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Mainpiece Title: The Tempest

Performance Comment: Prospero-Packer; Ferdinand (with songs)-Vernon; Stephano (that night only)-G. A. Stevens; Trincalo-Baddeley; Caliban-Ackman; Sebastian-Keen; Gonzalo-J. Aickin; Alonzo-Bransby; Antonio-Hurst; Master of Ship-Wrighten; Francisco-Griffith; Ariel (with songs)-Mrs Scott; Hymen-Fawcett; Ceres-Mrs Wrighten; Miranda-Mrs Smith, first time and with a new song. With a; Grand Dance of Fantastic Spirits-.
Role: Stephano Actor: G. A. Stevens

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Invasion

Dance: Other dances-Atkins, Sg Giorgi, Sga Giorgi

Entertainment: End: Bucks Have at ye All-Palmer; by Desire

Event Comment: [The Singing, a Musical Interlude by G. A. Stevens, comprising a song and dance of sailors. Popular on Declaration of war with Spain (Biographia Dramatica).] Mainpiece: Not performed in two years. [See 29 April 1760.


Mainpiece Title: The Lady's Last Stake

Afterpiece Title: The Genii

Song: IV: A New Comic Interlude of Singing and Dancing, call'd Hearts of Oak The Characters-Lowe, Stevens, Fox, Vincent, Miss E. Young, Miss Baker

Related Works
Related Work: A Trip to Portsmouth Author(s): George A. Stevens
Related Work: The Modern Wife; or, The Virgin Her Own Rival Author(s): John Stevens
Event Comment: Afterpiece: a new Comic Sketch [by G. A. Stevens], music by Dibdin


Mainpiece Title: The Minor

Afterpiece Title: A Trip to Portsmouth

Related Works
Related Work: A Trip to Portsmouth Author(s): George A. Stevens


Mainpiece Title: Honorius


Mainpiece Title: Don Calascione

Dance: Between the Acts: Dancing-


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Afterpiece Title: Thomasand Sally

Entertainment: After: Lecture upon Heads-Shuter (as originally given at the Theatre in the Hay-Market by G. A. Stevens)

Performance Comment: A. Stevens=).


Mainpiece Title: Lecture Upon Heads By G

Performance Comment: A. Stevens.


Mainpiece Title: The Village Fete

Afterpiece Title: The School for Wives

Afterpiece Title: Oscar and Malvina

Song: In: Chorusses, as17970518; End II 2nd piece: The Sea Storm by G. A. Stevens (Cease rude Boreas blust'ring railer)-; End IV: Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; In 3rd piece: Come every jovial Fellow-Gray, Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain; O ever in my bosom live-Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain

Performance Comment: A. Stevens= (Cease rude Boreas blust'ring railer)-; End IV: Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; In 3rd piece: Come every jovial Fellow-Gray, Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain; O ever in my bosom live-Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain.

Entertainment: End 2nd piece: a variety of Imitations-Rees (1st appearance this season [i.e. as imitator])


Mainpiece Title: The Way To Get Married

Afterpiece Title: The Vanguard

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Song: End II: The Storm-Incledon (written by G. A. Stevens); Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; Sally in our Alley-Incledon

Performance Comment: A. Stevens=); Black Ey'd Susan-Incledon; Sally in our Alley-Incledon.

Entertainment: Monologue End: An Occasional Address-H. Johnston; Imitations-Rees


Mainpiece Title: The Woodman

Afterpiece Title: The Rendezvous

Afterpiece Title: The Jew and the Doctor

Song: End I: The Storm (by G. A. Stevens)-Incledon; In course Evening: an entire new Glee, composed by King, The Witches[, the Words from the First Scene of Shakspeare's Macbeth, -Incledon, Townsend, Linton, Chorus; [Also Black Ey'd Susan-; Old Towler- [Incledon]

Performance Comment: A. Stevens=)-Incledon; In course Evening: an entire new Glee, composed by King, The Witches[, the Words from the First Scene of Shakspeare's Macbeth, -Incledon, Townsend, Linton, Chorus; [Also Black Ey'd Susan-; Old Towler- [Incledon].Incledon].


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah; Alexander's Feast; Grand Selection 0

Music: End Part I: 3rd concerto of Giardini on the violin-G. Ashley; End Part II: concerto on the Piano Forte-Dussek


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of Kent

Afterpiece Title: Florizel and Perdita

Dance: End: The Taylors, as17740428

Event Comment: A New Comedy never acted Before. [By John Stevens.] Formula as 15 April. Prices 2s., 1s. [Published in 1745 by John Stevens, with the announcement As it was acted Gratis, at the New Theatre at the Haymarket, By a Company of Gentlemen for Diversion. No record of such a production has been found.


Mainpiece Title: The Modern Wife; Or, The Virgin Her Own Rival

Related Works
Related Work: The Modern Wife; or, The Virgin Her Own Rival Author(s): John Stevens

Dance: As17450415

Event Comment: Benefit for Sedgwick. 3rd piece: Not acted these 20 years [never previously acted at this theatre]. Written and composed by Harry Carey, with Alterations and new Accompaniments to the original Music, and several new Airs composed by Shield, Reeve and Stevens. Receipts: #123 2s. 6d. (31.3.0; 11.13.0; 0.14.6; tickets: 76.12.0) (charge: #106 18s. 5d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Serjeant

Afterpiece Title: Love for Love

Afterpiece Title: The Honest Yorkshireman

Song: End II 2nd piece: Wake Sons of Odin (composed by Stevens)-Sedgwick


Mainpiece Title: King Henry Iv, Part Ii

Performance Comment: King Henry-Garrick; Prince John-Lee; Gloster-Master Cautherly; Clarence-Master Burton; Prince of Wales-Holland; Achpb of York-Havard; Chief Justice-Bransby; Westmorland-Burton; Hastings-Ackman; Lord Bardolph-Mozeen; Mowbray-Stevens; Gower-Castle; Justice Shallow-Yates; Justice Silence-Blakes; Colville-Fox; Poins-Packer; Bardolph-Clough; Feeble-Vaughan; Mouldy-Moody; Pistol-King; Shadow-Parsons; Bullcalf-Philips; Davy-Marr; Fang-Watkins; Falstaff's page-Miss Rogers; Hostess-Mrs Bradshaw; Doll Tearsheet-Mrs Lee; Falstaff-Love.
Role: Mowbray Actor: Stevens

Afterpiece Title: The Apprentice

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. [1st time; M.ENT 3, by George Alexander Stevens. Larpent MS 533; not published. Songs published by R. Snagg, 1780.] The Overture, most of the Airs [see 6 Nov.], and Decorations entirely new. Ne Quid Nimis; or, Too much of one Thing is good for Nothing. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. Gallery 2s. The Public are respectfully informed that the Upper Gallery will not be opened. The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00. The Songs, written by G. A. Stevens, are to be had at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: The Cabinet Of Fancy; Or, Evening Exhibition


Mainpiece Title: Tit For Tat

Afterpiece Title: The Nunnery

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace; or, Harlequin Skeleton

Performance Comment: Jupiter (in the character of Harlequin)-A Gentleman (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Pierrot-Blanchard; Hercules-Cranfield; Mezzetin-Ware; Punch-Jackson; Scaramouch-Ratchford; Doctor-King; Anatomist-Rock; Pantaloon-Thompson; Old Woman-Mr Stevens; Columbine-Mrs Watts; Diana-Mrs Martyr; a Hunting Song-Mrs Martyr.
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mr Stevens

Song: End I 1st piece: Oh say Bonny Lass will you carry a Wallet?-Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Martyr

Entertainment: Monologue. End II 1st piece: A Description of the Curiosities in the Tower-Edwin

Event Comment: Benefit for Quick. Mainpiece: Written by R. Cumberland, Esq. Afterpiece: Written by Colley Cibber, with capital Additions by Fielding, Dean Swift, G. A. Stevens, &c. &c. &c. Public Advertiser, 20 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Quick, Broad-court, Bow-street. Receipts: #327 4s. (177.2.6; 9.11.6; tickets: 140.10.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Afterpiece Title: Alexander the Little; or, The Rival Queans

Dance: End: The Jockies-Ratchford, Platt, Jackson, Mrs Goodwin

Song: End II: song-Incledon; Afterpiece: The Tragedy will be interspersed with Airs, Duets, Glees, composed by Arne, Arnold, Fischer, Dibdin, with a Grand Overture(A Finale, composed by Shield), Triumphal Entry of Alexander-


Mainpiece Title: Grand Selection 0 Of Sacred Music, From The Works Of handel

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 1

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 2

Afterpiece Title: Grand Selection 3

Music: End II: concerto on the grand piano@forte-Master Neate


Mainpiece Title: The Tempest


Mainpiece Title: Merope

Afterpiece Title: The Wonders of Derbyshire; or, Harlequin in the Peak


Mainpiece Title: Zorinski

Afterpiece Title: A Nicknackatory

Afterpiece Title: Lock and Key

Dance: 2nd piece to conclude with: Highland Festivity, as17951125

Song: 1st piece: Vocal Parts-Linton, Williamson, Blurton, Street, Abbot, Holland, Rees, Lee, Little, Miss Logan, Miss Ives, Miss Leserve, Miss Walcup, Mrs Castelle, Mrs Masters, Mrs Watts

Entertainment: Monologue.End: Monsieur Tonson (Founded on Fact, and recited at Free-Mason's Hall, last Winter, with universal Applause)-Fawcett


Mainpiece Title: The Messiah

Music: End I: concerto on the violin-Master Pinto (aged Eleven Years, Grandson to the celebrated Performer of that Name [ThomasPinto])

Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Stevens. Receipts: money #81 10s. 6d.; seals #85 15s. (Account Book); #200 (Rylands MS.). [Mrs Stevens was charged #60 for her benefit.


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Performance Comment: Lady Lurewell-Mrs Stevens; Standard-Bridgwater; Beau Clincher-Cibber; Smugler-Hippisley; Vizard-Hale; Clincher Jr-Neale; Dicky-James; Errand-Clarke; Constable-Mullart; Lady Darling-Mrs James; Angelica-Mrs Vincent; Parly-Mrs Kilby; Sir Harry-(by particular Desire) Mrs Woffington.
Role: Lady Lurewell Actor: Mrs Stevens

Afterpiece Title: Perseus and Andromeda

Dance: LLes Matelots-Mechel, Mlle Mechel; Tambourine-Desnoyer, Signora Barberini

Event Comment: Three Brothers of ye Delavals play'd ye Eldest Othello, ye next Iago, ye next Cassio--+Brabantio & Lodovico Mr Pine Roderigo-Cap. Stevens and Wife Emelia $Mrs Quan did Desdemona, the performance was very decent & met with great applause the Audience from ye Boxes to the upper Gallery were fill'd with people of ye first rank & make a most brilliant appearance. & ye greatest Crowd at ye Doors I ever saw. their Agreement for ye House was a receipt of one of the Alfred Houses upon an Averidge. they had all new cloaths, & very nicely ornamented with Diamonds (Cross). [See eulogy and criticism in some detail concerning the acting, by John Hill, Inspector No 3.] All Gentlemen and Ladies who intend going in coaches this evening to Drury Lane Theatre, are desired to order their coachmen to drive thro' Covent Garden, and stop at Bridges St. Door, and as soon as they have set down the company to drive off directly towards the Strand.--Those who go in chairs, are requested to order the men to the New Door in Russel St., and to prevent the avenues being stopt up no person will be admitted to either passage without first showing their tickets at the outward door (General Advertiser). Tickets Lost. If any person has found three tickets (numbers forgot) for the private play this night at Drury Lane, and will be so kind as to bring them to the Bar of the Rainbow Coffee House, Ironmonger Lane, shall receive 15s. for the whole, or in proportion for one or two of them (General Advertiser). Tomorrow Morning at 8 o'clock will be published' (price 6d.) by Thomas Carnan, at Mr Newberry's, at the Bible and Sun in St Paul's Churchyard; An Occasional Prologue and Epilogue to Othello, as it will this night be acted at the theatre-Royal in Drury Lane, by Persons of distinction, for their diversion. Written by Christopher Smart, A.M., Fellow of Pembroke Hall in the University of Cambridge. To be had at the place above mentioned, and at the pamphlet shops at the Royal Exchange and Charing Cross. This Prologue and Epilogue will be entered in the Hall Book of the Company of Stationers, and whoever presumes to pyrate them, or any part of them, will be persecuted as the Law directs (General Advertiser). [Both pieces by Christopher Smart, according to the Daily Advertiser. See two exceedingly favorable critical comments and one derogatory reprinted in the Gentleman's Magazine, March 1751 (pp. 119-22): "The greatest part of the play was much better performed than it ever was on any stage before. In the whole, there was a face of nature that no theatrical piece, acted by common players ever came up to." Macklin was Delaval's dramatic coach, according to one of these articles.


Mainpiece Title: Othello, By Gentlemen

Performance Comment: Othello-Sir Francis Delaval; Iago-John Delaval Esq; Cassio-E. Delaval Esq; Brabantio, Lodovico-Sim Pine Esq; Roderigo-Capt. Stevens; Desdemona-Mrs Quarme (Hogan) , Mrs Quan (Cross), Mrs Qualm (Winston); Emelia-Mrs Stevens (Hogan).
Role: Roderigo Actor: Capt. Stevens
Role: Emelia Actor: Mrs Stevens