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Mainpiece Title: Susanna, An Oratorio

Performance Comment: Parts were: Chelsias (Susana's father); Joacim (Her Husband); Daniel; 1st Elder; 2nd Elder; Judge-; [ Susannah; Attendant (Larpent MS). But Susanna-Signora Frasi; Attendant-Signora Sibilla; Daniel-the Boy; Joacim-Signora Galli; First Elder-Lowe; Second Elder-Rheinhold; Chelsias-Reinhold (Deutsch, Handel, p. 656).*c1749 2 10 cg [For Prices and times see Advertisement 2 Feb.] I think I never saw a fuller house. Rich told me that he believed he would receive near #400.--Deutsch, Handel, p. 657: Letter frmm Countess of Shaftesbury to James Harris, dated 11 Feb. 1749.For Prices and times see Advertisement 2 Feb.] I think I never saw a fuller house. Rich told me that he believed he would receive near #400.--Deutsch, Handel, p. 657: Letter frmm Countess of Shaftesbury to James Harris, dated 11 Feb. 1749.
Event Comment: The King's Company. This play has generally been assigned to June 1669, partly on the basis of a suit--see Hotson, Commonwealth and Restoration Stage, pp. 252-53, 348-55-over a scene for it which Isaac Fuller, the scene designer, states was finished by 23 June 1669. The suit also states that the play ran for fourteen days, but it is not certain that the theatres played on consecutive days in the summer. The play has been assigned to 24 June 1669 on the basis of a letter from Charles II to Princess Henriette-Anne, dated 24 June [1669]: I am just now going to a new play that I heare very much commended (Cyril Hughes Hartmann, Charles II and Madame [London, 1934], p. 259). Elizabeth Cottington to Herbert Aston, ca. May 1669: Wee ar in expectation still of Mr Draidens play. Ther is a bowld woman [Aphra Behn (?)] hath oferd one: my cosen Aston can give you a better account of her then I can. Some verses I have seen which ar not ill; that is commentation enouf: she will think so too, I believe, when it comes upon the ptage. I shall tremble for the poor woman exposed among the critticks (Arthur Clifford, Tixall Letters [London, 1815], II, 60)


Mainpiece Title: Tyrannic Love; Or, The Royal Martyr

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. The date of the first production is not certain, particularly since an entry in L. C. 5@145, p. 120 (see also Nicoll, Restoration Drama, p. 349) lists this play for 8 March, the year uncertain. Since the entry follows one for The Souldier's Fortune which followed the premiere of The Female Prelate, 31 May 1680, the L. C. entry probably is one for 8 March 1680@1. That the premiere occurred near 1 Nov. 1680 is suggested by a letter of Anne Montague to Lady Hatton, 1 Nov. 1680: For I never see the towne fuller, for I was to see the new play, The Spanish Frier, and there was all the world, but the Court is a letell dull yet; the Queen being sick, there is noe drawing room (Hatton Correspondence, Camden Society, XXII [1878], 240). A song, Farewell ungratefull Traytor, with music by Captain Pack and sung by Mrs Crofts, is in Act V. For Leigh's and Nokes' acting, see Cibber, Apology, ed. Lowe, I, 143, 145-46. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 37): 'Twas Admirably Acted, and produc'd vast Profit to the Company


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Fryar; Or, The Double Discovery

Event Comment: KKing, Queen, Princesses Amelia and Carolina present. (Delany, Autobiography, I, 165-66): Operas are somewhat mended within this fortnight; they are much fuller than they have been any time this Winter


Mainpiece Title: Siroe

Event Comment: Benefit Allen, Gallery Officekeeper. Tickets for Walker, Rumbal, Hewett, Little, Fuller taken


Mainpiece Title: Love Makes A Man

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Music: Second Music: the First Concerto-of Corelli; I: Song for the Bassoon-; II: Concerto for German Flutes-composed by Festin; III: Concerto by Geminiani for Hautbois-; IV: March in Zara-

Dance: I: Russian Sailor-Denoyer's@Prentice; II: English Maggot-Villeneuve, Mrs Walter; III: Harlequin-Denoyer's@Prentice; IV: Wooden Shoe Dance-Livier, Villeneuve

Event Comment: Benefit Raftor, Rogers. Mainpiece: Written by the late Mr Gay. [Tickets for Sanders, Fuller, Fulwood also taken.


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Afterpiece Title: The Virgin Unmask'd

Dance: I: La Pieraite-Leviez, Miss Thompson; II: Punch-Master Ferg; In III: Hornpipe-Philips; V: Flanderkins-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; End Afterpiece: Saraband-Miss Wright, Miss Morrison

Event Comment: Benefit Hough, Cooper, Fullwood, Fuller


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The King and the Miller of Mansfield

Dance: I: Punches-Master Ferg, Miss Wright; II: Tambourine-Mlle Roland; III: Dutch Dance-Baudouin, Miss Thompson; V: Ethiopian Dance-Muilment, Livier, Baudouin, Rector, Fromont

Event Comment: Benefit Edwards, Fenn, Fulwood, Fuller


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Song: I: Blow Blow-Lowe; IV: The Noon@Tide Air-Lowe; V: Revenge Timotheus Cries (a favourite song in Alexander's Feast)-Savage

Dance: II: Minuet-Liviez, Miss Story; III: Le Matelote Tambourine-Maltere, Mlle Maltere

Music: IV: The March in Zara-; end Afterpiece: Preamble on Kettle Drum-Jo. Woodbridge

Event Comment: Benefit Doorkeepers &c., Buckley, Fen, Fuller, Fulwood, Sumner. Receipts: #100


Mainpiece Title: Comus

Afterpiece Title: The Mock Doctor

Dance: I: Running Footman's Dance-Phillips; III: The Drunken Peasant-Phillips

Entertainment: AA Lesson on the Welch Harp-Mr Jones

Event Comment: Benefit Dukes and Mrs Freeman. Tickets for Mrs Freeman at the Rainbow Coffee House in Fuller's Rents. Tickets and places for the Boxes to be taken at the Stage Door of the Theater. Tickets that are bought out Side of the Door will not be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Dance: II: The Welch Buffoons-two Masters Granier; IV: A Grand Ballet-Carney, Mrs Roland; V: A Minuet, a Louvre-Mr Dukes, Mrs Freeman

Event Comment: Benefit Fenn (Stage-Door-Keeper), Fuller, Fullwood, and Walker (Numberer)


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Afterpiece Title: The King and Miller of Mansfield

Dance: I: New Ballet, as17430502; IV: A New Hussar Dance, as17430425

Music: II: New Concerto on German Flute-Burk Thumoth; V: Concerto on Violin-Piantanida

Song: III: The Noontide Air-Sullivan

Event Comment: Set by Stanley. Oratorio published at 1s. for R. Griffith. Charges #35. Slept in at the Upper Gallery tonight, where I see Fuller and Hastings, then went to the Bedford (Hailey, Brietzcke Diary, Vol. 197, p. 142)


Mainpiece Title: Zimri

Music: As17600229

Event Comment: Nothing under Full Price will be taken. Benefit for the author of the Alterations [in mainpiece]. A Riot to demand admittance at 1!2 price after 3rd act, all times except at the run of New Pantomime, wch. not agreed to, the Mob broke Chandeliers, &c. No Play (Cross Diary). [Fuller account in Victor, History of the Theatres, III, 46 ff., he being the beneficiary that night. Elvira publish'd at 1s. 6d. (Winston MS 9). See account of riot in Gentlemen's Magazine (p. 31). See Comment 5 Feb.


Mainpiece Title: Two Gentlemen Of Verona

Afterpiece Title: Fortunatus

Entertainment: s 15 Dec. 1762.


Mainpiece Title: Cymon

Performance Comment: As17721020, but with fuller statement about the Dances: viz. In the course of the Drama will be introduced the following Dances: A Dance of Cupids, a Dance of Daemons, a Dance of Warriors, Grand Concluding Dance-.

Afterpiece Title: A Trip to Scotland

Event Comment: Queen Mab is reviv'd with Alterations and Additions particularly Grand New Scene with a Representation of a Regatta very well executed but is too much like The Naval Review (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Hopkins differs slightly. He also adds from the Public Advertiser, 13 Nov., The last grand scene is a Representation of the whole Regatta sailing by Ranelagh. That and the Red House were invented and drawn by Mr deLoutherberg, and painted by Messrs French, deRoy, Greenwood, and others."] Rec'd stopages #11 12s. 6d. Paid Salary list #626 16s. 6d. Receipts: #152 12s. (Treasurer's Book). [Fuller descriptions of the Regatta scene appeared in the Westminster Magazine for Nov.: The Scene affords a picturesque view of the Thames on the Surry Side to Ranelagh Gardens representing the procession of barges etc., of the different squadrons, previous to their landing the company. The effect produced by this united scenery and machinery was very pleasing; every barge appeared to be rowed to the time of the band of music which is supposed to be upon the water, and evepy man and oar keeps a regular stroke: the sky, flat behind, was finely designed and executed for the general relief, and disposition of the men and boats near shore, in the foreground, was beautiful and did the painter great credit. The whole concluded with a Tar 's song in character, by Mr Bannister, and a dance by sailors and their doxies.'


Mainpiece Title: Old City Manners

Afterpiece Title: Queen Mab

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Prologue by David Garrick. Epilogue by George Colman elder (London Chronicle, 9 May). Text 1st published (unauthorized), Dublin, 1780]: With New Scenes and Dresses. "No modern theatrical piece ever met with a fuller success, nor deserved it more... The performers deserve every sort of commendation for their spirited exertion in supporting the respective characters, especially Smith, King and the incomparable Mrs Abington" (Gazetteer, 9 May). "To my great astonishment there were more parts performed admirably in The School for Scandal than I almost ever saw in any play. Mrs Abington was equal to the first of her profession, Yates (the husband), Parsons, Miss Pope, and Palmer, all shone. It seemed a marvellous resurrection of the stage. Indeed, the play had as much merit as the actors. I have seen no comedy that comes near it since The Provoked Husband" (Walpole [13 July 1777], X, 82). Receipts: #224 10s. (215.12.0; 8.14.6; 0.3.6)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Scandal

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Event Comment: [This was Mrs Pope's last appearance on the stage. She dies on 15 Mar. 1797. "Her talents...were of the first order. She studied no model; she played from her own understanding and feeling. Perhaps her chief forte was comedy. Her elegance, her playfulness, her understanding had here fuller scope" (Monthly Mirror, Mar. 1797, p.200). "There is a certain peculiarity in her action which I never could reconcile to my notions of grace and propriety, viz. a constant outstretching of the arms at the close of a sentimental or a declamatory speech, accompanied with a lowly inclination of the head, like that of the oriental sage when he pays reverence to his prophet" (ibid, p. 170).] Receipts: #431 5s. 6d. (423.0.6; 8.5.0)


Mainpiece Title: A Cure For The Heart Ache

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin and Oberon

Event Comment: Account-Book: Tickets delivered by Aberdein, Bennett, Calkin, Cameron, Dale Jun., Dashwood, Douglas, Ditcher, Dudley, Fishett, Francois, Fuller, Gooding, Humphries, Hough, Harman, Lings, Monday, Marks, Macdougall, Rogers, Scott, Smith, Tice, Tildsley, Tirrell, Wyatt, Waterer, Williams, Willey will be admitted. [Miss Usher is identified in MS list in Kemble playbills of new performers for this season.] Receipts: #56 1s. (31.1.6; 24.4.6; 0.15.0; tickets: none listed)


Mainpiece Title: The Haunted Tower

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen