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Event Comment: Benefit Shaftoe, Jones, and Maine, Gallery Keepers. Receipts: money #5 6s. 6d.; tickets #102 13s


Mainpiece Title: The Busie Body

Role: 7210417 but Marplot Actor: Pack.

Dance: As17201214

Event Comment: Benefit Jones, Maine, Tillman. Gallery Keepers. Written by Shakespear. Receipts: money #6 16s; tickets #76 5s


Mainpiece Title: The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Role: Anne Page Actor: Mrs Rogeir.
Role: Slender Actor: W. Bullock.
Role: Page Actor: Diggs.
Role: Falstaff Actor: Quin
Role: Ford Actor: Ryan
Role: Fenton Actor: Egleton
Role: Shallow Actor: Boheme
Role: Caius Actor: Spiller
Role: Host Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Sir Hugh Actor: Phipps
Role: Pistol Actor: Spiller, in Daily Courant only, presumably an error
Role: Mrs Ford Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Mrs Page Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Anne Actor: Miss Stone
Role: Mrs Quickly Actor: Mrs Egleton.


Event Comment: Benefit Gallant and Maine. Written by Shakespear. Receipts: money #10 18s. 6d.; tickets #104


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fourth; Part I

Role: Carriers Actor: Bullock Sr, Hall.
Role: Prince of Wales Actor: Ryan
Role: Francis Actor: Hippisley.
Role: Falstaff Actor: Quin
Role: King Actor: Boheme
Role: Hotspur Actor: Walker
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Egleton.


Event Comment: Benefit Shaftoe, Maine, Fletcher. Receipts: money #12 4s. 6d.; tickets #141 4s


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Quaker Of Deal

Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Sailors Actor: _Boheme.
Role: Flip Actor: Spiller
Role: Worthy Actor: Ryan
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Walker
Role: Rovewell Actor: Diggs
Role: Scruple Actor: Hippisley
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Rogeir
Role: Arabella Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Mizen Actor: Egleton

Dance: Saraband, Country Girl-Mrs Brett; French Peasant-Lanyon, Mrs Ogden

Event Comment: Benefit Leonard, Maine, and Widow Atkins. Receipts: money #5 2s.; tickets #135 18s


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Archer Actor: Ryan
Role: Aimwell Actor: Walker
Role: Sullen Actor: Quin
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Diggs
Role: Bonniface Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Foigard Actor: Morgan
Role: Gibbet Actor: Egleton
Role: Scrub Actor: Hippisley
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Legar

Dance: DDutch Boor-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden; The last new Chacone-Mrs Bullock; Pastoral Dance-Lally, Mrs Wall

Event Comment: Benefit John Maine and Naylor, Gallery Doorkeepers. Receipts: money #12 2s.; tickets #93 15s


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Role: Comic Parts Actor: Spiller, Bullock, Hippisley, Hall.
Role: King Actor: Quin
Role: Armusia Actor: Ryan
Role: Ruidias Actor: Diggs
Role: Governor Actor: Boheme
Role: Quisara Actor: Mrs Bullock

Dance: CChacone-Lally, Mrs Wall; Shepherd and Shepherdess-Young LeSac, Miss LaTour; Scottish Dance-Mrs Bullock; French Peasant-Nivelon, Mrs Legare

Song: TThe Enthusiastick Song-Leveridge

Event Comment: Benefit Mines, Maine, and Keene's Widow. Second Piece: Written by the late Sir John Vanbrugh. Receipts: money #20 14s.; tickets #120 12s


Mainpiece Title: A Woman's Revenge

Afterpiece Title: The Country House

Afterpiece Title: Flora

Role: Dick Actor: Pitt.
Role: Sir Thomas Actor: Hippisley
Role: Roger Actor: Clark
Role: Friendly Actor: Walker
Role: Old Hob Actor: Hall
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Cantrel
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Hob's Mother Actor: Mrs Egleton.
Role: Hob Actor: Laguerre
Role: Sir ThomasTesty Actor: Hippisley

Dance: HHighlander and Mistress-Salle, Mrs Legar; Fingalian-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden; Dutch Skipper-Moreau, Mrs Bullock; Comic Dance-Young Tench, Lilliputian Filch

Event Comment: Benefit Lawrence (Boxkeeper), Rowland (Pit Doorkeeper), and Maine (Gallery Keeper). Written by Ben. Johnson. Receipts: money #14 7s.; tickets #152 17s


Mainpiece Title: Volpone

Role: Volpone Actor: Quin
Role: Mosca Actor: Ryan
Role: Corvino Actor: Walker
Role: Voltore Actor: Boheme
Role: Corbaccio Actor: Hippisley
Role: Bonario Actor: Milward
Role: Sir Politic Actor: Chapman
Role: Lady Woudbe Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Bullock.

Song: YYe Nymphs and Sylvan Gods, Polwart on the Green-Miss Sukey Rogers

Dance: CChacone-Miss Betty Rogers; Tollet's Ground-Mrs Bullock, Mrs Ogden