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Event Comment: Mainpiece: Acted but once these 14 years. [See 4 May 1772.] Paid Hewetson & Co. (lacemen) #13 6s.; Thomson (smith) #52 7s. 6d.; Stacy (colourman) #13 12s.; J. Johnston's Music Bill #26 15s.; Mr Hopkins (for author of Maid of Oak's) Bill #4 4s.; Mr Luppino for making dresses &c. #64 14s. 6d.; Cole (turner) #16 2s.; G. Garrick on Acct #100; Chorus 2 nights (Courtney excluded) #2 15s. Receipts: #123 17s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Isabella; Or, The Fatal Marriage

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Dance: I: The Irish Fair, as17740917

Event Comment: Afterpiece: By Particular Desire. House. So Ends the Season 56 different Plays 37 different Farces 188 Nights in all (Hopkins Diary). Paid Mr J. French on acct #5 5s.; Subscription to Chas Standen #1 1s.; Returned Mr J. Palmer part of his Benefit Balance #30; Sga Hidou in full of 500 Guineas for this season #27 5s. Receipts: #118 14s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). After season receipts and expenses (Treasurers's Book). Receipts: 29 May: Stopages #6 1s.; Watson & Mortimer #25 returned from cash advanced at beginning of season; Mrs Smith in full of debt #14. 2 June: Mr Heath's rent 1 yr to Xmas last #10; Mr Brereton's salary stopt & Benefit after money 3rd May #17 11s. 6d.; Ditto for Reddish #10; Ditto for Dibdin #24 12s. 24 June: Public Advertiser this season #50; Ditto for Gazetter #50; Mr Pope one yrs rent to Lady Day last (#1 10s. land tax deducted) #28 10s.; Harrison's rent ditto (#8 15s. deducted) #34 18s. 4d.; also deducted #2 6s. 8d. sewer's tax; Mr Parsonage 1 yrs ditto (#5 land tax and 15s. Repairs deducted) #42 5s.; Late Mr Banks 1 yrs ditto #3; Their Majesties account #80. 30 June: Mr Burges, 1 yrs rent to Xmas last (#4 4s. land tax deducted) #16 16s.; Discount on #362 1s. 3d. amount of tallow chandler's 10 Bills this season at 8%-#28 19s. 2d.; Remainder of Sinking Fund, #159 12s.; Mr Reddish's Benefit Acct #78 16s. 6d. 15 July: Sundry salary forfeits taken up by Evans #144 18s. 4d.; Music forfeits #18 4s. 6d. B. Richards forfeits #6 12s. Expenditures: 29 May: Salary List #510 6s.; Davies on note #9 9s.; Slingsby in full of #350 for this season #3 1s. 8d.; Mrs Yates ditto of #800 this season 11s. 8d.; Mr Courtney Chorus 27 nights at 5s. per night in full #6 15s.; Advanced to Everard to compleat his ticket acct #1 5s. 6d.; Mr Page on note #5 5s.; Mr Page in full of #25 this season #1 12s. 6d. 3 June: Miss Berkley on note #5 5s.; King in full of #500 salary #32 10s.; Mrs Moffat, dresser, per order D. Garrick #5 5s.; Lamash on note #6 15s.; One yrs watch & rector's rate to Lady Day last (Cov. Garden) #1 10s. 24 June: Repaid Mr Bannister his Bt balance #35 16s. 6d.; Lent Mr Baddeley per order Mr D. Garrick #20; Mr G. Garrick in full of #400, #50; Mr Smart, attending practices of Dances #10 10s.; Mr Pope's bill for Wigs #17 7s. 6d., and his bill for 64 extra nights for dressing #6 8s.; Mr D. Richards 31 weeks 1 day extra salary #31 3s. 4d.; Chaise to Hampton, Mr Evans & Becket 19s. 8d.; J. French on acct #7 7s. 30 June: Mr Vernon's balance of Acct in full #18 9s. 6d.; Mrs Chitty for coals #77; Barrow & Co. for Oil #187 6s. 6d.; Burges (bricklayer) #134 11s.; Tallow chandler's 10th and last bill #28 4s. 10d.; Chettell (timber merchant) #76 12s. 6d.; R. Palmer Jr 47 nights in Maid of Oaks and Harlequin's Jacket #4 14s.; Loss on sale of 75 Guineas & half light cash of Sinking Fund #3 9s. 6d. 5 July: Bibb (sword cutler) #3 6s.; Scott (copper laceman) #100 3s.; Powney (stationer) #5 16s.; Mrs Jones (worsted lace) &c. #8 2s.; Hopkins & Co. (ironmongers) #33 3s. 6d.; Blakes (hatter) #10 4s.; Jennings (glover & furrier) #23 7s. 6d.; Mrs Lowe@and@Co. (glaziers) #2 16s.; Mr Hadley (engine maker) #13; Thomson (smith) #14 9s.; Carter (scowrer) #9 4s.; Cubitt (tinman) #4 8s. 6d.; Hewetson & Co. (laceman) #17 2s. 6d.; Gardner (shoemaker) #3 19s. 7 July: Waller & Co. (hosiers) #24 4s. 6d.; Carpue (silk dyer) #8 10s. 6d.; Cropley (linen draper) #13 9s. 6d.; Mr Knyvett (harpsichord performer) 14 nights #5 5s.; Mrs Vaughan (haberdasher) #13 12s.; J. French on Acct #8 8s.; Cole (turner) #35 5s. 6d. 12 July: Mr Stafford (glassman) per Mr Johnston #29 5s. 6d.; Mr King & Co. for Women's cloaths, per Mr Johnston #10; Mrs Garwood (laundress) per Mr Johnston #15 15s.; Mr Palmer for Spermacetti Candles, per Mr Johnston, #172 4s. 15 July: J. French on Acct #15 15s.; J. Johnston's Music Bill, #12 11s. 10d.; Repaid Mr Reddish's Benefit Acct to Mr Burns for his creditors, #78 16s. 6d. 19 July: Lent to Miss Berkley on note #5 5s.; Mr Victor's Gratuity #30, and two weeks' extra salary #5; Mr Evans in lieu of Benefit #42 and two week's extra salary #3. Books closed and balanced paid. VIZ. Total income #33,614 16s. 6d. Total profit #389 5s. 7d. Total expense #29,719 10s. 11d. Paid Patentees #2840. To Clutterbuck #1000. Left in Victor's hands carried to next season 55 5s. 7d


Mainpiece Title: Matilda

Afterpiece Title: Bon Ton

Event Comment: In Mr G. fine Scene with Thomas , Just as he was going to trust him with the Secret the House was very Silent and Mr G. very fine a fellow in the Gallery bawld out--Speak louder--It disconcerted Mr G. very much (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Kemble differs slightly.] Paid Mr Waller's Bill (hosier) #30 16s. 9d.; Mr Pryer [Turner] #3 2s.; Mr Bannizter [sic] for two songs #5 5s. Receipts: #242 6s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Every Man In His Humour

Afterpiece Title: May Day

Event Comment: Signor Martini danc'd for first time tolerable (Hopkins Diary). Paid Mr Park 1 boy 18 nights #6 15s.; Pryor (turner) #3 6d.; Mr Blanchard (tallow chandler) #43 17s. 2d. Receipts: #156 3s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Afterpiece Title: The Jubilee

Dance: I: A New Comic Dance call'd The Gardeners-Sg Martini, first appearance on the English Stage, and Sga Paccini

Event Comment: Rec'd Stopages #11 16s. Paid Bibb (sword cutler) #6 19s. 6d.; Marshall and Co (plumbers) #69 11s.; Waller and Co. (hosiers) #18 14s. 6d.; Scott (copperlaceman) #66 14s.; Barrow and Co. Oil Bill #46 16s. 6d.; Chettle (timber) #16 17s. 6d.; Hatsell (mercer) #79 8s.; Stacey (colorman) #33 3s.; Powney (stationer) #3 9s. 6d.; Jones (worsted lace) #8 12s. 6d.; Pryer (turner) #4 18s. Receipts: #243 8s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Discovery

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Dance: Martini, Sga Paccini. [Title unspecified on playbill.

Event Comment: Benefit for Vernon. Rec'd Mrs Johnston's rent 1 year to Lady Day #6. Paid Powney (stationer) #7 2s. 6d.; Ray (linen draper) #25 6s. 6d.; Vaughan (haberdasher) #4 10s. 6d.; Norfolk (glazier) #2 3s.; Barrow and Co. Oil #54 15s. 6d.; Pryer (turner) #5 18s. 6d.; Carter (scowerer) #9 8s. 6d.; Evans for Spermacetti Candles #5; Watch Rate half year #18 15s.; Cubit (tinman) #2 6d. Receipts: #160 10s. Charges: #66 16s. Profits to Vernon: #93 14s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Dance: End Opera: The Grand Garland Dance, as17760311

Event Comment: This being the Last time of Mr G. performing he generously gave the Profits of the Night to the Theatrical Fund, he spoke the Usual prologue & after the play he went forward & address'd the Audience in so pathetic a Manner as draw Tears from the Audience & himself & took his leave of them forever (Hopkins Diary). [Accounts of the farewell address in the Morning Post and in Davies; Life of Garrick.] So Ends the Season 67 different Play 32 different Farce 189 Nights in all (Hopkins Diary). N.B. The profits of this night appropriated to the benefit of the Theatrical Fund: Cash #309 2s.; After Money #2 10s. 6d. Received #311 12s. 6d. Paid #36 5s. 9d. viz: @Renters #8@Supernumeraries & Kettle Drum #2 11s.@Soldiers 14s.@Extra Constables #1 10s. 6d.@Candles, Oyl & Lampmen #3 18s. 6d.@Carpenters Extras #2 1s.@Music Band #7 18s. 9d.@Messrs. Legg, Lauchery, Larivere, Garland & Langlois Salary #1 13s. 4d.@Sundry Doorkeepers & Servants #7 18s. 8d. @#36 5s. 9d.@Rec'd #311 12s. 6d.@Paid #36 5s. 9d.@Remains #275 6s. 9d.@Brought Fd #62 3s. 7d. from 10th May@Total #337 10s. 4d.@ N.B. The above sum of the two Nights for Theatrical Fund-order'd by Mr Garrick this 25th day of June 1776 to be paid into the hands of Mr Hatsell (Treasurer's Book). AFTER SEASON RECEIPTS (Treasurer's Book): 11 June: Rec'd Box office keeper's cash #25; Candles, Oil &c. the 2nd Fund night #7 17s.; From Mr Dodd in Full #21. 24 June: From Sinking Fund (3rd) in full #963 10s.; From Grimaldi on acct #70; From Mrs Smith (singer) in full #31 10s. 2 July: From Public Advertiser for this season #50; Gazetteer ditto #50. 4 July: Their Majesties Acct this season #76; from Mr Harrison one yrs. rent Land tax deducted #37 5s. 5 July: From Mr Parsonage 1 yr. & one quarter rent to Midsummer (tax deducted) #53 15s. 15 July: From Mr Pope 1 yr. & one quarter rent to Mids. Last (taxes deducted) #35 12s. 6d.; Mr Heath 1 yr. and 1!2 Rent to Mids last #15. 19 July: From Mrs Johnston 1 yr. & one quarter rent to Mids. last #7 10s.; Mrs Groath 1!2 year to ditto #1 10s. Mr Percy three quarters Rent to ditto #7 10s.; Mr Waterer five quarters rent to ditto (land tax deducted) #51 7s. 25 July: Sundry forfeits taken up by Evans #38 5s. AFTER SEASON EXPENDITURES (Treasurer's Book): 11 June: Five days salary to sundries at #88 2s. 10d. per diem #440 14s. 2d.; George Garrick in full of #400 #5 13s. 4d.; Slingsby in full of #350 #1 3s. 4d.; Everard on note #10 10s.; Davis on note #21; Mr King to make up #500 in full #32 10s.; Lauchery on note #15 15s.; Mr Page in full of #25 #1 12s. 6d. 28 June: To Lord Walpole for one year's acting season #315; Mr Highly in Full of his building acct #85 19s.; Ditto for 3 yrs. ground rent to the 24th inst. #42. [For explanation of Walpole payment, see Boaden, Garrick Correspondence, II, 155 an involved agreement re an annuity dating from October 1761, now being collected because of new taxes on Carriages, and because Lady Walpole was footsore and would walk nowhere.] 20 June: Adelphi Tavern Bill & Waiters #20 10s. 6d.; Mr Park, chorus 4 nights in full #1 10s.; Mr R. Johnston's property Bills in full #33 1s. 6d. 24 June: Mr D. Garrick in full of #1,300 #235 13s. 2d.; Mr R. Harwood's gratuity #5 5s. 2 July: One yrs. subscription for St George's Hospital for both the managers #10 10s. 5 July: Three quarter's rent pd for Miss Abrahams at Gardners #37 10s. 9 July: Blakes (hatter) #11 15s.; Mrs Chitty (coals) #94 17s.; Hadley & Co., Engine, #12 12s.; Thomson (smith) #6 15s.; Barrow & Co., Oil, #108 13s. 6d.; Ireland (upholsterer) #17 2s. 6d.; Stevens (mason) #42 7s. 6d.; Hewetson (laceman) #9 2s.; Racket (taylor) #16 9s.; Barret (wax chandler) #14 5s.; Waller (hosier) #11 5s. 11 July: Machin, Chorus singer, #6, Bibb (sword cutler) #2 5s.; Gardner (shoemaker) #3 2s.; Marshall (plumber) #4 13s.; Stacey (colourman) #4 17s. 15 July: Daley (sadler) #5 5s.; Scott (copperlace) #25 14s. 6d.; Norfolk (glazier) #3 7s.; Carpue (silk Dyer) #18 13s.; Mrs Carter (scowerer) #1 14s. 6d.; Chettle (timber) #4 6s. 7d.; Pope, for Wiggs, #12 12s.; ditto for 81 extra nights dressing #8 2s.; Mr Preston 69 nights dressing Mr Garrick #5 3s. 6d.; Hatsell (mercer) #47 3s. 16 July: Powney (stationer) #2 10s.; Jennings (glover) #25 17s. 6d.; Prior (turner) #9 5s. 6d; Hopkin's Prompter's bill #13 18s.; Palmer for Sperma. Candles #7 14s.; Kirkman (harpsicord maker) #13 17s. 6d.; Hele (surveyor) #26 10s. 19 July: Mrs Garwood (laundress) #2 12s. 8d.; a Green coat for Mr Garrick #3 3s.; Mr Woods, chorus, 63 nights in full, #15 15s.; Mr French's bills in full #235 3s. 6d. 22 July: Mr Waterer, Black Lyon dinner Bills #56 8s. 6d. 25 July: Mrs Vaughan (haberdasher) #3 18s. 6d.; Cubit (tinman) #2 15s.; Kirk (housekeeper) three quarter's salary to Midummer #30; Victor's gratuity and two weeks salary #35; Evans in lieu of Benefit #42 and 2 weeks salary #3; Mr Westley 2 weeks salary #1 10s. AFTER SEASON COMPUTATION: DRURY LANE 1775-1776: Books closed 25 July 1776. @Total income #37,917 3s. 10d.@Total Expense #33,453 18s. 4d.@Profit #4,463 5s. 6d. divided as follows:@Mr Clutterbuck #1,000@Managers #3,240@ In Victor's hands #223 5s. 6d. [presumably for summer expenses and opening the next season. The Treasurer's Book also mentions a sum of #575 18s. 8d. at Mr Clutterbucks, without indication of its source or contemplated use.


Mainpiece Title: The Wonder

Afterpiece Title: The Waterman

Dance: I: The Grand Garland Dance as17760410 but-Slingsby, Sga Crespi, Mrs Sutton


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Afterpiece Title: The Experiment

Performance Comment: Characters-Wroughton, Lee Lewes, Robson, Fearon, Wewitzer, Booth, Mrs Whitefield, Mrs Lessingham; [Larpent MS 429 lists the parts: Mr Warren, Sir James Middleton, The Hon. Capt. Turner, Mr Green, Robert, Thomas, Miss Warren, Miss Louisa Warren.] Address to the Public-Mrs Lessingham.

Dance: End: Hunting Dance, as17770218; End I afterpiece: The Villagers, as17770122


Mainpiece Title: The Fashionable Wife; Or, The Female Gallant

Afterpiece Title: The Lawyer Nonsuited

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by The Author, Lyon, Hall, Johnson; Miss Turner, Miss Peters. Cast not known .

Dance: End of mainpiece a Hornpipe by Middleton

Song: End of Act III of mainpiece The Soldier tir'd of War's Alarms; End of Act V The Merry Roundelay, both by Miss Hemet

Monologue: 1782 05 06 End of afterpiece Bucks have at ye All by Middleton

Event Comment: The last Time of the Company's performing this Season. [On this night Wewitzer acted both at CG and the HAY.] Receipts: #135 3s. 6d. (132/14/6; 2/9/0). Account-Book, 7 June: Paid Harris for One Year's Superintendence #500, Garton [treasurer] in full of his Salary #238, Miss Younge in lieu of Cloaths this Season #200; 30 June: Paid Lewis in full for Salary as Acting Manager #200. Between 7 and 30 June various sums, a few of which are here specified, were entered in the Account-Book as being paid to the following tradesmen and others: perukemaker, fireworks maker, blacksmith [#277 6s.], basketmaker, scalemaker, haberdasher, sadler, bill-sticker, turner, harpsichord-tuner, silk-dyer, printer, sawyer, plumber, linen-draper, woollen-draper, brazier, coal merchant [#189 8s.], timber merchant [#500 8s.], stonemason, hosier, music copier, shoemaker, painter, tinman, oil merchant [#452 2s.], gunsmith, worsted laceman, book-binder, glazier, copper laceman [#127 15s.], silk mercer, tallow chandler, stationer, engine-maker, gold-beater, furrier, watch-maker, bookseller, victualler, rope-maker, embroiderer, bricklayer [#226 14s.], wax chandler [#501 2s.], upholsterer [#729]. Many of these disbursements had to do with the extensive rebuilding of the theatre


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of The World

Afterpiece Title: Rosina

Event Comment: Benefit for Wilson. 1st piece: Taken from Beaumont and Fletcher. 2nd piece [1st time; F 2, by John Dent. Prologue by Turner (see text)]. 4th piece: A Tragical, Comical, Operatical, Pastorical, Pantomimical, Farcical, Burlettical, Preludical, Interludical, Whimsical, Rhetorical, Diabolical, Oratorical Representation, being the most Comical Tragedy that ever was Tragedized by any Comical Company of Tragedians. With the Triumphal Entry of Chrononhotonthologos into Queerumania, attended with Drums, Trumpets, Fiddles, Flutes, Fifes, Flagelcts, Lutes, Bag-Pipes, Tabours and Pipes, Marrowbones and Cleavers, Post-Horns, French-Horns, Salt Box, Broomstickados, &c


Mainpiece Title: The Triumph Of Honour

Afterpiece Title: The Receipt Tax

Afterpiece Title: The Dead Alive

Afterpiece Title: Chrononhotonthologos

Monologue: 1783 08 13 End of 2nd piece Joe Haynes's Epilogue by Wilson, riding on an Ass

Event Comment: [In mainpiece the playbill retains Mrs Wells, but she "was so ill last night that she could not perform the part of Jane Shore. It was undertaken by Mrs T. Kennedy" (Public Advertiser, 21 Dec.).] Afterpiece [1st time; P 2, by John O'Keeffe]: The Pantomime, and the whole of the Scenery, Machinery, Dresses, &c. designed and invented by Loutherbourg, and executed under his superintendance and direction by Richards, Carver, Hodgins, Catton Jun., Turner, assisted by two other celebrated artists [all subsequent playbills have "a celebrated artist"; he was the Rev. Matthew William Peters (Public Advertiser, 16 Dec.)]. The Music entirely new, composed by Shield. Books containing a short account of the Pantomime, as well as the Recitatives, Airs, Duets, Trios and Chorusses, and a Description of the Procession, to be had at the Theatre. Nothing under Full Price will be taken. [This was the last theatrical piece for which De Loutherbourg designed the scenery. For a detailed account of it see "De Loutherbourg and Captain Cook", by Ralph G. Allen, Theatre Research, IV, 195-211.] Account-Book, 17 Oct.: Paid De Loutherbourg on acct. #120; 20 Dec.: Paid Goodwin for copying Music #10 14s.; 14 Feb. 1786: Paid O'Keeffe in full for Omai #40. Receipts: #309 19s. (302/7; 7/12)


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Afterpiece Title: Omai; or, A Trip round the World

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 4 years [acted 28 Dec. 1787. Toms is identified in Morning Herald, 22 Sept. 1795: A Mr Toms made a probationary essay last night in the character of Romeo. The bills erroneously announced it as his first appearance on this stage [cg]; for his unsuccessful attempt in Young Norval [i.e. Douglas], about five years ago, on the same boards, is perfectly within our recollection. London Chronicle, 22 Sept. 1795, also refers to Toms as Douglas. European Magazine, Oct. 1790, p. 305, gives the name as Turner, but in Oct. 1795, p. 273, states that Toms performed on one night only "a few years since."]. Afterpiece [1st time; BALL. P 2 (?), by James Byrne, based partly on his Nootka Sound, and in May 1793 agin altered as The Shipwreck; or, French Ingratitude. Not in Larpent MS; not published; synopsis of action in Diary, 5 Oct.]: A Ballet Pantomime, with new Scenes, Dresses, and Decorations. The Overture and Music compiled by Byrne, from Haydn, Rochefort, Pleyel, Gyrowetz, Reeve, Pieltain, Dibdin. The new Music by Shield. On account of some Scenes which are introduced from the Entertainment of Nootka Sound (performed last Season [on 4 June 1790]) Half Price will be taken. [This alludes to the custom of not llowing half-price during the run of entirely new pantomimes.] Paid Brodie, for Stoves for the Theatre, #19 8s. Receipts: #207 8s. 6d. (201.16.0; 5.12.6)


Mainpiece Title: Douglas

Afterpiece Title: The Provocation