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Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: I took coach and to the King's house, and by and by comes after me my wife with W. Hewer and his mother and Barker, and there we saw The Tameing of a Shrew, which hath some very good pieces in it, but generally is but a mean play; and the best part, Sawny, done by Lacy, hath not half its life, by reason of the swords, I suppose, not being understood, at least by me


Mainpiece Title: Sauny The Scot; Or, The Taming Of A Shrew

Performance Comment: [Adapted by John Lacy.] Sauny-Lacy.
Role: Sauny Actor: Lacy.
Related Works
Related Work: Sauny the Scot; or, The Taming of a Shrew Author(s): John Lacy
Event Comment: Benefit Hippisley. Afterpiece: [By Lacy Ryan.] Receipts: money #64 18s.; tickets #111 13s. Probable attendance: boxes, 116 by money and 185 by tickets; stage, 31 by money; pit, 37 by money and 346 by tickets; slips, 13 by money; first gallery, 110 by money and 135 by tickets; second gallery, 122 by money


Mainpiece Title: The Busy Body

Afterpiece Title: The Cobler's Opera

Related Works
Related Work: The Cobler's Opera Author(s): Lacy Ryan
Event Comment: [Lacy was from DL. Address by George Colman, the elder (Colman, Prose, in, 260).]


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet

Performance Comment: Hamlet-Lacy (1st appearance on this stage); King-Gardner; Horatio-Aickin; Rosencraus-Stevens; Guildenstern-Egan; Polonius-Wilson; Laertes-Davies; Player King-Usher; Marcellus-Riley; Ostrick-R. Palmer; Gravediggers-Parsons, Wewitzer; Ghost-Bensley; Ophelia-Mrs Bannister; Player Queen-Mrs Poussin; Queen-Mrs Bates. Preceding the Play an Address spoken by Lacy .

Afterpiece Title: Peeping Tom

Event Comment: Benefit Lacy. Afterpiece: A new Satyrical, Allegorical, Political, Philosophical Farce, [Apparently by Lacy.] Daily Advertiser, 30 April: Yesterday I accidentally call'd in at the Theatre in the Hay-Market, and saw the Rehearsal of a new Farce call'd Fame...Which is to be acted there on Wednesday next...for the Benefit of Mr Lacy the Author. As I am neither acquainted with him, nor the Master of the Playhouse, I cannot be accus'd of Partiality, in affirming, that I think this the best Farce this Age has produc'd. It seems to be writ in Imitation of Shakespear, and entirely calculated for the present Taste. The Characters are strong, lively, majestic, and just; the incidents natural and moving; the Conduct regular; the Distresses extremely affecting; the Stile sublime; the Sentiments grand, full of Patriotism; and the Catastrophe so masterly wrought up, that, I am persuaded, no Farce whatsoever, now acting, will draw more Tears than this. But what affected me beyond all, was, the Zeal, the exemplary Zeal of a worthy Magistrate, who so strictly adheres to the very Letter of the Law, as to send a rich and honest Merchant, and Freeholder, to the House of Correction, as a sturdy Beggar, or Loiterer. I could enlarg in its Praise, but fear I may do the Author wrong, in raising your Expectations too high. See it, and I am convinc'd you will entertain the same Sentiments of it, as does Your Humble Servant, James Lacy. Alias Fustian, alias Sour-Wit, alias--But hold:--If I should be arraign'd for the Murder of this Farce, so many Alias's will half condemn me before I am heard


Mainpiece Title: Pasquin

Afterpiece Title: Fame; or, Queen Elizabeth's Trumpets; or, Never plead's Hopes of being a Lord Chancellor; or, The Lover turn'd Philosopher; or, The Miser's Resolve upon the Lowering of Interest

Related Works
Related Work: Fame; or, Queen Elizabeth's Trumpets; or, Never plead's Hopes of being a Lord Chancellor; or, The Lover turn'd Philosopher; or, The Miser's Resolve upon the Lowering of Interest Author(s): James Lacy
Event Comment: By Authority of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Lacy, formerly of the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane. Tickets to be had of Fosbrook, at the Box Office of the Drury Lane Theatre, and Rice, at the Box Office of the Theatre-Royal, Haymarket, where Places for the Boxes may be taken. [Address by John Taylor (Monthly Mirror, Dec. 1798, p. 370). On this night the following appeared both at dl and at the hay: Hollingsworth, Caulfield, Bannister Jun., Suett, Miss Pope, Mrs Bland.


Mainpiece Title: The Jealous Wife

Performance Comment: Oakly-Lacy; Major Oakly-Wilmot Wells; Charles-Macready; Mrs Oakly-Mrs Abington; And, with Permission of the Proprietors of the Theatre Royal, Drury-Lane: Russet-Hollingsworth; Sir Harry Beagle-R. Palmer; Lord Trinket-Russell; Captain O'Cutter-Caulfield; Paris-Wewitzer; William-Ryder; John-Surmont; Tom-Webb; Lady Freelove-Mrs Sparks; Harriet-Miss Heard; Toilet-Mrs Cuyler.
Role: Oakly Actor: Lacy

Afterpiece Title: Between II and III of the above,Sylvester Daggerwood

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Dance: In II 3rd piece: A Mock Minuet-R. Palmer, Miss Pope

Song: End I 1st piece: Little Taffline-Mrs Bland

Entertainment: MonologuePrevious 1st piece: Occasional Address-Lacy

Event Comment: [As afterpiece Public Advertiser announces The Rival Candidates, but see Hopkins Diary, 12 Oct.] The Managers met again to-day, but nothing settled. Hamlet was given out. I saw Mr Sheridan, he told me that Mr Lacy and he had agreed that no Play should be given out, nor any Bills put up, till they had settled this Affair, which was to be done to-Morrow at Mr Wallis's (the Attorney's) where they were all to dine. I waited on Mr Lacy, who agreed to the same, and no Bills or Paragraph were sent to the Papers. All the Business of the Theatre is at a Stand, and no Rehearsal called. Wed. 16th--Mr Sheridan, Dr Ford and Mr Linley dined today by Appointment with Mr Wallis where Mr Lacy was to have met them; about four o'clock he sent a verbal Message that he could not come to Dinner, but would wait upon them in the Evening, and about nine o'clock he came, and everything was settled to the Satisfaction (of them all) and a Paragraph sent to the Papers, and the Hypocrite and Christmas Tale was advertised for Friday, but no Play was to be done on Thursday--Covent Garden did not play on Friday (Hopkins Diary). Public Advertiser, 16 Oct., summarizes the proprietors' dispute: the Drury Lane patent had been purchased [in 1747] by David Garrick and James Lacy. On his death Lacy had devised his half-share to his son, Willoughby Lacy; on his retirement from the stage Garrick had sold his half-share to Sheridan, Ford and Linley. The original agreement between Garrick and Lacy, as recited in a document retained by the attorney Albany Wallis was that, in case of the sale of either share of the patent, or any part of either share, the seller was obligated to offer the first refusal to purchase to the other partner, and that this was to be done only when the theatre was closed for the summer. In selling one half of his share to Robert Langford and to Edward Thompson, Willoughby Lacy was--so argued his three partners--acting illegally: he had not offered to them the first refusal, and he was negotiating the sale at a time when the theatre was open. Public Advertiser, 17 Oct.. prints a statement from Lacy saying that he did not feel himself bound by the original agreement between his father and Garrick, but that, in the interest of the business of the theatre, he had asked Langford and Thompson to withdraw their claim to partnership, to which request they had acceded. Receipts: #130 9s. 6d


Mainpiece Title: The Committee; Or, The Faithful Irishman

Afterpiece Title: The Waterman

Event Comment: Not acted in 30 years. Principal Characters new Dress'd. Written by Otway (General Advertiser). Mr Woodward did ye part of Malagene in which he took off Mr Foote & would have many of ye Actors but the Audience grew so outragious, that he was forc'd to desist ye 4th & 5th Acts were much hooted, Mr Havard in a part where he says Whir was severely treated, nor could he ever appear after in ye play, but the whole Audience echoed that Word--it was given out again, wch so enrag'd the Audience yt they call'd loudly for Garrick, but as he was not this Night at the House, they pull'd up the Benches, tore down ye King's Arms, & wou'd have done much more mischief had not Mr Lacy qone into the Pit, & talk'd to 'em, what they resented was giving out a piece again after they had damn'd it--the Gallery resented ye Guards being sent in--Mr Lacy was oblig'd to go upon the Stage after & tell 'em I had given out the play again, as ne'er a Manager was present to give other Directions--In his Argument Mr Lacy call'd a Witness in ye pit, saying that Gent: next to ye painter knows I was in ye pit when ye Guards went into the Gallery, so I cou'd not send 'em this painter after ye rout came behind the scenes & was angry for being call'd painter (his name was Hudson) but at length he as well as ye rest was pacified--and we gave out Provok'd Husband (Cross). [See Foote's retaliation in Daily Advertiser, 26 Jan.] Paid Capt. Turber 1!2 year's rent #11 3s. 4d. (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #140 (Cross); #137 12s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Friendship In Fashion (reviv'd)

Performance Comment: Goodville-Havard; Malagene-Woodward; Sir Noble Clumsey-Winstone; Truman-Palmer; Valentine-Usher; Caper-Shuter; Saunter-King; Mrs Goodville-Mrs Pritchard; Lady Squeamish-Mrs Clive; Victoria-Mrs Bennett; Camilla-Mrs Willoughby; Lettice-Miss Pitt; Page-Master Cross; Bridge-Mrs Simpson; Harry-Marr.
Role: Camilla Actor: Mrs Willoughby
Event Comment: Archer by Mr King. Cherry first time Miss Jarratt pretty well. Sga Pacini danc'd for the first time. She is a small figure, not much Elegance but was very well received (Hopkins Diary). Agreement with Sga Paccini, 20 June 1775: "I do agree for my partner, Mr Willoughby Lacy, and myself, to engage Signora Paccini as first dancer at our Theatre, the ensuing season, which commences the first week in September 1775, and finishes the end of May 1776; for which the said Signora shall receive from us, by weekly or monthly payments as she pleases, the sum of three hundred and twenty-five pounds sterling, and she is likewise to have a benefit in course of salary, and at the best time of the year, for which she is to dance whenever she is called upon, to the best of her power and abilities. This engagement the managers of the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane engage to fulfill on their part, under the penalty of five-hundred pounds sterling. Witness my hand this nineteenth day of June 1775." (Signed.) David Garrick for Willoughby Lacy and himself (Boaden, Private Correspondence of Garrick, II, 63). The Comedy of The School for Lovers oblig'd to be deferr'd. Receipts: #153 19s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Afterpiece Title: The Theatrical Candidates

Afterpiece Title: The Rival Candidates

Dance: II: A Grand New Ballet, call'd The Savage Hunters-Slingsby first appearance this season, Grimaldi, Como, Giorgi, Sga Crespi, Sga Paccini, first appearance on the English Stage

Event Comment: SSignor Campioni first danc'd here--well (Cross). Afterpiece: With Scenes, Music, Cloths and Decorations entirely new. Paid Rigg (a Smith) #2 10s.; Mr Oram (Scene Painter) on acct #30 by order Mr Lacy (Treasurer's Book). Receipts: #100 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: The Double Dealer

Performance Comment: Maskwell-Berry; Careless-Mills; Mellefont-Havard; Sir Paul-Yates; Lord Froth-Shuter; Lord Touchwood-Winstone; Brisk-Woodward; Saygrace-James; Lady Froth-Mrs Clive; Lady Pliant-Mrs Pit; Cynthia-Mrs Willoughby; Lady Touchwood-Mrs Pritchard.
Role: Cynthia Actor: Mrs Willoughby

Afterpiece Title: Acis and Galatea

Event Comment: Benefit for Dodd. Afterpiece: Not acted these 9 years. [See 26 March 1763.] Married at Marylebone Church-W. Lacy, Esq one of managers of Drury Lane to Miss Orpen, daughter of an eminent hatter (Winston MS 10). Married: Willoughby Lacy, Esq to Miss Orpen of St Mary-le-bon (Gentleman's Magazine, 1744, p. 141). Receipts: #166 16s. Charges: #64 12s. Profits to Dodd: #102 4s. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy

Entertainment: Bucks Have at ye All-Dodd

Event Comment: The King's Company. See Herbert, Dramatic Records, p. 118. This was a new play, but it is not clear that this day was the premiere. BM Add. Mss. 34217, in Hotson, Commonwealth and Restoration Stage, p. 246: @For the surprizall it was a good proofe@By its getting them mony it took well enough@Without which Divell take the Play@Be it never so good the Actors say@But they may thanke God with all their hart@That Lacy plaid Brankadoros part.


Mainpiece Title: The Surprizal

Performance Comment: Brancadoro-Lacy.
Role: Brancadoro Actor: Lacy.
Event Comment: The King's Company. See Herbert, Dramatic Records, p. 118. Langbaine (English Dramatic Poets, p. 477): This Play has been received with Success (as I said) in our Time; and as I remember, the deceas'd Mr Lacy acted Jonny Thump, Sir Gervase Simple's Man, with general Applause


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Maze

Performance Comment: [The Changes] Jonny Thump-Lacy.
Role: Jonny Thump Actor: Lacy.
Event Comment: The King's Company. This is the first known performance of the comedy, but it may not be the premiere. Evelyn, Diary: At night saw acted the Committe, a ridiculous play of Sir R. Howards where that Mimic Lacy acted the Irish-footeman to admiration: a very Satyrus or Roscius. Downes, Roscius Anglicanus, p. 16: @For his Just Acting, all gave him due Praise,@His Part in the Cheats, Jony Thump, Teg and Bayes,@In these Four Excelling; The Court gave him the Bays.


Mainpiece Title: The Committee

Performance Comment: Teague-Lacy; Prologue-. Edition of 1665 has Prologue, but no actors' names, no epilogue.
Role: Teague Actor: Lacy
Event Comment: Pepys, Diary: And there took up my wife and Ashwell to the Theatre Royall, being the second day of its being opened. The house is made with extraordinary good contrivance, and yet hath some faults, as the narrowness of the passages in and out of the pitt, and the distance from the stage to the boxes, which I am confident cannot hear; but for all other things it is well, only, above all, the musique being below, and most of it sounding under the very stage, there is no hearing of the bases at all, nor very well of the trebles, which sure must be mended. The play was The Humerous Lieutenant, a play that hath little good in it, nor much in the very part which, by the King's command, Lacy now acts instead of Clun. In the dance, the tall devil's actions was very pretty....I am resolved to deny myself the liberty of two plays at court, which are in arreare to me for the months of March and April, which will more than countervail this excess, so that this month of May is the first that I must claim a liberty of going to a Court play according to my oath


Mainpiece Title: The Humorous Lieutenant

Performance Comment: As16630507, but Lieutenant-Lacy.
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Lacy.
Event Comment: The King's Company. For praise of Lacy, see Downes, Roscius Anglicanus, p. 16, or 27 Nov. 1662. Pepys, Diary: To the Royal Theatre by water, and landing, met with Captain Ferrers his friend, the little man that used to be with him, and he with us, and sat by us while we saw Love in a Maze. The play is pretty good, but the life of the play is Lacy's part, the clown, which is most admirable; but for the rest, which are counted such old and excellent actors, in my life I never heard both men and women so ill pronounce their parts, even to my making myself sick therewith


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Maze

Performance Comment: [The Changes] Thump-Lacy. See also 17 May 1662.
Event Comment: The King's Company. For an edition of this play from the MS prompt copy, see The Change of Crownes, ed. F. S. Boas (Oxford University Press, 1949). For the consequences of Lacy's ad libbing, see 16, 20, and 22 April, and 1 May. Pepys, Diary: I to the King's house by chance, where a new play: so full as I never saw it; I forced to stand all the while close to the very till I took cold, and many people went away for want of room. The King and Queene, and Duke of York and Duchesse of York there, and all the Court, and Sir W. Coventry. The play called The Change of Crownes; a play of Ned Howard's the best that ever I saw at that house, being a great play and serious; only Lacy did act the country-gentleman come up to Court, who do abuse the Court with all the imaginable wit and plainness about selling of places, and doing every thing for money. The play took very much.... Gervase Jaquis to the Earl of Huntington, 16 April: Here is another play house erected in Hatton buildings called the Duke of Cambridgs play-house, and yester-day his Matie the Duke & many more were at the King's Playe house to see some new thing Acted (Hastings MSS, HA 7654, Huntington Library)


Mainpiece Title: The Change Of Crowns

Performance Comment: Country Gentleman-Lacy.
Role: Country Gentleman Actor: Lacy.
Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the King's house, and there did see Love in a Maze, wherein very good mirth of Lacy, the clown, and Wintersell, the country-knight, his master


Mainpiece Title: The Changes; Or, Love In A Maze

Performance Comment: Thump?-Lacy; Sir Gervase Simple?-Wintersell. See also 1 May 1667.
Role: Thump? Actor: Lacy
Event Comment: uthor unknown.] Benefit Morgan and Lacy. Receipts: money #10 5s.; tickets #93 13s. Probable attendance: boxes, 10 by money and 118 by tickets; stage, 3 by money; pit, 11 by money and 259 by tickets; first gallery, 14 by money and 253 by tickets; second gallery, 57 by money


Mainpiece Title: The Ancient History Of Caradoc The Great; Or, The Valiant Welshman

Performance Comment: Caradoc-Walker; Cartismandua-Mrs Berriman; Octavian-Hulet; Gald-Milward; Codigunc-Ogden; Claudius Caesar-Huddy; Ostorius Scapula-Berriman; Cunedag-Lacy; Morgan Earl of Anglesey-Hippisley; Roger the Quest Man-Morgan; With a New Prologue-.
Role: Cunedag Actor: Lacy

Song: TThe Genius of England-Salway

Dance: TTwo Pierrots-Nivelon, Salle; Peasant-Poitier, Mrs Bullock; French Sailor and his Wife-Salle, Mlle Salle

Event Comment: Benefit Lacy, Pitt, Mrs Rice. Written by Mr Farquhar. Receipts: money #4 10s.; tickets #87 11s. Probable attendance: boxes, 3 by money and 76 by tickets; stage, 4 by money; pit, 4 by money and 261 by tickets; first gallery, 4 by money and 294 by tickets; second gallery, 18 by money


Mainpiece Title: Love And A Bottle

Performance Comment: As17280406 but Club-Bullock; Brush-Pitt; Rigadoon-Lacy; Pamphlet-Chapman; Beggar-Giffard; Pindress-Mrs Rice; Bulfinch-Mrs Cook.
Role: Rigadoon Actor: Lacy

Dance: SScottish Dance-Mrs Bullock; Grand Dance of Moors-Glover, Newhouse, Pelling, Lanyon, Mrs Ogden, Mrs Anderson, Miss LaTour; Fingalian-Newhouse, Mrs Ogden

Event Comment: Benefit Theo. Lacy. At the Desire of several Ladies of Quality


Mainpiece Title: The True And Antient History Of King Lear And His Three Daughters

Performance Comment: Lear-Huddy; Edgar-Giffard; Gloucester-W. Giffard; Bastard-Theo. Lacy; Kent-Bardin; Albany-R. Williams; Cornwall-Machen; Burgundy-Bullock; Gentleman Usher-Penkethman; Goneril-Mrs Seal; Regan-Mrs Thomas; Cordelia-Mrs Giffard.
Role: Bastard Actor: Theo. Lacy

Dance: TThe White Joke-Eaton

Event Comment: Benefit of Prompter (Steed). Receipts: money #20 19s. 16d.; ticekts #62. Tickets for Lacy and Miss Horsington taken


Mainpiece Title: The Fond Husband

Afterpiece Title: The Tragedy of Tragedies

Performance Comment: King Arthur-Hulett; Tom Thumb-Miss S. Rogers, the Lilliputian Lucy; Grizzle-Lacy; Merlin-Hallam; Ghost of Gaffer Thumb-Salway; Noodle-Houghton; Doole-Aston; Foodle-Hale; Dollalolla-Mrs Martin; Huncamunca-Mrs Egleton; Glumdalca-Hall.
Role: Grizzle Actor: Lacy

Dance: TTwo Pierrots-Poitier, Pelling; Hornpipe-Jones, Mrs Ogden

Event Comment: RRylands: Lacy play'd. Receipts: #40


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko

Performance Comment: Oroonoko-Lacy; Inventor of the Theatre in Ranelagh Gardens; Aboan-Berry; Capt Driver-Johnson; Daniel-Neale; Imoinda-Mrs Butler; Widow-Mrs Macklin; Charlot Weldon-Mrs Ridout; Lucy Weldon-Miss Brunette; Governor-Turbutt; Blandford-Ridout; Stanmore-Winstone; Jack Stanmore-Ray; Hotman-Hill.
Role: Oroonoko Actor: Lacy

Afterpiece Title: Miss Lucy in Town

Event Comment: [Extra night] By Grant from the Proprietors, a Free Night; Benefit for Lacy, formerly of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. [Address by John Taylor (Poems, I, 68).] Receipts: #97 3s. (53.15.6; 40.16.6; 1.10.0; odd money: 1.1.0; tickets: none listed) (charge: free)


Mainpiece Title: The Child Of Nature

Afterpiece Title: Othello: Moor of Venice

Performance Comment: Duke of Venice-Maddocks; Brabantio-Packer; Gratiano-Sparks; Lodovico-Webb; Othello-Lacy; Cassio (1st time)-Holland; Iago (1st time)-Cory; Roderigo (1st time)-Talbot; Montano-DeCamp; Gentlemen-Wentworth, Ryder; Officers-Evans, Fisher; Desdemona-Mrs Powell; Aemilia-Mrs Sparks.
Role: Othello Actor: Lacy

Song: End 2nd piece: Crazy Jane-Mrs Bland

Entertainment: Imitations. After Singing: Imitations-Caulfield; Monologue. Previous: An Address-Lacy

Performance Comment: After Singing: Imitations-Caulfield; Monologue. Previous: An Address-Lacy.
Role: An Address Actor: Lacy.
Event Comment: For an account of the play, see John Wilson's The Cheats, ed. Milton C. Nahm (Oxford, 1935). It was licensed on 6 March (p. 124), acted, then forbade on 22 March in an order: Letter to Mr Tho. Killigrew: Signifying the Ks Pleasure that the New Play called the Cheates be no more represented till it be reuiewed by Sir Jo. Denham & Mr Waller. 22 March. 1662-3 (p. 130). Abraham Hill to John Brooke, 28 March 1663: P.S. The new play, called The Cheats, has been attempted on the Stage; but it is so scandalous, that it is forbidden (Familiar Letters of? Abraham Hill, [London, 1717], p. 103. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 16) concerning Lacy: @For his just Acting, all gave him due Praise,@His Part in the Cheats, Jony Thump, Teg and Bayes,@In these Four Excelling, The Court gave him the Bays.


Mainpiece Title: The Cheats

Performance Comment: Cast in MS (Library of Worcester College, Oxford): Bilboe-Shottrell; Titere Tu-Clunn; Dilligence-Loueday; Mrs Dilligence-Mrs Marshall; Jolly-Hart; Afterwit-Burt; Mrs Margt Rutter? [Hughes, in edition, edited by Nahm, p. 145] [Rutter, in J. H. Wilson, All the King's Ladies, p. 185]; [Edition of 1664 Prologue- [Edition of 1693 adds: Whitebroth-Lacy; Mopus-$Mohun; Mrs Whitebroth-$Mrs Covey [$Corey">Cartwright; Runter-$Wintersal; Scruple-$Lacy; Mopus-$Mohun; Mrs Whitebroth-$Mrs Covey [$Corey].Corey].
Role: Scruple Actor: Lacy
Event Comment: Benefit for Smith. Mr Lacy play'd Cyrus. Spoke too Low and wanted Spirit. Was receiv'd with Applause (Hopkins Diary). [MacMillan's note from Kemble differs slightly.] Tickets delivered for Siege of Damascus, for that night, will be taken. The Bill For establishing a Fund for Decayed Actors of dl Theatre has passed the House of Lords (Winston MS 11). Receipts: #134 19s. Charges: #67 7s. 6d. Profits to Smith: #67 11s. 6d. (Treasurer's Book)


Mainpiece Title: Cyrus

Performance Comment: Cyrus-A Gentleman [Lacy]; Cambyses-Smith; Mithranes-Bensley; Harpagus-Packer; Astyages-Palmer; Mirza-Whitfield; Officer-Norris; Aspatia-Miss Hopkins; Mandane-Mrs Yates.

Afterpiece Title: A Peep behind the Curtain

Entertainment: End: (for the last time) Comic Paraphrase on Shakespeare's Seven Ages-King

Dance: End Entertainment: The Irish Fair, as17751003