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Event Comment: Benefit Boheme and Diggs. Receipts: money #17 5s. 6d.; tickets #79 4s


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: Tamerlane-Boheme; Bajazet-Quin; Moneses-Leigh; Axalla-Ryan; Dervise-Diggs; Arpasia-Mrs Seymour; Selima-Mrs Bullock.
Role: Tamerlane Actor: Boheme
Role: Bajazet Actor: Quin
Role: Moneses Actor: Leigh
Role: Axalla Actor: Ryan
Role: Dervise Actor: Diggs
Role: Arpasia Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Bullock.

Ballet: Harlequin, Scaramouch, and a Countryman. Harlequin-Lun; Countryman-Spiller

Role: Harlequin Actor: Lun
Role: Countryman Actor: Spiller.
Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. Receipts: money #35 11s. 6d.; tickets #37 12s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Performance Comment: Alphonso-Aston; Pilgrim-Ryan; Roderigo-Quin; Mad Englishman-Spiller; Mad Welshman-Morgan; Mad Taylor-Phipps; Mad Priest-Egleton; Mad Scholar-Boheme; Drunken Servant-Bullock Sr; Cook-Hall; Alinda-Mrs Cross; Juletta-Mrs Spiller.
Role: Alphonso Actor: Aston
Role: Pilgrim Actor: Ryan
Role: Roderigo Actor: Quin
Role: Mad Englishman Actor: Spiller
Role: Mad Welshman Actor: Morgan
Role: Mad Taylor Actor: Phipps
Role: Mad Priest Actor: Egleton
Role: Mad Scholar Actor: Boheme
Role: Drunken Servant Actor: Bullock Sr
Role: Cook Actor: Hall
Role: Alinda Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Juletta Actor: Mrs Spiller.

Dance: Lally, Pelling, Mrs Rogier, Mrs Hutton, Mrs Bullock

Event Comment: At Penkethman's Miller's and Boheme's Great Booth in Smithfield Rounds


Mainpiece Title: Distress'd Beauty; Or, The London Prentice

Performance Comment: London Prentice-Penkethman; Wantbrains-Miller; Achmet-Oates; Haly-Parler; Selima-Mrs Parler; Zara-Mrs Middleton; Amurath-Boheme.
Role: London Prentice Actor: Penkethman
Role: Wantbrains Actor: Miller
Role: Achmet Actor: Oates
Role: Haly Actor: Parler
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Parler
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Middleton
Role: Amurath Actor: Boheme.

Dance: Newhouse, Mrs Willis, Mrs Middleton, Miss Francis

Song: Mrs Boman, Mrs Willis; particularly a Mimick Song in Praise of a Country Life between a Court Lady and a Country Nymph-

Event Comment: At Penkethman's and Boheme's Great Booth in Blue-Maid Alley


Mainpiece Title: Distress'd Beauty; Or, The London Prentice

Performance Comment: As at bf, but London Prentice-Penkethman; Achmet-Oates; Haly-Parler; Amurath-Boheme; Wantbrains-Wetherell Jr; Selima-Mrs Middleton; Zara-Mrs Willis.
Role: London Prentice Actor: Penkethman
Role: Achmet Actor: Oates
Role: Haly Actor: Parler
Role: Amurath Actor: Boheme
Role: Wantbrains Actor: Wetherell Jr
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Middleton
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Willis.

Dance: Newhouse, Mrs Whllis, Miss Francis, Sandham's Son and Daughter

Song: In Praise of a Country Life-Mrs Willis

Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. Receipts: money #66 4s.; tickets #75 7s


Mainpiece Title: The True And Ancient History Of King Lear And His Three Daughters

Performance Comment: Lear-Boheme; Gloucester-Quin; Edgar-Ryan; Kent-Ogden; Edmund-Walker; Albany-Diggs; Cordelia-Mrs Brett; Gentleman Usher-Spiller.
Role: Lear Actor: Boheme
Role: Gloucester Actor: Quin
Role: Edgar Actor: Ryan
Role: Kent Actor: Ogden
Role: Edmund Actor: Walker
Role: Albany Actor: Diggs
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Brett
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Spiller.

Dance: Dupre, Nivelons, Glover, Mrs Rogeir, Mrs Wall, Mrs Ogden; particularly Flag Dance (after a new manner)-Nivelon Sr

Song: Leveridge, Salway, Mrs Chambers

Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. Written by Shakespear. Receipts: money #61 8s. 6d.; tickets #59 2s


Mainpiece Title: Julius Caesar

Performance Comment: Caesar-Ryan; Brutus-Quin; Cassius-Boheme; Antony-Walker; Calphurnia-Mrs Egleton; Portia-Mrs Bullock; Plebeians-Bullock Sr, Hippisley, Spiller, Hall, Morgan.
Role: Caesar Actor: Ryan
Role: Brutus Actor: Quin
Role: Cassius Actor: Boheme
Role: Antony Actor: Walker
Role: Calphurnia Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Portia Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Plebeians Actor: Bullock Sr, Hippisley, Spiller, Hall, Morgan.

Dance: PPeasant Dance by Nivelon -Nivelon, Pelling, Mrs Wall, Mrs Ogden; Scotch Dance-Mrs Bullock

Song: IIn Praise of Love and Wine-Leveridge, Legar

Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. Receipts: money #48 1s.; tickets #80 9s


Mainpiece Title: Abra Mule; Or, Love And Empire

Performance Comment: Mahomet-Boheme; Pyrrhus-Ryan; Solyman-Quin; Abra Mule-Mrs Bullock.
Role: Mahomet Actor: Boheme
Role: Pyrrhus Actor: Ryan
Role: Solyman Actor: Quin
Role: Abra Mule Actor: Mrs Bullock.

Song: Leveridge, Legare

Dance: PPeasant-Nivelon, Mrs Legare; French Sailor-Salle, Mlle Salle

Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. Receipts: money #38 12s. 6d.; tickets #89 16s. Probable attendance: boxes, 21 by money and 126 by tickets; stage, 1 by money; pit, 49 by money and 290 by tickets; slips, 10 by money; first gallery, 149 by money and 148 by tickets; second gallery, 87 by money


Mainpiece Title: Mariamne

Performance Comment: Herod-Boheme; Sohemas-Milward; Pheroras-Walker; Flaminius-Ryan; Mariamne-Mrs Berriman; Salome-Mrs Egleton; Arsinoe-Mrs Bullock.
Role: Herod Actor: Boheme
Role: Sohemas Actor: Milward
Role: Pheroras Actor: Walker
Role: Flaminius Actor: Ryan
Role: Mariamne Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Salome Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Arsinoe Actor: Mrs Bullock.

Afterpiece Title: Hob

Role: Hob Actor: Spiller.

Dance: TTwo Pierrots-Nivelon, Poitier; Scotch Dance-Mrs Bullock

Song: BBallad of the Cobler's End-Leveridge

Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. Receipts: money #22 3s. 6d.; tickets #54


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: As17291104, but Dervise-_; Omar-_; Selima-Mrs Boheme who never appeared on any stage before.
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Boheme who never appeared on any stage before.
Role: Tamerlane Actor: Boheme
Role: Moneses Actor: Ryan
Role: Axalla Actor: Walker
Role: Dervise Actor: Milward
Role: Omar Actor: Hulet
Role: Arpasia Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Bajazet Actor: Quin. With the usual Prologue.

Dance: FFlag Dance-Nivelon; French Sailor-Salle, Mrs Laguerre


Mainpiece Title: The Fatal Legacy

Performance Comment: Edition of 1723 lists: Eteocles-Boheme; Polynices-Ryan; Creon-Quin; Phocias-Walker; Alcander-Smith; Attalus-Egleton; Jocasta-Mrs Boheme; Antigona-Mrs Bullock; Olympa-Mrs Purden; Prologue by Benkingham-Walker; Epilogue-Mrs Boheme.
Role: Eteocles Actor: Boheme
Role: Polynices Actor: Ryan
Role: Creon Actor: Quin
Role: Phocias Actor: Walker
Role: Alcander Actor: Smith
Role: Attalus Actor: Egleton
Role: Jocasta Actor: Mrs Boheme
Role: Antigona Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Olympa Actor: Mrs Purden
Role: Prologue by Benkingham Actor: Walker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Boheme.


Mainpiece Title: The Fall Of Saguntum

Performance Comment: Principal Parts-Boheme, Ryan, Walker, Quin, Hulett, Diggs, Milward, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Bullock, but edition of 1727 lists: Sicoris-Boheme; Murrus-Walker; Eurydamas-Quin; Theron-Hulett; Lycormas-Diggs; Fabius-Ryan; Curtius-Milward; First Saguntine-Ogden; Candace-Mrs Berriman; Timandra-Mrs Bullock; Prologue by Theobald-Quin; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
Role: Principal Parts Actor: Boheme, Ryan, Walker, Quin, Hulett, Diggs, Milward, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Bullock, but edition of 1727 lists: Sicoris-Boheme
Role: Sicoris Actor: Boheme
Role: Murrus Actor: Walker
Role: Eurydamas Actor: Quin
Role: Theron Actor: Hulett
Role: Lycormas Actor: Diggs
Role: Fabius Actor: Ryan
Role: Curtius Actor: Milward
Role: First Saguntine Actor: Ogden
Role: Candace Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Timandra Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Theobald Actor: Quin
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: The Rape; Or, The Innocent Impostor

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Boheme, Ryan, Quin, Walker, Milward, Hulett, Chapman, Mrs Berriman, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Younger, Mrs Buchanan, but edition of 1730 lists: King of Spain-Boheme; Alonzo-Quin; Sebastian-Ryan; Ramirez-Walker; Emanuel-Milward; Garcia-Hulett; Octavio-Chapman; Lionel-Ogden; Queen of Spain-Mrs Berriman; Queen Dowager of Portugal-Mrs Bullock; Emilia-Mrs Buchanan; Isabella-Mrs Younger; Merinda-Mrs Cantrel; Prologue-Ryan; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: The Coffee House Politician

Performance Comment: Squeezem-Hippisley; Worthy-Ogden; Ramble-Walker; Constant-Milward; Sotmore-Hulett; Politick-Chapman; Dabble-Ray; Staff-Hall; Isabella-Mrs Boheme; Mrs Squeezem-Mrs Bullock; Mrs Staff-Mrs Kilby; Hilaret-Mrs Younger. With a Prologue, Epilogue, but edition of 1731 lists: Worthy-Milward; Politick-Boheme; Constant-Chapman; Quill-H. Bullock; Porer-Maclean; Faithful-Houghton; Isabella-Mrs Templer; Hilaret-Mrs Boheme; Cloris-Mrs Stevens (and others as above).
Role: Squeezem Actor: Hippisley
Role: Worthy Actor: Ogden
Role: Ramble Actor: Walker
Role: Constant Actor: Milward
Role: Sotmore Actor: Hulett
Role: Politick Actor: Chapman
Role: Dabble Actor: Ray
Role: Staff Actor: Hall
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Boheme
Role: Mrs Squeezem Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Mrs Staff Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Hilaret Actor: Mrs Younger. With a Prologue, Epilogue, but edition of 1731 lists: Worthy-Milward
Role: Worthy Actor: Milward
Role: Politick Actor: Boheme
Role: Constant Actor: Chapman
Role: Quill Actor: H. Bullock
Role: Porer Actor: Maclean
Role: Faithful Actor: Houghton
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Templer
Role: Hilaret Actor: Mrs Boheme
Role: Cloris Actor: Mrs Stevens


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Captive

Performance Comment: Edition of 1721 lists: Mustapha-Quin; Ozmin-Leigh; Achmat-Egleton; Haly-Boheme; Alphonso-Ryan; Pedro-Diggs; Irene-Mrs Gifford; Daraxa-Mrs Forrester; Isabella-Mrs Seymour; Prologue-Boheme; Epilogue-Aaron Hill.
Role: Mustapha Actor: Quin
Role: Ozmin Actor: Leigh
Role: Achmat Actor: Egleton
Role: Haly Actor: Boheme
Role: Alphonso Actor: Ryan
Role: Pedro Actor: Diggs
Role: Irene Actor: Mrs Gifford
Role: Daraxa Actor: Mrs Forrester
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Prologue Actor: Boheme
Role: Epilogue Actor: Aaron Hill.


Mainpiece Title: The Compromise; Or, Faults On Both Sides

Performance Comment: Edition of 1723 lists: Sir Lewis Despotick-Hall; Sir Clement Harpye-Hippesly; Charles Despotick-Walker; Weighty-Boheme; Galloper-Diggs; Random-Leigh; Coupee-Davis; Saracen-Bullock; Harriet-Mrs Bullock; Isabella-Mrs Seymour; Old Woman-Mrs Egleton; Mrs Saracen-Mrs Morgan; Prologue-Boheme; Epilogue-Mrs Seymour.
Role: Sir Lewis Despotick Actor: Hall
Role: Sir Clement Harpye Actor: Hippesly
Role: Charles Despotick Actor: Walker
Role: Weighty Actor: Boheme
Role: Galloper Actor: Diggs
Role: Random Actor: Leigh
Role: Coupee Actor: Davis
Role: Saracen Actor: Bullock
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Old Woman Actor: Mrs Egleton
Role: Mrs Saracen Actor: Mrs Morgan
Role: Prologue Actor: Boheme
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Seymour.
Event Comment: Benefit Boheme. At the Desire of several Persons of Quality. Receipts: money #63 16s. 6d.; tickets #81 4s. Weekly Journal or Saturday's Post, 6 April: The Report of Mr Boheme of the New Play-House leaving that Theatre to go to Drury-Lane is entirely groundless


Mainpiece Title: Oedipus, King Of Thebes

Role: Citizens Actor: Bullock, Hall, Hippisley, H. Bullock.
Role: Tiresias Actor: Smith.
Role: Oedipus Actor: Boheme
Role: Adrastus Actor: Walker
Role: Creon Actor: Quin
Role: Haemon Actor: Diggs
Role: Phorbas Actor: Ryan
Role: Aegeon Actor: Leigh
Role: Diocles Actor: Egleton
Role: Eurydice Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Jocasta Actor: Mrs Seymour.


Mainpiece Title: Troilus And Cressida

Performance Comment: Troilus-Ryan; Cressida-Mrs Boheme; Hector-Boheme; Ulysses-Walker; Achilles-Hulett; Agamemnon-Diggs; Diomedes-Egleton; Thersites-Quin; Pandarus-Hippisley; Andromache-Mrs Bullock.
Role: Troilus Actor: Ryan
Role: Cressida Actor: Mrs Boheme
Role: Hector Actor: Boheme
Role: Ulysses Actor: Walker
Role: Achilles Actor: Hulett
Role: Agamemnon Actor: Diggs
Role: Diomedes Actor: Egleton
Role: Thersites Actor: Quin
Role: Pandarus Actor: Hippisley
Role: Andromache Actor: Mrs Bullock.

Song: Singing in Italian and English-Mrs Hill, being the first Time of her Appearance upon the Stage

Dance: The Drunken Miller (new)-Hippisley


Mainpiece Title: The Roman Maid

Performance Comment: Walker, Ogden, Leigh, Smith, Huddy, Hulett, Mrs Moffett, Mrs Morgam, Mrs Plomer, Mrs Cantrell; but edition of 1725 lists: Dioclesian-Ogden; Galerius Caesar-Walker; Carus-Hulett; Maximus-Huddy; Paulinas-Boheme; Christian Hermit-Lee; Serena-Mrs Plomer; Paulina-Mrs Moffet; Camilla-Mrs Parker; Lucilla-Mrs Butcher; Prologue-Boheme; Epilogue-Mrs Moffet.
Role: Dioclesian Actor: Ogden
Role: Galerius Caesar Actor: Walker
Role: Carus Actor: Hulett
Role: Maximus Actor: Huddy
Role: Paulinas Actor: Boheme
Role: Christian Hermit Actor: Lee
Role: Serena Actor: Mrs Plomer
Role: Paulina Actor: Mrs Moffet
Role: Camilla Actor: Mrs Parker
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Butcher
Role: Prologue Actor: Boheme
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Moffet.


Mainpiece Title: Money The Mistress

Performance Comment: Parts-Diggs, Quin, Ryan, Walker, Boheme, Hippisley, Hall, Mrs Younger, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Moffett; but edition of 1726 lists: Governor of Tangier-Diggs; Warcourt-Quin; Mourville-Ryan; Marsan-Walker; Don Manuel-Boheme; Wingrave-Milward; Davila-Hippisley; Mouluza-Hall; Mariana-Mrs Younger; Harriet-Mrs Bullock; Diana-Mrs Moffet; Teresa-Mrs Martin; Prologue by Welstead-Quin; Epilogue by George Jeffreys-Mrs Younger.
Role: Parts Actor: Diggs, Quin, Ryan, Walker, Boheme, Hippisley, Hall, Mrs Younger, Mrs Bullock, Mrs Moffett
Role: Governor of Tangier Actor: Diggs
Role: Warcourt Actor: Quin
Role: Mourville Actor: Ryan
Role: Marsan Actor: Walker
Role: Don Manuel Actor: Boheme
Role: Wingrave Actor: Milward
Role: Davila Actor: Hippisley
Role: Mouluza Actor: Hall
Role: Mariana Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Harriet Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Moffet
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Welstead Actor: Quin
Role: George Jeffreys Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: Sesostris; Or, Royalty In Disguise

Performance Comment: Edition of 1728 lists: Omar-Boheme; Sesostris-Ryan; Phanes-Milward; Dion-Chapman; Menes-Pitt; Ammon-Ogden; Nitocris-Mrs Berriman; Ariaspe-Mrs Younger; Paraba-Mrs Vincent; Cleanthe-Mrs Paling; Prologue-Boheme; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
Role: Omar Actor: Boheme
Role: Sesostris Actor: Ryan
Role: Phanes Actor: Milward
Role: Dion Actor: Chapman
Role: Menes Actor: Pitt
Role: Ammon Actor: Ogden
Role: Nitocris Actor: Mrs Berriman
Role: Ariaspe Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Paraba Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Cleanthe Actor: Mrs Paling
Role: Prologue Actor: Boheme
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: The Virgin Queen; Or, The Captive Princess

Performance Comment: Principal parts-Quin, Boheme, Walker, Milward, Ogden, Chapman, Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Templer, Mrs Younger; but edition of 1729 lists: Pallantus-Ryan; Axartes-Quin; Eumenes-Milward; Phraortes-Boheme; Mirza-Chapman; Arsamnes-Walker; Olympia-Mrs Buchanan; Artesia-Mrs Younger; Euryone-Mrs Templer; Prologue-Walker; Epilogue-Mrs Younger.
Role: Principal parts Actor: Quin, Boheme, Walker, Milward, Ogden, Chapman, Mrs Buchanan, Mrs Templer, Mrs Younger
Role: Pallantus Actor: Ryan
Role: Axartes Actor: Quin
Role: Eumenes Actor: Milward
Role: Phraortes Actor: Boheme
Role: Mirza Actor: Chapman
Role: Arsamnes Actor: Walker
Role: Olympia Actor: Mrs Buchanan
Role: Artesia Actor: Mrs Younger
Role: Euryone Actor: Mrs Templer
Role: Prologue Actor: Walker
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Younger.


Mainpiece Title: Cato

Performance Comment: Cato-Evans; Juba-Leigh; Syphax-Quin; Sempronius-Ogden; Portius-Ryan; Marcus-Diggs; Marcia-Mrs Bullock; Lucia-Mrs Seymour; Decius-Boheme; Lucius-Corey.
Role: Cato Actor: Evans
Role: Juba Actor: Leigh
Role: Syphax Actor: Quin
Role: Sempronius Actor: Ogden
Role: Portius Actor: Ryan
Role: Marcus Actor: Diggs
Role: Marcia Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Lucia Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Decius Actor: Boheme
Role: Lucius Actor: Corey.

Song: As17181006

Dance: As17181009


Mainpiece Title: Sir Walter Raleigh

Performance Comment: Edition of 1719 lists: Sir Walter-Quin; Howard-Ryan; Young Raleigh-Leigh; Salisbury-Cory; Gundamor-C. Bullock; Lord Cobham-Boheme; Sir Julius Caesar-Smith; Carew-Egleton; Wade-Ogden; Lady Raleigh-Mrs Seymour; Olympia-Mrs Bullock; Florella-Mrs Robertson; Prologue by Major Pack-Ryan; Epilogue-Mrs Bullock.
Role: Sir Walter Actor: Quin
Role: Howard Actor: Ryan
Role: Young Raleigh Actor: Leigh
Role: Salisbury Actor: Cory
Role: Gundamor Actor: C. Bullock
Role: Lord Cobham Actor: Boheme
Role: Sir Julius Caesar Actor: Smith
Role: Carew Actor: Egleton
Role: Wade Actor: Ogden
Role: Lady Raleigh Actor: Mrs Seymour
Role: Olympia Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Robertson
Role: Major Pack Actor: Ryan
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Bullock.


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fourth, Part I; With The Humours Of Sir John Falstaffe

Performance Comment: Falstaff-Bullock; King-Ogden; Prince-Leigh; Hotspur-Quin; Worcester-Boheme; Dowglass-Smith; Vernon-Ryan; Poins-C. Bullock; Carriers-Griffin, Bullock; Hostess-Mrs Cook; Kate-Mrs Bullock, Mrs Spiller.
Role: Falstaff Actor: Bullock
Role: King Actor: Ogden
Role: Prince Actor: Leigh
Role: Hotspur Actor: Quin
Role: Worcester Actor: Boheme
Role: Dowglass Actor: Smith
Role: Vernon Actor: Ryan
Role: Poins Actor: C. Bullock
Role: Carriers Actor: Griffin, Bullock
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Cook
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Bullock, Mrs Spiller.

Dance: Mrs Bullock


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fourth Of France

Performance Comment: Edition of 1720 lists: Henry-Quin; Prince of Conde-Ryan; Duke of Vendosme-Leigh; Duke Bouillon-Ogden; Villeroy-Smith; Rosny-Diggs; Montmorency-Harper; Nuntio-C. Bullock; French Bishop-Boheme; Ravilliac-Egleton; Charlotta-Mrs Bullock; Louisa-Mrs Biggs; Alicia-Mrs Gulick; Prologue-Ryan; Epilogue written by Sewell-Mrs Bullock.
Role: Henry Actor: Quin
Role: Prince of Conde Actor: Ryan
Role: Duke of Vendosme Actor: Leigh
Role: Duke Bouillon Actor: Ogden
Role: Villeroy Actor: Smith
Role: Rosny Actor: Diggs
Role: Montmorency Actor: Harper
Role: Nuntio Actor: C. Bullock
Role: French Bishop Actor: Boheme
Role: Ravilliac Actor: Egleton
Role: Charlotta Actor: Mrs Bullock
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Biggs
Role: Alicia Actor: Mrs Gulick
Role: Prologue Actor: Ryan
Role: Sewell Actor: Mrs Bullock.