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Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Role: Moody Actor: G. Aickin
Role: Harcourt Actor: Egerton
Role: Belville Actor: Walgrave
Role: Footman Actor: Powell
Role: Servant Actor: Lyons
Role: Countryman Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: Sparkish Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: Alithea Actor: Mrs G. Aickin
Role: The Country Girl Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in her Teens

Performance Comment: Captain Flash-Palmer Jun.; Loveit-Knight; Puff-G. Aickin; Jasper-Waldron Jun.; Fribble-Johnston; Miss Biddy-Mrs Barre; Tag-Mrs Harlowe.
Role: Captain Flash Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Loveit Actor: Knight
Role: Puff Actor: G. Aickin
Role: Jasper Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: Fribble Actor: Johnston
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Mrs Barre
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Harlowe.

Entertainment: Monologue. End: Occasional Address-the Widow (see below); After which: Collins's Ode on the Passions-Mrs G. Aickin


Mainpiece Title: La Modista Raggiratrice

Role: Don Gavino Actor: Morelli
Role: Don Mitridate Actor: Rovedino
Role: Gianferante Actor: Viganoni
Role: Ceccotto Actor: De Giovanni
Role: Madama Perlina Actor: Sga Fabrizzi
Role: Ninetta Actor: Sga Bigi
Role: Chiarina Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Dance: Between Acts: a new Dance in the Scotch style, Little Peggy's Love (1st time)-Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mme Bossi, Mlle Barre, Mme Rose, Mme Hilligsberg [the Pantomime and Principal Steps by Didelot [with music by Bossi]; End Opera: L'Amant Statue (1st time, by Onorati) [with music by Bossi]-Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot, Mme Bossi, Mlle Barre, Mme Rose, Mme Hilligsberg [dl playbill of 25 May adds: Mme Vidi]


Mainpiece Title: I Traci Amanti

Role: Mustanzir Actor: Rovedino
Role: Giorgiolone Actor: Morelli
Role: Osmano Actor: Braghetti
Role: Zaccaria Actor: Bonfanti
Role: Selima Actor: Sga Pastorelli
Role: Rossolane Actor: Sga Bigi
Role: Lenina Actor: Sga Fabrizzi.

Dance: End I: A New Divertissement, as17960209, but Mlle Barre (1st appearance); End Opera: +Paul et Virginie, as17960116


Mainpiece Title: La Modista Raggiratrice

Dance: End I: L'Amant Statue, as17960423; in which will introduce a new Pas Seul-Mlle Parisot; End Opera: an entire new Ballet by Onorati La Villageoise Enlevee; ou, Les Corsaires-Mme Rose, Mme Bossi, Mme Hilligsberg, Mlle Barre, Didelot, Lahante, Gentili, Fialon, Mlle Parisot


Mainpiece Title: Mahmoud

Role: Cassan Actor: Wewitzer.
Role: unassigned Actor: _Maddocks, _Cooke, _Evans, _Webb, _Trueman, _Wentworth, _Phillimore
Role: Petitioners Actor: _Caulfield.
Role: Mahmoud Actor: C. Kemble.
Role: General Chorus Actor: _Annereau, _Bardoleau, _Cook, _Walker.
Role: Characters Actor: Aickin, Kemble, Braham
Role: Sultan Actor: Aickin
Role: Noureddin Actor: Braham
Role: Helim Actor: Packer
Role: Barakka Actor: Suett
Role: Abdoul Cassan Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Mossafer Actor: Kelly
Role: Hassan Actor: Dignum
Role: Malek Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Muley Actor: Banks
Role: Aladdin Actor: Miss Menage
Role: Balsora Actor: Miss Leak
Role: Zobeide Actor: Miss Miller
Role: Desra Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Zelica Actor: Sga Storace

Afterpiece Title: The Sultan

Role: Ismene Actor: Sga Storace
Role: Roxalana Actor: Miss Wallis
Role: Solyman Actor: Barrymore
Role: Osmyn Actor: Dignum
Role: Elmira Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: In the dead of the night Actor: Mrs Jordan.

Dance: End I: (by permission of the Proprietor of the king's Theatre) the new favorite Ballet, in the Scots' Stile, Little Peggy's Love- The Pantomime, Principal Steps by Didelot; the Principal Characters the Dancers of the Opera House: Didelot, Gentili, Ms Vidi, Ms Bossi, Ms Barre, Ms Parisot, Ms Hilligsberg, Ms Rose

Song: End 3rd piece: the Finale to The Iron Chest, Harmony Harmony- being the last Composition of Storace


Mainpiece Title: Gli Schiavi Per Amore

Dance: End I: Le Rendez@vous, as17970511; End Opera: an entire new ballet in 2 acts, composed by Barre, Le Triomphe de Cupido,; ou, Les Nymphes Vaincues par l'Amour-Mme Hilligsberg, Mme Rose, Didelot, Gentili, Mlle Parisot

Event Comment: 2nd ballet: Revived, and brought forward under the direction of Barre. The Music, with additional Airs, by Mazzinghi. The Scenery entirely new, painted by Greenwood and assistants under his Direction. The Dresses new by Sestini. "This dance is the composition of the celebrated Noverre, and it is totally different from the ballet under the same title, brought out at Paris under Gardel...The torches and swords of fire in hands of Furies produced so tremendous an effect that a part of audience seemed petrified at agonies of Psyche. Much of this effect was produced by the strong reflection from glass pannels of boxes" (Morning Chronicle, 19 Dec.). The frequenters of Opera are respectfully acquainted that Posts with Chains are placed all along front of Theatre to prevent Carriages from driving upon the foot way, so that Chairs can in future come by great door in the Haymarket with perfect safety


Mainpiece Title: L'amor Fra Le Vendemmie

Role: Capitano Actor: Viganoni
Role: Giammartino Actor: Rovedino
Role: Pascadozio Actor: Morrelli
Role: Bartolaggio Actor: DeGiovanni
Role: Cascolina Actor: Sga Fabrizzi
Role: Giulietta Actor: Sga Salimbeni
Role: Cardella Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Dance: End I: Flora et Zephire, as17961126

Ballet: End Opera: L'Amour et Psiche. L'Amour-Didelot; Psiche-Mme Hilligsberg (Oracle, 19 Dec.); Adonis-Gentili (Morning Chronicle, 19 Dec.); unassigned-Mme Rose, Mlle Parisot, Fialon

Role: L'Amour Actor: Didelot
Role: Psiche Actor: Mme Hilligsberg
Role: Adonis Actor: Gentili
Role: unassigned Actor: Mme Rose, Mlle Parisot, Fialon.
Event Comment: 2nd ballet: 1st time; composed by Barre; the Music by Bossi. "Mme Hilligsberg, who possesses the first rank among the dancers of London, is a woman of distinguished merit: she succeeds with peculiar happiness in sportive and jocose expressions, and she is bewitchingly graceful as a Welch or Scotch country girl. Her figure is very handsome; but her arms are somewhat long and thin. The third dancer is Mme Laborie; she possesses an agreeable figure, much animation and native gracefulness. She might become a first-rate dancer [if] she did not trust too much to her natural talents, and bestowed more attention on the art" (Goede, 265). "Les Deux Jumelles, ou la Meprise, pouvoient tres bien faire le sujet d'unjoli divertissement; mais pour un grand ballet, il a fallu y appeller le secours des dieux, & faire descendre ce que nous appelons une gloire de nuages qui se developpent assez mal: c'est la faute du machiniste ou du charpentier. D'ailleurs, cette gloire ne sert a rien, puisque l'Amour vient dans un assez mauvais cabriolet, pousse par des hommes qu'on voit un peu trop distinctement, & s'en retourne de meme a reculons. Nous avons vu souvent le char de l'Amour aller en avant; mais il est rare qu'on le voie reculer, & cette meme gloire eprouve autant de difficulte pour remonter qu'elle en avout eue pour descendre, laissant le spectateur tres convaincu de son inutilite" (Anthony LeTexier, L'Ami des Meres, 1799, I, 192-93). The subscribers are most respectfully intreated to be careful to whom they give their Tickets, as many improper persons have lately presented themselves for admission into the Theatre with those Tickets; and the subscribers are requested to observe that, in future, persons of this description will be conducted directly to the identical Boxes to which such Tickets belong, instead of being admitted into any other part of the Theatre. And the public are intreated to understand that neither Ladies in Undress Hats or Bonnets, nor Gentlemen in Boots will be admitted into the Pit of the Opera


Mainpiece Title: Ines De Castro

Role: Rodrigo Actor: Rovedino
Role: Don Pietro Actor: Viganoni
Role: Alfonso Actor: Benelli
Role: Fernando Actor: DeGiovanni
Role: Ines Actor: Mme Banti
Role: La Regina Actor: Sga Pastorelli.

Dance: End I: Peggy's Love, as17981211; End Opera: Les Deux Jumelles; ou, La Meprise-["The pas de deux of Didelot and Rose was particulary admired, and Madames Laborie and Hilligsberg, who appeared as the Twin Sisters, were most happily successful" (Morning Chronicle, 30 Jan.)]

Role: Ariadne et Bacchus Actor: