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Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Performance Comment: Captain Macheath-Waterhouse (from the Theatre Royal Crow Street, Dublin; 1st appearance on this stage); Lockit-Cubitt; Filch-R. Palmer; Mat o' th' Mint-Chapman; Ben Budge-Abbott; Peachum-Moss; Lucy-Mrs Edwards; Mrs Peachum-Mrs Webb; Diana Trapes-Mrs Powell; Polly-Mrs Bannister.

Afterpiece Title: Try Again

Dance: III: Hornpipe (in Character)-Byrn

Event Comment: Afterpiece [1st time; P 2, by Thomas John Dibdin; pantomime by Charles Farley]: With new Scenery, Machinery, Tricks, Dresses, and Decorations. The Overture, Airs and Chorusses by Attwood. The Pantomime Music by Attwood, Mountain, and Ealy [recte Eley]. The Scenery by Phillips, Lupino, Hollogan, Blackmore, Thorne, Wilkins, &c. The Machinery and Tricks by Cresswell, Sloper and Goostree. The Dresses by Dick and Mrs Egan. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Receipts: #364 (353.12; 10.8)


Mainpiece Title: Lover's Vows

Afterpiece Title: The Magic Oak; or, Harlequin Woodcutter

Performance Comment: [Principal Characters by Bologna Jun., Bologna, Simpson, Simmons, Whitmore, Hawtin, Dyke, Wilde, Blurton, Claremont, Klanert, the Master Blackmores, Platt, Abbot, T. Cranfield, Powers, Lewiss, Davies, L. Bologna, Letteney, Lee, Delahoy, Wilkins, Farley, Miss Lupino, Miss Cranfield, Miss Denny, Mrs Watts, Mrs Bologna, Mrs Whitmore, Mrs Gilbert, Miss Gray, Miss Leserve, Mrs Norton, Mrs Masters, Mrs Lloyd, Miss Burnett, Miss Walcup, Mrs Blurton, Miss Bologna, Miss Cox, Mrs Crow, Miss Davenett recte Dibdin], Mrs Ward, Miss Coombes, Miss Standen, Mrs Wybrow. Vocal Characters-Townsend, Hill, Emery, Street, Gray, Linton, Thomas, Russel, Curties, J. Linton, Oddwell, Little, Tett, Master Ramage, Master Goodwin, Mrs Chapman; [Cast from Songs (J. Barker, 1799): Harlequin Woodcutter-Bologna Jun.; Lout-Bologna; Tasner-Simpson; Phisgig-Simmons; Pantaloon-Whitmore; Landlord-Hawtin; Haymakers-Wilde, Blurton, Platt, T. Cranfield, Powers, Lewiss, L. Bologna; Dutch Lover-Klanert; Beadle-Abbot; Dutch Servant-Davies; Man Milliner-Lee; Brisk-Farley; Sailor-Townsend; Officer of Volunteers-Hill; Recruits-Street, Gray, Linton, Thomas, Russel, Curties; Haymakers-Mrs Watts, Mrs Bologna, Miss Burnett, Miss Bologna, Miss Cox, Mrs Crow; Harlequin's Mother-Mrs Whitmore; Landlady-Mrs Gilbert; Market Women-Miss Leserve, Mrs Norton, Mrs Blurton; Old Maid-Mrs Lloyd; Columbine-Mrs Wybrow; unassigned-Dyke, Claremont, the Master Blackmores, Letteney, Delahoy, Wilkins, Emery, J. Linton, Master Goodwin, Miss Lupino, Miss Cranfield, Miss Denny, Miss Gray, Mrs Masters, Miss Walcup, Miss Dibdin, Miss Standen, Mrs Chapman.

Music: End I afterpiece: A Medley Overture on the Union Pipes and Pedal Harp-Murphy, Weippert

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for the Gentleman who performs the Part of Zanga [in THE REVENGE], and Mr and Mrs Simpson. Mainpiece: Written by the celebrated Dr Young, Author of the Night Thoughts, &c. Afterpiece: As an After-piece [i.e. reduced from 5 to 3 (?) acts]. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30. Tickets to be had of Longman and Broderip, Cheapside and Haymarket; Pass, No. 53, High Holborn; Bland's Music Warehouse, No. 45, High Holborn; Strutt, Bookseller, No. 20, Little Queen-street, Lincoln's Inn Fields; Ellwick, Musical Instrument Maker, No. 55, Long Acre, comer of Phoenix O>urt; Padbury, Coal Merchant, No. 24, Henrietta-street, Covent Garden; Evan, Bookseller, No. 351, near the Pantheon, Oxford Road; and of Simpson, at No. 33, St. Martin's-street, Leicester-square


Mainpiece Title: The Revenge


Performance Comment: Gray and Harcourt- Two of the Gentlemen who perform in the Tragedy; Woodville-Taylor (from the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh); Governor Harcourt-Baker (from the Theatre-Royal, Dublin); Lord Glenmore-Villars (from the Theatre-Royal, Norwich); Vane-Wilkinson; Jacob Gawkey-Simpson//Bridget-Mrs Simpson; Miss Mortimer-Miss Achmet; Mrs Warner-Mrs Heaphy; Cecilia-A Lady (1st appearance [unidentified]). Fpilogue spoken by Simpson .unidentified]). Fpilogue spoken by Simpson .
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: from the Theatre Actor:

Music: In the Course of the Evening several Pieces on the Union Pipes and Pedal Harp by Courtney and Weippert

Monologue: 1794 06 02 After the Epilogue Jacob Gawkey's Rambles tbrougb Bath by Simpson

Event Comment: A Translation [by Conrad Ludger] of Kotzebue's Reconciliation, having been advertised as the Play now performing at this Theatre, the Public are respectfully informed that the Genuine Copy of The Birth Day (which is materially altered from the above) will not published till next Season. 3rd piece: The Overture and Music by Reeve. The Ballet composed by Farley. [For synopsis of scenes see 16 Mar. 1797.] Receipts: #239 3s. 6d. (234.17.6; 4.6.0)


Mainpiece Title: A Divertisement

Afterpiece Title: The Birth Day

Afterpiece Title: Raymond and Agnes; or, The Castle of Lindenbergh

Performance Comment: Don Raymond-Farley; Robert and Jaques (two Robbers)-Bologna Jun. (1st time), Blurton; Baptist (their Father)-Bologna; Claud (a Postillion and one of the Banditti)-King; Don Felix (Father to Raymond)-Hawtin; Count of Lindenbergh-Dyke; Theodore (Page to Raymond)-Simmons; Father Ansellum-Whitmore; Master of Hotel-Thompson; Friars and Muleteers-Street, Linton, Thomas, Curties, Little, Oddwell, Everett, Sawyer, J. Linton, Lee, Russel, Smith; Choral Boys-Master Ramage, Master Goodwin, Master Little, Master Slape, Master Bernard, Master Platt, Master Speare, Master Sawyer; Domestics-Platt, Wilde, L. Bologna, Jackson, Webb, Chapman, Abbot, Goostree, Howell, Vials, Letteney, Wilkins, Mrs Bologna, Ms Gilbert, Ms Crow, Ms Cox, Miss Bologna, Ms Dibdin, Ms Blurton, Ms Ward, Ms Coombes; Maugerette (Baptist's mistress)-Mrs Mills (1st appearance in that character); Spectre of the Bleeding Nun (mother of Agnes)-Mrs Watts; Countess of Lindenbergh (Step-mother to Agnes)-Mrs Follett; Annette-Miss Burnett; Abbess of St. Claire-Mrs Platt; Agnes (Daughter to the Count of Lindenbergh)-Mrs Chapman (1st appearance in that character); Nuns of the Covent of St. Claire-Ms Sims, Ms Castelle, Ms Iliff, Ms Leserve, Ms Walcup, Ms Lloyd, Ms Norton, Ms Masters.

Dance: In: As17990316

Event Comment: By Permission of the Right Honourable the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Lefevre. Mainpiece: Acted but once these 60 years [on 15 Mar. 1779]. Tickets to be had of Mrs Lefevre, No. 25, Frith-street. tickets delivered by Mrs Robinson will be taken


Mainpiece Title: The Humours Of Oxford

Performance Comment: Gainlove-Powell; Col. Trumore-Williams; Haughty-Massey; Conundrum-Barret; Young Apeall-Hayes; Old Apeall-Newton; Timothy-Booth; Dash-Gibson; Lord Shamwell-Forde (from the Theatre-Royal, Dublin); Clarinda-Mrs Robinson; Victoria-Miss Dudley; Kitty-Miss Brangin; Wife-Mrs Barnet; Lady Science-Mrs Lefevre.
Role: Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Orators; or, The School of Eloquence Dissected

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Song: Between Acts: an Italian song-a Young Lady [unidentified]

Entertainment: End III: Imitations-Young Gentleman [unidentified]

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Never acted at this Theatre. [Under his real name, Snow, Hargrave had 1st appeared at this theatre on 7 Oct. 1791. In mainpiece the playbill assigns Sadi to Knight, but "The part of Sadi, which [Knight] was prevented from appearing in by indisposition, was undertaken by Townsend, who acquitted himself very ably" (Morning Herald, 8 Oct.). Townsend's part as a Muleteer was probably omitted.] Receipts: #128 11s. (125.16; 2.15)


Mainpiece Title: The Mountaineers

Performance Comment: Octavian-Hargrave (from the Theatre Royal Dublin; 1st appearance); Kilmallock-Johnstone; Lope Tocho-Quick; Sadi-Townsend; Virolet-Middleton; Bulcazin Muley-Macready; Muleteers-Bowden, Townsend?, Haymes; Goatherds-Powel, Simmons, Thompson; Roque-Davenport; Ganem-Toms; Pacha-Farley; Ali Beg-Abbot; Agnes-Mrs Clendining; Floranthe-Miss Mansel; Zorayda-Miss Wallis; Musical Characters-Linton, Blurton, Street, Gray, Abbot, Little, Lee, Sawyer, Tett, Kenrick, J. Linton, Thomas, Oddwell, Cooke, Everett, Philipps, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Follett, Mrs Castelle, Mrs Masters, Mrs Blurton, Mrs Norton, Mrs Watts, Miss Leserve, Miss Walcup, Mrs Henley, Miss Owen, Miss Logan, Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: Netley Abbey

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Greville and Williams. Mainpiece: Not acted these 5 years. Tickets delivered for the 17th of December will be admitted. Tickets and places to be had of Williams at Mr Spoke's, Tottenham Court; Mr White, Auctioneer, Queen street, Westminster; Messrs Ellis and Scott, Old Bond-street; Mr Hewitt, New Bond-street; Mr Cowcieroy, Great Russell-street, Bloomsbury; and at the Excise Office Coffee-House, Old Bond-street


Mainpiece Title: The Constant Couple; Or, A Trip To The Jubilee

Performance Comment: Sir Harry Wildair-Mrs Greville (of DL); Colonel Standard-Brinsley; Young Clincher-Swords (from the Theatre Royal, Dublin); Vizard-Cotton; Alderman Smuggler-Barrett; Tom Errand-Forrest; Beau Clincher-A Gentleman (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Wife-Mr Pressley; Angelica-Miss Read; Parley-Miss Plain; Lady Darling-Mrs Fowler; Lady Lurewell-Mrs Child .

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Song: End of Act I of afterpiece Horn sweet are the Woodlands by Forrest and Groves. imitations. End of mainpiece, Vocal and Rhetorical, by the Gentleman who performs Beau Clincher

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Cuyler. [Kean is identified on HAY playbill of 26 Aug. 1784.] 1st and 2nd pieces: Both written by George Colman, Esq. 3rd piece: Written by the late David Garrick. Not acted these 12 years. Tickets to be had of Mrs Cuyler, No. 7, St. Alban's-street; at the bar of George's Coffee-house; and of Rice, at the Theatre, where places for the boxes may be taken. Tickets delivered for the 15th will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Manager In Distress

Afterpiece Title: The English Merchant

Performance Comment: Spatter-Williamson; Sir William Douglas-Gardner; La France-Gaudry (all of the Theatre Royal, Hay-market); Lord Falbridge-Smith; Owen-Hunter; Frecport-Calvert (from the Theatre-Royal [Smock Alley], Dublin; 1st appearance in London); Amelia-Mrs Cuyler; Molly-Mrs Lefevre; Lady Alton-Mrs Lloyd (all of the Theatre Royal, Hay-market); Mrs Goodman-Mrs Bolton .
Role: from the Theatre Actor: Royal

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Monologue: 1784 03 22 End of 2nd piece Shuter's Post-haste Observations on his Journey to Paris by Dutton

Event Comment: Mrs Egerton smart figure not much of the Gentlewoman tho, appear'd in Lady Townly (Hopkins Diary). From the Theatre Royal, Dublin (MacMillan). Lady Townly, Mrs Egerton, first time (Cross Diary)


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Reddish; Manly-Packer; John Moody-Burton; Myrtilla-Miss Platt; Lady Townly-Mrs Egerton, from the Theatre Royal in Dublin; Count Basset-Dodd; Sir Francis Wronghead-Love; Squire Richard-W. Palmer; Lady Grace-Mrs W. Barry; Miss Jenny-Miss Radley; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Hopkins; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Cross; Trusty-Mrs Johnston.

Afterpiece Title: The Elopement

Event Comment: By Permission [of the Lord Chamberlain]. Benefit for Massey. Afterpiece: Never performed in London, written by the author of The Son-In-Law [John O'Keeffe; 1st acted at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, 14 Jan. 1767. See also cg, 16 Mar. 1782, when it was acted as The Positive Man]. To begin at 7:00. Tickets delivered for the 4th instant will be taken. Tickets and places for the Boxes to be had of Rice at the Theatre, and of Massey, No.4, St. Martin's-street, Leicester-Fields


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife

Afterpiece Title: The She Gallant

Event Comment: Benefit Pierson, Treasurer. Garrick refused to act. So he got Bridges from Dublin to play for him. (Winston MS. from Dyer MS.). Tickets and places to be had at Pierson's House, the Green Door, the Upper End of Great Queen St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, and of Hobson at the Stage Door


Mainpiece Title: The Country Wife

Performance Comment: Pinchwife-a Gentleman from Theatre Royal Dublin; Sir Jasper Fidget-Macklin; Sparkish-Neale; Harcourt-Blakes; Mrs Pinchwife-Mrs Clive; Lady Fidget-Mrs Pritchard; Horner-Mills; Dorilant-Cross; Quack-Turbutt; Alithea-Mrs Ridout; Lucy-Mrs Bennet.

Afterpiece Title: The Dragon of Wantley

Song: II: Stella and Flavia-Beard; IV: (By Particular Desire) Bumper Squire Jones-Beard

Music: IV: a Concerto-Piantanida

Dance: III: A Comic Dance-Boromeo, Mlle Bonneval

Event Comment: Benefit for Lewis. Mrs Billington's severe Illness rendering it impossible to perform Fontainbleau [advertised on playbill of 13 Mar.], Lewis hopes the above Comedy will prove acceptable to those Ladies and Gentlemen who have Places, and to the Public in general. Public Advertiser, 11 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Lewis, Bow-street, Covent-garden. Receipts: #242 16s. 6d. (156.12.6; 5.10.0; tickets: 80.14.0)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Performance Comment: Belville-Lewis; General Savage-Ryder; Conolly-Aickin; Torrington-Quick; Leeson-Farren; Captain Savage-Davies; Leech-Fearon; Ghastly-Wewitzer; Spruce-Brown; Crow-Thompson; Miss Walsingham-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Rachel Mildew-Mrs Webb; Mrs Tempest-Mrs Morton; Miss Leeson-Mrs Brown; Mrs Belville-Mrs Pope.
Role: Crow Actor: Thompson

Afterpiece Title: The Midnight Hour

Dance: End: The Irish Lilt-[see17880328

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Taylor. Mainpiece: Not acted these 12 years. Public Advertiser, 9 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Taylor, No. 10, Charles-street, Covent-Garden. Receipts: #173 (50.17; 23.17; 0.10; tickets: 97.16) (charge: #109 11s. 11d.)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Performance Comment: General Savage-King; Conolly-Moody; Torrington-Parsons; Leeson-Barrymore; Captain Savage-Whitfield; Spruce-Lamash; Ghastly-Burton; Leech-Phillimore; Crow-Hollingsworth; Wolf-Alfred; Belville-Kemble (1st appearance in that character); Miss Walsingham-Mrs Taylor; Lady Rachel Mildew-Mrs Hopkins; Mrs Tempest-Mrs Wilson; Miss Leeson-Miss Collins; Mrs Belville (for that night only)-Miss Farren (1st appearance in that character).
Role: Crow Actor: Hollingsworth

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Pope. Public Advertiser, 23 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Pope at her house, Half-moon-street, Piccadilly. Receipts: #267 12s. (178.4.6; 3.13.6; tickets: 85.14.0)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Performance Comment: Belville-Lewis; General Savage-Ryder; Conolly-Aickin; Torrington-Quick; Leeson-Farren; Captain Savage-Davies; Leech-Fearon; Ghastly-Wewitzer; Spruce-Bernard; Crow-Thompson; Miss Walsingham-Mrs Mattocks; Lady Rachael Mildew-Mrs Webb; Mrs Tempest-Mrs Bernard; Miss Leeson-Miss Tweedale; Mrs Belville-Mrs Pope.
Role: Crow Actor: Thompson

Afterpiece Title: The Maid of the Oaks

Dance: In I afterpiece: Dance-Byrne, Mrs Ratchford, Mrs Goodwin

Entertainment: Monologue. End: Occasional Address-Mrs Pope

Event Comment: Benefit for Mr Mossop. Tickets to be had of Mr Mossop, at his Lodgings in Southampton Street, Covent Garden; and at the stage door of the theatre. Receipts: #150 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Othello

Performance Comment: Othello-Mossop first time; Iago-Montgomery from Dublin; his first appearance in England; Cassio-Palmer; Roderigo-Yates; Desdemona-Miss Bellamy; Emelia-Mrs Pritchard; Brabantio-Berry; Lodovico-Blakes.
Role: Iago Actor: Montgomery from Dublin

Afterpiece Title: Lethe

Event Comment: Benefit for Vernon. Mainpiece: With a Grand Procession, as 23 Dec. 1778. [Miss Pinto was from the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.] Public Advertiser, 15 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Vernon at Mahon's, the corner of Bow-street, Covent Garden. Receipts: #217 1s. 6d. (121.8.0; 21.11.0; 0.19.6; tickets: 73.3.0) (charge: #73 3s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Cymon

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Dance: Dance of Cupids, as17781223; Dance of Daemons, as17781223

Event Comment: Benefit for Bannister Jun. 2nd piece: By Permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Morning Herald, 23 Aug.: Tickets to be had of Bannister Jun., No. 2, Frith-street, Soho


Mainpiece Title: Peeping Tom

Afterpiece Title: The Prize; or, 2, 5, 3, 8

Performance Comment: Characters by Bannister Jun., Wewitzer, Barrymore, Suett, Miss DeCamp, Sga Storace (only appearance this season), Mrs Powell. Cast adjusted from text (Dublin: Patrick Conner, 1793): Lenitive-Bannister Jun.; Caddy-Wewitzer; Heartwell-Barrymore; Label-Suett; Juba-Miss DeCamp; Caroline-Sga Storace; Mrs Caddy-Mrs Powell.

Afterpiece Title: The Village Lawyer

Event Comment: Benefit for Bannister. 4th piece: Not acted these 7 years [acted 29 Mar. 1792]. Morning Herald, 12 May: Tickets to be had of Bannister, No. 7, Suffolk-street, Charing-Cross. Receipts: #259 6s. (60.16.0; 51.17.6; 4.6.0; tickets: 142.6.6) (charge: #211 7s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Purse

Afterpiece Title: The Country Girl

Performance Comment: As17961001, but Moody-Swendall (from the Theatre Royal, Dublin; 1st appearance on this stage); Sparkish-Russell; William-_; Servant-_.

Afterpiece Title: Sylvester Daggerwood

Afterpiece Title: The Minor

Event Comment: [Full column in Daily Advertiser describing Barry's and Mrs Macklin's acting techniques.] Barry from the Theatre in Dublin, perform'd the part of Othello, at Drury Lane, before a numerous and polite audience; and met with as great Applause as could be express'd.--General Advertiser, 6 Oct. Thomas Gray to Horace Walpole: You have probably been there since I left you, and consequently have seen the Mr Barry you desired some account of; yet as I am not certain of this and should be glad to know whether we agree about him, I will nevertheless tell you what he is, and the impression he made upon me. He is upwards of six feet in height; wdll and prortionably made, treads well and knows what to do with his limbs; in short a noble graceful figure. I can say nothing of his face but that it was all black, with a wide mough and good eyes. His voice is of a clear and pleasing tone, something like Delane's, but not so deep-mouthed, not so like a passing bell. When high strain'd it is apt to crack a little and be hoarse, but in its common pitch, and when it sinks into any softer passion, particularly expressive and touching. In the first scene, especially when he recounts to the Senate the progress of his love and the means he used to win Desdemona, he was quite mistaken, and I took a pique against him; instead of a cool narration he flew into a rant of voice and action, as though he were relating the circumstance of a battle that was fought yesterday. I expected nothing more from him, but was deceiv'd: in the scenes of rage and jealousy he was seldom inferior to Quin in the parts of tenderness and sorrow far above him. These latter seem to be his peculiarly; his action is not very various, but rarely improper, or without dignity, and some of his attitudes are really fine. He is not perfect to be sure, but I think may make a better player than any now on the stage in a little while. However, to see a man in one character, and but once, is not sufficient, so I rather ask your opinion by this, than give you mine.--Horace Walpole's Correspondence with Thomas Gray, II, 6-7


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-Barry from Dublin, 1st appearance on English Stage; Iago-Macklin; Brabantio-Berry; Cassio-Mills; Roderigo-Yates; Duke-Winstone; Lodovico-Blakes; Montano-Mozeen; Gratiano-Goodfellow; Emilia-Mrs Macklin; Desdemona-Mrs Ridout.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Song: Between the acts: Lowe, Mrs Mozeen

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Griffiths, formerly of Drury-Lane Theatre. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:00. Tickets delivered by Griffiths for the 27th of February will be taken. Tickets and Places to be had of Griffiths, at the Theatre, every Morning from 10 till 12. Fires are kept to keep the Theatre warm


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane The Great

Performance Comment: Tamerlane-Calvert (from the Theatre-Royal [Smock Alley], Dublin); Moneses-Kent (from the Theatre-Royal, Norwich); Axalla-Diamond; Dervise-Nash; Bajazet-A Gentleman (1st appearance in that character); Selima-Mrs Clapham (from the Theatre-Royal, York); Arpasia-Miss Shelbourn (from the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh) .
Role: from the Theatre Actor: Royal
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: from the Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Dance: After the Imitations, The Dwarf Dance by Powel

Song: Between the acts of mainpiece several Catches and Glees by some of the principal performers in London. imitations. End of mainpiece Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical, by Decastro

Event Comment: [Prologue by George Colman, the elder (Colman, Prose, 10,239).] Afterpiece: Written by the Author of The Son-in-Law [John O'Keeffe]. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Rice at the Theatre. [No playbill this season lists the various prices of admission; they were probably, as usual: Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. 2nd Gallery 1s.] The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00 [same throughout season]. On 24 May Colman inserted the following in Public Advertiser: The Theatre Royal in the Haymarket will open next Saturday. In order to avoid unnecessary' Repetitions during the Season, the Public are desired, once for all, to take Notice that every Performance at this Theatre will be exhibited to most brilliant, crouded and OVERFLOWING audiences; and received with loud and universal Bursts of most UNBOUNDED and UNCOMMON Applause


Mainpiece Title: The Suicide

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Bannister, Gaudrey (from the Theatre Royal, Dublin; 1st appearance on that stage), Wood, Massey, Egan, Stevens, Painter, Ledger, Edwin; Mrs Webb, Mrs Wells, Mrs Poussin, Mrs Bannister. [Cast adjusted from Songs (T. Cadell, 1782): Compton-Bannister; Sir Felix Friendly-Gaudrey; Eugene-Wood; Chicane-Massey; John-Egan; Thomas-Stevens; Stump-Painter; Cuddcn-Ledger; Lingo-Edwin; Mrs Cheshire-Mrs Webb; Cowslip-Mrs Wells; Fringe-Mrs Poussin; Laura-Mrs Bannister.] hathi. hathi.

Dance: End of Act III of mainpiece Dance by Mr and Miss Byrn

Song: In Act III of mainpiece [Sing] Old Rose and burn the Bellows, and 'Twas you Sir, 'Twas you Sir, both by Bannister, Wood, Burton, Brett, &c

Event Comment: Kite by Mr Layfield from Dublin (Cross). Last night Mons Devisse perform'd (for the 1st time) at Drury Lane, and was receiv'd with general applause (General Advertiser). Receipts: #80 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Recruiting Officer

Performance Comment: Plume-Palmer; Brazen-Woodward; Ballance-Bridges; Kite-Layfield (from the Theatre Royal in Dublin); Worthy-Havard; Bullock-W. Vaughan; Welch Collier-Blakes; Recruits-Shuter, Ray; Melinda-Mrs Mills; Rose-Mrs Green; Lucy-Mrs Bennet; Sylvia-Mrs Pritchard.

Afterpiece Title: A Duke and no Duke

Dance: CCountry Amusements, as17501102; Pigmalion, as17501102

Event Comment: Mainpiece [1st time; C 5, by Charles Macklin, a re-writing of his The True-Born Scotsman, based partly on Nanine, by Voltaire, 1st acted at the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, 10 July 1764. Author of prologue unknown. Epilogue by Frederick Pilon (Public Advertiser, 28 May 1781). Text 1st published (unauthorized), Dublin, 1785]: The Characters new dressed. Receipts: #173 14s. 6d. (172.12.0; 1.2.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Man Of The World

Afterpiece Title: The Upholsterer

Event Comment: Benefit for Palmer. Mainpiece [1st time; C 3, by George Colman, the elder, altered from The Mutual Deception, by Joseph Atkinson, which was based on Le Jeu de l'Amour et du Hasard, by Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux, and 1st acted at the Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, 2 Mar. 1785. Prologue by the author (.European Magazine, Sept. 1786, p. 166). Author of Epilogue unknown]. Afterpiece: Never acted at this Theatre. [Prologue and Epilogue by David Garrick.] "This play, originally French, was translated by an Officer (the plot of which may be found in The Man's the Master, as well as in many other English plays and farces) who, with some few additions, changed it into five acts, and called it The Mutual Deception (which is now in print), but was represented in Ireland with little or no success. This Comedy, however, has undergone many very masterly alterations, and received many additions by the able hand of the attentive Manager of this Theatre" (Public Advertiser, 30 Aug.). Public Advertiser, 6 May 1788: To be published May 7, Tit for Tat (1s.)


Mainpiece Title: Tit For Tat

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain; or, The New Rehearsal

Dance: As17860706

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Griffiths. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. 2nd Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 5:15. To begin at 6:30. Tickets to be had of Griffiths, No. 3, Southampton-buildings, Holborn; at the Royalty Coffee-house, Well Close Square; King's Arms, Leadenhall-street; Band Coffee-house; Sun-tavern, Foster-lane; Grotto, Southampton-buildings; Angel, St. Giles's; Cock and Bottle, Upper Brook-street; Nag's Head, Carnaby-market; One Tun, St. James's Market; Fox's Coffee-house, Bow-street; the Go, the Jump, and the Finish; and of Rice, at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-Baker; Stockwell-Simpson; Young Dudley-A Young Gentleman (1st appearance on that stage); Captain Dudley-Lloyd; Fulmer-Jackson; Varland-Cooper; Stukeley-Smith; Major O'Flaherty-Griffiths; Louisa Dudley-Mrs Fox; Lady Rusport-Mrs Crisp; Mrs Fulmer-Mrs Waldron; Lucy-Miss Clerk; Charlotte Rusport-Miss Powell (from the Theatre-Royal, Richmond).
Role: Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Song: End: This is the life of a frolicksome fellow-the Gentleman who performs Young Dudley; Four@and@twenty fidlers-Simpson

Entertainment: After Singing: Theatrical Imitations, vocal and rhetorical,-Weston (1st appearance on any stage)