; Springlove-R. Wetherilt; Vincent-Stoppelaer; Hilliard-Charke; Oldrents-Shepard; Scentwell-Roberts; Amie-Miss Williams; Beggars-Oates; Berry, Fielding, Excell, Ranton. Berry, Fielding, Excell, Ranton.

Music: As17310630

Song: As17310630

Event Comment: Benefit Berry. As Mr Berry has labour'd under an ill state of health for some time, he hopes those Gentlemen and Ladies who used to honour him with their company on this occasion, and whom his indisposition will not permit him to wait on, will excuse his personal application and be pleased to send for tickets to his lodgings, the corner of Crown-Court in Russel St., Covent Garden (Daily Advertiser). Tickets deliver'd out by Woodburn will be taken this night


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Music: II: Concerto on German Flute-Burk Thumoth

Song: IV: Stella and Flavia-Beard

Event Comment: Mr Berry dy'd (Cross). Receipts: #170 (Cross). British Chronicle; 8 Jan. 1760. (Winston MS 8): Died Mr Edward Berry in Russel St., Covent Garden, 53 years one of the comedians of tr dl. On this Sunday the body was interr'd in the Cemetery of St Martin's Church. The loss of so worthy a man was expressed by those present. His only daugher is to [....] with the following inscription to his memory, to whom he has left his fortune worth about #1000: @Epitaph@Here lies the remains of@Edward Berry@Who lived@With public applause and private esteem@The former he acquired as@An Excellent Comedian, the latter as an@Honest Man. 8 Jan 1760 Aet 5s.@Light lie the turf, what tho' no breathing Bust@Of mimic Marble dignifie thy dust?@Yet filial sorrow pays the Dudeous Tear@And heartworn Friendship heaves a Sigh sincere.@Pleas'd may thy shade these humble rites receive@The last sad tribute gratitude can give@


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion


Mainpiece Title: Henry Iv, Part I

Afterpiece Title: The Ephesian Matron

Performance Comment: Bridgwater, Stoppelaer, Miss Raftor, Berry, Mrs Grace.

Dance: HHighland Lass-Miss Robinson

Ballet: TThe Masques. Harlequin Petit Maitre-Essex; Mademoiselle-Mrs Walter; Punches-Thurmond, F. Tench; French Peasant-Houghton; French Peasant Woman-Mrs Delorme

Event Comment: Benefit Berry and Ridout


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Congreve. Egerton 2320: Berry, Oats & Shepard discharg'd much noise in ye Pit for ye restoring of Oats. Griffin at Rotterdam, Jack Ray did his part. Milward's [?] a good one--the first night of Beard's playing--his success great. Receipts: #115. [For performances at the Fairs, see season of 1736-1737.] Daily Advertiser, 22 Aug.: The House [dl] is neatly decorated, and a very large Lobby prepar'd for the Servants that keep Places, with two Fire Places, Seats, near the Boxes, where a Person is to attend to call them, whe wanted by their Masters or Ladies. There is also a new Passage to the Pit, which will make it much more convenient for the Audience


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Event Comment: Notices of performances on this date had appeared since 8 Sept., as at common prices and written by the late Sir Richard Steele, yet under the unsettled circumstances Fleetwood may not have assembled the players necessary for the production. Macklin, Garrick, Mills, Pritchard, Havard, Berry, Leigh, Blakes, Woodburn, Mrs Clive, Mrs Pritchard, and Mrs Mills had withdrawn and were attempting to form a company for acting at the New Haymarket. See Drury Lane Management in the Introduction


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Event Comment: Benefit Berry, Mrs Ridout, Mrs Mozeen, and Miss Minors. Tickets deliver'd for Oroonoko will be taken. Oroonoko oblig'd to be deferr'd on account of the Indisposition of a principal performer. Afterpiece: At the particular request of several ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: The Fine Lady's Airs

Afterpiece Title: The Dragon of Wantley

Dance: Salomon, Sga Padouana, the Mechels, Salomon's son

Song: III: A Duet of Purcell's call'd Caesar and Urania-Mrs Clive, Mrs Mozeen

Event Comment: This day publish'd at 3s. The Actor; or, A Treatise on the Art of Playing. A New Work written by the Author of the former [See dl 30 Oct. 1753]; and adapted to the present state of the Theatres. Containing impartial Observations on the Performance, Manner, Perfections, and Defects of: Garrick, Barry, Woodward, Foote, Havard, Palmer, Ryan, Berry, Mrs Cibber, Mrs Pritchard, Mrs Woffington, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Clive, Mrs Green, Miss Nossiter, Mrs Bellamy, &c., &c., in their capital parts. Printed for R. Griffiths


Mainpiece Title: Judas Macchabaeus

Event Comment: Benefit for Mr Havard (Cross). Last time of performing the Mainpiece this season. Tickets of Havard at his house in Broad Court, Bow St., Covent Garden, and at the Bedford Coffee House and the Stage Door. [The Public Advertiser lists Old Knowell this night as Berry.] Receipts: #190 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman in Paris

Dance: III: New Comic Dance-Three Sabatinis, as17550203

Song: B$Beard particularly at the End: Rule Britannia, as17550402 Britons Strike Home in character and accompanied with a Chorus, as17550402 Concluding with: a Hornpipe-Mathews

Event Comment: Benefit for Berry, who having been confined for some time past by a severe Illness, humbly hopes those Gentlemen and Ladies, who intend to favor him at his Benefit, will send for Tickets to his Lodgings at Mr Pope's, a Peruke Maker in Russel St., Covent Garden; the Star Tavern, in Coleman St.; or to Mr Varney at the Stage door where Places for the Boxes may be taken. Receipts: #130 (Cross); #104 8s. 6d. (Winston MS8)


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Afterpiece Title: Fortunatus