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Event Comment: [Macklin dismissed after this night. See the account in The Genuine Arguments of the Council, with the Opinion of the Court of the King's Bench, &c., By a Citizen of the World, (London, 1774). Extracts in E. R. Page, George Colman, the Elder (New York, 1935). See notes for 23 and 30 Oct. and the subsequent action in note for 20 Nov. He did not return until 18 May 1775. This night was aparently, except for #4 5s. which was not recorded on the books of the theatre until 18 June well after the season closed. Macklin's suit in court against the rioters was judged 24 Feb. 1775. A column and a half account of the trial appeared in the Public Advertiser, Saturday 13 May 1775, giving the testimony of the witnesses accused of starting the riot, the lawyers, and the judge. The accused were Leigh, Miles, James, Aldus, and Clarke. The first four were convicted of a conspiracy and a riot, the last of a riot only. During the Course of the Business Lord Mansfield took Occasion to observe, that the Right of Hissing, and Applauding in a theatre was an unalterable Right, but there was a wide Distinction between expressing the natural Sensations of the Mind as they arose on what was seen and heard, and executing a pre-concerted Desagn, not only to hiss an Actor when he was playing a Part in which he was universally allowed to be excellent, but also to drive him from the theatre, and effect his utter ruin." See also William W. Appleton, Charles Macklin, An Actors Life (Cambridge, Mass., 1960), Chapter X.


Mainpiece Title: The Merchant Of Venice

Role: Bassanio Actor: Bensley
Role: Jessica Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Nerissa Actor: Mrs Lessingham
Role: But Bassanio Actor: Wroughton
Role: Jessica Actor: Miss Valois
Role: Nerissa Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Shylock Actor: Macklin
Role: Antonio Actor: Clarke
Role: Gratiano Actor: Dyer
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Mattocks
Role: Duke Actor: Thompson
Role: Launcelot Actor: Shuter
Role: Portia Actor: Miss Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: Love a-la-Mode

Role: Sir Callaghan Actor: Shuter
Role: Groom Actor: Woodward
Role: Goodchild Actor: Dunstall
Role: Mordecai Actor: Quick
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Macklin
Role: Sir Archy Actor: Macklin.

Dance: III: The Merry Sailors, as17731007; IV: The Highland Reel, as17731112