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Event Comment: The Duke's Company. This play apparently was not printed. Pepys, Diary: and then with my wife by coach to the Duke's house, and there saw The German Princess acted, by the woman herself; but never was any thing so well done in earnest, worse performed in jest upon the stage; and indeed the whole play, abating the drollery of him that acts her husband, is very simple, unless here and there a witty sprinkle or two


Mainpiece Title: The German Princess

Performance Comment: Princess-Mary Carleton?.
Role: Princess Actor: Mary Carleton?.
Event Comment: Louisa Dudley first time Miss Hopkins very well receiv'd (Hopkins Diary). Mrs Smith being hoarse, the Wedding Ring deferr'd. Paid Miss Berkley on note 25 Aug. #2 2s.; Mrs Sykes for women's Cloaths #21. Receipts: #163 16s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-King; Stockwell-Aickin; O'Flaherty-Moody; Capt. Dudley-Packer; Charles Dudley-Cautherly; Fulmer-Baddeley; Varland-Parsons; Lady Rusport-Mrs Hopkins; Louisa Dudley-Miss Hopkins; Mrs Fulmer, first time-Miss Sherry; Housekeeper-Mrs Bradshaw; Lucy-Mrs Love; Charlotte Rusport-Mrs Abington; with Original Epilogue-.
Role: Belcour Actor: King
Role: Stockwell Actor: Aickin
Role: O'Flaherty Actor: Moody
Role: Dudley Actor: Packer
Role: Charles Dudley Actor: Cautherly
Role: Fulmer Actor: Baddeley
Role: Varland Actor: Parsons
Role: Lady Rusport Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Louisa Dudley Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: first time Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Housekeeper Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Charlotte Rusport Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: with Original Epilogue Actor: .

Afterpiece Title: The Elopement

Role: Drunken Valet Actor: Griffiths
Role: Scaramouch Actor: Atkins.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Rooker
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Grimaldi
Role: Lover Actor: Messink
Role: Clown Actor: Wright
Role: Scaramouche Actor: Keen
Role: Country Girls Actor: Mrs Hunt, Mrs Scott
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Sutton
Role: Concluded with the scene of the Waterfall as origi Actor: .
Event Comment: Rich's Company. The date of the first production is not known, but A Comparison between the Two Stages (1702) (pp. 21-23) implies that this work preceded Rinaldo and Armida (performed at lif probably in November 1698). The Island Princess was not published until 1699 (the Masque being advertised in the Post Boy, 7-9 Feb. 1698@9, and the Opera in the Flying Post, 7-9 March 1698@9). A Comparison between the Two Stages (1702), pp. 21-22: Sullen: The old House have a Bawble offer'd 'em, made out of Fletcher's Island Princess, sometime after alter'd by Mr Tate, and now erected into an Opera by Motteux: The Actors labour at this like so many Galley Slaves at an Oar, they call in the Fiddle, the Voice, the Painter, and the Carpenter to help 'em; and what neither the Poet nor the Player cou'd do, the Mechanick must do for him:...but as I was saying-the Opera now possesses the Stage, and after a hard struggle, at length it prevail'd, and something more than Charges came in every Night: The Quality, who are always Lovers of good Musick, flock hither, and by almost a total revolt from the other House, give this new Life, and set it in some eminency above the New; this was a sad mortification to the old Stagers in Lincolns-Inn-fields. For a poem, The Confederates; or the first Happy Day of the Island Princess, see Poem on Affairs of State, 1703, II, 248-50


Mainpiece Title: The Princess Of Cleve

Performance Comment: Edition of 1689: The Prologue-; Prince of Cleve-Williams; Duke Nemours-Betterton; St. Andre-Lee; Vidam of Chartres-Gillo; Poltrot-Nokes; Princess of Cleve-Mrs Barry; Tournon-Mrs Lee [Elinor Leigh]; Marguerite-Lady Slingsby; Elianor-Mrs Betterton; The Epilogue-.
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: Prince of Cleve Actor: Williams
Role: Duke Nemours Actor: Betterton
Role: Andre Actor: Lee
Role: Vidam of Chartres Actor: Gillo
Role: Poltrot Actor: Nokes
Role: Princess of Cleve Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Tournon Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Marguerite Actor: Lady Slingsby
Role: Elianor Actor: Mrs Betterton
Role: The Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Performance Comment: Taylor-Penkethman; Drunken Higler-Norris; Loom-Leigh; Armusia-Powell; Princess-Mrs Baker.
Role: Taylor Actor: Penkethman
Role: Drunken Higler Actor: Norris
Role: Loom Actor: Leigh
Role: Armusia Actor: Powell
Role: Princess Actor: Mrs Baker.

Dance: Whimsical Dance between a Miller, his Wife, and a Town Miss-; Chest Dance, after the Italian Manner, between Scaramouch, Punchanello, Coachman, and Cookmaid-; French Peasant and his Wife-; Ladder Dance-a famous Master; Scaramouch-LeSac; Dance by a Flemming in Wooden Shoes-; Dance by a Switzer-; Night Scene of Scaramouch, Harlequin, Cooper, Wife, and others-

Event Comment: Rich's Company. Lady Morley attended this performance: Lady Morley and one in the Box att the Island Princess. 10s. See Hotson, Commonwealth and Restoration Stage, p. 377


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Event Comment: Rich's Company. Post Boy, 27-29 April 1699: Her Royal Highness is this day pleased to see the Opera, call'd The Island Princess, Performed at the Theatre Royal by her own Command


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Event Comment: Rich's Company. Lady Marow to Arthur Kay, 12 March 1699@1700: I have been at a play. The Island Princess which is mighty fine (HMC, 15th Report, Appendix, Dartmouth MSS., Part I, 1896, p. 145)


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Wilks. By Their Majesties' Command. Not Acted [there] these Twenty Years. [Their Majesties and the Princesses present.]


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Music: With the Original Musick

Dance: Le Badinage Champetre by Lally, Mrs Walter, &c

Event Comment: Egmont, Diary, II, 33: In the evening went to The Island Princess . . . where was shown [in the afterpiece] the tallest man of all that I have seen. He is seven feet ten inches and half in height, a German by birth


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Afterpiece Title: Cupid and Psyche

Role: Quadrille Actor: Hewson
Role: Gargantua Actor: Mynheer Cajanus
Role: Pistolet Actor: Young Carney
Role: Pierrot Actor: Poitier, the first time of his appearing on this stage
Role: Neptune Actor: Turbutt
Role: Mars Actor: Hewson
Role: Pluto Actor: Jones Jr
Role: Vulcan Actor: Rainton
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Cooper
Role: Pallas Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Diana Actor: Miss Palms
Role: Ceres Actor: Mrs Herle
Role: Jupiter Actor: Nichols
Role: Apollo Actor: Snider
Role: Mercury Actor: Mountier
Role: Bacchus Actor: Waltz
Role: Cupid Actor: Master Kilbourn
Role: Venus Actor: Mrs Mason
Role: Vertumnus Actor: Lally Sr
Role: Pomona Actor: Mrs Walter
Role: Psyche Actor: Miss Young
Role: Ganimede Actor: Miss Norris
Role: Swain Actor: Poitier
Role: Nymph Actor: Mlle Grognet
Role: Pan Actor: Le Brun
Role: Sylvans Actor: S. Lally, Davenport, Topham
Role: Nymphs Actor: Miss Delorme, Mrs Davenport, Mrs Anderson
Role: Satyrs Actor: Warwell, Leigh, Olbeldiston, Hicks, Burnet, Bethun
Role: Pan Actor: Le Brun
Role: Spaniard Actor: Stopelar
Role: Harlequin Actor: Le Brun
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Clive
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Atherton
Role: Mynheer Bassoon Actor: Waltz
Role: Sig Treblini Actor: Mountier
Role: Mons Quadrille Actor: Giles
Role: Plumb Actor: Topham
Role: Coblers Actor: Hicks, Leigh, Olbeldiston, Burnet
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mullart
Event Comment: A New Opera. [Librettist not known. Music by Handel.] London Daily Post and General Advertiser, 13 May: Last Night was perform'd ... Atalanta which was a new Set of Scenes painted in Honour to this Happy Union, which took up the full length of the Stage: The Fore-part of the Scene represented an Avenue to the Temple of Hymen, adorn'd with Figures of several Heathen Deities. Next was a Triumphal Arch on the Top of which were the Arms of their Royal Highnesses, over which was placed a Princely Coronet. Under the Arch was the Figure of Fame, on a Cloud, sounding the Praises of this Happy Pair. The Names Fredericus and Augusta appear'd above in transparent Characters. Thro' the Arch was seen a Pediment supported by four Columns, on which stood two Cupids embracing, and supporting the Feathers, in a Princely Coronet, the Royal Ensign of the Prince of Wales. At the farther End was a View of Hymen's Temple, and the Wings were adorn'd with the Loves and Graces bearing Hymenael Torches, and putting Fire to Incense in Urns, to be ofter'd up upon this Joyful Union. The Opera concluded with a Grand Chorus, during which several beautiful Illuminations were display'd. . . . There were present their Majesties, the Duke, and the Four Princesses


Mainpiece Title: Atalanta: In Honour Of The Royal Nuptials Of Their Royal Highnesses The Prince And Princess Of Wales

Role: : Atalanta Actor: Signora Strada
Role: Meleager Actor: Gioachino Conti, called Egizzielli
Role: Irene Actor: Signora Maria Negri
Role: Amintas Actor: Beard
Role: Nicander Actor: Waltz
Role: Mercury Actor: Reinhold
Event Comment: [Benefit for Dibdin, but not acted,] Princess Louisa Anne, sister to His Majesty died in the morning. All Theatres and Gardens closed for 8 days. Rec'd of Mrs Squibb for her deficiency the 10th Inst. #11 5s. Rec'd of Davis for his deficiency the 4th inst. #4 12s. Received of Perry for his deficiency the 4th inst. #4 12s. (Account Book).*c1768 05 13 cg [Benefit for Dibdin, but not acted,] Princess Louisa Anne, sister to His Majesty died in the morning. All Theatres and Gardens closed for 8 days. Rec'd of Mrs Squibb for her deficiency the 10th Inst. #11 5s. Rec'd of Davis for his deficiency the 4th inst. #4 12s. Received of Perry for his deficiency the 4th inst. #4 12s. (Account Book)


Afterpiece Title: None

Role: Old Mask Actor: Yates
Role: Freeman Actor: R. Smith
Role: Young Mask Actor: Dyer
Role: Rosin Actor: Quick
Role: Laundress Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Lady Scrape Actor: Mrs Stephens
Role: Sophy Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Dance: II: Hornpipe-Miss Pitt

Event Comment: By Command of his Royal Highness the Duke, their Highnesses the Princess Amelia, the Princess Caroline, the Princess Louisa, and the Princess Maria. Mainpiece: Written by Mr Voltaire


Mainpiece Title: Zaire

Role: Zaire Actor: Mrs Fompre
Role: Orosmane Actor: Le Sage Sr
Role: Lusignan Actor: Verneuil
Role: Nerestan Actor: Le Sage Jr
Role: Chatillon Actor: Dessessars
Role: Corasmin Actor: Dubuisson
Role: Meledor Actor: De Lisle
Role: Fatime Actor: Mrs Mimi

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Always Harlequin


Event Comment: By Command of His Royal Highness. [Prince, Duke, and Princesses present.


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: Clodio-Cibber; Choleric-Miller; Louisa-Mrs Horton; Angelina-Mrs Cibber; Charino-Griffin; Antonio-Shepard; Carlos-A. Hallam; Duart-Bridgwater; Manuel-Wm. Mills; Governor-Fielding; Sancho-Oates; Jaquez-Jones; Elvira-Mrs Butler; Honoria-Mrs Williams.
Role: Clodio Actor: Cibber
Role: Choleric Actor: Miller
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Cibber
Role: Charino Actor: Griffin
Role: Antonio Actor: Shepard
Role: Carlos Actor: A. Hallam
Role: Duart Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Manuel Actor: Wm. Mills
Role: Governor Actor: Fielding
Role: Sancho Actor: Oates
Role: Jaquez Actor: Jones
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Honoria Actor: Mrs Williams.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Restor'd

Event Comment: Benefit the Author. By Command of their Royal Highnesses the Princesses Amelia and Caroline


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Extravagance

Performance Comment: Bellmour-Walker; Louisa-Mrs Bullock .
Role: Bellmour Actor: Walker
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Bullock

Afterpiece Title: Rule a Wife and Have a Wife

Role: Estifania Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Leon Actor: Ryan
Role: Copper Captain Actor: A. Hallam
Role: Duke Actor: Hale
Role: Cacafogo Actor: Mullart
Role: Margarita Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Old Woman Actor: Hippisley
Role: Juan Actor: Ridout
Role: Sancho Actor: Aston
Role: Alonzo Actor: Wignell
Role: Altea Actor: Mrs Stevens

Dance: Glover's Scot's Dance. Richmond Maggot by Le Sac and Miss Rogers

Song: By Leveridge

Event Comment: By Command of Their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: Carlos-Milward; Clodio-Cibber; Choleric-Macklin; Antonio-Shepard; Charino-Griffin; Governor-Havard; Duart-Wright; Manuel-Ridout; Sancho-Woodward; Jaquez-Cross; Elvira-Mrs Butler; Louisa-Mrs Roberts; Angelina-Mrs Mills; Honoria-Mrs Bennet.
Role: Carlos Actor: Milward
Role: Clodio Actor: Cibber
Role: Choleric Actor: Macklin
Role: Antonio Actor: Shepard
Role: Charino Actor: Griffin
Role: Governor Actor: Havard
Role: Duart Actor: Wright
Role: Manuel Actor: Ridout
Role: Sancho Actor: Woodward
Role: Jaquez Actor: Cross
Role: Elvira Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Angelina Actor: Mrs Mills
Role: Honoria Actor: Mrs Bennet.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Shipwreck'd

Event Comment: Both pieces By Command of his Majesty. The Comedy Love for Love design'd to be perform'd this day, is deferr'd till further notice. Present His Majesty and Princess of Wales, Lady Augusta, Princess Louisa, Prince William and Prince Frederick. Boxes #94 7s. 6d. [about 384 persons, nearly the capacity of the Boxes, which was about 560]. Paid Macklin one fifth part of #179 being the surplus after #63 allow'd for the charge as per agreement...#35 16s. Gave the Yeomen of the King and Princess's Guard #2 2s., and the King's Footmen and Chairmen #1 1s. (Account Book). Receipts: #242 (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Iv, Part I

Role: Gadskill Actor: Buck.
Role: Falstaff Actor: Shuter
Role: King Actor: Sparks
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Ross
Role: Northumberland Actor: Redman
Role: Westmorland Actor: Holtom
Role: Douglas Actor: Anderson
Role: Worcester Actor: Ridout
Role: Blunt Actor: Perry
Role: Peto Actor: R. Smith
Role: Gadshill Actor: Bencraft
Role: Francis Actor: Collins
Role: Vernon Actor: Gibson
Role: Carriers Actor: Bennet, Dunstall
Role: Bardolph Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Sheriff Actor: Wignel
Role: Hotspur Actor: Clarke
Role: Prince John Actor: Miss Mullart
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Lady Piercy Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: Love a-la-Mode

Role: Sir Archy Actor: Macklin
Role: Squire Groom Actor: Shuter
Role: Sir Callaghan Actor: Barrington
Role: Mordecai Actor: Cresswick
Role: Sir Theodore Actor: Dunstall
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Parts Actor: Creswick, Mrs Burden.

Dance: [Unspecified]

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Command of their Majesties. Present Their Majesties and Princess Louisa. Gave Yeomen of Guards #2 2s. (Account Book). Receipts: #230 16s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Roman Father

Role: Vocal Parts Actor: Mrs Stephens, Mrs +Lampe, Mrs +Jones
Role: Father Actor: Powell, 1st time
Role: Publius Actor: Smith, 1st time
Role: Valerius Actor: Perry
Role: Tullus Hostillius Actor: Clarke
Role: Citizens Actor: Gardner, Davis, T. Smith
Role: Valeria Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Horatia Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: In Act IV will be the Triumphal Entry of Publius Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace

Role: The Baby Actor: the Giant
Role: Doctor Actor: Banks
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Jupiter Actor: Miles
Role: Chasseur Royale Actor: Mahoon
Role: Chasseur Royal Actor: Mahoon
Role: Pluto Actor: Rayner
Role: Neptune Actor: Petro
Role: Pan Actor: Curtat
Role: Hercules Actor: Dumai
Role: Apollo Actor: King
Role: Mars Actor: Hussey
Role: Arial Spirits Actor: Arnauld, Miss Valois
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Merlin Actor: Legg
Role: Shepherd Actor: Dibdin
Role: Mercury Actor: Baker
Role: Pierrot Actor: Morris.

Dance: End: The Merry Sailors, as17671009

Event Comment: Miss Mansell made her first appearance upon this Stage in Louisa Dudley She has a good face her figure rather Clumsey a hoarse Voice & not much Simplicity (Hopkins Diary). [Reviewer for Town and Country Magazine agrees Miss Mansell not too good as Louisa. Macmillan note from Kemble differs slightly: "Miss Mansell's first appearance,--she played Louisa Dudley,--a slattern figure, rather clumsy,--a coarse voice,--and no simplicity,--very unfit for the character Hopkins Diary No 7."] Paid three day's salary list at #80 7s. 5d. per diem,-#241 2s. 3d.; Mr S. French, 6 days, #1 10s.; Lampmen #2 12s.; Bill stickers #3 12s. Handbills 5s.; Candlemen #1 8s.; Mantua Maker #6 1s. 2d.; J. Stevens (Porter) 18s. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #205 16s. 6d. [The constant payments are tabulated for the season as follows and will not be further itemized]: @Item Weekly Average Season Total Lampmen #3 #111@Bill Stickers #2 14s. #99 15s.@Handbills 12s. #21 12s.@Candlemen & extras #8 #296@Mantua Maker #4 5s. #150@J. Stevens 18s. #33 6s.


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Stockwell-Aickin; Belcour-King; Major O'Flaherty-Moody; Capt. Dudley-Packer; Charles Dudley-Cautherly; Fulmer-Baddeley; Varland-Parsons; Lady Rushport-Mrs Hopkins; Louisa Dudley-Miss Mansell; first time; Charlotte Rushport-Mrs Abington; Mrs Fulmer-Mrs Egerton.
Role: Stockwell Actor: Aickin
Role: Belcour Actor: King
Role: Major O'Flaherty Actor: Moody
Role: Dudley Actor: Packer
Role: Charles Dudley Actor: Cautherly
Role: Fulmer Actor: Baddeley
Role: Varland Actor: Parsons
Role: Lady Rushport Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Louisa Dudley Actor: Miss Mansell
Role: Charlotte Rushport Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Mrs Fulmer Actor: Mrs Egerton.

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Leander Actor: Vernon
Role: Don Diego Actor: Bannister
Role: Mungo Actor: Dibdin
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Hunt.
Event Comment: [In mainpiece the playbill lists Mrs Brereton as Louisa Dudley, but she had been married to J. P. Kemble on the morning of this day at St. Giles in the Fields.] Receipts: #80 9s. (60.13; 19.1; 0.15)


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-Bannister Jun.; Stockwell-Aickin; Major O'Flaherty-Moody; Captain Dudley-Packer; Charles Dudley-Barrymore; Fulmer-Baddeley; Stukely-Benson; Sailor-Jones; Varland-Parsons; Lady Rusport-Mrs Hopkins; Louisa Dudley-Mrs Kemble; Mrs Fulmer-Miss Tidswell; Lucy-Miss Barnes; Charlotte Rusport-Mrs Taylor.
Role: Belcour Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Stockwell Actor: Aickin
Role: Major O'Flaherty Actor: Moody
Role: Captain Dudley Actor: Packer
Role: Charles Dudley Actor: Barrymore
Role: Fulmer Actor: Baddeley
Role: Stukely Actor: Benson
Role: Sailor Actor: Jones
Role: Varland Actor: Parsons
Role: Lady Rusport Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Louisa Dudley Actor: Mrs Kemble
Role: Mrs Fulmer Actor: Miss Tidswell
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Barnes
Role: Charlotte Rusport Actor: Mrs Taylor.

Afterpiece Title: Who's the Dupe

Role: Mr Doiley Actor: Parsons
Role: Granger Actor: Barrymore
Role: Sandford Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Gradus Actor: Bannister Jun
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Collins
Role: Miss Doiley Actor: Mrs Brereton.
Event Comment: At Bridges, Cross, Burton, and Vaughan's Great Theatrical Booth on the Bowling Green, Southwark, (with a company from the theatres) during the short time of the Fair will be presented an Historical Drama (lately acted in Bartholemew Fair with universal applause) the Northern Heroes with the Loves of Count Gillensternia, a Swedish General, and the fair Ellimira a Russian Princess, containing the most remarkable events of that time; and concluding with the memorable battle of Putlowav, and Charles's retreat into the Turkish dominionsv. Interspersed with a comic interlude, The Volunteers. Also the comical humours and amours of Corporal Garbage and Serjeant Slim, with Mrs Vanspriggen the Swedish Sutler's widow, the merry pranks of her foolish son Janny, and several other diverting incidents. As the Fair will be of so short continuance, we shall begin very early each day (General Advertiser). [See 24 Aug. 1748, bf]


Mainpiece Title: He Northern Heroes; Or, The Bloody Contest Between Charles The Twelfth, King Of Sweden, And Peter The Great, Czar Of Muscovy

Performance Comment: Charles XII-Usher; Prince of Wurtemburg-Jackson; Count Gillensternia-Hazard; Count Piper-Thomson; Mazeppa-Reid; Czar-Burton; Prince Dolguruki-Paget; Prince Menzikoif-Jones; Iwan-Shawford; Princess Ellimira-Mrs Cross.
Role: Charles XII Actor: Usher
Role: Prince of Wurtemburg Actor: Jackson
Role: Count Gillensternia Actor: Hazard
Role: Count Piper Actor: Thomson
Role: Mazeppa Actor: Reid
Role: Czar Actor: Burton
Role: Prince Dolguruki Actor: Paget
Role: Prince Menzikoif Actor: Jones
Role: Iwan Actor: Shawford
Role: Princess Ellimira Actor: Mrs Cross.

Afterpiece Title: The Volunteers; or, The Adventures of Roderick Random and His Friend Strap

Role: Roderick Actor: Cross
Role: Corporal Garbage Actor: Bridges
Role: Slim Actor: Storer
Role: Strap Actor: Paddick
Role: Widow Vanspriggen Actor: Mrs Bridges
Role: Moll Trotfutter Actor: Mrs Vaughan
Role: Mrs Rank Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Mrs File Actor: Mrs Shawford
Role: Mrs Machegogan Actor: Mrs Paddick
Role: Madge Actor: Miss Tyler
Role: Janny Actor: Vaughan.

Dance: Particularly a Hornpipe-

Event Comment: At Yeates and Warner's Great Til'd Booth, Bowling Green, Southwark. Interspers'd with the Comical Humours of the Nurse to the Princess Miriam, and her foolish son Zekel, as likewise the Humourous Scene between Captain Bluster, his Man Didymo, and the Witches. [Jeptha-Morrel, instead of Jeptha-$Carr, according to the Daily Advertiser.] To begin each day at Twelve o'clock, during the time of the Fair


Mainpiece Title: Jeptha's Rash Vow; Or, The Virgin Sacrific'd

Performance Comment: Jeptha-Carr; Elen-Clark; Jethro-Jones; Toby-Coleman; Zekel-Malone; Didymo-Allen; High Priest-Grimwood; Capt. Bluster-Warner; Nurse-Mrs Smith; Princess Miriam-Mrs Grimwood.
Role: Jeptha Actor: Carr
Role: Elen Actor: Clark
Role: Jethro Actor: Jones
Role: Toby Actor: Coleman
Role: Zekel Actor: Malone
Role: Didymo Actor: Allen
Role: High Priest Actor: Grimwood
Role: Bluster Actor: Warner
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Princess Miriam Actor: Mrs Grimwood.

Music: The Original Musick- as performed by Mrs Lee, with universal applause, about 15 years since

Event Comment: Benefit for Wilson. Second Course [1st time; M. INT I, by James Cobb. Larpent MS 567; not published]: With Songs and a New Overture. Entrement [1st time: INT I, by Charles Stuart. Larpent MS 566; not published]. Desert: Never acted here; by Permission of Harris [proprietor of cg. The playbill assigns Princess Huncamunca to Mrs Kennedy, but "Huncamunca was very well performed by a Lady who resembled Mrs Kennedy in her voice" (Public Advertiser, 23 Aug.; and see 24 Aug.)]


Mainpiece Title: the Feast Of Thalia; Or, A Dramatic Olio

Afterpiece Title: First Course, a substantial Dish from: Henry IV

Role: Sir John Falstaff Actor: Wilson
Role: Francis Actor: Edwin
Role: Poins Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Peto Actor: Painter
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Palmer
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Love.

Afterpiece Title: Second Courae, a Comic Dish, never serv'd up before: Kensington Gardens; or, The Walking Jockey

Role: Thimble Actor: Edwin
Role: Sir Harry Optic Actor: Blissett
Role: Dick Actor: Barrett
Role: Toupee Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Letitia Actor: Miss Harper
Role: unassigned Actor: Staunton, Wood, Painter, Pierce.

Afterpiece Title: Third Course, an Operatic Dish: The Son-in-Law

Role: Characters Actor: _Stevens, _Kenny, Mrs _Lefevre.
Role: Cranky Actor: Wilson
Role: Bowkitt Actor: Edwin
Role: Bouquet Actor: Wood
Role: Vinegar Actor: Baddeley
Role: Idle Actor: Lamash
Role: Orator Mum Actor: Barrett
Role: John Actor: Stevens
Role: Signor Arionelli Actor: Bannister
Role: Dolce Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Cecilia Actor: Miss Harper. Kenny is unassigned.

Afterpiece Title: Also by way of Entremet: Ripe Fruit; or, The Marriage Act

Role: William Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Sally Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Nancy Actor: Miss Hitchcock.

Afterpiece Title: Desert: Tom Thumb

Performance Comment: Mr Noodle-Bannister; Mr Doodle-Bannister Jun.; Tom Thumb-Master Edwin; Lord Grizzle-Edwin; Ghost of Gaffer Thumb-Simpkinson; King Arthur-Wilson; Princess Huncamunca-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Glumdalca-Mrs Webb; Plumante-Mrs Lefevre; Queen Dollalolla-Mrs Cargill. [As no Supper will be provided, the Cloth will be removed by Eleven o'Clock.As no Supper will be provided, the Cloth will be removed by Eleven o'Clock.

Song: In Second Course: Auld Robin Gray-Miss Harper

Event Comment: [Princesses Mary and Louisa present.]


Mainpiece Title: Le Festin De Pierre; Ou, L'atthee Foudroye; Or, Don John; Or, The Libertine Destroy'd

Afterpiece Title: Le Francois a Londres



Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Performance Comment: Louisa-a Gentlewoman lately arriv'd from Ireland, and who never yet appear'd upon that Stage.

Song: Leveridge

Dance: As17170125