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Mainpiece Title: The Coronation Anthem, God Save The King

Afterpiece Title: The Messiah

Performance Comment: Principal Vocal Performers-Harrison, Pearson (Principal Alto at the Concert of Ancient Music), Griffiths, Champness, Sale (Principal Basses at the Concert of Ancient Music), Miss Cantelo, Sga Storace; Among the Instrumental Performers-Richards (Leader of the Band), Ashley, Ashley's Sons, Sperati, Patria, Sarjant, Gariboldi, Boyce, Knyvett (Organ).

Music: End Part I Oratorio: concerto on the violin [by Viotti (World, 28 Feb.)]-Mme Gautherot (from Paris; 2nd public performance in this Kingdom)

Role: ] Actor: Mme Gautherot
Event Comment: Among the Instrumental Performers are G. Ashley (leader of the Band), Sperati, Sarjant, Patria, Reinagle, C. Ashley, Boyce, Mahon, Mountain, Holmes, Lyon, Schram, Kaye, the Leanders, &c. Double Drums by J. Ashley. The Organ on Fridays by Knyvett, and on Wednesdays by Greatorex. The whole conducted by Harrison and Ashley. The Band will consist of 150 Performers. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Brandon, at the Stage Door. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. 2nd Gallery 1s. No Money to be returned. Places may be taken in the Theatrical Orchestra at 5s. each [i.e. at the oratorios the instrumentalists sat on the stage]. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [same throughout oratorio season]. Books of the Performances, with the names of the performers to their respective songs, to be had at the Theatre. And to prevent imposition in the Streets, the Managers have directed that they should be sold in the Theatre, at 6d. each


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah, Preceded By god Save The King(coronation Anthems)

Music: End II: a concerto on the violin-Mme Gautherot (from Paris)