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Event Comment: A new Ballad-Opera. Taken from The Devil of a Wife. Written by Mr Jevon. [For Coffey, Mottley, and Cibber Jr as authors, see Hughes and Scouten, Ten English Farces, pp. 173-74.


Mainpiece Title: The Devil To Pay; Or, The Wives Metamorphos'd

Performance Comment: Sir John Loverule-Stoppelaer; Jobson-Harper; Valentine-Roberts; Ranger-R. Wetherilt; Ananias-Charke; Butler-Berry; Cook-Fielding; Footman-Wright; Coachman-Grey; Doctor-Oates; Father-Wetherilt Jr; Lady Loverule-Mrs Mills; Nell-Miss Raftor; Lucy-Miss Oates; Lettice-Miss Williams; Gaffer Dungfork-Cibber Jr; but edition of 1731 adds: Nadir-Fisher Tench; Abishog-H. Tench; Prologue-Cibber Jr.

Dance: new dance %Bartholomew Fair-Fisher Tench, Miss Brett

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Egleton. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Afterpiece: a new Ballad Opera of two Acts. Written by Mrs Egleton. [Apparently not published.] Receipts: money #28 12s. 6d.; tickets #102 3s. (or #102 5s.)


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Afterpiece Title: The Maggot

Dance: new Hornpipe in the Character of a Sailor and his Wife-Jones, Mrs Ogden; Two Pierrots-Poitier, Pelling

Event Comment: Benefit Chetwood. Mainpiece: With proper Habits, Scenes, Machines, and Decorations in a new Manner


Mainpiece Title: The Tragedy Of Tragedies

Performance Comment: Arthur-Mullart; Dolallola-Mrs Mullart who performed them originally; Grizzle-Cibber Jr; Queen of Giants-Bridgwater; Huncamunca-Harper; Ghost-W. Mills; Tom Thumb-Miss Robinson; With a new Introduction by the Author of Tom Thumb: The Speaker, Lord Monkeytail-A. Hallam; Mr Critick-Watson; Mr Heroick Diction-Wetherilt Jr; Miss Monkeytail-A. Raftor; Mrs Witwou'd-Mrs Shireburn.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Music: new Overture with Kettle Drums and Trumpets by Seedo-; I: The 5th Concerto of Vivaldi, upon the Stage-; II: The 8th Concerto of Michael Angelo Corelli-; III: Handel's Water Musick with French Horns-; Preamble on the Kettle Drums-Ben. Baker

Song: I: Rosy Bowers-Miss Raftor; End Afterpiece: Ellis Roberts

Dance: II: Harlequins-Lally Jr, Miss Brett; In III: A new Grand Heroic Comic Dance, proper to the Play-; End Afterpiece: The Masqueraders-Essex, Thurmond, Houghton, Tench, Mrs Walter, Mrs D'Lorme, Miss Mears, Miss Williams

Event Comment: By particular Desire of several Persons of Distinction. Set to Musick after the Italian Manner. The Habits and Decorations entirely New. 5s., 3s., 2s. 7 p.m. [The Duke and the Princess Amelia present.


Mainpiece Title: Opera Of Operas

Entertainment: TThe Crowing of the Cock-a Gentleman for his Diversion

Dance: new dance (by Dew dance (by Desire)-Jones to the 5th Concerto of Vivaldi, which he accompanies himself upon the Violin, the first time of his performing it in public

Event Comment: With entire New Scenes, Machines, Flyings, and other Decorations. Boxes and Balconies on Stage 5s. Boxes 4s. Pit 2s. 6d. Gallery 1s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Emperor Of The Moon

Music: A New Medley Overture, composed by Prelleur

Dance: New Dances adapted to the Opera, particularly A Dance of Court Cards: King of Spades-Ray; Queen of Spades-Mrs Dove; Knave of Spades-Norris; King of Hearts-Presgrave; Queen of Diamonds-Miss Hughes; Knave of Clubs-Hamilton. Other dances by Haughton, Mrs Bullock, Vallois, Mrs Woodward, Le Sac, Mrs Vallois

Song: [In it] the Original Songs, set to Musick by Mr Prelleur, and sung by Kelly, Mrs Chambers, Miss Jones

Event Comment: Tickets deliver'd out by Miss Copin for the Merchant of Venice will be taken to the Conscious Lovers (General Advertiser). This day is publish'd, Price 1s., A Letter of Complaint to the Ingenious author of a Treatise on the Passions, so far as they regard the stage; with a critical Enquiry into the theatrical merit of Mr G-k, Mr Q-n, and Mr B-y, &c. With some further remarks on Mr M-n. And a few hints on our modern Actresses, particularly Mrs C-r and Mrs P-d. Magna est Veritas, & pravalebit. Printed for C. Corbett, over against St. Dunstan's Church, Fleet St. (General Advertiser). [Illuminating discussion of actors' abilities]: The Stage is much indebted to Mr M- for his incessant successful endeavours; he not only grac'd it with his own personal merits, but rais'd up several Branches who tho' they have not yet quite eclips'd Mr Giffard's Nursery from Goodman's Fields, will certainly in time prove stars of the first magnitude.--(p. 28). Touch Messrs. Giffard and Ryan and give them better voices; there is nothing else wanting. Help Mr Delane to a new manner and judgment to display the best pipe that ever was heard. Polish a little the rough Beauties of Mr L. Sparkes, give the sensible Mr Havard a few more spirits; and mend the Humour of Hippisley, Chapman, Barrington, and Blakes if you can. Poor Yates wants nothing but a front of brass, a necessary self-sufficient Manner of pushing himself upon a Publick.--(p. 31). If Mrs Giffard's Manner was equal to her understanding, she wou'd compell everybody to acknowledge her a surprising Performer. In Lady Macbeth she is excellent; and Hermione was very near eclipsing a much more popular actress; in short in every Part she performs, the severest of her enemies cannot but own she is more than decent.--(pp. 32-33). [Gives two pages each to discussion of Mrs Clive, Mrs Woffington, Mrs Cibber, and Mrs Pritchard.


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Afterpiece Title: The Dragon of Wantley

Dance: New entertainments-Salomon, Sga Padouana, Salomon's son

Event Comment: [Performances] went off better. N.B. Mrs Clive spoke the Epilogue (tho' left out ye bills after ye 6th Night) every Night since ye first except those mark'd X [i.e., Oct. 24, 26, 30] it being call'd for by ye Audience (Cross). We hear M Devisse (the first dancer from the Opera at Paris) will in a few days perform at Drury Lane wiht Mlle Auretti, in a new Comic Dance, and the celebrated Dance of Pigmalion. Receipts: #70 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Afterpiece Title: Secular Masque

Dance: New Running Footman's Dance, as17501020

Event Comment: With an additional New Act, call'd the "Choice of Hercules.


Mainpiece Title: Alexander's Feast

Afterpiece Title: New Concerto on Organ

Event Comment: A concert, etc. at the New Wells, Lemon St. Benefit for Hallam. Positively the last night of performing


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Entertainment: New Fireworks-


Mainpiece Title: New Carnival Concert

Performance Comment: As17540913, but Mason's Ode by Gilder, Words by Jackson-Masons; New Mason's Song-Lauder.
Role: New Mason's Song Actor: Lauder.

Afterpiece Title: La Pantomime du Charpentier

Event Comment: A New Opera. [The first performance in England; text by Metastasio. The Musick composed by Sg Hasse (by Perez according to the Public Advertiser of 26 April).


Mainpiece Title: Ezio

Dance: new Dew Dances-

Event Comment: A New Opera. The Musick newly composed by Cocchi. No persons whatsoever to be admitted behind the Scenes


Mainpiece Title: Zenobia

Dance: New Dances and Decorations.Maestri d'Balli-Lescot; Ballerini-Signora Forti, Signora Bonomi, Grimaldi, Madam Lescot

Event Comment: The Tenth Day. Most of the Performances entirely new. [This notice repeated in subsequent bills.


Mainpiece Title: The Minor

Dance: New Entertainments-

Event Comment: Libretto by Goldoni; Music by Galuppi. A new comic Opera. To begin at 6:30 p.m. Pit and Boxes Half a Guinea. Gallery 5s. By His Majesty's Command No Persons admitted behind the Scenes [Repeated. The 1760 Libretto of Arianne e Teseo calls for Prologue to be sung by Signora Mattei on this night.


Mainpiece Title: Il Mondo Nella Luna

Dance: New DancesDirector of Dances-Gherardi; Dancers-Mlle Asselin, Gherardi, Miss Polly Capitani, Tariot

Event Comment: A new Comic Opera--Music by Galuppi. [Text--Goldoni. First performance in England. The text notes music originally by Baldassar Galuppi called Buranello, and perfected by Gioacchino Cocchi. Burney (History of Music, II, 860) notes the extreme popularity of this piece, and the success of the Paganinis as singers in it.


Mainpiece Title: Il Filosofo Di Campagna

Dance: New Dances , as17601216-Gherardi, Mlle Asselin, Polly Capitani, Tariot

Event Comment: A New Serious Opera. Music by Cocchi


Mainpiece Title: Tito Manlio

Dance: New dances-Gerhardi (Ballet Master);Mlle Asselin, Giorgi Benety, Sga Anna Benety, Miss Capitani, Mr Tariot

Event Comment: Characters New Dressed for the mainpiece. The Jealous Wife, wrote by Mr Colman, met with greater applause than anything since the Suspicious Husband (Hopkins MS Notes)


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Performance Comment: Actors only in the bill: Garrick, Yates, Palmer, Obrien, King, Burton, Moody, Blakes, Ackman, Clough, Castle, Mrs Clive, Miss Pritchard, Mrs Pritchard, Prologue and Epilogue. Oakly-Garrick; Major Oakly-Yates; Charles-Palmer; Lord Trinket-O'Brien; Sir Harry Beagle-King; Capt. O'Cutter-Moody; Russet-Burton; Paris-Blakes; Mrs Oakly-Mrs Pritchard; Lady Freelove-Mrs Clive; Harriot-Miss Pritchard; Prologue by Robt. Lloyd-Garrick; Epilogue-Mrs Clive; William-Ackman; Tom-Clough; John-Castle; Servant-Fox; Toilet-Mrs Johnston; Chambermaid-Mrs Simson (Winston MS 9, and Macmillan).

Dance: New Pantomime Dance call'd%The Cuckow-Grimaldi, Miss Baker

Event Comment: The First Night of the Subscription. A new comic opera composed by Signor Buranello. Pit and Boxes together, and no Persons admitted without Tickets, which will be deliver'd this Day at the Office, at 10s. 6d. First Gallery 5s. Second Gallery 3s. The Gallery, Pit and Boxes will be open'd at Five. By their Majesties Command no persons whatsoever to be admitted behind the Scenes or into the Orchestra. 6:30 p.m. Vivant Rex et Regina. [Repeated in the bills.] The Subscription is for 50 Nights only


Mainpiece Title: Gli Amanti Ridicoli

Dance: New Dances-

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Bulkley. Mainpiece: With the Triumphal Entry of Alexander into Babylon. [This was included in both subsequent performances.] Afterpiece [1st time; C 1, author unknown. Not in Larpent MS; not published; synopsis of plot in London Chronicle, 23 Apr.]. Public Advertiser, 9 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Bulkley, No. 10, New Ormond-street. Receipts: #195 13s. 6d. [166.16.6; tickets: 28.17.0) (charge: #73 7s.)


Mainpiece Title: Alexander The Great

Related Works
Related Work: Alexander the Great; or, The Conquest of Persia Author(s): Krazinsky Miller

Afterpiece Title: True-Blue

Afterpiece Title: The Dutiful Deception

Dance: New Dance, Allemande-Aldridge, Mrs Bulkley

Event Comment: New Scenes and Habits. Ladies send servants by 3 o'clock. The Music compiled from Favourite Airs of the most celebrated Composers. Books of the opera to be had at the Theatre. [See note 16 Oct. 1764. Edition of 1765 states music by Samuel Arnold.


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Mill

Event Comment: New Second Act: The Music by Paisiello. New Ballet: The Music by Miller


Mainpiece Title: Il Capriccio Drammatico

Performance Comment: As17940301lso, with a new Second Act, LA PROVA DELL'.

Dance: End of Act I New Divertisement, as17940311End of Act II a new Anacreontic Ballet (composed by Noverre) Les Ruses de L' Amour by Gentili, Aumer, Lahante, Favre Guirdele, D'Egvillc, Mlle Guirdele, Mlle Hilligsberg, Mme Del Caro

Opera: Principal Characters by Rovedino, Braghetti, Torregiani, Garelli, Morelli. Cast not known

Event Comment: New Comic Opera by Badini. The Music entirely new by Guglielmi. New Scenes painted by Bigari


Mainpiece Title: Carnovale Di Venezia

Dance: I: New DancesMlle Heinel, as17720111; II: A Venetian Dance-adapted to the Opera by Galliotti, Sga Guidi, and four other principal dancers; End Last Act: Grand Ballet, as17720111Mlle Heinel three Entrees

Event Comment: New dance damn'd. Aged 4y 2m My dear Fann dy'd poor Girl (Cross). [The extra chorus singers in Chaplet this season received 5s. per night each. Three seem customarily to have been used. Payments during the run to Mr Norton (in charge of music) "3 Chorus 15s." (Treasurer's Book).] Paid salary List #305 5s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #120 (Cross); #112 4s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Love's Last Shift; Or, The Fool In Fashion

Performance Comment: Sir Novelty Fashion-Woodward; Loveless-Havard; Sir William Wisewoud-Taswell; Elder Worthy-Bridges; Younger Worthy-Mills; Narcissa-Mrs Clive; Amanda-Mrs Ward; Flareit-Mrs Green; Snap-Yates; Sly-Shuter; Lawyer-Simpson; Hillaria-Mrs Mills.
Role: Hillaria Actor: Mrs Mills.

Afterpiece Title: The Chaplet

Dance: II: A New Comic Dance call'd The German Jew; or, the Pedlars-

Event Comment: New Cloaths, Scenes, and other Decorations incident to the Opera. N.B. To prevent any obstructions either in the music or decorations, no persons can be admitted behind the scenes or in the orchestra


Mainpiece Title: The Prophetess; Or, The History Of Dioclesian

Afterpiece Title: The Sultan (a Masque)

Dance: The Original Dances-Delaistre, Granier, Lucas, Leppie, Dumai, Desse, Rochford, Gosly, Mlle Capdeville, Miss Hilliard, Mrs Granier, Mrs Viviez, Mrs Leppie, Mrs Jansolin, Miss Dawson, Mrs Dulies, Miss Vallois; and several New Songs adapted to the Opera, set by Arne-Lowe, Mattocks, Legg, Baker, Mrs Lampe, Miss Young


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Performance Comment: Archer-Chapman; Aimwell-Pitt; Bonniface-Wilcocks; Sir Charles-Macklin; Gibbet-Ayres; Foigard-Eaton; Scrub-Ray; Mrs Sullen-Mrs Miller; Lady Bountiful-Mrs Elsam; Dorinda-Mrs Talbot (in Daily Journal, 23 Sept.), a Gentlewoman for her Diversion (Daily Journal, 24 Sept.); Cherry-Mrs Careless.

Song: TThe Bath Teazer (that celebrated Ballad) by Leveridge-Ray

Dance: End II: The White Joke-Eaton; III: A new Dance-Hind, Eaton, Mrs Hill