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Event Comment: To begin at 6:30 precisely. Boxes 3s. Pit 2s. Gallery 1s. The Proprietors have spared no expence in enlarging and beautifying the Theatre; and as they are determined to preserve the exactest punctuality in the time of beginning, and to make regularity and decorum their chief study, hope they shall render themselves deserving of that favourable encouragement they have before experienced. The House is illuminated with Wax. Subscription tickets may be had by applying to Bailey, at Mr Oldfield's. [Author of Prologue unknown.


Mainpiece Title: The Wonder: A Woman Keeps A Secret

Role: Don Felix Actor: King
Role: Colonel Briton Actor: West
Role: Frederick Actor: Cooke
Role: Don Lopez Actor: Bowles
Role: Don Pedro Actor: Newton
Role: Gibby Actor: Bailey
Role: Lissardo Actor: Russell
Role: Violante Actor: Mrs Burden
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Russell
Role: Inis Actor: Mrs West.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Gayless Actor: Cooke
Role: Beau Trippet Actor: Bailey
Role: Drunken Cook Actor: Bowles
Role: Justice Guttle Actor: Newton
Role: Sharp Actor: Russell
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs West
Role: Mrs Trippet Actor: Mrs Heard
Role: Mrs Gadabout Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Russell
Role: With an occasional Prologuewritten by a Gen Actor: West.

Dance: End: Hornpipe-a Lady [from the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden unidentified]

Event Comment: Benefit for Townsend and Mrs Johnson. 3rd piece [1st time in London; F 1, by William Dunlap]: Performed with distinguished Applause at the John St.? Theatre, New York [on 9 Jan. 1797]; compressed into one act [from two], and adapted for the English Stage by a Gentleman [perhaps the author]. "Commencing at half past eleven o'clock, and after a tiresome variety of other entertainments, the audience thought they had had enough for their money, and demanded the fall of the curtain before the conclusion of [Tell Truth and Shame the Devil]" (Monthly Mirror, June 1799, p. 367). Morning Chronicle, 8 May: Tickets to be had of Townsend, No. 9, Leicester-place. [Mrs Johnson not listed.] Receipts: #442 17s. 6d. (108.1.0; 1.11.0; tickets: 333.5.6, of which Townsend sold 218.2.0; Mrs Johnson 115.3.6)


Mainpiece Title: The Iron Chest

Performance Comment: As17990423, but Fitzharding-Johnson (from the Park? Theatre, New York; 1st appearance on this stage); Samson (1st time)-Townsend; Helen (for that night only)-Mrs Johnson; Chorus of Robbers-_; Chorus of Servants-_.

Afterpiece Title: Tell Truth and Shame the Devil

Role: Principal Characters Actor: H. Johnston, Murray, Johnson, Mrs Litchfield.
Role: Tom Holton Actor: H. Johnston
Role: Whitely Actor: Murray
Role: Semblance Actor: Johnson
Role: Susan Actor:

Song: End: Mad Tom-Betts (1st appearance on the stage); Young William-Incledon; The Golden Days-Munden; The Tight Little Island-Townsend; The Wind blew fresh and fair-Townsend

Music: End I 1st piece: Concerto Clarionet-Orsato (of the Theatre Royal Venice; 1st appearance in this Metropolis); a duetto solo by means of the Pression and Repercussion of the Air-Orsato This his curious Discovery has received the greatest Applause in most of the Courts

Event Comment: Benefit for Munden. 2nd piece hst time; MF 2 , by Samuel Birch. MS: Larpent 1011; not published]: The Overture and Music composed by Attwood. Books of the Songs to be had at the Theatre. Murning Chronicle, 28 Apr.: Tickets to be had of Munden, No. 6, Frith-street, Soho. Receipts: #423 5s. (132/12/6; 6/18/0; tickets: 283/14/6)


Mainpiece Title: The School For Wives

Role: Leeson Actor: FarrenMrs Belville-Miss Chapman
Role: FarrenMrs Belville Actor: Miss Chapman
Role: Belville Actor: Lewis
Role: Torrington Actor: Quick
Role: Savage Actor: Munden
Role: Savage Actor: Davies
Role: Conolly Actor: Macready
Role: Spruce Actor: Bernard
Role: Leech Actor: Cubitt
Role: Crow Actor: Thompson
Role: Wolfe Actor: RockMiss Walsingham-Mrs Mattocks
Role: RockMiss Walsingham Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Lady Rachael Mildew Actor: Mrs Chambers
Role: Mrs Tempest Actor: Mrs Fawcett
Role: Mrs Belville Actor: Mrs Pope

Afterpiece Title: THE PACKET-BOAT; or, A Peep behind the Veil

Role: : Supple Actor: Quick
Role: Captain O'Phoenix Actor: Johnstone
Role: Woodford Actor: Incledon
Role: Scamper Actor: Munden
Role: Vintage Actor: Powel
Role: Midship Actor: CrossIsidora-Miss Poole
Role: CrossIsidora Actor: Miss Poole
Role: Jacquelina Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Commode Actor: Mrs Watts.


Role: Cornwall Actor: Campbell
Role: : Harlequin Actor: Bayzand
Role: : Philidel Actor: Miss Hopkins
Role: : Ballad Singer Actor: Fawcett
Role: : Lucifer Actor: Campbell
Role: Zephyrus Actor: Holland
Role: Dancing Actor: Master
Role: Master Actor: Fawcett
Role: : Zany Actor: Simmons
Role: . Lucifer Actor: Cubitt
Role: Pillardoc Actor: Richardson
Role: Asmodius Actor: Townsend
Role: Orchus Actor: Blurton
Role: Bclial Actor: Linton
Role: Ades Actor: Street. II. The Study of Dr Faustus
Role: Dr Faustus Actor: Farley
Role: Zany Actor: West. III. A Landscape and Water Mill
Role: Harlequin Actor: Boyce
Role: Pierrot Actor: Follett
Role: Miller Actor: Hawtin
Role: Taylor Actor: Simmons
Role: Bridemen Actor: Cranfield, Ratchford, Blurton, Wilde, Rayner, Jackson, &c.Miller's Wife-Miss Leserve
Role: Miller's Wife Actor: Miss Leserve
Role: Bridemaids Actor: Mrs Follett, Mrs Watts, Mrs Ratchford, Mrs Cranfield, Mrs Crowe, Mrs Lloyd, &c.
Role: Colombine Actor: Mme Rossi
Role: Philidel Actor: Mrs Mountain. IV. A View of a Country Inn: The Bull and Dog
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Henley. V. A Representation of tht Scaffolding prepared for erecting the New Theatre-Royal, Drury Lane, as it appeared in July. Irish Song in character by Rock. Which changes to a View of the above Building, as it will appear when completed
Role: A Representation of tht Scaffolding prepared for e Actor: Royal, Drury Lane, as it appeared in July. Irish Song in character by Rock. Which changes to a View of the above Building, as it will appear when completed
Role: A View of Smithfield on a Market Actor: Day
Role: ByrnFlora Actor: Mlle St. Amand. VIII. A Tobacco Warehouse, which changes to an Equestrian Figure by Roubiliac. IX. A Street, in which is introduced two Irish Sedan Chairs
Role: Aerial Spirits Actor: Byrn, Holland, Mlle St. Amand, Cranfield, Ratchford, King, Blurton, Wilde, Mrs Castelle, Miss Kirton, Miss Leserve, Mrs Follett, Mrs Watts, Mrs Blurton
Role: Alban Actor: Holman
Role: Captain O'Leary Actor: Johnstone
Role: Patrick Actor: Rock
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Webb
Role: Louisa Actor: Miss Brunton
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Bannister, Incledon, Davies, Blanchard, Cubitt, Johnstone, Mrs Martyr, Mrs Warrell, Miss Huntley, Miss Barnet
Role: Petit Maitre Actor: Farley
Role: Marquis Actor: W. Powel
Role: Pioneer Actor: Cranfield
Role: Dusty Gentleman Actor: Bernard
Role: Poet Actor: Marshall
Role: Shoe@Black Actor: Rees
Role: Jacobine Actor: Cross
Role: Lemonadier Actor: C. Powell
Role: Poissards Actor: Blurton, Rayner
Role: Gardener Actor: Milburne
Role: Grotesque Actor: Follett
Role: Dancing Nymphs Actor: Mrs Goodwin, Mrs Watts, Mrs Ratchford, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Boyce, Mrs Cranfield, Mrs Lloyd
Role: : Recruiting Serjeant Actor: Townsend
Role: . Oakland Actor: Inclcdon
Role: Oakland Actor: Munden
Role: Jeffery Actor: Blanchard
Role: Gunnel Actor: Fawcett
Role: Rapine Actor: Cubitt
Role: Mr Sterling Actor: Powel
Role: Charles Actor: Claremont
Role: McScrape Actor: JohnstoneEllen Woodbine-Mrs Mountain
Role: JohnstoneEllen Woodbine Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Lucy Oakland Actor: Miss Hopkins

Monologue: 1794 05 13 End of Act I of 1st piece A Plague on both your Houses; or, A Peep into New Drury and Covent-Garden Theatres, to conclude with a Comic Song, in the Character of an Old Woman of Eighty, by Munden

Event Comment: [R$Ross this month wrote to Colman (Harvard Theatre Collection A.L.S.) inquiring about an intended new theatre at Bath, and opened his heart as follows: "My present situation is most irksome to me and must be to any gentleman or man of merit in his profession to have such an ignorant and now ill-bred fellow as Beard? presume to conduct the business of a theatre Royal, of which he is totally ignorant, and oblig'd to apply to the great Gibson, who naturally wishes to lower every man to his own standard, while the other despises every degree of merit that is not compris'd in Sol fa and wishes the theatre only to substitute as an Opera house." Ross wanted to be nominated for the manager's postition in the new theatre at Bath. N.B. He had already acted 23 times this season in his best parts.


Mainpiece Title: She Wou'd And She Wou'd Not; Or, The Kind Imposter

Role: Manuel Actor: Shuter
Role: Philip Actor: Ross
Role: Octavio Actor: Gardner
Role: Soto Actor: Dunstall
Role: Trappanti Actor: Woodward
Role: Lewis Actor: Davis
Role: Corrigidor Actor: Wignel
Role: Diego Actor: Costollo
Role: Rosara Actor: Mrs Mattocks
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Viletta Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Hypolita Actor: Miss Macklin.

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace

Role: Chasseur Royal Actor: Squibb.
Role: Shepherd Actor: Dibdin.
Role: Jupiter in character of Harlequin Actor: Miles
Role: Pluto Actor: Rayner
Role: Neptune Actor: Pedro
Role: Pan Actor: Curtat
Role: Hercules Actor: Dumai
Role: Apollo Actor: Leppie
Role: Mars Actor: Hussey
Role: A Chasseur Royal Actor: Mattocks
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Weichsel
Role: Aerial Spirits Actor: Arnauld, Miss Valois
Role: Doctor Actor: Weller
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Merlin Actor: Legg
Role: Mercury Actor: Baker
Role: Pierrot Actor: Morris
Event Comment: By Command of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Receipts: #142 8s. 6d. (Account Book); #110 (Rylands MS.)


Mainpiece Title: The Stratagem

Role: Archer Actor: Ryan
Role: Mrs Sullen Actor: Mrs Horton
Role: Aimwell Actor: Hale
Role: Bonniface Actor: Mullart
Role: Foigard Actor: Rosco
Role: Sullen Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Gibbet Actor: Neale
Role: Sir Charles Actor: Salway
Role: Dorinda Actor: Mrs Bellamy
Role: Lady Bountiful Actor: Mrs James
Role: Cherry Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Gipsey Actor: Miss Horsington
Role: Scrub Actor: Hippisley.

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace; or, Merlin's Cave

Performance Comment: Endymion-Rochetti; Chasseurs-Rheinhold, Roberts; Nymphs-Miss Burgess, Miss Davis; Diana-Mrs Chambers; Merlin-Leveridge; Jupiter-Lun; Pluto (Punch)-Janno; Neptune (Pantaloon)-Dupre; Pan (Scaramouch)-Richardson; Hercules (Brighella)-Delagarde; Apollo (Mezetin)-Villeneuve; Mars (Leander)-Haughton; Mercury-Salway; Doctor-Bencraft; Doctor's Wife-Mrs Kilby; Pierot-Lalauze (who has not performed upon that theatre these three years).
Role: Endymion Actor: Rochetti
Role: Chasseurs Actor: Rheinhold, Roberts
Role: Nymphs Actor: Miss Burgess, Miss Davis
Role: Diana Actor: Mrs Chambers
Role: Merlin Actor: Leveridge
Role: Jupiter Actor: Lun
Role: Pluto Actor: Janno
Role: Neptune Actor: Dupre
Role: Pan Actor: Richardson
Role: Hercules Actor: Delagarde
Role: Apollo Actor: Villeneuve
Role: Mars Actor: Haughton
Role: Mercury Actor: Salway
Role: Doctor Actor: Bencraft
Role: Doctor's Wife Actor: Mrs Kilby
Role: Pierot Actor: Lalauze

Dance: Desnoyer, Haughton, Signora Barberini

Event Comment: We hear that the Tragedy of Coriolanus, wrote by the late Mr Thompson, has been rehearsed at the Theatre Royal Covent Garden, and will be perform'd there on Friday next


Mainpiece Title: The Beggar's Opera

Role: Mrs Peachum Actor: Mrs Phillips
Role: Dye Trapes Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Hornpipe Actor: Atkins
Role: Dolly Trull Actor: Mrs Vallois
Role: Macheath Actor: Lowe 1st appearance on that stage
Role: Peachum Actor: Arthur
Role: Lockit Actor: Dunstall
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Young
Role: Player Actor: Anderson
Role: Beggar Actor: Paddick
Role: Mat@o@Mint Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Ben Budge Actor: Bencraft
Role: Filch Actor: Cushing
Role: Wat Dreary Actor: Smith
Role: Jemmy Twitcher Actor: Paget
Role: Drawer Actor: Bennet
Role: Jenny Diver Actor: Miss Allen
Role: Mrs Coaxer Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Sukey Tawdry Actor: Mrs Vallois
Role: Mrs Slammekin Actor: Miss Hippisley
Role: Mrs Vixen Actor: Miss Haughton
Role: Molly Brazen Actor: Miss Morrison
Role: Betty Doxy Actor: Mrs Villeneuve
Role: Polly Actor: Miss Faulkner
Role: With Hornpipe Actor: Oates
Role: a Country Dance Actor: the characters of the opera.

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Not acted in 5 years. [See 11 Dec. 1744. For further comment on Dexter, see Genest, IV, p. 341.] One Mr Dexter did Oroonoko , a Gent of Ireland--who never appear'd upon a Stage before--he had ye Greatest applause ever heard & indeed deservedly a Sweet Voice, great feeling--his name was not in ye Bills--only by a Gent (Cross). We hear that a Comedy call'd Eastward Hoe; or, The Prentices, written by Ben Johnson, Chapman, and Marston, is now reviving at the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, and will be acted the 29th. [A four page double column account of the text of Oroonoko appeared in the Gentleman's Magazine, 1752, pp. 163-67.] Receipts: #130 (Cross)


Mainpiece Title: Oroonoko; Or, The Royal Slave

Role: Oroonoko Actor: Dexter
Role: Aboan Actor: Lee
Role: Blandford Actor: Palmer
Role: Daniel Actor: Shuter
Role: Imonida Actor: Miss Bellamy
Role: Widow Actor: Mrs James
Role: Charlot Weldon Actor: Mrs Willoughby
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Minors
Role: Governor Actor: Burton
Role: Driver Actor: Taswell
Role: Stanmore Actor: Winstone
Role: Jack Stanmore Actor: Mozeen
Role: Hotman Actor: Blakes.

Afterpiece Title: The Anatomist

Role: Le Medicin Actor: Blakes
Role: Old Gerald Actor: Shuter
Role: Beatrice Actor: Mrs Bennet
Role: Crispin Actor: Yates.
Event Comment: At Yates's Booth in the George Inn, Smithfield. A new, pleasant and Diverting Droll...interspers'd with several Scenes both Satyrical and Comical, particularly the surprizing Metamorphosis of Jupiter and Mercury; the very remarkable Tryal before Judge Puzzlecause, with many learned arguments on both sides to prove that One can't be Two. Likewise the Humourous Adventures and whimsical Perplexities of Gormandize Simple, the Hungarian Footman; with the wonderful Conversations he had with and the dreadful Drubbings he received from his own Apparition; together with the Intrigues of Dorothy Squeezepurse, the wanton Chambermaid. Concluding with the Distresses of the Jealous Husband or the Innocent Adultress. Yates from Theatre Royal in Drury Lane. Clothes, scenes, machines, flyings, Transparencies and all other Decorations entirely new


Mainpiece Title: The Descent Of The Heathen Gods, With The loves Of Jupiter And Alcmena; Or, Cuckoldom No Scandal

Dance: TThe Drowsy Cobler-M L'Armand, Mad L'Armand lately arriv'd from Paris; Tit for Tat or the Kiss Return'd-Mr Shawford, Mrs Shawford, M L'Armand, Mme L'Armand; An extraordinary Band of Musick [provided from the Opera and both the Theatres [six instruments named]

Event Comment: [The Afterpiece had been advertised on two previous days to be the Royal Chace; or, Merlin's Cave.


Mainpiece Title: The Country Lasses

Role: the part of Aura to contain the Original Actor: .
Role: Modely Actor: Giffard
Role: Heartwell Actor: Gibson
Role: Freehold Actor: Bridgwater
Role: Sir John English Actor: Bridges
Role: Lurcher Actor: Anderson
Role: Carbuncle Actor: Dunstall
Role: Doublejugg Actor: Collins
Role: Sneak Actor: Paddick
Role: Shacklefigure Actor: James
Role: Longbottom Actor: Bencraft
Role: Vulture Actor: Storer
Role: Flora Actor: Mrs Bland
Role: Aura Actor: Mrs Storer.

Afterpiece Title: The Royal Chace; or, Harlequin Skeleton

Performance Comment: Chasseur Royal-Beard; Merlin-Leveridge; Jupiter, in the character of Harlequin-Lun; Pluto (Punch)-Granier; Neptune (Pantaloon)-Dupre; Pan (Scaramouche)-Vandersluys; Hercules (Brighella)-Delagarde; Apollo (Mezzetin)-Villeneuve; Mars (Leander)-Desse; Doctor-Bencraft; Colombine-Mrs Dunstall; Pierot-LaLauze.
Role: Chasseur Royal Actor: Beard
Role: Merlin Actor: Leveridge
Role: in the character of Harlequin Actor: Lun
Role: Pluto Actor: Granier
Role: Neptune Actor: Dupre
Role: Pan Actor: Vandersluys
Role: Hercules Actor: Delagarde
Role: Apollo Actor: Villeneuve
Role: Mars Actor: Desse
Role: Doctor Actor: Bencraft
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dunstall
Role: Pierot Actor: LaLauze.
Event Comment: [W+Winston MS 8 lists Harlequin Skeleton; or, The Royal Chace.] Receipts: #42 6s. (Account Book)


Mainpiece Title: Love For Love

Role: Valentine Actor: Smith
Role: Sir Sampson Actor: Dunstall
Role: Scandal Actor: Ridout
Role: Foresight Actor: Arthur
Role: Tattle Actor: Dyer
Role: Trapland Actor: Collins
Role: Jeremy Actor: Barrington
Role: Ben Actor: Shuter
Role: Mrs Foresight Actor: Mrs Elmy
Role: Mrs Frail Actor: Mrs Vincent
Role: Prue Actor: Mrs Green
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Angelica Actor: Mrs Hamilton.

Afterpiece Title: Merlin's Cave; or, The Royal Chase

Performance Comment: Chasseur Royal-Lowe; Aerial Spirits-Granier, Mrs Granier; Jupiter (in the character of Harlequin)-Miles; Doctor-Arthur; Anatomist-Stoppelaer; Colombine-Mrs Dyer; Merlin-Howard; Mercury-Baker; Pierrot-Lalauze.
Role: Chasseur Royal Actor: Lowe
Role: Aerial Spirits Actor: Granier, Mrs Granier
Role: Jupiter Actor: Miles
Role: Doctor Actor: Arthur
Role: Anatomist Actor: Stoppelaer
Role: Colombine Actor: Mrs Dyer
Role: Merlin Actor: Howard
Role: Mercury Actor: Baker
Role: Pierrot Actor: Lalauze.
Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Griffiths, formerly of Drury-Lane Theatre. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:00. Tickets delivered by Griffiths for the 27th of February will be taken. Tickets and Places to be had of Griffiths, at the Theatre, every Morning from 10 till 12. Fires are kept to keep the Theatre warm


Mainpiece Title: Tamerlane The Great

Performance Comment: Tamerlane-Calvert (from the Theatre-Royal [Smock Alley], Dublin); Moneses-Kent (from the Theatre-Royal, Norwich); Axalla-Diamond; Dervise-Nash; Bajazet-A Gentleman (1st appearance in that character); Selima-Mrs Clapham (from the Theatre-Royal, York); Arpasia-Miss Shelbourn (from the Theatre-Royal, Edinburgh) .
Role: Tamerlane Actor: Calvert
Role: from the Theatre Actor: Royal
Role: Moneses Actor: Kent
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: Axalla Actor: Diamond
Role: Dervise Actor: Nash
Role: Bajazet Actor: A Gentleman
Role: Selima Actor: Mrs Clapham
Role: from the Theatre Actor:
Role: Arpasia Actor: Miss Shelbourn
Role: from the Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Mayor of Garratt

Role: Major Sturgeon Actor: Griffiths
Role: Sir Jacob Jollup Actor: Connell
Role: Bruin Actor: Kent
Role: Crispin Heeltap Actor: Nash
Role: Roger Actor: J. Bartholomon
Role: Jerry Sneak Actor: Decastro
Role: Mrs Bruin Actor: Miss Woodcock
Role: Mrs Sneak Actor: Miss Shelbourn

Dance: After the Imitations, The Dwarf Dance by Powel

Song: Between the acts of mainpiece several Catches and Glees by some of the principal performers in London. imitations. End of mainpiece Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical, by Decastro

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Mrs Cuyler. [Kean is identified on HAY playbill of 26 Aug. 1784.] 1st and 2nd pieces: Both written by George Colman, Esq. 3rd piece: Written by the late David Garrick. Not acted these 12 years. Tickets to be had of Mrs Cuyler, No. 7, St. Alban's-street; at the bar of George's Coffee-house; and of Rice, at the Theatre, where places for the boxes may be taken. Tickets delivered for the 15th will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Manager In Distress

Afterpiece Title: The English Merchant

Performance Comment: Spatter-Williamson; Sir William Douglas-Gardner; La France-Gaudry (all of the Theatre Royal, Hay-market); Lord Falbridge-Smith; Owen-Hunter; Frecport-Calvert (from the Theatre-Royal [Smock Alley], Dublin; 1st appearance in London); Amelia-Mrs Cuyler; Molly-Mrs Lefevre; Lady Alton-Mrs Lloyd (all of the Theatre Royal, Hay-market); Mrs Goodman-Mrs Bolton .
Role: Spatter Actor: Williamson
Role: Sir William Douglas Actor: Gardner
Role: La France Actor: Gaudry
Role: Hay Actor:
Role: Lord Falbridge Actor: Smith
Role: Owen Actor: Hunter
Role: Frecport Actor: Calvert
Role: from the Theatre Actor: Royal
Role: Amelia Actor: Mrs Cuyler
Role: Molly Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Lady Alton Actor: Mrs Lloyd
Role: Hay Actor:
Role: Mrs Goodman Actor: Mrs Bolton

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Sharp Actor: Dutton
Role: Gayless Actor: Smith
Role: Melissa Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Mrs Cuyler

Monologue: 1784 03 22 End of 2nd piece Shuter's Post-haste Observations on his Journey to Paris by Dutton

Event Comment: [Huddart, whose 1st appearance on the stage was at the Crow Street Theatre Dublin, on 14 May 1798, is identified in European Magazine, Oct. 1798, p. 258.] "In the gentle and tender scenes [Huddart] was impressive...but in the impassioned parts he was often too boisterous, and from his too eager exertion, he exhausted himself, in a great measure, before the conclusion of the piece" (Morning Herald, 16 Oct.). [Mrs Pope, as Miss Campion, had 1st appeared as Desdemona at the same theatre, 11 Mar. 1790. Mrs Wybrow was from the Royal Circus. She had appeared at cg on 6 June 1798.] Afterp iece [1st time; BALL. PI, by John Cartwright Cross. Larpent MS 1228. Text (i.e. synopsis of the ballet, and the songs) in his Circusiana (Lackington, Allen & Co., 1890), Vol. 1; it lists the cast for the Royal Circus]: Taken chiefly from the favourtie Piece of the latter Title [1st acted at the Royal Circus, 9 Apr. 1798], with Alterations and Additions by the original Author. The Music by Sanderson, and Scenery by Phillips, Lupino, Hollogan, Blackmore, &c. Receipts: #294 15s. 6d. (290.8.6; 4.7.0)


Mainpiece Title: Othello, Moor Of Venice

Performance Comment: Othello-A Young Gentleman (from the Theatre Royal Dublin; 1st appearance on this, and 4th on any stage [Huddart]); Roderigo-Knight; Cassio (1st time)-Betterton; Brabantio-Hull; Lodovico-Whitfield; Duke-Waddy; Gratiano-Powel; Montano-Clarke; Iago-Murray; Emilia (1st time)-Mrs Litchfield; Desdemona-Mrs Pope (1st appearance in that character [in London]).in London]).
Role: Othello Actor: A Young Gentleman
Role: Roderigo Actor: Knight
Role: Cassio Actor: Betterton
Role: Brabantio Actor: Hull
Role: Lodovico Actor: Whitfield
Role: Duke Actor: Waddy
Role: Gratiano Actor: Powel
Role: Montano Actor: Clarke
Role: Iago Actor: Murray
Role: Emilia Actor: Mrs Litchfield
Role: Desdemona Actor: Mrs Pope

Afterpiece Title: The Genoese Pirate; or, Black-Beard

Role: Principal Ballet Characters Actor: Follett, Bologna Jun., Bologna Sen., Dyke, Whitmore, Abbot, Wilde, Blurton, Platt, Jackson, Hawtin, Powers, Findlay, Rayner, Webb, Farley, Mrs Watts, Mrs Follett, Mrs Bologna, Miss Burnett, Mrs Ward, Miss Bologna, Mrs Wybrow
Role: Vocal Characters Actor: Townsend, Hill, Linton, Street, Tett, Curties, Master Standen, Miss Gray
Role: Seamen Actor: Clarke, William, Drunken Negro-Simmons, Servants, Negro Boy-Master Standen, Lieut. Maynard, Sailors, Nancy, Servants, Orra, Ismena. For the three assigned parts see Songs, below.
Role: Drunken Negro Actor: Simmons, Servants, Negro Boy-Master Standen, Lieut. Maynard, Sailors, Nancy, Servants, Orra, Ismena. For the three assigned parts see Songs, below.
Role: Negro Boy Actor: Master Standen, Lieut. Maynard, Sailors, Nancy, Servants, Orra, Ismena. For the three assigned parts see Songs, below.
Role: While the jolly grog Actor: Townsend, Hill, Linton, Street, Abbot
Role: My Willy was a Sailor bold Actor: Miss Gray
Role: Stand to your guns our cannons thunder Actor: Townsend, Hill
Role: A pirate's Life Actor: Townsend
Role: When sunny Beams Actor: Master Standen
Role: Three Years I've bade sweet Home adieu Actor: Hill
Role: Inside of Black Actor: Beard's Hut. West Indian View. Seaman and Drunken Negro: In Search of a Pirate-Clarke, Simmons
Role: In Search of a Pirate Actor: Clarke, Simmons
Role: with Black Actor: Beard's Ship at a Distance. Grand cabin by Moonlight. No longer heave the heart@felt sigh-Hill, Miss Gray
Role: No longer heave the heart@felt sigh Actor: Hill, Miss Gray

Dance: In afterpiece: Dance of Negroes-

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Mainpiece: Written by the celebrated Mrs Eliza Haywood. Not acted these 6 years. Afterpiece [1st time; F 2 (?)]: Written by a Comedian [unidentified. not in Larpent MS; not published]. The above Pieces have been a long Time in Rehearsal, and as no Expense has been spared in procuring respectable Performers from capital Theatres, there is no doubt (as the Comedies have sterling Merit) of their giving Satisfaction to the Audience. The Doors to be opened at 5:15. To begin at 6:15


Mainpiece Title: A Wife To Be Lett

Performance Comment: Graspall-Barrett (of hay); Captain Gaylove-Turner; Fairman-Stannard; Sneaksby-Digby; Sir Harry Beaumont-Lyon (from the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh); Shamble-Williams; Courtly-Johnson; Tim-Benson; Toywell-Russell (from the Theatre Royal, Norwich); Mrs Graspall-Mrs Harley (1st appearance); Dogwood-Mrs Gardner; Marilla (with a song)-Miss Green (1st appearance); Celemena-Miss Harrison; Widow Stately-Mrs Russell (from the Theatre Royal, Norwich); Amadea (with songs)-Miss Hemet.
Role: Graspall Actor: Barrett
Role: Captain Gaylove Actor: Turner
Role: Fairman Actor: Stannard
Role: Sneaksby Actor: Digby
Role: Sir Harry Beaumont Actor: Lyon
Role: Shamble Actor: Williams
Role: Courtly Actor: Johnson
Role: Tim Actor: Benson
Role: Toywell Actor: Russell
Role: Mrs Graspall Actor: Mrs Harley
Role: Dogwood Actor: Mrs Gardner
Role: Marilla Actor: Miss Green
Role: Celemena Actor: Miss Harrison
Role: Widow Stately Actor: Mrs Russell
Role: Amadea Actor: Miss Hemet.

Afterpiece Title: The Sharper's Last Shift

Song: End I: Stand to your Guns-Digby

Entertainment: Monologue. End: Bucks have at ye All-Benson

Role: Bucks have at ye All Actor: Benson.
Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Everard. 1st piece [1st time; PREL 1, by Sarah Gardner. Larpent MS 1101; not published]. 2nd piece: Never acted here [acted 19 Aug. 1784]. [3rd piece: Prologue by Samuel Foote.] Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:15. Tickets to be had at No. 21, Carey-street, Lincoln's-Inn Fields; New Slaughter's Coffee-house, St. Martin's-lane; of Adams, the Duke of Clarence Coffee-house, Haymarket; and of Everard, at Mr Shade's, Woburn-street, near Drury Lane Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Mrs Doggrell In Her Altitudes; Or, The Effects Of A West India Ramble

Afterpiece Title: The Clandestine Marriage

Performance Comment: Lord Ogleby (for that night only)-Thornton (of the Theatre-Royal Windsor; 1st appearance in London); Canton-Everard (late of the Theatre-Royal Drury-Lane); Miss Sterling-A Young Lady (1st appearance on any stage [unidentified]); Mrs Heidelberg-Mrs Gardner (1st appearance since her return from the West Indies).
Role: Lord Ogleby Actor: Thornton
Role: Theatre Actor: Royal Windsor
Role: Canton Actor: Everard
Role: late of the Theatre Actor:
Role: Royal Drury Actor:
Role: Miss Sterling Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Mrs Heidelberg Actor: Mrs Gardner

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: Cadwallader Actor: Everard
Role: Prologue Actor: Everard
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Mrs Gardner.
Event Comment: By Permission [of the Lord Chamberlain]. Mainpiece [1st time in London; C 5, by Robert Hitchcock, 1st acted at Hull, 14 Nov. 1775]. Afterpiece: Written by George Alexander Stevens. [This was not Charles Macklin's play, The True-Born Irishman, 1st published in Jones' British Theatre, 1795, but Stevens's The French Flogged; or, The British Sailors in America.] Tickets delivered for the 23rd of September and for the Evening will be admitted


Mainpiece Title: The Coquette; Or The Mistakes Of The Heart

Performance Comment: Principal Characters-Camery (1st appearance), Jackson, Davis, Tannett, Dowson, Curtis, Williams, Morris, Johnston, Miss Walton (the young Lady who performed in The Provok'd Wife [on 18 Sept.]), Miss Essex, Mrs Gardner, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Roche, Mrs Russell (from the Theatre Royal, Norwich), A Young Gentlewoman [unidentified]. [Text (Bath: R. Cruttwell, 1777) lists the parts, with cast as acted at Hull: Sedley , Captain Helm , Woodford , Sir Whifling Trifle , Flamwell , Spangle , Finesse , Swab , Ty'em , Miss Bloomer , Lady Younglove , Flora , Mrs Fashion , Miss Belgrove , Frippery , Fontange .]on 18 Sept.]), Miss Essex, Mrs Gardner, Mrs Bishop, Mrs Roche, Mrs Russell (from the Theatre Royal, Norwich), A Young Gentlewoman [unidentified]. [Text (Bath: R. Cruttwell, 1777) lists the parts, with cast as acted at Hull: Sedley , Captain Helm , Woodford , Sir Whifling Trifle , Flamwell , Spangle , Finesse , Swab , Ty'em , Miss Bloomer , Lady Younglove , Flora , Mrs Fashion , Miss Belgrove , Frippery , Fontange .]
Role: Principal Characters Actor: Camery

Afterpiece Title: The True-Born Irishman; or, The English Sailors and Soldiers in America

Dance: End IV: a Hornpipe-Miller

Entertainment: ImitationsEnd: Imitations, Vocal and Rhetorical,-Decastro ; several new ones, and those which Foote introduced him in before their Majesties

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Digges. Mainpiece: Never acted here. [Barry had acted King Lear at this theatre on 15 July 1767, and Ross on 18 June 1770.] Afterpiece: Altered into 3 acts


Mainpiece Title: King Lear

Performance Comment: King Lear-Digges; Bastard-West; Kent-Gardner; Gloster-Mitchell; Gentleman Usher-Blissett; Albany-Taylor; Burgundy-Turner; Cornwall-Davis; Edgar-Dimond (from the Theatre-Royal, Bath); Goneril-Mrs Lefevre; Regan-Mrs West; Cordelia-Mrs Massey.
Role: King Lear Actor: Digges
Role: Bastard Actor: West
Role: Kent Actor: Gardner
Role: Gloster Actor: Mitchell
Role: Gentleman Usher Actor: Blissett
Role: Albany Actor: Taylor
Role: Burgundy Actor: Turner
Role: Cornwall Actor: Davis
Role: Edgar Actor: Dimond
Role: Theatre Actor:
Role: Goneril Actor: Mrs Lefevre
Role: Regan Actor: Mrs West
Role: Cordelia Actor: Mrs Massey.

Afterpiece Title: The Gentle Shepherd

Role: Bauldy Actor: Blissett
Role: Sir William Worthy Actor: Mitchell
Role: Jenny Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Peggy Actor: Mrs Hitchcock.

Music: Afterpiece: With the Scots Musick incidental to the Piece-

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Harricks and Williams. Mainpiece: The Characters to be dressed in the Habits of the Times. [Author and speaker of Address not known.] Tickets delivered for The Wonder will be taken. The Doors to be opened at 5:00. To begin at 6:15. Tickets to be had and Places taken of Rice, at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Richard Iii

Performance Comment: Richard-Harricks (from the Theatre Royal, York); Henry-Hunter; Buckingham-Thompson; Tressel-Cross; Lord Stanley-Stannard; Catesby-Powell; Lieutenant-Kenrick; Norfolk-Farrell; Prince Edward-Miss Beaufield; Duke of York-Miss Barnard; Richmond-Brown (from the Theatre Royal, Edinburgh); Lady Anne-A Young Lady [unidentified]; Duchess of York-Mrs Barnard; Queen-Mrs Lefevre. Preceding the Play an Occasional Address .
Role: Richard Actor: Harricks
Role: Henry Actor: Hunter
Role: Buckingham Actor: Thompson
Role: Tressel Actor: Cross
Role: Lord Stanley Actor: Stannard
Role: Catesby Actor: Powell
Role: Lieutenant Actor: Kenrick
Role: Norfolk Actor: Farrell
Role: Prince Edward Actor: Miss Beaufield
Role: Duke of York Actor: Miss Barnard
Role: Richmond Actor: Brown
Role: Lady Anne Actor: A Young Lady
Role: Duchess of York Actor: Mrs Barnard
Role: Queen Actor: Mrs Lefevre. Preceding the Play an Occasional Address

Afterpiece Title: The Irish Widow

Role: Whittle Actor: Hunter
Role: Kecksey Actor: Powell
Role: Nephew Actor: Thompson
Role: Bates Actor: Farrell
Role: Sir Patrick O'Neale Actor: Harricks
Role: Thomas Actor: Ryder
Role: Widow Brady Actor: Mrs Lefevre

Monologue: 1783 12 15 End of Act I of afterpiece The Farmer's Blunder by Kenrick

Event Comment: By Permission of the Lord Chamberlain. Benefit for Griffiths. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. 2nd Gallery 1s. The Doors to be opened at 5:15. To begin at 6:30. Tickets to be had of Griffiths, No. 3, Southampton-buildings, Holborn; at the Royalty Coffee-house, Well Close Square; King's Arms, Leadenhall-street; Band Coffee-house; Sun-tavern, Foster-lane; Grotto, Southampton-buildings; Angel, St. Giles's; Cock and Bottle, Upper Brook-street; Nag's Head, Carnaby-market; One Tun, St. James's Market; Fox's Coffee-house, Bow-street; the Go, the Jump, and the Finish; and of Rice, at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: The West Indian

Performance Comment: Belcour-Baker; Stockwell-Simpson; Young Dudley-A Young Gentleman (1st appearance on that stage); Captain Dudley-Lloyd; Fulmer-Jackson; Varland-Cooper; Stukeley-Smith; Major O'Flaherty-Griffiths; Louisa Dudley-Mrs Fox; Lady Rusport-Mrs Crisp; Mrs Fulmer-Mrs Waldron; Lucy-Miss Clerk; Charlotte Rusport-Miss Powell (from the Theatre-Royal, Richmond).
Role: Belcour Actor: Baker
Role: Stockwell Actor: Simpson
Role: Young Dudley Actor: A Young Gentleman
Role: Captain Dudley Actor: Lloyd
Role: Fulmer Actor: Jackson
Role: Varland Actor: Cooper
Role: Stukeley Actor: Smith
Role: Major O'Flaherty Actor: Griffiths
Role: Louisa Dudley Actor: Mrs Fox
Role: Lady Rusport Actor: Mrs Crisp
Role: Mrs Fulmer Actor: Mrs Waldron
Role: Lucy Actor: Miss Clerk
Role: Charlotte Rusport Actor: Miss Powell
Role: Theatre Actor:

Afterpiece Title: The Author

Role: Cadwallader Actor: Griffiths
Role: Sprightly Actor: Jackson
Role: Mrs Cadwallader Actor: Miss Shelbourne.

Song: End: This is the life of a frolicksome fellow-the Gentleman who performs Young Dudley; Four@and@twenty fidlers-Simpson

Entertainment: After Singing: Theatrical Imitations, vocal and rhetorical,-Weston (1st appearance on any stage)

Event Comment: [Extra night] Benefit for the General Lying-In Hospital, at Bays-water. Under the Patronage of Her Majesty. [Braham's 1st appearance at this theatre was on 21 Apr. 1787.]. The Orchestra under the Direction of Mountain. Principal Oboe by W. Parke. To the Renters of Covent Garden Theatre, it is humbly requested by the Promoters of the Charity, for which the Opera performed this Evening is appropriated, that they will humanely forego their claim on that Night, it being out of the Manager's Season, and an additional expence to the Charity. Those Gentlemen willing to resign their demand on the above occasion are requested to send word t the Theatre which will be thankfully received by the promoters of the Charity. The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00. Tickets to be had at the Hospital; The Crown and Anchor Tavern, Strand; Longman and Broderip's; and of Brandon at the Theatre, where places for the Boxes may be taken. Receipts: none listed in Account-Book, but Monthly Visitor, July 1797, p. 63, reports that #401 was received


Mainpiece Title: The Duenna

Performance Comment: Antonio (by permission of the Managers of Vauxhall)-Dignum; Ferdinand-Clarke (from the Theatre Royal Edinburgh; 1st appearance on this stage); Don Jerome-Powel; Isaac-Baker; Father Paul-Haymes; Lopez-Pitt; Starved Friar-Evans; Carlos (by Permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Braham (1st appearance in that character, and on this stage); Louisa-Mrs Martyr; The Duenna-Mrs Wentworth; Clara (by Permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre)-Sga Storace.
Role: Antonio Actor: Dignum
Role: Ferdinand Actor: Clarke
Role: Don Jerome Actor: Powel
Role: Isaac Actor: Baker
Role: Father Paul Actor: Haymes
Role: Lopez Actor: Pitt
Role: Starved Friar Actor: Evans
Role: Carlos Actor: Braham
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: The Duenna Actor: Mrs Wentworth
Role: Clara Actor: Sga Storace.

Dance: End II: Peggy's Love (by permission of the Proprietors of the king's Theatre), as17970614 End Opera: Cupid and Psyche, as17970614 With Corps de Ballet from the Opera House

Event Comment: The King's Company. The exact date of this performance is not known, but the Prologue refers to "After a four Months Fast," suggesting that the theatre did not reopen until the end of the Long Vacation (24 Oct. 1681 is the beginning of Michaelmas Term). The Epilogue also seems to refer to events at Bartholomew Fair, and the Prologue to the King's visit to Newmarket, from which the King did not return until 12 Oct. 1681. Furthermore, The Impartial Protestant Mercury, No. 54, 28 Oct. 1681, reports: A Revised Play was some days since Acted on an Eminent Publick Theatre, and the Prologue is extreamly talked of. [The periodical reprints some of the lines (which are essentially those in the printed version).] The Loyal Protestant, No. 70, 29 Oct. 1681, refers to the same performance and reprints part of the Epilogue (which also is essentially that of the separately printed Epilogue). All of these elements point to a performance in mid-October. Both the Prologue and the Epilogue were printed separately, and have been reprinted by Wiley, Rare Prologues and Epilogues, pp. 43-45. Broadside copies of the Prologue and Epilogue in the Huntington Library bear Luttrell's manuscript notations that both were written by Dryden. Luttrell's date of acquisition is 13 Feb. 1681@2, an instance in which Luttrell's date of purchase does not apparently correspond closely to a date of performance


Mainpiece Title: Mithridates, King Of Pontus

Performance Comment: For a previous cast, see February 1677@8. A Prologue spoken at Mithridates King of Pontus, the First Play Acted at the Theatre Royal this Year, 1681. Written by John Dryden. Epilogue written by Dryden and spoken by Goodman and Mrs Cox.
Event Comment: The United Company. There is uncertainty concerning this date; it appears on Luttrell's copy (Huntington Library) of the separately printed Prologue and Epilogue, and the date may represent the time of his purchase rather than a date of performance. The Prologue and Epilogue are reprinted in Wiley, Rare Prologues and Epilogues, pp. 141-45. Downes (Roscius Anglicanus, pp. 39-40): All the preceding Plays, being the chief that were Acted in Dorset-Garden, from November 1671, to the Year 1682; at which time the Patentees of each Company United Patents; and by so Incorporating the Duke's Company were made the King's Company, and immediately remov'd to the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane. Upon this Union, Mr Hart being the Heart of the Company under Mr Killigrew's Patent never Acted more, by reason of his Malady; being Afflicted with the Stone and Gravel, of which he Dy'd some time after: Having a Sallary of 40 Shillings a Week to the Day of his Death. But the Remnant of that Company; as, Major Mohun, Mr Cartwright, Mr Kynaston, Mr Griffin, Mr Goodman, Mr Duke Watson, Mr Powel, Sr, Mr Wiltshire, Mrs Corey, Mrs Bowtell, Mrs Cook, Mrs Montfort. [Joined the new company]. Note, now Mr Monfort and Mr Carlile, were grown to the Maturity of good Actors. The mixt Company then Reviv'd the several old and Modern Plays, that were the Propriety of Mr Killigrew, as Rule a Wife, and have a Wife: Mr Betterton Acting Michael Perez; Don Leon, Mr Smith, Cacofogo, Mr Cartwright: Margaretta, Mrs Barry: Estiphania, Mrs Cook. Next, @The Scornful Lady.@The Plain Dealer.@The Mock Astrologer.@The Jovial Crew.@The Beggars Bush.@Bartholomew-Fair.@The Moor of Venice.@Rollo.@The Humorous Lieutenant.@The Double Marriage.@ With divers others. George Powell, Preface to The Treacherous Brothers (1690): The Time was, upon the uniting of the Two Theatres, that the Reviveing of the old stock of Plays, so ingrost the study of the House, that the Poets lay dorment; and a new Play cou'd hardly get admittance, amongst the more precious pieces of Antiquity, that then waited to walk the Stage. Cibber, Apology, ed. Lowe, I, 95-96): I shall content myself with telling you that Mohun and Hart now growing old [for, above thirty Years before this Time, they had severally born the King's Commission of Major and Captain in the Civil Wars), and the younger Actors, as Goodman, Clark, and others, being impatient to get into their Parts, and growing intractable, the Audiences too of both Houses then falling off, the Patentees of each, by the King's Advice, which perhaps amounted to a Command, united their Interests and both Companies into one, exclusive of all others in the Year 1682. This Union was, however, so much in favour of the Duke's Company, that Hart left the Stage upon it, and Mohun survived not long after


Mainpiece Title: Title Unknown

Performance Comment: Prologue To the King and $Queen At the Opening of Their Theatre by Mr Dryden-Mr Batterton; Epilogue by the same Authour-Mr Smith.
Event Comment: [This was Mrs Hitchcock's 1st appearance in London. Miss Farren was from the Manchester theatre. Miss Twist is identified in playbill of 14 July.] Because of Foote's acting scarcely anything but his own plays "a relaxation of discipline has been fallen into at the Haymarket... The audience last night, however, were not less surprized than pleased at the very regular manner in which the Comedy and the Burletta were exhibited. All the business of the stage perfect, all the little parts smoothly given, and the whole rather superior than inferior to a performance at either of the Winter Theatres" (Morning Chronicle, 10 June)


Mainpiece Title: She Stoops To Conquer

Performance Comment: Young Marlow-Palmer; Hastings (with a song)-DuBellamy; Sir Charles Marlow-Fearon; Diggory-Massey; Landlord-Griffiths; Tony Lumpkin-Jackson; Hardcastle-Edwin; Miss Neville-Mrs Hitchcock [from the Theatre Royal, Bath (on playbill of 6 June)]; Mrs Hardcastle-Mrs Gardner; Betty-Mrs Poussin; Miss Hardcastle-Miss Farren (1st appearance in London).
Role: Young Marlow Actor: Palmer
Role: Hastings Actor: DuBellamy
Role: Sir Charles Marlow Actor: Fearon
Role: Diggory Actor: Massey
Role: Landlord Actor: Griffiths
Role: Tony Lumpkin Actor: Jackson
Role: Hardcastle Actor: Edwin
Role: Miss Neville Actor: Mrs Hitchcock
Role: Mrs Hardcastle Actor: Mrs Gardner
Role: Betty Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Miss Hardcastle Actor: Miss Farren

Afterpiece Title: Midas

Role: Midas Actor: Edwin
Role: Apollo Actor: Du-Bellamy
Role: Du Actor: Bellamy
Role: Sileno Actor: Massey
Role: Jupiter Actor: Griffiths
Role: Damaetas Actor: Blissett
Role: Pan Actor: Bannister
Role: Juno Actor: Mrs Poussin
Role: Mysis Actor: Mrs Love
Role: Daphne Actor: Mrs Hitchcock
Role: Nysa Actor: A Young Gentlewoman
Event Comment: Mainpiece: In I a Masquerade Scene incident to the Play. [This was included in all subsequent performances.] No Money to be returned. Places for the Boxes to be taken of Brandon at the Theatre. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [see 2 Nov.]. [No playbill this season lists the various prices of admission; they were probably, as usual: Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. 1st Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s.] Receipts: #255 6s. (253.11.6; 1.14.6)


Mainpiece Title: Romeo And Juliet

Performance Comment: Romeo-Holman (1st appearance at this theatre these 2 years); Capulet-Powel; Benvolio-Davies; Friar Lawrence-Hull; Paris-Macready; Tibalt-Cubitt; Prince-Gardner; Peter-C. Powell; Mercutio-Lewis; Lady Capulet-Mrs Platt; Nurse-Mrs Pitt; Juliet-Mrs Achmet (from the Theatre Royal Crow Street, Dublin]; 1st appearance on this stage).; 1st appearance on this stage).
Role: Romeo Actor: Holman
Role: Capulet Actor: Powel
Role: Benvolio Actor: Davies
Role: Friar Lawrence Actor: Hull
Role: Paris Actor: Macready
Role: Tibalt Actor: Cubitt
Role: Prince Actor: Gardner
Role: Peter Actor: C. Powell
Role: Mercutio Actor: Lewis
Role: Lady Capulet Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Nurse Actor: Mrs Pitt
Role: Juliet Actor: Mrs Achmet

Afterpiece Title: The Farmer

Role: Jemmy Jumps Actor: Edwin
Role: Valentine Actor: Johnstone
Role: Rundy Actor: Blanchard
Role: Dormant Actor: Hull
Role: Fairly Actor: Thompson
Role: Farmer Blackberry Actor: Darley
Role: Farmer Stubble Actor: Gardner
Role: Molly Maybush Actor: Mrs Martyr
Role: Louisa Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Landlady Actor: Mrs Platt
Role: Betty Blackberry Actor: Mrs Mattocks.

Song: End IV: Juliet's Funeral Procession-; With Dirge-; Vocal Parts-Bannister, Johnstone, Cubitt, Darley, Rock, Letteney, Reeve, W. Thompson, Mrs Mountain, Miss Stuart, Mrs Davenett, Mrs Watts, Mrs Gray, Miss Rowson, Miss Francis, Mrs Masters, Mrs Powell, Mrs Byrne, Mrs Martyr

Event Comment: Mainpiece: Never acted at this Theatre. [Under his real name, Snow, Hargrave had 1st appeared at this theatre on 7 Oct. 1791. In mainpiece the playbill assigns Sadi to Knight, but "The part of Sadi, which [Knight] was prevented from appearing in by indisposition, was undertaken by Townsend, who acquitted himself very ably" (Morning Herald, 8 Oct.). Townsend's part as a Muleteer was probably omitted.] Receipts: #128 11s. (125.16; 2.15)


Mainpiece Title: The Mountaineers

Performance Comment: Octavian-Hargrave (from the Theatre Royal Dublin; 1st appearance); Kilmallock-Johnstone; Lope Tocho-Quick; Sadi-Townsend; Virolet-Middleton; Bulcazin Muley-Macready; Muleteers-Bowden, Townsend?, Haymes; Goatherds-Powel, Simmons, Thompson; Roque-Davenport; Ganem-Toms; Pacha-Farley; Ali Beg-Abbot; Agnes-Mrs Clendining; Floranthe-Miss Mansel; Zorayda-Miss Wallis; Musical Characters-Linton, Blurton, Street, Gray, Abbot, Little, Lee, Sawyer, Tett, Kenrick, J. Linton, Thomas, Oddwell, Cooke, Everett, Philipps, Mrs Mountain, Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Follett, Mrs Castelle, Mrs Masters, Mrs Blurton, Mrs Norton, Mrs Watts, Miss Leserve, Miss Walcup, Mrs Henley, Miss Owen, Miss Logan, Mrs Martyr.

Afterpiece Title: Netley Abbey

Role: Oakland Actor: Incledon
Role: Oakland Actor: Munden
Role: Gunnel Actor: Fawcett
Role: Jeffery Actor: Townsend
Role: Sterling Actor: Powel
Role: M'Scrape Actor: Johnstone
Role: Ellen Woodbine Actor: Mrs Mountain
Role: Lucy Oakland Actor: Mrs Follett
Role: Catherine Actor: Mrs Martyr.