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Event Comment: Written by Mr Congreve. Tickets delivered out for the 14th will be taken. Benefit Mrs Butler


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Performance Comment: Tattle-Cibber; Valentine-Giffard; Sir Sampson-Dunstall; Scandal-W. Giffard; Ben-Clough; Foresight-Julian; Jeremy-Peterson; Buckram-Dighton; Trapland-Dove; Snap-Hemskirk; Angelica-Mrs Giffard; Mrs Frail-Mrs Butler; Mrs Foresight-Mrs Dunstall; Miss Prue-Miss Scott; Nurse-Mrs Bambridge; Jenny-Miss Royer; By Desire, an Epiloguein the Character of Nobody-Mr Cibber.
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Bambridge

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Yorkshireman

Role: Arbella Actor: Mrs Dunstall.

Dance: I: The Welsh Buffoon-two Masters Granier; III: A Hornpipe-Mr Rosoman; V: A Grand Ballet-Carney, Mrs Roland, Pelling, Granier, Mrs Vallois, Miss Scott

Event Comment: Benefit Julian, Mrs Lamball, Miss Naylor, Miss Haughton


Mainpiece Title: The Miser

Performance Comment: Miser-Julian; Harriet-Mrs Butler; Lappit-Mrs Lamball; Frederick-W. Giffard; Clerimont-Mozeen; Ramillie-Peterson; Wheedle-Miss Hippisley; Mrs Wisely-Mrs Bambridge; Mariana-Mrs Giffard; Epilogue-Miss Naylor.
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Lappit Actor: Mrs Lamball
Role: Mrs Wisely Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Mariana Actor: Mrs Giffard

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Event Comment: Benefit for Bencraft and Mrs Hale. Afterpiece: By particular Desire and for that night only. Mainpiece: Written by Congreve


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: Mirabel-Ryan; Fainall-Ridout; Petulant-Bencraft; Sir Wilful-Dunstall; Waitwell-Arthur; Witwou'd-Cibber; Lady Wishfort-Mrs Bambridge; Mrs Fainall-Mrs Hale; Foible-Mrs Dunstall; Mincing-Miss Copen; Marwood-Mrs Ward; Millamant-Mrs Woffington; A Comic Dance in IV-J. Granier, J. Granier's Sister.
Role: Lady Wishfort Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Mrs Fainall Actor: Mrs Hale
Role: Foible Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Marwood Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Millamant Actor: Mrs Woffington

Afterpiece Title: Tea

Event Comment: Benefit a Widow in Distress. Prices 2s. 6d., 2s., 1s. Tickets at Mrs Huddy's, Fleece Tavern, corner of Ayliffe St., Goodman's Fields


Mainpiece Title: A Woman Is A Riddle

Performance Comment: Amorous-L. Hallam; Manly-Furnival; Vulture-Paget; Aspin-Morgan; Courtwell-Cushing; Miranda-Mrs Phillips; Clarinda-Mrs Cushing; Necessary-Mrs Bambridge; Betty-Mrs Kennedy; Lady Outside-Mrs Hallam.
Role: Miranda Actor: Mrs Phillips
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Necessary Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Lady Outside Actor: Mrs Hallam.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Event Comment: Benefit for Cibber. Mainpiece. Reviv'd, not acted these 4 years [see 1 March 1746]. Afterpiece: Taken from the French of Dancourt, a Ballad Opera, performed by particular desire. Tomorrow, The Jubilee, for Benefit of Mrs Horton. [Baker, Biographia Dramatica, lists the afterpiece as written by James Wilder, taken from Dancourt. Cibber had announced (General Advertiser, 27 Feb.) for his benefit The Man of Mode, with Pasquin, with Alterations. In which would be performed The Rehearsal of a Comedy call'd The Election; or, Bribes on Both Sides, by the Author of Tom Jones.


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of Mode; Or, Sir Fopling Flutter

Performance Comment: Sir Fopling-Cibber; Dorimant-Ryan; Medley-Sparks; Old Bellair-Arthur; Young Bellair-Gibson; Shoemaker-Collins; Smirk-Cushing; Handy-Anderson; Fopling's Page-Miss Mullart; Townley's Page-Miss Morrison; Orange Woman-Stoppelaer; Lady Townly-Miss Copen; Lady Woodville-Mrs Bambridge; Busy-Miss Haughton; Bullies-Dunstall, Bencraft, Oates; Aemilia-Mrs Copen; Pert-Mrs Ridout; Belinda-Mrs Ward; Harriet-Miss Bellamy; Loveit-Mrs Woffington.
Role: Lady Woodville Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Aemilia Actor: Mrs Copen
Role: Pert Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Loveit Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: The Gentleman Gardiner

Dance: Mr J. Granier, J. Granier's sister

Event Comment: [M$Mrs Barrington, formerly Mrs Hale.] To the Author of the General Advertiser, &c. Sir: I am far from being of the opinion of too many of my countrymen, who exclaim against the performances of foreigners be they ever so extraordinary: on the contrary whenever I hear of a person who merits Encouragement from the Publick, I use all my interest in his favour; and will always continue so to do, though he should come from the extremity of the globe--Nor am I of the opinion of another class, who imagine no man can by a great performer unless he comes from a strange land. I am convinced we have an artist at present among us, as excellent in his way as ever was seen in Britain. He is an Englishman, and citizen of London; and without any instruction (as I am inform'd) performs all the surprizing Equilibres on the Slack Rope that were exhibited by the famous Turk. I have seem his performances once already and they gave me infinite pleasure. Tomorrow evening I intend to see them again, at the Theatre in the Haymarket, and heartily wish him the success he deserves, Yours, &c A. B. [See 23 Dec. 1749 note about Rich's engaging Caratha@the@Turk, and note, 28 Oct. 1749.] Receipts: #67 9s


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Townley-Ryan; Manly-Delane; Lady Grace-Mrs Barrington; Basset-Anderson; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cushing; Myrtilla-Miss Young; Trusty-Miss Haughton; Sir Francis-Arthur; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Bambridge; Squire Richard-Collins; Moody-Dunstall; Miss Jenny-Miss Minors, being her first appearance on that stage; Lady Townley-Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Phebe; or, The Beggar's Wedding

Performance Comment: Hunter-Lowe; Chaunter-Bridgwater; Quorum-Marten; Tippet-Miss Young; Phebe-Mrs Dunstall.
Role: Phebe Actor: Mrs Dunstall.
Event Comment: Benefit for Anderson, Miles, Mrs Gondou. There will be no Building on the stage. Tickets sold at the door will not be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Performance Comment: Young Wou'dbe-Sparks; Elder Wou'dbe-Ryan; Trueman-Anderson; Richmore-Ridout; Alderman-Arthur; Balderdash-Marten; Subtleman-Bransby; Clearaccount-Collins; Fairbank-Redman; Constable-Dunstall; Teague (with a song in character)-Barrington; Aurelia-Mrs Ridout; Mrs Clearaccount-Mrs Dunstall; Midnight-Mrs Bambridge; Constance-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Ridout
Role: Mrs Clearaccount Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Midnight Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Constance Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Dance: I: Hornpipe-Miles; IV: Drunken Peasant-Miles, with Clown Bennet

Event Comment: Two days ago a Letter [price 1s.] came out to Miss Nossiter in which Mrs Cibber is abu'd & tother greatly extoll'd. The Author has also fell foul upon Mr Murphy author of Gray's Inn Journal. It is wrote by one Morgan an Irish Gent: High words has pass'd at ye Bedford Coff. H. between him and Murphy & 'tis thought a Duel will be ye Consequence (Cross). [See The Authorship of a Letter to Miss Nossiter, Shakespeare Quarterly, January 1952, p. 69.


Mainpiece Title: The Twin Rivals

Performance Comment: Wou'dbe-Sparks; Elder Wou'dbe-Ryan; Trueman-Anderson; Richmore-Ridout; Balderdash-Wignel; Subtleman-White; Fairbanks-Redman; Constable-Dunstall; Mrs Clearaccount-Mrs Dunstall; Midnight-Mrs Bambridge; Teague (with Song in Character)-Barrington; Alderman-Arthur; Clearaccount-Collins; Aurelia-Mrs Dyer; Constant-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Mrs Clearaccount Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Midnight Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Constant Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Sorcerer

Event Comment: Benefit for Bencraft and Mrs Vincent. Mainpiece: Containing the Memorable Battle of Agincourtv; with the total overthrow of the French Armyv; and many other historical passages. Tickets to be had of Mrs Vincent at the Cock and Turk's Head, in Bedford St., Covent Garden; of Bencraft at the corner of the Piazzas; and of Mr Page at the Stage Door of the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: King Henry V

Performance Comment: King Henry-Barry; Exeter-Ridout; Canterbury-Sparks; Salisbury-Bencraft; Westmorland-Ricard; Williams-Bransby; Gower-Anderson; Scroop-Paddick; Gray-Redman; France-Gibson; Dauphine-Usher; Burgandy-Cushing; Mountjoy-Baker; Queen of France-Mrs Bambridge; Constable-Bridgwater; Fluellin-Macklin; MacMorris-Barrington; Jamy-Dunstall; Bardolph-Marten; Nym-Stoppelaer; Page-Miss Morrison; Hostess-Mrs Macklin; Pistol-Dyer; Catherine-Mrs Vincent; Chorus-Ryan.
Role: Queen of France Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Macklin
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Vincent

Afterpiece Title: The Miller Outwitted; or, Harlequin Statue

Dance: GGrand Dutch Dance, as17511021

Event Comment: Benefit for Arthur and Mrs Vincent. Mainpiece: Not acted these two years [See 5 May 1749]


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Viii

Performance Comment: King Henry-Quin; Wolsey-Ryan; Buckingham-Lacey; Norfolk-Sparks; Cromwell-Ridout; Suffolk-Usher; Capucious-Bransby; Abergavenny-Elrington; Guildford-Cushing; Lord Chancellor-Marten; Campeius-Dunstall; Sands-Collins; Lovell-Holtham; Lord Chamberlain-Anderson; Butts-Redman; Old Lady-Mrs Bambridge; Patience-Miss Allen; Cranmer-Bridgwater; Gardiner-Arthur; Anne Bullen-Mrs Vincent; Queen Katherina-Mrs Woffington; With the Representation of the Coronation of Anne Bullen-; The Vocal Parts in the Procession-Leveridge, Lowe, Courtney, Roberts, Dunstall, Miss Young, Miss Falkner, Miss Davis. Also the Military Ceremony of the Champion in Westminster Hallv and other Decorations proper to the play.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Dance: As17500926

Event Comment: [The Public Advertiser includes this day a 78-line poem in octasyllabic couplets on J. Lewis's portrait of Mrs Woffington: @Her Shape, her Features, and her Dress@As far as colour can express@Friend Lewis' pencil has design'd:@Poet 'Tis yours to paint her mind...@ And the versifier proceeds to describe her as she affects audiences in the theatre.


Mainpiece Title: King Richard Iii

Performance Comment: Richard-Ryan; King Henry-Ridout; Richmond-Dyer; Buckingham-Sparks; Stanley-Redman; Catesby-Gibson; Ratcliff-Anderson; Tressel-Cushing; Norfolk-Wignell; Oxford-Bencraft; Tirrel-Dunstall; Lieut.-White; Blunt-Holtom; Lord Mayor-Marten; Prince Edward-Miss Mullart; Duke of York-Miss Hallam; Lady Anne-Mrs Barrington; Duchess of York-Mrs Bambridge; Queen-Mrs Vincent.
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Barrington
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Vincent.

Afterpiece Title: The Contrivances

Performance Comment: Rovewell-Lowe; Hearty-Redman; Robin-Dunstall; Argus-Collins; Betty-Mrs Pitt; Arethusa-Mrs Chambers.
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Arethusa Actor: Mrs Chambers.
Event Comment: Benefit of Nicholson and Mrs Daniel. A Concert, etc


Mainpiece Title: Jane Shore

Performance Comment: Gloster-Jones; Hastings-Barronton [sic]; Bellmore-Palmer? (Daily Advertiser) Pinner (General Advertiser); Catesby-Blakey; Shore-Shakleton; Alicia-Mrs Bambridge; Jane Shore-Mrs Daniels.
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Jane Shore Actor: Mrs Daniels.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in Her Teens

Dance: LLouvre, Minuet-Miss Mondozie, Nicholson

Event Comment: We hear that Mrs Cibber is so extremely ill at the Bath, that her life is despaired of (General Advertiser). Receipts: #107 4s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: Othello, The Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-Quin; Iago-Ryan; Brabantio-Sparks; Cassio-Ridout; Lodovico-Anderson; Roderigo-Cushing; Montano-Bransby; Emilia-Mrs Bambridge; Desdemona-Mrs Woffington.
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Woffington.

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Giffard, at the particular Desire of several Persons of Quality. All the Characters will be new Dress'd. The Stage will be form'd into an Amphitheatre, where Servants will be allow'd to keep places. Tickets at 4s., 2s. 6d., 1s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Performance Comment: As17411007, but Lord Foppington-Garrick; the first time of his appearing in that Character; Lady Graveairs-Mrs Bambridge.

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Dance: TThe Leek, as17420224; Two Millers and Courtezan-two Masters and Miss Granier


Mainpiece Title: Fair Rosamond: Representing Her Amours With King Henry, And Her Being Poisoned By Queen Eleanor In Woodstock Bower

Performance Comment: King Henry-Boman; Fair Rosamond-Mrs Bambridge; Cardinal Aquinas-Wallis; Cardinal Columbus-Bambridge; Sir Trusty-Clark; Lord Sands-Bencraft; Cupid-Master Brown; Cleora-Mrs Brown; Queen Eleanor-Mrs Mullart .

Afterpiece Title: The Modern Pimp; or, The Doctor Deceiv'd: With the Comical Humours of Crack the Pimp, Dr Grey-Goose, and Sir Nehemiah Nestle-Cock

Performance Comment: Crack-Chapman; Grey Goose-Mullart; Sir Nehemiah-Smith; Bellamy-Ray; Captain Strut-Yates; Servant-Littleton; Page-Master Brown; Mrs Grey Goose-Mrs Herle; Miss Grey Goose-Miss Atherton; Betty-Mrs Cantrell .
Role: Mrs Grey Goose Actor: Mrs Herle
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Cantrell

Dance: I: Two Pierrots by Livier and Mlle Delorme. II: Wooden Shoe Dance by Livier and Janno. End of Afterpiece: Grand Peasant Dance by Livier, Janno, Mlle Delorme, Mrs Woodward

Performance Comment: II: Wooden Shoe Dance by Livier and Janno. End of Afterpiece: Grand Peasant Dance by Livier, Janno, Mlle Delorme, Mrs Woodward .


Mainpiece Title: The Blind Beggar Of Bethnal Green; With The Comical Humours Of Tom Stroud A Country Farmer's Son And Gudgeon His Man

Performance Comment: Momford-Cushing; King-Woodhouse; Westford-Bambridge; Westford-Malone; Gamester-Clough; Lady Westford-Mrs Bambridge; Arabella-Mrs Cushing; Widow-Mrs Motteaux; Tom-Hackett; Gudgeon-Clark.
Role: Westford Actor: Bambridge
Role: Lady Westford Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs Motteaux

Afterpiece Title: The Battle of Dettingen

Song: Price, Master Morris, Miss Morris

Dance: Price, Master Morris, Miss Morris


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Macheath-a Gentleman (Hayman), first appearance upon any stage; Polly-Mrs Hooper, first time in that part; Lucy-Miss Bradshaw; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Dunstall; Peachum-Julian; Lockit-Hemskirk; Player-Mozeen; Beggar-Peterson; Mat-Dunstall; Jenny Diver-Mrs Chetwood; Filch-Clough; Ben-Dighton; Ned-Naylor; Paddington-Buckly; Jack-Dove; Dreary-Blakey; Robin-Freeman; Twitch-Pattendon; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Bambridge; Mrs Vixen-Miss Hippisley; Betty Doxy-Miss Royer; Mrs Slamekin-Miss Scott; Molly-Miss Haughton; Dolly-Mrs Vallois; Sukey-Miss J. Scott.

Afterpiece Title: Imprisonment of Harlequin

Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dunstall


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Townly-Wignall his first appearance here; Manly-Furnival; Sir Francis-Paget; Basset-Cartwright; Squire-Shuter; Moody-L. Hallam; Poundage-G. Hallam (Daily Advertiser), Hallam Sen (General Advertiser); Lady Grace-Mrs Cushing; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Beckham; Miss Jenny-Mrs Dove; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Bambridge; Myrtillo-Mrs Kennedy; Mrs Trusty-Mrs Miles; Lady Townly-Mrs Hallam.
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Cushing
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Dove
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Myrtillo Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Mrs Trusty Actor: Mrs Miles
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Hallam.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Hallam
Role: Doctor's Wife Actor: Mrs Beckham
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Mills


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Macheath-Cushing; Peachum-Paget; Lockit-Dove; Filch-Shuter; Ned-Baker; Harry-Miles; Jack-Hallam Sen; Jenny Diver-Miss Moreau; Mrs Slammekin-Mrs Dove; Mrs Coaxer-Mrs Beckham; Lucy-Mrs Cushing; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Bambridge; Trapes-Mrs Wignell; Polly-Mrs White, her first on this stage.

Dance: III: Hornpipe-Miles


Mainpiece Title: Pamela

Performance Comment: first edition lists: Belvile-Giffard; Jack Smatter-Gentleman who acted King Richard [Garrick]; Williams-W. Giffard; Longman-Paget; Colebrand-Balkes; Arnold-Dunstall; Andrews-Peterson; Lady Davers-Mrs Bambridge; Mrs Jervis-Mrs Yates; Mrs Jewkes-Yates; Robin-Crofts; Harry-Julian; Isaac-Vaughan; Benjamin-Clough; Arthur-Naylor; Jane-Miss Hippisley; Cicely-Miss Medina; Hannah-Mrs Dunstall; Rachel-Mrs Vallois; Annice-Mrs Bishop; Pamela-Mrs Giffard; Epilogue-Mrs Giffard.
Role: Lady Davers Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Mrs Jervis Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Jewkes Actor: Yates
Role: Hannah Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Rachel Actor: Mrs Vallois
Role: Annice Actor: Mrs Bishop
Role: Pamela Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Giffard.


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Performance Comment: Townly-Ryan; Manly-Sparks; Sir Francis-Arthur; Richard-Collins; Miss Jenny-Mrs Baker; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Pitt; Basset-Dyer; Moody-Dunstall; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Bambridge; Trusty-Mrs Ferguson; Myrtilla-Mrs Dunstall; Lady Grace-Mrs Elmy; Lady Townly-Mrs Hamilton.
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Ferguson
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: The Schoolboy

Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Lady Manlove Actor: Mrs Pitt.


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Townly-Giffard; Manly-Rosco; Sir Francis-Huddy; Basset-Bardin; Richard-Bullock; Moody-Collett; Lady Townly-Mrs Giffard; Lady Grace-Mrs Purden; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Haughton; Jenny-Mrs Roberts; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Palmer; Myrtilla-Mrs Morse; Trusty-Mrs Bambridge.
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Purden
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Haughton
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Roberts
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Morse
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Bambridge.

Afterpiece Title: Damon and Phillida

Role: Damon Actor: Mrs Palmer
Role: Phillida Actor: Mrs Roberts


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Giffard; Manly-W. Giffard; Sir Francis-Julian; Count Basset-Peterson; Richard Sen-Yates; John Moody-Dunstall; Poundage-Vaughan; Jenny-Miss Hippisley; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Bishop; Myrtilla-Mrs Dunstall; Trusty-Mrs Yates; Lady Townly-Mrs Giffard; Mrs Grace-Mrs E. Giffard; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Bambridge, first time on this stage.

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmasked

Dance: As17410921

Song: a G Gentleman


Mainpiece Title: The Orphan

Performance Comment: As17411106, but Serina-Mrs Dunstall.
Role: Serina Actor: Mrs Dunstall.
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Monimia Actor: Mrs Giffard.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Performance Comment: Gayless-Blakes; Melissa-Mrs Yates; Justice Gattle-Paget; Trippit-Peterson; Mrs Trippit-Mrs Steele; Mrs Gadabout-Mrs Bambridge; Priscilla-Mrs Dunstall; Patty-Mrs Vallois; Kitty Pry-Miss Hippisley; Dick-Yates; Lying Valet-Garrick; With the original epilogue-.
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Mrs Trippit Actor: Mrs Steele
Role: Mrs Gadabout Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Priscilla Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Patty Actor: Mrs Vallois


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: Sir Wilful-Dunstall; Mirabel-Giffard; Fainall-W. Giffard; Witwoud-Garrick; Petulant-Yates; Waitwell-Peterson; John-Vaughan; Millamant-Mrs Giffard; Mrs Fainall-Mrs Bambridge; Mrs Marwood-Mrs Yates; Lady Wishfort-Mrs Bishop; Foible-Miss Hippisley; Mincing-Miss E. Hippisley; Betty-Miss Medina; Peg-Mrs Vallois.
Role: Millamant Actor: Mrs Giffard
Role: Mrs Fainall Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Mrs Marwood Actor: Mrs Yates
Role: Lady Wishfort Actor: Mrs Bishop
Role: Peg Actor: Mrs Vallois.

Dance: As17420115