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Mainpiece Title: The Coronation Anthem, God Save The King

Afterpiece Title: The Messiah

Music: End Part I Oratorio: concerto on the violin [by Viotti (World, 28 Feb.)]-Mme Gautherot (from Paris; 2nd public performance in this Kingdom)

Role: ] Actor: Mme Gautherot


Mainpiece Title: Tancred And Sigismunda

Role: Tancred Actor: Wilkinson
Role: Osmond Actor: Field
Role: Rodolpho Actor: Jones
Role: Sitfredi Actor: WewitzerLaura-Miss Herbert
Role: WewitzerLaura Actor: Miss Herbert
Role: Sigismunda Actor: Miss Thomas


Music: End of mainpiece Master Julien Baux, a Child under Six Years of Age, will perform a Concerto on the Violin by Viotti

Monologue: 1794 05 22 End of afterpiece an Occasional Address by Miss Thomas


Mainpiece Title: The 1st Act Of L'amor Fra Le Vendemmie

Afterpiece Title: Il Consiglio Imprudente

Role: Lindoro Actor: Viganoni
Role: Filiberto Actor: Morelli
Role: Brunella Actor: Rovedino
Role: Riccardo Actor: DeGiovanni
Role: Giannina Actor: Sga Fabrizzi
Role: Costanza Actor: Sga Salimbeni
Role: Rosina Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Dance: End: a new Divertisement Ballet, composed by Gallet [with music by Viotti] Apollon Berger- [see17970110]

Ballet: End 2nd piece: L'Amour et Psiche. As17961213

Role: L'Amour Actor: Didelot
Role: Psiche Actor: Mme Hilligsberg
Role: Adonis Actor: Gentili
Role: unassigned Actor: Mme Rose, Mlle Parisot, Fialon.


Mainpiece Title: Semiramide

Dance: As17980102

Music: In opera: the favourite air of Guglielmi-Mme Banti; accompanied on the violin-Viotti

Event Comment: A new Grand Serious Opera, with Chorusses; the Music by Bianchi, under the direction of Federici. With entirely new Scenes designed by Marinari, Dresses composed and executed by Sestini, and Decorations. "[Banti] I must ever consider as far the most delightful singer I ever heard . . . Her first appearance in this country was in the opera of Semiramide, and all her part in it was of the most beautiful description. In addition to the songs belonging to the opera, she introduced a remarkably fine air by Guglielmi, from the Oratorio of Deborah, with an accompaniment for a violin obligato, originally played by Cramer, afterwards by Viotti and others. This song, though long and one of great exertion, was so prodigious a favourite that it never failed of being encored, not only in its novelty, but in every subsequent revival. Her acting, and recitative were excellent, and in the last scene, where Semiramide dies, was incomparably fine" (Mount-Edgcumbe, pp. 82, 84)


Mainpiece Title: Semiramide; O, La Vendetta Di Nino

Role: : Arsace Actor: Roselli
Role: Seleuco Actor: C. Rovedino
Role: Oroe Actor: Braghetti
Role: Ombra di Nino Actor: Torregiani
Role: Mitrane Actor: GarelliSemiramide-Sga Brig. Banti
Role: GarelliSemiramide Actor: Sga Brig. Banti
Role: Azema Actor:

Dance: End of Act I New Divertisement, as17940311End of Act II Les Ruses de l'Amour, as17940401, but omitted: Mlle Guirdele

Event Comment: The whole under the direction of Viotti, who is engaged as Acting Manager at this Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Zenobia In Palmira

Role: Principal Characters Actor: Rovedino, Braghetti, Brida
Role: Oraspe Actor: Rovedino
Role: Licinio Actor: Braghetti
Role: Aureliano Actor: Brida
Role: Arcase Actor: Neri
Role: Zenobia Actor: Mme Banti
Role: Publia Actor: Sga Colombati.

Dance: As17941220

Event Comment: "Salomon led the band for the first time these two years, in place of Viotti, who has been sent out of the country, under the authority of the Alien Bill. He left town yesterday" (Times, 5 Mar.)


Mainpiece Title: Cinna

Dance: As17971230