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Event Comment: A Free Benefit for Ryan. Mainpiece: Not acted these 4 years. [See 3 April 1756.] Written by the late Mr Hughes. [For Afterpiece, see note.] Receipts: Door, #87 7s. Tickets #121 17s. (boxes 267; pit 286; gallery 122). (Account Book). [Ryan had advertised his benefit on 15 March to be The Siege of Damascus and a new Dramatic Satire called The Anniversary, being a Sequel to Lethe. On 16 March the following letter appeared in the Public Advertiser: "Upon reading Ryan's advertisement of a New Dramatic Satire, I was extremely pleas'd with a Description of the motive that occasioned it. He being last week at dinner with a set of particular friends, they inquired what Play and Farce he had chose this year for his Benefit. He inform'd them the Siege of Damascus and Lethe. Lethe, replied a Gentleman is very pleasing, but your friends have seen it, and you must fall into the fashion of having a new additional Scene; for a little bit of novelty may give assistance to its merit, and prove to your advantage. Why, then, said a facetious Gentleman, who sat very near him, Pray sir, do you write him one; 'twill cost you little trouble, and, you know, you are very capable. No more capable than yourself, Good Sir, answered the other; but to show I am full as willing, if you'll attempt to please his friends with one, upon my word I'll use my best endeavor to do the same, in writing of another. We need not fear Severity, for none will blame a friendly inclination to serve a man, who, I believe everyone wishes well. "Twas agreed, but Ryan judiciously observed, 'twould be a shame that two Gentlemen, each capable of writing to give an audience satisfaction, should condescend to make mere Lacqueys of their pens, and send them forth to hold the tail of Lethe; therefore if they should once begin, let them each write only one Hour longer, and they might raise a Structure of their own. They kindly undertook it, and in a Week sent him the piece he has now advertised."


Mainpiece Title: The Siege Of Damascus

Performance Comment: Phocyas-Barry; Eumenes-Ryan; Herbis-Gibson; Caled-Sparks; Abudah-Ridout; Daran-Anderson; Eudocia-Mrs Bellamy.
Role: Eumenes Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Anniversary : Being a Sequel to Lethe

Performance Comment: Parts-Ryan, Shuter, Dunstall, Baker, Costollo, Wignel, Mrs Green, Mrs Pitt, Mrs Chambers. [Parts in Larpent MS 144: Aesop , Charon , Mercury , Lady , Captain , Gentleman , Wife . Reynard , Wolf , Tyger crossed out.]Parts in Larpent MS 144: Aesop , Charon , Mercury , Lady , Captain , Gentleman , Wife . Reynard , Wolf , Tyger crossed out.]

Dance: SSicilian Peasants, as17571217; Fingalian Dance, by Desire, as17571013

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Afterpiece: A Ballad Opera (not perform'd these Six Years) reduc'd to two short acts. [Tickets at Ryan's at the Golden Cup, King-street, CG.] Receipts: money #38 1s.; tickets #102 11s


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Performance Comment: Falstaff-Delane; Page-A. Hallam; Ford-Ryan; Sir Hugh-Hippisley; Caius-Mullart; Shallow-Chapman; Slender-Clark; Fenton-Master Ryan; Mrs Ford-Mrs Horton; Mrs Page-Mrs Buchanan; Anne Page-Miss Norsa; Mrs Quickly-Mrs Mullart .
Role: Ford Actor: Ryan
Role: Fenton Actor: Master Ryan

Afterpiece Title: Sylvia; or, The Country Burial

Dance: As17360316

Song: Dialogue by Leveridge and Mrs Wright

Event Comment: Benefit Rosco, A. Ryan, Mrs Bellamy. Mainpiece: Written by Dryden


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar

Performance Comment: Torrismond-Delane; Bertran-Hale; Lorenzo-Ryan; Fryar-Bridgwater; Gomez-Hippisley; Raymond-Rosco; Alphonso-Aston; Pedro-A. Ryan; Queen-Mrs Hallam; Elvira-Mrs Bellamy; Teresa-Miss Horsington.
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Ryan
Role: Pedro Actor: A. Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Dance: JJe ne scai quoy-Tench, Villeneuve, Miss Oates; Scots Dance-Glover, Mlle Roland

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. At the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. Afterpiece: A Piece of Musick, with several Additions by the Author. [By Henry Carey. First given on 1 Dec. 1739 as entr'acte piece. Tickets at Ryan's House, the 3d House in Great Queen Street from Drury Lane.


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: Teague-Cibber; Careless-Ryan; Blunt-Hale; Day-Hippisley; Obadiah-Arthur; Abel-Neale; Story-Rosco; Bookseller-James; Mrs Day-Mrs Mullart; Arabella-Mrs Bellamy; Mrs Chat-Mrs Martin; Ruth-Mrs Horton.
Role: Careless Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Parting Lovers

Dance: I: French Peasant-French Boy and Girl; III: Miller and His Wife-French Boy and Girl; IV: Scots Dance-Glover, Mlle Roland

Song: II: Leveridge, Salway

Event Comment: By particular Desire. Benefit Ryan. Receipts: money #59 0s. 6d.; seals #100 6s. (Account Book); #150 (Rylands MS.) [Ryan received a Free Benefit. See also an Exchange of letters in the London Daily Post and General Advertiser, 9 and 10 March, concerning the alleged indecency of Blunt's undressing before the audience.


Mainpiece Title: The Rover; Or, The Banished Cavaliers

Performance Comment: Rover-Ryan; Hellena-Mrs Woffington; Angelica-Mrs Horton; Belvile-Hale; Antonio-Hallam; Pedro-Rosco; Frederic-Oates; Sancho-James; Florinda-Mrs Bellamy; Valeria-Mrs Hale; Moretta-Mrs James; Lucetta-Mrs Kilby; Blunt-Cibber.
Role: Rover Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The King and the Miller of Mansfield

Dance: WWooden Shoe Dance-Mechel; Comic Ballet-Villeneuve, Miss Oates; Tyrolean-Desnoyer, Haughton, Signora Barberini

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Mainpiece: At the desire of several persons of Quality. Tickets at Ryan's Lodgings in Great Queen St


Mainpiece Title: The Merchant Of Venice

Performance Comment: Shylock (By particular Desire)-Ryan; Antonio-Cashell; Bassanio-Hale; Gratiano-Cibber; Lorenzo-Beard (with the usual songs in the character, likewise the song of Diana from Dryden's Secular Masque, set to music by Mr Boyce); Lancelot-Chapman; Solarino-Ridout; Morochius-Carr; Leonardo-Anderson; Gobbo-Arthur; Balthazar-Hayman; Salanio-Gibson; Duke-Marten; Tubal-Stoppelaer; Jessica-Mrs Vincent; Nerissa-Miss Hippisley; Portia-Mrs Pritchard; 1st time. 1st time.
Role: Shylock Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: Phebe

Dance: DDrunken Tyrolese-Sodi; Peasant-Cooke

Event Comment: Free Benefit for Ryan.] Receipts: #134 0s. 6d., plus #122 10s. in tickets. Total profits to Ryan #256 10s. 6d. (Account Books, Egerton 2268). [Note of 23 March about amphitheatre repeated. Garrick's first performance after his long illness, from 26 Feb. to 30 March.] Tickets for Venice Preserv'd will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Performance Comment: As17461114, but Lothario-Ryan; Altamont-Havard.
Role: Lothario Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Event Comment: Benefit for Ryan. Mainpiece: Not acted these 7 years. [see 2 Nov. 1743]. Afterpiece: Several scenes taken from The Muses Looking Glass, written by Mr Randolph. [See letter to Mr Ryan 5 March acquainting the town with Randolph's works.


Mainpiece Title: The Rover; Or, The Banish'd Cavaliers

Performance Comment: Rover-Ryan; Col. Belvil-Gibson; Frederick-Bridgwater; Ned Blunt-Cibber; Angelica-Mrs Horton; Helena-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Rover Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Muses Looking-Glass

Performance Comment: Colax-Ryan; The Extremes of Fortitude Liberality Meekness Justice, in the Characters of Aphobus, Deilus, Anelitheurus, Asotus, Orgylus, Argus, Nimis, Nihil-Ridout, Collins, Morgan, Cibber, Bridges, Cushing, Dunstall, Rosco; their Clerks (Plus and Parum)-James, Bencraft; Mediocrity in the character of Urania-Mrs Bland; To conclude with a new masque of Music representing the Intellectual Virtues, compos'd by Lampe: Fortitude-Beard; Modesty-Mrs Storer; Truth-Mrs Lampe; Dancing-Villeneuve, Desse, Delagarde, Oates, Miss Vandersluys, Mrs Villeneuve, Mrs Gondou, Mrs LaFont, Master, Miss Granier.
Role: Colax Actor: Ryan

Song: Singing In Italian and English-Miss Faulkner [Songs unspecified]

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Cibber. Afterpiece: A Dramatic piece of one act taken from the French. Never perform'd before. The characters in it to be newdress'd. Pit and boxes laid together and amphitheatre on stage. Tickets deliver'd for 3 March will be taken. [See, 20 March. The note in Have at you all; or, The Drury Lane Journal (19 March) seems to comment on this performance: Those heroic full-bottomed perukes, whose bushy expanse is spread over the whole back of the wearer, have lately been exploded on the stage, and a more natural, I mean a less enormous covering for the head substituted in its stead. Unfortunately Mr Barry this night chose to appear in one of the most curiously frizzled out and of the fullest tragical flow I ever saw: When in the last act it was our heroes turn to be kill'd, honest Ryan being eager to dispatch him, just as he was to plump down upon the carpet, entangled his hand in the vast profusion of Macbeth's hair; and by jerking back his sword after the concluding stab, away came poor periwig along with it, while our hero was left expos'd, in the last agonies of death-bare headed. Ryan in the meanwhile with some confuconfusion contemplated Full-Bottom, which he held dangling in his hand, but sadly tumbled out of curl; at length he good naturedly adjusted it on the bald pate of the tyrant, who was then enabled to make his dying speech with proper regularity and decorum."


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Performance Comment: Macbeth-Barry; Macduff-Ryan; King-Gibson; Malcolm-Usher; Donalbaine-Miss Morrison; Fleance-Miss Mullart; Angus-Bennet; Seyward-Anderson; Young Seyward-Bransby; Lenox-Redman; Seyton-Paddick; Banquo-Sparks; Rosse-Ridout; Murderers-Stoppelaer, Marten; Hecate-Arthur; Witches-Dunstall, Collins, Cushing; Lady Macduff-Mrs Barrington; Lady Macbeth-Mrs Cibber (first time); Original Music-; the vocal parts-Lowe, Howard, Legge, Baker, Mrs Arne, Mrs Lampe, Mrs Storer, Miss Falkner, Miss Young, Mrs Vincent; dances- add decorations incident of the play.
Role: Macduff Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Oracle

Dance: GGrand Comic Ballet, as17511216

Event Comment: Benefit for Ryan. Quin did Falstaff for Ryan (Cross). The Nobility and Gentry at Bath gave Quin 100 guineas, and desir'd him to send them down so many tickets for this benefit (Gentleman's Magazine, 1753, p. 147). Pit and Boxes together at 5s. [with an Amphitheatre on stage]


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Iv, Part I, With The Humours Of Falstaff

Performance Comment: Falstaff-Quin; King-Sparks; Wales-Ryan; Vernon-Usher; Worcester-Bransby; Northumberland-Redman; Westmorland-Riccard; Douglas-Anderson; Blunt-Cushing; Carriers-Arthur, Dunstall; Francis-Collins; Gadshill-Bencraft; Bardolph-Marten; Hostess-Mrs Macklin; Lady Piercy-Mrs Vincent; Hotspur-Barry.
Role: Wales Actor: Ryan

Dance: GGrand Scots Ballet, as17521216

Event Comment: Benefit for Ryan. Tickets to be had of Ryan in Crown Court, Charles St. and of Crudge at the Theatre. No building on stage


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Performance Comment: As17570113, but Standard-Ryan.
Role: Standard Actor: Ryan.

Afterpiece Title: The Englishman Returned from Paris

Dance: IV: By Desire, a Minuet-Mrs Woffington, Miss Hilliard; End: The Fingalian Revels-Lucas, Miss Hilliard

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Written by Shakespear


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-Booth; Iago-Cibber; Cassio-Ryan; Desdemona-Mrs Porter; Emilia-Mrs Saunders.
Role: Cassio Actor: Ryan

Song: As17170204

Dance: As17161210

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar

Performance Comment: Cassius-Ryan, being the first time of his performing on that Stage; Antony-Quin; Caska-Corey; Julius@Caesar-J. Leigh; Portia-Mrs Rogers; Calphurnia-Mrs Knight; Brutus-Keene.

Song: As17171226

Dance: Moreau, Mrs Bullock, Miss Smith

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

Performance Comment: Hamlet-Ryan, being the first time of his performing it.

Song: As17181006

Dance: As17181024

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Afterpiece: A new Dramatick Entertainment of Grotesque Characters


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: Oroonoko-Ryan being the first Time of his performing it; With a new Prologue-.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Turned House Breaker

Song: Mrs Fletcher

Dance: As17200120

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. As revis'd with Alterations, by Mr Cibber, from Shakespear. Receipts: money #47 5s.; tickets #32 12s


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Performance Comment: Richard-Ryan; King Henry-Boheme; Buckingham-Quin; Richmond-Leigh; Catesby-Egleton; Lord Mayor-Bullock Sr; Elizabeth-Mrs Seymour; Anne-Mrs Spiller; Duchess of York-Mrs Giffard; Prince Edward-Miss Stone.
Role: Richard Actor: Ryan
Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Receipts: money #93 17s. 6d.; tickets #57 16s


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: Careless-Ryan; Bookseller-Egleton; Blunt-Quin; Day-Spiller; Abel-Bullock Sr; Obadiah-Morgan; Ruth-Mrs Bullock; Arabella-Mrs Seymour; Mrs Day-Mrs Egleton; Teague-Aston; after the Manner of the late Mr Estcourt. With a New Epilogue-Mr Aston , in the Character of Teague riding on an Ass.
Role: Careless Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Magician

Song: As17220210

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Not Acted these Twenty Years. Written by Beaumont and Fletcher. Receipts: money #58 5s. 6d.; tickets #84 10s


Mainpiece Title: A King And No King

Performance Comment: Arbaces-Boheme; Mordornis-Ryan; Tigranes-Walker; Bacurius-Diggs; Gobrius-Leigh; Bessus-Quin; First Swordsman-Spiller; Second-H. Bullock; Arane-Mrs Knight; Spaconia-Mrs Parker; Panthea-Mrs Brett.
Role: Mordornis Actor: Ryan

Song: End II: Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Chambers; End III: The Tipling Philosophers-Leveridge

Dance: End I: Two Pierrots-Nivelons; End IV: Flag Dance-Nivelon Sr

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. N.B. Care is taken that, by omitting what is least pertinent to the Business of the Masque, to reduce it to the Length of one Interlude. Receipts: money #58 7s. 6d.; tickets #84 1s


Mainpiece Title: Rover

Performance Comment: Rover-Ryan; Belville-Quin; Frederick-Walker; Pedro-Boheme; Antonio-Egleton; Hellena-Mrs Bullock; Angelica-Mrs Parker; Florinda-Mrs Legar; Valeria-Mrs Butcher; Blunt-Spiller; Moretta-Mrs Egleton; Sancho-Hippisley.
Role: Rover Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: Mars and Venus

Dance: End II: Flag Dance-Nivelon; IV: Scots Dance-Mrs Bullock

Song: III: Mrs Chambers

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Mainpiece: Written by Sir George Etheridge. Afterpiece: A Pastoral Entertainment of Vocal and Instrumental Musick. Receipts: money #54 7s. 6d.; tickets #100 1s


Mainpiece Title: She Wou'd If She Cou'd

Performance Comment: Courtal-Ryan; Gatty-Mrs Younger; Sir Oliver-Hippisley; Sir Joslin-Bullock Sr; Freeman-Walker; Lady Cockwood-Mrs Parker; Ariana-Mrs Bullock; Sentry-Mrs Egleton; Rakehell-Spiller.
Role: Courtal Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Fickle Fair One

Dance: RRunning Footman's Dance-Nivelon, Mrs Legar; French Sailor and his Wife-Salle, Mlle Salle; end afterpiece: Grand Dance-Dupre, Mrs Wall, Salle, Mrs Bullock, Lally, Mrs Anderson

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Mainpiece: Carefully Revis'd. Receipts: money #62 10s. 6d.; tickets #69 4s. Probable attendance: boxes, 68 by money and 130 by tickets; stage, 10 by money; pit, 102 by money and 198 by tickets; slips, 22 by money; first gallery, 164 by money and 70 by tickets; second gallery, 120 by money


Mainpiece Title: The Fortune Hunters; Or, Two Fools Well Met

Performance Comment: Sir William-Bullock; Young Wealthy-Ryan; Tom Wealthy-Walker; Shamtown-Hippisley; Littlegad-Chapman; Spruce-Spiller; Lady Sly-Mrs Berriman; Maria-Mrs Younger; Sophia-Mrs Bullock; Mrs Spruce-Mrs Egleton; Nanny-Miss Fenton.
Role: Young Wealthy Actor: Ryan

Song: NNo Kissing At All by Purcell-Leveridge, Salway; Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Barbier

Dance: PPierrots-Nivelon, Poitier; Running Footman's Dance-Nivelon, Mrs Laguerre

Event Comment: Benefit Hippisley. Afterpiece: [By Lacy Ryan.] Receipts: money #64 18s.; tickets #111 13s. Probable attendance: boxes, 116 by money and 185 by tickets; stage, 31 by money; pit, 37 by money and 346 by tickets; slips, 13 by money; first gallery, 110 by money and 135 by tickets; second gallery, 122 by money


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Performance Comment: Sir George-Ryan; Charles-Walker; Marplot-Spiller; Sir Francis-Hippisley; Sir Jealous-Bullock; Miranda-Mrs Younger; Isabinda-Mrs Bullock; Patch-Mrs Egleton.
Role: Sir George Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler's Opera

Related Works
Related Work: The Cobler's Opera Author(s): Lacy Ryan
Event Comment: Afterpiece: [Author unknown. Apparently not published.] A New Ballad Opera. Benefit Ryan. Receipts: money #81 10s. 6d.; tickets #104 11s


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: As17300126, but Oroonoko-Ryan; Blanford-_; Stanmore-_; Hotman-_.
Role: Oroonoko Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: Hudibras; or, Trulla's Triumph

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. Receipts: money #94 5s. 6d.; tickets #101 5s


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Performance Comment: Sir Harry-Ryan; Standard-Quin; Smugler-Hippisley; Clincher Sr-Penkethman; Clincher Jr-Chapman; Vizard-Milward; Dick-Ray; Lady Darling-Mrs Egleton; Angelica-Mrs Buchanan; Parly-Mrs Legar; Lady Lurewell-Mrs Younger.
Role: Sir Harry Actor: Ryan

Dance: TTwo Pierrots-Poitier, Nivelon; Pastoral-Salle, Mlle Salle; Highlander and his Wife-Salle, Mrs Laguerre

Song: NNo Kissing At All-Leveridge, Salway

Event Comment: Benefit Ryan. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality. Afterpiece: a Comic Pastoral Ballad Farce of two short acts. [Author unknown.] Receipts: money #66 12s. 6d.; tickets #89 12s


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: See17311102, but Townly-Ryan; Lady Townly-Mrs Younger; Manly-Quin; Sir Francis-Hippisley.
Role: Townly Actor: Ryan

Afterpiece Title: Tho' Strange, tis True; or Love's Vagaries

Dance: Salle, Nivelon, Mrs Legar