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Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Music: Vocal and

Instrumental: Intermixed with several Scotch Airs, composed by David Rizzio. To be performed on the Violin by Charke

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; CO 3, by Leonard Macnally, adapted from the same, by Michel Jean Sedaine. Not in Larpent MS; not published; synopsis of plot in Morning Chronicle, 17 Oct. For text of abridged version see 21 Oct.]: Taken from the celebrated French Opera of that Name. With the original Overture, Airs, Duetts, Trios, Chorusses and Finale, by the celebrated Gretry. To which are added Compositions by the following Masters; Anfossi, Bertoni, Duni, David, Rizzio, Carolan, Tenducci, and Shield. With new Dresses, Scenery and other Decorations. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. [The printed score (Longman & Broderip, c. 1786) indicates that the music was adapted by Shield; it does not refer to Duni, Rizzio or Tenducci, but includes Philip Hayes and John Wilson. After the 1st 4 performances the mainpiece was reduced to an afterpiece of 3 short acts; see 21 Oct.] Account-Book, 28 Nov.: Paid Macnally in full for Coeur de Lion #121 18s. 6d. "Inchbald we thought [was] rather hardly dealt with. His voice happened to fail him in a particular turn of the tune he was singing, and some of the audience were ungenerous enough to disconcert him so far that he made a modest bow and retired [leaving his part unfinished. In consequence of this] a duet that was to have been sung by the King from the battlements of the castle, and Blondel without the walls, on which the turn of the fable hinged, was omitted; a circumstance that could not but materially affect the intrinterest, as it destroyed the connexion of the fable" (Morning Chronicle, 17 Oct.). [The following day Inchbald withdrew from his engagement at cg.] Receipts: #249 12s. 6d. (247.11.6; 2.1.0)


Mainpiece Title: Richard Coeur De Lion

Role: Blondel Actor: Johnstone
Role: La Bruce Actor: Edwin
Role: Morgan Actor: Quick
Role: Richard Actor: Inchbald
Role: Berghen Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Florestine Actor: Davies
Role: Guillet Actor: Cubitt
Role: Principal Knight Actor: Darley
Role: Antonio Actor: Mrs Brown
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Lauretta Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Berengaria Actor: Mrs Billington
Role: Beatrice Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: unassigned Actor: Gaudry, Stevens, Swords.

Afterpiece Title: The Romp

Role: Watty Actor: Brown
Role: Sightly Actor: Cubitt
Role: Old Cockney Actor: Thompson
Role: Barnacle Actor: Booth
Role: Penelope Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Mrs La Blonde Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Priscilla Tomboy Actor: Mrs Brown.
Event Comment: Benefit for Lee. With the Original Act Tunes as adapted to the play by David Rizzio. No Building on Stage. Tickets deliver'd by Mathews and Miss Capitani will be taken. Tickets sold at the doors will not be admitted


Mainpiece Title: Douglas

Role: Norval Actor: Lee.
Role: Douglas Actor: Holland
Role: Glenalvon Actor: Davies
Role: Lord Randolph Actor: Burton
Role: Anna Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Lady Randolph Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: The Minor

Dance: TTwo Comic Dances-Mas. Roger, Miss Capitani; End I Farce: Hornpipe-Miss Capitani

Role: Hornpipe Actor: Miss Capitani.

Song: I: The Lark's Shrill Note-Mrs Vincent

Entertainment: fter the play, By Particular Desire, the Scene of Lady Pentweazle from Foote's Taste. Lady Pentweazle-King, first time

Role: ady Pentweazle Actor: King, first time.
Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time in London; co 3, 1st acted at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, 30 Jan. 1784. MS: Larpent 703, not published]: Written by [Robert] Jephson [with lyrics by Sir Nathaniel Barry (Larpent MS). In 1787 abridged by John O'Keeffe as Love and War]. With new Scenes and Decorations. A new Overture by the celebrated Haydn. The Airs by David Rizzio, [J. C] Bach, Paisiello, Duni, Carolan, Shield and Tenducci [i.e. "The Music partly compiled by Tenducci; the new Airs composed by Shield" (notice on playbill of 11 May)]. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. [Afterpiece in place of The Lying Valet, announced on playbill of 11 May.]


Mainpiece Title: The Campaign; Or, Love In The East Indies

Role: . Farquar Actor: Johnstone
Role: Howitzer Actor: Quick
Role: Gregory Actor: Edwin
Role: Squad Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Sulphur Actor: Davies
Role: M'Saunderson Actor: Fearon
Role: Ensign Flag Actor: Cubitt
Role: Rifle Actor: Darley
Role: Saib Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Drill Actor: Doyle
Role: Fuzee Actor: Thompson
Role: Miss Maria M'Saunderson Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Miss Lucy Seymour Actor: Mrs Bannister.

Afterpiece Title: Retaliation

Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Rebate Actor: Quick
Role: Frank Actor: Davies
Role: Trueman Actor: Cubitt
Role: Ezekiel Spotless Actor: Jones
Role: Precipe Actor: Edwin
Role: Emelia Actor: Mrs T. Kennedy

Dance: As17841116

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; CO 3, by John O'Keeffe. Beginning with 8 Dec. reduced to an afterpiece of 3 short acts. Prologue by the author (World, 7 Nov.)]: With new Scenes, Dresses, &c. The Music by Handel, Rizzio, J. C.? Bach, Gretry, Corri, and Shield [who compiled the music of the other composers]. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Afterpiece: In I act. [Miss Fontenelle is identified on playbill of 22 Nov.] Account-Book, 17 Mar. 1789: Paid O'Keeffe in full for Highland Reel #67 10s. Receipts: #263 11s. 6d. (257.1.6; 6.10.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Highland Reel

Role: The Characters Actor: Quick, Edwin, Bannister, Aickin, Johnstone, Blanchard, Davies, Fearon, Booth, Miss Reynolds, A Young Lady
Role: M'Gilpin Actor: Quick
Role: Shelty Actor: Edwin
Role: Serjeant Jack Actor: Bannister
Role: Laird of Col Actor: Aickin
Role: Sandy Actor: Johnstone
Role: Charley Actor: Blanchard
Role: Captain Dash Actor: Davies
Role: Croudy Actor: Fearon
Role: Laird of Raasay Actor: Booth
Role: Benin Actor: Farley
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Reynolds
Role: Moggy Actor: Miss Fontenelle
Role: Prologue Actor: Lewis.

Afterpiece Title: The Cheats of Scapin

Role: Scapin Actor: Ryder
Role: Gripe Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Thrifty Actor: Booth
Role: Leander Actor: Davies
Role: Octavian Actor: Macready
Role: Shift Actor: Cubitt
Role: Sly Actor: Rock
Role: Lucia Actor: Miss Brangin
Role: Clara Actor: Miss Rowson.
Event Comment: [In afterpiece the playbill assigns Shelty to Edwin, but "Ryder in the stead of Edwin, who was said to be indisposed, played the part of Shelty" (World, 29 Sept.).] Afterpiece: The Music by Handel, Rizzio, ?J. C.? Bach, Gretry, Corri, Shield. A new Scotch Overture by Shield. Paid Music 25th Inst. #11 7s. 6d.; Properties 2s. 4d.; Kettle Drum 5s.; Wardrobe #5 10s. 6d.; Supernumeraries #8 12s. 6d.; Chorus Singers #2; Cox for Scenemen #28 1s.; Hodgins #4 4s. Receipts: #254 4s. 6d. (250.15.0; 3.9.6)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Role: King Richard Actor: Harley
Role: King Henry Actor: Aickin
Role: Buckingham Actor: Farren
Role: Stanley Actor: Powel
Role: Tressel Actor: Egan
Role: Edw. Actor: Mrs Byrne
Role: of York Actor: Master Simmons
Role: Norfolk Actor: Macready
Role: Lieut. Actor: Cubitt
Role: Catesby Actor: Davies
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Thompson
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Gardner
Role: Oxford Actor: Evatt
Role: Richmond Actor: Holman
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Highland Reel

Role: M'Gilpin Actor: Quick
Role: Shelty Actor: Ryder
Role: Serjeant Jack Actor: Bannister
Role: Sandy Actor: Johnstone
Role: Charley Actor: Blanchard
Role: Captain Dash Actor: Davies
Role: Donald Laird of Col Actor: Gardner
Role: Croudy Actor: Cubitt
Role: Laird of Raasay Actor: Thompson
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Moggy Actor: Mrs Martyr
Event Comment: Benefit for Wilson. Afterpiece [1st time; M. ENT 3]: The Dialogue and part of the Songs written by Richard? Wilson. The Overture, new Music and accompaniments composed by Reeve. The Songs, Duets, Glees compiled from Arnold, Rogers, Giordani, Shield, Hook, Dibdin, W. Wilson, Stevens, Broderip and David Rizzio. [Larpent MS 908; not published. Prologue probably by Richard Wilson. Epilogue by Joseph Haynes.] Public Advertiser, 14 May: Tickets to be had of Wilson. No. 10, Bow-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #354 14s. 6d. (165.17.6; 5.4.0; tickets: 183.13.0)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Role: Belville Actor: Lewis
Role: General Savage Actor: Wilson
Role: Conolly Actor: Aickin
Role: Torrington Actor: Quick
Role: Leeson Actor: Farren
Role: Captain Savage Actor: Davies
Role: Miss Walsingham Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Mrs Belville Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Union; or, St

Role: Old Quiz Actor: Quick
Role: Easy Actor: Johnstone
Role: Taffy Actor: Blanchard
Role: Archey McNab] Actor: Wilson
Role: Young Quiz Actor: Munden
Role: Helm Actor: Incledon
Role: Quotations Actor: Bernard
Role: Plausible Actor: Macready
Role: Long Cork Actor: Bannister
Role: English Girl Nancy] Actor: Miss Broadhurst
Role: Jeannet] Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Mrs McNab] Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Peggy] Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Prologue Actor: Wilson
Role: PART I A Cruel fate Actor: Williamson, Miss Broadhurst, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr
Role: I sit on my sunkie Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: The passion of Love I never felt Actor: Miss Broadhurst
Role: To be sure she don't like a brisk Irish lad Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: We bipeds made up of frail clay Actor: Quick
Role: My Joe Jannet Actor: Wilson, Mrs Webb
Role: When Bibo went down Actor: Bannister
Role: A Sailor's life's the life for me Actor: Incledon
Role: PART II The charms of my Peggy Actor: Johnstone
Role: Farili bo boo Actor: Wilson
Role: On the lake of Killarney Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: The bells of Aberdovey Actor: Blanchard
Role: Scotch Song Actor: Incledon
Role: Sigh no more Ladies Actor: Bannister, Johnstone, Incledon, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Martyr
Role: And their aw nodding at our house at hame Actor:
Role: President Actor: Bannister
Role: The Prince and Old England for ever Actor: Johnstone
Role: Comic Constitutional Song Actor: Bernard
Role: Goody Groaner] Actor: Incledon, Reeve, Blanchard
Role: Beviamo tutti tre Actor: Bannister, Incledon, Blanchard, Reeve, Williamson, Johnstone.

Dance: Afterpiece conclude: Highland Fling-the Scotch Characters

Song: End II: Black Eyed Susan-Incledon

Music: In afterpiece: will be introduced the Highland Competition Prizeexactly as represented annually in the City of Edinburgh,-McLane, McGregor, McTavish; several Strathpays, Laments, Pebruchs-several other celebrated Pipers

Entertainment: Monologue End: Epilogue (riding on an Ass,)-Wilson

Event Comment: Lewis having a severe Hoarseness, Fortune's Fool [advertised on playbill of 4 Nov.] is deferred till Monday. Afterpiece [1st time: BURL 2. by John O'Keeffe. MS: Larpent MS 1141; not published, except for Airs (T. N. Longman, 1796)]: Partly new, and partly taken from The Golden Pippin [by Kane O'Hara]. The Overture and new Music by Reeve. The Selections from Pergolesi, Rousseau, Mornington, Fisher, Carolan, Rizzio, &c. With new Scenery, Machinery, Dresses and Decorations. The Scenery by Phillips, Blackmore, Hollogan, and assistants. The Dragon, the Car and the Machinery designed and executed by Cresswell. The Dresses by Dick and Mrs Egan. "The beauty of the scenery is only to be equalled by the ingenuity of the machinery. The descents and ascents of the Deities were managed with astonishing regularity and adroitness; and the Flying Cupids hovered in the air in very pleasing attitudes...The Pas de Russe, danced by Delpini, a-la-Parisot [see dl. 1 Oct.], in the character of a fine Lady, with Munden, was irresistibly comic" (Morning Herald, 7 Nov.). Receipts: #191 2s. 6d. (185.10.6; 5.12.0)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Role: King Richard Actor: Holman
Role: King Henry Actor: Murray
Role: Buckingham Actor: Macready
Role: Stanley Actor: Hull
Role: Tressel Actor: Toms
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Master Curties
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Standen
Role: Catesby Actor: Claremont
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Haymes
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Thompson
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Powel
Role: Richmond Actor: Pope
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Fawcett.