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Event Comment: "Mr T. has performed in the Norwich Company. [He] did not appear to us to possess a single requisite for the profession of an actor...We observed that the characters of Lenox and Rosse were doubled [i.e. combined]-a resource, at all times, disreputable to the theatre and to the manager" (Monthly Mirror, Dec. 1798, pp. 369-70). Receipts: #299 15s. 6d. (293.8.6; 6.7.0)


Mainpiece Title: Macbeth

Afterpiece Title: Albert and Adelaide

Dance: As17981211

Song: Mainpiece: Vocal Parts-Incledon, Johnstone, Townsend, Hill, Linton, Blurton, Street, Gray, Little, Lee, Sawyer, Tett, Dyke, Mrs Chapman, Miss Mitchell, Miss Wheatley, Mrs Iliff, Miss Sims, Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Watts, Mrs Follett, Miss Leserve, Mrs Castelle, Mrs Norton, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Masters, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Blurton, Miss Walcup, Miss Gray, Miss Burnett, Mrs Martyr

Event Comment: Benefit Mechel, Mlle Mechel (the French Boy and Girl). Afterpiece: a new Pantomime Entertainment. [Tickets at Mechel's in Newport Street.] Receipts: money #70 8s. 6d.; seals #71 14s. (Account Book); #150 (Rylands MS.). [The two dancers were charged #60 for their benefit. This is the last entry in the incomplete Account Book.


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Barber

Dance: I: Concerto-Mlle Mechel; II: Minuet, French Rigadoon-Mechel the Father, who never appeared in any theatre in England, Mlle Mechel the Daughter; Minuet-Mechel the Son, Miss Polly Woffington, the first time of her appearing on the stage; IV: The Metamorphoses of the Windmills-Mechel, Mlle Mechel, Miss Woffington, Master Ferg, a little French Boy; lately come from France. End Afterpiece: A Wooden Shoe dance called Les Sabotiers de Piemont-Mechel Sr, Mechel Jr., Mlle Mechel, little French Boy

Event Comment: Benefit for Munden. Morning Chronicle, 30 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Munden, No. 8, Portsmouth-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Receipts: #334 17s. (157.19.6; 3.11.6; tickets: 173.6.0)


Mainpiece Title: He Wou'd Be A Soldier

Afterpiece Title: Love in a Camp

Song: End IV: The Group of Lovers; or, Beauty at her Levee (1st time at this theatre)-Munden; End: The Pleasures of the Chace-Incledon; after which Say Bonny Lass will you lie in a Garrat-, being a Parody on Say Bonny Lass, will you lie in a Barrack; Timothy Staytape-Munden; Miss Tippet-Mrs Martyr

Event Comment: [Extra night] Benefit for the General Lying-In Hospital, at Bays-water. Under the Patronage of Her Majesty. [Braham's 1st appearance at this theatre was on 21 Apr. 1787.]. The Orchestra under the Direction of Mountain. Principal Oboe by W. Parke. To the Renters of Covent Garden Theatre, it is humbly requested by the Promoters of the Charity, for which the Opera performed this Evening is appropriated, that they will humanely forego their claim on that Night, it being out of the Manager's Season, and an additional expence to the Charity. Those Gentlemen willing to resign their demand on the above occasion are requested to send word t the Theatre which will be thankfully received by the promoters of the Charity. The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00. Tickets to be had at the Hospital; The Crown and Anchor Tavern, Strand; Longman and Broderip's; and of Brandon at the Theatre, where places for the Boxes may be taken. Receipts: none listed in Account-Book, but Monthly Visitor, July 1797, p. 63, reports that #401 was received


Mainpiece Title: The Duenna

Performance Comment: Antonio (by permission of the Managers of Vauxhall)-Dignum; Ferdinand-Clarke (from the Theatre Royal Edinburgh; 1st appearance on this stage); Don Jerome-Powel; Isaac-Baker; Father Paul-Haymes; Lopez-Pitt; Starved Friar-Evans; Carlos (by Permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Braham (1st appearance in that character, and on this stage); Louisa-Mrs Martyr; The Duenna-Mrs Wentworth; Clara (by Permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Sga Storace.

Dance: End II: Peggy's Love (by permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre), as17970614 End Opera: Cupid and Psyche, as17970614 With Corps de Ballet from the Opera House

Event Comment: The Duke's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the Opera, where there was a new play (Cutter of Coleman Street), made in the year 1658, with reflections much upon the late times; and it being the first time, the pay was doubled, and so to save money, my wife and I went up into the gallery, and there sat and saw very well; and a very good play it is. It seems of Cowly's making. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 25): This Comedy being Acted so perfectly Well and Exact, it was perform'd a whole Week with a full Audience. John Dennis, Dedication to The Comical Gallant, 1702: The only Play that ever Mr Cowley writ, was barbarously treated the first night, as the late Mr Dryden has more than once informed me, who has told me that he went to see it with the famous Mr Sprat, now Bishop of Rochester, and that after the Play was done, they both made a visit to Mr Cowley. Langbaine (English Dramatick Poets, p. 81): This Play met with some Opposition, at its Representation under this new Name, from some who envyed the Authors unshaken Loyalty to the Prince, and the Royal Cause, in the worst of Times. BM Add. Mss. 34217, fol. 31b, in Hotson (Commonwealth and Restoration Stage, p. 247): @The Cutter of Coleman street had more fame@Before the Author chang'd its name@And shewd himselfe an Englishman right@By mending of things to spoyle them quite@And bee's more to blame because he can tell@(No better) to make new strings soe well.


Mainpiece Title: The Cutter Of Coleman Street

Event Comment: The Company will be apprised at the doors as soon as the audience part of the Theatre is full. "When the curtain drew up for the new ballet, ladies [were] at the wings sitting...[and] several hundred gentlemen occupied the back of the stage, so that the beautiful scenery which had been prepared for the ballet lost all its effect" (Oracle, 22 Feb., which also states that the part of Roxalana was danced by Mme Hilligsberg). [Didelot and 1st appeared at the former king's theatre on 8 Dec. 1787.


Mainpiece Title: I Traci Amanti

Dance: End I: A Divertissement-Didelot, Mme Rose Didelot; a Pas Deux by Didelot-Didelot (1st appearance at this theatre), Mme Rose Didelot (1st time in this Country); End Opera: Les Trois Sultanes [by Onorati[with music by Mazzinghi]- [in which Didelot, Mme Rose Didelot [will dance in the last act [See17950310

Event Comment: Benefit for Mendez, treasurer. Tickets in Bow-Street, Covent Garden


Mainpiece Title: The Rehearsal

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Dance: VVenetian Gardeners, as17630808; Provincial Dance-Master Clinton, Miss Street

Event Comment: The worst House I ever saw.--This morning Mr Packer's mother died, and we were oblig'd to get Mr Parsons to do Vizard, and Mr Baddeley Smuggler.--No apology was made, and I believe nobody took any notice of the change.--Miss Street and Master Clinton, Dancers, first time, greatly applauded (Hopkins Diary--MacMillan). Receipts: #63 3s. 6d. (MacMillan)


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple

Afterpiece Title: The Genii

Dance: II: A Comic Dance, call'd The Provancalle-Master Clinton, Miss Street , being their first appearance on this stage

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Martyr. 3rd piece [1st time; M. INT 1, by John Cartwright Cross. Larpent MS 1124; not published]: Founded on the recent and glorious Achievement, at the above French Fort, of Sir Sydney Smith. [On 17 Mar. 1796 a force under Sir William Sydney Smith had destroyed six French vessels in the Bay of Herqui.] To conclude with the British striking the French Colours on the Fort, burning their Corvettes in the Harbour. The new Music by Shield. Oracle, 29 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Martyr at her house, No. 16, Martlett-court, Bow-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #384 11s. 6d. (192.14.0; 10.1.0; tickets: 181.16.6)


Mainpiece Title: Inkle And Yarico

Afterpiece Title: Three Weeks after Marriage

Afterpiece Title: The Point at Herqui; or, British Bravery Triumphant

Dance: II: a Negro Dance-; 3rd piece: a new incidental Dance by Byrn-Mlle St.Amand, Holland, Byrn

Song: End I: Sweet Bird-Mrs Serres; accompanied on the German Flute (for this night only)-Ashe, from the Hanover-Square Concert; In Evening: Admiral Benbow-Incledon; 3rd piece: the following songs: The Mid Watch-Incledon; Tippy Bob-Munden; The Waiter-Fawcett; Irish Song-Johnstone; New Loyal Song-Mrs Martyr; Rondo-Mrs Clendining; Ye Gentlemen of England-Linton, Street, Incledon; Rule Britannia-Incledon, Johnstone, Chorus

Event Comment: Benefit for Pope. 1st piece: Altered from Massinger. Not acted these 14 years [acted 12 Oct. 1785]. Oracle, 31 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Pope, No. 5, Half-Moon-street, Piccadilly. Receipts: #214 14s. (106.16; 7.3; tickets: 100.15)


Mainpiece Title: A New Way To Pay Old Debts

Afterpiece Title: British Fortitude and Hibernian Friendship

Afterpiece Title: The Follies of a Day

Role: Midge the Miller Actor: Street

Song: In 2nd piece: As17960405, but Fa la la-_; Our Simple Tale thus Ended-Incledon, Johnstone, Linton, Street, the rest of the characters; End III 1st piece: Old Towler-Incledon

Event Comment: Benefit for the Voluntary Contribution now open at the Bank, for the Defence of our Country. Boxes 10s. 6d. Pit 5s. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Tickets to be had and Places to be taken of Brandon, at the Stage-Door in Hart-street. Tickets also to be had at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee-House. [Prologue by William Boscawen (Monthly Mirror, Mar. 1798, p. 178. Author of Address unknown.] "A subscription was set on foot behind the scenes," to which most of the performers contributed #10 apiece (Monthly Mirror, ibid). Account-Book, 12 May: Paid into the Bank of England in aid of the Voluntary Contribution #394 15s. Receipts: #518 8s. (280.9; 12.2; tickets: 225.17) [the difference of #123 13s. appears to have been the house charge]


Mainpiece Title: England Preserv'd

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Sailor; or, Little Bob and Little Ben

Dance: In afterpiece: Triple Hornpipe-Blurton, Mrs Watts, Mlle St.Amand

Song: End: Interlude of Songs, Glees, and Chorusses: With a jolly full Bottle, Great Britain still her Charter boasts, The Wooden Walls, Queen Betty was a famous Queen, To arms to arms-Incledon, Johnstone, Townsend, Linton, Gray, Street, Lee, Curties, Blurton, Wilde

Entertainment: Monologues. Preceding: An Occasional Prologue-Holman; Preceding singing: An Address to the Audience (instead of Epilogue)-Pope

Event Comment: Benefit J. and Ch. Rich. Mainpiece: [Author unknown.] All in the Characters of the Italian Theatre. Receipts: #69 19s


Mainpiece Title: The Theatre

Afterpiece Title: Hob

Afterpiece Title: Amadis

Dance: As17200120; The Italian Shadows-


Mainpiece Title: The Conscious Lovers

Afterpiece Title: The Fall of Phaeton

Song: the first time of her performance on that theatre, viz.the first time of her performance on that theatre, viz. In III: An Italian Song beinging Di Lor Mio-Miss Cecilia Young; III: Torna mi Vegbeggiar-Miss Cecelia Young both from the Opera of Alcina

Performance Comment: the first time of her performance on that theatre, viz. In III: An Italian Song beinging Di Lor Mio-Miss Cecilia Young; III: Torna mi Vegbeggiar-Miss Cecelia Young both from the Opera of Alcina.
Event Comment: At Yates's Booth in the George Inn, Smithfield. A new, pleasant and Diverting Droll...interspers'd with several Scenes both Satyrical and Comical, particularly the surprizing Metamorphosis of Jupiter and Mercury; the very remarkable Tryal before Judge Puzzlecause, with many learned arguments on both sides to prove that One can't be Two. Likewise the Humourous Adventures and whimsical Perplexities of Gormandize Simple, the Hungarian Footman; with the wonderful Conversations he had with and the dreadful Drubbings he received from his own Apparition; together with the Intrigues of Dorothy Squeezepurse, the wanton Chambermaid. Concluding with the Distresses of the Jealous Husband or the Innocent Adultress. Yates from Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Clothes, scenes, machines, flyings, Transparencies and all other Decorations entirely new


Mainpiece Title: The Descent Of The Heathen Gods, With The loves Of Jupiter And Alcmena; Or, Cuckoldom No Scandal

Dance: TThe Drowsy Cobler-M L'Armand, Mad L'Armand lately arriv'd from Paris; Tit for Tat or the Kiss Return'd-Mr Shawford, Mrs Shawford, M L'Armand, Mme L'Armand; An extraordinary Band of Musick [provided from the Opera and both the Theatres [six instruments named]

Event Comment: Benefit for Macklin. Afterpiece: A New Dramtic Satire in two acts. N.B. As several of the Town have prejudged the Pit the Boxes and Galleries acting their own parts themselves for their diversion, to be of the same species of the Lick at the Town last year; and that it can mean only the ordinary Approbation or Disapprobation of the Audience, Signor Pasquin thinks it incumbent on himself to assure to Publick that all those conjectures are groundless; And farther, he assures them that the Pit, &c. acting their parts has no other meaning than the common literal sense; and that the Audience are really interwoven in the piece; and are to be bona fide part of the Dramatis Personae; and he makes no doubt but that he shall make them perform their parts to a numerous and polite audience, and with universal Applause. But he begs that those Ladies and Gentlemen who intend to perform in the Pit and Galleries will be at the Theatre betimes, for particular reasons; and those who are to act in the Boxes are requested to send their servants to keep their places by three o'clock. Signor Pasquin has received the letters sent by the Town and the Village, and they may depend upon having Places kept for them upon the Stage. The Hiss concerning the Robin Hood Society will be complied with (General Advertiser). [The parts were: Pasquin, Marforio, Sir Eternal Grinn, Sir Conjecture Positive, Sir Roger Ringwood, Bob Smart, Soloman Common Sense; Count Hunt Bubble, Sir John Ketch, hic and Hac (Scribblers), Hydra, Lady Lucy Loveit, Miss Diana Singlelife, Miss Brilliant, Miss Bashfull (Larpent MS 96).


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband

Afterpiece Title: Covent Garden Theatre; or, Pasquin turn'd Drawcansir, Censor of Great Britain

Dance: GGrand Comic Ballet, as17511216

Event Comment: To begin at 6:30 precisely. Boxes 3s. Pit 2s. Gallery 1s. The Proprietors have spared no expence in enlarging and beautifying the Theatre; and as they are determined to preserve the exactest punctuality in the time of beginning, and to make regularity and decorum their chief study, hope they shall render themselves deserving of that favourable encouragement they have before experienced. The House is illuminated with Wax. Subscription tickets may be had by applying to Bailey, at Mr Oldfield's. [Author of Prologue unknown.


Mainpiece Title: The Wonder: A Woman Keeps A Secret

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Dance: End: Hornpipe-a Lady [from the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden unidentified]

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; CO 3, by Leonard Macnally; words to some of the songs by Edward Lysaght]: With new Music, Scenes and Dresses. The Music composed by Shield [with selections from Sacchini, Bertoni, Lord Mornington, &c. (Public Advertiser, 19 Apr.); overture by Baumgarten, being the same as that used by him in William and Nanny at CG, 12 Nov. 1779 (Town and Country Magazine, Apr. 1784, p. 171)]. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Public Advertiser, 30 Oct. 1784: This Day is published by J. Almon Robin Hood [listing cast for season of 1784-85] (1s. 6d.). [In the season of 1789-90 this was reduced to an afterpiece of 2 acts.] Receipts: #206 4s. (204/3; 2/1)


Mainpiece Title: Robin Hood; Or, Sherwood Forest

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin Rambler

Dance: End of mainpiece a New Dance by Le Bccuf and Mlle Constance (from the King's Theatre in Paris; 1st appearance)

Event Comment: [Extra night] Benefit for the Widows and Orphans of those brave Men who perished, and those who were wounded, in the Glorious Action of the 14th February last [see king's, 18 May.] Patrons: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, His Royal Highness Duke of York, His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. Stewards: Duke of Leeds, Duke of Bedford, Earl of Chesterfield, Earl Spencer, Lord Kinnaird, Charles Grey Esq., Thomas Tyrwhitt Esq., Wm. Lushington Esq., Wm. Manning Esq., John Thomson Esq., John Julius Angerstein Esq. Boxes to be taken, and Tickets had at the Office of the Theatre, and at the Bar of Lloyd's Coffee-House. Receipts: none listed


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Afterpiece Title: No Song No Supper

Role: Gypsies Actor: Gray, Street

Dance: End: Peggy's Love (By permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mme Hilligsberg; End afterpiece: Cupid and Psyche-the same.Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mlle Hilligsberg

Entertainment: Monologue. Preceding 1st ballet: [a favorite Epilogue-Mrs Abington (1st appearance on this stage these 8 [recte 7] years)

Event Comment: Benefit for Townsend and Mrs Johnson. 3rd piece [1st time in London; F 1, by William Dunlap]: Performed with distinguished Applause at the John St.? Theatre, New York [on 9 Jan. 1797]; compressed into one act [from two], and adapted for the English Stage by a Gentleman [perhaps the author]. "Commencing at half past eleven o'clock, and after a tiresome variety of other entertainments, the audience thought they had had enough for their money, and demanded the fall of the curtain before the conclusion of [Tell Truth and Shame the Devil]" (Monthly Mirror, June 1799, p. 367). Morning Chronicle, 8 May: Tickets to be had of Townsend, No. 9, Leicester-place. [Mrs Johnson not listed.] Receipts: #442 17s. 6d. (108.1.0; 1.11.0; tickets: 333.5.6, of which Townsend sold 218.2.0; Mrs Johnson 115.3.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Iron Chest

Performance Comment: As17990423, but Fitzharding-Johnson (from the Park? Theatre, New York; 1st appearance on this stage); Samson (1st time)-Townsend; Helen (for that night only)-Mrs Johnson; Chorus of Robbers-_; Chorus of Servants-_.

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio

Afterpiece Title: Tell Truth and Shame the Devil

Song: End: Mad Tom-Betts (1st appearance on the stage); Young William-Incledon; The Golden Days-Munden; The Tight Little Island-Townsend; The Wind blew fresh and fair-Townsend

Music: End I 1st piece: Concerto Clarionet-Orsato (of the Theatre Royal Venice; 1st appearance in this Metropolis); a duetto solo by means of the Pression and Repercussion of the Air-Orsato This his curious Discovery has received the greatest Applause in most of the Courts

Event Comment: p Comic Opera; the music by Paisiello. 2nd ballet: Originally composed by D'Auberval, and brought out with new Episodes and Dances by D'Egville [with music by Bossi], The Doors to be opened at 6:15. To begin at 7:15 [same throughout opera season]. Single tickets for the night, for pit or gallery, to be had at the office of the Theatre. [Sga Bolla was from the opera, Milan. Sga Clara's name is not in the playbill, but "The second comic opera singer, Sga Clara, was also new...There is much sweetness and delicacy in her voice, and perhaps it may be owing to her evident timidity that it did not seem to possess strength and compass in proportion" (Monthly Visitor, Jan. 1800, p. 71). Deshayes was from the Opera, Madrid.


Mainpiece Title: I Zingari In Fiera

Dance: End I: A New Divertisement (composed by D'Egville)-Didelot, Mme Rose Didelot, Mr Laborie, Mme Laborie, Mme Hilligsberg, Deshayes (1st appearance in this country), Mlle Parisot (1st appearance at this theatre these 2 years); End Opera: a new Anacreontic Ballet, in 2 parts, Les Jeux d'Egle-Deshayes, Laborie, D'Egville, Didelot, Mme Hilligsberg, Mlle Parisot, Mme Laborie, Mlle J. Hilligsberg, Mrs D'Egville, Mme Rose Didelot


Mainpiece Title: The Revenge

Performance Comment: Zanga-Jackson (from the Theatre-Royal, Crow Street, Dublin); Carlos-Lewis; Alvarez-L'Estrange; Manuel-Robson; Alonzo-Wroughton; Isabella-Miss Ambrose; Leonora (with an Occasional Prologue)-Mrs Jackson.
Role: Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: Don Quixote in England

Dance: After monologue: The Humours of Leixlip, as17770425

Entertainment: End: Monologue. Tony Lumpkin's Adventures in a Trip to London, as17770428


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: As17770929, but Juliet-Mrs Keefe [recte O'Keeffe] (from the Theatre-Royal in Crow Street, Dublin; 1st appearance on the English stage). 1st appearance on the English stage).

Afterpiece Title: The Norwood Gypsies

Dance: In: Masquerade Scene-; Minuet, as17770929; Afterpiece: Dancing, as17771229

Song: As17770929


Mainpiece Title: Lionel And Clarissa

Performance Comment: Colonel Oldboy-Edwin; Jenkins-Bannister; Lionel-Wood; Harman-Marshall; Sir John Flowerdale-Aickin; Jessamy-Wilks (From the Theatre Royal, Crow Street, Dublin); Diana-Mrs Cargill; Jenny-Mrs Wells; Lady Mary Oldboy-Mrs Webb; Clarissa-Miss Harper.

Afterpiece Title: The Author


Mainpiece Title: A Trip To Elysium; Or, Foote, Weston, And Shuter In The Shades (as Performed For Wilson's Benefit Last Season, At The Above Theatre [on 10 Aug

Afterpiece Title: The Miser

Afterpiece Title: Twistings and Twinings; or, Tea's the Twaddle

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Performance Comment: In which Meadows (from the Theatre Royal [Crow Street], Dublin) will make his 1st appearance in this Kingdom [he probably acted Lubin (see CG, 24 May 1786)]; Solomon-Decastro; the Quaker-Dighton (1st appearance in that character); Floretta-Mrs Benson; Gillian-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]) .unidentified]) .

Song: 3rd piece to conclude with Tippee against Twaddle by Wilson

Monologue: 1785 02 12 Following the Singing Joe Haynes's Epilogue, riding on an ass, by Wilson. imitations. End of Act I of 4th piece Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical, by way of Dialogue. A Gentleman (1st appearance [unidentified]) will take off the Speakers, and Decastro will take off the Singers, with a Dying Scene. After which, Plank, the carpenter, will take them both off


Mainpiece Title: The Castle Of Andalusia

Performance Comment: Ferdinand-Johnstone; Spado-Blanchard (1st appearance in that character); Pedrillo-Edwin; Philippo-Davies; Don Scipio-Powel; Don Caesar-Bannister; Don Juan-Cubitt; Rapino-Rock; Sanguino-Thompson; Lopez-Evatt; Alphonso-Duffey (from the Theatre Royal Crow Street, Dublin]; 1st appearance on this stage); Victoria-Mrs Mountain; Catalina-Miss Stuart; Isabell-Mrs Platt; Lorenza-Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: The Death of Captain Cook