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Event Comment: Benefit Spackman. By Desire of the Honourable Society of Mercurians. Tickets to be had at Pinchbeck's


Mainpiece Title: George Barnwell

Performance Comment: Barnwell-Spackman; Thorogood-Williams; Trueman-Catesby; Uncle-Boham; Blunt-Husbands; Maria-Miss Carter; Millwood-Mrs Morrison; Lucy-Mrs Freeman; Prologue-Spackman; original Epilogue-Miss Carter.
Role: Barnwell Actor: Spackman
Role: Thorogood Actor: Williams
Role: Trueman Actor: Catesby
Role: Uncle Actor: Boham
Role: Blunt Actor: Husbands
Role: Maria Actor: Miss Carter
Role: Millwood Actor: Mrs Morrison
Role: Lucy Actor: Mrs Freeman
Role: Prologue Actor: Spackman
Role: original Epilogue Actor: Miss Carter.

Afterpiece Title: Comic part of Spanish Fryar

Performance Comment: Gomez-Husbands; Fryar-Hawkins; Elvira-Miss Carter; Lorenzo-Spackman.
Role: Gomez Actor: Husbands
Role: Fryar Actor: Hawkins
Role: Elvira Actor: Miss Carter
Role: Lorenzo Actor: Spackman.

Song: SSwains I Scorn, Who're Nice and Fair-Miss Carter; The Life of a Beau-Mrs Morrison


Mainpiece Title: The Devil Of A Duke; Or, The Conjuror's Bastard; With The Comical Humours Of Captain Tipple

Performance Comment: Conjuror's Bastard-Chapman; Duke Lavinio-Winstone; Mago-Cross; Prince Brunetto-Ware; Barberino-Bembridge; Alberto-Richards; Captain-Spackman; Clout-Gray; Flout-Clough; Isabella-Mrs Cross; Prudentia-Miss Ferguson; Flametta-Miss Dodson; 1st Widow-Mrs Taylor; 2d Widow-Mrs Powel; Miss Sol@Fa-Mrs Booth; Drunken Captain-Hippisley.
Role: Conjuror's Bastard Actor: Chapman
Role: Duke Lavinio Actor: Winstone
Role: Mago Actor: Cross
Role: Prince Brunetto Actor: Ware
Role: Barberino Actor: Bembridge
Role: Alberto Actor: Richards
Role: Captain Actor: Spackman
Role: Clout Actor: Gray
Role: Flout Actor: Clough
Role: Isabella Actor: Mrs Cross
Role: Prudentia Actor: Miss Ferguson
Role: Flametta Actor: Miss Dodson
Role: 1st Widow Actor: Mrs Taylor
Role: 2d Widow Actor: Mrs Powel
Role: Miss Sol@Fa Actor: Mrs Booth
Role: Drunken Captain Actor: Hippisley.

Afterpiece Title: The Matrimonial Squabble; or, A Cure for Jealousy

Role: Trip Actor: Bencraft
Role: Goodshot Actor: Clough
Role: Trip's Wife Actor: Mlle Nivelon
Role: Mrs Goodshot Actor: Mlle Maudett.

Ballet: TThe Infernals (Grand Ballet). 1st Fury-Bencraft; Attendants-Clough, Richards, Gray, Wright, Bembridge, Spackman

Performance Comment: 1st Fury-Bencraft; Attendants-Clough, Richards, Gray, Wright, Bembridge, Spackman.


Mainpiece Title: Zara

Performance Comment: Not acted these six years. Isman-Carr; Lusignan-Machen; Nerestan-Smith; Chatillion-Spackman; Orasmin-Johnson; Melidor-Ward; Zara-Mrs Smith; Selima-Miss Carter.
Role: Isman Actor: Carr
Role: Lusignan Actor: Machen
Role: Nerestan Actor: Smith
Role: Chatillion Actor: Spackman
Role: Orasmin Actor: Johnson
Role: Melidor Actor: Ward
Role: Zara Actor: Mrs Smith
Role: Selima Actor: Miss Carter.

Afterpiece Title: The Lying Valet

Role: Kitty Pry Actor: Miss Carter
Role: Valet Actor: Cushing.

Song: II: Amazon-Miss Carter; V: A Dialogue-Jackson, Miss Sharp;

Dance: V: Hornpipe-James


Mainpiece Title: The Provoked Husband; Or, Journey To London

Performance Comment: Townly-Giffard; Manly-W. Giffard; Sir Francis-Julian; Lady Grace-Mrs Chetwood; Lady Wronghead-Mrs Bambridge; Basset-Hayman; Richard-Peterson; Moody-Dove; Jenny-Miss Scott; Mrs Motherly-Mrs Spackman; Lady Townly-Mrs Giffard.
Role: Townly Actor: Giffard
Role: Manly Actor: W. Giffard
Role: Sir Francis Actor: Julian
Role: Lady Grace Actor: Mrs Chetwood
Role: Lady Wronghead Actor: Mrs Bambridge
Role: Basset Actor: Hayman
Role: Richard Actor: Peterson
Role: Moody Actor: Dove
Role: Jenny Actor: Miss Scott
Role: Mrs Motherly Actor: Mrs Spackman
Role: Lady Townly Actor: Mrs Giffard.

Afterpiece Title: The Devil to Pay

Role: 7430107 but Sir John Actor: Hayman
Role: Nell Actor: Mrs Dunstall.

Song: Hayman


Mainpiece Title: The Careless Husband

Performance Comment: Sir Charles-White; Morelove-Matthews; Foppington-Jones; Lady Easy-Mrs Spackman; Lady Graveairs-Mrs Montier; Edging-Mrs Barnard; Lady Betty-Mrs Cuthbert.
Role: Sir Charles Actor: White
Role: Morelove Actor: Matthews
Role: Foppington Actor: Jones
Role: Lady Easy Actor: Mrs Spackman
Role: Lady Graveairs Actor: Mrs Montier
Role: Edging Actor: Mrs Barnard
Role: Lady Betty Actor: Mrs Cuthbert.

Afterpiece Title: The Mutineers; or, Love in Excess

Song: Mrs Hill

Music: Solo on violin-Foley