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Event Comment: Principal Violoncello by C. Ashley. Double Drums by R. Ashley. Trumpets by Sariant, Cantelo, Purney. Among the other Principal Instrumental Performers are Foster, Mahon, Boyce, Flack, Lavenu, John Sharp, Simpson, Gwilliam, Monro, Mich. Sharp, Wood, Warren, Wm. Sharp, Cobham, Cornish, Jenkinson, F. Sharp, Shutze, Lord, Woodham, J. Sharp, Franks, &c. With a Complete Set of Chorus Singers. The Whole under the Direction of Ashley. Boxes 6s. Pit 3s. 6d. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. No Money to be returned. The Doors to be opened at 5:30. To begin at 6:30 [same throughout oratorio season]. Places to be had of Brandon at the Box Office in Hart-street. Books of the Performance, 6d. each, may be had at the Theatre. The Directors' Books have these words at the bottom of each title-page: "Printed by H. Madeish, Recorder-Office, Duke's-Court, Drury-lane."


Mainpiece Title: A Grand Selection Of Sacred Music From The Works Of Handel


Mainpiece Title: L'allegro Ed Il Pensieroso

Performance Comment: Principal Vocal Performers, Leader, Organ as17940307ART I. Fifth Grand Concerto. Hence! loathed. Hence! vain deluding. Come, thou goddess. Come rather, goddess. Haste thee nymph. Come, and trip it. Come, pensive man. Come, but keep. Join with thee. Hence! loathed. And if I give thee honor. Mirth admit me. First and chief. Sweet bird, accompanied on the violin by G. Ashley. If I give thee honor. Mirth admit me, corno obligato by Shutze. Oft on a plat. If I give thee honor. Let me wander. Or let the merry bells. And young and old. PART II. Hence, vain deluding. But O, sad virgin, accompanied on the violoncello by C. Ashley. Thus night, oft see me. Populous cities please. There let Hymen. Me when the sun. Hide me from day's. As steals the morn. These delights if thou canst give. PART III. A GRAND MISCELLANEOUS ACT. Fourth Oboe Concerto. The Lord worketh wonders by Bartleman (JUDAS MACCABAEUS). In sweetest harmony by Mme Mara; O fatal day by Chorus (SAUL). Disdainful of danger by Incledon, Hill, Linton (JUDAS MACCABAEUS). When the sun by Florio (ISRAEL IN EGYPT). May no rash intruder by Chorus (SOLOMON). The soldier tired [from ARTAXERXES, by Dr Arne] by Mme Mara. Kings shall be thy nursing fathers by Grand Chorus ([CORONATION] ANTHEMS). To conclude with God save Great George our King and Rule Britannia .

Music: As17940319athi

Event Comment: Ode: Written in Honour of St. Cecilia, by Dryden, and set to Music by Handel. Among the Instrumental Performers are G. Ashley, leader of the band, Mara, Sarjant, C. Ashley, Boyce, Bridgetower, Harvey, Parkinson, Taylor, Nix, two Flacks, Dresler, Gwilliam, Shutze, Price, I. Sharp, W. Sharp, M. Sharp, J. Sharp, Archer, Cobham, two Munros, Wood, Cornish, Purney, Leffler, Woodham, Cantelo, Skillern, Franki, Simpson, Jenkinson, &c. Organ-J. Ashley. Double Drums (used at Westminster Abbey)-R. Ashley. The Chorusses will be numerous and complete. The Whole under the Direction of Ashley. Boxes 6s. Pit 3s. 6d. Gallery 2s. Upper Gallery 1s. Places for the Boxes to be had of Brandon at the Office in Hart-street. The Doors to be opened at 6:00. To begin at 7:00 [same throughout oratorio season]. Books of the Performance (with the Imprimatur of H. Macleish) to be had at the Theatre


Mainpiece Title: Alexander's Feast Or, the Power Of Music; Grand Selection 0

Afterpiece Title: Alexander's Feast 3

Role: The Music Actor:
Role: Princess of Saxe Actor: Gotha
Role: Zadock the Priest Actor: .

Music: End Part I: concerto on the harp-Mme Delaval; Beginning Part II: concerto for two violins and violoncello obligato-, as originally composed for this Ode, by Handel and performed in the year 1736; End Part II: concerto on the Grand Piano Forte-Dussek