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Event Comment: This performance is known by the Prologue and Epilogue printed in Thomas Jordan's A Nursery of Novelities or Variety of Poetry. The Prologue is dated 24 June 1660, but as this date falls on Sunday, the performance has been entered as Saturday 23 June 1660, for in this same work (p. 19) Jordan mentions: A Speech by way of Epilogue to those that would rise out of the Pit at the Red Bull in the last Scene, and disturb the conclusion by going on the Stage, June 23d 1660. [The Prologue and Epilogue have been reprinted in the Shakespeare Society Papers, IV (1849), 140-42, and in Sprague, Beaumont and Fletcher on the Restoration Stage, pp. 9-10. See also the list at the beginning of the season 1659-1660.


Mainpiece Title: The Tamer Tamed

Event Comment: This play was seen by Jacques Thierry and Will Schellinks (Seaton, Literary Relationships, pp. 334, 336). The company may have been Jolly's, but it may also have been the King's temporarily acting there. See Sprague, Beaumont and Fletcher, p. 22, and Hotson, Commonwealth and Restoration Stage, pp. 178-79


Mainpiece Title: Friar Bacon And Friar Bungay

Event Comment: The King's Company. Pepys, Diary: To the King's playhouse, where two acts were almost done when I come in; and there I sat with my cloak about my face, and saw the remainder of The Mayd's Tragedy; a good play, and well acted, especially by the younger Marshall, who is become a pretty good actor, and is the first play I have seen in either of the houses since before the great plague, they having acted now about fourteen days publickly. But I was in Mighty pain lest I should be seen by any body to be at a play. Elegy on that Worthy and Famous Actor, Mr Charles Hart, who departed this Life Thursday August the 18th., 1683: @Such Pow'r He had o'r the Spectators gain'd,@As forc'd a Real passion from a Feign'd.@For when they saw Amintor bleed, straight all@The House, for every Drop, a Tear let fall;@And when Arbaces wept by sympathy,@A glowing Tide of Wo gush'd from each Eye.@ [Reprinted in Thorn-Drury, A Little Ark, pp. 47ff; Sprague, Beaumont and Fletcher, p.38.


Mainpiece Title: The Maid's Tragedy