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Event Comment: Benefit Watson


Mainpiece Title: Sir Courtly Nice

Performance Comment: As17220131, but Farewell-Watson.
Role: Farewell Actor: Watson.
Role: Farewel Actor: Wilks Jr.
Role: Sir Courtly Actor: Cibber
Role: Belguard Actor: Mills
Role: Surly Actor: Thurmond
Role: Hothead Actor: Miller
Role: Testimony Actor: Johnson
Role: Crack Actor: Penkethman
Role: Leonora Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Violante Actor: Mrs Bicknell.

Music: Select Pieces-; particularly a Concerto for Little Flute by Monsieur Dieupart-Mr Baston, others

Dance: Shaw, Thurmond Jr, Mrs Bullock, Miss Tenoe

Event Comment: By Authority of the Lord Chamberlain. At the request of several of the Scotch Nobility. Benefit for Raeburn. Mainpiece: In its original state, as it was written by Allan Ramsay in 1724 [recte 1725]. The Characters to be entirely new dressed. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:00. No persons to be admitted behind the scenes, nor any money returned after the curtain is drawn up. Ladies are requested to send their servants by Five to keep places. Tickets to be had of Raeburn, No. 4, Gloucester-court, St. James's; of Walker, the Globe, Pall-mall; of Mackintosh, the George, East Harding-street, Shoe-lane; of Watson, the Fleece, Little Windmill-street (being the original Scotch house); of Mrs Shaw, the St. Andrew, near the Armitage-bridge, Wapping


Mainpiece Title: The Gentle Shepherd; Or, Patie And Roger

Performance Comment: Sir William-Aberdein; Patie-M'Donald; Roger-Cockburn; Symon-Middlemist; Glaud-Risk; Bauldy-Garden; Madge-Mr Murray; Mause-Mr Raeburn; Jenny-Mrs Watson; Peggy (with Lochaher no more)-Mrs Raeburn (7th appearance in that character). A new Occasional Prologue spoken by Risk .
Role: Sir William Actor: Aberdein
Role: Patie Actor: M'Donald
Role: Roger Actor: Cockburn
Role: Symon Actor: Middlemist
Role: Glaud Actor: Risk
Role: Bauldy Actor: Garden
Role: Madge Actor: Mr Murray
Role: Mause Actor: Mr Raeburn
Role: Jenny Actor: Mrs Watson
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Raeburn

Afterpiece Title: Wit's Last Stake

Role: Linger Actor: Ryder
Role: Saville] Actor: Bland
Role: Caveat] Actor: Aberdein
Role: Item] Actor: Brown
Role: Boy Actor: Middleton
Role: Martin Sly Actor: Smith
Role: Mrs Watchly] Actor: Mrs Reid
Role: Myra] Actor: Miss Bouton
Role: Lucetta] Actor: Mrs Lefevre

Dance: End of Act III of mainpiece a new composed Reel (performers not listed); In Act IV a Hornpipe by Middleton

Monologue: 1784 02 09 The Edinburgh Buck by a Genleman [unidentified]


Mainpiece Title: The Island Princess; Or, The Generous Portuguese

Performance Comment: Edition of 1669: King-Kenniston [Kynaston]; Armusia-Hart; Rudyas-Moon [Mohun]; Christophero-Bell; Emanuel-Beeston; Soza-Burt; Pyniero-Shotterel; Pedro-Harris; Governour-Cartrite; Bakam-Watson; Syana-Grayden; Captain of Guard-Lydall; Quisara-Mrs Marshall; Quisana-Mrs Corey; Panura-Mrs Hughs.
Role: King Actor: Kenniston
Role: Armusia Actor: Hart
Role: Rudyas Actor: Moon
Role: Christophero Actor: Bell
Role: Emanuel Actor: Beeston
Role: Soza Actor: Burt
Role: Pyniero Actor: Shotterel
Role: Pedro Actor: Harris
Role: Governour Actor: Cartrite
Role: Bakam Actor: Watson
Role: Syana Actor: Grayden
Role: Captain of Guard Actor: Lydall
Role: Quisara Actor: Mrs Marshall
Role: Quisana Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Panura Actor: Mrs Hughs.


Mainpiece Title: The Roman Empress

Performance Comment: Edition of 1671: Valentius-Mohun; Florus-Kynaston; Honorius-Bell; Statilius-Lyddel; Macrinus-Beeston; Servilius-Harris; Carbo-Littlewood; Fulvia-The young Mrs Rebecca? Marshall; Antonia-Mrs Kneap; Hostilius-Watson; Arsenius-Cartwright; Aurelia-Mrs Boutell; Sophonia-Mrs Cory.
Role: Valentius Actor: Mohun
Role: Florus Actor: Kynaston
Role: Honorius Actor: Bell
Role: Statilius Actor: Lyddel
Role: Macrinus Actor: Beeston
Role: Servilius Actor: Harris
Role: Carbo Actor: Littlewood
Role: Fulvia Actor: The young Mrs Rebecca? Marshall
Role: Antonia Actor: Mrs Kneap
Role: Hostilius Actor: Watson
Role: Arsenius Actor: Cartwright
Role: Aurelia Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Sophonia Actor: Mrs Cory.


Mainpiece Title: The Conquest Of Granada By The Spaniards

Performance Comment: Almanzor and Almahide; or, The Conquest of Granada. The Second Part. Edition of 1672: Prologue to the First Part-Mrs Ellen Gwyn in a broad brim'd hat, and was belt; Mahomet Boabdelin-Kynaston; Prince Abdalla-Lydall; Abdelmelech-Mohun; Zulema-Harris; Abenamar-Cartwright; Selin-Wintershall; Ozmyn-Beeston; Hamet-Watson; Gomel-Powell; Almanzor-Hart; Ferdinand-Littlewood; Duke of Arcos-Bell; Almahide-Mrs Ellen Gwyn; Lyndaraxa-Mrs Marshall; Benzayda-Mrs Bowtell; Esperanza-Mrs Reeve; Halyma-Mrs Eastland; Isabella-Mrs James; Epilogue-Charles Hart?; Prologue to the Second Part of the Conquest of Granada-Michael Mohun?; Epilogue to the Second Part-.


Mainpiece Title: Marriage A La Mode

Performance Comment: Edition of 1673: Prologue-Hart; Polydamas-Wintershall; Leonidas-Kynaston; Argaleon-Lydall; Hermogenes-Cartwright; Eubulus-Watson; Rhodophil-Mohun; Palamede-Hart; Palmyra-Mrs Coxe; Amalthea-Mrs James; Doralice-Mrs Marshall; Melantha-Mrs Bowtell; Philotis-Mrs Reeve; Belisa-Mrs Slade; Artemis-Mrs Uphill; Epilogue-Mohun.
Role: Prologue Actor: Hart
Role: Polydamas Actor: Wintershall
Role: Leonidas Actor: Kynaston
Role: Argaleon Actor: Lydall
Role: Hermogenes Actor: Cartwright
Role: Eubulus Actor: Watson
Role: Rhodophil Actor: Mohun
Role: Palamede Actor: Hart
Role: Palmyra Actor: Mrs Coxe
Role: Amalthea Actor: Mrs James
Role: Doralice Actor: Mrs Marshall
Role: Melantha Actor: Mrs Bowtell
Role: Philotis Actor: Mrs Reeve
Role: Belisa Actor: Mrs Slade
Role: Artemis Actor: Mrs Uphill
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mohun.


Mainpiece Title: The Spanish Rogue

Performance Comment: Edition of 1674: Don Fenise-Harris; Don Alonzo-Lyddal; Don Manuel-Watson; Larasco-Powell; Mingo-Cash; Sanchez-Griffin; Alcinda-Mrs Boutell; Rosella-Mrs Uphill; Teresa-Mrs Corye; Leonella-Mrs Kneppe; Prologue-Mrs Boutell; Epilogue-Mrs Kneppe.
Role: Don Fenise Actor: Harris
Role: Don Alonzo Actor: Lyddal
Role: Don Manuel Actor: Watson
Role: Larasco Actor: Powell
Role: Mingo Actor: Cash
Role: Sanchez Actor: Griffin
Role: Alcinda Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Rosella Actor: Mrs Uphill
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Corye
Role: Leonella Actor: Mrs Kneppe
Role: Prologue Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mrs Kneppe.


Mainpiece Title: Amboyna

Performance Comment: Edition of 1673: Prologue-; Captain Gabriel Towerson-Hart; Mr Beaumont-Mohun; Mr Collins-Lydal; Captain Middleton-Watson; Perez-Burt; Harman-Cartwright; The Fiscal-Wintershal; Harman Jr-Kynaston; Van Herring-Beeston; Isabinda-Mrs Marshal; Julia-Mrs James; English Woman-Mrs Cory; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Captain Gabriel Towerson Actor: Hart
Role: Mr Beaumont Actor: Mohun
Role: Mr Collins Actor: Lydal
Role: Captain Middleton Actor: Watson
Role: Perez Actor: Burt
Role: Harman Actor: Cartwright
Role: The Fiscal Actor: Wintershal
Role: Harman Jr Actor: Kynaston
Role: Van Herring Actor: Beeston
Role: Isabinda Actor: Mrs Marshal
Role: Julia Actor: Mrs James
Role: English Woman Actor: Mrs Cory
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Empress Of Morocco

Performance Comment: . Edition of 1674: Prologue-Ghost of Labas, Morena; Muly Labas-Coysh; Muly Hamet-Kew [Cue?]; Grimalhaz-Watson; Hamet Alhaz-Powel; Abdrahaman-Bird; Abdelcador-Carlton; Messenger-Kempton; Eunch-Venner; Laula-Griffin; Mariamne-Goodman; Morena-Harris; Epilogue [being a new Fancy after the old, and most surprising way of Macbeth, perform'd with new and costly Machines...invented and managed by Henry Wright.-Hecate, Three Witches; Hecate-Powel; 1 Witch-Harris; 2 Witch-Adams; 3 Witch-Lyddal; Thunder-Goodman; Lightning-Kew; An Epilogue [an additional one]-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Ghost of Labas, Morena
Role: Muly Labas Actor: Coysh
Role: Muly Hamet Actor: Kew
Role: Grimalhaz Actor: Watson
Role: Hamet Alhaz Actor: Powel
Role: Abdrahaman Actor: Bird
Role: Abdelcador Actor: Carlton
Role: Messenger Actor: Kempton
Role: Eunch Actor: Venner
Role: Laula Actor: Griffin
Role: Mariamne Actor: Goodman
Role: Morena Actor: Harris
Role: . Actor: Hecate, Three Witches
Role: Hecate Actor: Powel
Role: 1 Witch Actor: Harris
Role: 2 Witch Actor: Adams
Role: 3 Witch Actor: Lyddal
Role: Thunder Actor: Goodman
Role: Lightning Actor: Kew
Role: an additional one] Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Tragedy Of Nero, Emperour Of Rome

Performance Comment: Edition of 1675: Nero-Hart; Britannicus-Mehun; Petronius-Burt; Otho-Wintersal; Piso-Lydal; Seneca-Cartwrite; Drusillus-Clark; Plautus-Coysh; Silvius-Watson; Mirmilon-Powell; Flavius-Harris; Poppea-Mrs Marshal; Agrippina-Mrs Cory; Octavia-Mrs? Cox; Cyara-Mrs Bowtel; Syllana-Mrs Uptiel [Mrs Uphill]; Caligula's Ghost-Griffin; The Prologue-Haines; The Epilogue-Harris.
Role: Nero Actor: Hart
Role: Britannicus Actor: Mehun
Role: Petronius Actor: Burt
Role: Otho Actor: Wintersal
Role: Piso Actor: Lydal
Role: Seneca Actor: Cartwrite
Role: Drusillus Actor: Clark
Role: Plautus Actor: Coysh
Role: Silvius Actor: Watson
Role: Mirmilon Actor: Powell
Role: Flavius Actor: Harris
Role: Poppea Actor: Mrs Marshal
Role: Agrippina Actor: Mrs Cory
Role: Octavia Actor: Mrs? Cox
Role: Cyara Actor: Mrs Bowtel
Role: Syllana Actor: Mrs Uptiel
Role: Caligula's Ghost Actor: Griffin
Role: The Prologue Actor: Haines
Role: The Epilogue Actor: Harris.


Mainpiece Title: A King And No King

Performance Comment: Edition of 1676: Arbaces-Hart; Tigranes-Kynaston; Gobrias-Wintershall; Bacurius-Lydall; Mardonius-Mohun; Bessus-Lacy?, Shottrell?; Lygones-Cartwright; Two Swordmen-Watson; Haynes; Arane-Mrs Corey; Panthea-Mrs Cox; Spaconia-Mrs Marshall.
Role: Arbaces Actor: Hart
Role: Tigranes Actor: Kynaston
Role: Gobrias Actor: Wintershall
Role: Bacurius Actor: Lydall
Role: Mardonius Actor: Mohun
Role: Bessus Actor: Lacy?, Shottrell?
Role: Lygones Actor: Cartwright
Role: Two Swordmen Actor: Watson
Role: Arane Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Panthea Actor: Mrs Cox
Role: Spaconia Actor: Mrs Marshall.


Mainpiece Title: Sophonisba; Or, Hannibal's Overthrow

Performance Comment: Edition of 1676 (imperfect edition): Hannibal-Moon; Maherbal-Wats; Bomilcar-Haris; Scipio-Kingiston; Lelius-Wintersel; Massinissa-Harte; Massina-Clarke; Sophonisba-Mrs Cosh; Rosalinda-Mrs Damport. Edition of 1681: The Prologue to the University of Oxford, Written by J. Dryden, Esquire. Hannibal-Mohun; Maherbal-Burt; Bomilcar-Wintershul; Scipio-Kynaston; Lelius-Lydall; Varro-Watson; Massinisa-Hart; Trebellius-Powell; Massina-Clark; Menander-Griffin; Sophonisba-Mrs Cox; Rosalinda-Mrs Boutell; Aglave-Mrs Nep; Cumana-Mrs Cory. Epilogue Spoken to Sophonisba at its Playing at Oxford. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, p. 15): Hannibal-Mohun; Maherbal-Burt; Bomilcar-Wintersel; Scipio-Kynaston; Lelius-Lydall; Massinissa-Hart; Massina-Clark; Sophonisba-Mrs Cox; Rosalinda-Mrs Boutel.
Role: Hannibal Actor: Moon
Role: Maherbal Actor: Wats
Role: Bomilcar Actor: Haris
Role: Scipio Actor: Kingiston
Role: Lelius Actor: Wintersel
Role: Massinissa Actor: Harte
Role: Massina Actor: Clarke
Role: Sophonisba Actor: Mrs Cosh
Role: Rosalinda Actor: Mrs Damport. Edition of 1681: The Prologue to the University of Oxford, Written by J. Dryden, Esquire. Hannibal-Mohun
Role: Hannibal Actor: Mohun
Role: Maherbal Actor: Burt
Role: Bomilcar Actor: Wintershul
Role: Scipio Actor: Kynaston
Role: Lelius Actor: Lydall
Role: Varro Actor: Watson
Role: Massinisa Actor: Hart
Role: Trebellius Actor: Powell
Role: Massina Actor: Clark
Role: Menander Actor: Griffin
Role: Sophonisba Actor: Mrs Cox
Role: Rosalinda Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Aglave Actor: Mrs Nep
Role: Cumana Actor: Mrs Cory. Epilogue Spoken to Sophonisba at its Playing at Oxford. Downes
Role: Hannibal Actor: Mohun
Role: Maherbal Actor: Burt
Role: Bomilcar Actor: Wintersel
Role: Scipio Actor: Kynaston
Role: Lelius Actor: Lydall
Role: Massinissa Actor: Hart
Role: Massina Actor: Clark
Role: Sophonisba Actor: Mrs Cox
Role: Rosalinda Actor: Mrs Boutel.


Mainpiece Title: The Country Innocence; Or, The Chamber-maid Turn'd Quaker

Performance Comment: Edition of 1677: Prologue-Mr Clark; Sir Oliver Bellingham-Lydell; Sir Robert Malory-Coysh; Captain Mullineux-Goodman; Plush-Wiltshire; Rash-Griffin; Gregory Dwindle-Haynes; Mr William-Powell; Old Thrashard-Watson; Abraham-Styles; Lady Lovely-Mrs Marshal; Lady Malory-Mrs Rutter; Margaret-Mrs Baker; Gillian-Sarah Cook; Barbara-Mrs Knep; Old Gentlewoman-Perrin; Epilogue-.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Clark
Role: Sir Oliver Bellingham Actor: Lydell
Role: Sir Robert Malory Actor: Coysh
Role: Captain Mullineux Actor: Goodman
Role: Plush Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Rash Actor: Griffin
Role: Gregory Dwindle Actor: Haynes
Role: Mr William Actor: Powell
Role: Old Thrashard Actor: Watson
Role: Abraham Actor: Styles
Role: Lady Lovely Actor: Mrs Marshal
Role: Lady Malory Actor: Mrs Rutter
Role: Margaret Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Gillian Actor: Sarah Cook
Role: Barbara Actor: Mrs Knep
Role: Old Gentlewoman Actor: Perrin
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: The Rival Queens; Or, The Death Of Alexander The Great

Performance Comment: Edition of 1677: Prologue to Alexander by Sir Char. Scroop, Baronet-; Epilogue-; Alexander-Hart; Clytus-Mohun; Lysimachus-Griffin; Hephestion-Clarke; Cassander-Kenaston; Polyperchon-Goodman; Philip-Powell; Thessalus-Wiltshire; Perdiccas-Lydall; Eumenes-Watson; Meleager-Perin; Aristander-Coysh; Sysigambis-Mrs Corey; Statira-Mrs Boutell; Roxana-Mrs Marshall; Parisatis-Mrs Baker.
Role: Baronet Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Alexander Actor: Hart
Role: Clytus Actor: Mohun
Role: Lysimachus Actor: Griffin
Role: Hephestion Actor: Clarke
Role: Cassander Actor: Kenaston
Role: Polyperchon Actor: Goodman
Role: Philip Actor: Powell
Role: Thessalus Actor: Wiltshire
Role: Perdiccas Actor: Lydall
Role: Eumenes Actor: Watson
Role: Meleager Actor: Perin
Role: Aristander Actor: Coysh
Role: Sysigambis Actor: Mrs Corey
Role: Statira Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Roxana Actor: Mrs Marshall
Role: Parisatis Actor: Mrs Baker.


Mainpiece Title: Wits Led By The Nose; Or, A Poet's Revenge

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue [by F. W. Gent-Sir Symon Credulous; Antellus-Goodman; Oroandes-Lydell; Zannazarro-Perrin; Arratur-Watson; Vanlore-Powel; Sir Symon Credulous-Haynes; Sir Jasper Sympleton-Stiles; Jack Drayner-Nathaniel Q [Cue]; Dick Slywit-Coysh; Heroina-Mrs Baker Jr; Glorianda-Mrs Bowtell; Amasia-Mrs Baker; Theocrine-Mrs Farlee?; Epilogue-.
Role: Gent Actor: Sir Symon Credulous
Role: Antellus Actor: Goodman
Role: Oroandes Actor: Lydell
Role: Zannazarro Actor: Perrin
Role: Arratur Actor: Watson
Role: Vanlore Actor: Powel
Role: Sir Symon Credulous Actor: Haynes
Role: Sir Jasper Sympleton Actor: Stiles
Role: Jack Drayner Actor: Nathaniel Q
Role: Dick Slywit Actor: Coysh
Role: Heroina Actor: Mrs Baker Jr
Role: Glorianda Actor: Mrs Bowtell
Role: Amasia Actor: Mrs Baker
Role: Theocrine Actor: Mrs Farlee?
Role: Epilogue Actor: .


Mainpiece Title: Trick For Trick; Or, The Debauch'd Hypocrite

Performance Comment: Edition of 1678: Prologue-Mr Haines in a Red Coat like a Common Souldier; Sir Wilding Frollick-Mohun; Monsieur Thomas-Hart; Valentine-Griffin; Franck-Clark; Hylas-Goodman; Sir Peregreen-Powell; Launce-Haynes; Physicians-Watson, Coysh, Perin; Cellida-Mrs Boutell; Sabina-Mrs Corbett; Lucilla-Mrs Merchant; A Whore-Mrs Farlee; Mrs Dorothy-Mrs Knepp; Epilogue-Mr Mohun.
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Haines in a Red Coat like a Common Souldier
Role: Sir Wilding Frollick Actor: Mohun
Role: Monsieur Thomas Actor: Hart
Role: Valentine Actor: Griffin
Role: Franck Actor: Clark
Role: Hylas Actor: Goodman
Role: Sir Peregreen Actor: Powell
Role: Launce Actor: Haynes
Role: Physicians Actor: Watson, Coysh, Perin
Role: Cellida Actor: Mrs Boutell
Role: Sabina Actor: Mrs Corbett
Role: Lucilla Actor: Mrs Merchant
Role: A Whore Actor: Mrs Farlee
Role: Mrs Dorothy Actor: Mrs Knepp
Role: Epilogue Actor: Mr Mohun.


Mainpiece Title: The Italian Husband

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: An induction Scene: A Praelude between a Poet, a Critic, and Peregrine. Prologue-; Frederico-Verbrugen; Alouisia-Mrs Bowman; Alfonso-Hodgson; Fidalbo-Watson; Rodrigo-Thurmond; Amidea-Mrs Prince; Florella-Mrs Martin; Epilogue by Jo. Haynes-Mr Bowman mimicking a Beau.
Role: Prologue Actor:
Role: Frederico Actor: Verbrugen
Role: Alouisia Actor: Mrs Bowman
Role: Alfonso Actor: Hodgson
Role: Fidalbo Actor: Watson
Role: Rodrigo Actor: Thurmond
Role: Amidea Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Florella Actor: Mrs Martin
Role: Haynes Actor: Mr Bowman mimicking a Beau.


Mainpiece Title: The Deceiver Deceived

Performance Comment: Edition of 1698: Meleto Bondi-Betterton; Gonsalvo-Arnold; Count Andrea-Hodgson; Fidelio-Verbruggen; Count Insulls-Bowman; Gervatio-Bowen; Actwell-Trafuse; Hiordouble-Knap; Strechwell-Watson; Olivio-Mrs Barry; Ariana-Mrs Bracegirdle; Lady Temptyouth-Mrs Lee; Lucinda-Mrs Prince; Prologue-Mr Bowen; Epilogue-Miss Bradshaw.
Role: Meleto Bondi Actor: Betterton
Role: Gonsalvo Actor: Arnold
Role: Count Andrea Actor: Hodgson
Role: Fidelio Actor: Verbruggen
Role: Count Insulls Actor: Bowman
Role: Gervatio Actor: Bowen
Role: Actwell Actor: Trafuse
Role: Hiordouble Actor: Knap
Role: Strechwell Actor: Watson
Role: Olivio Actor: Mrs Barry
Role: Ariana Actor: Mrs Bracegirdle
Role: Lady Temptyouth Actor: Mrs Lee
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Prince
Role: Prologue Actor: Mr Bowen
Role: Epilogue Actor: Miss Bradshaw.


Mainpiece Title: The Pilgrim

Performance Comment: Pilgrim-Watson, a Gentleman who never appear'd upon any Stage.

Dance: delaGarde, Mrs Bullock; particularly a new Spanish Entry-; Swedish Dal Karle-


Mainpiece Title: The Comical History Of Don Quixote, Part Ii

Performance Comment: Duke-Cory; Cardenio-Watson; Ambrosia-Smith; Don Quixot-Ogden; Manuel-Pack; Pedro-Schoolding; Bernardo-Bullock Jr; Diego-Rogers; Page-Coker; Sancho-Knapp; Taylor-Griffin; Dutchess-Mrs Finch; Lucinda-Mrs Vincent; Marcella-Mrs Cross; Rodriquez-Mrs Kent; Teresa-Mrs Hunt; Mary the Buxom-Mrs Moor.
Role: Duke Actor: Cory
Role: Cardenio Actor: Watson
Role: Ambrosia Actor: Smith
Role: Don Quixot Actor: Ogden
Role: Manuel Actor: Pack
Role: Pedro Actor: Schoolding
Role: Bernardo Actor: Bullock Jr
Role: Diego Actor: Rogers
Role: Page Actor: Coker
Role: Sancho Actor: Knapp
Role: Taylor Actor: Griffin
Role: Dutchess Actor: Mrs Finch
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Marcella Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Rodriquez Actor: Mrs Kent
Role: Teresa Actor: Mrs Hunt
Role: Mary the Buxom Actor: Mrs Moor.

Song: As17151006

Dance: As17150930


Mainpiece Title: The Unhappy Favourite; Or, The Earl Of Essex

Performance Comment: Essex-a Gentleman for his Diversion [John Rich, according to Rich's Register]; Southampton-Thurmond; Burleigh-Keene; Sir Walter-Watson; Queen-Mrs Knight; Rutland-Mrs Rogers Jr; Nottingham-Mrs Kent.
Role: Essex Actor: a Gentleman for his Diversion
Role: Southampton Actor: Thurmond
Role: Burleigh Actor: Keene
Role: Sir Walter Actor: Watson
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Knight
Role: Rutland Actor: Mrs Rogers Jr
Role: Nottingham Actor: Mrs Kent.

Song: Randal, the Boy; Trumpet Song-Mrs Fletcher,accompanied Mr Granno

Dance: Spanish Entry, Dutch Skipper-delaGarde, Mrs Bullock; Punchanello-Shaw


Mainpiece Title: The Second Part Of The History Of King Henry The Fourth; With The Humours Of Sir John Falstaffe Henry Iv, Part Ii

Performance Comment: With a new Prologue-; Epilogue-; Prince John-Walker; Gloster-Oates; Clarence-Th. Cibber; Westmoreland-Williams; Lord Chief Justice-Boman; Archbishop of Canterbury-Cory; Bishop of Ely-Rogers; Archbishop of York-Thurmond; Norfolk-W. Mills; Hasting-Watson; Poins-W. Wilks; Falstaff-Mills; Shallow-Cibber; Silence-Miller; Bardolph-Shepard; Pistol -Norris; Davy-Wright; Feeble-Penkethman; Shadow-Ray; Wart-Cole; Mouldy- Wilson; Bullcalf-Wetherilt; Falstaff's Boy-Miss Lindar; Hostess-Mrs Willis; Doll Tearsheet-Miss Willis.
Role: With a new Prologue Actor:
Role: Epilogue Actor:
Role: Prince John Actor: Walker
Role: Gloster Actor: Oates
Role: Clarence Actor: Th. Cibber
Role: Westmoreland Actor: Williams
Role: Lord Chief Justice Actor: Boman
Role: Archbishop of Canterbury Actor: Cory
Role: Bishop of Ely Actor: Rogers
Role: Archbishop of York Actor: Thurmond
Role: Norfolk Actor: W. Mills
Role: Hasting Actor: Watson
Role: Poins Actor: W. Wilks
Role: Falstaff Actor: Mills
Role: Shallow Actor: Cibber
Role: Silence Actor: Miller
Role: Bardolph Actor: Shepard
Role: Pistol Actor: Norris
Role: Davy Actor: Wright
Role: Feeble Actor: Penkethman
Role: Shadow Actor: Ray
Role: Wart Actor: Cole
Role: Mouldy Actor: Wilson
Role: Bullcalf Actor: Wetherilt
Role: Falstaff's Boy Actor: Miss Lindar
Role: Hostess Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Doll Tearsheet Actor: Miss Willis.


Mainpiece Title: Timon Of Athens; Or, The Man Hater

Performance Comment: Timon-Booth; Apemantus-Mills; Alcibiades-Williams; Demetrius-Watson; Senators-Johnson, Miller, Norris, Shepard, Cross; Poet-Penkethman; Evandra-Mrs Thurmond; Mellisa-Mrs Horton.*d1721 10 10 dl .
Role: Timon Actor: Booth
Role: Apemantus Actor: Mills
Role: Alcibiades Actor: Williams
Role: Demetrius Actor: Watson
Role: Senators Actor: Johnson, Miller, Norris, Shepard, Cross
Role: Poet Actor: Penkethman
Role: Evandra Actor: Mrs Thurmond
Role: Mellisa Actor: Mrs Horton.d1721 10 10 dl .


Mainpiece Title: The Old Batchelor

Performance Comment: As17211012, but Vainlove-Watson.
Role: Vainlove Actor: Watson.
Role: Heartwell Actor: Thurmond
Role: Bellmour Actor: Wilks
Role: Fondlewife Actor: Cibber
Role: Sharper Actor: Mills
Role: Sir Joseph Actor: Miller
Role: Bluff Actor: Johnson
Role: Setter Actor: Norris
Role: Laetitia Actor: Mrs Oldfield
Role: Belinda Actor: Mrs Bicknell
Role: Araminta Actor: Mrs Younger.



Mainpiece Title: The Rival Fools

Performance Comment: Sir Oliver-Penkethman; Young Outwit-Oates; Cunningham-Watson; Sir Gregory-Miller; Samuel Singple-Cibber; Sir Threadbare-Williams; Lucinda-Mrs Horton; Mirabel-Mrs Bret; Governess-Mrs Willis; Lady Gentry-Miss Tenoe.
Role: Sir Oliver Actor: Penkethman
Role: Young Outwit Actor: Oates
Role: Cunningham Actor: Watson
Role: Sir Gregory Actor: Miller
Role: Samuel Singple Actor: Cibber
Role: Sir Threadbare Actor: Williams
Role: Lucinda Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Mirabel Actor: Mrs Bret
Role: Governess Actor: Mrs Willis
Role: Lady Gentry Actor: Miss Tenoe.