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Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Husband

Performance Comment: Don Julio-Benson; Don Caesar-Waldron; Don Vincentio-Wilson; Don Garcia-Hill; Gaspar-Sadler; Vasquez-Watts; Pedro-Price; Don Carlos-Gibbons (who performed JafHer [on 5 July] and Lord Gayville [on 10 July]); Victoria-Mrs Chambers; Minette-Mrs Clarke; Marcella-Miss Phillips; Inis-Mrs Johnston; Laura-Miss Williams; Donna Olivia-Miss Fenton (who performed Belvidera [on 5 July] and Lady Emily [on 10 July]) .on 5 July] and Lady Emily [on 10 July]) .
Role: Don Julio Actor: Benson
Role: Don Caesar Actor: Waldron
Role: Don Vincentio Actor: Wilson
Role: Don Garcia Actor: Hill
Role: Gaspar Actor: Sadler
Role: Vasquez Actor: Watts
Role: Pedro Actor: Price
Role: Don Carlos Actor: Gibbons
Role: Victoria Actor: Mrs Chambers
Role: Minette Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Marcella Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Inis Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Laura Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Donna Olivia Actor: Miss Fenton

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Performance Comment: Diggory-Waldron; Charles Stanley-Benson; Harry Stukely-Essex; Watt-Watts [sic]; Cymon-Wilson; Waiter-Price; Sir Gilbert Pumpkin-Sadler; Miss Bridget Pumpkin-Mrs Johnston; Kitty Sprightly-Mrs Harlowe .
Role: Diggory Actor: Waldron
Role: Charles Stanley Actor: Benson
Role: Harry Stukely Actor: Essex
Role: Watt Actor: Watts
Role: Cymon Actor: Wilson
Role: Waiter Actor: Price
Role: Sir Gilbert Pumpkin Actor: Sadler
Role: Miss Bridget Pumpkin Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Kitty Sprightly Actor: Mrs Harlowe

Song: Between the Acts and after the mainpiece, by Price, Miss Phillips, Mrs Clarke

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Watts. Mainpiece: Written by Mrs Centlivre; Not acted these 40 years [not acted since 27 Apr. 1731, at Goodman's Fields]. Prologue written by a Gentleman [unidentified; printed in Town and Country Magazine, Apr. 1784, p. 214. The playbill for this performance is as printed in Morning Chronicle, 8 Mar. Gazetteer, 8 Mar., assigns Captain Constant to Reynolds, Laura to Miss Beaufield, Maria to Mrs Green, Belinda to Miss Johnson]. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:30. Tickets to be had of Connolly, at the King's Head Tavern, Fenchurch-street; of Watts, No. 2, Upper James-street, Golden-square


Mainpiece Title: The Man's Bewitch'd; Or, The Devil To Do About Her

Performance Comment: Faithful (the Man Bewitch'd)-Smith; Sir GeofFry Constant (a very extraordinary Ghost)-Stannard; Captain Constant (son of the Ghost)-Keynlas; Clinch-Shatford; Num (a Country Squire)-Mills; Slouch (his man)-Stannard Jun.; Lovely-Cross; Roger (a Countryman)-Watts; Trusty-Swords; Manage-Brown; Sir David Watchum-Lloyd; Laura-Mrs Beaufield; Maria-Miss Vernon; Dorothy-Mrs Reynolds; Lucy-Mrs Thompson; Belinda-Mrs Johnson. New Occasional Prologue spoken by Shatford .
Role: Faithful Actor: Smith
Role: Sir GeofFry Constant Actor: Stannard
Role: Captain Constant Actor: Keynlas
Role: Clinch Actor: Shatford
Role: Num Actor: Mills
Role: Slouch Actor: Stannard Jun.
Role: Lovely Actor: Cross
Role: Roger Actor: Watts
Role: Trusty Actor: Swords
Role: Manage Actor: Brown
Role: Sir David Watchum Actor: Lloyd
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Beaufield
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Vernon
Role: Dorothy Actor: Mrs Reynolds
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Thompson
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Johnson. New Occasional Prologue spoken by Shatford

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Scott
Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Knights
Role: Heeltap Actor: Davies
Role: Bruin Actor: Farrell
Role: Lint Actor: Shatford
Role: Roger Actor: Bass
Role: Snuffle Actor: Harris
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Swords
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Mrs Thompson
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Mrs White

Dance: End of mainpiece Hornpipe by Rothery

Song: Between the Acts Singing [singer not listed]

Event Comment: Benefit for Farley, Sloper & Mrs Watts. 2nd piece [1st time; M. INT 1]: Consisting of Song, Catch, Glee, and Dance. With appropriate Scenery analogous to the different subjects. [3rd piece in place of Harlequin and Faustus, advertised on playbill of 2 June.] Receipts: #292 6s. 6d. (51.10.0; 5.1.0; tickets: 235.15.6, of which Farley took #55 9s. 6d.; Sloper #117 13s.; Mrs Watts #62 13s.)


Mainpiece Title: Wild Oats

Role: 980320but Sir George Thunder Actor: Davenport
Role: John Dory Actor: Farley
Role: Lady Amaranth Actor: Miss Betterton
Role: Rover Actor: Lewis
Role: Sir George Thunder Actor: Quick
Role: Harry Actor: Holman
Role: Ephraim Smooth Actor: Munden
Role: Banks Actor: Murray
Role: Midge Actor: Clarke
Role: Sim Actor: Knight
Role: Gammon Actor: Thompson
Role: Lamp Actor: Farley
Role: Trap Actor: Dyke
Role: Landlord Actor: Powel
Role: Zachariah Actor: Rees
Role: Twitch Actor: Wilde
Role: Jane Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Amelia Actor: Miss Chapman

Afterpiece Title: Unanimity; or, War, Love, and Loyalty

Performance Comment: SCENE I. Cottage and Sea View. The sailor's Pledge of Love[, as17980515-Incledon, Mrs Mountain; [SCENE II. View of the Tower. The Wind blew fresh and fair-Townsend; [SCENE III. Rural View. Lowland Festivity. In which will be introduced the celebrated piece of machinery, The Peacockv, by Sloper. Jamie-Bologna Jun.; Croudy-Bologna; Jenny-Miss Cranfield; Moggy-Mrs Watts; [SCENE IV. Romantic View. Duetto-Mrs Martyr, Mrs Mountain; [SCENE V. Mess-house. With a jolly full bottle-Incledon, Townsend, Gray, Linton; Young William was a seaman true-Incledon; Great Britain still her Charter boasts-Incledon, full Chorus; [Conclude with Allegory-; [in honour of his Majesty's Birth-Day [celebrated on this day] [in which a Nautic and Tactic Procession, with Rule Britannia-; God save the King-.

Dance: 3rd piece to conclude with: Dance of Savoyards, as17980430; Ascension of the Bleeding Nun-

Event Comment: Benefit for Gardner, Rock, Besford & Mrs Watts. The Caledonian Wedding [a dance, advertised on playbill of 2 June] cannot be performed on Account of the Indisposition of a Principal Performer. [3rd piece in place of The Country Mad-Cap, advertised on playbill of 2 June.] Receipts: #177 6d. (48.1.6; 7.16.0; tickets: 121.7.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Follies Of A Day

Performance Comment: As17871108, but Basil-Rock; The Page (1st time)-Mrs Watts.
Role: Basil Actor: Rock
Role: The Page Actor: Mrs Watts.
Role: Count Almaviva Actor: Lewis
Role: Figaro Actor: Bernard
Role: Don Guzman Actor: Quick
Role: Antonio Actor: Edwin
Role: Doctor Bartholo Actor: Booth
Role: Doublefee Actor: Thompson
Role: Countess Actor: Mrs Bernard
Role: Marcelina Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Susan Actor: Mrs Mattocks

Afterpiece Title: Linco's Travels

Role: Linco Actor: Blanchard.
Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Master Simmons
Role: Grizzle Actor: Edwin
Role: Doodle Actor: Davies
Role: Noodle Actor: Cubitt
Role: Ghost Actor: Darley
Role: Arthur Actor: Quick
Role: Huncamunca Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Glumdalca Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Dollalolla Actor: Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: Tom Thumb

Role: Tom Thumb Actor: Master Simmons
Role: Grizzle Actor: Edwin
Role: Doodle Actor: Davies
Role: Noodle Actor: Cubitt
Role: Ghost Actor: Darley
Role: Arthur Actor: Quick
Role: Huncamunca Actor: Mrs Kennedy
Role: Glumdalca Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Dollalolla Actor: Mrs Martyr.

Song: End II 1st piece: The Soldier tir'd of War's Alarms (for this Night only)-Master Braham

Entertainment: Monologue End III 1st piece: A Description of the Tombs in Westminster Abbey-Edwin

Event Comment: [Afterpiece in place of Midas, advertised on playbill of 15 June.] Account-Book: Tickets delivered by Brandon, Green, Robson, Egan, Clarridge, Blurton, Coombs, Wilkins, Wyatt, Rock, Gray, Doe, Watts, Boswell, Iredale, Turtle, Dosel, Helme will be admitted. Receipts: #371 2s. 6d. (34.7.6; 4.14.0; tickets: 332.1.0)


Mainpiece Title: The Brothers

Performance Comment: Capt. Ironsides-Ryder; Sir Benjamin Dove-Quick; Elder Belfield-Davies; Old Goodwin-Hull; Paterson-Cubitt; Philip-Macready; Skiff-Fearon; Francis-Thompson; Jonathan-Gardner; Young Belfield-Farren; Lady Dove-Mrs Webb; Violetta-Mrs Wells; Fanny Goodwin-Miss Rowson; Lucy Waters-Mrs Watts; Sophia-Mrs Pope.
Role: Ironsides Actor: Ryder
Role: Sir Benjamin Dove Actor: Quick
Role: Elder Belfield Actor: Davies
Role: Old Goodwin Actor: Hull
Role: Paterson Actor: Cubitt
Role: Philip Actor: Macready
Role: Skiff Actor: Fearon
Role: Francis Actor: Thompson
Role: Jonathan Actor: Gardner
Role: Young Belfield Actor: Farren
Role: Lady Dove Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Violetta Actor: Mrs Wells
Role: Fanny Goodwin Actor: Miss Rowson
Role: Lucy Waters Actor: Mrs Watts
Role: Sophia Actor: Mrs Pope.

Afterpiece Title: The Farmer

Role: Colonel Feignwell Actor: Ryder
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Booth
Role: Sir Philip Modelove Actor: Bernard
Role: Tradelove Actor: Thompson
Role: Freeman Actor: Davies
Role: Sackbut Actor: Fearon
Role: Simon Pure Actor: Blanchard
Role: Periwinkle Actor: Quick
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Ann Lovely Actor: Mrs Wells.
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Davenett.
Role: Young Hazlewood Actor: Lewis
Role: Hector Actor: Ryder
Role: Sir Harry Hazlewood Actor: Quick
Role: Hotfrost Actor: Edwin
Role: Shaloon Actor: Wewitzer
Role: Colonel Heavyside Actor: Booth
Role: Captain Douce Actor: Cubitt
Role: Major Rooky Actor: Rock
Role: Glovestring Actor: Mrs Rock
Role: Mrs Knott Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Mrs Jeroboam Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Miss Jeroboam Actor: Mr Blanchard
Role: Miss Somers Actor: Mrs Wells.
Role: The Characters Actor: _Aickin.
Role: Marquis Actor: Lewis
Role: Sebastian Actor: Ryder
Role: Nicholas Actor: Edwin
Role: General Actor: Quick
Role: Matthias Actor: Fearon
Role: Ambrose Actor: Thomson
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Cecily Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs Wells.
Role: The Vocal Parts Actor: _Blanchard.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Boyce
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Cubitt
Role: Lover Actor: Farley
Role: Clown Actor: Letteney
Role: Taberino Actor: Rock
Role: Zozeb Actor: Master Simmons
Role: Wood Cutter Actor: Bonville
Role: Undertaker Actor: Stevens
Role: Pierrot Actor: Delpini
Role: Aladin's Mother Actor: Mrs Davenett
Role: Pantaloon's Wife Actor: Mrs White
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Goodwin

Ballet: End: The Wapping Landlady. Jack in Distress-Blurton; Orange Woman-Mrs Watts; Landlady-Mr King

Performance Comment: Jack in Distress-Blurton; Orange Woman-Mrs Watts; Landlady-Mr King.
Role: Jack in Distress Actor: Blurton
Role: Orange Woman Actor: Mrs Watts
Role: Landlady Actor: Mr King.
Event Comment: [Account-Book: Tickets delivered by Goostree, Creswell, Farley, Mlle St.Amand, Mrs Watts will be admitted.] Receipts: #226 4s. 6d. (105.7.6; 4.8.6; tickets: 116.8.6)


Mainpiece Title: Love In A Village

Role: Young Meadows Actor: Incledon
Role: Hawthorn Actor: Johnstone
Role: Hodge Actor: Knight
Role: Sir William Meadows Actor: Powel
Role: Eustace Actor: Townsend
Role: Carter Actor: Follett
Role: Footman Actor: Blurton
Role: Justice Woodcock Actor: Quick
Role: Deborah Actor: Mrs Davenport
Role: Madge Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Cook Actor: Mr Rees
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Stuart
Role: Rosetta Actor: Mrs Serres

Afterpiece Title: The Irishman in London

Performance Comment: As17950923, but Cubba-Mrs Watts.
Role: Cubba Actor: Mrs Watts.
Role: Murtoch Delaney Actor: Johnstone
Role: Frost Actor: Munden
Role: Edward Actor: Fawcett
Role: Seymour Actor: Harley
Role: Colloony Actor: Macready
Role: Cymon Actor: Farley
Role: Caroline Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Townsend.

Dance: As17951125

Event Comment: Benefit for Sloper and Mrs Watts. 2nd piece: The Machinery of the Peacock by Sloper. 3rd piece: The following are a part of the Scenes: The Ancient Temple dedicated to Bel, the God of Fire, with the Flactaga, or sacred Fire burning; The Dargle, where the Irish Druids consulted their Oracle; A View near Wicklow; The Salmon Leap; Entrance of a Subterraneous Pass; Maon's Cavern; Cemetery and Dungeon, appertaining to the Round Tower, Moated Castle, &c. The Overture and Music principally new, with a Selection of some novel Irish Airs, by Reeve. The Harp by Weippert. The machinery by Cresswell, Sloper and Goostree. The Dresses by Dick and Mrs Egan. Receipts: #319 16s. 6d. (70.19.0; 8.13.0; tickets: 240.4.6)


Mainpiece Title: Abroad And At Home

Role: here called Little Dicky Actor: Simmons
Role: Miss Hartley Actor: Mrs Atkins
Role: Buff Actor: Clarke.
Role: Harcourt Actor: Incledon
Role: Sir Simon Flourish Actor: Emery
Role: Captain O'Neill Actor: Johnstone
Role: Old Testy Actor: Munden
Role: Young Flourish Actor: Fawcett
Role: Young Testy Actor: Knight
Role: Bluff Actor: Townsend
Role: Snare Actor: Claremont
Role: Tipstaff Actor: Simmons
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Lady Flourish Actor: Mrs Litchfield
Role: a New Obligato Song Actor: Miss Poole
Role: accompanied on the violin Actor: Mountain.

Afterpiece Title: An Egeirophadron

Role: Young William was a sailor true composed an Actor: Incledon
Role: The Irish Haymaker Actor: Johnstone
Role: Sally in our Alley Actor: Incledon
Role: A Bundle of Proverbs Actor: Munden
Role: The Wind blew fresh and fair Actor: Townsend
Role: A New Planxty Actor: Johnstone, as17990430
Role: Boxing the Compass Actor: Fawcett
Role: Old Towler Actor: Incledon.
Role: By Permission of the Proprietors of Drury Actor:
Role: Bowkit Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Cranky Actor: Munden
Role: Vinegar Actor: Emery
Role: Orator Mum Actor: Knight
Role: Bouquet Actor: Hill
Role: Idle Actor: Farley
Role: Signor Arionelli Actor: Incledon
Role: Cecilia Actor: Mrs Atkins.
Role: Sam Surge Actor: Incledon
Role: Tim Tingle Actor: Townsend
Role: Jacky Item Actor: Simmons
Role: Paddy O'Blarney Actor: Johnstone
Role: Nancy Actor: Mrs Martyr.
Role: Harlequin Actor: Bologna Jun.
Role: Lover Actor: Simmons
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Hawtin
Role: Farmer Actor: Street
Role: Shepherd and Shepherdess Actor: Mrs Martyr, Mrs Atkins
Role: Bricklayers Actor: Thompson, Jones
Role: Carpenter Actor: Lee
Role: Sportsmen Actor: Klanert, Claremont
Role: Gardner Actor: Wilkins
Role: Serjeant Actor: Whitmore
Role: Recruits Actor: Abbot, Findlay
Role: Woodcutter Actor: Dyke
Role: Mandarine Actor: Wilde
Role: Lover's Servant Actor: Rees
Role: Monkey Actor: Rayner
Role: Clown Actor: Farley
Role: Principal Witches Actor: Linton, Street
Role: Columbine Actor: Mrs Wybrow.

Afterpiece Title: The Round Tower; or, The Chieftains of Ireland

Performance Comment: Cobthach (Usurper of the Throne)-Bologna; Sitric (a Danish Chief)-Bologna Jun.; Kildare-King; Danish Soldier-Dyke; Maon-Farley (1st appearance in that character); Child-Miss Webb; Moriat (1st time)-Mrs Watts; Principal Vocal Characters-Townsend, Linton, Street, Miss Sims, Mrs Martyr.
Role: Cobthach Actor: Bologna
Role: Sitric Actor: Bologna Jun.
Role: Kildare Actor: King
Role: Danish Soldier Actor: Dyke
Role: Maon Actor: Farley
Role: Child Actor: Miss Webb
Role: Moriat Actor: Mrs Watts
Role: Principal Vocal Characters Actor: Townsend, Linton, Street, Miss Sims, Mrs Martyr.

Song: In: Together let us range-Incledon, Mrs Atkins


Mainpiece Title: Douglas

Role: Young Norval Actor: Hill
Role: Lord Randolph Actor: Smith
Role: Glenalvon Actor: Curtis
Role: Officer Actor: Westenholt
Role: Servant Actor: Meadows
Role: Old Norval Actor: Villars
Role: Anna Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Lady Randolph Actor: Mrs Johnston

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Performance Comment: Major Sturgeon-Villars; Sir Jacob Jollup-Watts; Bruin-Smith; Lint-Curtis; Heeltap-Meadows; Roger-Johnston; Snuffle-Westenholt; Mob-Hill, Price, Watts Jun., &c.; Jerry Sneak-Wilson; Mrs Bruin-Mrs Benson; Mrs Sneak-Mrs Villars .
Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Villars
Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Watts
Role: Bruin Actor: Smith
Role: Lint Actor: Curtis
Role: Heeltap Actor: Meadows
Role: Roger Actor: Johnston
Role: Snuffle Actor: Westenholt
Role: Mob Actor: Hill, Price, Watts Jun., &c.
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Wilson
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Mrs Villars

Song: End of mainpiece song by Price


Mainpiece Title: The Debauchee; Or, A New Way To Pay Old Debts

Role: Loveless Actor: Bickerstaff
Role: Sir Oliver Actor: Keen
Role: Careless Actor: Mills
Role: Tom Actor: Norris
Role: Saveall Actor: Fairbank
Role: Simon Actor: Bullock
Role: Watt Actor: Pack
Role: Lady Thrivewell Actor: Mrs Bradshaw
Role: Clara Actor: Mrs Porter
Role: Mrs Saleware Actor: Mrs Moor
Role: Crostill Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Phebe Actor: Mrs Saunders
Role: Closlet Actor: Mrs Powell
Role: With an Epilogue Actor: Mr Norris to his Brother Salewares of the City.


Mainpiece Title: The Relapse; Or, Virtue In Danger

Performance Comment: Si Tunbelly Clumsy-Watts from Bristol, 1st appearance in London; Foppington-Woodward; Loveless-Ryan; Amanda-Mrs Pritchard; Worthy-Ridout; Berinthia-Mrs Horton; Young Fashion-Anderson; Shoemaker-Arthur; Lory-Chapman; Nurse-Mrs James; Miss Hoyden-Miss Haughton; Bull-Stoppelaer; Syringe-James; Varole-Bencraft.
Role: Si Tunbelly Clumsy Actor: Watts from Bristol, 1st appearance in London
Role: Foppington Actor: Woodward
Role: Loveless Actor: Ryan
Role: Amanda Actor: Mrs Pritchard
Role: Worthy Actor: Ridout
Role: Berinthia Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Young Fashion Actor: Anderson
Role: Shoemaker Actor: Arthur
Role: Lory Actor: Chapman
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs James
Role: Miss Hoyden Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Bull Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Syringe Actor: James
Role: Varole Actor: Bencraft.

Afterpiece Title: The School Boy


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane

Performance Comment: Tamerlane-Gentle; Bajazet-Dunning; Moneses-Gataker; Axalla-Ball; Omar-Robert Smith; Zama-William Hemans; Mirvan-Marlow; Haly-Williamson; Arpasia-Mills; Selma-John Smith; Dervise-Watts; Prince of Tanais-Bonham; Stratocles-Robert Hemmings.
Role: Tamerlane Actor: Gentle
Role: Bajazet Actor: Dunning
Role: Moneses Actor: Gataker
Role: Axalla Actor: Ball
Role: Omar Actor: Robert Smith
Role: Zama Actor: William Hemans
Role: Mirvan Actor: Marlow
Role: Haly Actor: Williamson
Role: Arpasia Actor: Mills
Role: Selma Actor: John Smith
Role: Dervise Actor: Watts
Role: Prince of Tanais Actor: Bonham
Role: Stratocles Actor: Robert Hemmings.


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserved; Or, A Plot Discover'd

Performance Comment: Jaffier-West; Priuli-Watts; Renault-Newton; Duke-Bailey; Bedamar-Cooke; Spinosa-Massey; Elliot-Everard; Officer-Fildew; Pierre-Burnett; Belvidera-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]).unidentified]).
Role: Jaffier Actor: West
Role: Priuli Actor: Watts
Role: Renault Actor: Newton
Role: Duke Actor: Bailey
Role: Bedamar Actor: Cooke
Role: Spinosa Actor: Massey
Role: Elliot Actor: Everard
Role: Officer Actor: Fildew
Role: Pierre Actor: Burnett
Role: Belvidera Actor: A Young Lady

Afterpiece Title: Comical Courtship; or, The Battle Royal

Dance: As17780601

Song: As17780529


Mainpiece Title: A Bold Stroke For A Wife; Or, The Quaker's Wedding

Performance Comment: Colonel Feignwell-Russell; Freeman-Cooke; Sir Philip Modelove-Massey; Obadiah Prim-Watts; Simon Pure-Bailey; Anne Lovely-Mrs Burden; Betty-Mrs West; Mask'd Lady-Mrs Heard; Mrs Prim-Mrs Russell.
Role: Colonel Feignwell Actor: Russell
Role: Freeman Actor: Cooke
Role: Sir Philip Modelove Actor: Massey
Role: Obadiah Prim Actor: Watts
Role: Simon Pure Actor: Bailey
Role: Anne Lovely Actor: Mrs Burden
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs West
Role: Mask'd Lady Actor: Mrs Heard
Role: Mrs Prim Actor: Mrs Russell.

Afterpiece Title: High Life below Stairs

Role: Lovell Actor: Russell
Role: Freeman Actor: Bailey
Role: Lord Duke's Servant Actor: Everard
Role: Sir Harry's Servant Actor: Cooke
Role: Robert Actor: Burnett
Role: Tom Actor: Newton
Role: Kingston Actor: Master Nelson
Role: Coachman Actor: Fildew
Role: Kitty Actor: Mrs Russell
Role: Lady Bab Actor: Mrs West
Role: Lady Charlotte Actor: Mrs Bailey
Role: Cook Actor: Mrs Newby.

Dance: As17780601

Song: As17780529


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Role: Peachum Actor: Popplewell
Role: Lockit Actor: Connell
Role: Filch Actor: Decastro
Role: Mat o' the Mint Actor: Ingall
Role: Macheath Actor: Dighton
Role: Mrs Peachum and Diana Trapes Actor: Mrs Jones
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Henley
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Mrs Barnard
Role: Polly Actor: Mrs Woodman
Role: Covent Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Performance Comment: Sir Patrick O'Neale-Connell; Whittle-Smith; Nephew-Watts; Bates-Popplewell; Thomas-Decastro; Kecksey-Cross; Widow Brady (with Epilogue Song)-Mrs Sydney .
Role: Sir Patrick O'Neale Actor: Connell
Role: Whittle Actor: Smith
Role: Nephew Actor: Watts
Role: Bates Actor: Popplewell
Role: Thomas Actor: Decastro
Role: Kecksey Actor: Cross
Role: Widow Brady Actor: Mrs Sydney

Dance: In Act III of mainpiece Hornpipe by Fairbrother. vaudeville. End of mainpiece a Scene in a Sporting Club, in which a Variety of Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical [performers not listed]


Mainpiece Title: She Stoops To Conquer; Or, The Mistakes Of A Night

Performance Comment: Hardcastle-Clarke; Young Marlow-Curtis; Hastings-Smith; Sir Charles Marlow-Griffith; Diggory-Watts; Jeremy-Westenholt; Landlord-Wilson; Countrymen-Johnston, Meadows, &c; Tony Lumpkin-Wright; Mrs Hardcastle-Mrs Johnston; Miss Neville-Miss Williams; Maid-Miss Stevens; Miss Hardcastle-Mrs Villars .
Role: Hardcastle Actor: Clarke
Role: Young Marlow Actor: Curtis
Role: Hastings Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Charles Marlow Actor: Griffith
Role: Diggory Actor: Watts
Role: Jeremy Actor: Westenholt
Role: Landlord Actor: Wilson
Role: Countrymen Actor: Johnston, Meadows, &c
Role: Tony Lumpkin Actor: Wright
Role: Mrs Hardcastle Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Miss Neville Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Maid Actor: Miss Stevens
Role: Miss Hardcastle Actor: Mrs Villars

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Performance Comment: Sharp-Waldron; Justice Guttle-Griffith; Beau Trippit-Wilson; Dick-Watts; Gayless-Hill; Melissa-Mrs Villars; Mrs Gadabout-Miss Williams; Mrs Trippit-Miss Stevens; Kitty Pry-Mrs Benson .
Role: Sharp Actor: Waldron
Role: Justice Guttle Actor: Griffith
Role: Beau Trippit Actor: Wilson
Role: Dick Actor: Watts
Role: Gayless Actor: Hill
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Villars
Role: Mrs Gadabout Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Mrs Trippit Actor: Miss Stevens
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Benson

Song: End of Act I of mainpiece Nobody by Villars; End of mainpiece Freedom and his native Land by Price


Mainpiece Title: The Country Girl

Performance Comment: Moody-Benson; Sparkish-Simpson; Belville-Hill; Countryman-Watts; Servants-Meadows, Johnston; Harcourt-Yatesmore (who perform'd Glenalvon [in Douglas]; 2nd appearance); Lucy-Mrs Clarke (1st appearance); Alithea-Miss Phillips; Miss Peggy (the Country Girl)-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]) .unidentified]) .
Role: Moody Actor: Benson
Role: Sparkish Actor: Simpson
Role: Belville Actor: Hill
Role: Countryman Actor: Watts
Role: Servants Actor: Meadows, Johnston
Role: Harcourt Actor: Yatesmore
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Alithea Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Miss Peggy Actor: A Young Lady

Afterpiece Title: The King and the Miller of Mansfield

Performance Comment: The King-Smith; The Miller-Watts; Lord Lurewell-Wilson; Joe (with a song in character)-Price; Dick-Curtis; Margery-Mrs Johnston; Kate-Mrs Clarke; Peggy-Mrs Williams .
Role: The King Actor: Smith
Role: The Miller Actor: Watts
Role: Lord Lurewell Actor: Wilson
Role: Joe Actor: Price
Role: Dick Actor: Curtis
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Williams

Song: In the course of the mainpiece a plaintive Pastoral Song, unaccompanied by the orchestra, by the Young Lady; End of Monologue a duett from Robin Hood by Price and Miss Phillips

Monologue: 1786 06 28 End of mainpiece Parents and Children; or, The Chimney-Sweeper and Bricklayer by a Young Gentleman (1st appearance on any stage [Gibbons (see 5 and 19 July)])


Mainpiece Title: Hamlet: Prince Of Denmark

Performance Comment: Hamlet-Curtis; King-Yatesmore; Horatio-Smith; Polonius-Waldron; Laertes-Hill; Ostrick-Wilson; Guildenstern-Meadows; Bernardo-Price; Marcellus-Johnston; Grave-diggers-Simpson, Watts; Ghost-Benson; Ophelia-Miss Phillips; Player Queen-Miss Williams; Queen-Mrs Johnston .
Role: Hamlet Actor: Curtis
Role: King Actor: Yatesmore
Role: Horatio Actor: Smith
Role: Polonius Actor: Waldron
Role: Laertes Actor: Hill
Role: Ostrick Actor: Wilson
Role: Guildenstern Actor: Meadows
Role: Bernardo Actor: Price
Role: Marcellus Actor: Johnston
Role: Grave Actor: diggers-Simpson, Watts
Role: diggers Actor: Simpson, Watts
Role: Ghost Actor: Benson
Role: Ophelia Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Player Queen Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Johnston

Afterpiece Title: Taste; or, The Diversions of the Morning

Role: Carmine Actor: Hill
Role: Lady Pentweazle Actor: Mr Wilson

Afterpiece Title: Catherine and Petruchio; or, The Taming of a Shrew

Performance Comment: Petruchio-Benson; Baptista-Smith; Hortensio-Hill; Taylor-Simpson; Biondello-Wilson; Music-Master-Meadows; Pedro-Watts; Nathaniel-Price; Grumio-Waldron; Bianca-Miss Phillips; Curtis-Miss Williams; Catherine-Mrs Johnston. monologues. End of 1st piece Buds have at ye all by Curtis; End of 2nd piece Parents and Children, as17860628. End of 2nd piece Parents and Children, as17860628.
Role: Petruchio Actor: Benson
Role: Baptista Actor: Smith
Role: Hortensio Actor: Hill
Role: Taylor Actor: Simpson
Role: Biondello Actor: Wilson
Role: Music Actor: Master-Meadows
Role: Master Actor: Meadows
Role: Pedro Actor: Watts
Role: Nathaniel Actor: Price
Role: Grumio Actor: Waldron
Role: Bianca Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Curtis Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Johnston. monologues. End of 1st piece Buds have at ye all by Curtis
Role: The King Actor: Smith
Role: The Miller Actor: Watts
Role: Lord Lurewell Actor: Wilson
Role: Joe Actor: Price
Role: Dick Actor: Curtis
Role: Margery Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Kate Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Williams


Mainpiece Title: Venice Preserved; Or, A Plot Discovered

Performance Comment: Jaffier-The Young Gentleman who, with great applause, twice recited the Apologue of Parents and Children, &c. [Gibbons (see17860719]; Priuli-Smith; Renault-Sadler (1st appearance on that stage); Bedamer-Hill; Duke-Watts; Officer-Meadows; Elliot-Price; Spinosa-Johnston; Pierre-Yatesmore; Belvidera-A Young Lady (1st appearance [Miss Fenton(see17860719]) .Miss Fenton(see17860719]) .
Role: Jaffier Actor: The Young Gentleman who, with great applause, twice recited the Apologue of Parents and Children, &c.
Role: Priuli Actor: Smith
Role: Renault Actor: Sadler
Role: Bedamer Actor: Hill
Role: Duke Actor: Watts
Role: Officer Actor: Meadows
Role: Elliot Actor: Price
Role: Spinosa Actor: Johnston
Role: Pierre Actor: Yatesmore
Role: Belvidera Actor: A Young Lady

Afterpiece Title: The Agreeable Surprise

Performance Comment: Lingo-Waldron; Compton-Price; Eugene-Hill; Chicane-Smith; Thomas-Benson; John-Wilson; Cudden-Meadows; Farmer Stump-Watts; Sir Felix Friendly-Simpson; Laura-Miss Phillips; Mrs Cheshire-Mrs Johnston; Fringe-Miss Williams; Cowslip-Mrs Waldron .
Role: Lingo Actor: Waldron
Role: Compton Actor: Price
Role: Eugene Actor: Hill
Role: Chicane Actor: Smith
Role: Thomas Actor: Benson
Role: John Actor: Wilson
Role: Cudden Actor: Meadows
Role: Farmer Stump Actor: Watts
Role: Sir Felix Friendly Actor: Simpson
Role: Laura Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Mrs Cheshire Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Fringe Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Cowslip Actor: Mrs Waldron


Mainpiece Title: The Maid Of The Mill

Role: Lord Aimworth Actor: Yatesmore
Role: Sir Harry Sycamore Actor: Waldron
Role: Fairfield Actor: Smith
Role: Ralph Actor: Wright
Role: Mervin Actor: Hill
Role: Giles Actor: Price
Role: Fanny Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Theodosia Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Lady Sycamore Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Patty Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Gipsies Actor: The rest of the Company

Afterpiece Title: The Poor Soldier

Performance Comment: Patrick (the Poor Soldier)-Simpson; Dermot-Price; Captain Fitzroy-Smith; Father Luke (the Irish Priest)-Watts; Monsieur Bagatelle-Benson; Darby-Waldron; Kathleen-Mrs Waldron; Norah-Miss Phillips .
Role: Patrick Actor: Simpson
Role: Dermot Actor: Price
Role: Captain Fitzroy Actor: Smith
Role: Father Luke Actor: Watts
Role: Monsieur Bagatelle Actor: Benson
Role: Darby Actor: Waldron
Role: Kathleen Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Norah Actor: Miss Phillips


Mainpiece Title: The Heiress

Performance Comment: Ld. Gayville-The Young Gentleman who performed Jaffier on Wednesday last [Gibbons]; Clifford-Yatesmore; Sir Clement Flint-Sadler; Blandish-Wilson; Chignon-Benson; Prompt-Simpson; Mr Rightly-Smith; Chairman-Wright; Servants-Watts, Meadows, Johnston; Alscrip-Waldron; Miss Alscrip-Mrs Waldron; Miss Alton-Miss Phillips; Mrs Blandish-Mrs Clarke; Mrs Sagely-Mrs Johnston; Tiffany-Miss Williams; Lady Emily-The Young Lady who performed Belvidera on Wednesday last [Miss Fenton]. Prologue [spoken by Gibbons]. Epilogue [spoken by Miss Fenton] .Miss Fenton]. Prologue [spoken by Gibbons]. Epilogue [spoken by Miss Fenton] .

Afterpiece Title: Peeping Tom of Coventry

Performance Comment: Peeping Tom-Benson; Harold-Price; Earl of Mercia-Smith; Hobnail-Johnston; Dumplin-Watts; Mayor of Coventry-Waldron; Emma-Miss Phillips; Mayoress-Mrs Johnston; Lady Godiva-Miss Williams; Maud-Mrs Waldron .
Role: Peeping Tom Actor: Benson
Role: Harold Actor: Price
Role: Earl of Mercia Actor: Smith
Role: Hobnail Actor: Johnston
Role: Dumplin Actor: Watts
Role: Mayor of Coventry Actor: Waldron
Role: Emma Actor: Miss Phillips
Role: Mayoress Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Lady Godiva Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Maud Actor: Mrs Waldron

Afterpiece Title: Robinson Crusoe; or, Harlequin Friday

Performance Comment: Harlequin-Wright; Crusoe-Johnston; Pantaloon-Watts; Clown-Benson .
Role: Harlequin Actor: Wright
Role: Crusoe Actor: Johnston
Role: Pantaloon Actor: Watts
Role: Clown Actor: Benson

Song: End of Act I of mainpiece Sweet Poll of Plymouth by Master Muffett of Hammersmith (1st appearance in public); In Act II an incidental song, accompanied by the pedal harp, by Miss Phillips; End of mainpiece Let Fame sound the Trumpet, as sung by Johnstone in Fontainbleau, by a Young Gentleman (1st appearance)

Monologue: 1786 07 10 End of last song Parents and Children, as 28 June


Mainpiece Title: The Provok'd Husband; Or, A Journey To London

Performance Comment: Lord Townly-Gibbons; Manly-Smith; Squire Richard-Benson; Count Basset-Wilson; John Moody-Watts; Poundage-Sadler; Sir Francis Wronghead-Waldron; Lady Grace-Mrs Chambers; Miss Jenny (with songs in character)-Mrs Benson; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Johnston; Mrs Motherly-Miss Williams; Myrtilla-Mrs Clarke; Trusty-Mrs Harlowe; Lady Townly-A Young Lady (1st appearance on this stage [unidentified]) .unidentified]) .
Role: Lord Townly Actor: Gibbons
Role: Manly Actor: Smith
Role: Squire Richard Actor: Benson
Role: Count Basset Actor: Wilson
Role: John Moody Actor: Watts
Role: Poundage Actor: Sadler
Role: Sir Francis Wronghead Actor: Waldron
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Chambers
Role: Miss Jenny Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Myrtilla Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Trusty Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: Lady Townly Actor: A Young Lady

Afterpiece Title: The Padlock

Role: Don Diego Actor: Waldron
Role: Leander Actor: Price
Role: Mungo Actor: Benson
Role: Ursula Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Benson

Afterpiece Title: Harlequin's Gambols

Song: End of 1st Monologue A Tax on Old Maids, as sung by Mrs Kennedy at Vauxhall, by Mrs Benson. monologues. End of mainpiece Peeping Tom of Coventry's Peep into Hammersmith; End of 3rd piece A Description of the Tombs in Westminster Abbey, both by Benson


Mainpiece Title: The Belle's Stratagem

Performance Comment: Doricourt-Benson; Sir George Touchwood-Gibbons; Flutter-Wilson; Saville-Smith; Villers-Sadler; Courtall-Hill; Silvertongue-Essex; Mountebank-Wright; Porter-Watts; Servants-Price, Johnston; Hardy-Waldron; Mrs Racket-Miss Fenton; Lady Frances Touchwood-Mrs Harlowe; Miss Ogle-Mrs Clarke; Kitty Willis-Miss Williams; Lady-Mrs Johnston; Letitia Hardy-Mrs Chambers .
Role: Doricourt Actor: Benson
Role: Sir George Touchwood Actor: Gibbons
Role: Flutter Actor: Wilson
Role: Saville Actor: Smith
Role: Villers Actor: Sadler
Role: Courtall Actor: Hill
Role: Silvertongue Actor: Essex
Role: Mountebank Actor: Wright
Role: Porter Actor: Watts
Role: Servants Actor: Price, Johnston
Role: Hardy Actor: Waldron
Role: Mrs Racket Actor: Miss Fenton
Role: Lady Frances Touchwood Actor: Mrs Harlowe
Role: Miss Ogle Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Kitty Willis Actor: Miss Williams
Role: Lady Actor: Mrs Johnston
Role: Letitia Hardy Actor: Mrs Chambers

Afterpiece Title: The Fool

Performance Comment: Beaufort-Hill; Pepper-Sadler; Paul-Wilson; O'Reilly-Wright; Landlord-Watts; Waiters-Price, Johnston; Abbe-Benson; Floretta (with songs')-Mrs Benson; Malapert-Mrs Clarke; Laura-Mrs Harlowe .
Role: Beaufort Actor: Hill
Role: Pepper Actor: Sadler
Role: Paul Actor: Wilson
Role: O'Reilly Actor: Wright
Role: Landlord Actor: Watts
Role: Waiters Actor: Price, Johnston
Role: Abbe Actor: Benson
Role: Floretta Actor: Mrs Benson
Role: Malapert Actor: Mrs Clarke
Role: Laura Actor: Mrs Harlowe

Afterpiece Title: Hurly-Burly; or, Chiswick Fair

Dance: In Act IV of 1st piece a Masquerade Scene, with a Grotesque Dance by the Characters; Between the Acts Hornpipe by Wright

Song: Between the Acts of mainpiece, by Price and Miss Phillips


Mainpiece Title: Miss In Her Teens

Role: Flash Actor: Griffiths
Role: Captain Loveit Actor: Davis
Role: Puff Actor: Follett? Sen.
Role: Jasper Actor: Smith
Role: Fribble Actor: Cooper
Role: Tag Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Biddy Actor: Mrs Bolton, .

Afterpiece Title: Barnaby Brittle; or, A Wife at her Wit's End

Role: Barnaby Brittle Actor: Grace
Role: Sir Peter Pride Actor: Gaudry
Role: Lovemore Actor: Cooper
Role: Clodpole Actor: Griffiths
Role: Jeremy Actor: Follett Jun,
Role: Damaris Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Lady Pride Actor: A Gentlewoman
Role: Mrs Brittle Actor: Mrs Bolton.

Afterpiece Title: The Citizen

Performance Comment: Young Philpot-Death; Wilding-Cooper; Sir Jasper Wilding-Gaudry; Beaufort-Smith; Quildrive-Grace; Dapper-Watts; Servant-Abbott; Old Philpot-Follett [Sen.]; Corinna-Miss Dancer; Maria-Mrs Bolton.
Role: Young Philpot Actor: Death
Role: Wilding Actor: Cooper
Role: Sir Jasper Wilding Actor: Gaudry
Role: Beaufort Actor: Smith
Role: Quildrive Actor: Grace
Role: Dapper Actor: Watts
Role: Servant Actor: Abbott
Role: Old Philpot Actor: Follett
Role: Corinna Actor: Miss Dancer
Role: Maria Actor: Mrs Bolton.

Entertainment: Monologue. End 1st piece: Scrubb's Trip to the Jubilee (as altered by the late David Garrick, Esq., in character,)-Death; Vaudeville. End 2nd piece: a new favourite song-Birkett; Dance-the Miss Simonets; A Pantomimical Interlude: Harlequin (with the celebrated Dying Scene)-Follett Jun., Clown- Follett Sen.; +A martial song-Birkett


Mainpiece Title: Poor Old Drury

Afterpiece Title: The Siege of Belgrade

Role: The Seraskier Actor: Kelly
Role: Cohenberg Actor: Palmer
Role: Ismael Actor: Benson
Role: Yuseph Actor: Suett
Role: Leopold Actor: Bannister Jun.
Role: Peter Actor: Dignum
Role: Anselm Actor: Sedgwick
Role: Michael Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Katherine Actor: Mrs Crouch
Role: Fatima Actor: Miss Hagley
Role: Lilla Actor: Sga Storace
Role: Ghita Actor: Mrs Edwards.

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Role: Sir Gilbert Pumpkin Actor: Waldron
Role: Charles Actor: Barrymore
Role: Harry Actor: R. Palmer
Role: William Actor: Lyons
Role: Hostler Actor: Webb
Role: Waiter Actor: Phillimore
Role: Diggery Actor: Parsons
Role: Cymon Actor: Burton
Role: Watt Actor: Maddocks
Role: Miss Bridget Pumpkin Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Kitty Sprightly Actor: Miss Collins.


Mainpiece Title: King Henry The Fifth; Or, The Conquest Of France

Role: King Henry Actor: Kemble
Role: Duke of Gloster Actor: Palmer Jun.
Role: Duke of Exeter Actor: Aickin
Role: of Canterbury Actor: Hull
Role: Bishop of Ely Actor: Jones
Role: Cambridge Actor: Lyons
Role: Scroop Actor: Cooke
Role: Grey Actor: Bland
Role: Erpingham Actor: Waldron
Role: Gower Actor: Dignum
Role: Nym Actor: Burton
Role: Fluellin Actor: Baddeley
Role: Pistol Actor: Suett
Role: Bardolph Actor: Barrett
Role: Boy Actor: Master DeCamp
Role: Williams Actor: Benson
Role: Bates Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: King of France Actor: Usher
Role: Dauphin Actor: Barrymore
Role: Governor Actor: Hollingsworth
Role: Montjoy Actor: Caulfield
Role: Queen of France Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Princess Katharine Actor: Mrs Goodall
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Booth.

Afterpiece Title: All the World's a Stage

Role: Sir Gilbert Pumpkin Actor: Barrett
Role: Charles Stanley Actor: Barrymore
Role: Harry Stukely Actor: Benson
Role: William Actor: Lyons
Role: Waiter Actor: Cooke
Role: Ostler Actor: Waldron Jun.
Role: Diggery Actor: Parsons
Role: Cymon Actor: Burton
Role: Watt Actor: Usher
Role: Miss Bridget Actor: Mrs Hopkins
Role: Miss Kitty Sprightly Actor: Mrs Gibbs.