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Event Comment: [For Henderson as King Richard see hay, 7 Aug. 1777.] Afterpiece: The Music composed by Dibdin. With New Scenes and Dresses. Books of the Songs, &c. to be had at the Theatre. [The text erroneously assigns: Gillian-$Mrs Wrighten; Floretta-$Miss Walpole, but see Public Advertiser, 8 Oct., which in a review, gives the correct assignment; see also 6 Oct. 1778.] Receipts: #260 7s. (241.14; 17.17; 0.16)


Mainpiece Title: King Richard The Third

Role: King Richard Actor: Henderson
Role: Richmond Actor: Palmer
Role: Buckingham Actor: Farren
Role: Tressel Actor: Davies
Role: Lord Stanley Actor: Chaplin
Role: Norfolk Actor: Hurst
Role: Catesby Actor: Packer
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Miss Field
Role: Duke of York Actor: Master Pulley
Role: Lord Mayor Actor: Griffiths
Role: Ratcliffe Actor: Wright
Role: Lieutenant Actor: R. Palmer
Role: King Henry Actor: Aickin
Role: Lady Anne Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Dutchess of York Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Afterpiece Title: The Quaker

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by Vernon, Parsons, Wrighten, Bannister, Miss Walpole, Mrs Love, Mrs Wrighten. Cast from text (John Bell, 1777): Lubin-Vernon; Solomon-Parsons; Easy-Wrighten; Steady-Bannister; Gillian-Miss Walpole; Cicely-Mrs Love; Floretta-Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Lubin Actor: Vernon
Role: Solomon Actor: Parsons
Role: Easy Actor: Wrighten
Role: Steady Actor: Bannister
Role: Gillian Actor: Miss Walpole
Role: Cicely Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Event Comment: [Mainpiece in place of Merope, announced on playbill of 4 Jan. "We played last night Much Ado about Nothing, and had an apology to make for the change of three principal parts. About twelve o'clock Mr Henderson sent word he was not able to play. We got Mr Lewis from Covent Garden, who supplied the part of Benedick. Soon after Mr Parsons sent word he could not play. Mr Moody supplied the part of Dogberry; and about four in the afternoon Mr Vernon sent word he could not play. Mr Mattocks supplied his part of Balthazar...In the middle of the first act, a message was brought me that Mr Lamash (who was to play the part of Borachio) was not come to the House. I had nobody there that could go on for it, so I was obliged to cut his scenes in the first and second acts entirely out, and got Mr Wrighten to go on for the remainder of the part. At length we got the play over without the audience finding it out. We had a very bad house. Mr Parsons is not able to play in The School for Scandal to-morrow night; do not yet know how we shall be able to settle that" (Garrick, Private Correspondence, II, 328-29: Hopkins, prompter,in letter to Garrick, 6 Jan. 1779. He does not state who took Wrighten's place as the Sexton.).] On account of the sudden Illness of a Principal Performer, the new Pantomime [The Wonders of Derbyshire, announced on playbill of 4 Jan.] is obliged to be deferred till Friday. Receipts: #74 11s. (48.19; 25.10; 0.2)


Mainpiece Title: Much Ado About Nothing

Performance Comment: As17781104, but Benedick-Lewis [of cg]; Balthazer-Mattocks [of cg]; Borachio-Wrighten; Dogberry-Moody; Sexton-.
Role: Benedick Actor: Lewis
Role: Balthazer Actor: Mattocks
Role: Borachio Actor: Wrighten
Role: Dogberry Actor: Moody
Role: Sexton Actor: .
Role: Claudio Actor: Brereton
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Packer
Role: Don John Actor: Aickin
Role: Antonio Actor: Hurst
Role: Verges Actor: Carpenter
Role: Conrade Actor: Griffiths
Role: Town@Clerk Actor: Baddeley
Role: Fryar Actor: Wright
Role: Watchmen Actor: Burton, Holcroft
Role: Leonato Actor: Bensley
Role: Hero Actor: Mrs Sharp
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Colles
Role: Beatrice Actor: Miss Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Role: Whittle Actor: Parsons
Role: Sir Patrick O'Neale Actor: Moody
Role: Nephew Actor: Davies
Role: Bates Actor: Baddeley
Role: Thomas Actor: Burton
Role: Kecksey Actor: Dodd
Role: Widow Brady Actor: Miss Walpole.

Dance: As17780919

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted these 6 years [not acted since 28 Apr. 1773]. With new Scenes [by French and Carver (text)] and Dresses. [In the Vocal Parts the playbill lists Sga Prudom, but "at the end of the second act, Smith came forward and apologized for the absence of Signora Prudom, and begged that Mrs Wrighten might be permitted to take her part . . . Mrs Wrighten was received with applause" (London Chronicle, 20 Oct.). Sga Romanzini was from the Royal Circus.] Receipts: #123 8s. 6d. (92/15/0; 29/11/0; 1/2/6)


Mainpiece Title: King Arthur; Or, The British Worthy

Performance Comment: King Arthur-Smith; Oswald-Brereton; Merlin-Aickin; Osmond-Farren; Conon-Packer; Albanact-Wrighten; Aurelius-R. Palmer; Guillamar-Griffiths; Grimbald-Bannister; Philidel-Miss Field; Cupid-Sga Romanzini (1st appearance on this stage); Emmeline-Miss Farren. [Edition of 1781 (W. Strahan [et al]) adds: ?olus-Danby; Matilda-Miss Barnes; and specifies Honour-Vernon [but he had withdrawn from the stage (see17811009); the part was probably acted by Du-Bellamy]; Venus-Miss Phillips; Airy Spirits-Miss Collett, Miss Wright.] hathi. hathi.
Role: King Arthur Actor: Smith
Role: Oswald Actor: Brereton
Role: Merlin Actor: Aickin
Role: Osmond Actor: Farren
Role: Conon Actor: Packer
Role: Albanact Actor: Wrighten
Role: Aurelius Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Guillamar Actor: Griffiths
Role: Grimbald Actor: Bannister
Role: Philidel Actor: Miss Field
Role: Cupid Actor: Sga Romanzini
Role: Emmeline Actor: Miss Farren.
Role: olus Actor: Danby
Role: Matilda Actor: Miss Barnes
Role: and specifies Honour Actor: Vernon
Role: the part was probably acted by Du Actor: Bellamy
Role: Venus Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Airy Spirits Actor: Miss Collett, Miss Wright.

Afterpiece Title: Who's the Dupe

Role: Mr Doiley Actor: Parsons
Role: Gradus Actor: Lamash
Role: Sandford Actor: Aickin
Role: Granger Actor: Palmer
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Miss Doiley Actor: Mrs Brereton

Dance: In mainpiece by Zuchelli, Henry, Miss Armstrong, Miss M. Stageldoir. [This was the same, as here assigned, in all subsequent performances, but beginning with 11 Dec. Henry is omitted.]

Song: In mainpiece the Vocal Parts by Du-Bellamy, Williams, Fawcett, Chaplin, Phillimore, &c.; Miss Phillips, Miss Collett, Miss Wright, Miss Stageldoir, Mrs Wrighten

Performance Comment: ; Miss Phillips, Miss Collett, Miss Wright, Miss Stageldoir, Mrs Wrighten .
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten and Miss Rogers. Music and words by author and composer of Padlock [I. Bickerstaffe]. Book of the Entertainment to be had at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: As You Like It

Performance Comment: As17710401 but Touchstone-King; Orlando-Brereton, first time; Jaques-Love; Duke Sen-Wrighten; Celia-Miss Rogers, first time.
Role: Touchstone Actor: King
Role: Orlando Actor: Brereton, first time
Role: Jaques Actor: Love
Role: Duke Sen Actor: Wrighten
Role: Celia Actor: Miss Rogers, first time.
Role: William Actor: Messink
Role: Jaques de Boys Actor: Fawcett
Role: Audrey Actor: Mrs Bradshaw.
Role: Amiens Actor: Vernon
Role: Phoebe Actor: Mrs Davies.
Role: JaJaques Actor: Love
Role: Sen Actor: Hurst
Role: Duke Frederick Actor: Bransby
Role: Oliver Actor: Packer
Role: Adam Actor: Moody
Role: Le Beau Actor: Ackman
Role: Corin Actor: Hartry
Role: Charles Actor: Keen
Role: Silvius Actor: Wheeler
Role: Caelia Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Phebe Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Rosalind Actor: Mrs Barry.

Afterpiece Title: The Ephesian Matron; or, The Widow's Tears

Performance Comment: Parts-Bannister, Davis, Mrs Dorman, Mrs Wrighten. Centurian [?]-Bannister; Father [?]-Davies; Maid [?]-Mrs Dorman; Matron [?]-Mrs Wrighten (MacMillan).
Role: Parts Actor: Bannister, Davis, Mrs Dorman, Mrs Wrighten. Centurian
Role: ] Actor: Bannister
Role: ] Actor: Davies
Role: ] Actor: Mrs Dorman
Role: ] Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Song: I: The Sycamore Shade-Mrs Wrighten; IV: The Soldier Tir'd-Mrs Wrighten

Dance: End: A Minuet, Louvre-Noverre, Miss Rogers, his scholar

Event Comment: Benefit for Bannister. Mainpiece: By Desire. Rec'd stopages #12 7s. Paid salary list #566 6s.; J. French on acct #5 5s. (Treasurer's Book). Mrs Smith's Benefit for 2 May advertised as Cymbeline and a new Comic Opera (in 2 Acts) call'd the Wish. The Music entirely new, the principal characters by Vernon, Bannister, Davies, Mrs Wrighten and Mrs Smith. With a New Occasional Prologue spoken by King. [But this was changed on 27 April.] Receipts: #212 1s. Charges: #66 3s. Profits to Bannister #145 18s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Role: Hawthorne Actor: Bannister
Role: Justice Woodcock Actor: Parsons
Role: Young Meadows Actor: Dodd
Role: Meadows Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Eustace Actor: Davies
Role: Hodge Actor: King
Role: Margery Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Deborah Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Rosetta Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Lucinda Actor: Miss Jarratt, first time.

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Performance Comment: As17750203, but Lint-Wrighten; Heeltap-Bransby; Oh what a charming Thing's a Battle!-Bannister (in character of Sturgeon); Song of Johnny Pringle-Weston as Jerry.
Role: Lint Actor: Wrighten
Role: Heeltap Actor: Bransby
Role: Oh what a charming Thing's a Battle! Actor: Bannister
Role: Song of Johnny Pringle Actor: Weston as Jerry.
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Bannister
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Weston
Role: Sir Jacob Actor: Waldron
Role: Bruin Actor: Wright
Role: Heel@Tap Actor: Bransby
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Miss Pope.

Dance: II: A New Dance, call'd The Pirates-Como, Sga Crespi. [See17730422.

Entertainment: End Opera: (By particular Desire) Imitations Vocal and Rhetorical-Bannister

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Mainpiece: Not acted these 2 years. Receipts: #291 10s. 6d. (84.10.0; 7.2.0; 0.14.6; tickets: 199.4.0) (charge: none listed)


Mainpiece Title: The Way To Keep Him

Performance Comment: Lovemore-Smith; Sir Brilliant Fashion-Dodd; William-Baddeley; Sideboard-Burton; John-Phillimore; Sir Bashful Constant-King; Mrs Lovemore-Miss Farren (1st appearance in that character); Muslin (1st time)-Mrs Wrighten; Lady Constant-Mrs Brereton; Mignionet-Miss Hale; Widow Belmour (with a song in character)-Mrs Abington.
Role: Lovemore Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Brilliant Fashion Actor: Dodd
Role: William Actor: Baddeley
Role: Sideboard Actor: Burton
Role: John Actor: Phillimore
Role: Sir Bashful Constant Actor: King
Role: Mrs Lovemore Actor: Miss Farren
Role: Muslin Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Lady Constant Actor: Mrs Brereton
Role: Mignionet Actor: Miss Hale
Role: Widow Belmour Actor: Mrs Abington.

Afterpiece Title: The Camp

Performance Comment: As17801023, but The other Characters-_Wrighten.
Role: The other Characters Actor: _Wrighten.
Role: Sir Harry Bouquet Actor: Dodd.
Role: Gage Actor: Parsons
Role: O'Daub Actor: Moody
Role: Bluard Actor: Baddeley
Role: William Actor: Du-Bellamy
Role: Du Actor: Bellamy
Role: Serjeant Drill Actor: Bannister
Role: Nancy Actor: Miss Kirby
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Dance: End: The Butterfly, as17800921

Song: Between the Acts: Tally Ho!-Mrs Wrighten

Performance Comment: -Mrs Wrighten.
Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Event Comment: Benefit Mrs Wrighten. This Farce wrote by Mr Vaughan pretty well receiv'd (Hopkins Diary). [The Westminster Magazine for April damned the afterpiece as to plot and characters. Allowed it passible only as a beneift piece.] Paid 2 extra flutes 10s. Receipts: #90 5s. Charges: #66 9s. Profits to Mr and Mrs Wrighten: #23 16s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Matilda

Role: Harold Actor: Lamash.
Role: Morcar Actor: Reddish
Role: Siward Actor: Palmer
Role: Oswald Actor: Whitfield
Role: Edwin Actor: Smith
Role: Matilda Actor: Miss Younge
Role: Bertha Actor: Miss Platt.

Afterpiece Title: The Theatrical Candidates

Afterpiece Title: Loves Metamorphoses

Performance Comment: Parts by King, Packer, Davies, Everard, Vernon, Mrs Siddons and Mrs Wrighten. Young Dormer-King; Moody-Vernon; Sir John Murray-Packer; Col. Murrary-Davies; Maria-Mrs Siddons; Feather-Mrs Wrighten (Genest, V, 494); Prologue-King; a Cantata Epilogue-Vernon, Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Young Dormer Actor: King
Role: Moody Actor: Vernon
Role: Sir John Murray Actor: Packer
Role: Murrary Actor: Davies
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Siddons
Role: Feather Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Prologue Actor: King
Role: a Cantata Epilogue Actor: Vernon, Mrs Wrighten.

Dance: End: A Comic Dance-the two Miss Stagledoirs, scholars to M. LaRiviere

Event Comment: Rosetta 1st time Mrs Wrighten very well, great Applause (Hopkins Diary). Benefit for Ackman and Mrs Wrighten. Paid Master Brown 4 nights #1 10s. (16th inst. incl.). Receipts: #207 6s. 6d. Charges: #65. Profits to Ackman and Mrs Wrighten: #142 6s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Performance Comment: As17711008, but Sir William-Ackman; Rosetta-Mrs Wrighten (both for 1st time); Eustace-Davies.
Role: Sir William Actor: Ackman
Role: Rosetta Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Eustace Actor: Davies.
Role: Young Meadows Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir William Meadows Actor: Parsons
Role: Hodge Actor: King
Role: Hawthorn Actor: Vernon
Role: Justice Woodcock Actor: Hartry
Role: Deborah Woodcock Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Margery Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Scott, 1st time
Role: a Dance Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: the original Prologue Actor: King.
Role: Vamp Actor: Weston, 1st time
Role: Young Cape Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Arabella Actor: Miss Ambrose
Role: Cadwallader Actor: King
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Mrs Abington
Role: Governor Cape Actor: Bransby
Role: Sprightly Actor: Packer
Role: Poet Actor: Waldron
Role: Robert Actor: Keen
Role: Printer's Devil Actor: J. Burton.

Dance: II: Comic Dance, as17720326

Song: III: By Particular Desire, O What a charming Thing's a Battle-Bannister

Event Comment: A New Pantomime of Mr Messinks went off with great Applause (Hopkins Diary). Music By Dibdin. New Scenes, Habits, and Machines. Nothing under Full Prices will be taken. [Repeated.] Paid 4 days salary list at #85 12s. 11d., #342 11s. 8d.; Miss Mansell on acct #5 5s.; Mr Clinch ditto, #6 6s.; Dr Arne for Mrs Bradley 2 nights per order #5 5s.; Stopages nil (Treasurer's Book). [Full description of the New Pantomime is given in the Westminster Magazine (January 1773): Harlequin born to the Pigmies comes to manhood, gets a job from the Register Office in a Nobleman's family where he meets Colombine. They love, and elope, a chase ensues through several noted places in London, which are detailed in the review. The union of the lovers is finally consended to, and all closes with dancing. "Some of the paintings in the scenery are well executed; and the generality of Mr Dibdin's music deserves equal praise." In it Mrs Wrighten gives a ludicrous imitation of Miss Catley's manner of singing. The reviewer's general thesis about the London stage of this period, given first in the preliminary number, 1 Jan. 1773 continues: "The Stage seems now buried in universal darkness...The Publick for several weeks, has been fed with the lean carcass of two villainous pantomimes."] Receipts: #162 13s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The London Merchant

Role: George Barnwell Actor: Cautherly
Role: Thorogood Actor: Hurst
Role: Trueman Actor: Brereton
Role: Uncle Actor: Wright
Role: Blunt Actor: Ackman
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Mansell
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Egerton
Role: Milwood Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: a Song Actor: Mrs Scott.

Afterpiece Title: The Pigmy Revels; or, Harlequin Foundling

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Rooker; Colombine-Mrs Sutton; Others-Messink, Grimaldi, Ackman, Keen, Wright, Burton, Kear, Waldron, W. Palmer, Wrighten, Jacobs, Griffith, Jones, Master Cape, Lings, Watkins, Mrs Wrighten, Mrs Bradshaw, Miss Lings, Miss Platt, Mrs Millidge, Miss Collett, Mrs S. Smith; Dances-Daigville, Atkins, Giorgi, Sga Vidini, Sga Giorgi.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Public Advertiser, 9 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, No. 56, Drury-Lane. Receipts: #273 11s. 6d. (64.13.0; 7.9.6; 1.1.0; tickets: 200.8.0) (charge: #68 18s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Rivals

Role: Coachman Actor: Griffiths.
Role: Sir Anthony Absolute Actor: King
Role: Acres Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Lucius O'Trigger Actor: Moody
Role: David Actor: Parsons
Role: Fag Actor: Baddeley
Role: Faulkland Actor: Webster
Role: Captain Absolute Actor: Palmer
Role: Mrs Malaprop Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Lydia Languish Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Role: The Lady Actor: Mrs Robinson.
Role: Principal Bacchant Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Euphrosyne Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Comus Actor: Webster
Role: 1st Spirit Actor: Aickin
Role: Brothers Actor: Farren, Lamash
Role: Principal Bacchanals Actor: Bannister, Gaudry
Role: Pastoral Nymph Actor: Miss Collett
Role: Sabrina Actor: Miss Field

Song: Between the acts: Tally ho!-Mrs Wrighten; In afterpiece: Sweet Echo-Mrs Wrighten; accompanied-Parke

Performance Comment: -Mrs Wrighten; In afterpiece: Sweet Echo-Mrs Wrighten; accompanied-Parke.
Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Sweet Echo Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: accompanied Actor: Parke.
Event Comment: [Alter'd from +Lionel and Clarissa. Mrs Wrighten made her first appearance in the Stage in Diana. A very fine Voice--Aukward & Clumsy figure--Well faced (Hopkins Diary). Mrs Wrighten's first Appearance (Cross Diary). New Scenes, Dresses and Decorations. Greater part of the Music entirely New (playbill)


Mainpiece Title: lionel And Clarissa; Or, The School For Fathers

Performance Comment: Parts-Vernon, Aickin, Parsons, Dodd, Bannister, Fawcett, Mrs Baddeley, Miss Radley, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Dorman, A Young Gentlewoman, her first appearance. Lionel-Vernon; Col. Oldboy-Parsons; Jessamy-Dodd; Sir John Flowerdale-Aickin; Jenkins-Bannister; Harman-Fawcett; Clarissa-Mrs Baddeley; Diana-Mrs Wrighten, first appearance; Jenny-Miss Radley; Lady Mary Oldboy-Mrs Bradshaw; Servant?-Mrs Dorman (MacMillan, p. 272).

Afterpiece Title: [The Old Maid

Role: Clerimont Actor: Cautherly
Role: Harlow Actor: Packer
Role: Cape Actor: Baddeley
Role: Mrs Harlow Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Miss Harlow Actor: Mrs Cross.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Paid Mr Loutherbourg on Acct #41 13s. 4d. (Treasuer's Book). Receipts: #226 8s. Charges: #64 9s. Profits to Mrs Wrighten: #161 19s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Fashionable Lover

Role: Mortimer Actor: King.
Role: Aubrey Actor: Barry
Role: Miss Bridgemore Actor: Miss Sherry, first time
Role: Miss Aubrey Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Dr Druid Actor: Baddeley
Role: Bridgemore Actor: Bransby
Role: Tyrrel Actor: Reddish
Role: Lord Abberville Actor: Dodd
Role: Colin Mcleod Actor: Moody
Role: Mrs Bridgemore Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Napthali Actor: Waldron
Role: La Jeunesse Actor: Burton
Role: Jarvis Actor: Griffith
Role: Mrs Macintosh Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Miss Platt.

Afterpiece Title: The Ladies Frolick

Performance Comment: Oliver-Dodd; Clack-Parsons; Scentwell-Griffith; Meriel-Mrs Hunt; Rachel-Mrs Wrighten, first time; Hilliard-Davies; Vincent-Fawcett; Beggars-Wright, Waldron, Kear, Messink, Courtney, Jones, Mrs Love, Mrs Smith; A New Song-; will be introduced and In Act I, the Crutch Dance-.
Role: Oliver Actor: Dodd
Role: Clack Actor: Parsons
Role: Scentwell Actor: Griffith
Role: Meriel Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Rachel Actor: Mrs Wrighten, first time
Role: Hilliard Actor: Davies
Role: Vincent Actor: Fawcett
Role: Beggars Actor: Wright, Waldron, Kear, Messink, Courtney, Jones, Mrs Love, Mrs Smith
Role: A New Song Actor:
Role: the Crutch Dance Actor: .

Song: II: Rise Glory-Mrs Wrighten

Dance: V: The Sailors Revels, as17730928

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Morning Post, 6 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, No. 56, Drury-lane. The Battle of Hastings [announced on playbill of 27 Apr.] is obliged to be deferred on account of Mrs Yates' Indisposition. Tickets delivered for the Battle of Hastings will be taken. Receipts: #288 10s. 6d. (74.0.0; 7.7.0; 0.8.6; tickets: 206.15.0) (charge: #66 2s.). Account-Book totals the charge as follows: Ord[inary] Charge #64 4s.; Nosegay 1s. 6d.; Tea for three 1s. 6d.; Negus 1s. 2d.; Bread & Cheese 4d.; K[ettle] D[rum] 5s.; 19 Carp[enter]s #1 8s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Runaway

Performance Comment: As17780110, but Susan-Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Role: George Hargrave Actor: Smith
Role: Drummond Actor: Bensley
Role: Justice Actor: Parsons
Role: Jarvis Actor: Palmer
Role: Mr Morley Actor: Aickin
Role: Sir Charles Seymour Actor: Brereton
Role: Mr Hargrave Actor: Moody
Role: Lady Dinah Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Emily Actor: Mrs Robinson
Role: Harriet Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Bella Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: The Waterman

Role: Tugg Actor: Bannister
Role: Bundle Actor: Davies
Role: Robin Actor: Lamash
Role: Wilhelmina Actor: Miss Walpole
Role: Mrs Bundle Actor: Mrs Wrighten.

Dance: End III: as17780425

Song: Between Acts: her two favorite Vauxhall songs He's Aye Kissing Me, Tally Ho!-Mrs Wrighten

Performance Comment: -Mrs Wrighten.
Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Morning Chronicle, 1 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, No. 56, Drury-Lane. [Miss Thornton was from cg.] Receipts: #300 2s. 6d. (82.18.0; 8.12.0; 0.10.6; tickets: 208.2.0) (charge: #73 7s. 6d.)


Mainpiece Title: Cymon

Role: Merlin Actor: Bannister
Role: Sylvia Actor: Miss Thornton
Role: Cymon Actor: Vernon
Role: Dorus Actor: Parsons
Role: Linco Actor: Dodd
Role: Urganda Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Fatima Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Dorcas Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Cupid Actor: Miss Field
Role: Shepherdesses Actor: Miss Collett, Mrs Davies

Afterpiece Title: Who's The Dupe

Role: Granger Actor: Booth
Role: Mr Doiley Actor: Parsons
Role: Gradus Actor: Lamash
Role: Sandford Actor: Aickin
Role: Charlotte Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Miss Doiley Actor: Mrs Brereton.

Dance: End: As17791122

Song: End I afterpiece: Tally ho!-Mrs Wrighten

Performance Comment: -Mrs Wrighten.
Role: i> Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Public Advertiser, 29 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, Kennington-lane, near Vauxhall. Receipts: #247 12s. 6d. (56/2/0; 17/14/6; 0/2/0; tickets: 173/14/0) (charge: #110 14s. 1d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Double Gallant

Role: Old Wilful Actor: Burton
Role: Atall Actor: King
Role: Sir Solomon Sadlife Actor: Parsons
Role: Careless Actor: Brereton
Role: Clerimont Actor: Farren
Role: Sir Harry Atall Actor: Fawcett
Role: Finder Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Supple Actor: Suett
Role: Dr Blister Actor: Norris
Role: Rhubarb Actor: Chaplin
Role: Clarinda Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Lady Dainty Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: Sylvia Actor: Mrs Brereton
Role: Wishwell Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Lady Sadlife Actor: Miss Farren

Afterpiece Title: Comus

Performance Comment: Comus-Palmer; Principal Bacchanals-Barrymore, Staunton, Williames; 1st Spirit-Aickin; Brothers-Farren, R. Palmer; The Lady-Mrs Brereton; Euphrosyne and Principal Bacchant (with Sweet Echo, accompanied by Parke)-Mrs Wrighten; Pastoral Nymph-Miss Wright; Sabrina-Miss Field .

Dance: End of Act IV of mainpiece, as17821016; End of mainpiece, as17820917

Song: End of Act II of mainpiece A Soldier for Me (composed by Hook for The Best Bidder) by Mrs Wrighten

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Gazetteer, 9 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, Kennington-Iane, near Vauxhall. Receipts: #305 1s. (130/4/0; 13/11/6; 0/12/6; tickets: 160/13/0) (charge: #106 4s. 11d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Way Of The World

Performance Comment: As17840128, but Fainall-Farren; Witwou'd-Dodd; Foible (1st time)-Mrs Wrighten .
Role: Fainall Actor: Farren
Role: Witwou'd Actor: Dodd
Role: Foible Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Mirable Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Wilful Witwou'd Actor: Moody
Role: Petulant Actor: Baddeley
Role: Waitewll Actor: Parsons
Role: Lady Wishfor't Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Marwood Actor: Mrs Bulkley
Role: Mrs Fainall Actor: Mrs Wilson
Role: Millamant Actor: Miss Farren

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disguise

Role: : Sir Richard Evergreen Actor: Parsons
Role: Lord Hartwell Actor: Barrymore
Role: Sam Actor: Burton
Role: Tinsel Actor: Dodd
Role: Rose Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Miss Dorothy Evergreen Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Emily Actor: Miss Phillips.

Song: Between the Acts of 1st piece A Soldier for me by Mrs Wrightcn

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Public Advertiser, 29 Mar.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, Kennington-lane, near Vauxhall. Afterpiece: Not acted these 20 years [acted 13 Apr. 1773]. Receipts: #277 18s. (70/15; 8/18; 0/8; tickets: 197/17) (charge: (#106 16s. 1d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Performance Comment: As17840930, but Serjeant Flower-Chaplin; Brush-Burton; Chambermaid-Mrs Wrighten .
Role: Serjeant Flower Actor: Chaplin
Role: Brush Actor: Burton
Role: Chambermaid Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: King
Role: Sterling Actor: Parsons
Role: Sir John Melvil Actor: Bensley
Role: Lovewell Actor: Brereton
Role: Traverse Actor: Phillimore
Role: Trueman Actor: Fawcett
Role: Canton Actor: Baddeley
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: Miss Pope
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Brereton
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Hopkins

Afterpiece Title: The Intriguing Chambermaid

Performance Comment: Oldcastle-Parsons; Goodall-Suett; Valentine-Williames; Rakish-Staunton; Lord Puff-Phillimore; Marquis-Waldron; Security-Wilson; Slap-Chaplin; Drunken Colonel-Moody; Mrs Highman-Mrs Love; Charlotte-Miss Barnes; Lettice-Mrs Wrighten .
Role: Oldcastle Actor: Parsons
Role: Goodall Actor: Suett
Role: Valentine Actor: Williames
Role: Rakish Actor: Staunton
Role: Lord Puff Actor: Phillimore
Role: Marquis Actor: Waldron
Role: Security Actor: Wilson
Role: Slap Actor: Chaplin
Role: Drunken Colonel Actor: Moody
Role: Mrs Highman Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Charlotte Actor: Miss Barnes
Role: Lettice Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Song: End of Act II of mainpiece a Hunting Cantata; In afterpiece A Soldier for Me, both by Mrs Wrighten

Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Wrighten. Morning Chronicle, 11 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Mrs Wrighten, Kennington-lane, near Vauxhall. Receipts: #321 18s. (82/5; 7/8; 1/4; tickets: 231/1) (charge: #105 17s. 11d.)


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Role: Moody Actor: King
Role: Sparlrish Actor: Dodd
Role: Belville Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Countryman Actor: Jones
Role: Servant Actor: Spencer
Role: Harcourt Actor: Palmer
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Alithca Actor: Mrs Ward
Role: The Country Girl Actor: Mrs Jordan

Afterpiece Title: The Double Disguise

Performance Comment: Sir Richard Evergreen-Parsons; Lord Heartwell-Barrymore; Sam-Burton; Tinsel-Dodd; Rose-Mrs Wrighten; Miss Dorothy Evergreen-Mrs Hopkins; Emily-Mrs Crouch .
Role: Sir Richard Evergreen Actor: Parsons
Role: Lord Heartwell Actor: Barrymore
Role: Sam Actor: Burton
Role: Tinsel Actor: Dodd
Role: Rose Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: Miss Dorothy Evergreen Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Emily Actor: Mrs Crouch

Song: End of Act I of mainpiece Tally ho! by Mrs Wrighten

Performance Comment: by Mrs Wrighten .
Event Comment: Benefit for Mrs Jeffries and Mrs Wrighten. Tickets deliver'd for Woman is a Riddle will be taken


Mainpiece Title: Amphitryon

Role: Phaedra Actor: Mrs Jeffries.
Role: Gripus Actor: Parsons.
Role: Dances Actor: restored to bill.
Role: Jupiter Actor: Reddish
Role: Amphitryon Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Mercury Actor: Jefferson
Role: Judge Gripus Actor: Parsons
Role: Phoebus Actor: Hurst
Role: Polidas Actor: Wright
Role: Tranio Actor: Fawcett
Role: Sosia Actor: King
Role: Bromia Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Night Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Alcmena Actor: Miss Young
Role: In Which will be introduc'd an Interlude of Dan Actor: the Music entirely new
Role: Plutus Actor: Bannister
Role: Wit Actor: Mrs Scott
Role: The Dance Actor: The Daiguevilles, Sga Vidini.

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Performance Comment: As17700322 but Rhodope-Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Rhodope Actor: Mrs Wrighten.
Role: Glib Actor: King
Role: Sir Toby Fuz Actor: Love
Role: Patent Actor: Packer
Role: Carpenter Actor: Moody
Role: Sir Macaroni Actor: Dodd
Role: Wilson Actor: Palmer
Role: Prompter Actor: Bannister
Role: Housekeeper Actor: Johnston
Role: Shepherds Actor: Dodd, Parsons, Hartry, Fawcett, Kear, Messink
Role: Orpheus Actor: Vernon
Role: Sweepers Actor: Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Love
Role: Miss Fuz Actor: Miss Burton
Role: Lady Fuz Actor: Mrs Hopkins.

Song: I: A Cantata call'd Queen Mab or the Fairies' Jubilee-Mrs Wrighten

Dance: V: Minuet, Allemande-Daigueville, Miss Ross [as17700427

Event Comment: Mainpiece: By Desire. [Winston MS 10 lists Merope & Pigmy Revels, but notes that the bills indicate Way to Keep him.] School for Fathers deferr'd. Mrs Wrighten hoarse. Epistle to David Garrick published by Lloyd 2s. (Winston MS 10). Paid Mr Dimon upon Acct #5 5s. Receipts: #171 2s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Way To Keep Him

Afterpiece Title: The Pigmy Revels

Performance Comment: As17721226, but Others-Mrs _Wrighten.
Role: Others Actor: Mrs _Wrighten.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Rooker
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Sutton
Role: Dances Actor: Daigville, Atkins, Giorgi, Sga Vidini, Sga Giorgi.
Event Comment: Mr G. Leon excessive fine. Mrs Wrighten Nell first time very well (Hopkins Diary). Macbeth oblig'd to be deferr'd till Thursday. Receipts: #270 14s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Rule A Wife And Have A Wife

Role: Leon Actor: Garrick
Role: Old Woman Actor: Parsons.
Role: Cacafogo Actor: Moody
Role: Duke Actor: Aickin
Role: Copper Capt. Actor: King
Role: Alonzo Actor: Usher
Role: Juan Actor: Packer
Role: Sanchio Actor: Hurst
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Altea Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Margaretta Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Maid Actor: Waldron
Role: Estifania Actor: Mrs Abington.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Performance Comment: Sir John-Davies, first time; Jobson-Moody; Lady Loverule-Mrs Johnston; Nell-Mrs Wrighten , first time.
Role: Sir John Actor: Davies, first time
Role: Jobson Actor: Moody
Role: Lady Loverule Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Wrighten , first time.


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserv'd

Role: Jaffier Actor: Reddish
Role: Renault Actor: Jefferson
Role: Priuli Actor: J. Aickin
Role: Pierre Actor: Smith
Role: Officer Actor: Griffiths
Role: Duke Actor: Bransby
Role: Bedamor Actor: Packer
Role: Spinoza Actor: Wright
Role: Elliot Actor: Keen
Role: Belvidera Actor: Miss Younge, first time.

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler; or, a Wife of Ten Thousand

Performance Comment: Parts by Bannister, Dibdin, Legg, Kear, Griffiths, Everard, Parsons, Fawcett, Wrighten, Blanchard, Mrs Love, Mrs Wrighten. Snob-Bannister; Nipikin-Dibdin; Froth-Parsons; Grumble-Legg; Jenkins-Fawcett; Muggins-Kear; Contusion-Wrighten; Pest-Griffiths; Exciseman-Blanchard; Hone-Everard; Mrs Nipikin-Mrs Love; Alice-Mrs Wrighten (Edition of 1774 and Genest, V, 444).
Role: Snob Actor: Bannister
Role: Nipikin Actor: Dibdin
Role: Froth Actor: Parsons
Role: Grumble Actor: Legg
Role: Jenkins Actor: Fawcett
Role: Muggins Actor: Kear
Role: Contusion Actor: Wrighten
Role: Pest Actor: Griffiths
Role: Exciseman Actor: Blanchard
Role: Hone Actor: Everard
Role: Mrs Nipikin Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Alice Actor: Mrs Wrighten


Mainpiece Title: The Fair Penitent

Role: Horatio Actor: Bensley
Role: Altamont Actor: Brereton
Role: Sciolto Actor: Aickin
Role: Rossano Actor: Whitfield
Role: Lothario Actor: Reddish
Role: Lavinia Actor: Miss Sherry
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Davies
Role: Calista Actor: Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: May Day; or, The Little Gipsy

Performance Comment: Parts by Vernon, Wrighten, Parsons, Bannister, Kear, Legg, Fawcett, Cubitt, etc., Mrs Wrighten, Mrs Scott, Mrs Davies, Miss Platt, Miss Robbins, Miss Hopkins, Miss Jarratt, etc., and a Young Lady. Farmer Furrow-Parsons; William-Vernon; Clod-Bannister; Dozey-Weston; Cryer-Wrighten; Dolly-Mrs Wrighten; Little Gipsy-Young Lady, first appearance on any stage (Miss Abrams); Country lads-Kear, Fawcett, Legg, Cubitt; Country lasses-Mrs Scott, Mrs Davies, Miss Platt, Miss Robins, Miss Jarratt (Genest, V, 480).


Mainpiece Title: Old City Manners

Performance Comment: Parts by: Dodd, Baddeley, Parsons, Brereton, Bannister, Hurst, Whitfield, Wright, Wrighten, Griffith, Carpenter, Norris, Garland, Everard, Fawcett, Kear, Legg, Cubitt, etc. Palmer, Miss P. Hopkins, Mrs Whitfield, Miss Platt, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Millidge, Mrs Wrighten. With an Occasional Prologue-King; Touchstone-Baddeley; Quicksilver-Dodd; Sir Petronel Flash-Palmer; Golding-Brereton; Security-Parsons; Bramble-Hurst; Capt. Seagull-Bannister; Fig-Whitfield; Waterman-Wright; Wolf-Wrighten; Holdfast-Griffith; Constable-Carpenter; Servant-Norris; Drawer-Garland; Footman-Everard; Scapethrift-Fawcett; Spendall-Cubitt; Coachman-Kear, Legg; Mildred-Miss P. Hopkins; Winifred-Mrs Whitfield; Sydney-Miss Platt; Mrs Touchstone-Mrs Johnston; Betty-Mrs Millidge; Gertrude-Mrs Wrighten (Genest, V, 481).
Role: With an Occasional Prologue Actor: King
Role: Touchstone Actor: Baddeley
Role: Quicksilver Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Petronel Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Golding Actor: Brereton
Role: Security Actor: Parsons
Role: Bramble Actor: Hurst
Role: Seagull Actor: Bannister
Role: Fig Actor: Whitfield
Role: Waterman Actor: Wright
Role: Wolf Actor: Wrighten
Role: Holdfast Actor: Griffith
Role: Constable Actor: Carpenter
Role: Servant Actor: Norris
Role: Drawer Actor: Garland
Role: Footman Actor: Everard
Role: Scapethrift Actor: Fawcett
Role: Spendall Actor: Cubitt
Role: Coachman Actor: Kear, Legg
Role: Mildred Actor: Miss P. Hopkins
Role: Winifred Actor: Mrs Whitfield
Role: Sydney Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Mrs Touchstone Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Millidge
Role: Gertrude Actor: Mrs Wrighten

Afterpiece Title: May Day

Dance: The Merry Peasants, as17751018


Mainpiece Title: New Brooms

Performance Comment: Principal Characters by King, Moody, Palmer, Parsons, Bannister, Baddeley, Wrighten, Carpenter, Griffiths, Wright, Burton, R. Palmer, Dodd, Mrs Bradshaw, Mrs Love, Miss Platt, Miss Stageldoir, Mrs Wrighten. [Cast from text (T. Becket. 1776): Sprightly-King; Phelim-Moody; Catcall-Palmer; Sir Dulcimer Dunder-Parsons; Sailor-Bannister; Mezzetin-Baddeley; Furrow-Wrighten; Dripping-Griffiths; Musician-Wright; Frank Furrow-Burton; Lad-R. Palmer; Crotchet-Dodd; Mrs Dripping-Mrs Bradshaw; Mrs Furrow-Mrs Love; Doxy-Miss Platt; Miss Dripping-Miss Stageldoir; Miss Quaver-Mrs Wrighten; unassigned-Carpenter; Prologue[, not listed on playbill,-King [; it was presumably, spoken at all subsequent performances].; it was presumably, spoken at all subsequent performances].
Role: Sprightly Actor: King
Role: Phelim Actor: Moody
Role: Catcall Actor: Palmer
Role: Sir Dulcimer Dunder Actor: Parsons
Role: Sailor Actor: Bannister
Role: Mezzetin Actor: Baddeley
Role: Furrow Actor: Wrighten
Role: Dripping Actor: Griffiths
Role: Musician Actor: Wright
Role: Frank Furrow Actor: Burton
Role: Lad Actor: R. Palmer
Role: Crotchet Actor: Dodd
Role: Mrs Dripping Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Mrs Furrow Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Doxy Actor: Miss Platt
Role: Miss Dripping Actor: Miss Stageldoir
Role: Miss Quaver Actor: Mrs Wrighten
Role: unassigned Actor: Carpenter
Role: not listed on playbill, Actor: King

Afterpiece Title: Twelfth Night

Performance Comment: Malvolio-Yates (1st appearance in that character these 1O years); Sir Andrew Ague@Cheek-Dodd; Sir Toby Belch-Palmer; Orsino-Jefferson; Sebastian-Davies; Fabian-Lamash; Antonio-Wrighten; Captain-Wright; Officer-Carpenter; Priest-Griffiths; Valentine-Norris; Curio-Everard; Clown-Vernon; with the original Epilogue song-Vernon; Olivia (with a song)-Mrs Baddeley; Maria-Mrs Hopkins; Viola-Miss Younge.
Role: Malvolio Actor: Yates
Role: Sir Andrew Ague@Cheek Actor: Dodd
Role: Sir Toby Belch Actor: Palmer
Role: Orsino Actor: Jefferson
Role: Sebastian Actor: Davies
Role: Fabian Actor: Lamash
Role: Antonio Actor: Wrighten
Role: Captain Actor: Wright
Role: Officer Actor: Carpenter
Role: Priest Actor: Griffiths
Role: Valentine Actor: Norris
Role: Curio Actor: Everard
Role: Clown Actor: Vernon
Role: with the original Epilogue song Actor: Vernon
Role: Olivia Actor: Mrs Baddeley
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Viola Actor: Miss Younge.

Afterpiece Title: Miss in her Teens

Role: Fribble Actor: Dodd
Role: Captain Flash Actor: Palmer
Role: Captain Loveit Actor: Davies
Role: Puff Actor: Moody
Role: Jasper Actor: Burton
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Miss Biddy Actor: Miss Jarratt.