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Mainpiece Title: The Banditti; Or, A Ladies Distress

Performance Comment: Edition of 1686: The Prologue-; Don Garcia-Gillow; Don Antonio-Kinaston; Don Fernand-Williams; Don Ariell-Leigh; Don Diego-Underhill; Frisco-Jevan; Leon-Griffin; Corigidore-Harris; Domingo-Low; Lopez-Percival; Eugenia-Mrs Cory; Lawra-Mrs Barrer; Dona Elvira-Mrs Cooke; Lucia-Mrs Percival; Christina-Mrs Twiford; Megaera-Ja. Nokes; Epilogue-Frisco Just return'd from Whipping.
Role: The Prologue Actor:
Role: Don Garcia Actor: Gillow
Role: Don Antonio Actor: Kinaston
Role: Don Fernand Actor: Williams
Role: Don Ariell Actor: Leigh
Role: Don Diego Actor: Underhill
Role: Frisco Actor: Jevan
Role: Leon Actor: Griffin
Role: Corigidore Actor: Harris
Role: Domingo Actor: Low
Role: Lopez Actor: Percival
Role: Eugenia Actor: Mrs Cory
Role: Lawra Actor: Mrs Barrer
Role: Dona Elvira Actor: Mrs Cooke
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Percival
Role: Christina Actor: Mrs Twiford
Role: Megaera Actor: Ja. Nokes
Role: Epilogue Actor: Frisco Just return'd from Whipping.


Mainpiece Title: A Fool's Preferment; Or, The Three Dukes Of Dunstable

Performance Comment: Edition of 1688: Cocklebrain-Nokes; Justice-Leigh; Lyonel-Montfort; Clermont-Kinaston; Longevile-Powel; Bewford-Bowman; Toby-Jevon; Usher-Powel Sr; Aurelia-Mrs Bowtel; Celia-Mrs Jordain; Prologue-Mr Jevon; Epilogue-Mr Montfort.
Role: Cocklebrain Actor: Nokes
Role: Justice Actor: Leigh
Role: Lyonel Actor: Montfort
Role: Clermont Actor: Kinaston
Role: Longevile Actor: Powel
Role: Bewford Actor: Bowman
Role: Toby Actor: Jevon
Role: Usher Actor: Powel Sr
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Bowtel
Role: Celia Actor: Mrs Jordain
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Jevon
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Montfort.


Mainpiece Title: The English Frier; Or, The Town Sparks

Performance Comment: Edition of 1690: Prologue-; Epilogue-; Lord Stately-Lee; Lord Wiseman-Kinaston; Bellamour-Powell; Father Finical-Bowman; Young Ranter-Williams; Old Ranter-Underhill; Dullman-Bright; Coachman-Bowen; Sir ThomasCredulous-Sandford; Laura-Mrs Jordan; Julia-Mrs Bracegirdle; Airy-Mrs Butler; Lady Pinchgut-Mrs Lee; Lady Credulous-Mrs Bowtell.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Lord Stately Actor: Lee
Role: Lord Wiseman Actor: Kinaston
Role: Bellamour Actor: Powell
Role: Father Finical Actor: Bowman
Role: Young Ranter Actor: Williams
Role: Old Ranter Actor: Underhill
Role: Dullman Actor: Bright
Role: Coachman Actor: Bowen
Role: Sir ThomasCredulous Actor: Sandford
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Jordan
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Airy Actor: Mrs Butler
Role: Lady Pinchgut Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Lady Credulous Actor: Mrs Bowtell.
Event Comment: Pepys, Diary: Captain Fererrs, my Lord's Cornet, comes to us, who after dinner took me and Creed to the Cockpitt play, the first that I have had time to see since my coming from sea, The Loyall Subject, where one Kinaston, a boy, acted the Duke's sister but made the loveliest lady that ever I saw in my life, only her voice not very good


Mainpiece Title: The Loyal Subject

Role: Duke's Sister Actor: Kynaston
Role: Loyal Subject Actor: ThomasBetterton
Role: Theodore Actor: Sheppy.
Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: Tom and I and my wife to the Theatre, and there saw The Silent Woman. The first time that ever I did see it, and it is an excellent play. Among other things here, Kinaston, the boy, had the good turn to appear in three shapes: first, as a poor woman in ordinary clothes, to please Morose; then in fine clothes, as a gallant, and in them was clearly the prettiest woman in the whole house, and lastly, as a man; and then likewise did appear the handsomest man in the house


Mainpiece Title: The Silent Woman

Role: Epicoene Actor: Kynaston.
Event Comment: Pepys, Diary: To the King's playhouse, thinking to have seen The Heyress, first acted on Saturday [Friday (?)] last; but when we come thither, we find no play there; Kinaston, that did act a part therein, in abuse to Sir Charles Sedley, being last night exceedingly beaten with sticks, by two or three that assaulted him, so as he is mightily bruised, and forced to keep his bed


Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the King's playhouse, where The Heyress, notwithstanding Kinaston's being beaten, is acted: and they say the King is very angry with Sir Charles Sedley for his being beaten, but he do deny it. But his part is done by Beeston, who is fain to read it out of a book all the while, and thereby spoils the part, and almost the play, it being one of the best parts in it; and though the design is, in the first conception of it, pretty good, yet it is but an indifferent play, wrote, they say, by my Lord Newcastle, But it was pleasant to see Beeston come in with others, supposing it to be dark, and yet he is forced to read his part by the light of the candles. and this I observing to a gentleman that sat by me, he was mightily pleased therewith, and spread it up and down. But that, that pleased me most in the play is, the first song that Knepp sings, she singing three or four; and, indeed, it was very finely sung, so as to make the whole house clap her.... My wife being in mighty ill humour all night, and in the morning I found it to be from her observing Knepp to wink and smile on me, and she says I smiled on her; and, poor wretch! I did perceive that she did, and do on all such occasions, mind my eyes. I did, with much difficulty, pacify her, and were friends, she desiring that hereafter, at that house, we might always sit either above in a box, or, if there be [no] room, close up to the lower boxes


Mainpiece Title: The Heiress

Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the King's playhouse, and there saw The Island Princesse, which I like mighty well, as an excellent play; and here we find Kinaston to be well enough to act again, which he do very well, after his beating by Sir Charles Sedley's appointment


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess

Event Comment: According to the testimony of Sir Thomas Skipwith, 10 Dec. 1694, the young actors played during the vacation nearly thirty days without Betterton, Williams, Bright, Kinaston, Sandford, or Mrs Betterton, and made sufficient money to keep them over the vacation. L. C. 7@3, 17 Dec. 1694, in Nicoll, Restoration Drama, p. 374